Session 426

Complicating Simplistic Situations


“Complicating Simplistic Situations”
“You Create What You Concentrate Upon”

Sunday, July 18, 1999  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).
Vic’s note:  Letty’s voice isn’t clear on this tape — there is almost an echo effect happening.  So, I’ll just do the best I can with it!
Elias arrives at 2:20 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds)

ELIAS:  Greetings, Castille!

LETTY:  Hello, Elias!  So nice to hear from you again — objectively, of course! (Elias chuckles)  I hear from you subjectively.

I’ve been anticipating this conversation for some time, and I just want to thank you for the information you sent to me through Cindel.  I guess I knew ... and I’m very happy you enjoyed the questions! (Elias grins)  I kind of knew the reality, but I still needed the validation, and I understand much more about the belief system of agreements between essences.  It was just a funny time for me.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  I am amused, as I hold the awareness that you, Castille, have moved into directions of identifying imagery that you present yourself with quite efficiently recently.  Therefore, I moved into the direction of expressing to you the acknowledgment that you held an awareness already of what you were presenting yourself with in this particular type of imagery also.  This has been evidenced within your dream imagery also, and therefore you may be trusting of your impressions and your assessments of the situations that you are creating and involving yourself within. (Chuckling)

LETTY:  Well, thank you.  Actually, speaking of dreams, I wanted to ask you ... I have had ... well, I know I dream a lot because I wake up with these far-off memories, but they’re not clear.  Yet I do know that they are imagery to me with messages, mostly from Castille.  I know it’s me, but I feel like sometimes there’s a closer connection.

I guess my question to you is about validation.  Subjectively I am picking up on those, where sometimes I do remember and I can “translate” them, where I can understand them better.  But is that the case when I just wake up with no memory, no clear memory of the actions that take place in my dream state?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Castille, in this situation, as with many other individuals also, you are creating a specific direction in relation to your individual dream imagery.

Now; be understanding that different individuals create actions in relation to their dream imagery that is consistent with their creation of their objective waking reality, and therefore may hold different reasons in their lack of remembrance objectively, so to speak, of dream imagery.  Some individuals move in the direction of actually blocking their remembrance intentionally, but this is not the situation that you are creating.

In this, within your individual movement presently and within recent past, so to speak, you have been moving into areas of examining and exploring more of self, more of your individual motivations for moving into certain directions, evaluating behaviors that you are creating in relation to situations and other individuals.  In this, what I am expressing to you is that you have been quite concentrated upon looking to self.

Now; in this situation, you also at times, in like manner to some other individuals, move into directions of examining imagery extensively, and in this examination, at times what you are in actuality creating is the rationale entering into your examination of imagery and allowing yourself to be complicating your imagery far beyond what need be expressed.  Therefore, in relation to your dream imagery, in prevention of yourself from your own movement into these types of expressions, at times you do not offer yourself as much information that may be translated objectively.

Let us examine this situation.  What you DO offer yourself is not an extensive amount of imagery per se, but you offer yourself a feeling or a sense or a limited amount of information that you appear to retain objectively.  The reason that you create this type of expression and movement is to not be over-complicating your own imagery to yourself and therefore confusing yourself in your complications.

In this, I express to you that you are offering yourself enough information in what you retain of your dream imagery presently, for it offers you a feeling which is translatable AND is directly related to what you are creating within your objective imagery in that time framework, but you do not offer your creations in that time framework a tremendous amount of thought process or analyzation.  You merely create, and this is the relationship that you have created between the subjective and objective expressions, eliminating certain elements of complications and confusions in those expressions.  Are you understanding?

LETTY:  Yes, very much.  It makes a lot of sense because I feel even clearer about not anything in particular, just in an overall sense.  Many times I wake up knowing that subjectively something happened, and I couldn’t remember it objectively.

ELIAS:  Quite, and this allows you to continue within your objective waking state, creating your reality in conjunction with your subjective movement, but not confused and complicated by the analyzation of that subjective movement.

LETTY:  Well, I want to move on to the objective creation I continue to create.  I want to ask you a little bit more as to where I am with my asthma.  I do believe I am moving, and I feel that I have changed within all my belief systems and the duplicity that I go through and that I create to bring my attention to this, but sometimes I get so uncomfortable with my creation that I have a difficult time focusing on myself as to why I’m creating that.  And I was wondering, do you have any thoughts about that, especially when my breathing gets very difficult and I’m in a public area?

