Session 1003

Paying Attention to You in This Focus


"Paying Attention to You in This Focus"

Sunday, February 10, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gillian (Ari)
Elias arrives at 11:06 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GILLIAN: Good afternoon, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Glad to talk to you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

GILLIAN: Thank you! I've got lots of curiosity questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

GILLIAN: First, I'd like to ask about my friend Donnatella, essence name Lorraine. We have a very strong bond together, and I got the impression that we are counterparts. (Pause)

ELIAS: Temporary, correct.

GILLIAN: Temporary?


GILLIAN: Could you tell me a little more about the strong emotional feeling I got when I brought a gift of carvings for her and for myself when I came to Castaic?

ELIAS: Offer your impression.

GILLIAN: My impression was that we are brothers and very close. These two carvings were done by brothers as well.

ELIAS: And therefore you are allowing a recognition of exchange of energy within different capacities that you share together, correct.

GILLIAN: Okay, thank you. And while I'm talking about Lorraine, can I have some more information for her? She wants to know if she is final focus.


GILLIAN: And how many focuses in this time framework?

ELIAS: Four.

GILLIAN: Also, how many has she as a total in this dimension?

ELIAS: Four hundred twenty.

GILLIAN: What is her focus, in terms of emotional or political...?

ELIAS: Emotional focus.

GILLIAN: Okay, thank you. Also, I'd like to find out what her strong bond with her friend Ian is, with this individual. (Pause)

ELIAS: Several shared focuses, which allows for a strong recognition of each other's energies.

GILLIAN: Now to continue with some of my stuff. After I came back from Castaic, as I get strong impressions from essence I have a very strong physical reaction of trembling. Could you tell me more about that?

ELIAS: Offer your impression.

GILLIAN: That essence is sort of shaking me to make me take notice of something in that moment.

ELIAS: Be remembering that essence is not a thing which is separated from yourself, for you ARE essence. Therefore, this is your manifestation that you are offering to yourself, and you are correct that you are creating this action to be allowing yourself to pay attention within the moment.

In this, as you generate this type of physical manifestation, you are not expressing to yourself to pay attention to the same action or the same association in each moment, but generally offering yourself a signal to move your attention to what you are engaging in that particular moment.

GILLIAN: Because it's a very unfamiliar feeling to me.

ELIAS: Quite, which gains your attention.

GILLIAN: This is true.

I want to ask about two other acquaintances or friends I would say, who I've felt a very strong connection to, even though one of them I've never met but I feel an energy. He's my friend in Chile named Cristian. I picked up on one focus of us where his name is Lucien and my name is Tia, and I think it is in North Africa.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

GILLIAN: I also feel that we have shared eight focuses together.


GILLIAN: Were some of them very intimate?

ELIAS: In romantic capacity, yes.

GILLIAN: Can I have the details for Cristian as well, please, with family belonging and all that stuff?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold; orientation, common.

GILLIAN: And his focus?

ELIAS: Emotional.

GILLIAN: Thank you for that, Elias.

The other question, the other friend I'd like to speak of is my friend Mike. He is extremely familiar to me when I see him. I've got one impression of us being twins in England, Henry and David.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I may express to you that you incorporate several focuses with this individual in the relationship of siblings.

GILLIAN: Oh, okay, thank you! That's why the familiarity then.


GILLIAN: I want to ask you a little bit about dreams that I've been having.

ELIAS: Very well.

GILLIAN: Mainly of names - I've got one name in a dream that has happened twice, the name of Ian. The second time I got this name, it came up with Ian Shona, and then like a title of a book or something that is "Why I Speak to Prophets."

ELIAS: And your question?

GILLIAN: My question is, who is this person? I haven't been able to get a visual; I've just got the name. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is a future focus.

GILLIAN: What timeframe would this be? Could you give me a hint?

ELIAS: Slightly future of yourself within this century.

GILLIAN: Then I had a dream where I was helping Michael to build a sort of passageway. It was like we were at a public session with you and even in that dream I met two people who I felt in the dreamtime that I had met before, Shirley and Pat. Would they be focuses of mine? (Pause)

ELIAS: One, yes - first individual is another focus of yourself. The other individual is the representation of a probable self.

