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I’d really like the experience of flying a plane

your natural abilities

requiring of your permission

acceptance of your abilities

talent: a leaning of attention

discounting of your own abilities to be creating what you want

it is unnecessary to learn


disengaging themselves by selective non-procreation


wishing so very much to be incorporating the black and white absolutes

morality and ethics

But absolutes are familiar and they provide comfort.

You create your own reality

disappearing objects

creating this absolute association with past experiences

there are no proofs

your truths are such absolutes that they are unquestioned

exploring your absolutes in relation to how you intermingle your energies

Subsequently, you generate what we discuss into an absolute.

reality is highly individualized

perception may be altered

experiences are not absolutes

past experiences as absolutes

a dream


there are no absolutes

I feel myself like the oak in the wind that won't bend

objective imagery may be perceived quite differently in each moment


guilt over abundance

desire for abundance


you have offered yourself a genuine understanding of this concept

the challenge not to match energy

uncomfortableness in allowing yourself an exposure

when I don't accept it, I think I need to change something

likeing to have this set of values and saying 'don't make these absolute'

trust and acceptance is generated in each moment also

acceptance is an expression that is generated in each moment

acceptance is an action which is generated in the moment

in acceptance of yourself you allow yourself an ease in accepting bel

it is unnecessary to force myself to change this expression

how is my acceptance of myself coming along?

what I need to do is basically accepting and trusting myself

How does one accomplish accepting, trusting and loving one’s self?

trusting your inner voice

what motivates this denial of your own acceptance?

You do not acquire acceptance from other individuals.

do not confuse acceptance with resignation

I’m having a hard time accepting myself

Ah, this is that truth once again, but I do incorporate choices.

genuinely experiencing within yourself that identification of it matters not

offering yourself the opportunity to alter your perception once again

the reason we want to be accepting is because we want things to change

How do I recognize that I accepted something?

no longer generating that responsiveness within yourself

squashing my self-expression in order to feel safe or be acceptable

genuinely expressing acceptance

this is what motivates all of you, your rightness in whatever you do

example of acceptance

acceptance is not an action that is generated once and forever

acceptance of self vs. acceptance of beliefs

expectation of yourself to always be kind

Session 164: Acceptance

the key is to be evaluating how you perceive yourself in your differences

trying is an action of forcing

I was absolutely immersed in appreciation

Session 172: Artistic Spirit/Acceptance

accepting of a creation and also choose not to continue

dropping the veil of separation

understanding is also NOT a prerequisite to cooperation or acceptance

Session 199: The Keyword Is Acceptance

Session 217: Acceptance 102 In Nine? Easy? Steps

problems with child

Session 236: Acceptance 101, The Remedial Edition

it doesn't matter

'I should not be angry, I should not be disliking'

mirror action

you are not reinforcing, for the belief systems are

overriding initial response/non-acceptance


of belief systems

whatever comes my way Ill take?

of self


your first direction shall be acceptance of self

automatic responses

most difficult word acceptance


facing opposition

in conflicts you are viewing a mirror action

attempting to be accepting of other individuals

not holding a genuine worthiness of self

your turning of your key

accepting aspects of belief systems

automatic accepting

you are noticing but you are not addressing to the situation

a process

acceptance: step three

a discussion of acceptance

acceptance of self - intermediate


the illusion of confidence

your individual worth

rape and murder

acceptance is not elimination

acceptance of beliefs / of self

expectation is lack of acceptance

turning the energy upon yourself



the elusive concept of acceptance

trust vs. acceptance

Tolerance is NOT an expression of acceptance

step 3

exploring negative expressions

without alteration of experiences

measure of worth

incorporating conflicting beliefs

perception is highly individualized

self-acceptance: a wager

is no tolerance

step 4

replaying the scenario is step 1: noticing

alignment with and acceptance of mass belief systems

getting familiar with oneself


eliminating obstacles


visualization of an eastern monk

Stop creating the automatic action of discounting yourself

battling in Nepal

genuine arrogance is acceptance of self

your method: drawn to negativity

acceptance of the darker hues

you may be in disagreement and also not incorporating judgment

I don't care versus acceptance

discounting myself

opinion, advice and acceptance

man's inhumanity to man

learn to trust more

you need not hold affection for your beliefs

acceptance of difference

genuine acceptance of self

participation in a creation and acceptance

discontinue projecting your attention outside of yourself

recognizing that you ARE what has created these beliefs

of belief systems


there is no necessity for fixing



to accomplish it is not necessary to be continuously pushing yourself

general dissatisfied feeling

accomplishment, is not an acquisition, it is not an action of aspiring to

It has been a time of tremendous movement

acknowledging what you are already accomplishing now

no one lags behind

evaluating the components within you when you accomplish.

