Session 577
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The Action of Probabilities


“The Action of Probabilities”
“The Enormity of Choice”
“Orientations: Soft”

Thursday, March 9, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Frank (Christian/X-tian).
Elias arrives at 10:08 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Christian!

FRANK:  Greetings, Elias!  How are you?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

FRANK:  I always say that!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And what shall we engage this day?

FRANK:  As if you don’t know, right?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK:  I guess the last time in our session, we left off at step four, and since then, you’ve mentioned step four in several other sessions, which seems to just add up to acceptance.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

FRANK:  Right.  Without being a wise guy, (laughing) when we get to acceptance, that seems to be the biggest issue.  I’m going to go back to methodology again.  But can you ... in other words, are there like five steps to acceptance?  Could you present it in that format?

ELIAS:  Ah, you are requiring of an additional step!

FRANK:  Yes!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha! (Frank cracks up)  For....

FRANK:  Acceptance of yourself is a big statement, obviously, so would you be able to recommend or put into a method like several steps of acceptance, specifically?

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  And this is what I have presented already within your four steps.  You have requested your method, and I have offered to you your method.

Now; I will express to you, once you have entered into your step four, the reason that I have expressed this as step four — and not merely offered to you three steps and an outcome — is that step four is a step also.  For as you allow yourself to review the steps which have been offered — one, noticing; two, identifying and recognizing; three, in the addressing to, and four being the acceptance, but not being what you identify as an absolute outcome.  For I shall express to you, these four steps are to be accomplished within the moment.

Therefore, as you move into step four of acceptance, this is not what you would term to be, in your common vernacular, a done deal!  Ha ha!

For once you have moved into the acceptance, do not delude yourself into the thought process that this requires no awareness or what you may term to be physically as maintenance, for you continue to hold belief systems within this physical dimension.

Be remembering, you are not eliminating belief systems.  You are neutralizing the belief systems, but you continue to hold the belief systems.  You continue to incorporate belief systems within your physical reality.  Therefore, once you have moved into step four of acceptance, you also hold the ability to be slipping out of the acceptance and reincorporating a lack of acceptance.

This be the reason that you incorporate this method of your four steps, for as you engage step four of acceptance, you also allow yourself the objective ability within each moment to be simultaneously presenting yourself with step one, two, and three, allowing you to continue to create step four.

FRANK:  Okay.  So in other words, when you neutralize a belief system, it can be reactivated, in other words.

ELIAS:  Quite!

FRANK:  So it’s not just over, and you can move forward.  I mean, it’s always there.

ELIAS:  This is the action of probabilities.  Probabilities are created, chosen, and actualized within the moment, and they may be altered from one moment to the next moment within your physical reality, as you incorporate linear time.  Therefore, any creation that you engage or you manifest within your reality is created as a chosen probability, and manifest within the moment.

Now; it may be continued to be re-created in subsequent moments, or it may be altered and not re-created.  This action of acceptance is the creation of a choice in probabilities, in like manner to any other choice that you create within your reality.

In this, it is no different, in actuality, than your creation of a broken bone.  Within the moment, you choose a probability that you shall actualize and manifest and insert into your physical reality, and you shall allow yourself that experience within the moment.  In your linear time framework, within the next moment, you may create a different choice, and the broken bone may no longer be broken. (Pause)

FRANK:  What brings it objectively then?  I mean, are you saying that objectively, you can break your bone, and it can be unbroken?

ELIAS:  Yes!

FRANK:  Really!

ELIAS:  Yes, for probabilities are created within the moment.

You may break a bone.  In that moment, you have chosen a probability and you have actualized it and inserted it into your officially accepted reality in objective terms.  The bone is broken.

Within each subsequent moment, you may re-create that probability and continue the manifestation of the bone being broken, but this requires you to be continuously, moment by moment, creating that choice of probability.

It is not a situation in which you create a probability in choosing to be creating a broken bone, and once it is created, it is done, and subsequently within any particular moment, you may choose to be uncreating or adjusting your creation, for this one creation has been actualized and it stays, in a manner of speaking, within your reality as that creation.  No.  You continuously choose to be creating probabilities within the moment.

