Session 1606

Extremes in Many Different Forms: Medical Beliefs


“Extremes in Many Different Forms: Medical Beliefs”

Thursday, August 12, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), KC (Nanaiis)

(Elias’ arrival time is 11 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KC: Good morning, Elias! Here I am again! I called you last week, and I thought I was doing pretty good with my little truths, my small things like the coffee pot. Two days ago I was out in the yard, I got stung by a bee, and I went right into this allergic reaction. I was sort of passing out, and then I called 911; the ambulance came and I went to the hospital.

They did an EKG during the treatment, and my EKG was all wacky. They said that I should stay for observation. Then they did a stress test. I told Ayla to stay away during the stress test, but my EKG was still really bad. The cardiologist said it was a scary EKG. I really wasn’t very scared at the time, and I said well, I’m not afraid to have a heart attack and die if my life is done. That was yesterday, and they didn’t want me to leave the hospital. The cardiologist said I could go, but the other doctor said no, I should stay because I was refusing to have an angiogram. I thought they can’t make me have an angiogram, so I left the hospital. I just kind of walked out yesterday, you know.

I was trying to figure out the messages and the bee sting. The last time I had a bee sting, it was forcing energy. I am aware of some things that I want to do and I don’t want to do equally, like a friend from California is coming in from Malibu. I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time I sort of thought it was probably not something I really wanted to do. So, I’m just having trouble figuring out the message.

It really was scary, and I really could have died. I kept saying to myself am I choosing to disengage? And I thought no, I think I’m just trying to reassure myself that I really do want to stick around for the Shift. I’m kind of enjoying it. Today I kind of reconfirmed that. I know what it feels like to choose to disengage, because I was in an accident one time and I was disengaging. I said yeah, this is disengaging; this isn’t so bad. Then I thought no, I don’t think I’ll disengage this time, and so I didn’t. I know what kind of objective awareness that you have when you make that choice.

I wasn’t choosing to disengage; I realize that. But today I’m kind of scared and shaky, and I was hoping you could help me clarify the messages. I’m really confused, so could you talk to me a little bit about that? (Elias chuckles) Oh, stop! (Laughs) I’m not afraid to call you this morning; this is the first time I’m not nervous!

ELIAS: And what are you creating? What do you view in this situation that you have quite obviously created to present to yourself?

KC: I presented to myself, certainly, experience, which goes along with the wave we are dealing with, the truth wave.

ELIAS: And what type of experience?

KC: Shock experience, experience out of the blue, which tells me that I was not paying attention to myself in the now when I got stung by the bee. Normally I’m aware of the bees, and they don’t sting me. I’m not worried about them, and they don’t bother me. This time I didn’t know there were any bees in this particular spot until I got stung. It was a shock situation. I think that if you’re in the now, paying attention to yourself, it’s more like you’re not going to be so shocked by something, because you’ll be aware of the energy you’re projecting and receiving.

ELIAS: Yes, but what you have presented to yourself is extreme. You generated an experience of extreme, and you are continuing to express an extreme in energy. That is what you are presenting to yourself.

I have been discussing with many individuals recently the significance of balance and that within this time framework it is quite easy to generate extremes. Remember, you are a lightning rod and there is a tremendous thunderstorm occurring. In that, you may draw energy to you quite quickly and intensely, and if you are not paying attention to yourself, the energy that you receive may create extremes instantaneously and quite powerfully.

In this time framework, it is important to be paying attention to yourself, to be listening to yourself, and to be aware of what you are receiving and what you are projecting, for what you receive reflects what you have projected. The more intensely you project, the more extreme you may create in association with the energy that you receive. This is...

KC: But I can’t figure out what kind of extreme energy I was projecting that day.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, first of all, it may not necessarily be that black and white. It may not necessarily be associated with an energy that you are projecting merely within that day. It may be an ongoing energy that you have been projecting in tension or anxiety or restrictiveness with yourself, not allowing yourself to relax and not allowing yourself to be expressing an energy of easiness. As you continue to express that type of energy in each moment, you may not necessarily incorporate an objective awareness of that. You may in certain moments, but generally speaking, it may be so very familiar to you that you do not notice the type of energy that you are projecting. Subsequently, you are also not noticing what type of energy you are receiving.

