Session 421

No Absolute Definitions/No Cause and Effect


“No Absolute Definitions/No Cause and Effect”
“Opening to Other Areas of Consciousness”
“The One Issue of Trust”

Friday, July 9, 1999-2  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland).
Elias arrives at 3:02 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon, my friend!

DEANE:  Good afternoon, Elias!  It gives me great pleasure this day to be with you again.  I have some questions, as you know.

But first let me say, on an informative note, I want you to know that none of this session will be published on the net or transcribed by anyone but me.  I hope this will provide an atmosphere of enhanced communication between us, and you have my permission to enhance our communication in any manner you feel would be most appropriate, okay?

Vic’s note:  Deane changed his mind about this after the session.

ELIAS:  Very well.

DEANE:  Immediately after our last session, I pulled out a bottle of Cointreau to have a drink in your honor.  Part of that bottle was broken, and I cut two of my fingers.  Also, not long after, I was stung by a wasp on my left wrist, and then shortly after that, I was stung again on the other hand.  Then I poked myself with a wire in my finger!  I thought there was a message in this pain and damage to my hands, but all I got was that I was pushing this drinking thing with you too far, and I’m not so sure of the accuracy of that.  I would appreciate your comments.

ELIAS:  I express to you that you are presenting yourself with interesting imagery in conjunction with the consumption of a substance, in your terms merely, but this is not in conjunction with myself.  I shall express to you that I have received your expression of shared pleasure and enjoyment with acceptance, and that it matters not within myself what you choose to be engaging to be expressive of your emotional qualities within yourself and directing them to this essence.

What you HAVE presented yourself with is imagery that is related to mass belief systems, and imagery which involves your partner also and her alignment with mass belief systems, and your deviation from these mass belief systems IN ACTION, but not necessarily in underlying beliefs.

Let us express that within mass belief systems within your culture in your society, there are held very strong judgments in the area of the consumption of any type of substances that may be viewed to be engaged in ANY form of excessiveness.

Now; let me also express to you that the term “excessiveness” is quite relative, for excessive may hold one meaning for one individual and hold a different meaning for another individual.

In this, you are presenting yourself with imagery holding messages twofold.

One is the addressment and noticing of your own underlying belief, which moves in the direction of questioning the consumption of such substances as you designate as alcohol and what affectingness that may or may not incur within your physical form, as you are dealing presently with different aspects of your physical body being affected, and therefore other elements are coming, so to speak, to your attention also in different areas that may be affecting of your physical body.

The other area that you are presenting to yourself is the movement outside of the mass belief system in action and the affectingness that may be incurred in these types of actions in influence of other individuals — how you may be influencing of their reality.  But be remembering that you may only be influencing of another individual’s reality if they are receptive or in agreement to receiving that influence.

In this, you present yourself with many different angles of what you create within your reality.  You have created the engagement of physical painfulness to be attaining your attention, for you have dismissed your attention from your initial noticing.  Therefore, you present yourself with other actions that may continue to pull your attention back into this same subject matter.

Now; be also remembering that you are presenting this imagery to yourself for yourself, not in conjunction with myself, for....

DEANE:  I understand.

ELIAS:  In this, it also matters not what you choose in your actions as to what you wish to be engaging within your physical focus.

Let me express to you that within the area of physical pleasures, ALL physical pleasures are viewed within mass belief systems as holding negative elements.  They are acceptable merely in moderation, and certain physical pleasures are acceptable merely if they are engaged in conjunction with productivity in some area.

I express to you, this is a mass belief and a mass expression.  It is not necessarily the actual situation, so to speak, for in actuality, it matters not what you engage as a choice.  You may be consuming of any element that is available to you within your physical focus, and you may also engage this in pleasure, and it shall not be harmful to you.  It is merely your belief systems that incorporate harmfulness, as dictating to you that the engagement of physical pleasures shall be harmful to you, and as you believe this, you concentrate in this area and it shall be, for you shall create it in that manner.