My second question to that is about my breathing at night.  I don’t know if it’s a belief system, because if I’m laying down, I wheeze, and if I sit up, I don’t.  I know I create this very uncomfortable action in myself, and I feel that right now, this belief system I’m working through has to do with my uncomfortableness with my weight.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Castille, you employ this particular imagery to yourself — this particular creation with your physical expression — in conjunction to most of your movement in relation to your individual belief systems.  This is a creation that you pay very close attention to.  Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is quite efficient in relation to your attention and in relation to what you may be creating within any given moment.  It is not necessarily connected to any one particular direction, but in each direction that you move into concerning addressing to your individual belief systems and how they are affecting you and what you are creating within them and your perception of them, each time that you are expressing elements within your focus that you are not pleased with or you are distressed with or you are feeling constricted with, you are creating of this same type of objective physical imagery, for it DOES gain your attention, of which you are very aware.

Now; in this, let me also direct your attention to what we have been discussing already within your dream imagery, for this be another element in like manner with this creation that you engage of your physical expression in constricting your breathing.  In this, each time you move into that type of expression, you automatically now move into a direction of complicating the situation that you have created by examining and analyzing the situation extensively.

In this, let me offer to you that you are creating a very similar expression to your sibling, for you are paying so very much attention to what you perceive to be the problem that you are not moving into what you perceive to be a solution.

Now; be remembering, these are quite physical terms and are in my terms quite figuratively speaking, for in actuality, none of your creations are a problem.  They are merely perceived through your belief systems as being a problem — and they are not requiring of a solution — but this is the manner that you perceive your reality.

Therefore, moving into an expression [of] addressing to the manner that you perceive within your reality, identifying that your creation of a shortness or a constriction of breathing is a problem and that you are seeking out a solution to this problem, let me express to you that you are concentrating so very intensely upon the problem itself that you are not moving into the direction of the solution.

Now; let us view this particular area singularly very closely  In this, in very simple terms, let us examine the action of this constriction of breathing.

In this, as you create this physical action that you identify as asthma, what are you in actuality creating?  You are creating a constriction within your breath, which is caused — in your physical terms — by a tension of your air passages, and in this action, as you allow your physical body to continue in that tension and increase in that tension, the constriction increases and your ease in breath becomes worse, correct?

LETTY:  Correct.

ELIAS:  In this, let us view in very physical terms.

You are tensing your physical muscles, your physical body, more and more as the action of shortness of breath increases, but the tensing is also increasing the shortness of breath.

Therefore, you are perpetuating the very action that you are wishing to be discontinuing, and as you concentrate more and more in this area, you focus your attention more and more upon your breath and the uncomfortableness of this and you automatically tense more, which automatically perpetuates more of a lack of breath.

Now; in your terms, what is easing of this situation is a relaxation, correct?  In this, if you allow yourself the ability to be relaxing of the entirety of your physical body, it is relieving of the tension within your physical organ of your lungs, and this eliminates an element of pressure and allows more of a free flow.

Mind you, in this expression you are offering yourself very much imagery as to the movement of all of your reality within physical focus regardless of the subject matter, but let us continue our focusing in very physical terms.

In this, as I have spoken to Marta, Marta also focuses very strongly in the examination of all of the different angles of one situation, but in that examination of all of these different angles, there is no movement.  There is created a standing still, so to speak, and a continuation of the examination of all of the different aspects of the situation that has already been created.

Therefore, in this, there is no addressment to the situation or to the issue, but merely an examination of all of the elements of it ... and a re-examination and a re-examination! (Letty laughs)

In this, there is a prevention of movement through the issue.  Therefore, it appears to you each that the issue continues.

In like manner, I express to you, as we have spoken of your dream imagery and your lack of objective recall of physical imagery, which prevents you from complicating and concentrating to the point of confusion with what you may be creating within your objective waking state, you are offering yourself time and time again a physical example of this very action, for each time you are constricting your breathing and you are experiencing what you in physical focus term to be an attack of asthma, you are concentrating upon this ATTACK so very intensely that you are preventing own movement.

