Session 1203

A Little More on Intermediate Orientation


“A Little More on Intermediate Orientation”
“Pay Attention to What You Generate Each Day”
“Practicing Projecting”

Sunday, December 8, 2002 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gillian (Ari)

Elias arrives at 10:42 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GILLIAN: Good afternoon, Elias! It’s been a long time!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And how is your adventure proceeding?

GILLIAN: Oh, an excellent adventure!

ELIAS: Very well!

GILLIAN: Yes, because remember, I know a while back we had a conversation subjectively and I wanted to go at things alone for myself, and I remember you acknowledging me for that. Now I feel I have shifted a great deal and I wanted to chat with you about that.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckles)

GILLIAN: I know I have moved into the area of understanding and living the concept of no separation. That is, I’m not looking at essence as a thing anymore. It is me. It is I.

I wanted to find out a little more about the different aspects of me in this focus. I know I belong to the Vold family, my intention is within Ilda, and I’m intermediate. I get glimpses of what each part of me does, in the sense that, in my world, which part of me takes me into investigating things. But I’d like a little more information on those, particularly regarding myself.

Let’s say we start with the Vold aspect of me. I feel that I look a lot at the mass beliefs, challenge them within myself and feel that it is unnecessary to align with those and be comfortable with that. I feel that comes from my Voldness.

ELIAS: This is an influence. Yes, you are correct.

GILLIAN: Is there anything else you can add to that?

ELIAS: The families actually offer you expressed qualities which are influencing in how you choose to be moving yourself in any of your choices of directions, but they do not necessarily direct you. They are expressions of qualities that, in a manner of speaking, you express in certain manners, such as what you are offering as an example. You choose to be challenging mass beliefs; therefore, you draw upon the qualities that you incorporate in association with this essence family of Vold, which expresses an appreciation of change and does challenge established movements and ideas and societies even singularly with other individuals.

In this, you choose a direction in association with yourself, your intent, your personality and your interests or your preferences. Once you have chosen a direction that you wish to move within, you draw upon these qualities that are expressed in this family to be accomplishing that type of action.

GILLIAN: In terms of my alignment with Ilda, I see myself truly fulfilling my intent. I notice it very strongly every time I do it, because I’m paying more and more attention to myself in the now. I feel like with the Ilda I’m actually observing the change. What would be the interaction... How should I put it? Do I in that alignment bring people together — that is, speaking of my focus now — or is it just me making suggestions of a different way of viewing the world?

ELIAS: Not necessarily offering suggestions in how to be viewing the world differently, but moreover this alignment incorporates an expression of sharing, exchanging. Within your focus, this is a helpful quality to you in movement into acceptance. For as you allow yourself a natural flow of energy in your expressions in association to your alignment with this family and you allow yourself to freely interact with other individuals in a natural manner, you exchange information. You share ideas and information that you discover, so to speak, within yourself — information that you offer to yourself in relation to what other individuals have shared with you and how you have assimilated that information and how you have translated that information. Thusly, you also share with other individuals, which is an expression of offering other individuals an exchange of different perceptions.

GILLIAN: And that perception comes through my intermediate orientation.

ELIAS: Your orientation is quite influencing of your perception. For as I have stated previously, in a manner of speaking it is a type of lens which you view all of your world through.

GILLIAN: In one of the public sessions you said as an intermediate all I need to do is relax and allow. I’ve taken that sort of literally and remind myself when I’m creating confusion to allow myself my flow, the natural flow. Can you expand a little bit more on that relaxing and my natural flow?

ELIAS: In this, many times individuals that incorporate this orientation of intermediate express a tendency to force energy or to push energy within themselves, to be expressing more in alignment with individuals that incorporate the common orientation.

Now; how this translates many times is that the individual shall be attempting to analyze what they are doing and what they are addressing to objectively and attempting to express an analyzation of objective imagery, which is not quite natural to the movement and the perception of an intermediate individual.

In this, as an intermediate individual, you shall recognize that many times you may be generating movement and you shall know that you are generating movement, but you may not necessarily incorporate an objective identification of what that movement is. You do offer yourself an outcome, but you are not always aware of the process of how you arrived at that outcome.

Now; the push is expressed in attempting to force energy to engage the action of analyzation of how you produced your outcome. This is unnecessary, for this is not the natural movement of an individual that expresses this intermediate orientation. Your process, so to speak, in whatever movement you engage is a subjective process. This is not to say that you cannot objectively know what that process is, but what I am expressing to you is that it is unnecessary for you to objectively analyze the subjective process. In allowing yourself to relax within yourself, accept that this is the manner in which you naturally move and thusly merely allow the movement to occur. You manipulate...

GILLIAN: I think I’ve been doing quite a lot of that lately.


