Session 99
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Trauma of Widening


"Trauma of Widening"

Sunday, June 9, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Cecelia (Sari), Gail (William), and a new participant, Julie. (We do not know Julie's essence name yet)
Note: Elias' delivery tonight was a little different than "normal". He appeared more soft-spoken, more specific, more directed than usual, which induced an unusual atmosphere of seriousness.
Elias arrives at 7:54 PM. (Arrival time was about thirty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) It has been asked, "What is this shift that we approach?" It has been requested that an explanation be given. We have offered information of your approaching shift previously. I shall offer you more information, in light of your experiences recently.

Within our most recent session, I was acknowledging of each of you, and many more also, and congratulating on your new births. We engaged an exercise to be emphasizing the interconnectedness of you all within consciousness, and to illustrate the parallels within all of your expressions. This also parallels the expression of mass events, expressed individually within your own individual realities.

Your shift is an alteration of consciousness which you have chosen. You presently are experiencing alterations in consciousness. You are experiencing an enlargement of the scope of your awareness. In this, you challenge existing belief systems.

I have spoken to you often of the trauma that shall be experienced with regard to this shift in consciousness. I have spoken to you that this shift is global; therefore, it is an immense movement. Just as waves of consciousness create mass events, which we have discussed thus far, your ideas of which are relatively small, this also incorporates a wave. This wave encompasses your entire planet; all of the individuals existing within it. Therefore, this wave is quite powerful. It has a tremendous motion incorporated within it.

The trauma that is experienced, within this alteration of consciousness connected with your shift, is related to a widening of awareness of belief systems. Thus far, within our discussions of widening awareness, these have been words. (Humorously) You widen here, you widen there! You are so wide, you are not very wide! You are too wide! Your awareness is widening, your awareness is not widening! (Grinning "widely") They are words to you. They are ideas. I say to you, within reality, your awareness is widening! In this, you feel within you the pulls and the pangs of this expansion within your objective consciousness. You become aware of belief systems, and you identify these belief systems. This also creates confusion. Within your individual expression presently, you experience conflict and confusion in widening belief systems. Within your shift, I do not use the term trauma lightly; for within your own experience, you already are becoming aware of the difficulty that is incorporated within widening in your awareness and recognizing belief systems, and also recognizing the reality of no right or wrong. You have existed for very much time within your present reality with these belief systems. Widening an awareness of these belief systems that you hold very tightly to creates conflict, for you do not willingly allow them to fly away!

I have expressed to you many times, I do not speak to you to eliminate your existing belief systems, only to be recognizing of them and widening your awareness to encompass more; for as you allow yourselves a larger scope of awareness, you also let loose your hold upon these existing belief systems. You do not forget them! You do not completely eliminate them; for you exist within physical focus within an area of consciousness that you have agreed upon accepted guidelines for existence. Therefore, to an extent, these belief systems are incorporated with you always; although you do hold the ability, and you have made the choice, to shift your consciousness to allow a wider perception, therefore allowing yourself to be "unlocked".

You have existed for much of your time period "locked" into certain belief systems and accepted guidelines. It is as if you have "rutted out" a pathway within a field. This pathway has been traveled back and forth continuously. Its scenery, its direction, its area has been accepted by you all, and has been used. Now, you choose to plow the entire field. You choose to widen, and allow yourselves the opportunity to experience all that lies beyond your small rutted path. In choosing this, you also incorporate trauma, for you hold very tightly to your accepted rut. You do not incorporate tremendous change very easily! You are beginning to view, individually, the difficulty in incorporating these changes of widening awarenesses. You are beginning to experience the confusion of letting go of accepted belief systems. Think now of the trauma that shall be incorporated, within a much larger scale of your entire globe!

The process has been initiated. Just as you incorporate symbolism within all elements of your existence, you also incorporate symbolism within the manifestation of your shift. It seems, within your perceptions, to be a necessity to allow yourselves physically to view symbols, within your reality, that you may look to and connect with. Therefore you have chosen, within agreement, to manifest symbols.

One of your symbols that has been chosen, through agreement, is the manifestation physically, into physical focus, of Rose. This manifestation now has been completed; this being only one of your symbols that you have offered to yourselves, but this symbol will serve to be instrumental and very instructive to you. Already, this essence has provided much instruction and initiation within your own widening.

