Session 357

Too Good To Be True


“Too Good To Be True”

Sunday, January 31, 1999-2  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther).
Elias arrives at 3:27 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good day.

LYNDA:  Hi, Elias! (Elias chuckles)  It is very nice to hear your voice in this way.  I am having a really fun, rather interesting and exciting experience that I want to call a cresting experience.  May I describe a little bit of it to you, and get your input?

ELIAS:  You may.

LYNDA:  Thank you.  I even drew a little diagram born out of this cresting experience, and I’m holding it up so you can look at it! (Laughing)  I don’t want to bore you with the details since I have a feeling you are pretty much understanding of it, but it is a crest that has three lines in it, and the first line begins on the date 1/28, I think it’s 1971, and continues almost to the cresting point, and I call it John; the years of my first discovery of an expanded awareness, which I didn’t know wasn’t Jesus, and then my subsequent years with John, which were almost 23, and then the underneath part of the crest has got Seth, and the underneath part of that crest has got your name and the number 2, and I know the timing isn’t that important, but it’s interesting because the longer crest, or the longer motion of this wave, was the 25 years with John, the shorter is with Seth, and the even very much shorter is with you, and I feel like the last ... even since our last phone conversation, has been sort of a final push, for lack of a better word, into this very nice cresting experience I’m having.  Would you like to make a comment at this point?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are sharing elements of your movement presently, within your sojourn, of your discovery in more of the areas of your own acceptance.

LYNDA:  Huh!  That’s exactly right, and because underneath the word “crest,” which has a straight line, I have the words “self, self trust, self knowing,” and emotionally secure is how this feels, because I had another dialog with myself that triggered, or that I ... no, you know something?  It wasn’t like it magically triggered anything.  What it was is, I made a choice to receive the information I was getting from myself, in this dialog that I just had a couple of days ago, as being me, and that I could lean into it and trust it, and that’s when it started for me, Elias.

ELIAS:  Quite, for this is the beginnings of your turning of your key.  The key to all of this movement in addressing to belief systems or participating within this shift in consciousness is the movement into the acceptance of self — acceptance and trusting of self — and the knowing that there is no element outside of yourself which is creating of your reality, but that YOU are creating all of your reality as to be beneficial to yourself, and also that you shall not be betraying yourself.  Therefore, you warrant your own trustfulness.

LYNDA:  Yes, and isn’t it amazing!  We discussed, the last time we spoke, looking for commonalities, and I’ve applied that.  I’ve taken that information very much to heart and have been tracking the commonalities and patterns within my own life, as you suggest, and Elias, it is ... I want to quote you!  I highlighted it in yellow from that Lawrence gave the heading “Goals/Success,” and I’ll read it to you very quickly ‘cause it is so interesting:  “You are inventive creatures.  You are extremely creative.  You may build machinery to explore your physical space, but you may not solve these tiny, individual problems of successfulness within individuals, for no prophet or psychic may express to you a method for accomplishment if you are not trusting of you.”  Boy, are you deep!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Quite profound, but this also is to be expected, is it not? (Grinning)

LYNDA:  Can you say that again?

ELIAS:  This is to be expected, is it not?  For you expect that I shall be delivering words of wisdom to you, for I am non-physically focused within essence, therefore hold the ability much more efficiently than do you!

LYNDA:  Right!

ELIAS:  Although now I may express to you that as profound as you may view any of my expressions, your own expressions are equally matched.  It is merely a situation of your own trusting in self, and listening to your own expressions.

Vic’s note:  There has been an accelerating audio problem on Lynda’s end since this session began, which is interesting as this wasn’t present in her first two sessions.  So, I will do the best I can, and indicate “(inaudible)” when I can’t decipher her words.

LYNDA:  Right!  That was my point! (Elias chuckles)  The delight of experiencing me in relationship to (inaudible) personal, and Elias, I emphasize, I know that for me, my (inaudible) point in self awareness has been quite, quite in the area of trusting personal and intimate, as well as conflicting, even, imagery, or ... oh, you know.

