Session 323




Wednesday, September 23, 1998 (1)     © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Leslie (Margaret).
Elias arrives at 10:11 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

LESLIE:  Good morning!  Okay, my first question is, when I was reading a transcript the other day, Vicki mentioned something about your name being Rastin before, and now you’re called Elias?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  And that your tone is changed now?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  Okay, I’m not understanding.  Have you become another essence now?

ELIAS:  No.  Let me explain to you that within this energy exchange and within the exchange of energy that has been occurring within these sessions — and the energy which is projected within the interaction of all of the essences that participate in the activity of these sessions, regardless of their objective interaction — there has been much energy projected into this particular tone or this name of Elias, and in this it is coupled with the energy that is merged and exchanged within the process, so to speak, of this phenomenon.  In this, there has been an alteration in the tone of my essence.

Now; let me also explain that this has been an agreement and I have been agreeable to this alteration of tone, and in this alternation of tone it has moved the tone into a different translation of word, which now translates into the word of Elias.  No energy exchange or projection of energy of other essences may be altering of any essence tone if it is not agreed upon.  Therefore, this would be an alteration in tone that has been accepted in agreement, not that it is an automatic action which occurs as a result, so to speak, of the energy exchange which occurs within your expressions of physical focus.  Are you understanding?

LESLIE:  Well, honestly, no! (Elias chuckles)  I mean, yes and no.  You always think you understand, but it takes a long time before it sinks in! (Elias chuckles again)  It’s a lot deeper than I had imagined.  Is it basically that the tone changed for the benefit of our sessions and our understanding?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  It is an acceptance of other energy which is incorporated into my essence which is altering of the overall tone of my essence.

LESLIE:  I could have bypassed that question!  That’s kind of hard!  I’ll listen to the tape.  It’ll make more sense after I’ve listened to it a few times.  May I ask you some essence names and families?

ELIAS:  You may.


ELIAS:  Salvador; S-A-L-V-A-D-O-R.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

LESLIE:  Hmm!  Okay, Erika?

ELIAS:  Orect; O-R-E-C-T.  Essence family, Ilda; alignment, Tumold.

LESLIE:  Kerin?

ELIAS:  Mae; M-A-E.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

LESLIE:  Okay, Jay?

ELIAS:  Dehn; D-E-H-N.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda.

LESLIE:  Okay.  The last time we spoke, you said I was in agreement with my little creature to put her to sleep.  During all the years that we were together, did we always have the energy exchange?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Now, why didn’t she just disengage instead of having me put her to sleep?  ‘Cause that was really, really hard and painful.  Was that part of my emotional experience in this focus?

ELIAS:  This would be an agreement between yourself and your creature to be addressing to your own belief systems in this area, and....

LESLIE:  My belief systems in death?

ELIAS:  In the area of disengagement and your participation in this, and the emotional affectingness that is occurring in relation to the influence of these belief systems.

LESLIE:  Okay, that makes sense.  Okay, the last time we spoke, did I understand you correctly that the beginning focus creates all other focuses, including my focus right now?

ELIAS:  The beginning focus does not necessarily create all other focuses, but is the designation of a specific focus for the action of the onset of entering into a particular physical focus.  If the beginning focus were to be creating of the other focuses, they would not be simultaneous. One would be first, and it would be subsequently creating of all the other focuses.  But it is merely a designation of a specific focus which is creating of an action which is agreed upon by all of the focuses, in like manner to the final focus.

As to your question, the beginning focus is designated this in relation to all of the focuses of essence within a particular dimension.  None of the focuses within a particular physical dimension are exempt from this action.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Since I’m the final focus — I hate to word this the way I’m going to — I determine when the game ends for all other focuses unless one fragments.  Is that correct?  For the experience?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes.

LESLIE:  Okay.  You mentioned changing with an alternate.  Is an alternate the same as another focus?

ELIAS:  No.  Alternate selves are all you.

