Session 849




Sunday, June 10, 2001 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Fran (Sandel)
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ELIAS: (Warmly) Good morning!

FRAN: Good morning, how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

FRAN: I'm doing great! I'm having such a good time! (Both chuckle) As you know, I gave myself several opportunities not to come to Connecticut and do this, and I'm so glad that I did because I'm having a great time. How about you? Are you having a good time?

ELIAS: Fun is quite liberating!

FRAN: Absolutely! I don't think I have ever laughed so much. (Both chuckle) I'm rooming with Camden and she is a stitch! (Elias laughs) We started this morning - well, we've been talking non-stop - and we started this morning about 5:15 with, "Pssst, Fran, are you awake?" and it has not stopped. (Laughing) We're having a great time.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Wonderful!

FRAN: Yes. I think that one of the things I wanted to talk to you about today was my biological family, and I would like to know first of all some of their essence names and all of the general stuff, and just talk to you a little bit about why I chose these people. (Chuckles) The first person, who is someone that I have had a lot of difficulties with, is my dad. I would like to know what his essence name is, what his families are, and what his focus is.

ELIAS: And your impression?

FRAN: Of my dad?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: Well, I have no clue about his essence name.

ELIAS: And your impression as to family and alignment?

FRAN: Well, I'm kind of thinking there's Borledim and possibly Vold, and that he is definitely emotionally focused.

ELIAS: You are correct.

FRAN: About what?

ELIAS: Emotionally focused. (Pause) This individual also holds the orientation of common; essence family, Vold; alignment in this particular focus, Gramada.

FRAN: Gramada, Vold and Gramada. And how about my mother?

ELIAS: And your impression?

FRAN: (Chuckling) Oh, you're going to do this to me again! Okay, now I don't have a clue! Maybe this is Borledim. I think that she's ... I don't know, I give up! I don't trust myself. (Laughs)

ELIAS: I shall offer to you, essence name of first individual, Neely, N-E-E-L-Y (NEE lee). (Pause)

Essence name, second individual, Alstaa, A-L-S-T-A-A (ALL stuh). Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Borledim; orientation, common; focus, emotional.

FRAN: Well, that would explain a lot of the rather emotional things in the family. (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) My oldest brother, Roger?

ELIAS: Once again! (Fran sighs) Ha ha!

FRAN: (Laughing) No clues! (15-second pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Zaile, Z-A-I-L-E (ZALE); essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold; orientation, common; focus, political.

FRAN: My youngest brother, Bill? Now this one, I think there's some Milumet there, and maybe he's intermediate. (15-second pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Wallan, W-A-L-L-A-N (WALL enn); essence family, Zuli; alignment, Milumet; emotional focus; orientation - you are correct - intermediate.

FRAN: So that's a real mixed bag! (Laughs) I used to think I had been switched at birth, that there was some big mistake and I couldn't understand what I was doing in this family, but I'm finding out that a lot of us felt that way. Then when you started giving us information about how this is a choice, and then told me what my intent was, of discovery and exploration, then I realized that I was just there because it was a mixed bag (laughing) and that was the whole reason for it, and that it's helpful in learning to be accepting.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: Okay. Oh, this one's funny - I love this! I went on-line to check out to see if I could find my name of Sandel, to see if I could find it on the computer anywhere, and I came up with a Sandel family genealogy. It turns out that in 1856 in Louisiana there was a child born by the name of Elias Seth Sandel. (Elias chuckles) Is this one of my focuses?

ELIAS: And I may be expressing to you that you have accomplished well in your investigation and research! You are correct.

FRAN: It is? I can't sense anything about that focus, but when I saw it I just nearly fell out of my chair. (Laughs with Elias) I love stuff like that!

ELIAS: The presentment of imagery in this focus, offering you information in relation to your choice of direction, and also offering you a glimpse into your self as essence and the interconnectedness of all of your focuses.

FRAN: Wonderful. While we're talking about these other focuses, I'm going off to Ireland next month. The first time that we spoke, we talked about a dream that I'd had about being a young woman in 17th century Ireland. Would you tell me where that was, because I would really like to investigate that while I'm there.

