Session 541
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What Will People Think?


“What Will People Think?”
“Nothing is Broken!”
“Shifting Kids”

Wednesday, January 12, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Laura (Alon).
Vic’s note:  Laura asks questions about her kid in this session, so as a point of interest, I will note that his essence name is Tomkin.  Tomkin is one of 12 essences that facilitate this energy exchange.

Elias arrives at 9:12 AM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

LAURA:  Good morning!  How are you?

ELIAS:  As always!

LAURA:  Oh goodie! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Well, let’s see.  I would like to start by asking about a connection that I’ve noticed between my son Zachary and an acquaintance child friend named DJ.  My son has a draw to him that I haven’t seen with anybody else, and he barely knows this child in this focus, so I was wondering about that.

ELIAS:  You may view that small ones many times exhibit very similar behavior to yourselves in these types of situations.

These two individuals share other focuses together and hold a draw to each other in actuality, for there is a recognition that they have or are presently participating in relationships together in these other focuses.  Therefore, there is a memory, in a manner of speaking, of this participation.

Now; in this, you may also allow yourself to be watching, and you may offer yourself information as to the lack of separation that small ones exhibit in comparison, so to speak, to the separation that you as adults exhibit within your focuses.

Within your focus as an adult, you have already created this separation and you have created a veil, so to speak, in which you do not allow yourselves access to information of other focuses as easily as a small one may, for their veil of separation is not complete, so to speak.  Therefore, their recognition may be immediate and they may many times even hold an objective memory, in a manner of speaking, that they may express to you, of their relationship with another individual or their familiarity with certain actions or certain locations, certain interaction with creatures ... it matters not.

The point is that they allow themselves more of a clarity and less of a separation, which may also serve to be motivating to you as adults, in a validation that you may be accomplishing this type of recognition also.  You merely may be experiencing slightly more difficulty in your action of intentional accessing of other focuses.

Therefore, in response, these two individuals are merely allowing an objective recognition and response in conjunction with other focuses that are shared together.

LAURA:  Okay.  Would horses be involved in some other focuses?  ‘Cause he has a connection with horses also.

ELIAS:  In one focus, yes, you are correct.

LAURA:  Okay.  To continue on with him, he does amaze me with his lack of separation, and I notice it quite often.  Another incident is, he was sitting in my mother’s lap, and I was looking through the paper, and there was a picture of a piano player from I believe it was the 30s sitting next to his piano, and he slapped on the paper and yelled, “Me, me, me!” and then started playing the piano on the kitchen table, and my mom and I just stared at each other.  My grandmother played the piano, and there’s other people in my life that have a connection with pianos, and I was just wondering what that was about.

ELIAS:  This is another example of this very subject matter.  You may view, as I have stated, that small ones quite easily access information of other focuses.

Now; this small one is merely expressing to you objectively his recognition of his participation in another focus in which he is participating in that action, in a type of direction that you may identify the action as a career, so to speak.  Therefore, the engagement of this instrument occupies much activity and time framework in the focus of that individual.

Many, many, many small ones allow themselves this type of memory and recognition of other focuses, and also of other elements of consciousness.

Some small ones allow themselves quite easily the viewing of essences which are not physically focused, and they may be interactive with essences quite frequently.  You may view that their behavior appears to be playing with no thing, or with what you identify as imaginary friends, so to speak, and in actuality, they are allowing themselves to physically view the energy of other essences, which at times may even manifest into forms which the small ones allow themselves to view, for they are not creating this veil of separation.

I shall also express to you that very small ones that are manifest now within this time framework, in what you may identify as beyond the midpoint of this shift in consciousness, also allow themselves even more of this type of recognition and interaction and memory, so to speak, than small ones that have chosen to be manifest in other time frameworks, for they are entering into a physical focus knowing that they are participating in this shift in consciousness from the onset.  Therefore, they are allowing themselves to be entering this physical dimension not creating the veils that you are attempting to drop.  This is quite common in this time framework, for they are allowing themselves the ease in movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

LAURA:  Okay.  There is a small one named Spencer at my son’s daycare that in our terms is considered handicapped, and every time I go to pick up my son and this child is there, he comes running up to me and interacts with me on a nonverbal level, and I would like to hear your comment on that. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Ah!  Once again, this is an exhibition in objective behavior of a recognition of shared participation in other focuses, and the validation that you may present yourself with objectively in the respect that these small ones are not creating this veil of separation.  But this serves instrumentally with YOU, for it offers you the opportunity to view the reality of the recognition of shared focuses, and in this action or this display of recognition by small ones, you may also allow yourself the validation of the genuineness of this action — which is created in consciousness by essence — that all of your focuses are simultaneous, and that they are in actuality occurring, and that you may be accessing these other focuses, and you may hold a memory of them, view them, and even participate in them, if you are so choosing, temporarily.

