Session 236
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Acceptance 101, the R


"Acceptance 101, The Remedial Edition"

Saturday, November 8, 1997 © 1997 (Public/Angel's Corner)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), Drew (Matthew), Bobbi (Jale), Stella (Cindel), Letty (Castille), Linda (Mareau), Gail (William), and Tom (James).
Vic's note: Keep in mind that Elias' delivery of Acceptance 101 was very humorous and very tongue-in-cheek, as was the previous Acceptance 102. (#217 dated 9/14/97) What a comedian!
Elias arrives at 3:12 PM. (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Grinning at everybody)

This day we shall be engaged with our classroom, dealing with the subject matter of "Acceptance 101, The Remedial Edition." For those of you who have attended Acceptance 102 and are finding difficulty in executing these steps in acceptance, we shall be returning to 101, therefore allowing you the opportunity to begin again!

Now; our first point within Acceptance 101 is -- keep careful note of this -- acknowledging that you are within physical focus. All of you may check presently. (Elias slaps his leg a few times) You are here, correct? This is your first requirement. (Laughter)

After you have established that you are here, and are sure that you are here and not within another focus and not non-physical, then you may begin with your next step. Your next step shall be to realize that within your physical focus, you hold belief systems. Now, be writing after this: Acknowledge that you hold belief systems. They are acceptable. They are not bad. They are not unacceptable. They are your reality. Is this clear?


ELIAS: Are you quite sure? (Quite humorously)


ELIAS: First, acknowledge you belong here, that you ARE here, that you are physical. Then, acknowledge that you hold belief systems. This is only two points thus far.

Now you move to your next step: Examining self within each moment, recognizing that you hold great duplicity and you are not acknowledging of yourselves continuously throughout your day. Keep track of this step! As you move to your next step, you shall be NOTICING -- capitalize NOTICING, all letters! -- NOTICING each time you are discounting of yourself. We are within 101 now, not 102, so you need not concern yourselves with other individuals, only yourselves. This shall be quite easy for you, for you are all so very wide and so very accepting of your belief systems and yourselves, and you know yourselves so very well! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

Be remembering, we are concerning ourselves with this one focus. It is unnecessary to be concerning yourself with other focuses, for they shall concern themselves with themselves. You may not be accepting of another focus if you are not accepting of THIS focus! Therefore, each time throughout your day, you shall be noticing and addressing to yourself each time you are discounting of self.

Now we move into the complicated steps, for this shall be involving impressions and impulses, which you are so very versed at recognizing and may identify them so very easily, for you are SO versed in this material now and you have practiced so very much! Therefore, this shall be relatively easy for you.

Therefore, each time you hold an impression, instead of expressing to yourselves, "Oh, this was not an impression," you shall be expressing to yourselves, within acceptance of self and recognition, that you are glorious beings. Insert this into the first step: You are glorious beings! You may repeat this at least forty to fifty times a day as acknowledging of self, and as you are repeating this, you may eventually begin to believe this, for it is true. (Smiling)

As you receive an impression, you shall be acknowledging of your impression. As you receive an impulse, you shall be following through with your impulse, and you shall not be concerning yourselves with other individuals -- for this is 101, not 102 -- and what they may be perceiving of you. Therefore, it shall not concern you that you appear to be experiencing lunacy. You shall follow yourselves anyway! (Grinning)

As you are following your impulses and your impressions and accepting them within you, you also shall be noticing your language, for in your language you are expressing reinforcement of your discounting of self. We shall not be listening to any more individuals expressing, "I am stupid!" (Laughter) We shall not be listening to individuals expressing, "I cannot accomplish," for you can! Or, "All of these elements are much too difficult for this particular individual, for I am not as wide or as knowledgeable as all the other individuals." Comparison is not acceptable within Acceptance 101! You need not compare yourselves to other individuals. You need only be concentrating upon yourself.

Vic's note: I wish I could convey the comedic delivery here!

As we move to our next step, you may also be noticing your responses to other individuals. Your nephew phones you and expresses that your Uncle Harold has died. Your immediate response should not be, "Oh, I am so very sorry." For why are you sorry? This reinforces your belief systems that movement within consciousness is bad, and it is not. Therefore, you are also discounting of self and reinforcing your own belief systems in this area. Noticing of your language shall be quite helpful to you, for it shall offer you examples of how you are not accepting of yourself. You may walk about each day expressing what a glorious being you are and loving yourselves, for you are worthy of this. This will be your first step in your accomplishment of acceptance of self.

You may also be listening to the "spooks," (laughter) which are continuously in communication with you, and be acknowledging of this and their helpfulness also. And you may consider yourselves to be spooks also, (grinning) for your essence, that "dead" part of you, shall be communicating with you also. Therefore, you may look to yourselves and recognize that you all have little ghosts traveling with you throughout your journey in physical focus, interacting with you at all times, and this is your essence. (Pause, during which it appears that Elias is quite pleased with himself)

Now; as you have acquired this information, I shall be anticipating that you all shall be practicing quite strenuously futurely in Acceptance 101, which shall be helpful to you in repeating Acceptance 102. And we shall continue with these discussions of acceptance, acceptance, acceptance, acceptance ... until you all are accepting! (Elias finally starts laughing) Acceptance 101 is easier than Acceptance 102, (he laughs deviously here, which cracks us all up) but I am reminding you of Acceptance 102!