pay attention to what you are doing and what you ARE accomplishing

how can we more easily recognize when we are accomplishing?

as belief system

trusting of self and your abilities

the point is that you recognize how you accomplished


Here Comes the Sun.


relaxing the hold

instead of re-examination


It matters not what age you incorporate

I was always fascinated by that thought of the body not aging

beliefs that you alter your physical appearance as you generate more age

beliefs about age and flexibility

younger individuals shout at themselves quite loudly

playful exercise with rigidity

exam what your expressed beliefs are concerning age

attempt to be competing with the ideal you

my feelings with regard to my age and my yearning for disengagement

You are struggling in opposition to your beliefs.

you are opposing your physical appearance

You may choose an age that is your ideal age

move your attention to the accomplishment

150 years

gray hair

forgetfulness: choosing to alter the game to stimulate yourself

living until 2075


beliefs concerning aging

living till 2075 vs. paying attention to what you are creating in this

beliefs - sexuality/aging

making a choice such as living to age 200

beliefs about aging


witness the aggressor


as action of consciousness

if you are not expressing agreement , you generate judgment

an agreement vs. a choice which is accepted

you may express cooperation and it does not require agreement

you may be creating cooperation and not necessarily be in agreement

it was a feeling like he came to support me

What holds you is your beliefs concerning responsibility and obligation.

in creating this agreement you are already generating expectations

expectations in association with other individuals in generating agreements

fifty or more other individuals would all agree with you


before you manifested

between essences

agreements in creation

agreements within consciousness

when we come into this focus we have agreements

you have incorporated objective agreements previously in potential

Akashic records

no thing outside of you

energy deposits

golden scrolls


allowance of yourself to express you and what you want

I got a very clear realization of the energy that I was projecting

defocus your objective awareness slightly

fixing many times generates more damage than allowing

openness and a willingness to experiment

whatever you present to yourself in your impressions, accept

there’s a lag between me doing that and it manifesting

forcing energy and expressing forcefulness are two different expressions

presenting yourself with avenues to generate what you want

allowing yourself movement and actions energetically AND physically

practicing allowing and not restricting yourself

Allowing is not non-action.

Is it me I’m supposed to be allowing?


natural flow in energy: relaxing and allowance



or probable self

vs. counterpart

you may view

alternate selves are closer than probable selves

an exchange with a parallel alternate self

and probable self


Walk-Ins: alternate selves

accessing alternate realities

and other focuses

probable and alternate selves

stepping sideways into an alternate reality


people which are at the Alterversity, are not all of the same time fra

I realized the power of the group with a common focal point

changes in the way of how I connect with the Alterversity

is Lilly at the Alterversity with Myr and Andre, exploring color?

we make field trips to other dimensions

an interdimensional cowboy

a class in the Alterversity about the links of consciousness

future focus


viewing your attention as an individual to understand essence

a sparkler as an anology for designation of focuses

consciousness may be likened to your air

analogy of attention in relation to movement and beliefs

small white cloud

you described somebody’s energy or mind as a bee

interaction of energies: pond and fish

collective energy, which may be likened to an immense cloud

how does a flower attract a honeybee?