Therefore, if you are incorporating a broken bone, and that broken bone appears to continue to be broken for weeks within your linear time framework, you are choosing, in each moment, to be re-creating that broken bone and that expression.

Now; you may also within any given moment alter your choice, and in this, you may choose a different probability, and you may choose the probability that the bone is not broken, and it shall not be broken.  It shall appear within your objective awareness, within your linear time framework, that suddenly you have healed yourself or a miracle has occurred, for the bone now is not broken, and you may even create the bone being not broken with no physical evidence that it had ever been broken.

FRANK:  That’s huge!

ELIAS:  This is the action of probabilities and choice.  This is the enormity of choice, and this is the reason that you have collectively chosen to be creating and inserting this shift in consciousness into your reality.  This is an enormous action.

This shift in consciousness is immense.  It is a source event which is being translated into your objective physical reality.  Therefore, the point is your allowance individually, and also collectively, in awareness objectively of the ability and power that you hold as being essence focused in attention in a physical dimension.

You have thus far throughout your history intentionally limited your choices, but you are offering yourselves now, in the action of this shift, information as to what you are, what you create, how you create your reality, and why you create your reality.

Now; within your beliefs, your perception of time and its linear movement is tremendously influencing, for this suggests to you, in relation to probabilities, first of all that probabilities lie before you or ahead of you, and that you choose from this vast array of probabilities which already exist, for you are creating a thought process, in relation to your beliefs and your perception of time, of future.

Secondly, you are influenced by your belief and your perception of time in relation to probabilities, in that you look to any given creation that you actualize and you manifest within your reality as one singular probability that is, in your terms, lasting.  Therefore, it is an absolute.

The reason that you hold the ability to be healed, so to speak — or that you may alter any element in your reality in extreme or what you may view to be a drastic expression or a dramatic expression — is not that you need be exerting more energy or more forcefulness in energy or even more directedness in energy, but that you merely turn your attention and choose to be creating a different actualization.

This is exceedingly simple.  This action is so very simple, you may term it to be painfully simple.  For this action you may compare to an action of a small one that may be coloring a picture.  You are creating the very same action as you create probabilities.

You may look in your objective awareness to a small one coloring a picture.  Look at the small one as it holds, hypothetically, three crayons within its hand.  It chooses one color, and it shall apply that one color to its picture.  The other two colors exist — they are actualized — but they are not actualized upon the picture that the child is coloring.

You create the choice of a probability in the moment, and in that, you also actualize all other probabilities in relation to that probability, but you choose one to be inserting into your officially accepted reality.  You color one upon your individual picture, and this may be continued in your choices or it may be altered, and you may choose a different color within a different moment.

Now; the color that you have applied previously continues to exist, for it has been actualized.  It has been created.  But you also may be creating with a different color, and your attention shall be in that now, applying that color.

You create what you hold in attention and what you concentrate upon, and in this, your concentration may continue for a time framework within your linear expression, and it shall appear — in the illusion, in a manner of speaking, of sequential time — that you have created merely one expression or one choice of probability, and you shall surprise yourself if you are turning your attention and you are choosing to create a different probability, for you look to probabilities as solid expressions.

Each probability that you create, each manifestation that you create, within your beliefs may as well be stone.  “It has been created.  Therefore, it is absolute.”  And I express to you, no, there are no absolutes.  You hold the ability to be continuously altering.

(Deliberately)  It is the power of freedom and choice which you are allowing yourselves to be recognizing and to be aware of objectively in the action of this shift.

FRANK:  Well, I have to agree that that is very huge.  Is it true to say that probability overrides belief, belief effects?


FRANK:  So the energy of a probability still has to come through the perception of beliefs?

ELIAS:  Your beliefs are quite influencing.  It is not a question of overriding.

Now; at times you may be creating spontaneously some expressions and creating the choice of some probabilities in your movements that are not influenced by your beliefs, and — in a manner of speaking — are outside of your belief systems.  There are some actions within your physical dimension that are allowed to be expressed outside of belief systems.  But I shall express to you also, do not be discounting the strength of your belief systems and of the beliefs which are held en masse, for they are extremely influencing and affecting.