ELIAS: Ah, and I shall challenge you to be accessing your impressions, for this may be an excellent exercise that you may be incorporating, and offering yourself the opportunity to practice with trust...

FRAN: Thank you. (Laughing)

ELIAS: trusting yourself and your ability to be accessing this type of information, and also trusting yourself that you have not merely accessed it, but it is correct.

FRAN: Okay, thank you! I have a question about yesterday. This whole thing has been really wonderful. It occurred to me that probably the particular group that has all come to Connecticut has - well, we are obviously all connected - but that maybe there is a focus that each of us all share together. When and where is that?

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may allow yourself to access information, for all of these individuals that have been physically present in this particular gathering are participants in this chapter focus of this book related to this shift in consciousness, therefore they also all participate in the other chapters of the book.

FRAN: And what are those other chapters? Because I hear references to that, but I'm not clear about what all of them are.

ELIAS: And you may be inquiring of Michael and he shall offer you the information that has already been offered in relation to these chapter focuses.

I may also express to you in addition to many, many other individuals, all of the individuals that have been participating in this forum in this time framework of your gathering also participate in the chapter focus of the religious book, which also is an ending or final chapter occurring within your second World War.

FRAN: The second world what?


FRAN: Oh, the second World War.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, your impression that you have shared other focuses with all of these individuals is correct.

FRAN: Well, everybody feels so familiar to me. So, how about you? Other than sitting here now, have we ever had any objective contact with each other?

ELIAS: Yes, for I have participated in all of these chapters in the book of this shift in consciousness also, although I do not participate in the chapter focus of the religious book in your World War II.

FRAN: The religious book? So Lawrence or Michael would be able to explain to me about what the religious book is, too?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: Okay. I'll ask.

ELIAS: Very well!

FRAN: My curiosity is piqued! (Laughs) I have a couple of questions about a couple of dreams, and one of them is about being in Tibet. I remember very clearly looking out and seeing snow-covered mountains and being in a small village way up in the mountains, and thinking, "Gee, I'm going to go check and see if there is any other person here that I recognize from the last time I was here." Now, keep in mind that Fran has never been to Tibet! (Laughs) I don't know anything about Tibet. But I went into a bar and there were people in there, and there was a young man who was fairly tall, had blonde hair, I remember him having an earring in one of his ears, and he was wearing a blue jacket. Would that be you?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: (Laughs) So why did you grab the back of my head and pull my hair back?

ELIAS: (Smiles and leans forward) To be gaining attention.

FRAN: Okay, and did you get it? (Laughing) I mean, obviously you did or I did, because I'm remembering the dream, but it seems to me that I remember saying something to you that I thought was so damned incredibly clever and so then you released it. Then in the rest of the dream I was telling people about this really clever thing I said to you, and I can't remember what it was!

ELIAS: An acknowledgment of yourself.

FRAN: (Laughs) Is that what it was? (Elias chuckles) Well, anyway, I liked your looks! I thought you were a very nice handsome young man.

ELIAS: Quite! It is a preference of this essence to be presenting this type of image. (Chuckles)

FRAN: Kind of athletic, and a really nice-looking man.

ELIAS: Comparable to Adonis!



FRAN: Absolutely! In fact, that's the first thing I thought -
"Oh my god, it's Adonis!" (Fran and Elias laugh) I'm glad to know I understood that one.

Dream triggers: here's my impression of what my dream trigger is. I have these dreams every once in a while where all of a sudden I will look off or look up and there is almost like an opening that occurs, and I can sense that I can actually go through that opening and I am suddenly in another dream. Is that my dream trigger?


FRAN: That is it.


FRAN: I figured as much. There have been some pretty interesting things that have happened around that.

ELIAS: You may be accessing this portal to be projecting yourself into many different areas of consciousness - other focuses, other dimensions, other areas of consciousness - and allowing yourself to be accessing much more information concerning yourself, familiarizing yourself with you as essence and the vastness of yourself.

