Session 1385

It Is Unnecessary to Be Fixing


“It Is Unnecessary to Be Fixing”
“You Can Manipulate Energy in Whatever Design You Choose”

Wednesday, July 9, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Myranda)

Elias arrives at 10:58 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! (Elias laughs) Elias, Mary and I are curious about the imagery I created two days ago on my birthday, when I did not have the session. Elias, are you still there?


ANJULI: Oh. Suddenly there was such a... What was that?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Excitement. And what is your question in association with what has been created recently?

ANJULI: Yes, I created imageries of workmen working in Mary’s house, of electricity. Suddenly she had no electricity anymore when we wanted to do the session. And lots of brain imagery — on that day, my mother and my sister were going to the neurologist and wanted to check if they are all right or if they have Alzheimer’s, and then also we had the collective imagery of the Siamese twins which had a surgery to separate their heads. I translated all these many imageries as my energy field being sort of restructured and therefore also being new pathways in my brain.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and what other impressions have you in association with all of this imagery?

ANJULI: With this brain imagery of the Siamese twins, that is an imagery...

ELIAS: What is the connecting thread of all of these imageries? (Pause) The connecting element of all of these imageries concerns fixing, and in the attempt to be fixing there is disruption and there is, in a manner of speaking, a rebellious response. Are you understanding? In the imagery you presented to yourself concerning the twins, there was an attempt to fix what appeared to be wrong. But it was not wrong, and it was expressed quite efficiently in the manner in which it was manifest, correct?

ANJULI: Yes, correct.

ELIAS: And functioning properly.

Now; in the attempt to be fixing, what was the result?

ANJULI: They disengaged.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; in association with your sibling and your mother, there was a fear generated which prompted these individuals to attempt to fix, but what was the result?

ANJULI: Ja, they were told there is nothing wrong with them.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; in the imagery with regard to Michael, there was an attempt to be fixing objects, and in that, what ensued?

ANJULI: It didn’t work. The electricity went off.

ELIAS: Correct — havoc!

Now; in addition to this expression of fixing and the imagery that was so efficiently demonstrated in that fixing many times generates more damage than allowing, also were you not aware of alterations of energy also?


ELIAS: Yes, for in this, you also allowed yourself to be recognizing a reconfiguration of energy, in which you are quite correct, a reconfiguration of the energy that I express in association with this energy exchange and an adjustment within Michael’s energy, and allowing yourself to adjust your energy also in association with the reconfigurement of energy associated with the exchange.

Now; this is also significant, as you are aware that I shall be engaging individuals objectively within close proximity to your physical location. Correct?


ELIAS: This is a significant move in this phenomenon and in association with my interaction with all of you. In a manner of speaking, it may be viewed as a type of turning point in which the volume of individuals participating is growing, which requires, in a manner of speaking, my readjustment of energy to express a stronger more powerful energy to accommodate the volume of individuals that shall be participating as the numbering of individuals increases, which also requires an adjustment with Michael’s energy, that he allow himself to accommodate the volume of energy that I am expressing.

ANJULI: Does his coughing also have something to do with that?


ANJULI: And creating reasons for sessions not being held on that specific day also has something to do with that, to allow an adjustment or what?


ANJULI: Interesting. About the fixing, you meant I thought I need to fix myself?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You have presented this imagery to yourself to emphasize to yourself that it is unnecessary to be fixing, in general. It is unnecessary to be fixing your expressions or other individuals.

Now; this is significant in relation to our previous conversation, you and I. Are you remembering...

ANJULI: Yes, yes.

ELIAS: association with your interaction with your mother? Which is significant, for offering yourself this type of imagery and this information is reinforcing your movement into genuine supportiveness and allowing you a greater strength in that expression.

ANJULI: Yes, that’s correct. Then it is also, for example, about responsibility issues or fixing. Are you still there, Elias?


ANJULI: (Laughs) Am I still excited?

ELIAS: I dare say, yes! Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: Elias, what is excitement? Is that an emotion?

