Session 78
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Friday, March 15, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mare, Vic, and Ron.
Elias arrives at 11:33 AM, and a little more slowly than usual.
Note: This session was initiated by Mary, in response to an extreme emotional expression initiated by a dream.

ELIAS: Bon jour! (Smiling, and blinking his eyes quite a bit)

RON: Did we wake you up? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Perhaps! This is interesting! Well, I have been waiting and observing, anticipating your connecting with information which you have offered yourselves, (chuckling) although you have efficiently "twisted" (demonstrating with hands) your information to be fitting your intellectual side, so to speak; allowing your rational thinking and your psychological information to be quite influencing of your perceptions. Therefore, I shall be helpful. I shall also offer, to Ron's delight, a beginning of information of your pyramid.

First, I will offer you a familiar story, quite popular; a children's tale. This tale would be the story of Pinocchio. We shall deal with Pinocchio first, for he offers us much information. I have expressed many times to you, that your little ones are much more connected with essence than you realize, and their tales of fantasy are more symbolic than you understand.

Let us view this small "wood be" boy. ((Chuckling at his pun) The initial expression is symbolic of your physical expression, beginning as a creation. This creation interacts with a magical fairy, symbolic of the true self or essence, which offers information to this creation to be becoming "whole", or a "real boy". A small creature is incorporated to be the conscience, the intuition; a very tiny creature with a very tiny, soft voice. A very large animal, a cunning cat, is incorporated to be representative of the intellect; the loud voice which is preferred and listened to more readily. Experiences are engaged upon; this small creation attaching no right or wrong to these experiences, but experiencing, through physical manifestation, to be acquiring information. Alongside of these experiences, the small intuitive voice is offering suggestions for helpfulness. The wooden boy is not always listening to this small voice, therefore creating much conflict within its manifestation; but eventually, through facing and engaging its challenges, and recognizing of the importance of the balance between the intellect and the intuition, arrives at solutions to these challenges, and also creates a harmony of self, to be uniting all elements of self, and ultimately creating the whole or real boy. We may also express, in addition, a slight incorporation of your story of your Cinderella, which also is a magical story, but incorporating natural, "normal", "ordinary" elements of everyday life, transforming those, through perception, into magical elements, which ultimately are influencing to be changing of the entire reality. (To Vicki) Are you with me so far?

VICKI: Kind of.

ELIAS: These stories are interesting, for they provide you with a different perception of reality. They offer you a magical approach to your reality, a natural approach, unconfined by cultural time and the restrictions of the intellect alone. You have been exercising and trying to be noticing and incorporating more natural perceptions, but your inclinations automatically lean towards what you know. What you know is what you have been taught, and what your belief systems reinforce. You overlook the natural flow. Your tendencies incline to your psychological explanations. Although I have given much information of your psychology and its incorrectness in many areas, these are belief systems that you hold to and follow.

The impressions that were acknowledged in your yester time were correct, for you are attaching belief systems to interpretations. (This is in reference to an impression to not offer an interpretation of Mary's dream) I will express that Michael, as are you each, is moving through issues. In this, you are interpreting symbolism, or what you view to be symbolism, and connecting it with psychological influences.

This issue, this subject, will bring us into the beginnings of the understanding of your pyramid. You have been offered much information already. You have not "pieced together" the puzzle. It lies before you, but you see it not. I have offered you information of your essence families. I have also offered you information of your intents, within the element of your shift and remanifestation within physical or non-physical focus. Within the elements of your pyramid, three have chosen to be non-remanifesting. One chooses to be remanifesting, the one also being represented by the initiator. The initiator plays an important role within this pyramid, for this individual is being helpful to the other individuals, in moving through issues which are needing to be addressed before entering non-physical focus. These are not accidents or coincidences! (Smiling)

You each are aligned with different colors, vibrational tones, and essence families, creating a strong base of the pyramid; the exchangers, the spiritualists, the connectors, the initiators; basic elements necessary within the focus of your shift, and also necessary with the elements of movement that you must be incorporating. You have not connected, within your thinking yet, of examples you have been blatantly offered! (Smiling) Your initiator continues to initiate. The others continue to respond, and you still make no connection! You view the individual of Ron to "different"; more connected, more balanced, more "together", within your terms. (Chuckling to himself) I express to you, this individual incorporates a balance, but is no more "together" than are the other three, but has incorporated this manifestation differently; for his "job", so to speak, is different.