CATHY: I'm sure you are!

ELIAS: You may ask your questions. (Pause) No questions?!

STELLA: I'll start! Now that I'm such a glorious person ... I'll start with your lesson. Being this glorious person, I wanted to tell you that in spite of being so glorious, I was very dramatic in sending the information that I needed to send to my brother.

ELIAS: Tsk, tsk, tsk!

STELLA: No, no, I was not as dramatic as I would have been! So I was a little bit less dramatic.

ELIAS: Oh, Cindel!

STELLA: I know. Isn't it awful? But I'm very glorious. I'm so glorious! So anyway.... ELIAS: We shall be repeating Acceptance 102 for your benefit also futurely!

STELLA: Okay. But anyway, I think they hate me over there now.

ELIAS: I was expressing to you to exercise caution and not drama!

STELLA: I know, I know. I tried, I really and truly tried! But do you know what happened to me yesterday? I was going on the bus and I saw this face on my face of Carla, my sister-in-law, and she was right on my face and I thought, "Now this is really interesting!" I woke up from that and I'm thinking, "Gosh, she's really on my face!" I don't know what exchange took place, but in a way I thought that probably they were pretty disturbed by what I had mentioned. (Sighing) I didn't want to bring this kind of discomfort or this kind of stuff on them, but at the same time I was very happy for Emilio, my nephew, because I think he's very happy. I felt him. He's like, "Yes, yes!" Why would he choose this? Because I know he chose it. He participated in this whole thing. Now why would he choose something like that to happen to him?

ELIAS: To gain the attention to the situation.

STELLA: Oh, okay. I see. I kind of thought the same thing. So now, I've backed away. I spoke to the woman, because upon Carla, my sister-in-law, telling me that I could speak to her, I did speak to her. You know, there's nothing different. What am I going to get, you know? But I know, I know. So, whatever they do now is their....

ELIAS: Choice.

STELLA: Yes. So I'm going to step back. It's been an experience for me too. This is incredible to me. But I am trusting myself more, right?

ELIAS: Partially. (Grinning)

STELLA: Partially? What does partially mean?

ELIAS: You are continuing to be questioning and inquiring within your five hundred and three times of which direction you shall proceed in, and where is Vincent? (Grinning)

STELLA: Because Vincent is very much on my mind! I have to find this man. I have to find him! You're going to help me, aren't you?

ELIAS: YOU be accepting of YOU and your abilities! You may enter this also as another step: Be acknowledging of your own abilities. It is inconsistent to express that you are a glorious being that is ineffective and cannot accomplish!

STELLA: So should I put an ad in the paper? I'm just kidding! No, I will. I'll continue, but I'll continue bugging you too! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I anticipate this!

STELLA: Yeah? So you don't mind?

ELIAS: This essence, Elias, is accepting of your expression.

STELLA: Really? Oh, thank you so much! So that helps me in my gloriousness! (Laughter) Elias, now that I'm going to remove myself from this whole thing with my nephew and everything else, is there anything I need to do? I mean, I haven't removed myself yet! Should I do anything else, or should I just leave it alone and do no more?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: That's it?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: Okay. I can do that!

ELIAS: We shall see! (Grinning)

STELLA: No, I will. I will! I'm not going to promise, but I will! Okay, thank you, Elias.

VICKI: Going back to your example of the nephew and your dead Uncle Harold, if the nephew is wishing to be hearing, "I am so very sorry," then wouldn't that expression be correct within an acceptance of that person and their belief systems and what they want to hear?

ELIAS: Watch your language! As opposed to expressing, "I am so very sorry," you may alter your expression to, "I am sorry for YOUR feelings in what YOU are expressing."

VICKI: Okay, I think I understand.

ELIAS: This is acknowledging of yourself, that you do not express this same sorrowfulness for yourself or for the other individual or for essence, but is also acknowledging of another individual and their feelings.

LINDA: I have a question. I've been feeling pretty strongly that it's time for me to change jobs, partly because of a lot of the personalities and the mechanics going on where I'm at. Are there lessons I still need to complete before I'm free to leave, or at this point, is the energy going in the direction where I'm able to leave without having to repeat lessons?

ELIAS: In what you are expressing, you are moving in the direction that is acceptable.

LINDA: Okay, 'cause I did interview with another company this week, and it seemed like energetically the person that I interviewed with was pretty cohesive, pretty consistent with where I'm at. Can you provide any insight on that?

ELIAS: Acknowledge yourself! Be accepting of your creations and of your choices.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: In this, within Acceptance 101, be recognizing that you are creating within a trust of self. Therefore, the direction that you are moving into is not wrong, and you are perfectly where you are supposed to be.

