Session 839
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Altering a Physical Expression


"Altering a Physical Expression"

Thursday, May 17, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Bill
Elias arrives at 11:56 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BILL: Good morning! And how are we today?

ELIAS: As always! And yourself?

BILL: I could be better! (Elias chuckles) That's the reason for the conversation.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

BILL: I recently had a heart attack and am now more concerned than ever about healing myself, and would like to discuss this with you.

ELIAS: Very well.

BILL: With the sessions I have read, I have a partial understanding. But trying to implement things like paying attention to oneself and working in the now seems to be a task that I have a hard time doing. So, hopefully maybe you can assist me in that direction.

ELIAS: Very well. You may begin in the direction of stating the nature of your concern in this present now.

BILL: The concern is my inability to concentrate on what you have suggested to other people in the past, as far as being true to oneself or paying attention to self, and I am assuming these are good things to start my healing process.

ELIAS: And I may express to you, in your terms you are correct, for in listening to your own communications and paying attention to self in the now, you allow yourself a clearer recognition and understanding of precisely what you are creating in the moment. You also offer to yourself the recognition of more of your choices in each moment. For as you recognize certain automatic expressions or responses that you may be creating, you may also question yourself in relation to what motivates those automatic responses.

Now; another benefit, so to speak, of holding your attention upon self and listening to your own communications that you offer to yourself is that you shall allow yourself an objective awareness of your own movement, and you shall allow yourself the ability to manipulate your energy intentionally and create choices objectively that are more closely aligned with what you want rather than automatically aligning with mass belief systems and creating expressions or experiences that may be expressing difficulty or contributing [to] or reinforcing your own becoming of a victim of yourself. Are you understanding?

BILL: Partially.

ELIAS: Very well. Express your confusion, and I shall clarify.

BILL: The part where I'd be turning to self and listening to self, I have trouble with that. I know it's correct, but I am not able to perform that the way I think it should be.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let us identify the avenues of communication that you create in relation to yourself. In this, you create communication through all of your senses, your outer senses and your inner senses. You create an avenue of communication through your impulses and your impressions. You create another avenue of communication with self in the expressions of emotions. You create another avenue of communication in the manifestations of your physical body.

Now; as I express to you to be allowing yourself to be listening to your own communications, some communications that you offer to yourself are presented more frequently than others. Some communications are expressed more obviously than others. You may be creating communication with yourself in the form of impressions many times, but this avenue of communication may be less obvious than the communications that you offer to yourself through emotion. More obvious communications are those that you present to yourself through your senses and in what you create within physical affectingness with your physical body.

This is not to say that you create an objective immediate understanding of these communications. Generally speaking, you shall accept and translate the communications that you offer to yourself through your senses and shall understand that translation. Many times individuals experience more difficulty in translating and understanding the translation of the communications that they offer to themselves through physical manifestations or through emotion. These avenues are more challenging, but these avenues are also quite precise, for both of these avenues of communication are subjective communications that identify or express to the objective awareness what you are creating in the moment.

But for the most part, many individuals within physical focus are unfamiliar with listening to these particular types of communication and also many times hold an incorrect definition of the actions of these manifestations. Individuals within physical focus define emotion as a reaction, and you define physical manifestations within your physical body as an effect which is not chosen by yourself but rather some effect which is thrust upon you or that you are victim to.

In actuality, both of these expressions are clear communications and quite precise in their message as to the identification of what you are creating within a particular moment. Confusion arises in relation to thought, for individuals define thought as an avenue of communication, and it is not. It is an expression that you have designed to interpret and translate your communications. It is a mechanism, in a manner of speaking, to be translating those expressions that are actually communications. Are you following thus far?

BILL: So far, yes, pretty much.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, it is significant that you allow yourself to pay attention to the communications that you create in the moment, holding your attention within the now, not projecting your attention within your thoughts or within your energy into past experiences or the projection of future anticipations, for all in actuality is created within the now. Therefore, if your attention is being projected futurely or pastly, you shall not be paying attention to what you are creating NOW, which is what is affecting of you and of all your reality.