You shall create your reality through the instrument of your perception.  Your perception is tremendously influenced by your beliefs.  Probabilities are tremendously influenced by your beliefs, for your beliefs create your motivations, and this is influencing of your perception, which, as I have stated, is the instrument in which you create your reality. (Pause)

FRANK:  My situation right now is, in the now, I’m still presenting myself with some trauma, but the physical symptoms are not the same anymore.  I can breathe better in one respect, and in another respect I have different symptoms.  Is that because I haven’t neutralized the original belief systems, or am I working on different ones now?

ELIAS:  You are continuing to be moving through your method of your four steps.  You have not within this time framework moved into step four, but I shall express to you that you have been accomplishing in the expression of the other three steps.

Now; be remembering that within the movement of step three, I have expressed to you that you shall allow yourself to recognize that you are beginning to engage step three, as your creations shall begin altering.  You shall begin creating less conflict in relation to your choices and what you are manifesting.

Now; as you focus your attention in the expression of methods and processes, you may not necessarily spontaneously or instantaneously create no conflict within step three, but you shall allow yourself to view that your conflict is lessening, or the strength of your expression of what you are creating is lessening, or it is altering; it is changing.  As you have stated, you are offering yourself objective evidences that you are beginning movement into step three.

Now; let me also express to you, Christian, this action is quite intertwined with your allowance of yourself to be holding your attention and your awareness within the now continuously — underline this word “continuously”!

This is a key point.  I may not emphasize this to you strongly enough: focusing your attention upon self, holding your attention with self, and holding your attention and your awareness — for your attention and your awareness are different expressions — holding your attention and your awareness within the now.

This is an extremely powerful expression.  This offers you many more choices.  It offers you much more information.  It offers you much more mobility.  For if you are not paying attention within the now to what you are creating and your beliefs and yourself, and if you are not allowing yourself your objective awareness within the now, you also limit your vision. (Pause)

In this, recognize that you are allowing yourself evidences and validation of some of your movement.  You are allowing yourself objectively to view that you are altering some expressions of your creations.  This offers you the validation and the objective physical evidence that you are creating the movement within step three.  You are addressing to, and there is an affectingness of.  Are you understanding?

FRANK:  Yes.

ELIAS:  I may also express to you that you may offer yourself even more of an objective awareness and viewing of this process, and you may offer yourself more of an expression of evidence, as you allow yourself to hold your attention more within the now and hold your attention to self.

Now; this is key in what you create.  You create specific physical affectingnesses, and in this, I am not directing you to hold your attention to the physical creation, but to hold your attention with YOU.

You lean in the direction with your attention of focusing upon the creation, focusing upon the manifestation, the outward expression.  This is part, but not all.  This is your expression, but it is not focusing your attention upon you.  It is a part of you, for it is your expression.

Be remembering your orientation.  Your creation is inward and outward simultaneously, and as you allow yourself merely to focus upon the outward, you are viewing merely part, and therefore you are blocking your view of the entirety of the picture.  You are viewing merely one side.  This be the reason....

FRANK:  What is the inward creation then?  How would that manifest itself?

ELIAS:  This is the attention of your belief.

Now; what I am expressing to you, though, is not to be focusing your attention upon one or the other, for these are both manifestations.  In relation to your orientation, I am expressing to you to focus your attention upon YOU.

Notice and allow yourself an awareness objectively of your feelings, your emotions, and your thoughts and your impressions — YOU.  Allow yourself to become familiar with you, not merely what you manifest.

Think of a coin.  You are the coin.  In creating the coin, you also are simultaneously creating both sides of that coin.

In this particular orientation of soft, you are creating inwardly and outwardly simultaneously, but what you focus your attention upon is one or the other within any particular moment.  Within one moment, you focus your attention upon the belief.  Within another moment, you focus your attention upon the manifestation physically.  In both directions of attention, you are not paying attention to you within the moment.

