Session 271

Acceptance - An Unfamiliar Concept


"Acceptance - An Unfamiliar Concept"
"Coordinate Points/Vortexes/Energy Centers"

Thursday, April 2, 1998   © 1998 (Private Phone Session)

Participants:  Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), and Nicky (Candace).

Vic’s note:  To my knowledge, this is the first session done long-distance via phone.  It’s pretty funny to see Elias holding a phone!

Elias arrives at 11:57 AM. (Arrival time is fifteen seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!  (Grinning)

NICKY:  Good morning!  Or is it afternoon for you already?

ELIAS:  And how be you this fine day?

NICKY:  Fine, and you?  (Elias and Nicky both laugh)  This is so different!  Okay, listen.  I always start out with you not knowing exactly why I’m impressed to have a private, and sometimes I think it’s really because I get to shoot the breeze!

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  As a matter of course!  (They both laugh again)

NICKY:  I guess I’ll get right to the questions.  When I am inspired to have a private, it just comes out of left field, so to speak.  It’s not as though I’m thinking about it.  It’s just like, "Oh, you know what?  I want a private!"  What is the action behind that?  I feel like it’s my desire to want to discuss things, to validate, to take in information in a different way.  Am I kind of right on that?

ELIAS:  These are correct assessments.  Also, be noticing that this is your opportunity to view yourself responding to an impulse.  In this manner, you may recognize the difference between an impulse and an impression; an urging, a prompting holding no emotion and no thought, but a prompting for movement which is identified as an impulse.  This gives you the opportunity to view yourself in motion responding to impulses, and this allows you also the opportunity to recognize impulses in other situations.

NICKY:  What transpired late last night and this morning when I was thinking, "Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have it.  Why am I going to have a session?"  I started questioning it.  I realized I was questioning it and then I bypassed it, and then after, when I called Mary to start up the session, there was the thing of having to get the tape.  And then I thought afterwards, maybe that’s what it was I was picking up, so to speak, (Elias chuckles) that it wasn’t ready to go at eight o’clock like we had first established.  Is that what I was picking up, and instead I was interpreting it as not holding the session?

ELIAS:  Partially.  Also, this be another opportunity for you to view the workings of impulses and your natural inclination to be rationalizing and to be discounting the action of an impulse.  This gives you the situation of viewing your natural course in rationality in your everyday activities, so to speak.  In this, in identifying an impulse, for the most part, as you are unfamiliar with this natural language of your own to yourself, you automatically move into the direction of discounting and rationalizing these impulses and offering yourselves reasons to not be following these impulses.

NICKY:  Can I assume that the more I follow the impulses and override the discounting, eventually I won’t be discounting them as often?

ELIAS:  Absolutely.  This be a matter of practicing at identifying, noticing and following these impulses, and not allowing yourself to be blocking of these impulses.  As I have stated previously to you all many times, impulses are a natural language of your own, of essence to you within your objective awareness.  In this, you are taught from very small ages to be discounting and ignoring these impulses.  You block these impulses, and this is creating of much conflict within you.

NICKY:  Boy oh boy, is that not a true statement!  Speaking of movement, this has come across me and I cannot identify it.  Rudy gave me some information, and I’m not sure if I was blocking that also, referring to movement within my parallel action with Mary and with Ann, my two parallel counterparts.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Mary moved across the country.  Ann moved across town.  Where did I move to??  I’m still here!  (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  There is imagery occurring within physical movement, but although you hold parallel counterpart action, this is not to say that the actions that you create physically shall all be identical.  You choose within your counterpart action to be expressing certain elements in slightly different manners.  Michael chooses within his movement to be objectively expressing of different types of movement in conjunction with the subjective movement that he is creating, therefore offering what you might view as an example or an objective situation that other individuals may view more easily and more clearly.  In objective expression, other individuals may view the movements more easily, for they view these situations symbolically.  This is not to say that within the parallel counterpart action that you also are not influenced and creating your own movement within that parallel action.  You merely choose to be expressive of this movement subjectively as opposed to also expressing objectively.  It is unnecessary for you to be expressing objectively, for the other individuals have created this objective expression for you.

NICKY:  Oh my!  Okay, go on.

ELIAS:  This also lends energy to the subjective movement that you all are accomplishing within this present now.  Just as I have expressed previously to you that within your verbalization of communication or thought, you create an objective response which holds more energy in the creation of certain actions.  Although thought is reality and is energy, when audibly expressed, as I have stated to you, you create an actual chemical reaction within your space arrangement which lends more energy to the actualization of the thought.  In like manner, when you choose to be objectively expressing in imagery certain types of movements in what you view to be symbology, you also lend more energy to the actualization of the action that you are engaging, and you lend energy to other individuals who are choosing to be engaging similar movement within a wave of consciousness.  Is this clear?

NICKY:  Okay.  One of my questions was going to be also in the same subject matter.  What action is transpiring with me objectively or subjectively when you are coming through Michael, based on the parallel thing again?  I don’t know of any action that is transpiring with Ann at the same time.  What action is happening with us when you are coming through Michael?

ELIAS:  You all engage the same action of assimilating information that is being delivered subjectively, initially.

NICKY:  Initially?

ELIAS:  Correct. For many individuals that participate in this forum, their initial assimilation of this information is gained objectively.  Subsequently, they allow for the subjective intake, so to speak, of the information; the subjective assimilation of the information.  In difference to this action, you, as likewise with Michael, assimilate first subjectively, and then you assimilate objectively.  This be the reason that you are drawn to the interaction first, and also the intake audibly of the repeat of your session.  You are understanding?