ELIAS: At times it may be; at times it may be a responsiveness.

Now; in this, it is a communication of validation that you offered yourself significant imagery in the day that you had planned to be interacting with me. Now you are interactive with myself and you are offering yourself validations concerning your own creations of offering yourself significant information in imagery and also creating the interaction with myself in a relatively short time framework.

ANJULI: Yes. I am aware that I am now taking a little bit different direction in the session as if I would have had it on that day, and also it was a feeling on that day of I am happy because I can trust myself about giving myself continuously information, the most needed information...


ANJULI: the way that I understand it.

ELIAS: Yes. I am acknowledging of you. And I may express to you my congratulations concerning your emergence day. Ha ha!

ANJULI: Yes, Elias, and my future focus Aimee too had birthday on that day. Some birthdays of future focuses are soon coming up, the one of Lisa Marie, for example — so to speak, a continuous essence birthday.

ELIAS: Very well! That is quite playful!

ANJULI: Ja, and Elias, since the last session with you I had various plans for what I would ask you in this session. The importance changed so quickly. Suddenly what was important before was not important anymore at all, without me thinking too much about it. I mean, I also got information and feelings and impressions and lots of stuff, but not necessarily too much in details and I was not thinking too much about it. There was much more an experience of having the attention on self and in the now without too much effort.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. Which generates what? It generates an enhancement of the conversation that we engage with each other, and it also generates a greater capacity for you to be receiving my energy and assimilating.

ANJULI: I am training allowance, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend! Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: Elias, what has that been, my experience once during the day with Inmi-Elias and once during sleep with you? I translated you as a man with the name Gilbert, but I think that was you too, your energy, your Inmi-energy. The way how you interacted with me, intimacy in a very specific way — what did you show me, energy-wise?

ELIAS: I was interactive in a manner to be supportive in this alteration of energy that you are experiencing in this time now, in allowing yourself to be interactive with greater capacity for receiving the energy that I am expressing. Are you understanding?

ANJULI: Yes, is it also more about details? I translated it not in the way of as you being here in form and I would rush on you and be in your arms. (Elias laughs) It was not like this action. These two experiences, they were so detailed about this coming together, and this was so sweet and it was increasing my interest in you! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is the expression of the assimilation, a much greater capacity for assimilating, which is translated in more detail.

ANJULI: During the dream, or in the other experience, what was then happening with me? It was as if you were more magnetic or as if I was stronger.

ELIAS: Both.

ANJULI: What was happening then? The connection was then stronger, or what is that?

ELIAS: Yes. This is what I am expressing to you. In the alteration of my energy, the manner in which you shall translate that, or Michael shall translate that, is that it is stronger. In that strength, it generates more of an intensity. Therefore, you must generate an alteration in your energy also to accommodate that effectively. Therefore, what you generate is a greater capacity for openness.

ANJULI: Ja, oh yes. Has this energy experience which I translated as the flower experience been something similar, when I felt you and your aspects like petals of a flower and I was on one of the petals, but I as energy and you as energy?

ELIAS: Yes. Which that generates more of an understanding of interconnectedness, which is what I was expressing to you in association with allowing yourself to assimilate more fully.

ANJULI: Yes. Was that a translation of me experiencing more fully how you are playing with your focuses? I don’t have the words. But that was about your focuses, how you are playing with them because you don’t have this separation, and my focuses are doing that too, but...

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I am understanding what you are expressing.

ANJULI: For example, there is an aspect of you doing this energy exchange with Michael and another aspect of you is at the same time doing the subjective energy exchange with us, and maybe one is looking for certain information or what and is telling the other one about that. Can that be a translation of that?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, you may translate in this manner. For you are correct, there are different attentions that are all moving together in cooperation with each other.

ANJULI: When Michael is doing the energy exchange, does he have a similar experience as I had when I was on your petal of your flower?

ELIAS: Not entirely. There is somewhat of a similarity, but Michael’s interaction with my energy is expressed differently. Michael’s concentration is expressed differently.