In this also, let me express to you that many individuals, yourself also, are not merely unfamiliar with the action of viewing emotion as a communication offering you a message, but many times you are not paying attention to the extent that you do not allow yourselves even to recognize that you are creating an emotional communication. Many individuals express that they are not FEELING anything within a particular moment, and I may express to you that this is in actuality quite incorrect. It is merely a situation in which the individual is not paying attention, and therefore is not noticing what they are communicating.

Now; in relation to what you have created and what you are creating and experiencing presently, offer to myself your identification of your fear in this present now and your desire in this present now.

BILL: What you requested was what my fear is at this present time, is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BILL: Not being able to assimilate the information that you give me to make myself better is probably my major concern.

ELIAS: Very well, I shall offer in response to you, what you are expressing is that your fear is that you shall not adequately assimilate this information, and therefore shall not allow yourself to alter your physical expression. Is this correct?

BILL: Correct.

ELIAS: For let me express to you, my friend, you are not creating better. (Chuckles) You are already best. Ha ha! But I am understanding your expression of concern, and shall we incorporate this as an example of how you may be moving in the expression of paying attention to your communications and also identifying what you are creating in an objective manner, and therefore allowing yourself new choice?

In this, attempt to express to myself what your identification is of the expression of not assimilating the information that you receive. What is your association with that statement?

BILL: My concern that I'm not going to be able to assimilate it is probably my history of being able to concentrate on something for a long enough period to make it habit.

ELIAS: Very well, therefore you identify that you discount your ability to be concentrating, correct?

BILL: Correct.

ELIAS: Very well. In that identification, what expresses that discounting to you?

BILL: Mostly, it's just that my mind wanders all the time. Concentration on something is very limited. Other thoughts come into my mind, and I just start daydreaming and skip on off somewhere else.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore, this expression or this discounting of your ability is created in relation to your experience previously and your reinforcement of yourself that you have an inability to be concentrating upon a particular subject matter for an extended time framework.

Now; examine your association with concentration. In this, you view the ability to be objectively concentrating within the expression of thought as a positive action. Correct?

BILL: Correct.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, my friend, I have expressed to individuals previously, you create what you concentrate upon, but that expression of concentration is not thought. Quite to the contrary, individuals automatically move in the objective association that if they are creating an expression of concentration within thought, they shall allow themselves to create an actual physical manifestation, and many, many times this is not what they create. For you may be concentrating thought processes in a singular direction for extensive time frameworks, and this is not what shall create your actual reality, for your thoughts are not what create your reality. Your perception is what creates your reality, and in this, there are many influences that are expressed in relation to your perception.

Therefore, in actuality, it is less helpful and influencing with any individual to be concentrating their thoughts upon a particular subject matter to be altering their reality than it is to NOT be incorporating a concentration in thought.

Therefore, I may say to you, my friend, in this now in actuality this that you identify as an inability to hold your thoughts in one direction for an extended time framework may be to your advantage. You do not require thought to be altering your perception, and altering your perception is what shall alter your reality.

Now; in this, you may begin now to be reinforcing yourself and your trust of yourself and offering yourself a new freedom, knowing that it matters not that you do not necessarily create objective concentration in thought upon one subject. If you are creating a want that you may be altering your physical manifestation, you may be affecting of that movement and that action much more efficiently in paying attention to your communication to yourself than you shall be in concentrating your thought processes [in] attempting to be turning your physical manifestation.

What I am speaking of with you, my friend, is that you may be expressing to yourself for hours of your day, "I am altering my physical expression, I am altering my physical expression," and you shall not alter your physical expression. You may concentrate within your thoughts to the point that you express that you create a headache, and you shall not necessarily alter your physical manifestation. But you may be also expressing to yourself quite simply that you trust your ability to create a different expression and not concentrate objectively upon that statement any longer, and this shall be a reinforcement of your own trust of yourself, not questioning yourself, and this shall be much more affecting than your thoughts.