This is all what you have allowed yourself to draw yourself to in imagery to be validating to you of the movement of this shift in consciousness, that you may objectively view.  There are elements of your reality which are altering now.  The insertion of this shift in consciousness has begun in objective terms, so to speak.  Therefore, you shall be allowing yourselves more and more noticing of objective evidences of this shift in consciousness and the lack of separation.

This particular small one holds a focus with yourself in which you participate in relationship to that individual in the capacity of an older sister, and the small one views you similarly to the role of a mother in this relationship of the older sister.  There is a recognition of this in energy and in the actual memory of the shared focus with the small one, and therefore there is an allowance in objective behavior to not be confining that recognition.

As small ones do not hold the strength of belief systems that you hold as you move farther into your focuses in linear time framework or age, so to speak, they allow themselves to be responding objectively to those elements of their reality that they recognize, and they are not blocking of themselves in these areas, for they do not concern themselves with aspects of beliefs such as how they shall be viewed by other individuals or how their behavior shall be perceived or received by another individual.  These aspects of beliefs are not held strongly within small ones, and therefore they are not responsive to the influence of those particular beliefs, and allow themselves more freedom within their objective expressions.

LAURA:  Okay.  Thank you.  Well, (laughing) yeah, sometimes he calls me mom, so....

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you, the reason that this is beneficial imagery that you offer to yourself is that you move into a position now of pulling surfacely certain aspects of beliefs that create limitations with you.

Although you may view yourself to be quite expressive objectively, and although you view yourself in this focus to be not concerning yourself to tremendous extents, so to speak, with the perceptions of other individuals, there ARE held these aspects of belief systems regardless, and they ARE influencing.

And in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, you allow yourself to view the freedom of small ones and their lack of limitation in their expression objectively of self in conjunction to what they KNOW, and as you view their action in this — and the acceptance of other individuals in their participation with small ones — you may also allow yourself to turn your perception slightly and afford yourself the same freedom.

For although you may be expressive with yourself objectively in some areas and in certain situations, there are other areas of your focus that move in conjunction with this shift in consciousness — and objective imagery that you present to yourself — that you are much more hesitant to be interactive with other individuals in expressing a sharing of those experiences or of that imagery, for there is an element of concern of how that shall be perceived by other individuals, and therefore, how they shall view you.

And in your offering to yourself this interaction with small ones, you allow yourself to view the ease in which they express themselves objectively in their knowing of reality, which also may serve as a validation to you that you may be creating the same objectively in your expressions, and not be limiting yourself in concern of how it shall be received or perceived by other individuals objectively.

Are you understanding?

LAURA:  Yes, I am ... I believe so, anyway! (Laughing, and Elias grins)

Okay, let’s see.  My mom would like to know about her connection with Zachary. (Pause)

ELIAS:  These individuals also have participated in other focuses together and have held different types of relationships, in what you may term to be family relationships and also friendships.

This individual of your mother also participates in other focuses with the other small one, your.... (Pause, during which Elias appears to be searching for a word)

LAURA:  The handicapped child?


LAURA:  The other one?

ELIAS:  YOUR child.

LAURA:  Okay, okay.  Got it.

Recently I’ve presented myself with some more imagery.  My washing machine stopped working one day, and I tried all different kinds of cycles and settings and water temperatures, and I did everything to try to get it to work — it wouldn’t work.  So, I called a repairman, but when he arrived, there was nothing wrong with the machine — it was working just fine — and I was wondering about that.

ELIAS:  HA HA!  I shall be acknowledging of you in your creativity in offering yourself this type of imagery, for this is quite a creative expression and has offered you an example, in very physical terms, of what I have been expressing recently to many individuals in relation to all of your reality.

You have merely projected energy in a manner to be creating this action as an example to yourself, in quite physical terms, that you may view physically an exhibition and example of the concept, so to speak, that I have been expressing to individuals quite consistently within a recent time framework.

(With much emphasis)  In this, I shall express to you, there is no element within your reality that is broken.  There is no element in yourselves or in other individuals that is broken.  Therefore, there is no element within your focus that needs be fixed.

But this is a very strong aspect of beliefs, in which you view certain elements of yourself or other individuals that you may not identify necessarily in your thought process that it is broken, but you DO identify that it needs be fixed.

You identify that you need be fixing situations or yourself or other individuals, and changing different expressions and therefore allowing yourself a better expression of self or better creations of situations or your reality, and this is all the expression of the attempt to be fixing elements in your reality.

And I have expressed quite explicitly, you create your reality perfectly.  There is no element of it that is broken.  It may appear to you that it is malfunctioning or even that it is broken, in conjunction with your beliefs and your assessment of how your reality SHOULD be performing in efficiency.  But in actuality, it already IS being created and moving perfectly within your design of creating it.