NICKY:  Yeah.

ELIAS:  And subsequently, you may more efficiently be understanding of the transcribed written words.

NICKY:  Yeah, okay.  I see that.

ELIAS:  You may view within your own action, in similar action to Michael, that in allowing yourself to be connecting with the written transcribed information, that you hold more difficulty in assimilating this objectively if you are allowing yourself to be connecting with the information in this manner too quickly.

NICKY:  What do you mean by that?

ELIAS:  If presented with the situation of receiving the written transcribed interaction immediately following the interaction, your ability to assimilate the information objectively shall seem difficult.  But if allowing yourself, as do you and also as does Michael, a time framework to be passing, so to speak, prior to connecting with the written material, you shall assimilate objectively more efficiently, for you have allowed yourself the time framework to be assimilating subjectively first, which allows you a clearer understanding objectively.

NICKY:  Okay.  Now along the same types of lines ... you were talking symbolically how we relate there.  I was reading one of the Seth books, and he makes a statement that any physical ailment is symbolic of an inner reality or statement, and I’m having a real problem with this asthma thing.  I had to recognize that it was my own.  I thought I was accepting of it, but I’m still hanging on to it and I don’t know why.  What statement is it making to me?  What is going on?  It’s like the more effort I put into wanting to accept it and be done with it, it seems like the more flowered it becomes!

ELIAS:  Ah!  Look to the imagery that you are presenting to yourself.  In many instances, individuals choosing to be creating of this type of situation within physical expression are moving energy within them in an expressive manner objectively, physically, to be expressing to themselves areas of restriction.

NICKY:  Yeah, that’s it, ’cause that’s the only thing I see.  I see cutting off my life force.  That’s the thing that comes in front of me more often than not.  And then I say to myself, "Why do I want to cut off my life force?"

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This is not entirely a situation of "cutting off your life force."  This is your interpretation of your action.  In actuality, you are restricting your own movement.  Look to different actions that you engage within, and your automatic response to different interactions with other individuals.

Let me express to you also that within these parallel counterpart actions, you also lend energy to each other in similar movements. Be remembering of this.  Therefore, as you choose to be creating of certain movements in addressing to belief systems and issues, and you draw yourselves to situations to BE addressing to these belief systems and issues, you also choose different manners of moving energy.  In this, each objective expression is influencing and lending energy to the other parallels.  As one restricts, the others also experience difficulty in movement.  As one allows movement, the others also experience an allowance or more of an ease within their own expression of movement.

Now; look to your interaction with other individuals, and although you may quite quickly readjust your expression and your thought process in recognizing an initial lack of acceptance, although it may be subtle, the initial expression is not being allowed to be addressed to.

Example:  You may be engaging conversation with another individual.  The other individual is expressive to you within the confines of their individual belief systems.  You hold an immediate recognition of the belief systems that are being expressed.  The immediate, automatic, initial momentary response within your thought process and within your FEELING is non-acceptance.  This is immediately identified.  Therefore, you also immediately readjust, for you hold the thought process of, "Hold!  I shall readjust this thought process to be accommodating of the acceptance of another individual’s expression, for this be the accomplishment that I seek."  In this action, what you are accomplishing is blocking and restricting, for you are not quite understanding of the actual action of acceptance.  You are not addressing to the issues that create the initial response.  You are overriding the initial response with your rational thought process.  This essentially is a blanket effect.  You cover your automatic response with this "thought blanket."

NICKY:  So could you give me an example?  What would be the natural thing in acceptance of another person’s or my own expression?  ’Cause that’s exactly what I do.  That’s EXACTLY what I do!  So if I’m blocking it, how do I start looking at this?  How do I start understanding what it really is to be accepting of myself in my own expression and anyone else’s?  Is it to initially acknowledge that "Oh, I don’t agree with what this person is saying or doing," and then realizing my own belief system, and then allowing them their expression?

ELIAS:  Correct.  You are objectively creating an expression of restriction to be allowing yourself to view the action of blocking yourself.  You are attempting to gain your own attention by creating a physical restriction within your breath, which is imagery to you of the expression that you are blocking within your interaction with yourself and with other individuals.  How are you expressive objectively?  Through your communication, which is accomplished within your language and your conversing with other individuals, correct?

NICKY:  Correct.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Therefore, you choose to be restrictive of your breath, which is that which moves the expression objectively, audibly, within connection to another individual within communication.

NICKY:  Oh my.  I’m gonna cry.  That’s it!

ELIAS:  In this action, as you allow yourself to be noticing your immediate response to another individual and you allow yourself the recognition of the momentary lack of acceptance, and you also allow yourself to not blanket this expression but acknowledge to yourself your own automatic response, then you shall allow yourself to recognize your own action and move your attention to your own expression, and in this action you may also engage your own belief systems and your own individual issues which prompt this type of response.

View carefully your interaction with Rudy, for the expressions that Rudim holds, many times objectively within communication to yourself, are received objectively by yourself, but also not accepted.  In this, you also hold a belief system that Rudy holds slightly more information than yourself objectively, therefore holds a slight position of authority, which you automatically rebel against and hold a difference in viewpoint.  Therefore, the automatic response is to be not accepting, but this is also immediately blanketed, which is the action of blocking.  This is not say that Rudy holds more information than do you or assimilates more efficiently than do you.  It is merely to be expressing that your belief systems move in this area, and this be the action that is creating of your response and your creation of your restriction.