LINDA: Well, I understand that there is no right or wrong, but there is pleasant and less pleasant.

ELIAS: And you may be recognizing of this and automatically move yourself into the area of pleasant, for this is a natural expression of essence. It seeks, within value fulfillment, to continuously move to the area of pleasure.

LINDA: So this shift that I'm experiencing is really trying to get me out of unpleasant, and eventually I will find a comfortable spot? (Elias nods) Will this meditation and training course I just completed affect positively my work environment as well, since my attitude has shifted somewhat?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Grinning)

LINDA: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: It is all within your own allowance. Therefore, if you are desiring of this meditation to be positively affecting, in your terms, then so shall it be.

LINDA: Okay. My intent is nine-tenths of the game, huh?

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: Okay.

LETTY: I have a question, Elias. Hi! Thank you for being with me when I needed you.

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

LETTY: I acknowledge! I knew I wasn't dreaming, and I feel much, much better. This is really about Marta. He had a dream about two crocodiles. I guess he was kind of scared first, and then he wasn't scared any more. He gave it to me because we have this situation with other individuals that we work with together, and I immediately interpreted it, and I wanted to see if I interpreted it right, I guess. The two individuals -- one of them is my boss and the other one is somebody else that he supervises with -- are kind of swimming around him, waiting for him to fall or something. I know that maybe I'm more ... not pessimistic, but I'm more scared for him than he is for himself, so I guess this is more for my benefit than for his.

ELIAS: Within one layer of interpretation, this would be correct. Be focusing upon Acceptance 101 of self (laughter) and not concerning yourself with other individuals' creations or situations! You may concern yourself with these elements when you have graduated from Acceptance 101! (Grinning)

LINDA: Are you going to give us certificates when we graduate?

ELIAS: I shall be knocking upon all of your heads, (laughter) in acknowledgment of your accomplishments. You may accomplish!

(To Cathy) We shall express special homework for Shynla, in expressing to yourself ten times every day that you will accomplish. (Grinning) And you are not stupid! (Laughter)

DREW: Did I understand you to say that pleasure in an expression of value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So those things which we find to be pleasurable or pleasant, we can interpret as being in alignment with value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So those things we perceive to be pleasurable or pleasant, we perceive that way as a result of belief systems. Is that not true?


DREW: Is it possible to believe that something is pleasurable or pleasant and have it not be aligned with value fulfillment?


DREW: Really!! (Laughter) Can you define pleasurable or pleasant for me? I want to make sure that we're understanding these words the same way.

ELIAS: We are understanding the words the same way. What you view within your belief systems as pleasurable or joyful is adding to your value fulfillment within your intent. Pleasure is an emotion that is filtered through your belief systems, but ALL of your reality is filtered through your belief systems. You automatically move naturally in the direction of pleasure. You block your movement in this area with other belief systems, but given to your natural impulses and inclinations, you automatically magnate to what is pleasurable.

DREW: So if someone were to follow a life of nothing but physical pleasure, that would be in alignment with their value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Even if it led to their ultimate -- what we would consider -- downfall or destruction, in terms of our belief systems?

ELIAS: This would be the choice of the individual focus to disengage after accomplishing its value fulfillment.

DREW: I can think of cases where the pursuit of pleasure -- and impulses that we would consider pleasant or pleasurable -- would end up in a life or in results that we would then consider not so pleasurable or pleasant.

ELIAS: As according to your belief systems!

DREW: Well, if those things that are pleasurable and pleasant are an expression of value fulfillment, are those things that are not pleasurable and pleasant not in alignment with value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; but pleasure is always in alignment with value fulfillment ... for the individual focus. (Emphasized)

You move into an area of making blanket statements, creating belief systems that individuals may in your terms, in your thought process, run amok, and this is not acceptable; but each focus focuses within physical reality to experience within their intent and to be accomplishing their own value fulfillment within an individual focus. Therefore, all of the elements that they magnate to within the area of pleasure in any given focus IS an expression of value fulfillment, regardless of their choice to be creating unpleasurable acts also.

DREW: So if we apply discipline, let's say, as a result of whatever our belief systems are, whether they're religious or cultural or legal or whatever, which keeps us from experiencing certain pleasurable experiences because of what their results may lead to or what our beliefs are about right and wrong, does that inhibit our ability to fully experience our value fulfillment?

ELIAS: At times. (Pause)

DREW: Hmm! So outside of a world with belief systems about good and bad, running amok would be appropriate.

ELIAS: Correct. It is merely a choice of experience within the individual focus, but you hold belief systems of right and wrong within physical focus and you do hold very strong belief systems in the areas of your officially accepted realities. Therefore, you bind yourself into these guidelines. (Pause)

VICKI: What if what gives you pleasure is also something that you align with mass belief systems about that also causes you hurtfulness? For example, if I am aligned with mass belief systems that say if I take too much drugs or alcohol I will be harmful to myself, but yet it's pleasurable for me so I continue, then I'm accomplishing my value fulfillment within that??