FRANK:  Which would be what?  My thought process, my feelings, linking the belief with the physical manifestation?

ELIAS:  Be remembering, I have expressed previously, your intellect and your intuition you have created within this dimension to be balanced, to be allowing you information, which is the expression of your perception.  Your thought process and your emotions move together as manifestations or evidences of your perception.

Therefore, as you allow yourself to be balancing these, not looking to merely one or the other, but allowing yourself the harmony and the balance of both your intuition and intellect, you may allow yourself to become familiar with your perception, and your perception is the expression of YOU.

FRANK:  Okay. (Pause)  Where was I going with this? (Elias laughs)  There were several directions I wanted to take on it.

In the past we’ve discussed certain beliefs, and you’ve mentioned that I have certain shrines to certain beliefs, which seems to be very daunting to me, like very dark, daunting, big, immense things that have to be overcome or neutralized.  Is that all part of the same thing we’re talking about now, or are these areas of special interest?  Like I had a shrine of loyalty, and also one of trust.  Every time I feel that my symptoms, my physical manifestations, get into like a trauma area, I think I’m dealing with these big, dark, giant shrines.

ELIAS:  You are expressing correctly to yourself in your identification, for it is all intertwined, and all of these elements interplay with each other.

Now; be remembering also that I have expressed to you quite strongly to be relaxing.  You interpret this in quite physical terms.

Your interpretation of this expression that I have offered to you is, once again, one side of the coin, for you translate this as merely the physical relaxation.  You associate the expression of relaxing with your physical manifestations only.  Therefore, as you express to yourself to be relaxing, you are expressing to yourself to physically be relaxing only.

Now; let us view what you have expressed.  You view these issues to be very large, these shrines to be very dark.

FRANK:  Very dark, dense, hard to penetrate.

ELIAS:  Quite, and your evaluation of this, your assessment of this, your belief in incorporating this type of terminology, is negative.

FRANK:  Correct.

ELIAS:  And in this, you incorporate an inner tension in each moment that you approach this dark negative area, and you immediately thrust forward the shields of protection and the walls of barrier to divide yourself from this ominous expression and the vulnerability of you.

And I express to you that this is a tremendous challenge that you hold in your movement into acceptance of all of you, and the recognition that this dark element of you is in actuality an element of you, and is no less a part of you or glorious than any element that you view as positive.

Let us return to our picture that you are coloring, and view within your picture of yourself.  Those dark areas may be the shadings of the blacks and grays and browns, but they also create the dimension and depth of you and your expression within this physical dimension.  They are merely expressions that contribute to the color of you. (Pause)

FRANK:  I know, while you’re saying that ... I feel a lot of emotion about that right now, is my physical manifestation, I guess.

ELIAS:  I am not expressing to you, as I have stated with many individuals previously, that you be embracing fear.  This is ludicrous! (Frank laughs)

What I am expressing to you is that you be embracing YOU in your entirety, recognizing that all of the colors of you are incorporated to be creating the entirety of the picture, and that without all of these colors, you incorporate a flatness, and you are not flat!  You hold tremendous depth and dimension.  You are multidimensional.

Therefore, in incorporating the acceptance of you without the judgments upon those colors, you also deflate the energy that you have placed into the expression of the fear of viewing what you term to be the dark aspects of you.

How shall you incorporate depth without shadow?  How shall you create light within your picture without its complement of shadow?

Therefore, the incorporation and the placement of the darkness, so to speak, is the complement which creates the wonder of the whole.  It is merely the influence of your beliefs that creates the perception that the dark is negative or bad or distasteful or uncomfortable.

You may view the shadow or the darkness through a new perception and allow yourself the freedom of acceptance of that, recognizing that this is the element of you also that creates the depth. (Pause)

FRANK:  Okay, that’s very interesting.  I repeat again, I do feel a lot of emotion right now about that, so that must be a very critical piece of the puzzle for me.

ELIAS:  For you are allowing yourself an openness within this moment to be resonating.  You know within you of what I am speaking, and within you, you recognize that this is a key element.