BILL: May I ask you a question?

ELIAS: You may, my friend!

BILL: From the time of the heart attack until probably a day ago, I have been seeing a tremendous amount of light blue kind of wisps going by; and reading some of the other sessions, I was wondering if this might be you passing through.

ELIAS: And offering my expression of energy in introduction to you, that you may allow yourself to recognize my energy and know that it is present.

BILL: Well, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

BILL: I have another question. In years past, for no apparent reason, I will have a change in my vision which would appear to be water running down the face of a piece of glass that I would be looking through. It does not last very long. The medical doctors could find no reason for it (Elias chuckles), and I am wondering if possibly this is something that has to do with the change that is affecting of me.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I may express to you that you are experiencing a physical expression that many other individuals experience also, and it is NOT identifiable of a malfunction, so to speak, of your vision, for in actuality it IS associated with the movement of this shift in consciousness in widening your awareness. As I have expressed in identification previously, what in actuality is occurring is that within certain moments you are allowing yourself to become familiar with other aspects of your energy.

These aspects of your energy are other focuses that occupy other physical dimensions within consciousness, and this particular manifestation is related to your widening of awareness and momentarily allowing yourself to view physically in the manner which these other physical focuses view their reality within other physical dimensions.

BILL: One other oddity is that mostly in the morning when I'm taking a shower and I close my eyes to keep the soap out of my eyes, I see a mesh or a screen that does not give me a clear mental picture of what's out there. There is something that has dimension, but the screen distorts it. I'm wondering if this is something to do with my widening of my abilities, if this is an indication of something of that nature.

ELIAS: In actuality, no. Let me express to you the identification of what you are allowing yourself imagery of. In this, as I have expressed previously, within physical focus in this physical dimension and many others also, you create veils of separation, and these veils create a type of barrier in your awareness between your objective awareness of yourself and other aspects of yourself.

Now; what you have offered to yourself in this imagery is an allowance of yourself to be recognizing one of these veils that is expressed between your objective awareness and identification of yourself and other aspects of yourself - in particular, the veil that separates you in your objective awareness from your alternate selves, which are present within you but you do not view and you do not objectively interact with.

In this, in actuality you have allowed yourself an expression of widening your awareness to a point that you have allowed yourself to approach this veil. You merely create your own individual expression of imagery concerning it in relation to a screen. But as you allow yourself to approach this screen or veil, you also may begin to allow yourself to pierce through this screen, knowing that there is another expression of an alternate reality, in your terms, upon the other side of this screen.

I am quite acknowledging of you, my friend, that you have allowed yourself to approach this separation, and that you move in the direction of dropping this veil.

BILL: One other question: I have a good friend in Southern California that has a congestive heart problem, and I have talked to him about you. I don't feel that he is seriously looking at this. I'm wondering if he has an intent to get better or not.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, this is the choice of the individual, and it may be accomplished in either manner with or without information from myself.

BILL: His choice?

ELIAS: Yes. You all choose within the moment. In like manner to yourself, you choose specific actions and creations in the moment, but you also hold the choice in each moment to be continuing that action or that manifestation, or to be discontinuing or to be entirely altering of that manifestation. It is a moment-by-moment choice in this physical reality. You do not create an action and therefore that action or that manifestation becomes solid and continues in its own expression. This is not the way that you create your reality.

BILL: We must continuously do it then. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct. You are continuously, moment by moment, creating choices to continue creating, or to alter your creation, or to discontinue your creation.

BILL: Well, I see that our time is up. I want to thank you very much, and I will be talking to you in the future.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our further objective discussions. I offer to you great encouragement, my friend, and shall continue to express my energy to you in the interim, that you shall know of my acknowledgment to you.

BILL: I thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BILL: I look forward to talking to you in the future.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. In great affection to you, I express au revoir.

BILL: Goodbye.

Elias departs at 12:36 PM.

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.