This is the reason that I have been offering this information and emphasizing the importance in this present time framework of being aware and of paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting. For the type of energy that you project generates a strong potential for you to be expressing yourself as that lightning rod and incorporating bolts of energy similar to lightning, which create extremes in your experiences.

KC: I have beliefs about the medical profession and preferences also about the medical profession and medical procedures; also I have beliefs about the people who go into the medical profession. For the most part, I believe the people are really nice people, and I like them, but I do not agree with a lot of the profession’s treatment modalities. After having read Seth, I really think that from the inner to the outer way of creating, that rings my truth bell. I know that you can manipulate the outer, affect it and be affecting by taking pills, in my pill beliefs. This is really almost no different between the inner and the outer.

I’m not sure I’m being very coherent, but when I was in the hospital, the people, the actual people there were quite pleasant. I have no complaints about the people, and I was thinking about the reflection of that and about some of the equipment not working. Some of the equipment for the cardiac stress test was not working. That was kind of interesting since that’s all electrical also, and you bring up the lightning rod and the electrical analogy.

What happened with the EKG? I kind of need to get the confirmation about that, because my impression is there’s nothing physically wrong with my heart at all, even though the EKG was way all over the map and looked really strange. I just get the feeling that there’s nothing physically wrong with my heart. Now, is that correct or not?

ELIAS: That is correct. That is not to say that in the moment you were not affecting your physical heart. You create in the moment. In one moment, your heart may be functioning in what you term to be a completely normal manner; in another moment, dependent upon the energy that you are producing, it may be functioning in what you would view to be a not normal manner.

KC: The other thing that we know is we associate various heart rhythms and the way the heart operates with your emotions, connected with fear and relaxation and various things like that, and that you affect the way that your organs operate in the moment.

ELIAS: Correct. That is also affected by the manner in which you are associating with your beliefs and the manner in which you are projecting energy.

Now; I may express to you that you express that you are aware that you incorporate beliefs concerning physicians and their methods, and you also do not necessarily agree with some of their methods.

Now; understand that regardless of whether you agree or not, that is not to say that you do not incorporate an expressed belief. You may incorporate expressed beliefs that you may not necessarily agree with, but they are expressed. Therefore, the reason that it is important to familiarize yourself with your beliefs is that that allows you to view what your beliefs are. It allows you to recognize what your automatic responses are in conjunction with those beliefs; it allows you to evaluate whether you agree with that expressed belief or not. If you do not agree with it but you recognize that it is an expressed belief that you incorporate, you thusly incorporate the opportunity to evaluate what the different influences are of that belief, and therefore choose one of the influences that is more in alignment with your preferences, and therefore not express an energy in opposition to it in expressing your disagreement with it.

In this scenario and this experience that you have generated, you have offered yourself several examples of automatic responses, of extremes, of what type of energy you are projecting, of beliefs that are expressed that you do not necessarily agree with — and that generates automatic responses, also. You have reflected these influences and automatic responses in the interaction and the disagreement between yourself and the physician. You generate an allowance with one physician, but with another physician you expressed opposition and expressed automatic responses. In doing so, what did you do? You created more tension, more anxiety, frustration, which also contributes to the tension. You expressed automatic responses in irritation; you automatically expressed beliefs concerning control and generated an action in association with that. You generated REACTION. And you allowed yourself the opportunity to view REACTION from the onset to the conclusion.

KC: I can see all of that very clearly in my reaction. I’m thinking that you’re talking about the female doctor that didn’t want to release me from the hospital. I didn’t talk to her directly, but the nurse said it was because I refused to have an angiogram. Of course, my automatic was that it was intrusive, that is controlling my free will, my freedom, my freedom to choose, and I will not even talk to this woman who thinks that I should do what she thinks I should do, and I’m going to get out of here.

ELIAS: Now; in viewing what you actually did and the choices that you actually expressed, allowing yourself to evaluate and recognize what was influencing and what you were actually doing and what you were actually expressing, do you now view that that also in reaction was another extreme, and that you may have incorporated other choices in that moment and in an interaction with the other individual? But what were you expressing? Automatic responses of threat, of a lack of control, of authority.