VICKI: Really!!

CATHY: Isn't that special? (Laughter)

VICKI: It's really confusing!

ELIAS: You are conflicting yourself within your belief systems, but your action of fulfilling your pleasure and desire is contributing to your value fulfillment.

VICKI: Well gee, I'll just have to think about a lot of things different now! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And maybe allow yourself permission to be exercising more pleasure!

VICKI: Well, what about the part about being harmful to yourself? You've stated quite a few times that we're all more harmful to ourselves than we ever are to other people.

ELIAS: Within your belief systems and your direction, you may be consuming substances freely -- such as Yarr (grinning) -- if you are so choosing, and you shall be experiencing pleasure and adding to your value fulfillment, and where you experience conflict is that you listen and take in other individuals' belief systems or mass belief systems and allow these to conflict with you.

VICKI: So you could obviously completely do away with being harmful to yourself by experiencing whatever you find pleasurable, and focusing on accepting belief systems that are causing harmfulness.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

LINDA: So are you saying that if somebody takes drugs, let's say, since we're talking about that, for pleasure, but you accept the belief system that drugs are harmful, then the drugs won't be harmful to you?

ELIAS: Correct. They shall merely allow you a pleasurable experience. The only reason that they are harmful to you is that you believe they will be harmful to you. Your Native Americans are very good examples, along with many other cultures, that they may be engaging in practices of what you term to be substances that are harmful, and if you are consuming of these same substances you will surely create harmfulness to yourselves, but no harmfulness befell these individuals. (Pause)

DREW: Is it necessary to experience pleasure or pleasantness to fulfill your value?


DREW: But pleasure is an expression of it?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. And value fulfillment and intent are not the same?

ELIAS: No. Let me express to you that you may be creating in whatever direction you are choosing. It is not necessary that you move into areas of pleasure for your value fulfillment, but it is "less thick." You move yourselves into an area of thickness moving through your focus if you are not choosing to be engaging pleasure in your value fulfillment.

DREW: Is it possible for us to believe we're receiving pleasure from something when in fact it's actually causing us pain, but our belief systems lead us to believe it's a pleasurable experience? In other words, as you were talking about ... what's occurring to me is a sense that the closer to joy we are, the closer we are to value fulfillment. Would that be accurate to say?

ELIAS: It is an element.

DREW: Is it possible, just as some unpleasant experiences only seem that way because of our belief systems, that things we perceive to be pleasurable are only that way because of our belief systems?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So that if we're pursuing pleasure, it may not necessarily be moving us closer to joy because it may in fact only be a belief about what's pleasurable. In other words, is it possible for us to believe something is pleasurable when in fact it's causing us pain?

ELIAS: You may hold both beliefs simultaneously.

DREW: Yeah. This is complicated. I'm done! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is dependent on the individual and which belief system they hold stronger and whether or not they are engaging conflict in opposing what they view to be pleasurable. What you believe to be pleasurable, is.

DREW: Well, to use Vicki's example, let's take a drug addict. For example, if someone is a drug addict and they find that the high is pleasurable, but in fact they're living a life of pain as a result of the pursuit of the drugs, are they really fulfilling value by taking the drugs and experiencing that pleasure....


DREW: Yes. Even when they are....

ELIAS: They are also expressing their very strong belief systems aligned with mass belief systems that this is harmful to them, therefore creating a response to this belief system; but they are continuing to be fulfilling their value fulfillment.

LINDA: So you would have more than one thing going on at a time?

ELIAS: Correct; this being the point of Acceptance 101; for if you are accepting of yourself and your creations and trusting in yourself and your expressions, it matters not what you are expressing, and you may move into the area of pleasure more easily, and it matters not which direction that you move into within the area of pleasure. One individual may choose and find pleasure in holding their hand over hot coals, and if not holding the belief system that this shall be damaging to their physical form, it shall not be damaging, and they may continue to experience pleasure over hot coals. YOU may not experience pleasure in this area, but another individual may. It is completely individual and within your own choices.

STELLA: So this sounds like with the carrots, with my pleasure of eating carrots, because I'm not as yellow as I was ever since you told me that this was the mass belief system, and of course I had taken it on.

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: And then I decided, "To hell with the mass belief systems! I'm going to continue to eat my carrots, no matter what!" And I continued to eat my carrots. For a while there I stopped, but it didn't feel good to stop, so I continued on with eating the carrots. I'm eating the same thing. I totally enjoy them, love them, everything. It's like gosh, you would think I'm drinking some sort of god-knows-what! I mean really, it's wonderful! But anyway, I'm not as yellow as I would have been before when I was doing the same thing, but I was really getting very ill. I was sweating yellow!

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: I'm not sweating yellow any more. I am a little bit yellow, but not as yellow. I said, "Screw the mass belief system!" That's what I said, and it's working! (Laughter)

DREW: Suppose eating carrots was against the law ...