NICKY:  Oh my goodness!

FORREST:  I’ve got to interrupt for just a second to flip the tape.

NICKY:  Is that the same thing that transpires with Micah and Mark?

ELIAS:  Correct.

FORREST:  Can I interrupt for a brief second to flip the tape over?

NICKY:  Oh, do we need to flip the tape over?

ELIAS:  You may engage your equipment.

FORREST:  One second.  Brief pause here.  Give me just a second to rewind the tape so that you can start good on the other side.  I just need a couple of seconds.  Sorry for the interruption.  (Pause)  You’re good.

ELIAS:  Let us continue with this particular subject matter in explanation, that you may more efficiently allow yourself the ability to be viewing and noticing this action.  This also may be instructive to Michael and also to Rudy, in sharing this information.

Vic’s note:  The following information was delivered deliberately and very intently.  There’s obviously something to "get" here!

As you engage another individual, you have allowed yourselves to be connecting with this information.  You have been attempting to move in the direction of application of this information into your reality, but your element of distortion in this action, in your interpretation of the information, creates elements of conflict and restriction.

Be understanding that although you hold the ability to be accepting immediately, you also have created a reality within this dimension that is reinforced by all of your focuses which occupy this dimension, and is also reinforced by all of your counterpart actions within this reality.  That action is the separation and the lack of remembrance of essence, which has created the reality of blocking certain information and the perpetuation of many belief systems.  In this, you do not automatically move into acceptance, for you automatically move in the direction of familiarity and block acceptance.
This concept of acceptance, although seemingly to be established and what you may view to be old, in reality is unfamiliar and new.  This concept of acceptance, in all of its facets, is the base line, so to speak, of the action of this shift in consciousness, which I have expressed to you shall be altering of your entire reality.  Therefore, it is unfamiliar to you, and in this you hold a new belief system that you are moving into the area of accepting, when in actuality you are merely blanketing what you are not accepting.

You all are accomplishing well within your movement to be addressing to your issues and belief systems of duplicity and allowing yourselves more of an acceptance of self than you have held previously, but you also move into areas of deluding yourselves in the thought process that you are accepting of other individuals and belief systems, when in actuality, underlying, you are not accepting of the expressions or of the belief systems.  You merely delude yourself into the thought process that you are accepting.

This also is another element of the belief systems of duplicity.  You wish to view yourselves as good.  Therefore, you attempt to be accepting, for this is good!

NICKY:  Hmm.  There’s the delusion, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.  It is neither good or bad.  This is a perpetuation of the duplicity.  Acceptance merely IS.  Therefore, you may view the action that you create within adherence to the thought process that acceptance is good.

You create a situation of interaction with another individual.  Another individual offers to you an expression within communication that you are not within agreement of.  Your initial response is the lack of acceptance.  This lack of acceptance is objectively quite momentarily expressed within your thought or your feeling.  It may not be objectively expressed, but within your thought and your feeling, it is expressed.  It is also immediately recognized.  "This action is bad!  I am not accepting!"  Therefore, you have created a judgment.  Subsequent to this, you immediately readjust your thought process and attempt to be adjusting your feeling, for you wish to be moving into the "good," which is accepting, but you have not addressed to the initial response.  You have not identified the belief systems and the initial response.  You have merely recognized that the immediate response is not acceptable to yourself, for it is not accepting within your thought process.  Therefore, you immediately blanket this expression and express to yourself that you ARE accepting.  You readjust your behavior and your objective response to the other individual to be accommodating of what you believe to BE accepting.

NICKY:  Yeah!  Oh my gosh!

ELIAS:  Now may you view how you create the action of restriction, and within this action, as you perpetuate this action, you also perpetuate your own expression of your restriction of breath.

NICKY:  Okay.  This is something that’s real and I need a little guidance.  I’m in a situation.  I’m hearing something.  Now, instead of accepting it because I think it’s good to be accepting, and I am not in agreement, do I express this to myself first?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Recognize that it is unnecessary for you to be continually in AGREEMENT objectively with another individual.  Be remembering of our examples of acceptance.  Within the acceptance of a belief system, you may continue to hold your own OPINION and choice of expression of the belief system.  Remember, you are not eliminating the belief system.

NICKY:  Just recognizing it.

ELIAS:  And ACCEPTING.  This be the area which holds the most confusion for you all, for you automatically associate the acceptance of a belief system as the elimination of a belief system, which is the reason why I continually express to you that you are not -- underline not -- eliminating the belief systems.  You are accepting the belief systems.  You are not changing the belief systems, although you may note that I have expressed that altering or changing a belief system may be helpful in movement into accepting a belief system.

The acceptance of a belief system is NOT the CHANGING of a belief system and is NOT the ELIMINATION of a belief system.  It is the acknowledgment of the belief system, the acceptance with the lack of judgment within yourself and within others, therefore rendering the belief system neutralized within its power and allowing you a new freedom within your expression of creativity and an allowance within yourself to be widening your awareness, which allows you the free flow within your creative expression.  It allows you a liberation.

NICKY:  Whew!  Oh my gosh!

ELIAS:  I am quite aware that the acceptance of belief systems is a difficult process, within your terms.

NICKY:  Hmm!  Just when you think you have a handle on it, you come to find out you’re not even close!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This be the reason that you have created the situation of allowing yourselves one-and-three-quarters centuries to be accomplishing this shift in consciousness!

NICKY:  Yeah, that’s another thing we talked about the other day, that here objectively there is a time factor, the thickness of time that we have to work through.  This is not an overnight deal, is it?

