Session 1670

Holiday Greetings


“Holiday Greetings”
“A Season for Remembering and Appreciation”
“Being a Reflection”

Sunday, December 5, 2004 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther)
Elias arrives at 8:07 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LYNDA: Good morning! I have a couple of requests from other forum members and then I have some stuff. May I proceed? (Elias nods)

From Bobbi — “I was wondering, if you’re going to be speaking to Elias in the next couple of weeks, if you’d ask him to extend a few words of holiday or year-end greetings to the forum, which I could send out. A couple of years ago I sent out a compilation of what he said here and there about the holidays, and it was quite well received. Maybe he’d like to put together something for himself this year.” (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: My offering to all of you in this season is one of appreciation and the hope that all of you will allow yourselves to experience the wonderment of your own appreciations, and perhaps extend that into your new year.

LYNDA: That’s why you get the big money! You’re good! (Elias chuckles) I will definitely send that along. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LYNDA: Next, we’ve heard from our brother Abel. He’s in a pickle. I’m going to read some of his stuff and he asks for your input and comments.

“Today is a much better day. I think I’m standing on the edge of my shift and I know I need to jump into it. Elias will tell me to quiet myself and listen, and of course I don’t want to. It’s been an ungodly 14 months, a lot of loss — step-dad who raised me, step-mom, my French lover broke up with me, and no movement in my career possibilities. My addictions are kicking in — always a bad sign — but also a sign of uneasiness and therefore movement. I’m just in that miserably self-involved place that screams, ‘What am I doing here?’ I also want to move from New York City, but I can’t see financial viability for that for at least a year. I know I’m to write; I’ve always known that. Through that writing comes both healing for others and myself, but that isn’t taking off. I’m spending all my time making money in areas I don’t particularly like. So I will continue with my meditation, stay quiet, and see what answers come. Jerry” (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me begin in expressing in conjunction with your first request. In your traditions in your reality, in this time framework of each year it is a time of reflection.

In this season, that may be especially significant. For as I have expressed throughout this time framework of this particular year, many times this has been and continues to be a time framework of extremes and they are quite easily generated. Most individuals within your reality are generating some type of extremes and have been throughout this particular year. It has been a time of tremendous movement. It has been a time of tremendous acceleration in shifting. It has been and continues to be a time of significant change, but also a time of great revelation.

It is significant to allow reflection of the movement that has been generated in this year and to acknowledge the accomplishments and the revelations that have been experienced and expressed. It is easy to focus attention upon experiences that you view to be negative or uncomfortable. It is easy to discount yourself and forget the acknowledgment, and it is easy to forget that even in generating uncomfortable experiences you continue to offer yourselves information. With each uncomfortable experience is generally also an open avenue to be exploring different elements of yourself and examining your truths. Therefore, it is also an opportunity to be accepting.

Loss is one of your most challenging experiences, for it emphasizes your belief of separation, and in that emphasis, it is not merely intellectual but experienced. In reflecting, it is important to remember what you are doing: shifting. It is important to remember what that shifting is and means. One of the actions of shifting is thinning these veils of separation and in that generating more of an avenue for the continuance of interaction between individuals that continue within physical focus and those that have disengaged, perhaps remembering that the term “dead” is merely a term for an action, not an ending. It is an action of a choice, a direction, but not an ending. The energy of each individual continues merely in another direction, but also continues to be available.

In this thinning of these veils of separation, the individuals that have disengaged are also becoming much more aware of their ability to project energy through layers of consciousness to be interactive with individuals that continue within physical focus. Therefore, it is an exchange as it was in the participation of both individuals within physical focus, rather than merely an interaction with an energy deposit.

In association with loss of relationship, I am understanding of the challenge that is presented in that scenario and the difference. For although you perceive it quite similarly, there is a knowing that the other individual is continuing within physical focus. Therefore the difference that may be expressed within the individual is that of discounting of self rather than merely grieving, and questioning of self of what the individual has expressed in wrong manner to cause the dissolvement of the relationship.

This is another situation in which it is significant to be remembering — remembering information, remembering self and acknowledging self — and rather than generating the doubts and discounting of self, to be acknowledging of the accomplishments, appreciating what you have presented to yourself, what you have allowed yourself in the offering and the receiving of the relationship, and to recognize that as the relationship dissolved, it is not a matter of wrong-doing or blame but that each individual may be moving in a new direction.

As to Abel’s direction, it would be one of genuinely moving into an expression of more focus upon self, generating a time framework to be becoming more intimately familiar with self and preferences and abilities, to be acknowledging and appreciating self and thusly allowing more freedom, rather than projecting attention to another individual and acquiescing to the wants or the directions or the choices of the other individual and placing the value of the other individual above own.