The focus has been connected with the family of the initiators, the originators, therefore initiating the connecting; producing physical elements for the other three to be connecting with in consciousness. These are physical expressions that may be physically viewed, therefore being absolute expressions. Within consciousness, the others connect with these elements and manifest their challenges to be met. It is also not coincidence that the three choosing to not remanifest incorporate simultaneously many challenges; each, within its own perception, seemingly to be individual issues. In actuality, they are all connected. They are all one issue. They have manifest within different areas only for diversity; variety. (Smiling)

I will express to you, returning to our issue of focusing upon psychological issues: You have, within your thought processes, diverted yourselves and moved into psychological interpretations of issues and action; this being why Michael engaged this emotional dream state. Engaging this emotional dream state is productive, in allowance of an emotional expression. That is all! (Pause, staring at Vicki) This dream is not deeply significant in symbolism in that he need be noticing of many connections and intertwiningness, as he is attempting to be doing.

You have created, each one of you, within your issues, too much involvement with them! You are moving away from your effortlessness. You are pushing, within effort, to be resolving of these issues, and complicating these issues further! In his attempt to be connecting and moving through issues of personal responsibility, Michael has focused so intensely that he has created more conflict. This is blocking of the movement. He is attaching transference from one child to another; incorporating psychological explanations of repeated actions of (pause) uncomfortable issues.

I will say to you, issues are being "dealt with" within each of you. Your issues and challenges have been projected within regional area two. It is unnecessary for you to be concentrating and incorporating belief systems into these areas. These are all, as I say again, very connected; Shynla's issues with her inability to be connecting with self; Lawrence's challenge and inability to be connecting with self; Michael's challenge and inability to be connecting with self! They are all expressed differently; one within occupation, one within other dimensions, one within family focus; all being the same issue, all incorporating attachments to psychological belief systems. Returning to our children's story, and how children view reality: If a child is viewing a situation that they have created, and they view this situation to be uncomfortable or undesirable, they do not dwell upon it. They "forget", so to speak, about it. They engage in another game. They do not continue to be incorporating energy into creating the situation that they wish not to be creating. They also do this effortlessly. To children, this is a game. Within the focus of adulthood, it is no longer a game to you. This is reality! Of course, children do not experience reality, for they are children! (With a "hint" of sarcasm) Your reality is no different than a child's. You only perceive it to be more "serious" and more "real"!

I am acknowledging of Lawrence, and also of Elizabeth, in not engaging in conversation with Michael of this dream state, for the expression of the emotion was enough. The reason Michael experiences continued emotional expression is that he is fighting within himself to be controlling of this issue, and not allowing it to fly away. These issues will be attended to, and moved through naturally. Lawrence will intersect, naturally, with other dimensional focuses. Shynla will connect, and move effortlessly within her own confidence. Michael will detach naturally. As long as you are attempting to be forcing of situations and attaching psychological explanations, you are misdirecting your energy; and you are creating more conflict!

I will also offer a small explanation of your "thought process" in relation to probabilities. In this, many times it is more affecting in expressing, audibly, thoughts; for your thoughts, although being reality and energy, many times remain within regional area two, unexpressed or manifest physically within regional area one, unless they are audibly committed to. Within the expression of speaking and formulating thought processes, you physically manifest them. You physically express, outward, the chemical reaction of which we have spoken previously. Therefore, once thoughts have been converted into audible expression, they then manifest within regional area one and become actualized. This is not a rule! (Staring at Vicki again) It is not necessary; but, within your perception of reality, realizing that you do not always view thought as actual reality, when you express outwardly, thought, your create it, therefore creating the reality.

These thoughts may not necessarily be expressed directly to an individual that you view to be directly involved with an issue. This is not important. The act itself, of physically expressing thought, creates a reality, which also enables other individuals to respond to within regional area two, also incorporating a response within physical focus. (Pause, and then to Ron)

Continue your creative endeavors, for they are more helpful than you realize. The initiator shall continue, and the pyramid shall respond. (Long pause)

VICKI: Okay. I have a question, just so that I understand. The emotional response that Michael had yesterday, that was a symptom? I don't really understand.

ELIAS: This was a reaction to conflict. He is not identifying of this, for within his perception, he is attempting to be connecting with an issue and a challenge, and moving through this issue. In actuality, he is blocking of this issue by concentrating so intensely, and incorporating psychological attitudes with this challenge. In this, the body has responded, within physical and emotional expression, to the conflict. The intuitive area has responded, and is expressing its element of disagreement with the intellect, incorporating its "two cents worth"! (Grinning)

VICKI: So, simply, when we try really, really hard to do things, quite often we end up blocking it, and creating more conflict?