In this, you offer to yourself a noticing — a noticing of your choices, the ability to notice how your choices may be influencing with other individuals, a noticing that other individuals may hold a different perception, which also parallels another issue that you engage presently.  Therefore, you present yourself with imagery in like manner in this situation, in how your behaviors and your creations within your reality are affecting of other individuals within their reality, for their perception may be and is different from your perception.  Which is to say, their reality is different from your reality, and there are no absolutes!

This be the key point, is that you within physical focus en masse delude yourselves into the thought process of absolute definitions, and you express to yourselves and to each other that you all hold absolute definitions in certain areas, in certain subject matters, and you do not!  Each of you holds differences in your perceptions, and your perceptions ARE your realities!  Therefore, although you may conceptually express to each other that certain terminology, certain actions are absolutes, in actuality, they are not.

You express the belief systems of cause and effect: if you are creating one action, you shall absolutely experience another action.  This is not necessarily the situation, for I express to you, there are no absolutes!

DEANE:  That’s quite interesting, and I’ve got some understandings from that, as you probably well know.  Regarding securing an agent for my book, I have tried to contact Mr. Dellheim, who we mentioned before, even calling his home, and yet I can’t reach him.  I began searching the net for another agent and came across the Rose Agency.  I laughed at that coincidence, but I can’t get hold of that person either!  I thought that you said before that it would make no difference, and I took this to imply an ease of securing an agent for this book.  Would you comment, please, on this seeming difficulty?

ELIAS:  Once again, we move into the direction of expectations and concentration, placing importance into areas that I express to you matter not.  You may move into any particular direction that you are so choosing to be engaging what you term to be a literary agent.

It matters not!

You may allow yourself to be moving into a direction of your intuition and allowing yourself to practice LISTENING — which we have spoken of previously — to yourself, and listening to that small voice within you, and this shall be directing you into the area of securing, so to speak....

DEANE:  Okay.  Regarding the probability of a sequel to this book, is this still a most probable probability, as you said before?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DEANE:  Regarding Rose, occasionally a bird will fly into my window here in the computer room.  From the force, I know it must hurt the poor thing’s head pretty bad!  Does this have anything to do with Rose, since that bird seems to be one of its favorite figures?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

Now; look to the imagery that is presented to you.  It is offered in an expression of validation for your noticing.  Look to your expression presently: “The bird flies to my window and it is smashing of its head,” which appears to you to be quite painful.

Now; the imagery that is offered to you in this expression is, look to the bird and the quality of beauty that it exhibits to you.  Look to its actions and the association that you create in conjunction with its actions of being hurtful to itself, and in this, you present yourself with the understanding of the communication of this essence to you: to be looking to self and recognizing the beauty and the wondrousness of your own creations, and how efficiently you ARE creating your reality.  And look to the complications within your creations that are conflicting and hurtful to yourself, for no other individual is being hurtful to you, but you quite effectively may be hurtful to yourself!

DEANE:  I see.  I think I’ve got some understandings there too.  The out-of-body experience that I had with Rose that we discussed before, why was that specifically with Rose?  Why not you or someone else?

ELIAS:  This essence moves in conjunction with this energy exchange in offering an expression of energy to be facilitating of the objective interaction which is provided, in a manner of speaking, to individuals within physical focus.  Therefore, at times, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, that particular essence of Rose may be choosing to be directly interactive with individuals that are drawing this information to themselves, offering them expressions of validation of self.

This essence of Rose is not concerning itself with expressions directly, so to speak, of instructional quality.  What it moves itself into in interaction with individuals within physical focus is the expression of validation, and for the most part, the type of validation that is offered is not necessarily a validation of any particular movement that the individual may be creating or any particular choices that the individual may be creating, but merely a validation of themselves and the beauty and the wondrousness of themselves and how it may be validated.  Your very being — and that you ARE — is what this essence presents in reminder to you of your own wondrousness in your creation within physical focus.

DEANE:  You said before that the energy Rose had lent me had to do with — or at least one of the things had to do with — helping me in situations I was creating in relation to this shift in consciousness.  Can you tell me or be a little more specific regarding these situations and what they are?

