Session 1107

Continuation of Physical Creations


"Continuation of Physical Creations"
"Acceptance Is Generated in the Moment"
"Personal Freedom, the Government, and the Shift"

Sunday, June 9, 2002 (Private/In Person)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Ted (Cara), and Luanne (Inez)
Elias arrives at 11:54 AM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

TED: Good day, Elias.

LUANNE: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

TED: I want to ask some confirmations about myself, some of the things that have come to me over the past that I've never even asked about.

First of all, this orientation - common - is that correct? You also talk about various types of focuses, and I've come to realize that I'm most likely a religious focus. (Pause)


TED: The latest one that came to me was, I was doing some searches on the internet, which you are aware of, and Aubrey Beardsley kept popping up. I started to think, "Why is this coming? Why is this coming? Why is this coming?" So I started looking at who this guy was. I found that he was an artist in the time framework... And I think I was Aubrey.

ELIAS: Observing essence throughout the entirety of the focus.

TED: Throughout the entirety of the focus?


TED: Wonderful, because his drawings and etches, eroticisms, really have an effect on me. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: When you were talking to a young fellow called Gregory, essence name Kendall, you made a statement... He had asked what it was like where you are. I know you're within consciousness somewhere "becoming," and you said in that area of consciousness there was consciousness, energy and truth.

But I've been working on a theory or an impression that energy, as we talk about it within this forum and this group, is a way of describing something physical. We can measure scientifically chemical energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy, psychic energy, but we cannot measure scientifically consciousness. Within consciousness there should be nothing physical that we can measure, and energy does not exist in that area. Could you speak to that?

ELIAS: Energy does exist in nonphysical. Energy is not a thing. Energy is movement. You translate within your physical dimension expressions of energy. You translate them into what you perceive to be things, for you occupy your attention within a physical reality. But in actuality, energy is merely another term for movement.

TED: Within my way of thinking, I'm trying to make it a physical thing that we can measure, like electrical energy or psychic energy. But it is not, really; it's just a movement. Consciousness moves...

ELIAS: Continuously.

TED: ...continuously and forms links of consciousness which form physical things.

ELIAS: Yes. Within your physical dimension, there is an interplay of time, the combination of time and movement, which you translate in a manner which manifests things, even what you identify as a physical manifestation of energy.

TED: So your statement yesterday within the session, you said we create physical things, physicality, from nothing, which is basically where I was coming from when I started trying to define energy. But the energy you're speaking of is not physical.

ELIAS: Correct.

TED: It is simply a movement within consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct. It is the movement OF consciousness.

In my expression that you are creating things from nothing, these are terms that you understand - that you are, figuratively speaking, generating physical manifestations from no physical entity. You are merely moving and combining movement with your design of time, which creates physical manifestations. Without an aspect of time, there is no physical manifestation. Time is an immense interplay in the generating of physical manifestations.

TED: When did we invent time?

ELIAS: You do not invent time; you merely configure time, for time is a movement, an energy of consciousness. You incorporate this movement or this energy and configure it in a particular design to facilitate generating physical manifestations.

TED: Once I create a physical manifestation from my perception, that manifestation that I have created then creates its own choices within its own consciousness? Say I create a tree, and I enjoy this tree for many, many years, and then I move on from the tree. The tree does not cease to exist because I have moved on, but it continues to exist in its own consciousness and it makes its own choices whether to continue or not.

ELIAS: It does not continue in your reality; therefore, it does cease to exist. How you choose to create its ceasing to exist is your choice, whether you choose to move your physical body consciousness to a different location and therefore not incorporate the tree within your creation of your perception any longer, or whether you choose to be continuing to engage the tree within your perception and manifest its death, so to speak. It is your choice in how you cease to create the tree. But if the tree continues within your perception, regardless of whether you view it or not, yes, it continues.

TED: Does the tree have any choices? I guess that's what I'm asking.

ELIAS: Yes, for it is a configuration of consciousness, and therefore once manifest, it is incorporating its choices. But it is an extension of you; therefore, it is your choice to create it or not to create it. It is a physical manifestation. Physical manifestations are generated - yes, you are correct - through links of consciousness, but you have generated those links of consciousness and are directing of them, for they are your links of consciousness.