GILLIAN: I'll try and investigate that further, then. I didn't understand the meaning of creating this passageway with Mary.

ELIAS: Very well. This is symbology, so to speak, for you have created imagery concerning another focus of yourself and also the representation of a probable self, and the imagery that you generate concerning a passageway is more in alignment with an action than an actual creation, so to speak, of a physical manifestation. The action is concerning generating an avenue in which you may allow yourself to more clearly view other focuses or probable realities.

GILLIAN: There were two other dreams as well. The first one, I was with friends of mine, Zacharie and Grady, and I was on a ship. It was leaking and there was an iceberg on the side. I was having a conversation with the captain about just having been to Iceland. I feel that is related to a focus I've had there before with Lorraine, but I think it also ties in Zacharie and Grady with me. (Pause)

ELIAS: In actuality, this imagery is not concerning a shared focus, but rather it is imagery that you are presenting to yourself in relation to allowing yourself to feel into the energies of other individuals, becoming familiar with them in this time framework, and paying attention to the different expressions of energies to allow you more of a familiarity with your expression of energy, which allows you the ability objectively to differentiate your energy from other individuals' energies, which may be significant in relation to an action of projection.

For in this, as you are moving into an expression of experimentation with projection of your energy, this shall allow you less confusion concerning your expressions as you intercept, so to speak, other individuals' energies. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: A little bit. I feel at times that I'm focusing inward a great deal lately and that there's something shifting within me that I'm not completely aware of right now objectively.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is a movement into experimenting with manipulating your energy in a manner [in] which you shall allow yourself to be generating this action of projection and allow yourself an objective awareness of that action.

GILLIAN: So the other thing, I guess, would have a similar meaning, because that also concerned Zachary and Grady and it was in a different land. It was like going to university in a place in North Africa.

ELIAS: Correct. This also is associated with the same movement that you are in a manner of speaking allowing yourself a preparation concerning. For in this, as you begin this action of projection, it is significant that you allow yourself to be familiar with your energy, but also that you allow yourself to engage this type of action in relation to individuals that you view to be, in a manner of speaking, safe, for their energy is familiar to you and you view them to be of like spirit, so to speak.

GILLIAN: That is true, that is true.

ELIAS: Therefore, this generates a type of comfort which alleviates some expressions of fear.

GILLIAN: Okay, thank you for that.

Another focus question - I feel I've had a focus with Sandel in the Kalahari where she was my father and I am her child, but I also feel that that focus of mine was my initiating focus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Ah! I am acknowledging of you! You are correct.

GILLIAN: I'm getting better all the time, aren't I? (Elias laughs) Yes, it's coming fast now. I understand what you say when you told me before that I was moving faster than I thought.

Also I wanted to ask, when you talk about the same time framework, focuses in the same time framework, we don't actually limit ourselves in terms of age, do we? We could have a fairly old person as well as a child as a focus at that time.


GILLIAN: So then I would like to also ask about another focus with Sandel where we were children in the time of the World War II period in the state of Kansas. (Pause)


GILLIAN: I was also curious, I know I have a focus in Korea in this time framework, and I feel that he might be a focus that I was aware of that had lost a leg in a war. Would this be my focus? (Pause)


GILLIAN: Oh! I'm really getting good at this! (Elias laughs)

I'm curious about some minor physical ailments, because they don't really last very long but I'm aware of them - my feet and leg cramps.

ELIAS: And your impression?

GILLIAN: I'm not very sure about that, because I used to have it a lot before when I was in a relationship and then it went away and now it's begun again. I think at times in the night I feel it. I feel it's my way of waking myself up to remember a dream, but the daytime cramps I'm not sure of.

ELIAS: In actuality, your association with relationship is correct, but not with another individual. What you are manifesting in the expression of this cramping, so to speak, is a physical expression to be paying attention to your relationship with self and certain beliefs that you incorporate concerning actions that you engage that you hold an association concerning detriment to yourself.