Anyway, all I’m saying is, it’s amazing to me how we all, in a sense, have missed the holy boat or the bottom line, and I don’t say that in any way derogatory, because there is no question that this shift in consciousness has sped up, and time has shortened.  For me, anyway, the time of conflict has shortened a great deal, and consequently, the time of trauma, and it’s interesting how we objectify even the most miraculous or awesome connections!  Anyway, I’m just marveling at our creativity as human beings.  And you also said, you addressed the issue of: “You shall have desires which are in line with your intent.”  And someone asked a question — it was Drew: “Would wants that are not in alignment with our intent be a result of belief systems?” and you said, “Absolutely.”  And when I first read this, Elias — the first time, when I got the information — I remembered having the reaction, “Well, I don’t want to do something I don’t want to do, but maybe I should do, not because it’s a bad thing or a good thing, but maybe I should be open to doing.”  You know, I went into this whole sort of mental evaluation that had nothing to do with what I have now discovered as my true desires, and I feel that however these desires of mine manifest — and I have a general idea of many, because there are going to be many — the blocking point for me was being afraid to let myself hear them.  Do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS:  Quite.

LYNDA:  Because how could anything this good be good? (Elias chuckles and Lynda laughs)  You understand what I’m saying, I think.

ELIAS:  Ah, and be this not how you have developed your expression of certain elements being “too good to be true”?

LYNDA:  Yes, exactly!  That’s what I meant.

ELIAS:  You are quite suspicious of any element that may appear to you to be gained too easily, for this is unfamiliar.

LYNDA:  Right!  Elias, isn’t it funny?  You know, the whole teaching, or one of the latest trends in the self-awareness or even the New Age, but sort of one of the new, psychological, trendy things is, “getting out of your comfort zone.”  And it hit me that my comfort zone was what I was supposed to get back into!  I’ve been hysterical, laughing ever since!  And isn’t that FUNNY?  (Elias chuckles)  Well, it’s not funny to you.  It’s hysterical to me!

ELIAS:  It is quite interesting how you confuse yourselves with your concepts, although in part I may express that in certain aspects, this concept is correct in some directions, for in moving away from the familiar, you also many times do present yourselves with fear and conflict, but you may also present yourselves with new adventures in opening to more aspects of your reality.

Therefore, in different types of expressions, individuals ARE connecting with the concepts that are related to this shift in consciousness and have merely not moved yet into what you may term physically as the next step, which is to be moving into a comfort or an ease or an effortlessness WITHIN that unfamiliarity; creating the familiarity, within yourself, of the unfamiliar.

LYNDA:  Right.  May I give you a couple of examples that were the latest to trigger ... I’ve been working with your ... you gave an exercise on the emphatic sense (meaning empathic), specifically with regard to concepts, and you asked us or you asked the group to pick a concept and create a landscape for it, and at a certain point since we last spoke, which was part of this leading up to this cresting experience I’ve been explaining, I chose to work with the concept of effortlessness, and this was also connected to my desire to ... which I also at a point want to ask you to expand for me ... color.

Anyway, I created a specific scene with effortlessness, and it was a yellow field of tall wheat grass that was very bright yellow, and it was just moving effortlessly in a very nice breeze, and it was interesting to me that it was yellow because ... let me stay on the subject here.  Well, I guess I can keep going.  Sitting here in my living room, there are splashes of colored construction paper all over my walls, and my furniture I hand-painted because it was rather dull when I got it, and because I was so conflicted over being poor.  I couldn’t stand to be poor, so I needed to brighten myself up, is my only English way of saying it.  So I hand-painted all this furniture, and just a couple of days ago I was mulling over the concept of color tiles, and I had my elbows on my table and I looked down and I went, “Oh, there’s my color tile.”  It’s a design I’ve always used, and it’s colors!

Now, I read Jane Robert’s book on Oversoul Seven, and I was delighted with the concept of color tiles, but would you link what I just said to you, if you can, with my recent understanding or awareness of my personal color tile right in front of me here?  Plus a way I can ... now that I have uncovered some beliefs that are balancing my whole system out, specifically how the color yellow, the color blue, and the color green are in play here, because I get a lot of blue dots lately, especially since I met you, and I have a feeling that these blue dots ... and I got the concept “think blue” when I was going through a particular bit of confusion a few days back, and it’s unfolded all this stuff about color and effortlessness AND my very emphatic (empathic) sense, which has always been something of a curse to me, because it’s hard for me to tune into other people that are going through what I have gone through or am going through, and this is like a cycle with me, and I judge myself very harshly about this, and I just stopped judging myself and started accepting myself, and all this other stuff happened!