TED: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LUANNE: Elias, Ted and I have had a lot of fun with our focus in the Yucatan, where we were married and we had seven children, and we've had fun identifying or having them identify themselves. There is, if I'm remembering correctly, one child from this family that we haven't yet identified.

A number of years ago I had a patient, his name was Walter, and I felt very, very, very close to Walter. I really, really liked him. I had a dream about him a couple of nights ago, and I was with Walter.

I was thinking about that after, and in retrospect I felt that there must have been a closeness in another focus with this person. My impression was that he was the missing child or the one that we haven't identified. (Elias nods in agreement) Cool. That's really neat. I wish I had known these things when I was actually personally interacting with Walter in the physical.


LUANNE: I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't have acted any different toward him actually, because it was really an affectionate relationship.

ELIAS: Correct, and you allowed yourself to express your affection, and had you presented this information to yourself in that time framework, the potential that your interaction would have been different is very slight.

LUANNE: Because even the people that we now interact with whom we have identified from that focus as our family, it's true, I don't feel any differently. I don't feel any closer to some of them just because of that, no.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANNE: During our recent month of April, I created a string of medical symptoms, and I have always been basically a very healthy person, very little illness created. So I was thinking that I was addressing to my medical beliefs, which I know are very, very strong, that I had maybe passed the stage of noticing and was actually addressing to my medical beliefs. I was just wondering if that is in fact the case.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and what have you offered yourself in information in these experiences?

LUANNE: I offered myself the information that whether I seek medical treatment or not is irrelevant, that the resolution is mine alone, and that was a struggle for me. I felt that because I am now informed of the fact that I create it all and I discontinue the creation when I'm ready, that I should not need to seek medical help through a physician. It was really hard for me to say there was no reason that I should not.

There was another thing that happened that had to do with a confidence and a self-trust that was affected in that timeframe, too. I felt very shaky about trusting myself that I could keep myself healthy. I'm not real sure where I am with that right now. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Offering yourself new freedoms in recognizing that you actually do incorporate choices and in diminishing your judgment concerning your choices.

LUANNE: I had one of those events - it was a severe allergic reaction - which I created 15 years ago, the only other episode in my life of that that I can remember. In that timeframe, this time in April when I had this allergic reaction, I told myself forcefully and I really felt it with the emotion behind it: "I will NEVER create this manifestation again. I do not EVER intend to create it."

Now, in my most probable of probabilities, was I successful in striking that from my...?

ELIAS: Yes, [but] recognize you always incorporate choice.

LUANNE: Well, that was the other thing. So within the next moment, or in the moment, the now, I could decide to do it again.

ELIAS: You are offering yourself experiences to generate a reality of the concepts. This is an opportunity. You are generating experiences purposefully to allow yourself to become familiar with your own power of your perception and the power of your choices - not to fear your choices, but to recognize that in each moment you are choosing and that you do incorporate a tremendous power in this expression. Recognizing what you do NOT want to create many times offers you information of more of your choices of what you DO want to create.

LUANNE: Good health is what I want to continue to create!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And therefore you are generating that. Acknowledge yourself!

LUANNE: I do, I do. Just that month was such a mind-blower because it was so many things consecutively, one after the other, that I just knew that it was purposeful. So that was wonderful. That makes me feel good. (Elias chuckles)

The other thing that I'm addressing, it seems to be, is money, which is a big thing with all of us. I feel that I do continue and I do create the lifestyle that I want. I feel very comfortable in that, 99 percent of the time. Then every once in a while it will pop up and I'll have a doubt with the money, and my automatic responses kick in and I generate this fearfulness. What I'm wondering is how does this impact me and my creation of this lifestyle that I feel very comfortable with 99 percent of the time?

ELIAS: "How does this impact...?"

LUANNE: The doubt.

ELIAS: Or perhaps, what are you presenting to yourself in generating this doubt and this fear? I may express to you, what you are presenting to yourself is an example of trust and acceptance, and that this is not expressed as an absolute but is generated in each moment also.