FRAN: One of the first times I remember doing it was in the middle of a dream about being captured by a group of Nazis, and I was so frightened that it was almost as if I used it as a form of escape, you know, "I'm not liking this dream, so I think I need to move out of it." And when I moved out of it, I moved into being aware of being asleep in a very cozy, I think it was a tent or a yurt or something like that that was made of animal skins that had all of these wonderful symbols on it, and I felt that there was light that was coming through so I could see these symbols on the sides of the tent. The light that was coming through was firelight from a hearth. What was I sensing there? I know it was another focus, but I couldn't put my finger on when it was or where it is.

ELIAS: And as you continue in allowing yourself to be projecting your awareness to these different focuses of attention, you also shall allow the picture to become clearer and offer yourself a greater understanding.

In this type of movement, you are allowing yourself much of an ease in movement in and out of different focuses of your attention. Now expand that action by allowing yourself to recognize that each of these focuses are YOU, for as you allow yourself to merge into that attention and realize that this IS you, you may also access all that you know as you in that focus as easily as you access now all that you know concerning yourself in this focus.

FRAN: Actually, I'm quite pleased with myself, because I - well, we've talked about this before - on an objective basis I don't access this kind of stuff, but I do allow myself a lot of leeway within the dream state. One of the things that I have noticed is that generally how I know that it's a focus is that I'm actually in the body of that other me...

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: ...not just observing.

ELIAS: Correct. Now allow yourself to move further in that experience in the manner in which you no longer hold to this focus identity occupying the other body, but that you allow yourself an openness to be the other individual, for you are.

FRAN: It's an interesting experience, and I'm liking it. (Chuckles)

Here's one for you: I had a dream not too long ago about being in some kind of a court situation - it seems like it was a ball of some type - and I'm trying to place it. Maybe it's the Austrian-Hungary Empire, maybe around the 1880s or something like that. I'm a young woman and I am handed this card, and this card is a very unusual thing. Actually, when I woke up I drew it and it had ribbons on it. The whole story was that if the Emperor - or the king or whoever this was - saw somebody that took his eye that he would like to show favor of, he would hand them this card and you were expected to go sleep with the Emperor that night. Later on in the dream I was showing somebody this entire collection of those cards that I had. What was I dreaming?

ELIAS: This is accessing the focus within the time framework of the French Revolution, which is also...

FRAN: One of the chapters.

ELIAS: ...a chapter focus, yes. In this, you are correct, you are not viewing a time period of your experience in which you are actually physically located in France, but in Austria.

FRAN: Oh, so I was correct about that!

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: And I'm a courtesan?

ELIAS: Correct. This, in actuality, you may address your time framework in what you identify as 100 years prior to what you have identified.

FRAN: In the 1780s?


FRAN: Great! It was very interesting. I had never heard of such a custom, so I need to do some investigation about this. So this is what they actually did, they handed out like business cards? (Chuckling)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, correct.

FRAN: And I was collecting these. I was very proud of the fact that I had this, so I must have been quite striking. I was doing a good job! (Laughing)

ELIAS: AH! (Fran and Elias laugh)

FRAN: In our very first session I asked you about the praying mantis, and I have to tell you that I was a little bit disappointed with the response about the praying mantis, that it was a symbol of self. I felt there was far more to it than that, because I had all of these connections at the time of starting to notice the praying mantis, with imagery of specifically a writer by the name of Laurens van der Post. I feel a really strong connection to him and his writings, and he was really taken by the symbolism of the praying mantis. Since then I have had this intense desire to go to Africa - specifically to South Africa, the Botswana area - and to investigate what is left of the Bushman culture. Would you care to comment on that?

ELIAS: And you are associating this also with this symbol?

FRAN: With the symbol? Yes, I am.

ELIAS: And I shall also express to you once again, this is a symbol that you have associated with yourself which becomes a focal point in directing your attention to be investigating different aspects of yourself and drawing you to specific alignments that you have created, relationships that you have created, focuses of attention that you participate within. Therefore, you incorporate this symbol as a motivational focal point, drawing yourself and your attention through the weave of your self.

FRAN: And Laurens van der Post?

ELIAS: I may express to you that you incorporate a fascination with this individual and you experience this knowing for you participate in that focus as an observing essence.