Alright, I’m done talking.  If you can jump in here, you’re a miracle worker!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This color of yellow is representative, within the energy centers, of the expression of emotion.

Now; I shall also interject that the appearance of blue is, as you have interpreted, the expression of my energy, which is offered to you in confirmation as you move through your explorations.  Therefore, there is an offering of energy which I choose to be expressing in the color of blue.

The green is imagery that you have presented to yourself in conjunction with communication, in alignment with counterpart action involving the Ilda family.  In this, you allow yourself to draw upon this energy and begin to express yourself in communication with other individuals.  In this, the expression of green is your validation to yourself that you are connecting with energy of this expressed family.

As I have expressed previously, the yellow also is the identification in vibrational quality of the Vold, but it also is expressed within energy centers and generates emotional qualities and expressions.

Therefore, this is the explanation of the presentment of these particular three colors that you offer to yourself in imagery presently.

LYNDA:  Wow, that’s great to hear that!  May I continue with some more imagery that I’ve gotten, related to specifically the blue dots?

ELIAS:  You may.

LYNDA:  Elias, I recently did view the game board up at Vic’s house, and I have been inquiring about Rastin, just in general, and the transition from Rastin to Elias, and I don’t know if this sounds right, but would it have anything to do with my parallel movement?  Because I got blue dots when I was in the belief system with John, and although they were way few and far between, they were definitely memories of mine at certain points of remembering and knowing, and I feel like they were you as Rastin, kind of keeping me on the Sumafi track of staying with the thread of my intent.  Does that sound right?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Be not confused in the element of time framework, for it matters not that the time framework is different, for within non-physical areas of consciousness, it is all simultaneous.

LYNDA:  Right.  Okay, that would make sense.

I also have been having a really fun remembrance or an expanded understanding of Hawaii, and my music taste is quite eclectic, from Frank Sinatra to Maria Callas and opera, Madam Butterfly, the third act, Jerry Lewis — one of my favorites is The Geisha Boy — a lot of seemingly funny imagery because it’s mixed in with my present love for Jerry Lewis, but it has also led me to some imagery about a focus or two I may have had in Japan.

But before I get into those specifics, I want to address first the Hawaiian connection, because the Hawaiian language, as you know, is all vowels, and it’s got a very appealing cadence to me, and I’ve been dancing and loving it, just for the last few days again.  I have a specific CD I play all the time from (inaudible) that is a great mix of this kind of Hawaiian music, and the experience one morning ... I think — and this even sounds a little mixed up too — but my name of Ruther, the tone sound or the tone Ruther, I felt like ... oh, I’ll just say it Elias.  Whatever.  I felt like I could extend it to say, Ruther Elani Aya, and the “aya” is a little vague, but I just got that and I’m not quite sure about it, but the Ruther Elani ... does that have anything to do with an expansion of my tone name?

ELIAS:  There is an element in the tone that aligns with this.  Now; let me explain to you that each individual focus holds what you term to be a name.  This is your physical designation of identification.  Therefore, each of these physical namings are also incorporated into the overall tone, so to speak, of essence.  Elements of each tone of each focus are aspects of essence that all comprise the tonal quality of essence.

Therefore, in one manner of speaking, yes, you may incorporate this other word or tonal quality into essence, but not necessarily into the translation of essence name.  I offer to you the aspect of the essence tone that may be translated into a word within your physical language.  Other aspects of your tone may not necessarily be translated into physical words.

Therefore, there are more aspects to the tone than I have presented to you, but they are not translatable into your physical language.  What you have identified and offered to yourself is the recognition of how each focus tone is incorporated into the tone of essence, so to speak.

LYNDA:  I see.  So, to clarify that for myself, the burst of several different images I got that started in Hawaii are the burst of several different or other focuses I currently have that led me ... the experience led me to other experiences within this present focus.  So, it’s not necessarily related to the name Ruther, but it was an interesting way I chose to get some information about other focuses?  Would that be correct also?