LESLIE:  Oh, okay.  How many are there? (Elias chuckles)  Oh!  A lot?

ELIAS:  There are countless alternate you’s!

LESLIE:  Okay!  You know, as I read the sessions and I listen to you and everything else, all of this rings true and it seems so ... well, I don’t know whether I make it simple enough, but it’s very, very difficult!  Is it that we don’t hold on to the information that we receive objectively?  Is that why it’s so hard to implement?

ELIAS:  No.  You retain the information and you hold this information subjectively.  You merely do not allow yourselves to be acclimating to this information in an objective manner, for much of the action of this information is unfamiliar to you.  In this, you move into automatic areas of familiarity and do not allow yourselves to be compliant, in a manner of speaking, with information that you view to be unfamiliar to you.  You are quite steeped in these belief systems and are very accustomed to moving within them.

It is a similar situation to an analogy that I may offer to you.  If you are moving about within your physical focus, and you have created your reality that you shall move through your physical existence within your air, you find this to be the movement of ease, for it is familiar to you.

Now; if you at any given point alter your physical reality and incorporate your movement naturally through your physical focus to be physically moving through water, this action shall be unfamiliar to you, and you shall magnate back to your air, for it is familiar to you, and in this familiarity, you view this to be easier.  Although it may not be easier and you may acclimate yourself more efficiently to movement through the water, initially you hold fearfulness in this area.  You shall express to yourself, “Oh, my!  I may not be moving through water!  I may not breathe within water!”  And you may express to yourself, “The thickness and the density of this water shall inhibit my movement and shall create conflict and much less movement for myself than the movement through the ease of my air.”

But you also, once acclimated to the difference of the element of the water, may find that you move more freely, for although at first glance your air appears thinner and you seem to hold more mobility within your air, you also within your air experience much pressures upon your physical form, where in your water you experience a buoyancy, and the water itself shall be supportive of you and not creating of the physical pressures that your air is creating of.

Therefore, in like manner you hold a knowing of the information, but you restrict your movement into the actualization of these concepts and this information, for it is unfamiliar, and before you are moving into the direction of directly engaging your water or the action of engaging your belief systems and moving through these belief systems, you shall pull yourself in the direction of the familiar and continue in your automatic areas of creating for the reason that this offers you an element of comfortableness, for it IS familiar.

Within physical focus, you magnate to familiarity more than any other concept, and in this you shall choose automatically that which is familiar, even in the areas that may present themselves as uncomfortable, rather than move yourself into an easement and pleasure in unfamiliar areas.

LESLIE:  But at times, it’s extremely frustrating how slowly we move through this material.  I mean, for me it is, in any case.  I mean, I guess I just want to get all this through osmosis.  I just want it to become ... and all this trial and error stuff ... it’s frustrating, that’s all I can say!  I’m sure others probably feel the same way.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You shall recognize that as you move within your focus and you offer yourself more information and you begin to move in the direction of allowing yourself the trust and acceptance of self to move into unfamiliar areas, once you are creating of this action, it shall become in many respects as a ball rolling down a hill.  It shall become more and more effortless, and you shall move in this direction with more and more ease.

But the first pushes of the ball over the edge of the hill to create its downhill motion may be quite difficult, for you struggle with yourselves in the area of your own acceptance and trust.  This is your most difficult area to be addressing to.  Even in the time frameworks that you think to yourselves that you ARE accepting and trusting of self, there are many elements that you are not trusting yourself within or accepting yourself within.  Therefore, this is one of your greatest limitations and hindrances within this movement.

This also be the reason that I address to this particular concept so very often and may not be stressing enough in this direction, for it shall be the most affecting of your movement.