You presented to yourself an experience which triggers many of your truths. In that experience, rather than evaluating the truths that were being experienced, you reacted and continued to create the extremes, generated more discomfort with yourself, and continued to be victim of all of the circumstances that were occurring, rather than allowing yourself to stop in the moment, genuinely pay attention to yourself and to your automatic responses, and to genuinely view your choices that are not in opposition to your expressed beliefs but that also would allow you to be empowering of yourself and also express your freedom, and not generate automatic responses.

This in actuality, my friend, as you allow yourself to reflect upon these experiences that you have offered yourself, may offer you tremendous information. I am aware of what you want and what your desire is — to be in the moment, to be aware of yourself, to be offering yourself choices and to be allowing yourself to express your freedom and not necessarily to react in automatic responses. This scenario has offered you quite a few examples of automatic responses and how limiting they are, and how they potentially generate conflict, frustration, and trigger other beliefs which generate anxiety and a discounting of yourself.

In generating the automatic response of irritation in association with the suggestion of the physician, you were not empowering yourself. You were not actually expressing your freedom in choosing to remove yourself from the situation. You were reacting and creating another extreme, which is disempowering and is actually discounting of yourself. For in the force of energy that you expressed in refusal to express cooperation — which is not to say that the expression of cooperation would have been to engage the test; you may have been expressing cooperation and also choose your preference not to be incorporating the test — but in generating the extreme and the refusal to be expressing cooperation, you generate an extreme in energy that you are projecting outwardly, which is significant. For remember, as you generate energy outwardly in extremes, you also express a tremendous potential to be in the position of the lightning rod again.

KC: I feel right this moment that I am still projecting an energy of extreme.

ELIAS: And you are.

KC: Now, my choices in this moment, my first choice is to stop and recognize that as my automatic response in defense, which is a discounting.

ELIAS: (Gently) It is unnecessary to be defensive, for there is no expression of judgment or expectation that is being projected to you by myself. I am merely offering you information to be supportive and helpful, that you may begin to recognize your own expressions and your own automatic responses, and therefore allow yourself to recognize other choices.

It is not that the choices that you engaged in this experience were bad. They were not. They were choices that you engaged. They were choices that you engaged in automatic responses in association with not incorporating a clear view of your own energy. That is not wrong. This is the point of this shift, to be offering yourselves these types of examples to allow you to be aware. If you do not see what you are doing, if you cannot evaluate what you are actually doing, how may you offer yourself the freedom to choose other than automatic responses?

Therefore, in association with shifting, you present these types of experiences to yourself to allow yourself to view what you are actually doing, and therefore offer yourself information that you may more objectively know how to choose differently and how to recognize your own automatic responses. Automatic responses are difficult to recognize. They are difficult to notice for they are so very automatic, and generally they are associated with your truths.

KC: I’m getting an inkling now of what I did and what my automatic response was, and how that shows me how I was expressing my truth beliefs in regards to the medical profession, in regards to control. I was sure, which is evident of my truth belief, that the hospital in general and the physicians in particular were determined to control my choices. I was aligning with that belief, and that removal from the hospital situation was my extreme response to that belief, wasn’t it?

ELIAS: Yes, correct. Therefore, you have offered yourself information to familiarize yourself with these beliefs. In actuality, the physicians are not attempting to control your choices and are actually offering suggestions to you. It is your choice whether you wish to participate with their suggestion. But regardless of whether you choose to participate or not, this does not negate the situation of cooperation.

As I have expressed many times previously, cooperation does not require agreement. You may be cooperating with other individuals and not necessarily express agreement with them. But in the expression of cooperation, you project a very different type of energy, and that allows for more of a harmony. But what have you also offered to yourself in this experience? An obvious expression and automatic response to difference, an obvious example of the automatic response to difference, which automatically generates threat. Once the threat is expressed, another automatic response is defense. In defense, you discount yourself, you negate cooperation, and generally speaking, you generate some type of conflict.

KC: Okay, so let me see if I’m clear on this.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: With the cardiologist, he suggested that I have an angiogram, and I believe what I said was that I would make an appointment with my physician and talk to him. I asked the cardiologist if he could do another test in three weeks, because I couldn’t very well tell him that I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my heart, because I felt that that would discount the obvious result of the test, and besides, that seemed beside the point. But he basically discharged me from the hospital.

ELIAS: Now stop; one moment. First of all, now you are offering more information to yourself in association with your beliefs of what you can and cannot express in association with other individuals, especially if you view them to be an authority in any particular field. Therefore, you expressed that you could not express yourself freely with this particular physician, for you assess that that would be discounting of him and his expertise and his beliefs.