You allow yourself to interact with me in a different manner. In a manner of speaking, your interaction with me and your allowance of yourself with my energy is expressed and translated in more of an expression of affection and welcoming, gentleness, but in strength.

Michael’s interaction with myself is expressed differently. The manner in which Michael interacts with my energy is much more rigid and serious, more associated, in a manner of speaking, it may be translated into a type of energy imagery as a gladiator.

ANJULI: (Laughs) Funny, Elias!

ELIAS: Therefore, Michael’s energy is quite strong but also incorporates an edge of harshness with it. Michael perceives this to be necessary to hold, as he expresses, within the energy exchange, which is acceptable for it is efficient and it does allow for the facilitation of the exchange, and therefore it matters not. But it is interesting, the difference in the manner in which each of you allow yourselves to be interactive with my energy.

You do allow a tremendous capacity, I may express to you, Myranda. Also, in a manner of speaking, you allow yourself to interact with myself in energy in a similar — not quite to the capacity as Michael — but in a similar allowance as Michael, but quite efficiently without any of the physical incorporations.

ANJULI: I think that to be so interesting what Michael is doing, because it is an energy mix, what Michael is doing after all.


ANJULI: When I was on your energy flower, Vicki was there as well.


ANJULI: She was looking at the flower from a slightly different angle, of course.


ANJULI: Then, Elias, I had a dream of Vicki that was so interesting. I dreamt of her George Harrison focus and Vicki was sort of behind him, and she was always one with him, with that focus. Also there was the experience of her essence, of Lawrence, and I felt how the essence and Vicki had decided to connect with me by using that focus because she knew that was a pleasure for me. That was a feeling of no separation between Vicki and her focus George Harrison and her experience of her essence, and that was a very playful dream. So have I been interactive in my dream with both focuses in Regional Area 3 and their essence?


ANJULI: They were both interacting?

ELIAS: Yes, and aware.

ANJULI: Ja. And Elias, about the energy field. When we talked about the energy centers outside of my body...


ANJULI: ...those my crystal focus also has, are these energy centers outside of the body, and they are not the black, the white and the magenta one, they are others?

ELIAS: Associated with your physical body consciousness?

ANJULI: It feels as if in my energy field there are various energy centers. It feels as if my energy centers generate my energy field and start to generate more and more energy centers, like a galaxy or what.

ELIAS: Ah, I am understanding.

ANJULI: What is that?

ELIAS: What you are allowing yourself is a recognition of and a noticing of those three energy centers which are outside of your physical body consciousness and what they tap into.

Yes, there are many, many, many energy centers through consciousness. But in a manner of speaking, these energy centers, that especially of the magenta, are doorways into other areas of consciousness. Therefore, they also are avenues in which you may open to other energies throughout consciousness and filter those energies into your energy field.

This is what you are recognizing, and translating that into many different energies in association with energy centers around your body consciousness, so to speak. But in actuality, what you are doing is opening to that magenta energy center and allowing that to serve as an avenue to draw other energies into your energy field.

ANJULI: That is why I thought I create them.

ELIAS: Which this may be an interesting experimentation that you are generating, for you may enhance your sense input by expanding your energy field.

ANJULI: Are there patterns in my energy field?

ELIAS: There are always patterns in all energy fields which are continually changing, for it is dependent upon which energy centers you are expressing or stimulating more in any particular moment.

ANJULI: Then the impression or the experience as if I am doing something in my energy field, like my crystal focus does, with what I call my other energy centers, this connecting as if there are various rays coming from various of these what I call energy centers and are connecting, and then there is something changed in my energy field. What is that?

ELIAS: As I have stated, if you are opening your awareness to this magenta energy center, allowing yourself to incorporate that as an avenue to other energies, which you are, what you are doing is allowing yourself to assimilate energies from other-dimensional focuses, not merely the focuses in this dimension, and allowing yourself to assimilate that within your energy field.

Now; this may be incorporated quite playfully, and you may allow yourself to receive much more information in more clarity concerning different actions that you are incorporating in different areas of consciousness. In a manner of speaking, what you are doing is assimilating more of an understanding of yourself as essence.