The Sapling Story

an analogy associated with beliefs

analogy of an oubliette

wheel-analogy of different perceptions

analogy of a little bird: letting go conflicts

soul mates as analogy to transition into more recognition of genuine identity

analogy of soul-mate: unique individuality and interconnectedness

Bird Cage Analogy

Shoe Analogy: widening your awareness

Two Dogs Analogy

back to the Shoe Analogy

anology of two cups

Ferris Wheel


analogy of the pond - soft orientation

analogy of gears

analogy of the two dogs

the large dog and the small dog

moving a boulder: pushing/relaxing

intent: tree analogy

analogy: beliefs as physical objects




fallen angels

a participation of a non-physical essence


eliminate momentarily every other aspect of your reality

emotional communication of jealousy: denying yourself your choices

anger vs. expressing yourself genuinely

allow yourself to stop and inquire within yourself what you want

do you recognize the reflection?

offering yourself the message that you are not viewing any choices

it is not actually a genuine expression of anger. It is a release of energy.

she grew angry with me and said she wanted to see me dead

There is a difference between anger and irritation.

expressing anger without judgement

and frustration

a discussion on emotions

anger is not a singular emotion

you cease to recognize that you hold choice

is an expression of a lack of choices

a tantrum may not necessarily be prompted by any actual action physica

anger is a signal of the message that you are not allowing yourself ch

your allowance of yourself to not be expressing this anger or sadness


allow yourself to incorporate a walk

expressing an appreciation of what you are creating now

acknowledging and appreciating what you are generating now

experiencing genuine appreciation

you continue to limit yourself, and that is not an expression of appreciation

allow yourself to appreciate what you ARE generating now

Appreciation is powerful.

evaluate within yourself elements of yourself that you are disapproving of

sharing with the other individuals in an expression of appreciation

a small expression of appreciation is enough to alter the energy

appreciation triggers

a genuine expression of appreciation

you automatically draw yourself to that, for it is ultimately attractive

using the appreciation exercise

continue with this exercise of appreciation

affection and appreciation

I really have never been so lonely

genuine gratitude

lightness of energy


allow yourself to access any other you of you or aspect of you

noticing in experience this action of shifting aspects of yourself

aspects of creatures

generating a consistent action of altering the primary aspect

aspects hold their own identity and choices

It’s like it wasn’t me doing it.

exchanging primary aspects

you may be fluctuating with primary aspects

exchanging positions of the primary aspect

presenting aspects of yourself to yourself without color to insure your identity

examining that memory line as opposed to my regular life memory line

choosing a different primary aspect in childhood

Can I have a probable self that chooses to disengage?

switching probabilities

when was the last time I created a probable self?

at other ages

a short definition

aspects and facets

probable and alternate selves

lines of probabilities

countless yous

exchange of positions and memory

probable selves vs. aspects

moving into primary position

interaction with another aspect of you

emerging into a newness

who is this person?

new talents

a female voice calling my name

light body - projections in many directions

bleed-through or interaction

simultaneous primary aspects

different dimensional aspects within the same space

changing primary aspect, 519


exchanging aspects of self

no aspects but agreement

you also simultaneously allow yourself the projection of another aspec

receives the experience but is not focusing

changing positions

definition of aspect

there are countless yous of you in this one focus

functions: doing/choosing, thought and emotional communication

the key is to find the part that does the choosing

moving the aspects of self into primary position repeatedly


Your perception is very influenced by associations that you generate.

how would you define 'association'?

generating an association of what the experience would be in anticipation


the movements that occur within your universe are reflections of you

be aware not to be expressing absolutely in these directions

planetary alignments

astrology and numerology

I’m wondering whether astrology is a distortion of the family and alignments

choices in association with expressed qualities and personality

there are elements of truth within the subject


a mirror image of what you create

you create the movement


allowing yourself a translation

occupies the same space arrangement

Atlantis will be inserted in our reality?

Does Atlantis also have relationship beliefs and sexuality?

he experiences himself as being on many places at once

presently within another dimension

Atlantis: Mythology

parallel dimension

stones were lifted into place with a pistol-like sound device

the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's golden tablets

information which is translated


what you know as you are all of the attachments


difficult to address to: this attachment of independence.


separating the attachments of identity from the genuine identity

You are experiencing detaching those attachments.

what is an attachment to your identity?

your attachments are very strongly associated with all of your shoulds

genuine passions


trembling: to allow yourself to pay attention within the moment

you as an attention are not actually physical

your inward expression was not being in contact with you

the challenge and the difficulty in turning the attention

altered state

attention to self: do you incorporate the action of reacting?