ELIAS:  Quite!

NICKY:  I mean it is, but with what we work with here, it isn’t.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This shift in consciousness is accomplished now, but it also, within the thickness of your time framework, is not entirely accomplished now.

NICKY:  Is this the same type of action ... there’s a thing that I have with me that I’ve taken notice of in the financial arena.  It’s like the money flows there, and then it stops, and I go into a panic stage which I think I’m not going into.  I always think I have a handle on it, and then something else transpires.  I start to associate it with the last few years in my life and I say, "No, it’s going to be different.  If I’m creating my reality, this is not going to be the same thing as it was before."  But is it the same idea that I’m going through in my head?  I’m causing the restriction there too?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  In the financial flow of things?

ELIAS:  Yes; a lack of trust and acceptance within self.

NICKY:  Oh my gosh.  Okay, maybe you can help me out with this one then too, which is directly related, I feel.  I don’t know if you had said this or Seth had said this.  I had written it down in my notes and I didn’t note which one of you said it.  But it says, "Your SELF is your intent.  Your career is a byproduct.  It is your imagery to yourself within your objective awareness as a confirmation of your intent."  What the hell would I give a name to?  What career?  What do I name it?  I don’t even know what the hell I do sometimes!
(The quote comes from dated 11/20/97)

ELIAS:  Career is not necessarily employment.

NICKY:  It’s not necessarily what?

ELIAS:  Employment.

NICKY:  So am I relying on a belief system in this structured society that we deal with here?  This is what we put together too, but I always want to relate it to, "If I am not employed by somebody, then where and how am I going to pay for the mundane things?"  You know, your utilities, your rent, your food, your this, your that.  And then I say, "Okay, well then, it’s in the job."  But it’s like, none of it makes sense to me!  I don’t know where I fit!  I don’t know how to fit myself into what I do.  You know the conflict that I go through!

ELIAS:  Look to your own creative expression and your own movement.  Look to your joy.  Look to your fun!

NICKY:  Elias, you know me!  You know I’d be out there doing my gardening, messing with the kids, taking in the sun, going shopping, all those kinds of things!  Talking with people, that’s what I like!

ELIAS:  This be your direction.

NICKY:  And then just everything else follows through?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Look to these expressions.  Look to your joy and to your fun, and follow your intent within this direction.  There are countless choices available to you to be accomplishing within the areas of expression that create joy and fun within your expression, and you may also be accomplishing of acquiring your monetary gain, so to speak.  Many of you within physical focus occupy your thoughts and your feelings much with apprehensiveness and worry, for you do not trust that you may be accomplishing within the areas of joyfulness and fun and be also meeting what you perceive to be your mundane needs.  This also is an action of this shift.  It is unnecessary for you to be blocking of your creativity.  It is unnecessary for you to be creating of anxiety.  You are merely perpetuating your officially accepted belief systems that you must be moving in certain directions within the confines of cultural time....

NICKY:  I fight that!  Now, am I being rebellious when I fight that?  It’s who I think I am.  It’s like, "What has that have to do with the time of day?  I enjoy this!"  Someone will come up to me and say, "Oh, you’re not working?"  "No."  "Well, why not?  How come?  How are you making ends meet?"

ELIAS:  This is the perpetuation of the officially accepted belief systems, which you are moving away from.

NICKY:  Thank god!  Whew!  (Elias chuckles)  It’s like I tell myself, "Why can’t you come up with a statement that will relate to the person why you have no concern over it?"  But the more I hear it and/or the more I entertain it, the more anxious I become.  Then I say to myself, "Why am I anxious?  Things have always worked out before."  Why am I bringing myself to this point again?  Why am I listening to these people?

ELIAS:  For you are being influenced by the mass belief systems!

NICKY:  Oh.  (Sighing)

ELIAS:  But you also hold a recognition of these mass belief systems, and hold the recognition within self that it is unnecessary for you to be aligning with these mass belief systems.  Be acknowledging of self and reinforcing your own movement within natural time.

NICKY:  And then everything else ... I use the word synchronicity.
So synchronistically, everything then therefore works out, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, ’cause that’s what I see when I look back, so to speak.

ELIAS:  It is merely an action of trusting self and allowing a free flow, and not confining yourself to the mass belief systems.

NICKY:  So that’s recognizing them for what they are.  I thought I was recognizing of that fact.  "That’s what everybody thinks.  That’s not what I think!  YOU think I should be out there with a job."  Well, I’ve had a job, and every time I was in a job, it got to the point of bringing myself out of it in order to feel free.

ELIAS:  Correct.  You may be creating of a job, so to speak, within your natural expression.  Create your OWN expression.

NICKY:  Okay.  That’s going to be a rough one to do, ’cause how do you start with that one?  Well, it’s not rough, I shouldn’t say rough, but it’s like, where do you start?  You know, what is the initial step that one would take here in the objective?
ELIAS:  You recognize your creativity and those elements of expression that create joyfulness and fun within you, and you begin to be creating of this, and you draw yourself to other individuals that shall participate within your fun with you, and you also allow yourself the creativity to be imaginatively expressing and generating movement in the direction of creating of your monetary gain within your creative expression.  Allow yourself expansiveness.  Allow yourself to not be thinking so very small.