GILLIAN: That’s why I’m having such an excellent adventure! (Elias laughs)

The other thing that I’ve taken to doing as well is I feel a great deal of peace within me now. Before, I used to feel even when I was so to speak feeling happy — you know I’m a final focus — let’s be done with this and get going! But now I’ve taken to spending a tremendous amount of time in nature, just viewing things and thinking what a wonderful world this really is.

ELIAS: Offering yourself a new appreciation.

GILLIAN: Yes, indeed! (Elias chuckles) It’s coming through in so many different ways and I just marvel at it over and over again!

I’m actually using this session as a way of further reinforcing my trust within myself. I’ve not made a list of questions, simply because I want to attempt to intuitively gain information about myself in areas that I feel — literally, intuitively feel — I would like to move. So that’s another movement of my trust in myself.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

GILLIAN: Now, I’ve been reading a whole bunch. I’ve been picking up books intuitively and have been reading about pre-history cultures. I’m particularly interested in one in South America which has megalithic structures that they created. I feel very strongly that there’s an aspect — how do you call it — Dreamwalker aspect of me involved in that time period. Can you tell me anything? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, although...

GILLIAN: What sort of age are we looking at in linear terms? Because the orthodox archeologists put a very limited time on that, and I feel very strongly that some of those came crashing down at the end of the Ice Age.

ELIAS: And what are you expressing in your impression? What other information are you offering to yourself in your impressions?

GILLIAN: That I was very much part of the building of those structures.

ELIAS: You are correct. But let me express to you, there is a difference between allowing an expression of yourself in relation to a Dreamwalker aspect than the Dreamwalker experience. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: Not quite.

ELIAS: Dreamwalkers were not, in your terms, physically manifest. Therefore, they also did not generate actual physical constructs. In a manner of speaking, the movement of the Dreamwalkers was to set a blueprint for this physical dimension, but those essences that expressed themselves in Dreamwalkers in association with this physical dimension chose not to be actually physically engaging this physical dimension. They merely designed the structure of it but not in actual physical manifestations. Their structure was the blueprint of the design of your physical dimension and, in your terms, how it would be physically manifest and produced and what the direction of it would be in its design.

Now; at times individuals may allow themselves to tap into an aspect that they hold within themselves of a Dreamwalker and incorporate this as an inspiration for creating designs of physical manifestations.

GILLIAN: In this then, my impression is that I was interpreting. I was exchanging the information with my fellow travelers at that particular time in the creation of these structures.

ELIAS: Yes, this accurate.

GILLIAN: So what time period are we looking at?

ELIAS: And I shall express to you that you may be investigating and trusting your impressions.

GILLIAN: I’m looking at 17,000 years ago. (Pause)

ELIAS: Earlier.

GILLIAN: Okay. I won’t guess on it. I’ll let my impression come to me, then.

ELIAS: Very well.

GILLIAN: I’m curious about this exploration of mine. As you say, intermediates don’t necessarily objectively know what their challenges are or what they’re actually investigating. But I feel there’s something in that investigation through these books that I’m reading, and even going back into reading “Oversoul Seven” and everything you’ve said about other civilizations, older civilizations. I seem to have spent a lot of time in that and I’m curious to know what I’m chasing.

ELIAS: Not necessarily chasing, but generating a direction of investigating that you may allow yourself to become more familiar with yourself as essence, as you have stated initially in this discussion.

You are viewing yourself in a more expanded manner. You are viewing yourself with less separation as essence and not as a part of essence. Therefore, in that movement of expansion, you are also allowing your attention to drift in many different directions to offer yourself more information in familiarizing yourself with the vastness of yourself, rather than viewing merely one manifestation.

In this, what you are actually generating is loosening your attention, which offers you more flexibility with your attention. As you generate that action, what you move into is piercing through the beliefs of separation. This is a movement associated with this shift in consciousness, as you are aware. In this, an expression of widening your awareness and expanding is to be generating that flexibility of your attention that you may begin to incorporate more than one attention simultaneously or moving your attention in many different directions simultaneously. This is an action of essence. It is also an unfamiliar action in this particular physical dimension, for you generate a singularity in this physical dimension and you incorporate beliefs concerning separation.

GILLIAN: I know I’m going into unfamiliar areas, but I’m now excited about it rather than fearful of it.

ELIAS: Quite. And as I have expressed recently, this is a movement in shifting that you and many, many, many individuals — in actuality, ALL of the individuals within this forum but also many other individuals that do not participate in this forum — have accomplished in recent time framework within recent months, so to speak.

The movement has been a collective shift from the fearfulness of the unfamiliar and the wish to be continuing to hold to the familiar to the wish to be moving into the unfamiliar and now generating some discomfort or challenge in continued expression of the familiar, which you are also experiencing — the desire to be moving more fully into the expression and manifestation of this shift in consciousness regardless of its unfamiliarity and a new excitement in that movement, but also at times generating somewhat of a struggle of the recognition that there continues to be some expressions of old familiarity that do not quite fit in your shifting reality but the expressions are familiar. The struggle is expressed in the recognition of that familiarity and some expression of comfort in that, but also the recognition that familiar expressions do not necessarily serve you.