Within our exercise at our last meeting, I offered the illustration of the symbolization of Rose's gestation, that you personally may connect with and understand more of your own creations and your own widening. This has been incorporated already throughout our entire meeting time together. It continues at an accelerated pace. The physical manifestation, in being completed, accelerates the actualization of movement within consciousness. Therefore, if you are viewing that we have been moving quickly previously, we shall be moving more quickly now! (Grinning at Cathy)


ELIAS: For not only do you all move within consciousness as you learn and as you widen, but all other individuals are moving also. Their awareness is different, but their movement accelerates also, within consciousness.

It was inquired, early on within our sessions, "Why do you, Elias, engage with us?" The response was, "To avoid trauma within your shift". You now begin to experience the reality of the severity of the possibility of trauma connected with widening belief systems, which is the action of your shift. What you experience presently, you may term to be a small taste! (Here, there are moans and groans from the group) Therefore, you may more clearly be understanding why essences incorporate with individuals physically focused to be helpful; although you view, at times, Elias to be not very helpful, and allowing you to experience much trauma! (Laughter)

You are accomplishing well, for you have allowed yourselves a base within understanding of essence, of self, of belief systems, of reality, to allow you no trauma. You experience distress or uncomfortableness or conflict, but you are not experiencing trauma, for you are learning how to avoid experiencing trauma by becoming aware of self.

I am understanding that you hold many questions this evening, and that you experience much confusion. Therefore, I will allow this evening's session to be directed to your questions. But first, I shall welcome new essence this evening! (Smiling at Julie, and then to the group) You may ask your questions, if you are choosing.

CELIA: I have a question. You have mentioned the trauma. I believe, from my personal experience, there is difficulty with other people because of my change in belief systems in my shift, difficulty in their understanding of me, or saying that I'm ... weird! (Laughter) So, is this true? Is this what we call the trauma?

ELIAS: You will experience many individuals that will experience trauma as you engage this shift within consciousness, for they choose presently not to be acknowledging of this movement. Many individuals are very comfortable within their existing belief systems, and although they hold an underlying awareness that their existing belief systems are inefficient, they also, presently, work. Therefore, they hold to them, continuing. In this, they also reject those that they view to be widening. Just as within the manifestation of your religious focus, within its onset, or what you would term to be its beginnings, there was also much conflict; for there is conflict within the birth of a new age in consciousness. As those within the beginnings of your religious focus experienced much conflict and rebellion, so also do you experience the same expression presently. Understand that just as your religious focus was a global incorporation, it was accepted; the difference being, within your religious expression, you allowed yourselves many different expressions of this mass event.

Within the incorporation of the shift, you are not choosing to be "replacing" old belief systems, so to speak, with new belief systems. You are choosing to widen your awareness, allowing for existing belief systems; this being also an area which incorporates much confusion presently within what you term to be your "new age", for many individuals express, within "metaphysics", that they hold the answers for your shift within consciousness. In actuality, they create a new religion. They are substituting. They are incorporating new belief systems in an attempt to replace old belief systems; although they would be quite surprised to realize that their new belief systems are not very new at all! (Laughter) They are very anciently old belief systems brought forth surfacely, once again, into your present reality.

This is not the point. Your shift is not to be replacing belief systems, and incorporating new belief systems to be focused upon. Your shift is to be accepting of all - underline three times, although your computer will not underline three times - all belief systems . Within acceptance of all belief systems, you eliminate right and wrong. You do not eliminate the belief systems! You widen your awareness, within consciousness, to eliminate right and wrong; therefore allowing yourselves to be more consciously connected, within your objective consciousness, to essence; and allowing yourself a more efficient expression of essence within physical focus. All of this you will experience effortlessly, once you have made your connection. All of your times presently now that you express to yourselves, "I am wishing to be expressing within this manner, but , but, but, but!" (Grinning, and laughter) You will not experience, any longer, the "but"; for the expression shall be natural. It is the natural expression of your essence to be accepting. Within this one concept, within this one word, lies the whole of your shift, also lies the whole of your trauma, for this being your most difficult area to incorporate. Your belief systems encourage you and reinforce you to not be accepting. You do not accept others. You do not accept yourselves. You do not accept ideas. You do not accept anything, except that which you choose within your own expression of separation, which is your own private, individual space. Within your widening of awareness, you will become aware, there is no private, individual space! It is all connected. It is all affecting. It is all one. (Pause)