ELIAS:  In this, as you move more fully into the exploration of yourself and begin to incorporate more and more awareness objectively of yourself and of reality and what you create within your reality, this follows, as you widen your awareness, your individual expression outwardly as your engagement in helpfulness within this shift.

Now; the essence of Rose is quite interactive in lending much energy to the action of this shift in consciousness.  This is the direction of attention that that particular essence moves within quite concentratedly, and in this, there is a recognition of individuals that ARE moving into directions of more fully being expressive of their intent in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, this essence of Rose shall be validating to you in offering energy expressions and exchanges and objective imagery at times, so to speak, in moments that you are moving into areas of examination and exploration of self in terms of reality and not merely concept.

DEANE:  Is that what you meant when you said in the other session that the energy would help hold within my own energy so I may be participating objectively?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DEANE:  I see.  Here’s another one, Elias.  I worked on this pretty hard to try to develop this contact, but was unsuccessful, at least I think I was.  Early Sunday morning, I heard a female voice calling my name — I was in bed — and she sounded loud and like she was right at my ear!  It really startled me, and my whole body jerked.  Can you tell me who this was and the reason for this experience? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.  This is another aspect of yourself.

DEANE:  Another aspect of self?

ELIAS:  Correct, and this is offered to you to be attaining your attention.  In this, let me express to you that within relative time framework to that engagement of the voice audibly, you had also engaged subjective imagery in dream imagery.  This is not objectively recalled, but I express to you that this is quite common.  It is unnecessary to be recalling the actual dream interaction, but to be offering yourself a trigger that shall gain your attention.

In this, you have chosen to be allowing the expression of another aspect of self to audibly contact, so to speak, yourself objectively, that [it] shall gain your attention and direct you to a feeling, for within the moment, you are experiencing a feeling, and in that feeling, you are recalling the key element of your dream imagery.  The imagery, in objective terms, matters not.  The feeling that was presented is the key element.  In this, you offer yourself the objective emotion and feeling, for this is what you are directing to yourself.

DEANE:  Excuse me.  I had some trouble with my recorder. (Elias chuckles)  You said in an earlier session that the voices that I mentioned to you, that I heard when I was dozing off to sleep sometimes, were the result of an opening to other focuses and other areas of consciousness.  Could you tell me something about these other areas and what they might be?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Now; this is an interesting movement that you allow yourself to be creating.

In this opening to other areas of consciousness, you also move in conjunction with widening your awareness, and in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to be exploring, within dream imagery and within other types of activities — out-of-body experiences and projections and meditations — the connecting to certain areas of consciousness that hold energy deposits which incorporate information.  This allows you the opportunity to be tapping into information concerning physical focus that would not necessarily be accessed easily within your objective waking state, but in this, as you begin to notice in allowing yourself to access these other areas of consciousness, you shall also eventually, in your terms, allow yourself this movement in objective waking state.

Now; this may be imaged initially in many different types of forms.  Many individuals move in a direction of accessing these other areas of consciousness and image them in a manner of libraries, for you associate a library as a location that houses much information.

At times, individuals may be imaging these areas of consciousness to themselves in a manner of an expansiveness of what they THINK of as the universe, in which you may present yourself with different and unusual objects that may move towards you, and you hold the knowing that within those objects is contained vast amounts of information.

It is merely an expression of the individual’s association in whatever they individually associate as holding great quantities of information.  It matters not how you objectify the imagery.  The importance is that you are allowing yourself an openness to these areas of consciousness that hold energy deposits, which translate into your dimension as information.

DEANE:  Well, you see, here’s the $64,000 question, Elias!  I come to you and I ask you for information, and here’s this other stuff that’s out there, and I can’t seem to access that information or get the information from me — directly from me — that I ask you about.  What is the specific problem here?  Is it a fear within me?  I’ve tried to look at this thing, and it gets frustrating because it seems like I’m just not able to do this!

ELIAS:  Now....

DEANE:  There’s something specific, perhaps, that’s holding me back.  I’m thinking along those lines ... or it’s something.  How about enlightening me regarding this problem, and what I can do to make it better?