LESLIE:  Well, you know, I read one of the transcripts where you said acceptance, non-judgmental, nothing’s right, nothing’s wrong, nothing’s good, nothing’s bad.  So after I read it, it seemed so very simple, even though when you said this in the script, you said, “This is very difficult.”  So I read it and I go, “Cool!  I can do this!”  And I was at work, and the first customer that came in said something, and my reaction was, “Oh, you’re so bad!”  And I went, “Oh, God!  Right out of the box, I blew it!” (Elias chuckles)  And it’s very, very frustrating that something seems like it’s the way to do it.  I mean, total acceptance, no good, no bad, no judgment, no anything is the way to go to free us from all of this garbage!  Well, I guess it’s not garbage.  I guess it’s what we’ve created.  But nonetheless, we want to move on, and yet it’s so difficult to do!

ELIAS:  I am expressing an acknowledgment of the difficulty in this area!  I hold an awareness of how very how difficult these concepts are for you to be actualizing within your reality.

View your own statements in your own expression to me within this present now: that you have moved in the direction of expressing the judgment of another individual, that they are so bad, and in response to your judgment of another individual, you have placed a judgment upon yourself in expressing that you have “blew it” and are discounting of yourself, and you are also placing a judgment upon the situation!  Therefore, you have entered into the automatic cycle, which I have expressed, [it] IS very difficult to be moving outside of this cycle, for these are automatic responses that you have created now.

And in your responses, where are you moving?  You shall be moving in the direction of attempting to be incorporating this information, and you shall express to yourself within given situations that either you are not accomplishing and you have failed, or you have accomplished and therefore you are good!

LESLIE:  Oh boy! (Elias chuckles)  It’s a catch-22 kind of, isn’t it?

ELIAS:  Temporarily, for the purpose of helpfulness to be moving you out of the direction of continuation of playing with your dead mouse, I express acknowledgments to you and express encouragements to you, and express that you may be encouraging to yourselves also and be offering yourselves your pats upon your backs, so to speak, for you are much less likely to be moving in this direction than you are to be moving in the direction of discounting yourselves and chastising yourselves and expressing your failures to yourselves, for you are much more fascinated with your dead mouse than you are with your playfulness!

In this, it is helpful to you that you are acknowledging of yourselves and that I offer acknowledgment to you also, but be aware that this is a temporary situation within itself, for as you learn to be accepting of yourself, it shall be unnecessary for me to be acknowledging of you any longer.

LESLIE:  Okay, you win!  Oops, there we go again!  Never mind, we’re not gonna go there! (Elias chuckles)  Alright, how many other focuses do I have? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within this particular dimension, twenty-three.

LESLIE:  Hmm!  I’m a busy little girl!  Well, so to speak! (Elias chuckles)  Are there any other focuses in this time frame right now?

ELIAS:  Of yourself, yes; four.

LESLIE:  I’m sorry, what?

ELIAS:  You hold four other focuses within this time framework.

LESLIE:  Four?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Gee!  That’s kind of a lot, it seems like.  Okay.  Can we trade places with another focus?  Does that happen ever?

ELIAS:  You may, VERY temporarily, but this would be a difficult situation to be accomplishing within physical focus, for this is requiring of an agreement and an understanding within both focuses to be exchanging places, so to speak, and experiencing each other’s focus.  You may be accomplishing this — it is not impossible — but even within the action of this type of exchange, it would be quite temporary.  In your physical linear terms, you would be creating of this for merely a few hours, at the very longest intervals.  More likely, you may creating of this action for time periods of merely minutes.
But I shall also express to you that you may be experiencing — temporarily also — another focus which is not necessarily exchanging focuses with this other individual, but merging with that focus to be fully experiencing another focus.  This would be a different action than exchanging with another focus.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Are any of my focuses considering fragmenting and becoming another essence?  I have the strongest feeling that somebody is going to fragment.

ELIAS:  Within this present now, yes, and if you are so choosing, you may be accessing this other focus and merging with this focus to be allowing yourself the experience, and in this experience, offering yourself more information into the action of fragmentation.

LESLIE:  So, there’s only one that’s considering fragmenting?