NICKY:  Oh my gosh!  That’s what Micah tells me!  Sometimes I hear you through him.  Is that a true statement?  (Elias chuckles)  I’m right, am I not?  ’Cause that’s exactly what he says!  (Laughing)  So can I make a statement and say that therefore, at the present time, I am within the arena of my intent, of who I am and where I’m going?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Oh boy.  (Sighing)  That’s nice to hear, I guess.

ELIAS:  I shall break briefly, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK   12:59 PM
RESUME   1:12 PM (Arrival time is eight seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

NICKY:  Okay.  I have a question on something I was reading in a Seth book that caught my eye the other day, something he calls "coordinate energy points."  Is that right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  He mentions different places briefly in our own country here.  He mentions the west coast, and I’m taking it that means California or parts of California?

ELIAS:  Certain areas.

NICKY:  Certain areas, okay.  "Portions of the east coast, Utah, the Great Lakes," so forth and so on.  Is Castaic part of the west coast that he’s talking of, as far as having coordinate energy points?

ELIAS:  Let me clarify the meaning of these coordinate points, for this has been a source of misinterpretation by many individuals in accessing this information.  This has been created into a belief system that you identify as "vortexes."  Now....

NICKY:  Oh, is that what they refer to as a vortex?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Now; let me explain in actuality what is meant by these coordinate energy points upon your planet.  This is not a situation that the planet itself holds energy points that are intrinsic to itself.  This be your belief system in your creation of the concept of vortexes.  You have created a belief system that your planet holds energy sites intrinsic to itself which you may magnate to.  In actuality, as in like manner to many other situations that have created belief systems, you have reversed the idea and the action [in] the recognition of the energy.  In actuality, you as individuals collectively create these coordinate points, or ENERGY CENTERS.

NICKY:  Really!

ELIAS:  I have expressed this recently within another session, which I shall be reiterating of this action, which you yourselves individually and en masse create, which is the situation of what you believe now to be your vortexes or your coordinate energy points; what I would express to you as energy centers within physical locations.  The action is created in your deposit of your own individual energies into a specific location, and as you draw yourselves en masse to a similar or same location physically, the energy that is deposited collects.  In this, you create a powerful site, so to speak, within a physical location.

You are creating of these sites much of your physical time.  You choose a location upon your physical planet which shall be what you may view as a meeting point, an area within physical location that you set as a drawing point to be coming together to share expression subjectively and objectively within energy, and as you are accomplishing this, you are creating a deposit of energy which shall remain within the physical location.  This serves as a draw for more individuals to magnate to specific locations.  Their experience is that they recognize and feel the actual energy which has been deposited by many individuals in the specific physical location.

Now; within your particular physical location, as we have initiated and continued the forum of these sessions, you have created another coordinate point or energy center within a physical location.  Therefore, you may view the physical location that you occupy within your space arrangement, within the particular township of which you live presently, as having become another coordinate point.

NICKY:  Oh!  So very interesting!  So it’s we ourselves objectively who make these deposits and create these points?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Oh, that’s too awesome!

ELIAS:  Therefore, the physical location of the space arrangement that you are occupying presently has been visited and occupied by many individuals en masse in conjunction with this particular forum and energy exchange.  In this action, each of the participants within the exchange have deposited energy into the physical location of space arrangements, creating an actual energy center physically in location; which this energy remains and gains in strength as it continues to be deposited by more individuals, and this draws MORE individuals to the physical location, for the recognition of the energy held within the physical area creates a draw within consciousness for more individuals.

NICKY:  Is that the action that took place with -- and now I’m going to go to the personal level -- my movement from Illinois to Florida, and from Florida to here?

ELIAS:  Each physical location that you occupy, you individually create an energy deposit; but en masse, you also create physical energy centers.

NICKY:  Okay.  Now with that point in mind, with the centers, I thought I ended up here because of my daughter and grandchildren.  They have left the state, and I am still here!  I’m realizing, as I did a while back, that the draw was here for this information.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  So that’s what it was that I was actually drawn to, but objectively, I was looking at the kids.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Subjectively, you are drawn to the energy center.

NICKY:  Okay.  Now, is that part of my resistance as far as going to Florida?  I know there’s a strong pull from Florida, to be wanting to go back there for more than one reason objectively.  But within me, I don’t feel the same draw.

ELIAS:  Correct, for you hold the recognition that you occupy the space arrangement of the energy center presently.  Therefore, this creates a hold.

Many individuals draw themselves to different energy centers or what you may term to be coordinate energy points, and once they have arrived physically to this specific location, they also hold a reluctance to be moving physically away from the physical location, for they recognize the pleasurable effect of the energy center itself.  This creates a hold within them within their feelings of not wishing to be moving outside of this particular energy center, or what you commonly express as vortex presently, although this is a perpetuation of a belief system.

In this, recognize that you may be creating en masse an energy center ANYWHERE within your physical locations.  It is merely an accumulation of energy deposited by individuals, which expands to energy deposited en masse into one physical location, which then creates a coordinate energy point or an energy center within physical location.

NICKY:  Okay, what is going on in Pensacola, Florida?  Is that a type of a vortex, or what we would call a vortex, of energy?

ELIAS:  A beginning.

NICKY:  A beginning.  Okay.  Speaking of Florida, I had a dream last night or this morning, and again, this is like the second or third time I’ve had this dream.  I remember being on Ninth Avenue ... in that general sense of time.  It’s in Florida though, and it’s like the second time I’ve had it, and it’s like okay, what does this mean?  Because I myself am not aware of a draw to go back there, but yet I actually picture myself driving down the highway over there.

ELIAS:  This is your subjective imagery speaking to you of your draw subjectively, although you have not acknowledged this objectively presently.