Therefore, you have merely offered yourself a projection of energy that has created physical imagery that expresses physically this concept.

The machine itself is not broken, but within your perception — and this is the key element — it is your perception that offers you the information that it IS broken objectively.  Therefore, your automatic response objectively is that it needs be fixed, and therefore you move immediately, in your automatic responses, into the actions of creating that direction of fixing the element that is broken.  But you subsequently offer yourself imagery, much to your bewilderment, that it is indeed and in actuality not broken at all, and shall function properly and efficiently without being fixed, and it shall create that action itself without your interference, so to speak.

This is a very creative example of the information that I have offered to you all recently, in expressing to you that you need not be responding so very strongly to your beliefs in the direction of fixing elements within your reality, or that you need be “learning” in this “lowly plain,” (humorously) or that you need be “teaching” other individuals through your gain of “enlightenment.”

I shall express to you, all of your reality is being created perfectly already.  There is no better, there is no need for fixing, and no element is broken.  This is the offering of information that may be helpful to you, in allowing yourselves to turn your attention slightly and recognize that these are aspects of beliefs that are quite influencing of your reality, and as you allow yourself to view your beliefs, you subsequently may allow yourselves to move into the expression of acceptance of those beliefs.

LAURA:  Cool!  Okay, let’s see.  My daughter just passed me a note.  You have already given me this information, but she would like it again ‘cause I can’t remember it — her essence name and family and alignment and orientation, please.

ELIAS:  You are correct.  This has been offered within your time framework recently, and you may be inquiring of Lawrence, for Lawrence may be offering this information to you, for he holds this within his objective possession as the scribe, ha ha!

LAURA:  Okay, cool.  I will ask her.  Could give me those same things for my friend Tony?  He was recently at the group session in Castaic, and if I could get his name, family, alignment, and orientation.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Essence name, Liefe; L-I-E-F-E. (leaf)  Essence family, Vold; alignment in this focus, Milumet; orientation, common.

LAURA:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

LAURA:  Let’s see here; my other questions.  When I was, in linear time, around ... now I’m not sure what age, but I had a very vivid dream that I was at an Alice Cooper concert, and recently, I read about a lady who wrote about the same thing happening, but she was actually there.  I was wondering if you could explain that action, because I really feel that it’s connected.  I’ve never had anybody verbally state a dream I had.

ELIAS:  This is a projection in consciousness.  This is not the offering of dream imagery, but the action of projecting an element of your consciousness into another area, so to speak, to be offering yourself the experience of participating in an action in which you are not involving your physical presence.  Are you understanding?

LAURA:  Yes.

ELIAS:  This action is created many times, so to speak, throughout an individual focus.  This is quite a natural action that all of you engage, but many times you do not allow yourselves an objective recognition of this action or an objective remembrance of this action.

Now; you have offered yourself this type of objective recognition and memory, once again, to be validating to yourself your abilities, and also to be offering yourself objectively the recognition that this type of action may be created quite easily and quite effortlessly and is not needing of struggle or tremendous concentration objectively to be accomplishing this type of action.

As you HAVE offered yourself the objective memory of your creation of this type of action previously, it may be motivating to you in your allowance to be continuing this type of action, and not discounting yourself in your participation in this type of action now.

LAURA:  Okay.  Thank you!

ELIAS:  You are welcome!

LAURA:  (Laughing)  I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me what my intent is.

ELIAS:  In this focus, you have chosen a pool of probabilities which are expressive of your intent, in this particular time framework — as with other individuals — quite in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, but in the manifestation of certain types of interactions.

Now; let me express to you, the movement of this type of energy offers a value fulfillment to you individually, and also offers an example in objective expressions to other individuals, but not merely an example.  But also, in your projection of energy, there is many times an actual interaction of energy that is allowed to occur between yourself and other individuals that serves to be facilitating of other individuals’ allowance for more of a free flow in their expression of energy also.

The manner in which this is objectively exhibited is your allowance to be expressive of yourself in a type of freedom, for the most part, and a lack of limitation in what you create objectively and how you communicate objectively with other individuals, not restraining your projection of energy with other individuals, regardless of their perception.  This be the reason that we have been discussing this day in this interaction this very element of imagery that you draw to yourself, for there are some areas in which you HAVE created limitations within yourself as to the free flow of your objective outward expressions, and in this, it moves not quite in harmony with your individual intent.  For in the objective expression of your intent, you project, in communication and in action, the energy that expresses itself without the limitation of tremendous concern of the reactiveness that may be exhibited by other individuals in response to what you choose to be creating in your individual reality.

