Session 920

Number Imagery


"Number Imagery"
"What Is Attention?"

Tuesday, October 9, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Katie (Muriel)
Elias arrives at 10:42 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KATIE: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) We meet again!

KATIE: Yes, and sooner than I expected. It seems I won’t be attending the Pennsylvania session.

ELIAS: Ah, but we are engaging conversation now!


ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

KATIE: Well, I have a bunch of questions. It seems most of them are other people’s questions, but I have some of my own, too.

ELIAS: Very well.

KATIE: The first one is, the Alexander focus, that chapter focus, is that a different book from the shift book?


KATIE: It is, okay. And is the Egyptian chapter of the shift book, coinciding with the Alexander chapter, is it parallel to it?

ELIAS: What you may term to be closely associated.

KATIE: I was thinking more in terms of time period.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

KATIE: Is there a span of time associated with the Egyptian chapter of the shift book?


KATIE: What kind of span would that be?

ELIAS: In actuality, this is what you may term to be a lengthy chapter, and some aspects of what you may term to be generations are incorporated also in other chapters. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: The time span of that particular chapter incorporates approximately 700 years.


ELIAS: And in this, there are certain time frameworks, certain generations in your terms, that are also incorporated in other chapters of other books. They overlap.

KATIE: Oh, okay. (Pause) Just scribbling notes right here. (Chuckles) The Elias List wanted to know this information.

Is the American Revolution also part of the French Revolution chapter focus?


KATIE: No, okay. Is it a chapter focus at all?


KATIE: Archer and Mikah have a question. They have an impression that they are involved with assisting this planet to blink out, within our terms, futurely.

ELIAS: Define the identification of this action.

KATIE: I don’t have that. They just wrote down this question for me.

ELIAS: Express to them both that they may be resubmitting this question futurely, if they are so choosing, in offering a clearer definition of their direction.

KATIE: Well, I have some background that they gave me. Shall I read that?

ELIAS: Very well.

KATIE: It says, "Mikah and I were having a discussion and one thing led to another and we made an agreement to assist in the planet’s blinking out within this dimension when it typically does so. We think the next time will be in 10,000 years. So Mikah and I agreed to focus and in our processes be the what and the how we all create the planet to blink out."

ELIAS: In lending energy and cooperation and participation, yes; in orchestrating, no.

KATIE: A little while back I had a dream in which I was in a library of some sort, and I found all of these framed documents that basically just had lists of names on them. I was going through these, a stack of these framed documents, looking for a particular name. In the dream someone came up to me and asked me if I knew what I was looking for, and I told him, yes, I did. I felt it had to do with a World War II focus of mine, and upon awakening I had the name, and it was Peter Braun. Is this the name of a World War II focus of mine?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

KATIE: I also had an image of him connected with this same dream, of a tall, blonde, blue-eyed fellow in a military uniform.


KATIE: And he had a camera. Was he a photographer for ... well, I had the impression that he was a Nazi staff photographer.

ELIAS: One of them, yes.

KATIE: Did he have any connection with Eva Braun?

ELIAS: Not in relationship, no.

KATIE: And on the same subject, Lisa’s been exploring a Nazi focus of hers, and she was wondering as to the naming of this focus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Wilhelm Mueller.

KATIE: She also has impressions that this focus of hers was involved in experiments on animals.

ELIAS: Partially, yes, correct.

KATIE: Did she have any connection with Josef Mengele in that focus?

ELIAS: No. (1-minute pause) Shall you continue?

KATIE: Oh, I asked you a question. I’m waiting for an answer.

ELIAS: And I have responded. I expressed to you, no.

KATIE: Oh, I didn’t get that at all! (Both chuckle) Buddy has a question, too. He wants to know if his famous focus was Patton.

ELIAS: No. You may express to continue investigating. Ha ha!

KATIE: (Laughs) Now I finally get to go to my questions. (Elias chuckles)

I’ve been having number imagery again. It’s been the number 711, seven-one-one, and I’ve had some ideas on what it was about, but none of them really seem to fit.

ELIAS: Express to myself your impressions.

KATIE: Well, one of my impressions was that it had to do with the Pennsylvania gathering, and the reason I made that connection was because the session number at the Huntsville gathering was 711.


KATIE: That’s pretty much all - unless it has to do with convenience stores. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And may you express to myself your association with your movement as you have been offering these numbers to yourself?

KATIE: My movement?


KATIE: I haven’t really noticed. It just seems to pop up randomly.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you are offering yourself this imagery concerning these numbers not, in actuality, in association with these sessions, so to speak, although you do offer yourself a translation which is partially associated with this forum, in a manner of speaking. For what you are presenting to yourself is a symbolic communication concerning an energy vibration which is being expressed by many, many, many individuals that participate in this forum in association with this mass event and the type of energy that they are choosing to be expressing in continued participation with it.