STELLA: Oh, god! No, please! (Laughter)

DREW: ... and she got so much pleasure from eating carrots and she didn't care, and she ended up in jail as a result of it. She was cut off from her carrot supply, and she had to live in jail for twenty years and was miserable. I'm not quite ... what I'm having a problem with here is following value fulfillment and saying, "To hell with belief systems because this brings me pleasure and it's in alignment with my value fulfillment," when there are consequences.

ELIAS: And you shall make the choice as to whether to be dealing with these consequences or not, and this shall also contribute to your value fulfillment. All actions that you take within physical focus ARE adding to your value fulfillment, be they pleasurable or not. If they were not, you would be disengaging and occupying your attention in another area. (Pause)

LINDA: By disengaging, do you mean letting go of this physical body and moving into another energetic level? I'm not sure what you mean by that.

ELIAS: Physical death; what you term to be physical death. You shall die if you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment.

LINDA: What about the people that are always in pain?

ELIAS: They are accomplishing their value fulfillment also.

LINDA: But it's not pleasurable.

ELIAS: No. It is not necessary to be experiencing pleasure to be accomplishing your value fulfillment. It is merely "less thick." LINDA: Okay. So we have less density as we're working through pleasure than we do when we're working through pain?

ELIAS: Correct. It is easier. Even within the area of your mass murderers who derive pleasure from their action and may be faced with consequences within your mass belief systems and your officially accepted reality, but within their acts and in agreement within essence, they move more easily in the area of their pleasure than they do in the area of non-pleasure. All of you move more easily within the direction of pleasure, for it is natural.

LINDA: Is that to say that if we're moving in a direction of not pleasure that we're working contrary to the direction we should be taking?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Many times you are creating unpleasurable events or actions to be experiencing this, or to be moving you into areas of probabilities that you shall be creating futurely that may be creating pleasurable experiences.

LINDA: So for example, if I have a fight with someone at work and that prompts me to leave that environment, that could have been something that was necessary, to have a negative circumstance in order to move me out of there and into another experience that would be more positive?

ELIAS: For yourself, yes. For the individual focus, yes, for it shall gain your attention.

VICKI: I think part of the confusion for me in this is a basic definition of value fulfillment. I think I probably have belief systems attached to my own personal definition of what value fulfillment is. Would you offer a definition of that?

ELIAS: Value fulfillment is the exploration and accomplishment in each focus within the direction of your intent and expressed through your desires, and as you are continuing to be exploring and holding interest in your physical expression in whatever direction you choose to be expressing, you are continuing to be creating your value fulfillment.

DREW: Hmm.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall break, and you may continue with your questions.

BREAK 3:59 PM RESUME 4:25 PM (Time was six seconds) ELIAS: Continuing.

GAIL: I have a question about conceptualization, and if I'm beginning to understand that inner sense and use it?

ELIAS: You have not quite connected with the conceptualization. You are continuing to be moving into areas of your other inner senses. Conceptualization is the action of moving into an action.

GAIL: Is this what Mylo is doing when he is writing?

ELIAS: No. You may be accessing your inner senses and allowing information to be coming to you, but the conceptualization is a very specific inner sense. This allows you the ability to move into the action of a concept.

GAIL: Can you explain that a little bit more? I'm confused in that area, because in writing I seem to sort of tap into an energy, and it flows. Is that not an action of ... I don't understand.

ELIAS: The action of the concept, not an action that you are doing.

GAIL: Okay....

ELIAS: You are moving into the action of the concept itself.

GAIL: Can you give me an example?

ELIAS: You access a concept. "You create your reality" is a concept to you. In moving into a conceptualization of this concept, you are allowing yourself to BECOME the concept. (Pause)

GAIL: So following an intuition, is that an action of following....

ELIAS: Intuition is not conceptualization.

GAIL: Yeah, I'm still not getting it.

ELIAS: Conceptualization is BECOMING a concept; placing yourself into the action of the concept as the reality; BEING the concept.

LINDA: So then are you saying that the belief system that we create our own reality, if we to conceptualize that, then we would begin to materialize what we want in our reality?

ELIAS: It may be helpful.

LINDA: But we would be then actually doing it, creating our own reality, if we were conceptualizing that concept?

ELIAS: The conceptualization of the concept shall offer you information to be creating more of a reality of the concept, for you shall understand the concept more efficiently; but you shall be creating your reality with more information subsequent to the conceptualization, for you shall understand the concept more fully, for you have BECOME the concept temporarily.

You may conceptualize with any thought, with any concept, but in the act of conceptualizing, you are BECOMING that concept; just as within your empathic sense, you merge and become another individual. You retain yourself, but you are also merged with another individual or object and experiencing that object or that individual's experience. In this same manner, if you are conceptualizing, you are occupying a concept and BECOMING the concept.

GAIL: Okay, that helps. Thank you.

STELLA: Elias, when you say an object, what would be an example of an object?

ELIAS: Any object.

STELLA: You mean like become a rock?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: Oh! Maybe I'll try that one next. Merge with the rock?

ELIAS: Correct. You may merge with your chair.

STELLA: I could? But what would be the purpose of it?