NICKY:  So you mean there’s a probability at work?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Of going back to Florida?

ELIAS:  Correct, although I shall express to you that this also is a choice.

NICKY:  Oh, and so that’s what Micah is experiencing also?  He verbalizes.  He states the fact that he wants to go back to Florida.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  I see.  So what am I doing?  Am I in a position of resisting it then?

ELIAS:  You are merely allowing yourself imagery of subjective movement which you have not objectively connected to yet presently.  Within the beginning of our exchange this day, what have you expressed to me (Nicky laughs) within the parallel action of counterpart and physical movement?

NICKY:  Right; movement.  Well then, this is where I cause myself confusion.  Am I to look at it as something that I should be considering?  How am I to relate it to myself?

ELIAS:  There is no "should!"

NICKY:  Oh, there is no should.  Is this something I must do?


NICKY:  A choice, okay.  In the pool of probabilities, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  It is a strong probability presently, but be remembering, it is a CHOICE.  You hold the choice to follow in like manner of the other two parallel counterparts, or to move subjectively and not be creating of the actual objective physical movements.

FORREST:  Can we pause here a second?  I’d like to put another tape in, okay?  (Twenty-second pause, and then it appears that Elias starts talking before Forrest gives the go-ahead)

ELIAS:  This be the reason that you offer yourself information, to be offering yourself recognition of choice; but be acknowledging of your draw.  Do not be discounting of your draws.  (Forty-second pause)


NICKY:  Am I resisting going back there?  Am I supposed to go back there?  (Elias chuckles)  Just as I came out here thinking it was one thing, and it turned out to be for the information.  So I start to go to the arena of causing conflict within myself, and then I pop up with a dream.  I’m on Ninth Avenue looking at houses and apartments and things, you know.

ELIAS:  Be recognizing of all of this imagery, and also correlating this imagery with the imagery that you have created objectively of restriction.

NICKY:  Restriction.  Okay, so....

ELIAS:  It is not necessarily what you may express as resistance as it is restriction.

NICKY:  Restriction....

ELIAS:  You are restricting yourself and blocking of your own information.  This be the same action in conjunction with your blanketing.  You are offering yourself information within imagery, and you are also blanketing your own information.

This is NOT to say that I am expressing to you to be creating of your choice that you shall move or you shall not move.  This is your choice.  I am merely expressing to you to be listening to your own self and to be noticing of the imagery that you are presenting to yourself, and also noticing the action of the counterparts of which you are aware, which lends energy to your own movement.

NICKY:  Okay.  Yeah, that’s right, because it goes....


NICKY:  Yeah, okay.  I need help in this one.  I don’t need an answer of what I’m to do.  I’m not asking for that.  I’m looking for ... because I have been in the habit of restricting myself, thinking that I was moving toward the area of acceptance, how would I go about looking at this?  Do I verbalize?  Do I acknowledge the fact that I don’t want to go back to Florida, not that I’m aware of, and then accept that idea?  I’m acknowledging the information.  It’s come around me so often.  I can see, but I’m not sure how ... oh golly.  What is it I’m looking for?  In what manner are my tendencies to restrict it?  What am I blocking?  What am I not accepting here, on my part anyway?

ELIAS:  Merely recognize your own imagery, and also recognize that time is relative.  Therefore, there is no urgency.

NICKY:  Okay.  Yeah, I don’t feel an urgency.

ELIAS:  And in this, you may allow yourself your time framework to be evaluating and allowing more of your own communication of yourself to yourself, and in accepting your own communication to self and trusting in this communication, you shall offer yourself the EASEMENT of movement into those probabilities which you choose.  Do not misunderstand your imagery and interpret this as holding an urgency for immediate movement.

NICKY:  Yeah, that’s where my tendencies went, because it’s popped back up again, and then again with the dream.  I thought, "Okay, what am I not hearing?"  So really then, I’ve got to start realizing when I’m blocking and restricting my own person before I can really have a better sense of what’s what, and that takes time, right?

ELIAS:  Recognize your own individual patterns.  Candace!  You have created certain patterns.  You have created your own interpretations in certain manners with your own imagery.  If you are presenting yourself with similar imagery of a similar subject matter, you lean in the direction of viewing that you are receiving much information in one direction.  Therefore, this is requiring of your immediate attention and an urgency for movement.

NICKY:  Yeah, right!  That’s exactly what I do!

ELIAS:  This is a pattern that you have developed.  You are offering yourself information presently, within the inconsistency of feeling and imagery, to allow yourself a recognition that your imagery is not always a suggestion of urgency or imminent movement.

NICKY:  Exactly!  That was the same thing as when I had some people come to the door and I thought I was experiencing being back in Florida again, because it was the same circumstances that had transpired when I was in Florida that had prompted me to move here!  So when these people came to the door, I said to myself, "Oh my god!  I’m reliving that situation!"

ELIAS:  These are promptings, and they ARE imagery suggestive of probabilities and leanings into certain probabilities, but it is also your opportunity to view that you have established a pattern of viewing imagery as suggestive of urgency, which it is not necessarily.

NICKY:  Okay, then what Micah spoke to me -- that was one of the times I felt you were talking to me through him -- at that time he said, "Ma, stop and think for one minute.  You’re associating it with that particular incident that happened in Florida that brought us here.  Maybe it’s telling you something else."