FRAN: Really? The observing essence thing is blowing my mind! So that's it? Wow, that's wonderful! I'm assuming that you have gone into the observing essence information at a previous time, so I won't bother you with that. (Chuckling) Oh, that's wonderful! I like that idea, 'cause I think he's a really neat guy! That would explain my interest in Carl Jung then, because he was a great friend of his.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: Yes, that's wonderful.

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is quite a common occurrence within essences. This is not an intrusive action between essences, but it is also commonly created in an expression of no separation and an allowance of shared experience. This is also an expression of consciousness as whole. There is continuous movement of exploration. As I have stated yesterday, consciousness is continuously in a state of becoming, a continuous state of exploration of itself; and as essence, as consciousness, you create this action continually also. Therefore, there is a continuous movement between essences.

Essences are all of consciousness. The distinction is merely the expression of personality energy. This does not create a separation or segments or parts of consciousness; it merely identifies aspects of consciousness which are expressing personality energy. And these personality energies of consciousness move freely within each other, and merge and flow in their exploration, in its exploration, in THE exploration of consciousness and its continual expansion of itself in this exploration of it. For as it - as you - continue the exploration and the expansion, you are creating continuously anew. Every experience, every moment, is another expansion, another new expression. Even those which appear to be repetitive are not exact. Each repetition is created within the moment and incorporates different qualities.

FRAN: I'll have to read that one, and I will study that one a little bit more.

ELIAS: Therefore, this action of an observing essence in any particular focus which is manifest and directed by any other essence is another expression of this mergence - in a manner of speaking, a folding-in within the entire movement of consciousness and absorbing all of the experiences that it may possibly create in ENDLESS exploration.

FRAN: And infinite combinations.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is an expression within merely one physical dimension.

FRAN: I'm not even going to worry about the other ones. It's all I can do to handle this one! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha!

FRAN: And I've been real busy in this one! Am I an observing essence with George Sand?


FRAN: What is my fascination with her, then?

ELIAS: Incorporating a focus which participates.

FRAN: In the same time period or with her?

ELIAS: Both. Many times individuals are quite drawn in one focus to the expression and energy of an individual within another focus, and many times that expression is recognized, for you are allowing yourself an experience quite in alignment with another individual in that same focus [who] expresses the same fascination or appreciation or interconnectedness of experiences with that individual. You assume that you may merely experience the strength of attraction to a particular focus if it is a focus of attention of your own essence, but many times what you are offering to yourself is a similar viewing of an individual that is viewed by a focus of your essence.

FRAN: Okay, I understand what you are saying there. Interesting.

ELIAS: This also is the benefit of allowing yourself to become intimately familiar with your own energy - with YOUR energy expression in this focus - for that energy shall be expressed in all of your focuses and identifiable. And this is the clue that allows you to be objectively distinguishing what may be an actual other focus of your essence, or whether you are experiencing a draw or an admiration or an appreciation or an aversion to another individual in similar manner to another focus of your essence.

FRAN: Well, this is an individual that has always held fascination with me, although I've never read any of her books because I'm not sure that any of them have ever been translated into English. But I am very interested in her life. I mean, she was so much bigger than life and so ahead of her time, if you will, that there's just a strong fascination and a strong connection with her. So, I thank you for that information.

Oh, here! This whole thing with the praying mantis and the idea of it being a symbol of self, and recognizing that there are things about the praying mantis that pretty much go against one's belief systems in this focus, and the fact that the praying mantis is cannibalistic ... I have a fascination with horrible things, for example, the Black Plague in the 1340s in England. I have this fascination with the Donner Party. I have a fascination with the witch trials of Ipswich and Boston, Massachusetts, Nazi Germany ... things that are just sort of tremendous examples of man's inhumanity to man. So, is this the kind of thing you're talking about, that I probably have focuses in each of these events that I am trying to integrate into my current focus?

ELIAS: You do incorporate other focuses of attention in several of these time frameworks and cultures and events, in your terms, but not all.

