Session 1078

Use of Inner Senses


”Use of Inner Senses”
”Imagination Is Quite Real”

Friday, May 10, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Miranda)
Elias arrives at 10:58 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! (Elias laughs) I am practicing attention on self!

ELIAS: Ah! And what are you noticing in your practicing?

ANJULI: Yes, it’s amazing! I was reading the sessions about Acceptance 101 and 102, and then I thought, ’Okay, now I practice it.’ When I did that, I realized how then my reality changes because of that. I was close to being shocked, almost, when I went downstairs to see my mother and all of sudden she was talking about relationship beliefs and victim beliefs, beliefs of thinking you are responsible for others, and all kinds of stuff which I would never thought that she would suddenly change her view about and that she would start to think in that way. Then I mused on what you had said about attention on self, that this is the greatest gift I can give to others.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: But I had not expected that it could be like this!

ELIAS: And you have offered yourself evidence that altering your perception actually alters your reality, even other individuals.

ANJULI: Yes, that was amazing for me! I was just talking with Michael about that. And could it be that my mother started to be in transition? (Pause)


ANJULI: I thought so. Is there a change in the kind of counterpart action we have? For sure we don’t have the same as we had. So either we don’t have one anymore or it has changed in the way that partially we are different and partially not different, like this?

ELIAS: I may express to you that you are discontinuing.

ANJULI: Oh! I thought a little bit that probably we have done that. Is this then now kind of easier for her also?


ANJULI: Because we have solved something or whatever?

ELIAS: You have offered yourselves information through the experience of the counterpart action. Therefore, you incorporate more of an understanding, which lends to more of an acceptance.

ANJULI: I was also going a lot through beliefs, becoming aware of beliefs, and sometimes it was a little bit challenging because, I mean, they are everywhere and it was about accepting them. But I think I am now sort of used to them, and also there is a general feeling of much more trust into self, and I sort of feel I know how to deal with it. Even when something is new in some way, I sometimes just feel how I - essence-me - is giving knowledge to me, and sometimes when there are beliefs like about money or what and when I am not sure how to see it, then I feel about you and me, sort of, and then I am amazed because it works!

ELIAS: And shall you offer an example of recognizing a belief and allowing yourself the expression of accepting it, and how this has altered your perception?

ANJULI: One thing was about relationship beliefs, like believing that my family is my family, I am related to them, I have to deal with my mother like this, with my sisters like this and all this kind of stuff. I saw that probably I have lots of beliefs in that direction together with duplicity, discounting myself and not daring to do what I like. Then I thought, ’Okay, but I don’t have to change that; I can accept it.’ Then suddenly this challenge didn’t come up; I did not have to be together with them. I didn’t have to do family stuff with them.

That was one example. When I don’t accept it, I think I need to change something by putting my attention outside of self and changing something through activity.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: When I accept it, I don’t do anything and it gets changed.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is your offering of choice to yourself and allowing yourself to direct yourself and choose rather than succumbing to the expectations that you place upon yourself, therefore offering yourself much more of a freedom than you have allowed pastly.

ANJULI: Yes, and I had the feeling with what happened so far how many changes could come when I continue to practice that.

ELIAS: Correct. This also, my friend, allows you the opportunity to genuinely generate an appreciation of yourself and also a new appreciation for other individuals.

ANJULI: Yes. I also saw how I create the situations I am creating even when they are in the moment sometimes challenging, how they are always beneficial for myself and how I now much more recognize right away that they are created by myself for to provide me with more knowledge and experience and... Oops, I slipped! What did I say? (Laughing)

ELIAS: The experiences offering you a greater understanding and knowledge concerning what you are creating within your reality.

ANJULI: Ah, ja! It happens all the time. For example, when I thought about my feelings about money and I did not even know what my feelings were and there was not a session coming up, and then I thought, ’Okay, it’s all right. I will draw the knowledge to myself, directly from essence or through you. It does not matter; it anyway does not make a difference.’ Then I read a session of you, I had new insights, and there were permanently new situations coming up. I kind of discovered a little bit how I create through perception and all the stuff about beliefs, and just trusting self for example, even when I don’t know what is the knowledge I want to get!

ELIAS: Correct, and this IS an exercise in trust.