Now; you offer to yourself the number seven, which is a translation numerically which may be associated, loosely speaking, with a particular vibrational quality of energy, this being an expression of energy of acceptance and calm. Be remembering, this is a translation. And in this, you also offer to yourself a translation associated with this gathering of individuals in this group which shall incorporate a session with myself as an association with this specific type of expression of energy. Therefore, it is quite understandable that you associate the numbers with that particular session, although this, as I have stated, is a translation in association with a type of energy expression.

The 11 is your symbology to yourself in identifying what the energy expression is directed to or in conjunction with, in offering yourself the number signifying a particular day. It is not energy directed to that day, but you offer yourself the number as an identification of what the energy is in association with. Are you understanding?

KATIE: You’re talking about the World Trade Center thing, but this started way before that.

ELIAS: It matters not. You are offering yourself imagery concerning a type of energy expression which - as this is created within an expression of simultaneous time - let me express to you my friend, many, many individuals offered themselves imagery in what you may term to be considerable time frameworks earlier to the actual event.

KATIE: Okay, well, how does this relate to my movement then?

ELIAS: The reason that I inquired of you concerning your movement is that you may allow yourself to view the association between mass movements and your movements, and allow yourself to discover the response to this question yourself.

In viewing your choices and your individual movement in association with what you are defining as outside imagery, as you correlate your choices and your movements and actions with what you view outside of yourself [and] recognizing that you are a participant in what occurs outside of yourself for you are also creating it, you offer yourself a clearer avenue of information to understand what the significance or the translation of your individual imagery is more effectively. Are you understanding?

KATIE: Kind of. (Pause)

ELIAS: Within your physical dimension, as I have been discussing with many individuals recently, you are unaccustomed to recognizing objectively where you are actually directing your attention, for you associate attention with thought, and it is not thought. Therefore in allowing yourself to actually move your attention and direct it in different manners, paying attention to what you are choosing in association with imagery that you offer to yourself and also communications that you offer to yourself, you allow yourself a clearer translation of your direction, which also clarifies your imagery to yourself; for as I have stated, imagery objectively is quite abstract. Therefore it may be confusing at times, for it may be associated with many different expressions or directions.

In allowing yourself to pay attention to your movement and your choices - what you are actually doing - in conjunction with your imagery that you present to yourself, it appears to you to be less abstract and clearer within your understanding.

KATIE: I think I’ll probably understand that better when I hear it on the tape. (Elias laughs with Katie)

ELIAS: Very well!

KATIE: And then I’ll probably have questions!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Let me express to you, my friend, although it appears to be unrelated within your thought process to associate your individual movement and choices in correlation to a mass event and also to an expression of objective imagery that appears to you to be quite abstract in merely the presentment of numbers, in actuality what I am expressing to you is that you yourself are creating ALL of these movements, all of these expressions. Therefore in actuality they are not separated. Those events or actions that appear to be outside of you or removed from you are in actuality being created by you.

Therefore, as you present to yourself abstract imagery, if you are allowing yourself to pay attention to what you are actually doing and choosing in a particular time framework, your movement in that particular time framework, you also may allow yourself to more clearly view all of the movement, for it is all being created by you; and in this, your imagery becomes clearer and you offer yourself more of an understanding of it. You allow yourself to more clearly and accurately translate it.

In this imagery, in your physical terms, you may allow yourself to recognize that your impression concerning these numbers was close, so to speak, for you associated this number with a group of individuals and you choose this group of individuals as a symbol of a particular expression of energy. Are you following?


ELIAS: Therefore, you are partially correct in your impression in translating this objective imagery. And in further movement, to allow yourself to clearly and accurately translate beyond that one association with the imagery that you are offering to yourself, in a manner of speaking I am offering you a method of how you may be more accurately translating this abstract imagery that you present to yourself.

Once offering yourself the identification of the group of individuals and the expression of a specific session, you may move further in your identification. What is the association of that gathering collectively of individuals? This is, in your association, a specific directed expression of energy which moves in a particular manner. All of the individuals that objectively physically come together in these groups project an energy collectively in a certain type of expression. You yourself have participated in this type of action, in which you collectively express an energy projection of acceptance, camaraderie, and calm with each other in this setting, so to speak. Are you following?


ELIAS: Therefore, this is your association with these types of gatherings. But it is not the particular group of individuals or the experience of the sessions that you are associating with but rather a particular type of energy expression, and identifying that this particular expression of energy is being projected in association with this mass event in a mass movement.