ELIAS: Not always. The desire within these pyramid individuals is great. This allows for tremendous movement. The desire, many times, will be overriding of blocking elements; although within certain areas that you may view to be quite sensitive within this manifestation, you unknowingly add to your conflict through intense concentration, for you reinforce belief systems in this.

Left naturally, not incorporating such intenseness, Shynla may allow herself the ability to be enjoying of her time, and noticing of her countryside, and connecting with elements of her pyramid and past developmental focuses; but she incorporates much concentration, attaching belief systems of negativity. Therefore, she compounds the issue, and blocks the forward motion. Michael also, within his challenge, left alone, is naturally moving through issues, allowing them to move away. Through intense concentration, he confounds himself; attaching more belief systems and incorporating more conflict, analyzing each activity that he incorporates and deciding whether they be right or wrong, and moving in no direction, for fear that he may be moving in the wrong direction! Naturally left alone, he moves effortlessly. Lawrence, within impatience, and exhibiting these same issues, pushes; attaching belief systems also, and therefore creates non-connections.

The movement has begun already to flow, but you each block the movement; this being why we engage in these discussions of natural time and cultural time, intellect and intuition, natural movement as opposed to accepted belief systems. Do not misunderstand. I am not chiding you, for each of you is moving within probabilities, and each of you is moving very quickly within your connections and awarenesses. Therefore, do not be incorporating belief systems within yourselves that you are not accomplishing, (pause) or you are not moving, for you are moving very well.

VICKI: So, the continuous creating of colds, would this also be attached to the same thing?

ELIAS: How interesting! Shynla (feigning an eye twitch) twitches! Lawrence (sniffling several times) sniffles! And Michael ... sobs! Physical and emotional expressions, all in very working order within this pyramid focus, all connected to the same challenge! (Grinning) Be reminding yourselves of your magical little wooden boy. (Pause) Are you presently wishing of more information?


ELIAS: Very well. I may be contacting you later, within the "future present". Au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:26 PM, and pops back in at 12:38 PM. Ron made a statement to the effect of "I wonder why I'm never included in these conflict scenarios", and that's all it took. Bear in mind that within the forum of pop-ins, we always miss some initial conversation.

VICKI: He does feel kind of left out!

ELIAS: Dear, dear, dear! I was expressing of this initially with our pyramid, which you were not paying attention!

RON: Well, that's why I didn't ask, because I came up with the question at the end, and I didn't ask because I thought maybe you might have answered it already, so ...

ELIAS: Correct; within my explanation that this being the one choosing to be physically remanifesting, therefore not incorporating these particular issues, which must be moved through before moving to non-physical focus. Therefore, Olivia's job, once again, within the pyramid, is to be the initiator, the director; being helpful to these other individuals, in connecting with these challenges, to be moving into non-physical focus; to which you will incorporate your opportunity to be engaging within your conflicts within your "next", so to speak, developmental focus. Therefore, you may look forward, futurely, to this experience with excitement! (Grinning at Ron)

VICKI: And Michael and I will help you!

ELIAS: Absolutely! Therefore, you may not be feeling "left out", for I assure you, you will be encountering your share! (Grinning)

RON: Okay!

ELIAS: Also, I will direct to Lawrence; the intellect is not getting its "two cents", the intuition is!

VICKI: That's what I said!

ELIAS: You did not!

VICKI: I did not. (Sighing) Okay. That's what I meant!

ELIAS: The expression, within the dream focus, was a natural emotional expression of a very real, present fear; therefore being helpful in allowing Michael, within a safe environment, to be viewing of this probability, which "most probably" will not manifest, and experiencing the emotional effect. The issue, with his other child, has already been attended to and moved through. By attaching psychological connections and belief systems, he is, in actuality, "pulling back" this issue, and re-experiencing it and recreating it, instead of allowing a natural movement forward.

VICKI: And that's a result of fear of it happening again?

ELIAS: This has been dealt with through the expression of this dream. The blockage is incorporated by focusing upon this dream, and attaching psychological belief systems, and incorporating connections where there are none. One issue has been eliminated already. Therefore, it is unnecessary for him to be bringing this issue up once again, and attaching belief systems that this would be connected with the other child. The fear element has been allowed to be expressed within the dream state; therefore it is null. It has been accomplished. (Pause)

Are you better understanding presently? (Pause) I shall be "floating around" in the chance that another misinterpretation or "neglected feelings" may be occurring! (Grinning) Therefore, you may feel free to be calling upon me for assistance this day.

RON: Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir ... again!

Elias departs at 12:45 PM.

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