As to the writing and feeling stuck and expressing impatience and forcing energy in directions that are unwanted and disliked, this is another opportunity, as you are aware already, to generate that quietness and listen to your own communications, to be exploring your own preferences and discovering what they are and allowing the expression of those preferences, and also remembering that the accomplishment in the writing shall be expressed if the writing is not forced and if it is engaged as fun, not as a chore — without a mission and without focusing upon the outcome — but remembering the process and acknowledging and incorporating fun in the process, and in that process to be remembering to acknowledge rather than discount — the more the discounting, the more the discomfort.

Therefore in the time framework of recall and remembering and acknowledging and appreciating, my suggestion is to be aware and not to be forcing energy, to be aware of the hesitations that are experienced and acknowledge those hesitations and examine them, and to allow yourself an awareness of what you are denying yourself and therefore allow yourself new choices.

You may express to this individual also that I shall most assuredly be generating my energy in strength, in power, in supportiveness and in tremendous encouragement, but most of all in friendship.

LYNDA: Okay. I think I’ll call him up when we’re done here and play him the tape. That’s awesome. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LYNDA: I actually typed a list for myself, but you’ve covered most of it. Thank you, Abel! I don’t know if I even need to talk to you, but maybe I’ll just hit the high points and tell you that you answered all of them. I’ll go slow, and if you want to jump in, this is America, okay? (Elias grins and nods) Thank you.

I think the food thing, shifting/changing diets and the way I actually accomplished that, was presenting imagery to myself through a person at work I had a reaction to about the way I was eating. I was hurt by it but it also resonated that it was enough already with what I was doing and it was time to change. To make a long story short, it took me a week to do that but that was sort of the catalyst. Is that correct? (Elias nods in agreement) Which will tie back into the last thing that I’m going to talk to you about, which is not just reflecting but allowing me to be someone else’s reflection.

So we’ll just put a little marker right there and move on and tell you I’m going to trust myself in this transition because that’s the bottom line about it, and I’m just to pay attention to the automatic extreme I could go in of discounting myself in this area. Correct?


LYNDA: Thank you. My work situation is another avenue where this person presented something to me that I had an extreme reaction to. I’ve paid attention to it and I think we were reflecting to each other and also mirroring each other in regard to this other person who we both are very fond of. I was really hard on myself about that because I felt I wasn’t adequate or didn’t know enough, and I did go into serious trash mode.

The good news about that is that it was shorter and I gave myself quite a bit of information about how obvious the reflection was to me about approval, my worth, my age compared to her being quite a bit younger — a lot of different pieces there. Where I’m at with it right now is a recognition that this person and I genuinely like each other, and we’re okay now. The good piece of this is that as difficult as it was, I allowed myself an exposure to her, and the pieces that I got out of it were approval and worth, primarily. Is that...?


LYNDA: Traveling to New York City to do another trade show is a little bit overwhelming. I don’t want to leave the cats; I don’t want to get in a car; I don’t want to drive around New York City. I’m paying attention to not wanting to do that. I’m also paying attention to feeling like I should take another step for my work situation and it would be a good thing if I did go to New York City to do this trade show. I’m trying to find a medium ground here and pay attention to myself.

My first inclination is to say no, I don’t want to go. I’m a little confused. Is this my comfort zone, staying home upstairs in the attic haven with the kitties and not stepping out? Or am I still in my process of really wanting to hang here and just be in my world and continue to be in the process I’ve been in with that? I don’t want to project too much towards that and I don’t want there to be “shoulds” in the deal, but I’m feeling that I’m not comfortable going, and that’s what I’m paying attention to. And that’s what I should be paying attention to?


LYNDA: Thank you, brother. I will continue to pay attention to that piece.

I need some dental work done. It’s expensive. I don’t feel a problem with choosing this method to go forward with it. I think I will get the money one way or the other; I have a couple of ways to do that. I think it’s important that I do do that. I also think I’m presenting myself with protection and teeth imagery a little bit. Once I get these root canals done, there’s a thing with my jaw that needs to be adjusted in my bite. That’s the bigger thing, to be honest with you, because it involves expressing out, not just my writing but my vocal expressing of what I want in the moment, and I think that’s where all this stuff is coming from. (Elias nods) And you say, “Amen, sister.”


LYNDA: As far as all the root canal thingies, I’m going to go forward and do that and get it done and not worry about it. I don’t have any pain and I think it’s going to be easy, so there. The other piece is bigger, even though it seems like the smaller less expensive piece.

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: Oh, I had a little epiphany in a recent dream. I thought it was you mixing your little energy in there with this familiar person, and I pondered that a while because we’ve been talking about you doing that. But even in that I was distant from you, and I woke up thinking that the reason I was distant bottom lines at I’m not reflecting out appreciation of myself, so I’m not getting it back in the full measure that I want. This is the little puzzle piece that ties in to the beginning of this session, which is the appreciation piece, and I’m taking little baby steps to do that. I think that pretty much covers it, wouldn’t you say?