Now; the reason that you offered this imagery to yourself and this communication to yourself is to be reinforcing your expression of energy and validating the significance of your energy in participation with what is being created en masse in not offering an expression of energy which you view as not beneficial and not expressing an energy which you view as negative, but validating to yourself that in participation with many other individuals you are affecting of the event and the continuation of the movement of this mass expression in what you associate as a healing manner. Are you understanding?

KATIE: Yes, I am. And I can kind of see that too, because although when the event occurred initially I was pretty shocked, but I never did get all torn up over it or was ever worried about it.

ELIAS: And you are expressing a particular type of energy which lends energy to the expression of healing and acceptance.

KATIE: Great! Okay, now I understand what you’re talking about. (Elias chuckles)

Okay, I’ve had some other imagery. I’m not having it like right now, but we got to talking about chapter focuses on the Elias List, and every time I typed in the word "medieval," when it showed up on the Elias list it came through on mine and Vicki’s, and I don’t think anybody else’s, as spelled differently. It was spelled "medireview." And it happened quite consistently for, oh gosh, maybe a month. I haven’t typed "medieval" for a while, so I don’t know if it’s still doing that or not. But I was kind of wondering what that was about. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I may express to you, each of you that have created this action have created it within your own individual imagery as, in a manner of speaking, playfully expressing an alteration of association with the "evil" part of the word. (Both laugh)

KATIE: So it’s about changing, reviewing our perception of the word evil?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. This is objective imagery that you are offering to yourselves in relation to redefining terms.

KATIE: Okay! Interesting. Well, Jenaro hit on that at one point, but I just ... I should have listened! (Elias laughs) Now, Ken found a website on "medireview" in which there were all these posts - it was a bulletin board or something - and there were all these posts of different people, they were experiencing the same phenomena. Most of them were history professors and they would get it back in students’ papers and everything, medireview.

ELIAS: And as I have expressed to all of you previously, this action of redefining terms and also redefining your reality is a movement of this shift in consciousness. It is not limited to those of you that interact with myself. Ha ha ha!

KATIE: This is true. (Laughs)

I’ve only got one question left. This energy exchange with Tom, can I terminate it?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

KATIE: How do I go about that?

ELIAS: Familiarizing yourself with YOUR energy, recognizing that all that you participate within you create; therefore, it is YOUR choice of whether you shall continue to create it or not. As I have expressed previously, it matters not what other individuals choose. For in relation to your reality, whatever is being expressed within your awareness within your reality is a creation of your perception. Therefore, you are choosing to be creating this action.

This also moves in conjunction with what we have been discussing this morning concerning paying attention to what you are choosing and doing. For many times, although not always, individuals, and yourself also, engage thought processes in which you think you want to be creating one expression and in actuality you choose a different expression. And many times this creates confusion in the individual, for your automatic response is to express to yourself why: why am I creating this expression and I want this other expression? But the identification of the want is expressed in translation of thought. Therefore you THINK that you want one expression, but you actually create another. This is what I have been expressing to you, which offers you a clearer understanding of your direction and your movement in paying attention to what you actually do and choose.

Now; in this, as you allow yourself to pay attention to what you are actually doing and choosing, you also offer yourself information concerning the reasons that you are choosing specific actions.

Now; if you are wishing to be disengaging a particular action in relation to another individual, the first movement that you may incorporate with your attention is to turn your attention to self and allow yourself the recognition that you are creating ALL of this expression, all of this interaction. Therefore, the discontinuation of it is not dependent upon the choices of the other individual. It is not a situation in which you must be or need be incorporating an action such as buffering. Are you understanding thus far?


ELIAS: For the other individual may be projecting energy and you may be receiving of that energy, and it matters not. For what is being manifest in relation to the energy is YOUR creation.

Now; if you are so choosing, you may be incorporating a buffer in which you allow the energy expression of another individual to approach yourself, but you also create an action in which you reflect it away and do not allow a penetration. But what I am expressing to you beyond that action is that in actuality, how you configure that energy as you receive it is your choice and your manifestation.

Therefore, if you are wishing to be discontinuing, you may merely choose to not create that projection of energy, not create your manifestation of it, your perception of it. Move your attention and allow yourself to focus your attention in a different expression.

KATIE: Let me ask you this. Am I continuing to choose to participate in that energy exchange?

ELIAS: In this present now, answer this question to myself. This is an opportunity to pay attention to what you are choosing and doing in the moment, in the now. Therefore, what is your response to your question in this present now?

KATIE: I think right now I’m just buffering.

ELIAS: Correct. And in each moment you may inquire of yourself, in like manner to this moment, what are you choosing and doing? Not what are you thinking - what are you actually choosing and doing in the moment?