You also will not experience such "fighting". I do not express this word with the connotation of fighting amongst each other. I express this word of fighting yourselves, for if you are not fighting yourselves, you are not fighting each other! (Smiling)

Therefore, Sari, do not concern yourself that others view you strangely, or that they pull away. Focus upon your own expression. Focus upon the incorporation and expression of your own little tree, and in this, you will radiate to all around you. If you are not allowing conflict within yourself, you will not be creating conflict. This, I also understand, is a conglomeration of words! (Very humorously) If you are not expressing conflict within yourself, you are not creating conflict for any individual to which you encounter! Hm, hm, hm! Words, words, words! (Here, we all crack up)

These words hold truth. You do not understand the truth, for you do not understand the conflict that you generate within yourselves, for you identify conflict with feeling. Conflict does not always engage feeling. Conflict is incorporated through physical focus as an expression of separation, and lack of communication and connection with the expression of essence, which comes from belief systems. Therefore, if you are recognizing of these belief systems, and you are allowing yourself the acceptance of these belief systems, the conflict is eliminated.

Acceptance of belief systems is not recognizing a belief system. It is not expressing to one's self, "I see this belief system. I am expressing I acknowledge this belief system. Therefore, I accept that I hold this belief system." This is not acceptance of a belief system! Acceptance of a belief system is the understanding that it is no more than a belief system that facilitates some action within accepted guidelines within physical focus, and that it holds no right or wrong. It is only a physical expression. In essence, underline, it is a symbol. I express to you now, the physical expression manifested by our small one Elizabeth, within a pregnancy and a childbirth, was the symbol. Your expressions, within consciousness, are the reality. Your movements, within consciousness, are the reality. Our exercise was intended to demonstrate the reality of consciousness, and the symbolization of the physical act and manifestation within physical focus. As I have expressed to you many times, your physical expressions are mirror images of essence. They are not essence. They are elements of the whole. Therefore, the belief systems are elements of the manifestation. (Long pause, and then to Cathy) And you wish not to engage me, Shynla?

CATHY: I don't have my questions written down, so I can't formulate them into this darn language that we use! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is quite difficult! (Grinning, and another pause) Are you wishing of questions?

JIM: You helped me answer a lot of my own tonight, thank you.

CELIA: If no one else has a question, may I ask another question? I'm full of questions, always! I came across a term and I'm wondering, this is probably a symbol, but maybe you could clarify this, and help me to understand the concept of The Lucifer Rebellion. (Elias is grinning widely) You're smiling! Why are you smiling?

ELIAS: We shall place this also into another category of belief systems, to which I will express to you, Sari, you incorporate enough presently to be widening within existing belief systems! It is unnecessary to be accumulating more! (Laughter)

CELIA: Okay. (Laughing)

RON: I have a small question.

ELIAS: Ah, not a quick question, a small question! (Laughter)

RON: Well, it has to do with small things! It has to do with a term that came up a couple weeks ago, of fables. (Elias chuckles) Which we did look up in several places, and they all seem to have to do with talking animals, which the story of The Little Red Hen very well does, and they all seem to have to do with a moral of some kind, which the story of The Little Red Hen does seem to have, and I'm just curious of what your definition of a fable might be?

ELIAS: Let us view this small story of this little red hen, to which you have grown so very fond, and to which you incorporate a very large temper tantrum with Elias!

RON: It's just trauma! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, acceptable! Then allow me to offer an explanation, and for yourself to view this story. This small chicken ... (Laughter)

GAIL: We get to discuss nursery rhymes! This is great!

ELIAS: ... is engaging other animals, within this story, to be helpful to her, and being accepting of their individual expressions in not wishing to be helpful. This story continues, very repeatingly, of each action that this animal engages and continues to engage the other animals for helpfulness. The ending of this story is what?

RON: All the other animals wanted to help her eat the bread, but they didn't want to help her make it.

ELIAS: And the expression of the chicken is?

RON: Sorry, you didn't help make the bread, so you can't eat it.

ELIAS: Correct. Within this story, this teaches you what?

RON: Cause and effect.

ELIAS: Within our sessions, I express to you what?

RON: There is no cause and effect.