ANJULI: Sometimes when I feel my energy field to be infinite and me to be consciousness, that feels very similar, the essences and the movements of consciousness, as to my experience within my energy field, as if the energy field is a reflection of that.

ELIAS: Yes, precisely.

ANJULI: When we talked about making my stuffed unicorn fly, you said it is about allowance, about slightly defocusing the objective awareness and concentrating.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: As in the concept of the seer Patanjali/Patel of the Siddhi powers, of using the togetherness of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, which means flow, focusing and Samadhi as beingness, when practicing the yoga sutras for to create the levitation of the body etcetera, is that something similar?

ELIAS: Quite similar, yes.

ANJULI: We said in the last session that I had thought my reality to be a subreality of the so-called official reality. So I can do with my reality and my creation of this dimension, I can perceive it in my way?

ELIAS: Yes, you may, and you may configure it in whatever manner you choose.

ANJULI: I can perceive that as Milumet-ly, playfully, magically as I like.

ELIAS: Yes. (Laughs) Magic is fun.

ANJULI: Ja, I think I have started to live what I call my story. When I wrote my book, I wanted to include you, Inmi-Elias, into my life, my life being as exciting as the story I created around Runi, and I did not know how to do it. Now I realize that whatever I was intending to do, that I now do it; it has started. I now feel this. When I am using my imagination like I did with my writings and allow myself to view me and my creation of this dimension as playfully as if it is a story that I am writing, I feel this excitement.


ANJULI: So that is real?

ELIAS: Yes! Quite.

ANJULI: We talked about the flat or round Earth, and I don’t have to view it in that sense anymore, when I don’t view for example distances and time to be an absolute?

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughs)

ANJULI: Ah ja, Elias, and when Patel was there, he was suddenly there as a ball, an energy ball, flying around in my apartment and doing some sort of magic with my links of consciousness. I think he showed me how I can do that, too.

ELIAS: Quite a jokester, that one! Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: Ja, and I had the feeling that he was beaming here. It was not a translation. Later I was repeating this experience with him and then it was more like a translating. Is that correct?


ANJULI: I was thinking about these links of consciousness, because there are two sessions, #321 and #329, about links of consciousness, and I have had the sessions #1321 and #1329. I thought that is interesting.

ELIAS: Quite creative!

ANJULI: I wrote something down about what is said in those sessions, #321 and #329, about links of consciousness, for me to understand that. Everything, my entire translation of this, they are my links of consciousness. Everything I create is my energy, is made of my energy.


ANJULI: My energy and the links of consciousness with this intent and intention. So, what Patel showed me is how my intention with the links of consciousness... I can’t verbalize it.

ELIAS: I am understanding that YOU are understanding. Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: So I just do magic with my links, that is how I can translate that. They are mine.

ELIAS: This is the identification of manipulating energy.

ANJULI: Ja, and then I don’t all the time have to think about that. You said this in past sessions. So I can do that, like me continuously surprising myself and being always ready that I surprise myself, and then my links of consciousness respond to that.

ELIAS: Yes, which is playful. Ha ha!

ANJULI: Yes. Well, maybe I for short come to the questions of my mother.

ELIAS: Very well.

(Omitted by request)

ANJULI: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ANJULI: When you talked about Michael coming to Germany, as we talk about that, I sometimes feel a sort of guilt because I don’t feel drawn to physically be there.

ELIAS: And what motivates you to incorporate guilt?

ANJULI: I think I should support that and then maybe have the belief that when I am physically there I am more there and more supporting it. I have troubles to allow myself to feel that I do not need to physically be there or travel for being connected.

ELIAS: Which you are correct, it is unnecessary to be physically traveling and incorporating physical interaction to be expressing supportiveness. I may express to you a reassurance that Michael is quite well aware of that.

What is important, Myranda, is that you listen to your preferences and that you allow yourself the freedom to express you and your preferences and not force your energy in opposition to yourself. In the time framework in which you choose and you genuinely desire to be physically interactive with myself or with Michael, you shall create that.