LUANNE: The trust.

ELIAS: Yes, therefore you are offering yourself an example of this through this scenario, that you may recognize and examine your associations. Within the time frameworks in which you are not generating the doubt, you have expressed a solidity: "I am trusting of what I am generating, and therefore I shall never create doubt again for I have overcome the doubt and it shall never be expressed again." And this is not the manner in which you create acceptance or your reality. You create it in each moment.

Therefore, as you begin to generate doubt again, you offer yourself another opportunity to express acceptance. You merely offer yourself a different avenue to express acceptance. For in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view what you are generating and relax and express to yourself, "In this moment, I am generating doubt. I recognize, I acknowledge, I accept. It matters not." You answer your telephone; you receive the message.

LUANNE: I understand that, because that is the case. I want to feel like I've conquered an area or an aspect...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANNE: ...and so the thought that I have is, "Once I've conquered it, it's never going to raise its ugly head again!" (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct, and many individuals generate this type of thought process and association, for absolutes are quite familiar within your reality, and it is challenging to move your perception in knowing that there are no absolutes. Therefore, you continue to present to yourself examples.

It matters not how very familiar you become with any concept or any movement. Every moment incorporates choice, and each moment is an outcome in itself in every expression, and change is the nature of consciousness. Therefore, as I have stated many times, you are not moving to a goal. There is no finish line. It is a movement in the moment and your allowance of yourself to acknowledge yourself in each moment.

LUANNE: Within the doubtfulness, I make the choice to continue to trust, but I acknowledge the doubtfulness.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANNE: And it matters not.

ELIAS: Correct, for in that moment you offer yourself the opportunity to acknowledge yourself, not attempt to eliminate what your expression is or judge your expression in expressing to yourself, "Oh no! I am generating this doubt again! I have expressed to myself time and again to be done with this!"

No, you are not DONE with this, for there is no "done with this." There are merely opportunities in the moment to acknowledge and accept and turn your attention to the now and remind yourself that you are continuing to generate what you want. You have merely presented yourself with another opportunity to be accepting, expressing to yourself in this moment, "I have generated a doubt and that has generated a fear, and that is expressed in the association with my belief that I may be lacking. I recognize this belief continues to exist. It matters not, for this is not what I am choosing, and I am evidencing to myself in my physical manifestation that I am not lacking in this moment." And therefore you acknowledge the belief, you acknowledge the expression, and you acknowledge your creation and your choice.

LUANNE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Chuckles)

TED: Elias, my friend, within this country of ours, this United States, we have just had our president ask us for permission to create a Homeland Defense Secretary and Department within our government, which will, if he gets his way and his creation, increase the amount of control the government is placing upon the people and their freedoms within this country. There's another faction of our establishment, our government, that is opposed to this, so we have a probability of an in-government fight over the creation of this new department.

I'm wondering what the probabilities are of the successfulness of this creation or the non-successfulness of this creation, and if this in-fighting will lead to the development where it will lose some of its power and become less controlling of the freedoms that we now hold and allow us within our choices to become more free.

ELIAS: I may express to you two responses. In direct response to your actual question, you are moving en masse, which is generated through the movements of the individuals within your society of generating more freedom.

In response not directly to your question but in your statements, the creation of a department or the non-creation of a department is not the point. The issue of freedom and direction of self is what is being presented as the challenge, as another reflection of the movement of this shift.

You each are generating movement in widening your awarenesses. Individuals throughout your society are generating similar movement. Those which are resistant objectively are creating conflict, and this is becoming more and more evident. The addressing to old realities that do not fit into the shifted movement is being addressed.

Individuals express solace in familiarity. Great change is occurring, and as great change occurs individuals attempt to express that solace in old familiarities and to hold to that establishment of old familiarities. The conflict arises, and at times the trauma, in that those old familiarities do not fit any longer, for you are not merely shifting but you have shifted. There are many aspects of your reality which are quite different now, that you are not waiting for the future and the end of your century to be shifted. There are many aspects of your reality now that are shifted and old expressions do not fit.

TED: Such as?