ANJULI: Ja! Also I tried to use the inner sense of conceptualization with trust and with acceptance, and that helped a lot!

ELIAS: And what have you offered to yourself in experience in relation to this conceptualization?

ANJULI: I experienced what that is, what trust is and what acceptance is. Then it felt like moving into it and I put it into me, or I moved into the action of drawing it into me, creating it in me or feeling it in me.

ELIAS: Yes, and therefore familiarizing yourself with the experience of trust and acceptance, allowing yourself a genuine recognition of this experience and therefore also allowing yourself to know what it is that you are seeking to generate in all expressions.

ANJULI: Yes. Elias, is this also the use of the inner sense of conceptualization when I in the evening think of all the situations I created throughout the day and feel how they expand me or something? It feels abstract. Probably I am also moving into them and then I put them into... I don’t think about them, but feel how I get all the knowledge through them and how I expand because of accepting them. Is this also a use of this inner sense?


ANJULI: Okay, then I am probably more often using that than I thought! It is probably quite familiar for me?

ELIAS: Yes, you do incorporate engaging this inner sense more often than you do with your empathic sense.

ANJULI: Yes, I know, that is true. Is the use of the empathic sense the same as when I use, for example, feeling into switching me-ness and feeling into the energy of somebody? Am I then not using the empathic sense because I use the dispersedness or the soft orientation? How can I sort out what is what?

ELIAS: You allow yourself to be engaging this quality of yourself in being a dispersed essence more often than you allow yourself to engage your empathic sense.

ANJULI: And to engage the empathic sense would be different? I would recognize that this is something else?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for in engaging your empathic sense you shall engage this intentionally and specifically, and in that, your choice to be engaging this empathic sense is incorporated more to be experiencing physical aspects of another individual.

ANJULI: Oh, and not the energy or something like that.


ANJULI: Then I will try to use that sense.

ELIAS: But I may also express to you, my friend, it matters not. You are choosing to be incorporating your inner sense of conceptualization, and this may be as efficient as another individual engaging their empathic sense often. It is merely a choice in like manner to your outer senses and that individuals focus their attention upon different outer senses to offer themselves a clarity and an ease in their offering of information to themselves.

ANJULI: When I, for example, connect with your focus Oscar Wilde or with Timothy and I don’t feel a time difference, is this then the use of the inner sense of differential time?


ANJULI: Okay, then I know what they are! (Elias laughs)

Elias, I had a dream! That was a few days ago. It was such an interesting dream, because during this dream something happened with my body, or it was an experience a little bit in the direction of the experiment we want to do, the transcending of the body and our energy becoming one. Well, not fully that, but it felt like this. What was that, a preparation probably?

ELIAS: Merely an offering of energy in supportiveness, my friend.

ANJULI: Then it was probably an experience during dream state like I have sometimes during the day, that our energies are sort of mixed or what?


ANJULI: I was probably doing during dream state what I am doing during meditation also, an aligning of the energy centers, and this is why it felt so different in my body. Did I do something like that?

ELIAS: Yes, and you recognized the expression of my energy, for it was offered in supportiveness of your movement.

ANJULI: Ja, and then I am curious about the various Eliases. For example, which one is the one that was visiting me three times, the one that was not fully solid but quite? My feeling is that this is a different one than the intense one to whom I talked when we talked about the light occurrence, for example. This Elias was the intense one.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And the other one, the one that visits me, is another one, and the one to whom I mostly talk on phone is again another one?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: Ah! I know who is who! (Elias laughs) I love all of your expressions, Elias! And then, in the session in which we talked about the blue, white and orange light and also about the other Eliases, there were again three different Eliases? Like in the beginning the energy was different, and when I talked about the light occurrence the sudden intense Elias was there. So have there been three different Eliases?

ELIAS: Aspects, yes.

ANJULI: That’s nice! (Elias laughs) Which of your Eliases is going to be the one I am going to meet at the island? Is that the intense one?

ELIAS: And what is your identification? For you have already engaged that aspect, have you not?

ANJULI: Oh! You mean when I talked with him during the session about the light occurrence and also in the first island session? Oh, oh, oh, wait. What do you mean?

ELIAS: We have engaged interaction upon your island.