In this, you are manifesting a discomfort physically as a reflection of certain beliefs concerning physical health and certain activities that you engage that you associate are not healthy.

GILLIAN: Oh, I thought I got over that! (Elias laughs) Okay, I'll look into it again.

There's another physical thing that I do, it's as if I'm going to vomit. I start coughing or gagging in my throat. In fact, this has started since I had my first session with you. (Pause)

ELIAS: In actuality, this is associated with the same subject matter.

GILLIAN: Oh, while I remember it, could you give me the essence name of my friend Cristian, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Olaan, O-L-A-A-N (OH lahn).

GILLIAN: Olaan. Oh, that sounds nice!

I'm curious, Elias, could you tell me what will really happen when we have gone through the shift? Because I was thinking today, if we've accepted our beliefs and there's no judgment and a lot of our emotions come through judgment, what's going to happen when we are in this physical dimension emotionally?

ELIAS: Emotion is not necessarily associated with judgment. You may associate emotion with judgment merely in association with the definition that emotion is a reaction, which is incorrect. Emotion is a communication. Therefore it is not necessarily associated with judgment.

GILLIAN: But then from what I understand, we will be aware of ourselves. What sort of communication then... I mean, how will it be?

ELIAS: You shall continue to generate emotional communications to yourselves, and be remembering, duplicity is also a belief system. Therefore you are not eliminating this belief system, as you are not eliminating any belief system. You are merely moving into an expression of acceptance of the belief system, recognizing that it continues to exist and be expressed but that you incorporate choice.

Now; as I have stated previously many times, you may be accepting of belief systems and continue to incorporate your individual opinions and preferences, for you may incorporate preferences and opinions and also not incorporate judgment in relation to these opinions and preferences.

GILLIAN: I understand that. I agree. I do remember you speaking about that.

I'm sensing a very strong connection with my focus in Iceland. I believe her name is Osnika, or Osni I call her as a nickname. Does Donnatella also have a focus there?


GILLIAN: Do they know each other?


GILLIAN: Another impression: thank you, Elias, for helping me to become aware of my future focus, Lila or Lilith. I had a very strong emotional communication one day while I was watching a film. Could you explain to me a little bit about what was actually happening? I was communicating with her in my mind, but I'd like to get a little clearer understanding of it.

ELIAS: Offer your impression.

GILLIAN: She was lending me energy in my present time framework and encouragement.


GILLIAN: And I was in a moment of remembering.

ELIAS: Let me express to you a clarification of the offering of energy in relation to your impression of encouragement, for in this moment of your experience, the offering of encouragement was expressed in relation to allowing yourself an appreciation in genuineness of you in this focus of attention.

GILLIAN: Yes, that's what she said, too. It was a very moving moment for me, because it gave me a feeling of knowing the vastness of myself and of the wonder of myself.

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, the offering of energy was expressed in a manner to encourage you to pay attention to your relationship with self in this focus of attention, for you do generate a leaning in action to be distracting yourself in the investigations of other focuses to the point of turning your attention away from this focus of attention.

In the action of this shift, as I have stated, there is tremendous significance in generating a familiarity with self, a relationship with self in this focus and an appreciation in genuineness of yourself within this focus, for this moves you into an expression of avoiding trauma as you move further into the objectification of this shift in this time framework.

GILLIAN: But then are you saying that by picking up on other focuses that I am using that as a distraction? To me it was like connecting more with myself.

ELIAS: At times, yes. Not continuously, but at times this is incorporated as a distraction to be viewing other manifestations and what they are generating rather than paying attention to what you are generating in this present now, which also is expressed as a reflection in these physical manifestations that you are generating.

GILLIAN: I feel like I'm moving inward of myself, inside, or becoming more introspective - not really a withdrawal, but more of an interest in my feelings.


GILLIAN: So I'm moving, so to speak, in the right direction.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

GILLIAN: Okay, thank you for that.

When I was in the Pennsylvania session, I was playing with the Ouija board and Ari came through. That's when all the trembling started. I do get impressions, but sometimes I would like to be able to communicate more clearly with essence. I sometimes feel a little frustrated that I haven't been able to regenerate that sort of...