ELIAS:  Partially.  You are correct in that this is an identification of another focus, but you are also correct that this plays into, in a manner of speaking, the essence name of Ruther, for it is an aspect of the tone.  It is one aspect of the tone that all together creates the translation into the physical word of Ruther, for each focus that you hold also contributes an aspect of tone to essence, which is that which comprises the entirety of tone and is translated into the word of Ruther.

LYNDA:  Oh, how interesting!  So, if I got some information about a focus in Hawaii ... and maybe the focus’ name, then, had something to do with Yolani or Alani or ... it came to me as Eolani.  So this may have been more specific to that focus in Hawaii?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This is the naming!

LYNDA:  Oh, I see!  Okay, so that was my next thing.  When I was in Hawaii in 1994, I was being helpful in a young girl’s wedding, and it was in Honolulu, and her father, Larry, is one of the few native Hawaiians around, and his whole family was there, and his ex-wife Carolyn is Dutch and quite American.  So there were two families there, and an older Hawaiian woman, and I was very comfortable with the Hawaiian people and I’m very comfortable in Hawaii, and this older woman came up behind me and put a (inaudible) on top of my head, which is a crown of ... like a royal crown, which was part of the wedding ceremony, and it really made me cry.  It touched me so deeply that she was doing that, because at the time I was in the process of transitioning out of the group, and I was going through a lot of emotional conflict, and this came as sort of a blessing ... it just blessed me!  And now looking back on it, did I have a focus in Hawaii of a woman that was maybe either a queen or in a royal family?

ELIAS:  No.  What you have tapped into is a partial remembrance of holding a focus in this physical location and identifying with the customs and practices of these peoples, so to speak, but this is not necessarily imagery to be suggesting that there is a connection with royalty, so to speak, in that focus.  It is merely an identification of the culture, and a remembrance in fondness of this particular focus.

Let me also express to you that as you allow yourself to physically connect with certain locations throughout your planet that you hold other focuses within, this is a common expression, that you SHALL experience a feeling of comfortableness and ease within that particular culture, and in this, you also allow yourself a triggering of certain remembrances.  This may not appear to you necessarily within thought processes, but at times may merely appear within your awareness in feelings or within emotions.  At times, you may be allowing yourself a remembrance through your physical senses.

But whichever expression or form of expression you choose to offer yourself within objective imagery, it matters not.  What you are accomplishing is allowing yourself a partial remembrance in clear, objective terms, which may be physically affecting, not merely affecting within thought process.  Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Yes, I think I am definitely understanding that.  Would you say that ... okay.  When we last spoke, I was very ... my last conversation with you was difficult for me because ... and I see now why it was.  I had been getting a lot of imagery about Gary and I was tying it into Hawaii, but I also was tying it into a lot of my own wants, which you showed me, and I have a better understanding of expectations and wants lately, in the last little season of time.

Would you say that my physical reaction that I had to the strong desire to connect with Gary now in this focus was born out of receiving other-focus information about ... possibly, what I think now, looking back on it, is the possibility that he and I had a relationship in Hawaii together.

ELIAS:  Partially, this is correct.

Now; let me also express to you that there exists also an element within this present now and your own motivations stemming from THIS physical focus, but there is also an influencing in the allowance of the bleed-through information concerning that focus, and in these situations, as I have expressed previously, as you allow yourself to be accessing bleed-throughs of other focuses in objective terms, those particular focuses are influencing in many areas of THIS particular focus within this present now.

Therefore, as you allow yourselves any connection with other focuses of essence in objective manners, you may also assure yourself that those particular focuses are influencing of this focus in a manner that holds a relationship to this particular focus.  You are choosing not to be reconstructing the energy, but accepting the energy as it is being expressed within that focus, to bring certain elements of THIS focus into clarity.  Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Oh, that’s exactly what I discerned within myself, because, Elias, there’s no question that my many, many years in this focus with John and that group, of which Gary is a part, and Marilyn, who is John’s wife and now Gary’s wife, were very, very strong emotional connections for me, and I have been receiving a lot of input from them and feeling ... how do I say this?  My trigger to stand back and become objective again was the overwhelming sense of obligation to serve and to be responsible, to carry the thread of John’s teaching, which did hold — and holds — very many elements of the information that you’re bringing, and I feel like I have gotten closure.