ANJULI: What? We have?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

ANJULI: When did we do that?

ELIAS: (Laughs) My dear friend, as you allow yourself to concentrate energy and your attention in association with your creation of the island, you are generating that probability and creating it. And you have requested my interaction, and I have offered it.

ANJULI: You mean we have been on the island and I don’t remember it?

ELIAS: You merely have not allowed yourself yet to recognize what you are already generating, for you continue to view that particular expression as imagination and you have not fully allowed yourself to recognize that imagination is quite real.

ANJULI: You mean whenever I feel the sand of the island and feel you, I am experiencing it?


ANJULI: But that feels more like a projection. It does not feel as if my entire me-ness is there!

ELIAS: Correct; I am understanding. This is associated with what I have stated to you in relation to imagination. As you move into a clearer objective recognition that imagination is quite real and that it is also an avenue of communication, you shall more clearly allow yourself to experience what you are communicating to yourself. Are you understanding?

ANJULI: Yes. Then as I feel that this is not an unreal imagination or a wishing into the future but this is an experience, it will be more clear to me?


ANJULI: And I can more fully move into this experience?


ANJULI: Sometimes I thought, ’Now I do a step, and then I am on the island,’ because in one of your earlier sessions you said we can visit all places just by deciding like moving into another room.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: But then when have I been there or what, whenever I thought about that?


ANJULI: Then this is how I continue with this - I just trust that this is really happening?


ANJULI: That I am doing it already, and then it can be... I mean, I want to be there like I am now sitting here in this chair and so to speak really more fully! This means I can be there more fully when I feel... Okay, I think I feel what you mean.


ANJULI: Oh! But then this is with all other things also, when I desire for to translate my interaction with you as you being here with me or something like that? Is that the same?


ANJULI: I just move fully into it and then it gets more intense?


ANJULI: Or more real or what?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and in a manner of speaking more solid.

ANJULI: Oh, that’s how I do it? I had thought I should ask Elias how to go to the island. That’s the best thing, that I have got the experience already! That is MUCH better Elias! (Elias laughs)

Now I understand why I asked you about this white! Runi also forgot that she has been there and did not remember that, and I always was thinking why did I create that in my writings. Oh! I really do not want to experience a few things that are in my writings, Elias, please. (Elias laughs) I don’t want to create forgetting my meetings with you on the island, and hopefully I don’t have to doubt into you. Runi is once doubting into Inmi a little bit. Hopefully that was in the past?

ELIAS: And shall you recognize, my friend, how you generate information to yourself through your characters and how you allow your characters to parallel what you create and your movement? If you are paying attention to what your characters are creating or generating, you shall also offer yourself information as to what you are creating, for you incorporate this action of your creativity in relation to your characters as a mirror of your movement.

ANJULI: This was the next question, because in my writings they are doing something. Runi is aware of how the various beings Inmi is interacting with are building a sort of pattern. I was actually reminded about that when you talked in your earlier sessions about the pyramid.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: There must be something I am aware of, this pattern thing, when who is connecting with whom and how this builds up to the wholeness and what sort of energies are then created?


ANJULI: In my writings, Runi is talking to Inmi about that. He knows what she says, and she is just expressing it or doing it and is not in all aspects objectively understanding what it means for him?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: But she is just continuing to do that in her way and it works.

ELIAS: Yes, and so you also are generating this action.

ANJULI: And Elias, then there is still a character which is missing, and I think that must probably be also a nonphysical essence. In my writings he is called Duane or Duave. Actually, when feeling into him, I thought that his relationship with you must be similar to the one of Patel.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: So I am not sure if it is Patel or if he is very similar in his relationship to you or if they are one. (Pause)

ELIAS: The relationship is the same.

ANJULI: Okay, so these are two essences. Patel is one and the other one is also one.


ANJULI: Is his essence name probably something like Dunadin? (Pause)


ANJULI: That’s great! He loves you so much, Elias! And he is very, very playful! (Elias chuckles) He is probably Ilda? Or as there are other essence families in your dimension, is he belonging to an essence family that is an extreme in playfulness and humor?

ELIAS: It is a translation that you generate within your dimension in association with emotion, but yes, you are correct, it is quite a playful expression.