ELIAS:  Very well, my friend, although let me also initially express to you that I have expressed this — what I shall present you again — many times previously, and at the moment that you choose to be releasing your hold upon your energy that you hold to yourself, you shall accept what I am expressing to you.

There IS a specific block, but it is not necessarily what you would term to be fear.  The block is the continuation of looking outside, and not moving into the expression of acceptance of self.

Let me express to you quite genuinely that this expression that I offer to you, although in one respect is quite simplistic, within another respect, as you are dictated to by your belief systems so very intensely and so very strongly and hold to them so very strongly, there is also the recognition that this small expression of acceptance of self is also quite difficult within physical focus.

You are not merely moving into unfamiliar areas individually with yourself within your own energy, but you are also moving around mass expressions and much energy which has been lent throughout your globe, throughout your history, of nonacceptance of self.

I have expressed many times, your religions, your sciences, all that you create within your reality expresses reinforcement to you that self is not trustworthy.  Therefore, this expression that I offer to you in trusting of self may be quite difficult, for it is NOT automatic.  It is NOT familiar to you.  What is familiar to you is to be accepting of expressions outside of yourself.

Now; in this, this be the reason that I interact with you and that you interact with me, for this offers you a momentary respite from these mass belief systems and this intensity of energy, and offers you a momentary expression of the receiving of acceptance from myself, which shall be reinforcing to your acceptance of self.  But my expression of acceptance to you is momentary objectively, and is not a continuous input.  The continuous input is the duplicity.  Therefore, the energy that I offer to you is overshadowed quite often by the energy of your belief systems in the area of duplicity.

In this, it matters not.  We continue, and I continue to express to you that you may be trusting of yourself, and you continue to offer yourself opportunities and avenues to be engaging your individual trust of self in every area of your focus, and I in turn continue to be reinforcing of your movement in these areas and expressing to you NOT that you have failed, NOT that you are not accomplishing, NOT that you are inefficiently accomplishing, but to express to you that you ARE accomplishing.

And in this, as I express to you that you are accomplishing, what is created within you?  “Oh no, Elias, I am NOT accomplishing!  This be the reason that I am speaking with you, for I am not accomplishing!”

DEANE:  (Laughing)  True!

ELIAS:  And I am expressing to you, “Oh yes, you ARE accomplishing.  You are merely not trusting yourself that you are accomplishing and you are discounting yourself that you are accomplishing.”

Therefore, I shall continue to express to you the reinforcement that you ARE accomplishing, and as we continue, step by step, little by little, you shall begin to see and trust that you are accomplishing.  But as with the creations of physical focus, you all look to methods!

DEANE:  Well, in this particular case, in this realm of accepting of self, I use validation.  There’s a number of things I have used, and what I don’t understand is why it’s just not wholly accepted.  Why don’t I just trust myself?  The hell with the method!  I mean, why?  When you see these things — our previous conversation, so many events that have occurred within my life that provide validation to me that all of this is true, and yet still, there’s something hanging in the background — it’s not going slow!

It seems that the logic of the thing, as presented to me as my intellect looks at all of this, is that yes, this is real, and yes, this is true, and yes, I should do that.  Yet it seems that my logic and intellect seem to be unaffecting in this regard — in rapidly, shall we say, creating this full trust of self.

ELIAS:  In this, the reason I express to you that you are requiring of methods is that you are correct — you may instantaneously be expressing this trust of self.  But you do not, and this IS the reality of your creations, that you do not.

Regardless of whether you hold the ability or not, you do not create in this manner, and the reason you do not create in this manner is that you do not believe that you hold the ability to be accomplishing in this manner.  You believe you must be engaging a process, and you follow what you believe.

Examine yourself!  In the areas that you hold no doubt in any direction, you shall accomplish quite effortlessly.  In the areas that you doubt ... and this particular area, although you express objectively that you believe, you also doubt!  And in the areas that you doubt, you allow yourself to drift, and as you drift, you do not necessarily accomplish in the manner that you wish to be accomplishing.  In this, you are diverting your attention.