This holds significance, for many, many, many individuals create a very strong influence of this particular aspect of belief systems, and limit their expressions and limit their selves in their energy quite strongly, and create an element of fearfulness within themselves in their interaction with other individuals, for they hold the fear of how they shall be perceived by other individuals.

Now; in many expressions, you do not create this fear, and you allow a free flow of energy and expression objectively, which as I have stated, not merely creates an example, so to speak, to other individuals — that you may be expressive of yourselves individually and not be concerning yourselves with how this shall be perceived by other individuals, and therefore discounting yourself and therefore blocking your individual energy.

But beyond the example that you offer, you also offer an actual energy exchange, so to speak, with other individuals in this focus in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, which facilitates many times their implementation of this same type of expression.  It allows them more of an ease within their own expressions objectively to be trusting their movement, their objective expressions, their objective choices, regardless that it may be unpopular, so to speak, or that it may appear at times crass, in your vernacular.

This is beneficial not merely to yourself, as I have stated, but also, it may be quite beneficial for other individuals as they allow themselves to be interactive with you, for they may view your interactions and your choices and your creations within this focus, and it may spark within themselves a noticing that in certain areas, they do not allow themselves this type of expression or this type of freedom.

You also, as I have stated earlier within this discussion, present yourself with challenges in conjunction with this very intent, and therefore, you draw to your attention those areas within your focus in which you ARE limiting your free flow of your expression, within fearfulness of how it may be perceived by other individuals.

Are you understanding?

LAURA:  Yeah, I think so.  I believe so.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LAURA:  Let me see if I have any other questions.  I guess one last quick bit of imagery, maybe.  The other day I was getting ready for work, and I knocked a picture off the wall.  It was a picture that said, in four different languages, “Never again.”  The reason that’s so major in my imagery is that I had decided I wasn’t going to cook at my job again ‘cause it’s something that I don’t really want to do anymore.  But I had agreed to do it that day, and I was having a lot of conflict with the idea of doing it.  Could you comment on that?

ELIAS:  This is your offering to yourself also of absolutes, and how you perceive absolutes, and the influence of your own energy in conjunction to absolutes.

As you create definitions and identifications of absolutes within your perception, you also create very strong judgments, and you also create very strong expressions in response to these absolutes.

And in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view how the responsiveness to absolutes, in many situation and in many circumstances, may be creating of an expression of conflict.

This also allows you the opportunity to recognize that as you allow yourself to be accepting, to be recognizing that there are no absolutes, and also to be turning your perception slightly and allowing yourself to move beyond the expression of the identification of strongly held judgments, you may also allow yourself to view how your energy shall move differently, and you shall not be creating this type of conflict.

There are many expressions within your physical dimension that individuals view in terms of absolutes, and create very strong responses to.  This statement of “never again” is a very strong statement, within your terms, of what you choose to be projecting in absolutes in many different types of expressions, and it is aligned with en masse and therefore reinforced, and a tremendous volume of energy is projected in this manner.

And this also creates an expression of much conflict with yourself — with many individuals — for you struggle against the energy that you have defined in these absolutes.  This is your offering in imagery to yourself to be noticing those elements of your reality that you identify and associate with absolutes, and this shall allow you the opportunity in that noticing to be identifying the aspects of beliefs that move in conjunction with those definitions in absolutes.

And thusly, you may allow yourself to relax your energy, recognizing that there are no absolutes, that all of your reality is quite changeable, and that those actions that you hold strong judgments upon may be clearly questioned within yourself, which shall offer you more of an opportunity to move into an expressions of acceptance, recognizing that this is a creation of your perception which is influenced through your beliefs, and although it is creating your reality, even your perception is not an absolute and may be altered.

LAURA:  Okay.  Well, thank you very much!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are very welcome!  You have offered yourself quite a volume of imagery to be presenting to yourself some elements of concepts that hold difficulty for most individuals in their movement in energy to be addressing to these concepts and these aspects of beliefs, and present an element of difficulty within yourself also.

But I am encouraging of you in your creativity in which you are drawing this imagery to your attention, for if you are not paying attention and noticing, you also shall not be altering objectively what you are creating in conflict.  Therefore, I am acknowledging of you in your presentment to yourself in your imagery!

LAURA:  Thank you!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

LAURA:  (Laughing)  Okay then.  Well, I guess our time is up, and thank you very much!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LAURA:  I hope to talk to you again you soon.

ELIAS:  I anticipate our next meeting, and the continuation of our interaction objectively.  To you, and also to your small ones this day, I offer my expression of affection, and express to you lovingly, au revoir.

LAURA:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:12 AM.


(1)  I have changed the word “without” to the word “within” in the following phrase: “... within fearfulness of how it may be perceived by other individuals.”

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