For in inquiring this of yourself, you identify what you are choosing and what you are doing, and in identifying that, you offer yourself more choices, for you incorporate the freedom in any moment to choose differently from what you may have chosen in the moment prior.

KATIE: But how do I choose differently if thought doesn’t have anything to do with it? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Thought is not choosing.

KATIE: I just don’t get that part. I mean, I understand what you are saying in concept, but not in practical terms.

ELIAS: By paying attention to this choosing/doing aspect of yourself.

I am not expressing to you to not think, for thinking is a translating mechanism and therefore it is moving and generating thoughts almost continuously - not entirely continuously. But what I am expressing to you is that thought is not generating your reality, it is not creating your reality, it is translating. And in this, thought does not always translate accurately.

Therefore if you are moving your attention to what you are choosing and what you are doing, you also offer yourself clearer communication to thought, which allows your thinking to more accurately and clearly translate objectively to you. And in this action, merely the identification of what you are choosing offers you more of a freedom in recognizing that you are not bound to one choice.

If you are not recognizing what you are choosing, how shall you offer yourself objectively the ability to intentionally choose otherwise?

KATIE: Well, I understand that part, and I recognize that I am choosing that energy exchange and that in my thoughts I want something different. I’m wishing to discontinue it.

ELIAS: Very well, and what I am expressing to you is, the manner in which you may engage this action is to pay attention as you are choosing it, and therefore allow yourself to stop in the moment.

I may express to you my friend, as you practice with this movement of attention this shall become much more familiar and be expressed much more easily.

KATIE: I sure hope so. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: It is...

KATIE: ’Cause right now it’s just pretty darn confusing.

ELIAS: It is merely unfamiliar presently, but I may assure you that this particular action requires, in your terms, little practice to become familiar. This is not as difficult as you perceive it to be presently. (Chuckles)

KATIE: It’s like there’s just this one little hitch that I just don’t quite get.

ELIAS: Which is?

KATIE: Well, if I knew what it was...! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Ah, searching to discover the missing piece! (Chuckles) I may express to you, the missing piece, so to speak, is the identification of what attention is.

KATIE: Okay, what is attention?

ELIAS: Attention. HA HA HA HA HA!

KATIE: Oh, fine! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It is your allowance of yourself to direct your awareness to specific actions that you are incorporating. For the most part you, in like manner to most individuals within your physical dimension, concentrate your attention upon thought.

Now; in concentrating your attention upon thought, you offer little aspects of attention to actual communications that you incorporate within yourself. Therefore, as thought is a translating mechanism, it does not function accurately many times if it is not being offered information through communication. The manner in which you offer thought the communication to be accurately translating is to move your attention to the communications.

In a manner of speaking, I may express to you, you may view your thoughts as a type of processing machine, so to speak.

Now; you have incorporated information previously from other essences that thought is reality; very well, just as the machine is a reality.

Now; this machine that you may incorporate physically requires an input of information, and in offering it an input of information, its function is to translate that information. Let us say that you incorporate many, many, many volumes of coded text, so to speak, and you incorporate an action of feeding this text into this machine, and what the machine incorporates as function is to be translating these volumes of text into pictures, so to speak, that you may understand in an objective viewing of them.

Thought works in a very similar manner. It incorporates information and translates that information objectively. BUT it does not precede or create or generate your reality. It translates it.

Therefore, if you are not offering information through your attention to your thought process, it may translate what is familiar to it. It may translate in relation to your beliefs and familiar information that it already incorporates, rather than accurately translating what you may be actually incorporating in movement in the moment. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: For it draws upon the information that it is offered, and if your attention is not being directed to communications or choices, you are also not offering that to your thought mechanisms. In a manner of speaking, you are offering to the machine blank pages, and therefore it has little information to translate. Therefore it translates what it already associates with and what is familiar, what it already knows. But that may not necessarily be what your movement is in the moment.

KATIE: Okay, I think I getcha. (Elias laughs)

We’ve got to wrap this up. We’ve run over a couple of minutes already, and I’m off to my daughter’s house to transform it into an Egyptian bedchamber. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah! Very well. I offer my encouragement in your project. Ha ha!

KATIE: Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed the session. Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and as always I offer my affection to you. This day, in playfulness, au revoir.

KATIE: Au revoir, my friend.

Elias departs at 11:44 AM.

(1) Daryl’s transcribing note: After I sent you #920 I ran a new search for the mangled word "medireview." There was a bunch of articles from 2002 about Yahoo changing the words in email. Just thought I’d share, in case you’re interested.

"Yahoo Mail Puts Words in Your Mouth" at CNET at

I like Elias’ evil explanation thing better. I say it "me-dire-view" rather than "medi-review."

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