ANJULI: Oh, I am so happy that I discovered him also, because he is like the nonphysical essence Jivani, so important for what you and me are doing, and I love him so much! (Elias chuckles) Oh, it is beautiful to discover essences!

ELIAS: Which also is reinforcing to you, to be reminding yourself to continue to incorporate playfulness.

ANJULI: Yes, I in-between was a little bit serious sometimes! (Elias laughs) Well, then I try to use my inner sense of conceptualization about playfulness! That works also!

ELIAS: I am understanding. Ha ha!

ANJULI: Ah! Oh Elias, is the essence Mi, which I fragmented from also Milumet, like me? (Pause)


ANJULI: And Lissa, the other essence I fragmented from, is she Ilda? (Pause)


ANJULI: Then about the extraterrestrial focus of Lawrence - I feel him, it is so easy. Whenever I think of him, the connection is there. It feels as if he is watching me. It feels very supportive or some curiosity also, very, very playful, and it feels familiar and helps me in my moving or what. I was thinking about that connection. I think probably he wants to visit me?

ELIAS: (Laughs) And this shall be YOUR allowance to incorporate this type of interaction.

ANJULI: But he would be ready to do that when I am allowing it?


ANJULI: Then the other focus of me, Elias, that was sitting in my bed, I wanted to connect with him but I did not want to confuse him or to interfere, because his dimension is probably very different. I feel he is also thinking about his visit with me, so we are anyway connecting. But I do not want to do anything wrong. I think I have a feeling for how I can connect with other focuses, and that I am not creating what I do not want to create.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I may express to you an assurance that you are allowing a natural expression and exchange with other focuses and not generating an interference; therefore you need not be incorporating a caution with yourself, for this is not the expression of energy that you are generating. Therefore, it matters not.

ANJULI: I felt it a little bit, but I needed your confirmation in that.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall assure you that the expression of energy that you are engaging in relation to these other focuses and other-dimensional focuses is not intrusive. You are merely engaging an interaction and generating an allowance. You are not attempting to alter the expression of the other focus.

ANJULI: Yes, my feeling is that I have a general inner feeling of acceptance and love for all of them, however they are. That’s why I don’t interfere or what.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: I think my Leslie focus, for example, she has that too, this sort of natural feeling of when and how we connect or not.


ANJULI: I felt that with her and me, just a support of love and naturalness.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Then, for example, when I now study my famous focus, Sissi... Oh, Elias, this was so interesting, because I read about her life, and to read about another focus and to feel the individuality and to feel her Milumetness, this is such an interesting experience!

ELIAS: Which offers you an expanded view of yourself as essence.

ANJULI: Yes, and she had three daughters, and I did not know that she had three. When I read the name of the youngest daughter, Valerie Marie, I knew that this was her favorite daughter, and then I read that this indeed was her favorite daughter. She has written a journal about her life with her mother, and I for short was quite emotional when I read that! Is Valerie Marie a focus of Jivani?


ANJULI: And I so much want you to be the Emperor Franz Joseph II! (Elias laughs) I thought about that, how to do it so that hopefully that is you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And how shall this generate within you any greater connection with myself?

ANJULI: No, not! I thought it does not matter. When feeling into the relationship of her and him, I sometimes saw some similarities or I connected myself with the writing of Runi and Inmi, and it is not important if you were him or not.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but allow yourself the recognition of appreciation of different expressions of different essences that you generate similar associations with, and this may allow you a new appreciation of the wondrousness of all essences.

ANJULI: Yes, not only is Elias wonderful, but you are very, very wonderful, Elias!

ELIAS: And this is your expression of appreciation now, which is accepted, and as you recognize that tremendous appreciation that you generate now in this focus in association with your relationship with myself, you may also allow yourself to expand your awareness and recognize the appreciation that you have incorporated with other essences in other focuses. This does not diminish the appreciation that you generate now in relation to myself. It merely enhances your objective recognition of your appreciation.

ANJULI: When you told me a few sessions ago to create a relationship with self and that intimacy with self is the greatest joy, I at that time did not want to hear it. Then I knew, okay, he is right and I will just do it, and then it was so great. So I know whatever you say is something I tell myself. Inmi anyway would say everything that you are saying also!