You may be expressing yourself, and if you are not generating an expectation of the other individual of how they shall be receiving what you are expressing, first of all, you generate no threat with the other individual. Also, in the manner in which you express yourself, if you are not attempting to convince or correct the other individual, you express outwardly an energy of ease; you are not attempting to correct or convince the other individual. You do not incorporate an expectation that they respond in any particular manner; you are merely allowing yourself to freely express yourself. Therefore, you are not debating; you are not generating argument; you are allowing the expression of difference and not discounting the other individual’s belief, but not discounting yours, either.

KC: There might be a little example of that in some of the things that I say to my personal physician, because I am more free, more at ease in offering him basically how I feel about certain things that I know are different than how he feels about certain things. I feel an acceptance of both of us, of myself and then naturally of him, and he doesn’t get offended at all.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are expressing differences but you are not generating an expectation that the other individual alter their perception. You are generating an acceptance of the difference of perceptions, and you are not expressing a judgment that one is right and one is wrong.

KC: I can almost see how my beliefs were expressed. I offered myself this experience of what I will refer to as confinement in a hospital to point out my beliefs about hospitals — which I consider almost to be like a jail — and now I can see that that is coming from me and is not, in actuality, how the hospital feels about itself.

ELIAS: Correct. But as you project that, what type of energy does that generate from you?

KC: Well, fear first of all and defense, and alertness on defending myself in making sure that nobody tells me what to do.

ELIAS: And hostility. Therefore, that is the energy that you are projecting, and therefore that creates an environment in which you shall be reflecting that hostility to yourself and create conflict.

KC: Which I did, and which you are correct. I continued to do after I got home, all night long and this morning and...

ELIAS: And present to yourself physical manifestations of irritation.

KC: Yes, hives and itching.

ELIAS: Correct. Whereas, now you may evaluate all of these experiences that you have generated in this time framework and recognize how strongly and how immediately the energy that you are projecting is reflected in your experiences, and how easily.

KC: (Laughs) Yes, I easily created a reflection of these extremes! I did. I’m tying this in with my window situation, which is a control situation and which has not been a cooperative situation — although I have been casting about for ways to make it a cooperative situation. I really do want to deal with the window situation without getting information specifically for the window information from you ahead of time. I may offer myself more extremes, or I may offer myself cooperation and recognition and acceptance. I guess we shall see.

ELIAS: This experience that you have offered yourself offers you tremendous information, which you may relate with the other experience concerning the window in association with agreement or the lack of agreement, cooperation that may be expressed regardless of agreement, forcing energy, automatic responses, differences, the threat of differences, and the automatic responses that are associated with that, control and cooperation.

KC: And expressing myself without expectations...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: ...of the other person behaving in any certain way according to my expectations...

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: ...but still offering myself permission to choose, hopefully not based on my automatic responses, but based on the understanding of this cooperation that you talk about. That’s really difficult for me to get a handle on right this minute. (Sighs)

ELIAS: I am understanding. The element of expressing no expectation and not attempting to alter the perception of the other individuals and accepting that whatever the other individual is expressing is not wrong — it may not be right and it may not be wrong — but you also are not necessarily right or wrong. You are expressing in association with your preference, and the preference of another individual may be different but that does not negate cooperation.

KC: I think I’m getting off the point with myself with the windows, because in asking myself what I want, what I want is to understand what I’m offering myself. What I want is not a specific window for a specific price, but that is the outside imagery. It’s specific windows at a specific price.

ELIAS: Correct. But do not become distracted by the physical imagery. Remember your orientation; physical imagery can be distracting and cloud you in not offering yourself information.