Now; let us also examine the reinforcement of the very terminology that you employ in these areas and how this is affecting of the perpetuation of the entire cycle, so to speak.  The terminology that I have offered to you now is the very terminology that you employ and that individuals accept and employ within your society, that you are experiencing an “attack of asthma.”

(Intently)  This offers the suggestion that some element — not yourself, but some element within your reality — is creating itself without your permission and is being hurtful to you in an attack.  This places, in your perception, this element as an offensive, and you, as being some element different from it, as defensive.

In this, in your defensiveness of this element which appears to be outside of your control, for it is outside of your choice of creation, you move to the position of defense, and in this position you plant yourself in one spot, so to speak, and you consider your strategy.  In considering your strategy, you are examining all of the different angles and avenues and aspects and elements that are or may be involved in the attack, and in this, in developing your strategy, you may counterattack and therefore defeat the enemy.

This is NO DIFFERENT than the thought process of eliminating belief systems as opposed to accepting belief systems, recognizing that you are not eliminating them.

In this, I have expressed from the onset of this forum that you shall create what you concentrate upon, and I shall continue to express this to you all, for this IS what you create within your physical focus.  As you concentrate upon a certain direction or any creation subjectively, you shall continue to perpetuate it, and as you lend your objective expression also in harmony, you shall most definitely be creating of these elements!

You create what you expect and you create what you concentrate upon, and in this, there are many objective expressions that you create, as you ARE concentrating upon them.  You are lending much energy to them in their perpetuation.

Now; these are the areas in which you wish NOT to be creating, and therefore, you and many other individuals express to me, “How may I discontinue this creation?”

And I express to you, if you are not lending energy to these types of expressions, you shall not offer yourself your payoff, and therefore you shall not continue to be creating them!

But as it continues to be an irritation to you — as it continues to gain your attention and you are NOT expressing “it matters not” — you shall continue to be creating in this manner, for it is beneficial to you.  YOU PAY ATTENTION.

In this, I express to you, many individuals may be creating of what you in physical dimensions may term to be quite negative actions, but at times those expressions may not hold the attention-grabbing factor any longer within you, and therefore they become non-efficient.

In this, your creation of restriction of physical breath continues to be efficient.  It continues to hold your attention.  It continues to annoy you.  It continues to distress you.  It continues to fascinate you in the area that it draws your attention into areas that you may complicate simplistic situations and that you may offer yourself a reason, in objective terms, to be analyzing, over and over, each situation, each behavior, each expression, each aspect of belief systems.

This is not necessarily the point.  This is the distraction, to be continuing to examine all of the elements of the window — in which I have expressed with Marta — and not allowing yourself to be moving through the window, for you are very busy examining the window.

LETTY:  Thanks so much, Elias.

ELIAS:  Be concentrating futurely upon the concept of physical restriction and tension and the perpetuation of this.

As you concentrate and concentrate and concentrate, you automatically tense and tense and tense, and if you are allowing your thoughts to drift and to not be concentrated and if you are not holding so very tightly to your energy and allowing yourself to be relaxing, you also shall allow your physical form to be relaxing ... OR you may create this in reverse, if it is temporarily more efficient for you.  You may allow yourself the recognition of your physical expression and express to yourself an intentional relaxation of your physical form, which shall be reducing of your constriction, of which you already know.  Either direction that you choose shall be accomplishing of the reduction and also the elimination of the constriction in physical breathing.

Therefore, it matters not.  You may be addressing to the situation in terms of physical expression or you may be moving your attention into other areas, relaxing the entirety of self in relation to any particular issues or creations that you are involving yourself with in that time period.  You may be moving yourself into an intentional relaxation through methods if you are so choosing, such as meditation.  It matters not.

The point is that you recognize that you are examining the window, and therefore not moving, and perpetuating the very action that you wish to be discontinuing.

LETTY:  This has been very helpful.  Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, Castille.

LETTY:  I have a question that Cindel and I were talking about yesterday.  Is Bruce a mirror counterpart of mine? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Bruce does engage counterpart action with you, and an element of this counterpart action manifests itself in the manner of mirroring many situations and behaviors to you.