ELIAS: For you are attempting to be communicating with self through an action that is associated with a thing outside of yourself. This is the point, my friend, of which I am speaking with you this day, concerning moving your attention more fully in an inward direction but in genuinely paying attention to you and your expressions, and allowing yourself to recognize that this is the manner in which you shall allow yourself the recognition of your own communications.

GILLIAN: I wanted to ask as well, the dream that I had a long while back - we've already talked about it - where I saw these beams of light and I found Ariel and Alok. I think that also is a different dimension that Miranda also has connection with, and I was just wondering if I'm correct in that. Because she speaks of a different dimension, and I got a strong impression that I had viewed something of that in that dream.


GILLIAN: Hmm, interesting. I'm trying to think of all the things that I've been piling up to ask you. Now my mind's going blank. (Elias laughs)

Some of my other impressions regarding my objective family: my mother, I feel, is belonging to Milumet with Gramada alignment, and she's soft and thought focused.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

GILLIAN: And my father, I feel that he might also be Milumet belonging but Zuli aligned, common and emotional.

ELIAS: Reverse family and alignment; yes, you are correct.

GILLIAN: There was a dream I had a long while back, and it was in a different sort of light. I went out of the house in the night, and it was like a purplish light but there were beautiful birds there. Was I stepping into a different dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, allowing yourself a translation concerning another dimension. That, in actuality, was imagery that you presented to yourself concerning what individuals identify as Atlantis.

GILLIAN: Well then, that will bring me to another question then. My friend Cristian, he got the impression that we have possibly a focus in Atlantis.


GILLIAN: Okay, good, because we both feel very strongly that we do have. And how about in Greece?


GILLIAN: Could you give me a timeframe for that?

ELIAS: Offer your impression.

GILLIAN: Fifth century?

ELIAS: Third.

GILLIAN: I'm learning to trust the impressions I'm getting now. (Elias laughs) Because before I was very doubtful, and now it's becoming stronger and stronger. When I do get impressions, I feel comfortable with that. I'm finding that I'm not feeling like I'm imagining anything anymore.

ELIAS: Quite, which offers you a validation and a reinforcement in trusting yourself.

GILLIAN: Yes, and in accepting of self.


GILLIAN: Well, I'm very pleased with this.

There was another name that came up - I think it was Tim Spike - and this was with my friend Mike, connecting with him somewhere in Scotland. Was his name David? (Pause)


GILLIAN: Okay, I was correct then. I was feeling really doubtful about that, because when I communicated with him once I called him David. I usually remember names, but I also believe very strongly that I don't make many mistakes in my impressions of things. Well, I do sometimes, but there's no accidents is what I mean to say.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: That, I guess, triggered off all the other connections.

Now in terms of my parents, I feel I chose them to be my parents because it helped me very much with my intent of viewing and observing people in different environments individually as well as group-wise, of their communication. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. In...

GILLIAN: I don't feel very strong ties to them, so to speak, but did I share many focuses with, say, my father?

ELIAS: Several.

GILLIAN: Because I'm sort of looking through the way I've created everything specifically for my own purposes, for my own experiences, and it seems now I can see the different patterns and how I have chosen these specific environments so that I could fulfill what I chose to in my experience in this dimension in this focus.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and each of these interactions allows you to be observing different expressions and incorporate these expressions in relation to your experiences and your choices.

GILLIAN: Do I have a focus as a dolphin?


GILLIAN: No, okay. That was just a curiosity question.

Oh, I know what I'm going to ask. I'm finally going to ask you because I haven't got any impressions on that. Have I had any famous or infamous focuses?

ELIAS: I shall encourage you initially to be allowing yourself to investigate, and thusly as you offer yourself impressions, you may engage interaction with myself and I shall offer you validations and clarifications.

GILLIAN: You're not going to give me even a little hint of a time period?

ELIAS: Ha ha! You have been allowing yourself quite a movement in relation to other focuses and have validated yourself in your accomplishment. Therefore I encourage you to be allowing yourself this type of investigation, for in actuality it may be much more easily expressed to be discounting of your impressions in relation to what you view as infamous or famous focuses.