ELIAS:  Within this present now.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Is my essence name still the same?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Hmm.  Why am I not comfortable with my essence name?  I really don’t like the name.  I know that sounds strange, but I don’t!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This would be a response within this one particular focus.  You are responding to a partial bleed-through remembrance of another focus of essence which holds the same name as the essence name, and in this, within your present belief systems, you would not be quite accepting of that particular focus, for you would not be in agreement with the actions of that particular focus and would be moving in the direction of placing much judgment upon the choices and behaviors of the individual within that focus.

LESLIE:  What’s that other focus doing that I wouldn’t like? (Elias chuckles)  I think that’s kind of fun!

ELIAS:  I am encouraging of you to be investigating of this particular focus.  This would be a focus within European country of German[y], and the time framework would be placed in the time period of your sixteenth century, and within this time framework, this individual may be considered to be quite an unsavory character! (Grinning)

LESLIE:  That’s okay! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  All the things I don’t do, huh?

ELIAS:  Quite!

LESLIE:  Oh good!  I’m glad somebody out there is having fun!  Okay, let’s see.  Am I in transition, and if so, how long have I been in transition? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are engaging the action of transition, and you have created engaging this action of transition for what you would term to be three linear years.

LESLIE:  Ah, makes perfect sense to me! Okay, why is it that I allow myself total freedom of involvement with my creatures, and yet I keep my emotional distance with people?

ELIAS:  This also is quite common with individuals aligning with the family of Milumet, for they move in the direction of solitariness, in a manner of speaking, and in this they also move in the direction of alignment with all of their creations and all that is created within this dimension, that which YOU term to be, within your concepts of separation, as nature.  In this, individuals aligning with this family of Milumet find little conflict in connecting with elements that they view to be natural and of their own creation; which there is an inner knowing that all of these creatures and any element within your physical focus is of your creation, but another essence is not your creation.

Therefore, you occupy yourselves with the viewing and interaction of your creations and hold less patience, in your terms, and less of a fascination with other individuals or other essences, for other individuals move in the direction of their own creations and their own expressions and are not necessarily in alignment with your own, and this is creating of confusion and conflict and frustration within physical focus.  Therefore, you view this to be easier, to be involving yourself with your own creations and not involving yourselves with other individuals’ creations.

LESLIE:  Okay, thank you.  My new little creature, have we come to some kind of agreement now?  He seems better, although not totally. (Elias chuckles)  You know what?  I listened to that.  I tried to understand.  I understand to a degree, but on an objective level, I’m not understanding exactly how to get this agreement totally in line.

ELIAS:  Once again, as you are focusing upon YOURSELF and addressing to your own issues, you shall also notice that your creature shall be moving in directions of compliance and letting go of certain behaviors that he is creating to be reminding you of your involvement with your own issues.

Now; you have allowed yourself certain movements in addressing to your own issues, and you also view the direct affectingness within agreement that the creature is responsive to.

LESLIE:  So, as I move through the issues, then he will drop his behavior?  If I’m hesitating or I’m trying to avoid an issue, he becomes more vocal?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  Oh, okay.  Is my husband in his final focus?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Oh, really?  Huh!  Okay!  Is my husband more interested in the material — although he doesn’t read the scripts or anything, but I tell him a lot of stuff — is he more interested in this than he actually lets on?

ELIAS:  He holds an interest in curiosity, but not necessarily in the direction of assimilating and applying this information individually in his own reality yet.

LESLIE:  Okay.  In my movement and my direction and his lack of doing that, is that a strain on the relationship?


LESLIE:  Oh, okay.  Because I asked him if he wanted to ask you any questions today, and he said, “Not at this time.” (Elias grins)  So, I just took it that he wasn’t ready.

ELIAS:  Be accepting of this expression, for it matters not.  You are not in the position of a disciple, and it is not your responsibility to be converting any individual to this information.  You have drawn yourself to this information, that you may more efficiently be moving in the direction of easement within your own focus, and in this you are automatically lending energy to other individuals.

LESLIE:  Okay.  So are you saying then, it’s not necessary for me to convey this material to anyone else?  Just myself, period?