ELIAS: The experience. (Laughter)

STELLA: It would be like nothing.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

LINDA: A rock has consciousness.

STELLA: Except with a human being, it's more emotion. There's more emotion involved.

ELIAS: Correct, but this would be your choice. You may be quite fascinated at the consciousness of a rock!

STELLA: Wow. I had never thought of that one. Okay, can I become the rock like whenever? You know, that would be a good thing to do when you're in a lot of pain. It's like, you want to become this rock so that all of a sudden you don't feel.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing!

STELLA: Oh. Okay, I have a question. Being that Letty and I have a lot of stuff happen together -- I can merge with her quite easily and all that kind of stuff and she seems to do the same thing -- where were we when we didn't know we were? (Laughter)

LETTY: In the early part of our focus. That's what we're trying to say!

STELLA: In this focus! (Laughing) Because did we connect at some point, and she didn't know and I didn't know?

ELIAS: Within consciousness.

STELLA: So we were always connecting?

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I have a question, Elias. Last week when I was sick, I slept a lot, and I had very strange feelings. It was a different kind of sleep because of the shortness of it, but it wasn't a real dream, but I still felt like something was happening. One of the times is when I know you came over and told me to trust myself. But it was like a misty place I was at. Is that significant? Is that something, or is it kind of my imagination?

ELIAS: It is merely another state; what you term to be an altered state within consciousness.

LETTY: It was very different. I've never had that happen before. It wasn't a defined dream. I have a lot of those, very clear. Is that a good altered state? Is that good?

ELIAS: It is merely another state. They are all "good," in your terms. In my terms, they merely are.

LETTY: I get it. Thank you.

BOBBI: Elias, I've had several dreams where a woman with short, dark hair appears. I have a real difficulty remembering my interactions with that woman in those dreams. I'm wondering, am I blocking something there, or resisting? Or is it just my lack of ability in manipulating within dreams, that I can't remember? What's going on?

ELIAS: Neither. This would be interaction of another future focus, and it is unnecessary for you to be objectively remembering. You are being offered subjective information, but are not altering your reality in this action.

BOBBI: Would it not be helpful for me to remember it objectively?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. I have expressed of this situation recently. A future focus shall not be intrusive to you, for they hold more information, and within their recognition of their responsibility within the information that they hold, they shall be interacting with you within the least conflicting and altering manner; offering you information for yourself and for your accomplishment within your own intent and your own direction of your attention, but not altering of your reality and your focus.

BOBBI: So she is trying to give me a message that I'm apparently not responding to?

ELIAS: You are!

BOBBI: Oh, I am! Oh, good! (Laughter) Okay. Then along those lines, I've had another couple of dreams where within the dream, I wake up and I write down my dream and I proceed with the dream, and then I wake up, objectively thinking, "I don't have to write that down. I've done it." And then the next morning, there's nothing on the page! Is that the message there, that I am getting the message in my dream, even though it's not objectively coming through?

ELIAS: Correct; and also an allowance of yourself to be viewing more realistically your dream state as less removed from your waking state than you believe.

BOBBI: So there would be a benefit in ... I have an interest in lucid dreaming that I've not been real successful at yet. There would be a definite benefit then ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: ... to pursuing that.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your dream state is reality also, and offers you much information. It is no different than your waking state. It is merely more of an allowance of subjective interaction coupled with objective awareness.

BOBBI: Since I have not accomplished as much as I would like to within lucid dreaming....

ELIAS: Acceptance 101! (Laughter)

BOBBI: Well, that's why I've tempered it with, "As much as I would like!"

ELIAS: Acceptance 101! (Laughter)

BOBBI: There have been dreams where I wished it had gone another way. In not being able to access that at that time or go back into that, I have visualized going back into the dreams, visualizing as much as possible, and changing the outcome. Is that helpful?

ELIAS: It is offering you practice within the area of manipulation within your dream state, which offers you more efficiency in the same manner that you practice any action within your waking state, that you may become more effective and efficient and accomplished with the action.

BOBBI: I don't imagine you have a method to offer! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may continue with the practice that you have already begun, and offer yourself new ideas in creativity to be manipulating within your dream state. You shall not move if you do not offer yourself that you hold the ability to move.

Example: At the onset of these sessions, our little Michael would be entering into another area of consciousness as Elias began to deliver information. Michael's visualization of the area that he occupied was a small room in which he would sit and watch a prism. The thought was not occurring to him, for he was not allowing it to occur to him, that he may move about in this room or may move to another room or move to another area, for he thought he may only sit within this small room and watch this prism. Another individual was suggesting to Michael, "May you not attempt to move?" And at this suggestion, he did. You may also offer yourself suggestions while in your dream state that you may be moving or manipulating in new directions.

BOBBI: If I'm dreaming and I offer myself that suggestion, wouldn't I be there? Wouldn't I already be lucid dreaming? It seems like I get the awareness that I'm dreaming, and I immediately wake up.