I express to you that I have offered an analogy recently in the expression of a window pane; a window that holds many, many, many panes.

View within your so-called imagination’s eye a window with very many panes; a window beautifully arrayed, but with very many sections.  It continues to be one window.  It may be moved through as one window.  But as you are examining EVERY element of EVERY pane within the window, you are distracting yourself and you are concentrating upon the panes of the window so very intensely that you are not concerning yourself with moving through the window!

DEANE:  Can’t see the forest for the trees! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  I express to you, the window is presented that you may move through it.  But if you are concerning yourself with the examination of every pane of the window, you shall continue to NOT move through it, for your concentration is not in the area of movement.  It is in the area of the examination.

DEANE:  Alright, and again, this ties into the expression of my eye problem, correct?

ELIAS:  Quite!

DEANE:  Alright.  Will this problem instantly disappear after I address to all of the issues surrounding it, or will it gradually disappear as I address the issues one by one?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, this be your choice!  I express to you also, there is merely one issue, just as there is one window.  There is one issue of trust.

You hold the ability.  This is reality, that you may be accomplishing any element within your reality that you are so choosing of.  It is the issue of trust within self, the acceptance of self, but there are many, many, many different expressions of this one issue.  Therefore, just as the window with many, many panes, you are looking to all of the different expressions, all of the different elements, and in this, distracting yourself from the one element, the one movement, the one issue, the one window.

DEANE:  I think I understand that, but ... (sighing).  Oh, gee whiz.  I feel ... hmm.  I feel confused about what I want to ask next.

ELIAS:  Express to me:  Do you believe that you hold the ability to be altering your creation with your vision genuinely — without the helpfulness of any other energy, without the helpfulness of any other individual, without the helpfulness of any element, merely yourself — and can you be creating of this WITH NO DOUBT?

DEANE:  I don’t think I’ve reached that point yet.

ELIAS:  Quite, and this is the point.  This is the point that I am expressing to you that you may allow yourself to view, is that as you enter the areas of doubt, you are creating of your distractions, and THIS is the area that blocks the movement, quite simply.

It is not a judgment of right or wrong or good or bad or fast or slow.  It matters not.  It is merely an expression of trust of self, and the acknowledgment and knowing that there are areas that are not trusted; that you do not, IN REALITY, regardless of what you express to yourself, regardless of what you express to other individuals, IN REALITY, you do not believe that you hold the abilities that you do hold, and in this, you continue to offer yourself validation, which is not bad, which is not wrong.  This is your expression of your method.  It is your continuation of validation that moves you, step by step, into your acceptance and trust of self, allowing you to objectively view that you may be accomplishing, and each time that you offer yourself another objective validation, you reinforce the trust, which IS accomplishing.

DEANE:  And so that process continues even as of this moment then, correct?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

DEANE:  Hmm. (Sighing)  Well, is there something I can do to accelerate that process of acceptance of self and trust of self?

ELIAS:  Why?  For acceleration is better? (Grinning)

DEANE:  No....


DEANE:  It’s not so much that it’s better, but I want to get it over and done with!  There’s some fun things out there!  I think of exploring these other areas of consciousness, and....

ELIAS:  And you may be not be accomplishing of that now?

DEANE:  Well, not the particular areas that we were speaking of earlier.

ELIAS:  Why?

DEANE:  I haven’t been there!  All I get is some voices, and they’re not even as strong as they used to be!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I am expressing to you, you are associating cause and effect.  You are associating that one action follows another action.  I am expressing to you that you are creating the actions to validate the action that you wish to be accomplishing, which is the trust.  It is the reverse of what you are thinking!

DEANE:  I think I’m getting it now ... I think so!


DEANE:  (Laughing)  There’s quite a good feeling that accompanies that! (Elias chuckles)  Oh, my friend, I DO appreciate this!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and I express to you, this is quite amusing, is it not?  Therefore, you may raise a glass to US in our interaction!

DEANE:  It will not be one, my friend, I will guarantee you that!