Think to yourself in playfulness, and in an exercise once again, to be presenting to yourself a momentary allowance to be viewing this darkness within you, these shadows within you, and express to yourself, what be the fear?  Identify, what be your fear?  Shall you disengage?  Shall you be maimed physically?  Shall you be maimed emotionally and psychologically as you look upon this shadow?  This is not the expression of Medusa, that you shall turn to stone if you allow yourself to view!

You may also dissipate much of this power in the energy of fear as you allow yourself to view that it is merely another color within your picture.

FRANK:  Well, very good.  I will do that. (Pause)

Another thing I’ve noticed is that, you know, while I was addressing my orientation of soft and realizing, like you taught me, that soft has to be around people and interacting with them, it always seems that ... like towards the end of the year, I was very interactive with people during the holidays, to more of a degree than I usually am, and trying to embrace that and be very involved in that, and then I noticed there’s always a point, like right when I feel like I’m at the height of my interaction or I’m doing what I should be doing, that I feel like I have to break away, and then, bang, I get sick again, or something happens to that effect to isolate me even more from everything, which I think I’m still carrying through now as a result of all the holiday interactions.  What’s going on there?

ELIAS:  This all interplays in these issues, and your lack of allowance of a free flow of your natural expression within your orientation.  You are, in a manner of speaking, creating a stop-point and setting a stage, in a manner of speaking.

For you are not holding within the now and you are projecting futurely, and in this projection futurely, you anticipate that this experience of freedom and natural flow of energy shall not be ongoing, shall not be lasting, so to speak.  Therefore, you shall regear yourself, and you shall once again be moving yourself in the direction of attempting to be pounding your peg into a different shaped hole. (Pause)  In this....

FRANK:  Like coming out of my orientation, and identifying with another one.

ELIAS:  Yes!  There is a tremendous expression of this, which is quite affecting!  For as you attempt to be diverting your natural flow of energy, it IS tremendously affecting.

I have expressed previously — from the onset of this forum of these sessions and interactions with individuals within your physical reality — ENERGY SHALL BE EXPRESSED.

If you are creating obstacles and blocking of the natural flow of your energy, it shall be expressed in another manner.  It shall not be static.  Energy is in continuous movement.

Therefore, if you are not allowing the natural flow and the natural expression of your energy, you shall express it in another manner, and that manner may move contrary to your natural flow, and you shall hold an awareness that you are moving contrary to your natural flow, for you shall allow yourself objectively evidences and awarenesses.

You shall allow yourself to view the affectingness that you create — or the lack of comfort or the lack of pleasure or the expression of conflict or confusion — in relation to your diversion of your energy into areas in which you are not allowing a natural flow.

FRANK:  Okay.  It sounds like there’s lot of work there.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Express to yourself, and be repetitive in your expression to self temporarily, “Not work — RELAX.”

FRANK:  Okay, relax. (Elias chuckles)  Both sides of the coin.

ELIAS:  Yes! (Chuckling)

FRANK:  Okay, Elias.  This is, again, a very great session for me.  I thank you very much, and we will be meeting again objectively!

ELIAS:  And I anticipate our interaction!  I express encouragement to you, Christian, and I express to you, in your creation of your probabilities this day, be remembering relaxing.

FRANK:  And I will.

ELIAS:  Very well.  And also allow yourself not to be moving your expression into the creation of irritation and frustration.  Merely allow yourself to be relaxing.  Concern yourself with this day.  Carpe diem!

FRANK:  (Laughing)  Seize the day — I will!  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, my friend.

FRANK:  Elias, when we interact subjectively, myself and you, what do we do?  What goes on there?

ELIAS:  We merge energy, which allows you an understanding objectively of what we engage in information.

I shall continue this discussion with you within another time framework, for the action that I engage with you, in the orientation of soft, subjectively is different than the action that I engage with individuals of the orientation of intermediate or common.

FRANK:  Okay.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  To you this day, my friend, in relaxation and great affection, au revoir.

FRANK:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:11 AM.  (11:11 — ha!)

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