ELIAS:  I am expressing to you that I am greatly encouraging of all individuals to be sharing this information.  What I am NOT expressing to you is to be moving in the direction of insistence with other individuals, but to be recognizing of other individuals and the directions that they are choosing and to be accepting of this.  You may be offering of the information, and if another individual is drawn to the information they shall be making this known to you, so to speak, and if they are not drawn to this information, that shall be made known also, and it is not your responsibility to be creating of a situation of pushing other individuals, for this is not acceptance.  This is creating of a judgment and an expectation.

Therefore, I encourage you to offer the information, and as it is accepted, you may continue to be offering of the information.  But if an individual is not drawing themselves to the information, you shall also hold an awareness of this.  The point is not to be creating of judgments, but merely to be offering information to individuals for their own helpfulness and lessening of their own trauma.  You are not in the business, so to speak, of conversion, for there is no thing to be converted to!  You are not offering a philosophy to convert individuals in the direction of following your philosophy or my philosophy.  You are merely offering information of reality that may be helpful to individuals that draw themselves to the information, that they may be lessening their own elements of trauma within the action of this shift in consciousness.

LESLIE:  Well, there’s a part of me that has trouble understanding why everybody wouldn’t be drawn to it.  Maybe that’s where, for lack of a better word, the problem comes in, ‘cause I just can’t understand anybody NOT being drawn to the material.

ELIAS:  Many individuals shall not be drawn to this information, for it does not speak to them, and they shall draw themselves to other areas of information that SHALL speak to them.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Have my husband and I had other focuses together?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  And can you tell me how many?

ELIAS:  Fourteen.

LESLIE:  Whoa!  Well, that’s too many to even ask you to go there! (Elias chuckles)  I was going to ask you what the relationship was, but I’m not going to go there.

ELIAS:  I am quite encouraging of you to be investigating of these focuses for yourself, and I am encouraging of all individuals to be investigating of their focuses themselves, for this holds more of a reality to them than my mere explanation of their focuses.

LESLIE:  Alright.  With the projection, you gave us an example of how to get there.  Would the same thing apply?  Can we use the projection to get in touch with the other focuses?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Oh okay, we can.  There was one person, I can’t recall who it was, but you kept warning her several times not to do what she was doing, something to do with another focus, and I wasn’t quite understanding what you were telling her not to do. She was being ... I don’t want to use the word intrusive ‘cause I don’t know if that’s a fact, so what is it?  You like view it from a distance?  You can see it, but you don’t really get involved in it?

Vic’s note:  The following information was delivered quite intently.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  This would be the situation with William, and I have expressed this cautioning quite intentionally.  You may be directly interactive with another focus, but also be remembering that this is a temporary action and be recognizing the reason that you are engaging this action. It is merely to offer yourself more information that is pertaining to the focus that you hold your attention within presently, THIS present focus.

In this, you move in the direction of investigating other focuses, but not to the extent of continued interaction with specific focuses.  At times, individuals may turn their attention to another focus and they may hold a fascination with a particular focus, and once they have offered themselves the realization of their ability to be accessing another focus, they may continue to be interactive with this other focus.

In this, each time that you are interactive with another focus of essence, you are influencing and altering of the reality within that focus.  Therefore, you are creating a disturbance within the focuses of essence.

In this, you hold a responsibility within essence to not be affecting in objective terms the reality of another focus, for it is THEIR focus.  Although it is you in one manner of speaking, it also is not you simultaneously, and this other focus holds its own integrity, so to speak, and its own choices.  As you move your attention too often in the direction of interaction with another focus, you are altering of their reality, and this is creating of confusion unnecessarily within another focus.

This be the reason that I have cautioned William in this area, for disturbances were occurring in this continued fascination with particular focuses and continuous interaction with particular focuses, and as you hold the information that you have been offered, you hold an objective awareness of what you are engaging.  Therefore, you also hold a responsibility in this area to not be confusing other focuses and interacting with them in extended manners.