I am not closing a door.  I am not blocking my love for John and the group.  In fact, I am opening it wider, but I am not wishing to personally, objectively be in the belief system any longer, or be believing in it.  So, I’m getting what you’re saying because I have definitely made a choice to be me, now, today, not to be who I was.

ELIAS:  Quite, which shall serve you in the allowance of yourself to be participating more fully within the now, which also shall be quite influencing in eliminating much of your conflict.

LYNDA:  Right.  That really is so wonderful to hear, Elias.  It has been such an interesting journey!  I’m very excited about this next ... I don’t want to say “half.”  I’m gonna be 50, so to me, this is the one half of my life, and now I’m going to go on to the other half of my life, and I know that’s how we call it, and I know that time is simultaneous, but all I can say, Elias, is that I am delighted with the probabilities of the future, because I am empowering them with my growing awareness of effortlessness and my desire to not suffer, and in a sense I don’t even care or I’m not worried about how they’re going to manifest, as far as probabilities in actuality. I anticipate that whatever they are, they’re going to be born out of my own excitement!  Isn’t that ... do you know what I mean?

ELIAS:  Quite, and as you continue to practice holding your attention within the now, you also offer yourself more of your own abilities, and in this expression, as you move farther away, so to speak, from your creations of conflict by focusing your attention within the now, this becomes more and more natural to you, and therefore is creating more and more of your expression of effortlessness.

LYNDA:  Right.  It’s very exciting to me!  I really, really am so delighted to make your acquaintance in my now.  I adore having you in my now, Elias.  You are most dear to me.  You bring tears to my eyes. (Elias chuckles)  Anyway, okay.  I just have a couple of more things and then I will let you go, although I have a feeling that I will never let you go!  It’s impossible!  (Elias chuckles again)

I have some current gentlemen in my life that are very diverse and different from each other, and I am seeing where this last bit of our conversation is going to be a really fun example to me of my future interaction with these guys, because as you had me look at the commonality of Beatrice Kaufman’s rather unorthodox lifestyle, it’s very plain that my lifestyle is the same way, as far as relationships with men.  I don’t say it will always be like that, but I’m certainly wanting a time to enjoy that already quite obvious pattern in my life, and with that in mind, I want to ask you ... I’ll give you some quick impressions I have about these three guys.  May I continue?

ELIAS:  You may.

LYNDA:  Okay.  Harry, this guy Harry — I don’t know how to say it, except that he makes me very happy, and he is rather a conflicted, pretty traumatized guy, and he’s also very good-looking, very bright, very attached to a rather non-religious but quite Jewish thinking, and we connect on a lot of ... our commonalities are in the area of sexual attraction, but also a very funny connection in Jewish humor.  I can see where I am going to beneficial to him in his own shift in consciousness, just by being me!

ELIAS:  And this would be the point, in expressing yourself in the manner of the little sapling.

LYNDA:  Right, which is just delightful to me!  Okay.  Then, Scott.  Now, Scott is an interesting guy, and he is quite involved in the metaphysical world.  I met him when I came out of the church, and I was very strongly driven and physically attracted to him, and I’ve had a lot of conflict over that because I had as many expectations as I did desires to have sex with him, and I am quite loving myself and accepting of myself that this happened because ... see, this is also another example of me being ... now giving myself the opportunity to stay in the relationship with him, and also, just by being myself, be influencing of his own specific transition in the shift.  But his transition, his connection, Elias, could possibly ... it will not be something that I physically promote in forethought, although it could spontaneously erupt.  It could spontaneously erupt into him coming into a conscious awareness of more connectedness to you, because I feel like you are pretty connected to this guy.  Am I right?

ELIAS:  There is interaction occurring.