LETTY:  Okay.  I want to ask you one small question about Leezar and his new job position.  In the present probabilities, is he moving towards his intent or his intention?  I try not to place energy in it — I know I do sometimes — but just let him move his own self.  But I just wondered if he really is moving toward where his desire is.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you once again, as I have expressed many times previously, this individual continues to be within what we may term to be a state of flux.  He is accomplishing his intent in accomplishing his value fulfillment, but as an objective expression and as a creation intentionally of his intent, no, not within this present time framework, for he continues to be grappling, so to speak, with the concept that he is creating his reality.

Therefore, as this is not yet a reality, but continues to be a concept within this individual, he is not yet objectively moving in directions of expressing intentionally the movement of his intent in relation to his choices.  He IS accomplishing his intent, but within his perception, he is merely moving within his physical reality, and much of his reality is not created by him.  This is his perception.  He is moving into the direction of acceptance of SOME of his creations in the areas that are pleasing to him, but this is quite limited.  In this, even within this expression of what you term to be employment, there continues to be some areas of reservation within him.

Therefore, I express to you that the situation continues to be manifest in the direction of his choice of probabilities, and that none of the choices of probabilities that he is engaging presently move in any direction of what YOU, in physical terms, term to be permanence.  There continues to be questioning in all areas of this individual’s focus.

LETTY:  That’s what I thought. (Elias chuckles)  Okay.

As you know, Elias, I don’t attach to any particular bleed-through of another focus, but I wanted to ask you, it’s kind of ... it started with my sinuses, my sinus operation, but I know it has nothing to do with that, and I want to say that it’s another physical creation of mine, and I feel like sometimes I get it when I’m trying to validate myself.  Am I kind of on the right track?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, and you may also be manipulating of this particular creation in relation to that which we have been speaking of within this session, for you have offered this expression to yourself in conjunction with a procedure that you view to be helpful to you in unblocking one element of your physical expression.

Therefore, you view this to be a positive element, and in this, you may be manipulating this particular expression to be employing it as a focal point, so to speak, in those moments in which you may be engaging this relaxation.  Many times within physical focus, as you are newly, so to speak, moving into directions of altering certain creations, it may be helpful to be allowing yourself a focal point.  This may be facilitating you in directing your attention and your energy specifically.

Therefore, within these moments of restriction, you may also allow yourself the ability to call upon this sense of smell and this fragrance, and in this, allow yourself to be directing your attention to the fragrance and allowing yourself to be engaging relaxation as you hold your attention to the focal point, NOT to the physical expression of shortness of breath. (Pause)

LETTY:  Okay, wonderful.  Thank you so very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LETTY:  All my questions end up coming together to one focal point!

I have one last question.  A few weeks ago I got sick to my stomach, and I know that one of the belief systems was that I drank and I ate too much, but I know that wasn’t it.  Is there something that I was telling myself as to why I created that happening?  This was when I was with Marta. (Pause)

ELIAS:  This expression that you have created is not in actuality connected to underlying belief systems in the area of what you may be consuming.  I express to you that it may be camouflaged and therefore may be couched in those terms as a surface explanation to yourself, but in actuality, you yourself have experienced a very similar physical expression to many other individuals within that same time period, and this in actuality is connected to the recognition of interconnectedness and the movement in intensification of this wave within consciousness presently and its affectingness objectively with all individuals throughout your planet.

In this, your physical expression has been consistent with how you respond to and create your reality, in creating a physical response, but this is very much connected to an emotional responsiveness which is a translation, in physical terms objectively, of the recognition of the interconnectedness of you all, and in this, the affectingness of this time framework, within your physical terms, and how very intensely, within with this wave and within this shift, it is affecting of very many individuals in every direction of your experiences in your dimension.

LETTY:  How very interesting!  Okay.  Well, Elias, you gave me lots to think about, but not too intently!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Very good, Castille!  Ha ha ha!

LETTY:  Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Elias chuckles)  Every time I do speak to you objectively, I feel much more magnificent — every time!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  And I am continuing to be encouraging of this movement! (Chuckling)

LETTY:  Yes.  It’s wonderful to speak to you again.

ELIAS:  I express to you, Castille, great affection and an anticipation in our continuation of objective interaction.

I shall be offering energy to you in encouragement, in your lack of concentration!

LETTY:  Thank you! (They both laugh)

ELIAS:  To you this day, I bid a very fond au revoir.

LETTY:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:12 PM.

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