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay.  I haven’t quite gotten a handle on what it was, other than decisions that I made then -- THAT I recognize -- that I made out of the choices that I had at the time; what decision I made, and that was to come this way and I recognize that, and the other part of it was the financial part of it.  And so I went back in my head and I reestablished the fact that I wasn’t going to go back to that line of thought that I had then, and that was the only association that I had with it at the time.

ELIAS:  And the recognition of the belief systems that bind you and restrict you.  You face yourself presently with these belief systems.

NICKY:  Exactly!

ELIAS:  You CANNOT move, for you have limitations and are bound by physical circumstances.

NICKY:  Yeah!

ELIAS:  INCORRECT!  This is a belief system.

NICKY:  So therefore, I restrict myself.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, okay, okay.  What an eye-opener that was!  Whew!  (Elias chuckles)  Boy oh boy, I do enjoy talking with you!

ELIAS:  You have MUCH to assimilate within this particular session.

NICKY:  Whew!  Boy, I guess!  Micah had a question.  How many focuses have you and Micah shared, and did he participate in your Oscar Wilde focus?

ELIAS:  Briefly, as an acquaintance.  As to numbering of shared focuses ...

NICKY:  I think he just wanted to know if it was more than one, ’cause he knows you’ve shared at least one.

ELIAS:  ... twelve.

NICKY:  Twelve!  Oh my goodness!  Okay, the other one he had, I had a hard time writing down, but I told him I would ask it.  He wanted to know ... I asked you this in one reference point with him, but he’s coming straight across the board with it.  He wants to know what he responds to in an "unsettling" when he wants to ask a question of you.  I don’t know if it’s an unsettledness that he’s feeling, but he does experience something.

ELIAS:  This is a resistance.  It is prompted by fearfulness.  Express to him that he does not engage an authority!  (Grinning)

NICKY:  That he does not what?

ELIAS:  Engage an authority.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  I know where you’re coming from.

ELIAS:  He is engaging what he may view to be a loving friend.

NICKY:  Oh, that was really beautiful.  I wasn’t able to refer him to any of the information you’ve given, so you might have put this out already.  He wants to know, is there a universal information center that he can tap into and retrieve information as he needs it?  Such as if he’s going to learn a foreign language, such as if he’s got to take on a bulk of information, and instead of going through the ordinary everyday educational-type situations where you have to go sit in a classroom and take it in....

ELIAS:  He may be accessing of his own essence, which holds all of this information as accumulated through all of the focuses.

NICKY:  Okay.  I know the next question would be, what technique, what exercise, where would he start?  How would he accomplish that?

ELIAS:  He may choose to be engaging this action in many different manners.  He may be accessing information by connecting with a different focus in specific areas to be accessing information, as you are using an example of acquiring the knowledge of another language.  He may access a different focus through meditation or dream state, and in engaging another focus he may allow himself the opportunity to be gaining information and learning a different language, just as an example.  You may also engage within your new game, which proves to be quite successful in accessing other focuses.  Within a visualization or a meditative state or within other altered states, so to speak, of consciousness, there may also be accessed information from essence, which holds all of the knowledge of all of the focuses within this dimension and other dimensions, which may be translated into the individual focus.  And there may be also an accessing of world views, which are information energy deposits within consciousness which may be tapped by any individual focus to be accessing the information, and this may be applied and assimilated within the individual focus.  It is merely a question of practicing, and trusting within the allowance of connecting to this information.  It IS available.

NICKY:  Okay.  Then he’s got one more here: "Knowing that time is an element, how can we manipulate it?"  (Elias chuckles)  I would love so very much for him to be speaking with you, and I’m looking to the point that he will be.  I know it’s that unsettledness that he has to deal with first, but he’s got so many ... he’s got a mind that is like many who are coming into being here.  It’s unbelievable.

ELIAS:  Quite!  This also is a reflection of this shift in consciousness.

Time is quite flexible.  Time within your physical dimension, although being an element within itself, is also an element of perception.  Therefore, in its bendability, time may be manipulated objectively and subjectively within your physical dimension, for it is relative to your perception.  In this, he may be practicing also with his manipulation of perception in the area of time, and may allow himself to learn to be bending of time more quickly, more slowly.  He may even accomplish what you view to be "stopping time" temporarily.  It is merely a question of trusting in self and your abilities, acknowledging your abilities, recognizing the reality beyond the belief systems that the element of time is greatly influenced by your individual perceptions, and that in trusting of self and allowing a playfulness and a relaxation of perception, the individual may be manipulating the element of actual time within this physical dimension in the same manner that you may manipulate dream imagery.

He may also be connecting with dream imagery and viewing the flexibility of time within the dream state, and allow himself to be translating this into waking state.  It is equally accomplishable within waking state to be manipulating of time frameworks as it is within dream state.  You merely allow yourself a relaxation of perception and do not hold so very strongly to your belief systems which are officially accepted.

You officially accept the belief system that time is stable and unchangeable.  It moves in linear fashion.  This is a perception influenced by a belief system, which is the reason that you allow yourself much more freedom within dream state, for your belief systems are relaxed.  In this, you allow yourself less of linear movement within time frameworks in dream state.  You may move forward, you may move backward, you may move sideways in time within your dream state.  You do not allow yourself that flexibility within your waking objective state, for you adhere very strongly to your officially accepted belief systems.

NICKY:  Alright.  In our third century Arabic focus ... I’ve not done a lot of investigation.  I go there and then I don’t go there, but it came to me the other day, if it’s not in that focus, have we shared any focus, you and I, in a relationship of marriage and/or close friends of sorts?

ELIAS:  Not marriage, but close friends.