ELIAS: Yes, but you are moving and you are allowing more. Remember, acknowledgment rather than doubt and discounting.

LYNDA: Right, in all things, especially in this oh-so-vast, big fat thing that will never happen, Cinderella stuff. (Elias chuckles) I was going to be so concise and read this whole thing to you because I haven’t recorded a session in a long time, and here I am being vague. There’s a lot of stuff about finding a partner that I know now needs to be a part-time partner in my preferences and fit into my direction and my choices now. And to be honest with you, I’ve got it pretty clear in my mind that that is what I want. It’s taken me quite a while to get here from there and I do acknowledge that. I feel like this appreciation piece is the next step that will unfold my preferences to me.

ELIAS: Yes, it is quite significant.

LYNDA: And that it is okay to have a preference like this, even though it is a big fat mass belief. I mean, I am a big fat mass belief, and if I don’t be that I’ll probably poof away, as you say. So I’m paying attention to those things.

ELIAS: Many, many mass beliefs become mass beliefs for they incorporate elements of many individuals’ preferences.

LYNDA: Right, and the automatic go-there is to say it’s a bad evil thing because it’s a mass belief. I understand that more and more as I move in the direction of discovering what my preferences are.

ELIAS: Which is very significant.

LYNDA: Good, I acknowledge me in that case!

I wanted to talk to you ... you know, I call Mary “Mikie.” Mikie is getting her own epiphany, as you know, related to being aware that other people are choosing and she is choosing to be a reflection of them. This is a growing awareness inside her, and this is certainly being reflected in sessions being postponed. But it’s so unfamiliar and is not what is quote/unquote “appropriate” in some cases that it’s hard for me to get my brain around it at times. For the most part, I do get this piece. I think what’s unnerving to me is the amount of openness it’s taking in Mary to allow this. This is big, and it’s an example to me of choosing ... I want to go in that more open direction, too.

ELIAS: That is a genuine exposure.

LYNDA: Right. It’s exceptionally unfamiliar. We were talking about it again this morning. I was realizing that this is not a thing of me comparing myself; this is a thing of me genuinely looking at what she’s doing and realizing this is the direction to go in in terms of openness. But it’s difficult to separate the bath water from the baby. I come from a world of transference and the boomerang principle, where you knew if somebody’s transferring something to you, you could send it back and say that’s not me.

ELIAS: And many, many, many individuals incorporate that direction and that perception.

LYNDA: Which is not correct. There’s another way to view that...

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: ...which is not blame, which is not victim, which is just an acknowledgment that that’s what’s going on and an understanding of a difference in your energy and someone else’s energy, which does tie into your reconfiguring energy and the fishy principle, as I understand it.

ELIAS: Yes, in some situations.

LYNDA: In quite an experiential way.


LYNDA: I’m just aware of that, and it’s pretty fascinating and unfamiliar at the same time. I suspect that we’ll hear more about that as the days unfold. Correct?

ELIAS: And so you shall.

LYNDA: I do have one little question and then I guess we’ll call it a session. I know it’s a little preemptive, but I’ve been pondering the religious wave. I would imagine that one of the pieces of the religious wave would be this boomerang, transference, blame, victim, automatic-go-there thing, right?


LYNDA: So it’s good that we’re getting this truth wave happening first...


LYNDA: maybe this religious wave will cruise a little easier.

ELIAS: That is quite possible.

LYNDA: And then maybe we could have the vacation and shopping wave?


LYNDA: Wouldn’t this be a better idea? Hello, knock-knock on the cosmos’ door! (Elias laughs) Okay, I’m done. Thank you so much. I love you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LYNDA: Feel free to have final words of depth and meaning, to just me!

ELIAS: (In mock seriousness) We shall insert the shopping and vacation wave into our beliefs!

LYNDA: Amen, brother! So be it! (Elias laughs) Okay, that was it!

ELIAS: You may offer my greetings and my lovingness to Jale and to Abel, and you may express my acknowledgment to Michael: well done! I am aware that an encouragement may be welcomed. (Laughs)

LYNDA: I would like to acknowledge Larry. Just before the session I felt Vicki come through and remind me that once in a while it’s okay to record my sessions, and I used to fight with her about this. But on the eve of the anniversary of her disengagement from this physical reality, I would like to acknowledge my friend and, even as I speak, recognize her energy and allow a little bit more of her being around.

ELIAS: Very well, so acknowledged. And that energy is quite present. (Chuckles)

LYNDA: A lot of people miss that energy. That’ll be good to hear.

ELIAS: Another example of less separation.

Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next conversation. To you in dear friendship and much lovingness, au revoir.

LYNDA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:44 AM.

©2004 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2004 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.