What is the time? Okay! Well, probably a little bit about Dream Walkers. I read the sessions about Dream Walker intents and how the Dream Walkers connect with the various essence families, and it still did not really sink into me, so I thought I start talking about that. In the past there sometimes was the feeling of knowing of how it is to not be physically focused, although I am physically focused. For a while I thought that this has something to do with me not having many focuses here in this dimension; but is there a Dream Walker aspect, or is there a memory, or what is it when I feel exactly how it is when you are not physically focused?


ANJULI: And as the Dream Walkers connect with the Milumets by appearing as angels, and as I had a few experiences in my life with angels or guides, have they been Dream Walkers? What is the difference between nonphysical essences and Dream Walkers, because... Yes, I think I feel the difference, because nonphysical essences have been physical and Dream Walkers not.

ELIAS: Some.


ELIAS: Clarify what you are attempting to identify.

ANJULI: There were some experiences before I connected with you, in the ashram time and afterwards, of feeling nonphysical beings in my near. At that time I called them angels or guides, and I felt a difference between some of them. Some of them felt more like knowing about the physical and some felt as if they have never been physical.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Then this means they are nonphysical essences I connect with, and I feel the difference into their energies and experiences.

ELIAS: Yes. There are some essences that choose not to be focusing attention in physical dimensions. You are correct.

ANJULI: And regarding my memory of knowing how this is to be nonphysical, that is a connection with my own Dream Walker aspect, or is this also a dispersed experience of other essences which are not physically focused?

ELIAS: Both.

ANJULI: Now we got the Dream Walker sessions also into my experience! (Elias chuckles)

Oh, Elias, and I love your sessions so much! You are so playful, and I love your interaction with Cindel! I love her! She is great! I learn so much about how you are interacting with all of them, and I thought, after all, I can learn that. I mean, that is what you are saying about Acceptance 102, when we use our intuition. You think after a while I will feel that of how to interact with whom, because now sometimes beings ask for advice and I want to learn that. I think I am a bit already moving in that direction, but I can continue with it by looking into how you are doing it and feeling that.


ANJULI: And this has nothing to do with if somebody is Sumafi or Milumet, because now sometimes these essence families feel... Well, probably I have thought them to be separate, and now I cannot really separate that any more.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. It matters not what essence family you are belonging to. These essence families, be remembering, are associated with this physical dimension. The grouping or the qualities that are expressed by each of these essence families are relative to this physical dimension. Therefore, you may allow yourself to recognize that if you disengage your attention from this physical dimension, the designation of these essence families is no longer relative.

ANJULI: Oh, then you mean when I, for example, feel with the focuses I have in your dimension... I anyway have focuses in many dimensions and am therefore belonging to many essence families, so I am anyway not just Milumet.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I sometimes feel as if I know all essence families or am all of them. So as I am moving into acceptance and am trusting self, this is then creating least distortion, and this is similar with the other essence families. Is this my Borledim alignment or just because of not separating anymore?

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself more of a recognition of the lack of separation.

ANJULI: Then I sometimes can use a little bit of your Sumafiness, for example, in certain situations, and I do not have to think of how that intellectually fits. I just playfully do that?


ANJULI: I then use this knowledge of ... I don’t know how to say that.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. This is not an expression of altering the essence family that you are belonging to. It is merely your allowance to be generating less separation and recognizing that these essence families are quite relevant within your physical dimension and in association with your focuses of attention in this physical dimension, but that there are expressions outside of this physical dimension, in a manner of speaking, that the expressions of or the designations of these essence families are not relevant.

ANJULI: Oh! Okay, I see it, because I am belonging to Milumet in this dimension, and the more I feel to be essence... Oh, that’s what you mean!


ANJULI: Now I got it! Ah, yes!

Then about my other dimensional crystal focus. When I years ago had started to connect with him, I sometimes moved into him and I now started to do this again. I did that often and it helps. It is doing something in my energy field. Is this a partial merger with him?


ANJULI: Okay, I will continue to explore my other-dimensional focuses!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And perhaps allow yourself a visitation from an extraterrestrial!