GILLIAN: In that case, I will offer you one impression: Hitler.


GILLIAN: Okay, good. For some reason I kept thinking of Hitler. That's fine. I shall investigate, as you say.

ELIAS: Very well.

GILLIAN: Can you explain a little more about this counterpart action that I'm temporarily engaged in?

ELIAS: In what capacity do you incorporate curiosity concerning this action?

GILLIAN: Because it's very suddenly become where I'm feeling it very strongly.

ELIAS: This is not in actuality an awareness which is generated by the strength of the counterpart action or the counterpart action in itself, in actuality. It is not the action which is being engaged that is what you may term to be significant in relation to your experience or what you term to be your feeling of it.

The counterpart action is merely to be offering yourself experiences which are being generated by the other individual which may be identified as latent qualities within yourself. Therefore, you are merely offering yourself an avenue to be assimilating experiences that you are not choosing to generate in this particular focus.

But the reason that you are experiencing what you may term to be a significant feeling concerning this action is an expression of widening your awareness, allowing yourself objectively to recognize more of your movements and more of the energy that is projected or exchanged with other individuals that is continuously expressed; but generally speaking, without widening your awareness you would not incorporate an objective recognition of these exchanges of energy.

In relation to this shift in consciousness and widening your awareness, you are offering yourself evidence in an objective manner of different types of experiences which have been expressed in concept; but as you allow yourself to experience, you move the concept into an expression of assimilating that and therefore recognizing it within your actual reality.

GILLIAN: Yes, I do feel like I am assimilating quite a bit of that at this time.

ELIAS: And this creates an action of allowing yourself to objectively experience different information which has been offered in these concepts.

GILLIAN: Yes, I'm a pretty wondrous creature, to give me all this opportunity to experience. (Elias laughs)

Thank you so much, Elias! It's about time now for me, for you, to go, and I do thank you for all this acknowledgment I have received.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall continue to be offering encouraging energy to you.

GILLIAN: Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. To you this afternoon, in great affection, au revoir.

GILLIAN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:01 PM.

(1) Gillian's note: My ever-loving, ever challenging relationship with myself and alcohol - which I have recognized in this year is my preference and my "truth" that I am working through to accept in many different ways, noticing that I place less and less judgment on myself as I continue to explore the influences of my beliefs about it! Which, by the way, I have not objectively pinpointed to any single or several statements objectively in an "I believe" sort of statement. When I attempt to raise them, I still run into blanks. What I find I am doing is trusting that I know within myself that I am aware subjectively of these strong beliefs (being intermediate) and trust that I will move into acceptance completely without pushing against my energy objectively!! I rather prefer to allow and surprise myself in the sudden realization that it truly "matters not" without anticipation. Simply, I am doing what I do and not questioning it, but noticing the doing and appreciate that what I'm doing is what I'm choosing.

(2) Gillian's note: Lila is a focus that I most relate to, not only for the support she offers me but because now the both of us explore some of our focuses together. She loves time travel, and in that supports me in the moments that I feel I'm exploring a past or future focus. Frankly, it is mostly to do with past focuses - it appears to me at present that she moves with me into those focuses that I explore through just being with me in my imagination while I am watching a movie or reading a book. I imagine her to be sitting with me and us holding hands and laughing together at other focuses I have impressions on, and she in exchange offers her expressions to me. It's funny, because we have a running conversation going on in my head. The shift is very much a timeframe that she is very interested in, and I offer her that in exchange for her support (not a bartering thing, but very much a fun thing!). Also, I very much feel this has to do with me being final focus and I very much experience I'm doing a transition thing more rapidly in this moment.

Also, what we are recognizing together and exchanging is the strong appreciation of essence Pajae (Paazh), my ex and also my best friend, and in her life her father that she is very close to. She is a photographer and lives in Uganda, and her father is German and mother Ugandan. The year is 2094 - correction 2096, now.

(3) Gillian's note: I think I just wanted to be Hitler to get the feel of that fanaticism - it has always fascinated me.

©2003 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.