NICKY:  Close friends.  That type of relationship where it’s close?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Would that have been in the Arabic, or is that another focus that I picked up on?

ELIAS:  This would be within a focus more pastly removed, in your terms; within similar location physically, more northerly located.

NICKY:  In Lompoc?

ELIAS:  Within your Arabic areas; different time periods, previous to the focus that you have connected to.

NICKY:  Okay.  Now a couple of years ago, I experienced a certain something.  That certain something has come back to me again this past month or so in a stronger way.  I don’t even know how it came.  I can’t say it’s a vision, although that’s what I see.  It’s a dark-skinned man who is very loving in his way.  There’s not a lot said or done, but the impression I’m getting is that it’s a very loving moment.  Like I said, the first time was two years ago, and this past month it’s happened more frequently.

ELIAS:  This be the connection of which you have inquired presently.

NICKY:  Oh, it is?  Okay, that’s what came to me this morning.  So is that you?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Oh, awesome!  That’s what came to me this morning.  Is this the time period where we had the close friendship?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, another thing.  I don’t know how to word this one.  Will I experience something objectively in what we would call our future time with this?  I seem to feel as though I’m going to be experiencing what I was experiencing.  What is my connection there?  I feel as though what I’ve been experiencing this past month, I’m going to experience in the objective through somebody.  What am I actually really connecting with?

ELIAS:  You are allowing yourself a viewing of future probabilities.

NICKY:  Okay.  Rudy had a dream, and this is when she came back from Jamaica.  You were in the dream.  She was looking at an apartment; she was apartment shopping for me.  She saw a house or an apartment or something.  You were there also, on the stairway, and it was one of the things she had forgotten to ask you the last time she spoke with you.  What was that dream telling her?

ELIAS:  This also is imagery indicative of the movement of which you are connecting to presently.

NICKY:  Okay.  She had one more question too.  She still struggles with that statement you made a while back to her, that what she’s looking for is right under her nose.  She’s not able to connect to it or she doesn’t know what she’s blocking, but she has been noticing that she’s been pulling away from the hands-on healing, and you did tell her that she had a didactic thing about her.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  She’s wondering what some of the probabilities are that she would be more inclined to pursue in her own way.  She’s resisting the formal schooling of different things that come up.  She feels as though it would be a more natural type of incident that transpires, but she’s not really sure.  She’s in a state of not knowing.  She’s being told something, and she doesn’t know what it is.
ELIAS:  I shall offer the suggestion to be remembering of this didactic quality, and recognizing that the draw to be moving away from the healing expression in its familiar form is also an indication that she is moving into the area of expressing of this didactic quality; moving into the area of altering the expression from "doing" individually into teaching others, and therefore lending energy in a new expression.

NICKY:  Okay.  And as she moves towards this area, the probabilities in the information will come to her as to which way she is to go?  She’ll know which way?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, and she’s realizing that.

ELIAS:  And within this process, you may express to Rudy that if he is so choosing he may be communicating with myself, and I shall be helpful within his movement.

NICKY:  Okay.  I have one more here.  That dream of Rudy’s, when you said it was indicative of the movement that is now, was that her movement AND my movement?

ELIAS:  YOUR movement.

NICKY:  My movement.  Okay.

ELIAS:  This would be the parallel movement that you are experiencing.  The imagery of the apartment is the imagery of physical movement within the parallel counterpart action, but also in conjunction with your subjective movement.

NICKY:  Okay.  I’m going to touch back on the financial arena for one moment.  There’s a transaction that I am participating in that seems to be real.  Micah has verbalized -- ’cause he is also included in this -- a feeling of restriction.  We talked about the time thickness arena we’re in.  Is it just a matter of having patience in waiting for this to come to pass, or are we creating other restrictions?

ELIAS:  You are engaging one aspect of impatience, but you are also engaging fearfulness and doubtfulness of the actualization of what you are attempting to be creating.

NICKY:  Okay.  And in dealing with that doubtfulness and fearfulness and impatience, it’s a matter of ...?

ELIAS:  You create blocking, which is blocking of the actualization of that which you choose to be accomplishing.

NICKY:  So it’s acknowledging the fearfulness, acknowledging the doubtfulness, talking it out?  That would help alleviate the block?

ELIAS:  Partially, and also recognizing that you are operating within the confines and limitations of your belief systems, which suggest to you that certain actions may not be accomplished by "wishing."  (Chuckling)

NICKY:  Oh, okay.  Cannot be accomplished by wishing.

ELIAS:  This be your belief system!  (Chuckling again)

NICKY:  Okay.  Interesting!  So it’s coming then to a realization that this is a real thing instead of a wishful thing?

ELIAS:  Correct.  The accomplishment of actualization occurs in the action of KNOWING and not holding doubtfulness.

FORREST:  Hello?  We’re running out of tape.

NICKY:  I think we’re just about done.  Do you need to flip it over?

FORREST:  No.  We’ve got like five minutes left on the VCR tape.

NICKY:  Okay.  We’re just coming to an end.

FORREST:  Okay, cool.

ELIAS:  Very well.

NICKY:  I guess this is indicative that we must close for now, huh?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I shall be anticipating our next meeting!

NICKY:  Thank you, and I also.

ELIAS:  And you may express my affection to Rudy also.

NICKY:  Yes, I will.

ELIAS:  Very well.  For this day, I shall be expressing great affection to you Candace, and I shall bid you a very loving au revoir!

Elias departs at 2:07 PM.

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Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.