GILLIAN: It sort of feels like I’m on a threshold of a dream. Lately, I’ve been having lots of dreams where a lot of people are around. I get the strong impression that it is me again, exploring the same areas, widening my awareness, but they are all various focuses of me.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: And this by way of becoming more familiar yet with the vastness of me.


GILLIAN: There are a couple of books that I have read. I’ll give you the name of one particular person. His name is Dirk Bogarde, and from a dream I followed, I bought an autobiography of him. I get the impression that I’m observing essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: The other person that I appreciate a great deal is a comedian, Billy Connolly, and I listen and watch a lot of his shows on tapes that he’s made. Now, at first I thought that I might be observing essence; then I thought it’s just an appreciation of someone with similar tones.

ELIAS: Partially, yes, you are correct, and also you engage a counterpart action.

GILLIAN: Oh! That’s interesting. Because I trust completely, I know that if I receive a book or get drawn to a book, I have done so specifically for a reason of my own, and in this case, yes, I had received a book about this man. I thought it was interesting because I wasn’t going to buy that book, but I brought it to me anyway. Similarly, the other author is Brad Newsham. I get the feeling that there is a counterpart action with this person as well. I feel that he is Ilda belonging and Ilda alignment.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Correct on all?


GILLIAN: Thank you. Now what I wanted to ask you is if there is anywhere that I may be blocking myself or clinging to shrines — or just talk to me on anything that will help me and any others.

ELIAS: What is the nature of your concern?

GILLIAN: There is no concern. I would just like you to talk to me in any area that would give me more information in any ways that I’m blocking myself or ways that I could widen myself further.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express to you, presently blocking yourself is not necessarily an issue, for you are allowing yourself much more of a freedom, and the direction in which you are proceeding presently is widening your awareness.

Now; I may express to you that it may be helpful to you and you may be offering yourself much more information concerning yourself (by) paying attention to what you are generating in each day. I am aware that you are focusing your attention much more so upon yourself now and you are also attempting to be focusing your attention in the now, but this continues to be a general type of expression.

Now allow yourself, in a manner of speaking, to refine that action and therefore generate more of an expansion of yourself. Move your attention within your day to each moment and each mundane action that you incorporate throughout your day, for you shall begin to recognize a tremendous volume of information that is available to you in examining all of the mundane actions that you incorporate no thought process in relation to.

Begin to examine what influences each of these actions — how you awaken, what your first movements are upon awakening — all of the actions that you generate in each moment throughout your day without incorporating an interpretation of thought concerning, for they are all automatic actions. The reason this is significant to allow yourself to notice is that this offers you a clear and precise identification of the actions that you incorporate daily, which are all motivated by beliefs that you express automatic responses to and therefore continue to reinforce. All these mundane actions and the beliefs that influence them contribute to actions that you incorporate or choices that you incorporate in what you deem to be more significant scenarios.

GILLIAN: I’ve noticed that I’ve been creating a pinching in my right ear. At first, I thought of trying to feel what that was about. It gets my attention, but then I think it is sort of related to over-analyzing. It comes quite suddenly and becomes more of a distraction. Could tell me what that’s about?

ELIAS: It is a distraction, which is quite efficient. Let me express to you, distraction may be a useful tool at times, for in moments in which you are concentrating your attention in a particular direction and generating manifestations or actions that you do not prefer, distraction may be incorporated to divert your attention, which in a manner of speaking breaks the flow of concentration and allows you to move your attention in a different direction and therefore generate different choices. In this, you incorporate this manifestation precisely as that, a distraction to break your concentration or to interrupt your concentration.

GILLIAN: Sometimes it lasts all day.

ELIAS: Which is your expression of distracting yourself repeatedly.

GILLIAN: I’ll pay more attention to that and see, as you say, in the moment the mundane things.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: I also have found that what I’ve been doing, what I have been reflecting to myself now — these are all acknowledgments to myself — that I have been drawing individuals who are curious about information, like the information you share with us. I feel that it is a way of reflecting to me the things that I have moved through and am still moving through.

ELIAS: You are quite correct. This is...

GILLIAN: The shift has been magnificent, in the sense that before, because my acceptance of self was so little, when people complimented me I felt they were reflecting something to me but I wasn’t feeling that way inside of me. But now, I feel I’m creating that as a reinforcement of my acceptance of me, because I am accepting of myself now.

ELIAS: Yes, and you are acknowledging of this, and you are recognizing and accepting the validity of the expressions.