ELIAS:  HA HA!  And we shall continue to be....

DEANE:  Elias, my final question, as always, is: would you care to comment on anything else that in your judgment would be beneficial to me?

ELIAS:  Ah, beneficial!  We shall continue to be moving backwards!

DEANE:  (Laughing)  Beneficial, as if it was good!


DEANE:  I should have said, that will assist me in the accomplishment of what I wish to do.

ELIAS:  Ah!  No, no, no!  Do not be personally invalidating yourself in this expression!  Your expression was quite accurate and adequate in inquiring of myself, “What shall be beneficial?”  And what have I expressed to you within moments prior to that questioning?  But that you may be viewing the reverse of your thought process!

Therefore, I express to you once again, in being beneficial to you, let us both move backwards, and we shall be moving forward! (With a sly grin)

DEANE:  I see.  When I heard you say that, I thought you said that my comment, in making that comment, phrasing it that way, I was moving backwards ...


DEANE:  ... instead of forward.

ELIAS:  No, and this is another example to you of the automatic movement into duplicity.  HA HA!

DEANE:  That duplicity thing sure gets to me every place I turn, but that reminds me of one thing that I have not been able to understand regarding duplicity.  When you said in the previous session about my situation and depending on so many of these people around me, that it really was judgmental and duplicitous, I even sat down and I wrote on a yellow sheet of paper all the people I depend on and what for, and I’m looking for duplicity in this list and I say, “Well, I appreciate what these people do!”  Some do it out of a sense of obligation and some do it out of a sense of just extending a friendly hand, but in terms of duplicity, I do not see any good or bad or right or wrong in receiving from these people ... at least I don’t THINK I’m viewing it as right or wrong.

ELIAS:  Ah, but you do, for look to your expression in how you view the affectingness of your vision.  Do you view this as good?  Do you view this as a gift?  Do you view this as enhancing your physical focus?  These are all elements that you view as positive.  No, you do not view any of these directions!  You view this with great judgment.  It is hindering; it is annoying; it is frustrating; it is limiting.

DEANE:  Well, that is correct.  That is my view regarding my eye.

ELIAS:  Correct, and this situation with your physical vision is incorporating much interaction with many individuals about you, and in this, you are not moving into areas of acceptance of self, but are continuing your incorporation of judgment and duplicity.

Are you expressing to these individuals, as you are expressing your appreciation of their actions, your appreciation of your creation?  No, you are not!

DEANE:  No, I’m not!

ELIAS:  This is what I have expressed to you, in that this expression of duplicity is quite reinforced.

DEANE:  Hmm.  I should be thankful to my own self for pointing this out because of what it has involved me in, in turning my attention inward, because as we have said before and I have said before, it has certainly done that for me.  I express no appreciation there, do I?

ELIAS:  No, you do not.

DEANE:  I see.  You are most enlightening again, my friend!  I will ponder this, especially when I see it written.  And again, my appreciation is there.  Even though it’s not necessary, it makes ME feel better.  I wish you the very best, as such as I can give it.

ELIAS:  (Warmly)  I offer great energy to you, and I project to you a blanket of acceptance and affection that shall be encouraging to you.

DEANE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are greatly welcome, my friend.  To you this day, I express great lovingness, and bid you a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 4:04 PM.


(1)  This is Deane’s comment:

“My intent at the opening of that session was not to have the transcript made public, for I wanted Elias to be exceptionally honest with me.  I felt that since he is aware that most sessions are made public, he might ‘pull some punches,’ couching his commentary in somewhat less than direct terms because others would be reading those words.  I understand now that he is much more adept than I gave him credit for.”

Vic’s note:  I have exchanged some emails with Deane and I would like to share part of his experience here, as our experiences speak louder than words, I think.  Following are excerpts of Deane’s emails to me:

Hi Vic...
After reading the session you sent today, I thought you would be interested in knowing this most significant piece of validation for me.  As you know, I lost the sight of my left eye in an auto accident last November.  I have been through a number of surgeries to repair the damage, and I should be regaining my sight after a lens implant, perhaps within the next month or so.