you continue to project your attention outside of yourself

viewing many focuses simultaneously

you are not paying attention to yourself

turning your attention to you

an excellent example for paying attention to what you want

allow yourselves to be clear in what is actually being expressed within you

being focused on what one is doing

offering yourself a distraction allows you to move your attention

How do I pay attention to me?

moving your attention - this particular physical manifestation continues

allow yourself to familiarize yourself with your movements

allowing yourself to incorporate a flexibility with your attention

allowing yourself to incorporate a flexibility with your attention

turning my attention to myself

allow yourself to be paying attention to what you are actually doing

a period where everything’s going wrong

recognizing the validity of genuinely paying attention to yourself

experienceswith altered states of consciousness

What is your attention?

moving your attention

paying attention to times in which you are generating what you want

merely moving your attention in a different direction

turning your attention to yourself and to other individuals at the sam

it matters not whether you interact with other individuals or not

merely the noticing of these repeated actions becomes humorous

choosing where to be focusing your attention

What drives you? What allows you to function?

not being focused when GENERALLY paying attention

paying attention to myself

defocusing your attention and allowing it to wander

this focus of attention that I call Marta has endless points of attention

being aware of your own energy in conjunction with another individual

concentration, attention and thought

projecting attention and energy quite strongly outside of self

paying more attention to the time than the task

if your attention is concentrated upon self to an extreme

be gentle with to yourself in a manner in which you would with a small one

You get what you put your attention on?

your trigger point to pay attention to you

the point is how you do not pay attention to your energy

Focusing your attention in different directions.

Overriding is different than ignoring.

offer yourself your own information

and perception

singularly focusing outside of self

Merely paying attention!

I was thinking I was paying attention

paying attention to what you are physically creating

holding your attention outside of yourself

identify, when you are not holding your attention with self

tremendous significance of holding your attention upon self

holding your attention upon yourself in the now

holding your attention upon self in the now may be quite challenging

paying attention to oneself

holding your attention within self: steering the ship

simultaneous time / focusing of attention

your attention steers your perception

you SHALL gain your attention

Be remembering, my friend, your attention steers the ship.

events outside of self become less interesting

moving your attention in more than one direction simultaneously

your attention is not in the now and not upon self

discover the mechanism of your attention

translating abstract imagery more accurately

an action of shifting attention

relaxing your attention

body analogy

recognizing where your attention is

familiarize yourself with attention itself

moving your attention

paying attention to both actions of subjective and objective interacti

paying attention to self as you express outwardly

Where is your attention?

Where is your attention?

Where is your attention?

I am expressing an energy to you to be paying attention


Shall you allow another individual to dictate to you how you shall bloom?

being equally as powerful as any individual that you view to be an authority

you become subject to their choices

perception of separation


automatic response to associate that all automatic responses are bad

offer yourself much more of a freedom in your choices

my most automatic imagery is to dislike my current scenario

experiencing of your most familiar automatic response

your most familiar automatic response

identifying an automatic response

presenting to yourselves your most familiar automatic response

What is your most familiar automatic response?

the right manner in which to generate ...

my most familiar automatic response is to worry about everything

paying attention to what you are generating in each day

in some of these automatic responses, attempt to notice triggers

paying attention to every action, regardless of how insignificant it appears

translation into familiar terms

automatic responses: protection

beliefs of duplicity

your automatic response is that you are not good enough yet

it is important to be paying attention to what you are actually doing

automatic responses generally are associated with your truths

automatic responses: you restrict yourself, for you limit your choices

Allow yourself to acknowledge the automatic response.

begin noticing signals such as hesitation, retreat, twinges of guilt, pacifying

automatic typing

doodling: automatic writing

I did not express that disconnect and isolation were negative



noticing automatic responses

noticing automatic responses

automatic responses - delay in noticing

automatic response - for a lifetime

you may initially express the automatic judgment

automatic responses

automatic response of struggle and difficulty

your reality has become an automatic response


you have generated an objective awareness of both awarenesses

there is no pure awareness

the action of communication links the objective and the subjective

I was aware of it, but I wasn’t aware that I was aware of it.

being aware of what you are doing or not doing throughout your day

automatic overriding of what you know