ELIAS: The manner in which you perceive your reality. Attempt now to genuinely express that you are all that exists.

TED: I can conceptualize that, but when I reach out and I can touch another person next to me...

ELIAS: No. Attempt now in your shifted expression to genuinely express that you in this focus are all that exists of you.

TED: I cannot, because I know I am much more than this focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

TED: I am all of this.

ELIAS: You are correct, and that is an aspect of a shifted perception.

TED: Oh my god! Wow.

ELIAS: And another perception shall not fit. The triangular peg shall not be placed in the round hole, and you have moved to the triangular peg.

TED: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: So this government of ours doesn't make any difference in our freedoms...

ELIAS: Correct.

TED: ...because they are ours.

ELIAS: Correct, and the attempt to continue to express old familiarities and methods of expressions and movements in a shifted society shall not fit.

TED: Wow! (Elias laughs) I'm done! (Elias laughs loudly) It doesn't fit anymore!

LUANNE: I don't know what our time situation is because I haven't been keeping track, but a question just occurred to me about something we were discussing outside. As final focus, what do I exhibit in my creations that I apparently don't, or more than likely don't, recognize that is associated with me because I am a final focus?

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. There is no rule. There is no blueprint, so to speak, for the expressions or exhibitions of a final focus. It is merely a function. It is merely a designated function, so to speak, of one attention as designated as the signal, in a manner of speaking.

Now; I may express to you, it is quite commonly expressed within individuals that are the designated final focus that they generate or exhibit expressions such as fatigue or boredom or a desire to be moving into another expression of consciousness, but these are all quite strongly associated with the individuals' beliefs.

LUANNE: I don't feel that way, personally.

ELIAS: They are not intrinsic to the expression of a final focus. There are other individuals such as yourself that are designated final focuses and do not generate that expression.

I may express to you, my friend, in association with those individuals' beliefs that generate fatigue or a desire to be moving on, so to speak, this is an excuse to not pay attention to themselves. (Chuckles)

LUANNE: Well, I was wondering if... There's one thing, that I hold my energy tight. My understanding is it prevents me or it makes it more difficult for me to widen my...

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

LUANNE: That was what was going through my mind. I was wondering if that maybe would be how I would exhibit being a final focus or that would be something I would be creating because I am.

ELIAS: No. This is what you generate in this focus, but it is not associated with the designation of final focus.

LUANNE: Why do I do that?

ELIAS: This is an expression of protection, which you have not yet quite addressed to, and you continue to generate this energy in association with the belief of protection.

LUANNE: Physical protection?

ELIAS: General, and therefore you create a tension within your energy field, which you also generate within your actual physical body consciousness. This is the manner in which you hold to your energy in protection, in the association that you shall not allow a penetration of any energy that you perceive to be threatening or hurtful.

LUANNE: So this is fearfulness.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. (Frank/Christian enters the room)

FRANK: Excuse my interruption. We're saying good-bye. Is it okay? Hi, Elias! (Says good-bye to Ted and Luanne) Elias, we'll be talking soon!

ELIAS: Very well!

LUANNE: Okay, I understand that. I don't know why, how, what I will show myself to address to that or to even notice that protectiveness, but I'll be on the lookout for it.

ELIAS: Very well!

LUANNE: One other short question, if you don't mind. We were talking about colors, and my understanding is that my color is pink. Would that be essence color? (Pause)


LUANNE: And then there would be another color for focus color?


LUANNE: What color would that be for myself?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

LUANNE: Yellow just popped into my head. (Laughs) Which I hadn't given it any prior thought!

ELIAS: I may express to you acknowledgment of your impression - goldenrod.

LUANNE: Oh, I'm another goldenrod, huh? (Laughs) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LUANNE: Very, very helpful to me today. And yesterday as well, although I still have to assimilate more of that conversation. But thank you so much.

ELIAS: And so shall many individuals! (Laughs) Acknowledge yourselves, my friends! You are wonderful individuals!

TED: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I anticipate our next meeting in playfulness and in genuine appreciation of you each.

LUANNE: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this day, au revoir.

TED: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:39 PM.

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