This moves in the circle of what we have discussed in relation to your intent and your incorporation of acceptance, and allowing yourself the opportunity to turn your perception, recognizing the beliefs that are expressed in relation to these types of creations -that which you identify as "man's inhumanity to man" - and ALL of the aspects of the mass beliefs concerning these types of actions and creations. As you recognize those beliefs and your alignment with some of those beliefs also, you offer yourself the opportunity to be accepting of the beliefs themselves, recognizing that they are in themselves neutral. It is merely as they become coupled with duplicity that they become intensely influencing, for thusly is created the aspect of judgment of good and bad, or right and wrong.

In this movement of examination, you allow yourself in this turning of your perception to view these types of events differently, which also may be associated with this creature that you have chosen as your symbol, for you also attach certain negative, so to speak, associations with this creature and its actions. But you may also perceive this creature in a different manner, not in association with the duplicitous influences, and you may recognize that within the movement of this small creature within your reality, its attention is entirely focused upon itself, and its physical action and imagery is a consumption of all that it interacts with in the knowing of its interconnectedness with all that is. Therefore, the consumption is a mergence.

FRAN: Thank you for that; that sheds a whole new light on it. That's wonderful. Thank you.

ELIAS: It is not what you perceive to be a murderous cannibalistic action, but rather without the incorporation of beliefs, which this creature does not hold, it merely functions in a manner consistent with consciousness. It chooses a particular physical action to be expressing that type of movement and mergence in no separation.

FRAN: Wonderful. By the way, I love your grin! (Elias laughs) I enjoyed seeing it for the first time yesterday.

I also have just some quick questions. These are for the people that work in my office. When I told them where I was going - they think I'm crazy (Elias laughs) - but I said, "Any questions for you?" and they said, "Well..." "Do you guys want to know what your essence names and your families are?" They said, "Oh sure." So, the first one is Karen.

ELIAS: Essence name Ria, R-I-A (REE ah).

FRAN: Nice.

ELIAS: Essence family, Vold; alignment, Sumari.

FRAN: That must be why I like her so much. Is she thought focused?

ELIAS: No - emotional; orientation, common.

FRAN: And Mardi?

ELIAS: Essence name, Breth, B-R-E-T-H (BREATH); essence family, Zuli; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common; emotional focus.

FRAN: Well, I'm seeing a real pattern here of a lot of emotionally focused people that I have chosen to be around. I'm assuming that I'm thought focused? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, incorporating emotional focus also. I may express to you, in like manner to orientations, most individuals within your physical dimension in any one time framework manifest in the orientation of common, thus my choice of term to be identifying that particular orientation. In like manner, for the most part within any one time framework in your physical dimension, individuals choose the manifestation of emotional focus, for this is quite in alignment with the design of this physical dimension.

FRAN: Of being here for emotional and sexual...

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you do offer yourselves variations. You offer yourselves diversity in the manner in which you may focus any particular attention and manifestation, and do not limit yourselves to merely this one personality facet or one orientation. But these two are predominant as the choice of essences focusing attention within any particular time framework.

You do offer yourselves manifestations holding other types of focuses and other orientations, but the preference of most essences is to be manifesting focuses of attention holding these two qualities. Although, there are some essences that create a preference of another orientation or another type of focus, and may create many more of those types of manifestations than they shall with the common and the emotional, but this is less expressed than the other.

FRAN: Well, that's a real surprise to me - emotional.

I think that's just about it. So, I just want to know how I'm doing. I'm still frustrated a lot, still confused about a lot of things, but I think maybe there's some progress here.

ELIAS: Quite. You are continuing to be widening your awareness. In like manner to all other individuals, you create the expression or the communication of frustration to identify to yourself what you are creating within the moment. You are communicating to your objective awareness to be paying attention to what you are creating and recognizing your choices.

FRAN: Thank you, sir.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall continue to be greatly encouraging of you in your sojourn and your continuation of your exploration. I offer to you tremendous affection.

FRAN: And I take it...

ELIAS: Very well!

FRAN: ...and enjoy it!

ELIAS: And I express to you, I anticipate our next meeting joyfully.

FRAN: Great, thank you! Me too!

ELIAS: Continue incorporating playfulness.

FRAN: I will.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRAN: I'll take that as an order!

ELIAS: Ah! (Both laugh) To you this day, au revoir.

FRAN: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 54 minutes, 40 seconds in session. (No date/time stamp on video.)

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.