ELIAS: Therefore, this story is contrary to what I express to you, and also contrary to expression of essence; for essence will not express to these others, "Based upon your action, or lack of incorporation of helpfulness with me, I shall withhold from you."

RON: Acceptable.

ELIAS: Thank you! (Laughter)

RON: Thank you!

ELIAS: We shall lay to rest the chicken story! My reasoning in accepting this for our game, although making a point to not be accepting of its category of fables, is to be illustrating to you that there are many stories that incorporate a moral which encourages existing belief systems which are contrary to essence, which deny you widening.

RON: Good point.

ELIAS: Thank you once again, Holmes! Many fables, as the definition of ancient time is held, incorporate what you term to be a moral, but in actuality express qualities of expressions that mirror essence. You may disengage stomping feet now! (Grinning at Ron)

RON: Okay. Done.

VICKI: That raises another question. You have made the statement, quite a few times, that hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable.

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: Isn't that encouraging of a basic belief system of right and wrong also?

ELIAS: Within your definition, yes.

VICKI: Well, then I'm not understanding something!

ELIAS: (Smiling) Within an expression of essence, within a wider consciousness, hurtfulness is not acceptable, for it is unnecessary. I have expressed to you that hurtfulness is acceptable to you within physical focus, for you may view this to be beneficial for many given reasons. This does not make this acceptable within essence.

VICKI: Well then, what's the difference between acceptable and unacceptable, right and wrong, good and bad, correct and incorrect?

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter) I use these terms for your benefit, for these are terms and words that you understand and connect with. There are no terms to be expressing of some elements within consciousness. You do not understand, as this stands presently, there is no right and wrong. Therefore, you relate to correct, incorrect, right, wrong; expressions within this language. It is not possible for me to express to you essence expressions out of time, out of space, and out of your belief systems. Therefore, I do express to you within your belief systems. I use terms, such as correct or incorrect, to emphasize less of a strength within your own belief systems, and less of an identification of certain elements. Within your understanding of terms, if I express to you incorrect, you may be accepting that you may not necessarily be wrong, that you may have connected "less probable". If I express to you wrong, you think in absolutes. I attempt to speak to you not in absolutes. I do not express the term incorrect to be expressing to you that you are wrong. The reality incorporates many more probabilities than you may comprehend. Therefore, there cannot be a wrong. There are more probable actions, for you choose more probable actions, or answers.

VICKI: So cause and effect is a belief system. Is this correct?

ELIAS: To your way of thinking, yes.

VICKI: But this other statement is not, that it is unacceptable to be hurtful to another essence?

ELIAS: I express this to you, for it is more easily understood than to express to you that there is no issue. If I express to you that it is acceptable to be hurtful to another essence, to another individual within physical focus, you will incorporate these words literally. Therefore, I do not express these words to you. I also express contradictions, or seeming contradictions, to you continuously for this same reason; for you do incorporate what I express to you, and you assimilate this literally. Within literal terms, to you, Lawrence, there is no issue. But then you may say to us, "Well, then I may murder my neighbor, and this is acceptable." In truth, within essence, yes. In truth, I may express this to some individuals, and their awareness may incorporate an understanding of truth; but within your belief systems, and your "locked" of right and wrong, although you may view yourselves to be letting go of these concepts and understanding, you will assimilate these words literally. You will fall back upon them. Therefore I express, no, it is never acceptable to be hurtful to another essence; but it is acceptable to be hurtful to another essence, for it is beneficial; for there is a difference between physical focus and experiences physically, and essence; for you have chosen this. (Pause) And?

VICKI: That's all for now.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Language within any physical focus is quite limiting, this being why I encourage you all to conceptualize; and know that within widening comes an awareness of knowing, to which words within your language become unnecessary, for the reality is known. (Pause) I shall incorporate, within the library cosmically, a new word for unacceptable, if you have one. (Grinning)

VICKI: I don't have an issue with the word unacceptable. I have an issue with the apparent contradictions.

ELIAS: You all shall experience what you view to be contradictions, and for a time, you shall experience what you view to be many; but you shall also understand, and the contradictions shall be no more.

VICKI: I'll believe that when I see it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is acceptable also.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause) Very well. I shall disengage for this evening, and we shall interact again within your near future present. I express great affection to you all, and encouragement within your widening. Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:09 PM.

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