LYNDA:  Okay, that’s what I thought.  Now, I’m trusting myself that I will be a very good little sapling in this relationship, because I know that his curiosity is somewhat objective and he’s very smart and he has a lot of metaphysical knowledge, and I have been distrustful of this, and ... anyway.  But I also see that ... I understand why, because it’s not my own belief system, but I accept very much that it is his, and I think the acceptance could potentially trigger a desire for more information from you, or not.  Is that right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LYNDA:  Yeah, okay.  Actually, to be honest with you, I think he would try to ... he’s in the entertainment business, and he likes to exploit phenomenon, and I think he may try to exploit you.  I’m being honest in my explanation of that.  Do you agree?

ELIAS:  It matters not, for this particular action that you identify as exploitation is entirely a physically focused interaction, and is quite based within belief systems.

Therefore, in the accomplishment of such an action, both elements or individuals or essences need be participating within the framework of the belief system.  I do not participate within the framework of that particular belief system or ANY belief systems, and therefore am not subject to, in a manner of speaking, the influence of the actions of these belief systems.

Now; let me qualify in this, in expressing to you that you also are not subject to these interactions, but as you align with certain belief systems, you also allow yourselves to draw yourselves into situations that are facilitated by the energy of certain belief systems.

Individuals may move in the direction of attempting to be testing — or as you term, exploiting — of this energy exchange, but as I do not lend energy to those expressions, they also are not necessarily accomplished, if you are understanding.

LYNDA:  And ... I’m talking to myself (inaudible).  Okay.  So, I get it!  I’m just gonna have fun with Scott! (Elias chuckles)  I get what you’re saying.  You are (inaudible) fun!  Okay.  Isn’t it interesting that there is this odd buzz that just came through the sound system here as we’re talking about this individual?

ELIAS:  This is an energy expression....

LYNDA:  Oh, okay.  One last thing.  I had a very vivid dream about twins, two men that are blond, and I was thinking about it this morning, and I met one of the twins about two weeks after I had this dream, and we had a small sexual encounter.  I was quite conflicted at the time, and I sort of shooed him away as a result.  But now, thinking about it today, I had the feeling that these twin men ... the landscape of this dream, was that a connection I have presently, to a present future or a present past connection to Atlantis?

ELIAS:  No.  What you have offered yourself in imagery is the presentment of the dream of the twins, which is the symbology, in your imagery, of your objective physical meeting and interaction with the twins of Lawrence and Michael, and you reinforce this imagery by your creation of an encounter in physical terms with an individual, and in this encounter, you offer yourself an intimacy, which is your imagery that you are presenting to yourself that you are creating of an intimacy objectively presently with one of these twins in objective terms, in physical expression; not in the same manner, but you are creating of a relationship with Lawrence in the exploration of your counterpart action, and you have offered yourself the reinforcement of the physical imagery in objectively creating a scenario of physically interacting with a twin and holding intimate relations with that twin, in a manner of speaking.

Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Yes.  Actually, I am understanding.  It was odd to me that I met an (inaudible) the guy in the dream, so I guess I went in another direction with that, but I definitely am having ... I can see the correlation with counterpart action with Vicki, because actually, a recent encounter I had triggered this whole feeling of cresting, because Vicki very much reminds me of another counterpart that you’ve not confirmed, but that I feel strongly that I have with another girl named Mary, who is still in the group I was with.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.  You do hold counterpart action with this individual also.

LYNDA:  Right.  Now, I don’t necessarily think that Vicki and Mary hold counterpart action with each other, but I definitely see the parallels between my counterpart action with both of them, and I also feel that my connection to Vicki now is going to be very beneficial to both of us now.

ELIAS:  You are correct, for you each offer yourselves and each other imagery that shall be helpful to you in addressing to certain issues that each of you hold individually.

LYNDA:  And I think they have a lot to do with subjective and objective interpretations, and striking a balance between the two.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Partially, yes.

LYNDA:  And also, I want to add that I also think it’s her connection to other-dimensional awarenesses that I am not necessarily moving in right now, and my connection, conversely, to the focuses I’m ... the difference in the focuses we’re pursuing information about.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  This lends energy to the presentment of different issues and different belief systems that you each hold, and in this, your own addressing to these belief systems and these issues by allowing yourselves the opportunity to be viewing your own expressions and your own responses or reactions to each other in differences.