You shall view that if you are allowing an interaction of what you term to be a future focus within your linear time framework, future focuses shall not be interactive with you continuously.  Their interaction shall quite brief and not repeated in their engagement of you, for they hold an understanding of the affectingness.

All focuses are affecting of each other in subjective manners, but in this process of subjective affectingness, YOU hold the choice to be manipulating of the energy that is projected to you, to be reconstructing this energy, accepting it in the manner that it is projected OR accepting it in a manner that is more beneficial to your particular focus.

In objective interaction, you are not in the position any longer of accepting the energy freely and reconstructing the energy, for you have moved into a different type of action.  You are now interactive with another focus objectively, and in this you are creating of a very different type of energy interference, so to speak, which may not be helpful to another focus and may be creating of confusion within another focus.

This is not to say that you may not be temporarily interactive and even merge with another focus to offer yourself information in different aspects of your essence, in viewing other focuses and in offering yourselves connections in experiences of other focuses.  I am merely not encouraging you to be creating of a fascination with particular focuses, and therefore moving yourselves in the direction of continued interaction with other focuses.

LESLIE:  Now, you’re saying that right now, I am doing that?  ‘Cause I’m not aware of that.  Is the other focus in this time frame, or....

ELIAS:  No, you are not engaging of this action.


ELIAS:  I am offering you the example of William, that has moved in this direction previously and to an extent has continued this action, but within your focus, you are not engaging this action.  I am merely offering you information in response to your question in this area.

LESLIE:  Now, if I project into another focus to view another focus, can I do this ... well, okay, WHEN I do this, are you saying then that they are aware that I have done this?

ELIAS:  At times, yes.

LESLIE:  Now, of the four focuses I have in this time frame, are any of the other focuses accessing this same information I am accessing?

ELIAS:  Yes, but not necessarily in the same manner.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Have I ever had a focus with either you or Seth?

ELIAS:  With myself, yes.

LESLIE:  Oh, really?  But not Seth? (Pause)


LESLIE:  Okay.  How many focuses have I been in with you? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Three.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Can you tell me why, when I read the Seth material, the connection with Seth was so very, very strong?  Was it simply that it was new information and I was holding on to that, or what?

ELIAS:  This would be an identification of a knowing that the information that was offered was ringing true.  It also is an identification of family alignment and a similarity in intent, and a knowing of this.  Therefore, there is a ringing in this information and an automatic draw to this information that has been offered.

LESLIE:  Okay.  My husband and I are headed in the direction of beginning a business.  Everything was going like clockwork.  Then all of a sudden, either we, he, or me started throwing a monkey wrench in things.  He fell off the ladder and hurt his back, my stomach started bothering me, he got a flat tire and the battery blew up in the car — well, it went dead — and the kiln ended up costing more money to repair than we had anticipated.  Why are we doing this?

ELIAS:  This also is an action which is quite common for individuals within physical focus.

Initially you move in the direction of attempting to be trusting yourself and moving in the direction of your desire in an objective manner.  This you move into in responsiveness to the information that you have offered yourselves, but you do not entirely trust what you are moving into and what you are creating.

You are moving in the direction of your initial steps, in a manner of speaking, by trusting that you hold the ability to be creating of that which you desire and be creating of fun, but you also hold belief systems in the area of productivity, responsibilities, obligations, and other like aspects of belief systems that move in the direction of how you shall provide for your existence.

This be another situation of our analogy of the water and the air, and what is familiar and what is not familiar: that you move in the direction of familiarity with employment and working within your physical focus for other individuals and you receive compensation for this work that you accomplish, and in this, you subsequently are afforded the ability to be accommodating yourself in your responsibilities in your expenses.

Subsequently, as you offer yourself new information, you attempt to move in the direction of trusting yourself and creating of new directions that are expressive of your own creativity and your desires and shall be an objective act of trusting self and acceptance of self, and in this movement you are beginning in this area, but underlyingly, you are not trusting of this action yet.  Therefore, you also create what you term to be setbacks, for these are your own indications to yourself that you are not in actuality trusting of what you are creating, and you are displaying to yourself your own doubts in your creations.