GILLIAN: Yes. Sometimes in the area of communication, I do come up with a little bit of conflict within me, say at work where it’s allowing the difference of people’s perceptions. I take it on myself that there is something that I’m doing and I take it very personally. I feel like there is a certain fear of something involved there, that I get that fear feeling from them, off of them. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Partially, but be remembering that were you not reflecting some expression of yourself within yourself, you would not draw to yourself individuals that are expressing in this manner, for you do not draw to yourself any individual accidentally.

GILLIAN: No. That I do know.

ELIAS: Therefore, any interaction that you generate with other individuals, yes, they are projecting an energy to you and you are generating the manifestation through your perception, but you have drawn that expression to yourself purposefully to reflect some type of expression within you.

Now; I’m not expressing that you are necessarily mirroring to yourself, for the expression of the reflection may not necessarily be identical, so to speak, but it may be associated with some expression within yourself as a reflection. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: Yes. So there is a little bit from there that I should look at.


GILLIAN: I also find I spend a lot of time sleeping. Has that got to do with my being intermediate? It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been sleeping 12 or 10 hours a day.

ELIAS: This is not an unusual experience in regard to intermediate individuals.

GILLIAN: Are you interrupting my sleep at night, like you did the other night with the music?

ELIAS: Not frequently.

GILLIAN: No, but you did, the night before last, turn on my music. (Elias laughs) I knew it was you. I woke up and thought, “Oh, it is Elias! I know it’s Elias.”

ELIAS: (Laughs) It is merely a playful expression.

GILLIAN: It was indeed, and I did laugh. I was not upset at all, and you know that too! (Elias laughs) It’s been a long time now since you have been playful with me, or have I not noticed the other times?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my energy is with you continuously and is being expressed many times in a playful manner, but you are not always paying attention. Ha ha ha ha!

GILLIAN: I’m going to have to pay more attention to that.

ELIAS: In recognition of my energy expression, generate an allowance of yourself to interrupt your seriousness and allow yourself to engage playfulness!

GILLIAN: That’s true. I am becoming more playful though.

ELIAS: I am aware.

GILLIAN: I know you have conversations with me, which I’m very aware of, in acknowledgment of my movements.

ELIAS: You are correct.

GILLIAN: Oh, I’m so pleased. I feel so free now, Elias.

Can you give me a little information on projecting? I don’t quite understand the projection of energy. I feel very strongly I would like to be in touch with that aspect of me that is in other areas of consciousness, and I would like to receive information from that aspect. I know in a recent session, a session that has been published recently, you spoke of projection and how you can practice objectively to project.

ELIAS: You may begin in what you term to be simple exercises of projection, to practice and to allow yourself to trust yourself objectively in this action. In this, my suggestion is that you engage interaction with another individual that does not dwell in the same physical location as yourself, which I am aware that you may easily be expressing this type of interaction now as you incorporate your computers. This offers you an objective manner of validation.

Engage interaction with another individual, a friend perhaps, and allow yourself moments in which you engage a relaxation and a quietness within yourself but a specific direction of tuning in, in your terms, to a specific area of the physical location in which the other individual dwells. Allow yourself in that relaxation to drift, but also be directing of yourself. Do not discount what you offer to yourself as you allow your attention to drift, for you may present to yourself impressions or visualizations which may be associated with your objective of identifying objects or the environment in which the other individual dwells as you practice with this type of action. This is a type of projection of yourself through consciousness to another physical location.

Initially, it may not feel or appear to you that you are actually accomplishing. But as you continue to practice and you offer yourself validation through interaction with the other individual which may confirm your impressions or your visualizations of your identification of the environment or objects within the environment, you begin to reinforce your trust of yourself. As you reinforce this trust that you are actually projecting your attention, you begin to allow yourself to incorporate this action more and more clearly, to the point in which you may allow yourself to actually experience a physical movement of yourself in a projection of what you term within your reality to be an astral body to another location. As you allow yourself the validation and the experience of that action objectively, you shall also allow yourself to be projecting to any other area of consciousness that you choose.

GILLIAN: I tried that once. I was sitting on a bus and decided I was going to project myself to the river. I found I had accomplished something in that.


GILLIAN: Because I went to confirm it — this is how I saw the river and tide level and the things like that — and it was like that.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: I’ve got a little feel for that so I can practice that.

I think it’s almost time for us, but I made another session for us next week to talk to you again.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our interaction again.

GILLIAN: I’m hoping that Lauraine will join us and have the courage, so to speak, to speak with you. (Elias laughs) I know you have been interacting with her, but she, I feel, keeps holding herself back.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well!

GILLIAN: Thank you so much, Elias. It’s great talking to you.

ELIAS: To you also, my friend, and I shall be interactive with you in playfulness until our next meeting.

GILLIAN: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you in great affection as always, my friend, au revoir.

GILLIAN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:41 AM.

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