ANJULI: And when the desire is stronger to connect with you in my way and to translate you and all that, it is by itself.


ANJULI: Ja? I know, I know! I know the answer. I am just sort of snuggling into you for to tell me that I am all right. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And so you are, and I may express to you that it is entirely unnecessary for you to be incorporating guilt in association with your interactions or your choice to not be physically interactive. It matters not, my friend, and there is no expressed judgment in association with your choice. You are not generating any wrong action. You are paying attention to yourself and acknowledging your choices. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be discounting of yourself for paying attention to yourself. No offence is being expressed, and that is quite recognized.

ANJULI: I think I just want to continue with this feeling that I had today when I feel to be surrounded by my magic and my story, of you and me and all I am creating.

ELIAS: Very well — continue! (Laughs)

ANJULI: Ja, and so what I create can be very unusual and that is not difficult? That the collective does not believe this to be possible, that matters not. I can do all these things that I want to, that I feel?


ANJULI: They are not more difficult just because they are not done?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Because it almost starts to feel as if I am in another dimension now. In the past I almost desired to not be in this dimension, because I did not know that this dimension can be perceived in the way of how I wanted to perceive it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And now you are beginning to offer yourself information that you CAN manipulate energy in whatever design you choose.

ANJULI: And Elias, when I connect with you and feel your energy and translate that, I want to be considerate, sort of, not so much pushing or expecting, although also being spontaneous.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: I think I am investigating and I am sort of accomplishing in that direction.


ANJULI: When I sometimes feel as if I am not able to really concentrate on something, has this something to do with the change in my energy field and in me?

ELIAS: Yes. In fluctuations which are somewhat unfamiliar, and at times that may be somewhat disruptive of your concentration.

ANJULI: But I want to create to be like when I wrote my book or write emails. When I am using verbal language it seems to be easier to focus with my concentration. But I start to perceive the use of book writing for to use my imagination as a communication as boring and as slow. I want to do this without that and have the same experience, and sometimes that does not really work.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But this is that it is an unfamiliar action, and as you practice you shall become more familiar and you shall offer yourself more clarity. It is merely that verbalization or writing is more familiar, and you have practiced that for many, many years.

ANJULI: And I can do this without using writing or verbal language, and the direction I am now taking can become as familiar and intense as that other one was.


ANJULI: When I am lying down and almost fall asleep or whatever during the day, that also has something to do with the change in my field? Because I am after all sleeping really a lot.

ELIAS: Which also offers you the opportunity to be engaging subjective action and generating a relaxation of your beliefs and of time, and therefore you offer yourself more mobility.

ANJULI: I seem to have more of an ease with relaxing when I am lying down as when I am sitting, as I was also doing with the meditation in the past?


ANJULI: Ja. But when I lie down, I can practice to be relaxing and at the same time concentrating and focusing in the same way.


ANJULI: It has nothing to do with what my body is doing?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I asked you all those questions. That was great!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And shall you offer my greetings and my affection to your mother also?

ANJULI: Thank you very much. Next time she wants to prepare lots of questions and incorporate a longer time. We can do a small extra session for her.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANJULI: Yes. She was so happy about you said. She was almost crying when you said she can express her sadness. She was almost crying. She said it is the first time that she feels really understood, and then I said to her that this is how I am experiencing you too. It is a great feeling to be understood, which means she starts to understand herself as she is creating this, after all.

ELIAS: Yes, and you also.

ANJULI: Ja, me too.

ELIAS: I incorporate tremendous affection for you both.

ANJULI: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next meeting and anticipating what you shall express to myself in our conversation as to your furtherment of your adventures! Ha!

ANJULI: Yes, we continue to play and to experiment with your energy and all that.

ELIAS: Very well! I shall continue.

ANJULI: I am enjoying that.

ELIAS: To you, Myranda, in great love and tremendous affection, au revoir, my friend.

ANJULI: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:01 PM.

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