LESLIE:  Then my question to you is, is this business probable or less probable?

ELIAS:  This endeavor that you move into presently holds more of a probability in its actualization.  Therefore, I shall express, it is more probable that you shall be succeeding in this area if you are not moving in the direction of discouragement with your creations of your setbacks.  This is an opportunity for you to move through these doubts and move into more fully the area of trusting of yourselves, and in this you shall receive your payoff, so to speak, that you shall view your own accomplishments in your business.

LESLIE:  So it’s more me putting the monkey wrench in than Ralph?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  You are both participating in this action.

LESLIE:  Okay, but it can be worked through and it does present an opportunity, correct?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are quite correct.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Then also, our ultimate goal is to get a piece of property and do the work from there, ‘cause I had it set in my mind.  I didn’t realize I was throwing the monkey wrench in.  When it happened, I thought I was in a real positive mode and a right direction, and then this stuff came up and I wondered, “Well, wait a minute.  What’s going on here?”  But the direction we’re headed is to have our own place and do the work there, for various reasons.  Is this less probable or probable? (Pause)

ELIAS:  In this line of probabilities, this also moves in the direction of more probable.

I shall be expressing to you that we shall be accepting of one more questioning and I shall be disengaging, for I am aware of an energy affectingness with Michael and wish not to be continuing in this action.  Therefore, I shall accept your final question within this particular session, and we shall disengage.

LESLIE:  Okay, let’s see.  What do I want to be my final question? (Elias chuckles)  Okay, is it enough to acknowledge?  If I have a belief — which there are lots! — but if I catch it when I think it or start to do it or say it or whatever, I usually go, “Oops, there’s another belief system!” and then I usually chuckle.  Is it enough to acknowledge it?  I don’t understand how to accept it.  I don’t know what that means.  It sounds so easy, but I don’t exactly know what that means.  For instance, doctors, okay?  That’s a good example!  I realize I create my own ailments and I can fix my own ailments, so I should be able to eliminate the doctor, right?  If I accept the belief that I need to go to the doctor, and then go to the doctor, aren’t I buying into “I need to go to the doctor,” and that’s really not necessary?

ELIAS:  It matters not.  In moving in the direction of NOT engaging your physician, you are also placing a judgment in this area and not accepting the belief system.  As you move into the area that you recognize that it is a belief system and that you are in actuality affecting of all that you create within your physical focus and that IT MATTERS NOT whether you engage your physician or you do not engage your physician — it is merely your choice — THIS would be more in the direction of acceptance than to be expressing to yourself that you recognize that you hold a belief system and therefore you SHOULD be holding the ability to alter your creation yourself and not be engaging your physician.  This is a judgment that you are placing on your own choices.

LESLIE:  So, it really matters not whether I go to the doctor or not.  Just acknowledge that the belief system exists, and then either go to the doctor or don’t?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  Oh!  That simple, huh? (They both laugh)  Okay, thank you very, very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome! (Chuckling)  And you may continue....

LESLIE:  Boy!  It’s hard work!

ELIAS:  You may continue in your vein of the simplicity of these concepts and expressing how very simple and easy they are, and you shall also continue to offer to yourself the realization of the difficulty in all of these concepts in their actualization!

LESLIE:  Yep, it’s hard work!  Yep, easy/hard! (They both laugh)

ELIAS:  But I am acknowledging of you, that you shall be receiving your payoff in this area.  Therefore, be encouraged!

LESLIE:  I will.  Thank you very, very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I offer to you this day much energy and much lovingness, and I am quite encouraging of you to be continuing with your investigations and with your noticing of your actions and your belief systems.  I shall be continuing to be interactive with you within your movement.

I express to you this day a very fond au revoir!

LESLIE:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 11:28 AM.

© 1999  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.