Now, additional problems with the eye cropped up, requiring an additional retinal surgery, and I asked Elias about them.  He said that I was creating this to further turn my attention inward rather than outward.  He also said I could UNCREATE this additional problem (a large black spot where the retina was unable to detect light) just as easily and quickly as I created it. (The surgery did not fix it.)  I took his advice and did my best to uncreate this thing and change my judgmental attitude about it.  I was unsuccessful.

One day, as I continued to think about my lack of success with uncreating this black “dead spot” in the field of white, I became quite angry.  In fact, I was so highly pissed and frustrated I began to shout and yell, screaming at the walls, the chair, the kitchen sink (I was home alone, which is significant in this event), saying all manner of things as I stormed through the house, ranting and raving.  After my emotional outburst, I calmed down.

Vic, if you read session #410, you will see that I did not mention this event in any way to Elias, but this is what he said:

“Now you move into deeper areas, so to speak, of examining self and your expressions and your assessment of self AND your association of worth, for look to your own expression in what you have expressed to me, not merely within this session, but within other time frameworks in which we are not engaged objectively.”


“But I am quite aware of the energy in which you project outwardly in your call, so to speak, to me in response to your creation of this affectingness with your vision and the frustration that you create in this area, for you place great value upon this particular outer sense and its function and you associate your worth with your productivity, and your productivity is associated with your ability to be engaging your physical senses.  [SNIP]  I have been listening quite carefully, and have been aware of the emotional quality of energy that you have projected to myself recently.”

How about that, Vic!  I was totally alone, and there was no way for Elias to know what happened except for him to be “around” when my outburst occurred.  There is no way for anyone to know what I did except me and Elias, and now you and Mary. (I’m forwarding her a copy of this too.)  I am sitting here laughing at the enjoyment I feel, for this series of events is a validation in my personal experience that cannot be denied.  How about THAT for a close encounter of the third kind?!

As an additional note, Elias said that he would continue to be around me even though I had finished with my book project.  And he sure WAS!  As an aside, I began a list of my “validating” experiences a while back, but THIS one is the only one that can’t be attributed to hallucination, wishful thinking, or any other possibility.  Elias simply would have had to have been there to know of my outburst.  So cool!

Vic’s note:  After receiving this from Deane, I wrote the following note to him:

I’ve also thought that folks would be interested in what you are currently creating with your eye condition.  From what Mary said, even the doctors are surprised!

This is his reply:

Hi Vic...
I’m not sure what Mary told you exactly, but “surprised” is quite an understatement.  In fact, Dr. Brooks from Tallahassee, who performed both of the retinal surgeries, told me that on his way to the office, he was mentally preparing for telling me that I would lose my sight completely in that eye.

During his examination, all I heard were words like “incredible,” “amazing,” and “I don’t believe this!”  Then he sat down and said that in all his years of practice, he had never seen this happen before!  He took my hand, and my wife’s, and immediately entered into prayer and thanked Jesus for touching my eye.

He said that when an eye undergoes great trauma, it naturally starts the healing process.  If it decides to “give up,” what happens is that cholesterol starts to form, blocking all the vessels.  Total loss of sight ensues.  This is what was happening to me, and the previous exam indicated it would not be long before that eye would completely fail, making it unnecessary to do the other scheduled surgeries.  What he had never seen before was an eye that was in the final stages of “giving up,” as he put it, reverse itself.  What he saw was the disappearing of the cholesterol and a clearing of the vessels.

On a personal note, when he prayed in the exam room, I accepted the energy generated by his belief system without judgment.  Inside, I smiled at myself, realizing that I had come a long way.

From a later email:

After I read what I wrote to you, I wondered if you understood that my response to the doctor had been automatic and without thinking about it.  When I realized that I had accepted the energy generated by his belief system without judgment and without conscious effort ... THAT’S what made me smile at myself!

Vic’s note:  YOU make me smile, Deane! :)  Thanks for allowing me to share your story here.  It may be helpful to many folks!   Love, Vic

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