ELIAS: Offer yourself the suggestion that it is unnecessary for you to awaken, and that you may continue. This be a new suggestion.

BOBBI: That's true. Okay, I'll try that tonight. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LINDA: Elias, I just finished an intensive course in meditation and learning healing techniques, and with especially one of the people, I felt a strong connection. Can you elaborate on what that connection is? It seemed like we were energetically just side-by-side the whole time, and even the instructor of the course was commenting that we were like two peas in a pod the whole time. Is that any sort of relation, past life or whatever, between us? Or is it just that we, in that particular environment, connected?

ELIAS: You experience an energy connection in the same direction that I have expressed to you previously, before your travels.

LINDA: So is this a soul mate type of connection?

ELIAS: I expressed to you that several individuals connected with yourself would be coming together within this experience, and this be another example to yourself in reinforcement to yourself of your own action and your movement into this area of what you term to be spirituality. (Smiling)

LINDA: Is this a connection that I should continue? Is this something that we would help each other grow, or is just because of the circumstances that we were connecting?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

LINDA: That was a vague answer! So it seemed like we were all, especially three of us in the group, it seemed like we were very strongly connected and being urged to bring forth the work of the entity Jaupu into the United States. Do you see us as capable of doing that together in a group?

ELIAS: You are capable. This would also be your choice. Acceptance 101! You hold the ability! (Grinning)

LINDA: (Laughing) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: I have a question for Linda. She was talking to somebody, it must have been herself, I don't know, but anyway she said, "I asked what my mother's essence name was and I got Shelayan in letters, but Shaylan in words. Will Elias be so kind as to confirm this for me, or send me off to look further? In my head, I got correct and incorrect at different moments. I'm not sure if this was some form of pop quiz or not. Maybe I was supposed to determine by the tone of the answer, but I still need to know what my grade is." (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good. Shaylan. (Accent on second syllable)

CATHY: That was the first one then, correct?

ELIAS: Not Shelayan.

CATHY: The S-H-A-Y-L-A-N one.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Okay, and then she had another question. "I asked if she and I were connected in essence by tone, and 'he' said yes. Then I got further information that all children hold similar tones to their mothers, that this is necessary to facilitate birth. Now, I may be way off base here. Can you ask this question for me too, please?"

ELIAS: This is not necessarily the situation. A child does not necessarily hold a very similar tone to the parent. As I have expressed, the manifesting focus chooses the family. The focus being the parent merely agrees to give birth. This is all. Therefore, the focus entering does not necessarily hold a similar tone to the parent, although many times they may, but it is not necessary.

CATHY: Okay. I have another question about Vicki's dream with my dog in it. In this dream we were having a session, and some guy named Elias told everybody to look in a certain area of the room, and then poof! there was my dog. Then I believe that you asked me to have the dog bark, and I asked her to bark and she did, and then she came over to me, and then I sent her back to the place and told her to sit, and poof! she was gone. I'm just wondering what that dream imagery is ... for dead guys that don't do parlor tricks!

ELIAS: Parlor tricks within another reality! (Laughter)


ELIAS: This would not be dream imagery. This would be a viewing of an alternate reality. Those areas not engaged within this reality may be expressed within another reality, for all probabilities are actualized.

LINDA: So Elias does parlor tricks in other realities!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Guilty as charged! (Laughter)

LINDA: I have a question. When we're sitting here in these sessions, it seems like your energy is affecting us quite a bit. It seems like we're benefiting from just being in your presence, not just by your words. Can you kind of expand on that a little bit?

ELIAS: Much more interaction occurs within these sessions subjectively than objectively. This is what you are recognizing of. I am interacting with you in two areas simultaneously; one, through objective language that you hear and that you assimilate, but I interact with you much more extensively and intensively subjectively.

LINDA: Today I can really feel that energy flowing, and I didn't know if it was because I just came out of a big meditation course and I'm just more sensitive to it.

ELIAS: As you allow yourselves an opening, you shall be experiencing more of the energy exchange which is created between myself and all other individuals. The energy exchange is not far removed from what you view with Michael. I exchange with Michael within a subjective action, which then objectifies within your physical focus within the action of an energy exchange that you may view and you may hear within your language, but the action is much more within the subjective exchange, and as you each open yourselves also, you also experience this same element of subjective exchange.

LETTY: Is that why I hear your voice a lot when I'm about to make decisions or I'm debating something? It's like part of your little lectures here?

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: It seems like it's different than that really, not just an exchange of words, because that's going objectively again.

ELIAS: Correct. It is much more extensive and intensive subjectively. This is what you feel ...

LINDA: Because I definitely feel a lot of increase in energy, more than usual today.

ELIAS: ... and what you sense, and what your body consciousness also responds to. Your body consciousness holds no thought process. It does not respond to language, but it responds to energy; and you, within your sensing innerly and outerly and within your feeling, hold a recognition of the energy exchange.

LINDA: Is this energy exchange increasing our vibration level? I don't understand exactly what we're accomplishing. In general terms, I guess I do, but the energy exchange seems to be actually increasing our level of ... I don't know if vibration is the right word, but....