KC: I had forgotten about my orientation with that, because I have been feeling, definitely, that the outside imagery has been distracting me from what I really want. If I get right down to what I really want, I want cooperation with myself in the form of these other people, I want acceptance of myself, and the actual outside physical imagery is not something that I have strong wants about. I could simply keep the windows that I have, which are not the windows that I ordered. I could pay the price that they’re asking, but I think if I did that to get rid of the people, I would not really be understanding the situation. (Elias nods in agreement) So, I guess I’ll just see what I do. I would just like to... I want to insert the Shift, that’s what I want to do!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And you are. I may express to you that you are offering yourself volumes of information, which is quite purposeful. This is the manner in which you insert the Shift, is to be offering yourself these quantities of information objectively, incorporating more of an awareness and familiarizing yourself with yourself much more intimately, and this is what you are doing. Therefore, be encouraged. I may express to you, you are quite definitely not moving backward! (Both laugh)

KC: Well, I can’t go backward because all twelve essences are back there saying no, don’t turn around and go backwards! (Elias laughs) We shall go forward or we will stick you with these sticks, and you will keep going! And I do say thank you. In fact, I did feel a presence of all twelve essences when I was in the hospital. I suppose that’s correct, because I know they’re always around anyway. If I move my attention to them, there they are. (Laughs)

ELIAS: You are quite correct! (Laughs)

KC: Did Ayla help me out with my heartbeat when my EKG was all wacky? Or was that all me?

ELIAS: That was you. Your communication was received, and as I have expressed many times, essences are not intrusive. Therefore, your request was complied with.

But this also is significant, for it is another example of the strength of your energy and of your power, and how easily you may generate manifestations and manipulate energy in association with any expression, even your physical body, and also another example of extremes. That would be your key term throughout these experiences within this time framework — the observation of extremes in many different forms.

KC: And I have not been being really very gentle with myself, though, lately. I keep seeing the 11:11 imagery or the 1:11 imagery or gentle energy imagery, and momentarily say oh, I’m not being gentle with myself. But then I really never really stop and be gentle with myself.

ELIAS: This is information that you present to yourself also, to remind yourself. That is significant. In expressing that gentleness with yourself, you shall allow yourself to move more into an expression of balance, rather than extreme.

KC: Okay, I’m starting right now!

ELIAS: Very well!

KC: Treat myself with gentle energy and understanding energy.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging and encouraging of you.

KC: Thank you so much, Elias. I’m telling you what, this truth wave is amazing and awful! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: As I expressed to you all, it may be tremendously challenging and generate trauma, but it may also be extremely empowering.

KC: Well, I intend and I desire for it to be all those things. I like a challenge, especially after it’s over! (Elias laughs) I’m still intrigued by the Shift, and I’m here for a while, anyway. I’m not disengaging yet. (Elias laughs)

I have some questions now about, of course, my beliefs and allergies, bees, and whether if I will ever experience this again. That’s the mass belief, once allergic almost always allergic. I know that’s not an absolute, and I don’t know how I’ll...

ELIAS: DO you?

KC: No. (Elias laughs) I know it’s not an absolute because you say it’s not an absolute.

ELIAS: Correct! (Laughs)

KC: My belief is that, in all likelihood, I will carry the medicine with me, just in case I get stung again.

ELIAS: And that is not bad.

KC: No, and that is my physical reality and using my beliefs and acting in harmony with my beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct, and that is the point — to not struggle with them and not view them as your enemy, but to allow yourself to move in conjunction with your beliefs, and attempt to discover your own methods of what allows you the most comfort and the most ease in association with your beliefs, and which influences of those beliefs you more prefer.

KC: That’s very interesting, because suddenly I feel very, very helped with my window situation. I have accepted something in myself in this moment. (Elias laughs with KC) Well, gosh — wild ride!

ELIAS: And you did gain your attention, did you not?

KC: Oh, did I not! Yes, I gained my attention. (Elias laughs) I knew I was offering myself lots of information, and I know now my automatic responses that I was not paying attention to were preventing me from getting my messages. But I also knew that I would be calling you for assistance.

ELIAS: And this is a subsequent manner in which you offer yourself more clarity, and it is another element of your method.

KC: Yes. Well, I’m very proud of myself in this moment. (Elias laughs) I am. So, I think that we can hang up now, and last, if there’s anything else you’d like to offer me.

ELIAS: I shall be continuing, as always, to offer my energy to you in supportiveness and encouragement, and I offer to you in this now my acknowledgment of you. (Chuckles)

KC: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: Congratulations in your experience and your allowance of yourself to be recognizing all of the information that you have presented to yourself.

KC: Thank you, Elias. I love you very much.

ELIAS: And I express my love and affection to you, also. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I express to you in fond friendship, au revoir.

KC: Au revoir, Elias. Thank you.

Elias departs after 58 minutes.

(1) KC’s orientation is soft.

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