ANJULI: Oh, yes, yes, Elias, and I still want to be visited not just by my focuses but also by a focus of you, and the other-dimensional focus of Lawrence can come too! Do you have a nice focus of your essence which is waiting for me to create an allowance for his visit, a nice extraterrestrial?

ELIAS: (Laughs) And if you are so allowing you shall generate this type of experience!

ANJULI: Yes, I do that like I did with Timothy. That worked! Oh, and can I visit Timothy? I mean, I can move through time and not just project, I could really physically visit him?


ANJULI: And he me, too?


ANJULI: Okay, and the more I feel into my visits of the island the more fully real it feels.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: And when I, for example, try to do a step and then I am there, on the island... I mean I can try to do a step and then I am in another room. I can continue to do that and use, for example, my inner sense of conceptualization about trust and everything, and then it works.

ELIAS: Yes, you may.

ANJULI: We soon have to stop. But for example, once I was taking a shower and then I wanted to meditate, and I am doing that usually in my bedroom. Then I found myself sitting in the other room and I did not know how I had come there. First I thought probably I have been absorbed in my thoughts and that’s why I came there without being aware of it, but it felt in the direction of how it must feel when you go there without walking. Did I do that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: Then I did it already? I did everything already!

ELIAS: It is merely a matter of noticing, my friend. (Pause)

ANJULI: Oh Elias, what is this time thing, when I have sessions with you and I think there is a watch and there is time and there is one hour gone? How can I change that? Can I play with that and use the inner sense of differential time for example and something like that?

ELIAS: Yes, you may if you are so choosing.

ANJULI: So is that a belief when I think I have to look to the watch if now one hour has passed, and that is how I reinforce this linear time?

ELIAS: Partially, and also the movement of time within your physical dimension is quite strongly associated with, and your belief that you do not incorporate the ability to bend time in a manner in which you choose is also quite strongly expressed. For you view time to be an entity in itself and not an expression that you may necessarily alter. But be remembering, my friend, all that is generated within your reality, every aspect of it, is created through your perception. Therefore altering your perception alters the actual reality.

ANJULI: Then I can do it with that also!


ANJULI: And Elias, is my much clearer subjective interaction with you now because I have my attention more on self and trust into self, and because I feel that my essence is not less than yours?


ANJULI: Because there has been a change. Before this I wanted to explore how I can get knowledge on my own, and in that time I did not feel the interaction with you so strongly and now it is so strong. My interaction with you is so strong now.

ELIAS: Which is your expression of allowance, and I am acknowledging of you.

ANJULI: Then I am doing it now more freely because I feel that I now have this intimacy with self, which you suggested me to create.

ELIAS: And allowing yourself to trust that.

ANJULI: Also the interaction with you is more easy because you are not more than I am or bigger - although you are my elder brother! (Laughing) Oh, Elias, that is again such a beautiful session! (16-second pause)

ELIAS: I shall be continuing playfully my interaction with you.

ANJULI: And I shall practice noticing of what I am doing already with you and then I am intensifying our playful interactions, Elias!

ELIAS: Very well, my friend! (Chuckling) And we shall continue and you shall be expanding your awareness. As always, I offer to you my affection.

ANJULI: Yes, me too!

ELIAS: And I shall also anticipate our meeting objectively.

ANJULI: Yes. We interact in all possible ways, however it can be done!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well, my dear friend...

ANJULI: I love you a lot, Elias!

ELIAS: And in great lovingness to you also, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:01 PM.

(1) See , 11/8/97, for ’Acceptance 101, The Remedial Edition,’ and , 9/14/97, for ’Acceptance 102 In Nine ?Easy? Steps.’

(2) Anjuli’s Note: Here in my memory there was a verbal objective interaction between me and Elias in which he said, ’You can create all of it,’ all of what is in my writings. This is not on the tape. In my next session, which I had before getting the tape of this session, I asked Elias questions about this sentence and he confirmed that he has said it. It is important because I thought about this sentence during the entire time between this session and the next one, and the next one is built entirely upon this sentence from Elias.

(3) Elias describes Dream Walker interactions of the different essence families in , 10/1/97; #237, 11/9/97; #238, 11/16/97; #242, 11/23/97; #246, 11/30/97; #247, 12/7/97; #250, 12/14/97.

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