ELIAS: It is an opening to your awareness; which the energy that I project to you is what you may term to be an infusion of energy, which then allows you more of an ability to be widening yourselves and offers you a greater understanding, for you hold a greater understanding subjectively as in response to this infusion.

LINDA: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LETTY: I have one last question. I don't know if it was a dream; it was more like a flash that I had. I was ballroom dancing and I was all dressed up. I don't know what the era or period was, but my first feeling was that it was you or somehow connected to you.

ELIAS: In actuality, it is YOU ...

LETTY: It's me?

ELIAS: ... and your allowance for more of an appreciation of you.

LETTY: Oh! We danced very well! (Laughter) Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are welcome.

STELLA: Elias, I just want a confirmation on something. The fat lady -- is she in Ankara, Turkey?

ELIAS: Is she?? (Grinning)

STELLA: I think she is.

ELIAS: Acceptance 101!

STELLA: Yes, but I still need your validation! I'm still crawling, okay? So I need your validation! (Elias is laughing) So thank you! So she is in Ankara! Okay, another one. I'm trying to figure out this focus where Castille, in fact all the people at work, like Bruce and all these people, that somehow we were all together in some focus. And so therefore, this is what I came up with. This was in a place in Italy, and this is where Constance, the president of this company where I work ... I came up with the name Constance. So I think this was Constance there, and Letty was there, and we were all there. The only thing I can see is that we were just like siblings, or not siblings, but like cousins, but it's in Italy. Is that anything? Am I getting close to something?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: Oh great! I have names too. I didn't bring the names, but I have names of the people. Okay....

LETTY: Annabelle!

STELLA: Oh yeah, I have Annabelle.

LETTY: Is Annabelle there?

STELLA: I think Annabelle is Gregoria. (Elias nods) Yes! Isn't that neat! It's wonderful! (Elias chuckles) One more, and I'll shut up. I like to talk to people with their essence name now. Castille and I, we sort of do that, and Marcos, and I like to do that. Can you possibly tell me Dick's -- my husband's -- essence name? And you can throw the family in if you want to! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I shall allow you to be investigating the families. You hold this ability and information!


ELIAS: Lupette.

STELLA: Lupette?


STELLA: Lupette! Oh, now I'm going to call him Lupette! Okay, I like that! (Elias chuckles) That's neat 'cause I call him Joseph, my son Joseph. Sometimes we fool around with Joseph.

ELIAS: The individual must be completely confused! (Laughter)

STELLA: But you know, he's not! He kind of gets it! He gets it somehow. He's far more open than anybody. It's like amazing, really amazing for this man to be so open! Lupette. Okay, that's wonderful! And I'll find out then ... you're not going to give me the bonus answer?? (Laughter)

ELIAS: No. (Grinning)

STELLA: I'll find out. I'll tell you next week.

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughing)

CATHY: I have a question for Howard. I hope I get this right. "Do the nine beatitudes relate to the nine families of consciousness?"

ELIAS: Yes; and you may enter this in your game if you are so choosing.

CATHY: Well, I guess I'll find out what those are. Mary told me, but I don't remember.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Another area to be investigating!

VICKI: I have a question about belief systems. It seems that within an awareness of belief systems in general, that a lot of us ... well, myself; I'll just talk about me. I seem to find myself going into areas sometimes of possibly excusing my behavior that I know is, say, not acceptable to another individual by saying, "Oh well, it's just a belief system." I don't know. It's become a confusing point for me. I've had a lot of people write me letters about it in computerland recently too, about "Oh well, it's just a belief system." Because belief systems are reality also, correct?

ELIAS: Oh well, just a belief system is just reality!

VICKI: Right. I don't know. I don't even know what my question is actually, except that it just seems to be coming up and I'm kind of confused about how to think about it.

ELIAS: (Intently) Your belief systems create your reality. You hold information with regard to these sessions within this forum that also creates a responsibility to be expressing from essence. There is no, "Oh well, it is just a belief system." Your belief systems create reality.

VICKI: So that is basically a discounting type of statement ...

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: ... especially of another person's creation of their reality.

ELIAS: Absolutely. It is also very similar to the discussion that we have held previously of, "Oh well, it is merely an experience."

VICKI: Yeah. Okay.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

BOBBI: I have a brief one. I'm just wondering if there's something for me to investigate, in that Oscar Wilde keeps popping up in my reality on TV, the newspapers ... the mail order catalogs!

ELIAS: It is merely a greetings ... a reminder! (Grinning)

BOBBI: A reminder. Okay, thank you. I was expecting him in my living room after a while there! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And he may be! (Chuckling)

Very well. We shall be disengaging this day. You may be viewing more of Oscar futurely! And I shall express to you all -- pause -- except for Mylo, who is concentrating upon Oscar far too much! (Laughter) Be noticing of this, Mylo! This be the area of your cautioning at our last session!

As I was expressing, I shall bid you all this day great affection, and a very loving au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:04 PM.

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