LYNDA:  Right.  That’s really interesting.  I definitely see that.  Initially, when I first met the group, I felt like the information was so astounding and amazing!  I had a lot of bleed-through from my other focus, Mary, and I had a huge ... I was afraid I was going to have to go through what I went through all over again.  I know that’s a little vague, but a lot of my defensiveness with this group has been born out of that bleed-through interaction.  Am I correct?

ELIAS:  Correct, although this offers you the opportunity to address to this situation and allow yourself that aspect of vulnerability, and to be examining the belief systems of negativity in the area of vulnerability, from which it stems.

LYNDA:  Yes, I absolutely agree.  I will tell you this about myself, Elias, and this may have something to do with my Vold alignment, but part of my getting to this place of cresting has been a commitment throughout my life to stay vulnerable and try not to block the vulnerable feeling, so it could flow into undistorted information that I needed.  Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LYNDA:  Okay.  Now to me, that’s where my Sumafi — or Sumalfi, in my case — brain uses the Vold alignment to further my own expandingness.

ELIAS:  Although you also move in opposition to this, in retreating into your own defensiveness and your own protectiveness.

Although you wish to be expressing this vulnerability, you also hold fearfulness in this area of hurtfulness from other individuals, and in actuality, this is an expression of a lack of acceptance of self, which you are presently addressing to and offering yourself imagery to be examining more clearly.

LYNDA:  Yes, and that’s exactly the short, intense conflict I’ve experienced since I met Vicki specifically, and went up to visit the group.  It has triggered all of that — defensiveness, a holding of this dear thing ... my god!  If one more person takes “my god” away from me!  It was such a strong hold I had on my own identity.  Anyway, the confusion has quite a bit cleared up, and I’m very happy about discovering these rather large birds of defensiveness, effortlessness, guilt, and responsibility, and fear, and I’m very happy to see them, at this juncture, fly away, Elias!

ELIAS:  Ah, but do not be deluding yourself in their flight so very quickly, for although you are loosening your hold and you are opening the door to the bird cage, they have not entirely flown free yet.  I am acknowledging of your movement and your presentment to yourself in awareness of these birds and your attention to them, and in this, you are creating much of a loosening of your hold.  I wish only to be expressing to you in cautioning, that you do not delude yourself in your thought process that they have flown away.

You shall subsequently present yourself with their reappearance, for the birds are not flying in and out of these cages, but at times appear to approach closely to the door, but [do] not necessarily move outside of the door yet.  Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Oh yes!  Definitely!  I definitely am, and I don’t know if this would have ... would this be in the area, as far as deluding myself, would this be in the area specifically of the nature of the conflict I had with Vicki, for example?

ELIAS:  It is merely a presentment of conflict of any type that shall be allowing the rise of defensiveness or the rise of reinforcement of inadequacy that allows you the objective opportunity to view the aspects of the belief systems and your own elements of duplicity.

LYNDA:  Okay, ‘cause to me, right now specifically, I feel very strongly not to be involved with a specific group, period.  I don’t mean that I’m not going ... oh, I know what I was going to tell you.  I’ve gotten a lot of imagery to like float like a butterfly, between ... I think part of my desire and intent has a lot to do with floating between ... like a butterfly, free! ... between different belief systems ...

ELIAS:  This is....

LYNDA:  ... and whenever I ... and my conflict or feeling of defensiveness or obligation has to do with feeling like I’m supposed to be a part of one group that has the most important ... the most information that is important to me right now.  Oh god, that got a little confusing, but does that make sense?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This is your own presentment to yourself of the action of effortlessness in comparison to the creation of conflict.

LYNDA:  Okay.  Well, Elias, I love you very much, and I will be seeing you in my dots!

ELIAS:  Very well, and I shall be offering encouragement to you in energy as you continue to present yourself with more opportunities to be loosening your hold in areas of duplicity with yourself.  I offer to you much affection this day, and the expression of lovingness in my bidding you au revoir.

LYNDA:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 4:33 PM.


(1)  I have changed “that” to “of” in the following phrase: “... and to be examining the belief systems that the negativity in the area of vulnerability, from which it stems.”  I also removed the word “the.”

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Copyright 1999 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.