Session 85
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The Source Events Session


"Source Events"

Wednesday, April 10, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jim (Yarr), Jeff (Katarina), and Jene (Rudy).
Elias arrives at 7:29 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening!

GROUP: Good evening!

ELIAS: Continuation of subject matter; we will be introducing Source or Master Events this evening. I will express to you first, there is a difference, within consciousness, as to regional area two and regional area three. At our last interaction, we were discussing collective consciousness incorporated within regional area two. I have expressed previously that the area of collective consciousness is regional area three, therefore I am understanding that you may incorporate some confusion.

Within regional area two, all physically focused consciousness, collectively and individually, is originating. All of your manifestation that is created in regional area one originates within regional area two; therefore collectively, within consciousness, your mass events also originate within this area of consciousness.

Within the area of consciousness of regional area three, there is a distinction. I have expressed previously that this area incorporates transition. It also incorporates collective consciousness, but in different terms. We have spoken of world views of consciousness; energy of consciousness deposited as within a "consciousness library". This would be in the area of regional area three. My transmission, so to speak, to you passes through regional area three, and is translated to you into this area of consciousness of regional area one.

(To Jeff) I am understanding of your confusion. These individuals may be helpful in explanation as to the definition of these regional areas of consciousness. It is only a term that I incorporate for the purpose of explanation of areas of wider awarenesses.

(To group) Regional area three incorporates non-physically focused consciousness interacting with physical focus; not in creation into this focus, but within interaction in consciousness, the connection is made in this area of consciousness. It is a wider awareness; what you would term to be your "next step outward", what I would term to be your "next step inward" (smiling) within consciousness.

Returning to Source Events: All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. I will explain that within your intellect and understanding, and what you view to be advancement within knowledge, you disassociate yourselves from viewing myths as reality. You view myths as fantasy and imagination. We have discussed imagination at length previously, as it is reality, but you do not believe this! It is not a reality to you! (Grinning)

I have expressed to you, every manifestation within this regional area one of consciousness is a mirror image of known realities. In this, within regional area two, you have created myths; ideas; creations; thoughts; emotions; landscapes; sceneries; of events, of objects, of reality. These are what your physical reality stems from. Within your consciousness and your intellect, you do continue, to some extent, to incorporate your original myths, although you distort them; therefore creating a loss of reality with them, and also a lack of power within these myths. I have expressed to you previously that your original, so to speak, ideas of religious elements, that you now view to be mythology, were a creative expression much more closely related as mirroring the reality of essence, being less separated and less singular in focus.

Let us view another aspect of your mass creations. We have briefly discussed the creation of illnesses. Let us view your weather patterns. I have expressed to you that you create your atmospheric conditions. These are not accidental. Your religions will inform you that weather is created by god. When your weather is favorable, god is smiling upon you. When your weather is disastrous, god is very angry with you and punishing you. Your scientists will express to you that your weather patterns are impersonal atmospheric conditions. They bear no consciousness. They are mechanistic. Both of these interpretations are incorrect. Your weather patterns are not god speaking to you or lashing out at you. They are also not impersonal mechanistic events. They are expressions directly related to your emotional focus. Within mass consciousness, you collectively create the weather that you experience.

Within different areas of your planet, individuals magnate to certain areas. They choose certain geographical locations of your planet for creation of certain patterns. Like spirits seek like spirits! We have expressed previously that you, as individuals who choose to reside in this area of your country of your planet, choose to be here purposefully, for you each incorporate a personality type that is expressive and creative; and in this, you experience waves of emotional focus. You settle quietly for a time, and then you "shake things", and your earth shakes also! Your scientists attribute this to "lunar pulls", or to geological conditions. They do not incorporate the explanation that you yourselves, collectively en masse, within consciousness, are very affecting of these conditions. You have created, collectively, this planet that you inhabit. You manipulate your environment continuously. This is another action of collective consciousness and a mass event expression. You will notice, as I have expressed previously, that individual areas experiencing what you term to be disasters will also experience a building, within consciousness, to this disaster point. Whether this be expressed within an earthquake or a flood or a fire or a tornado, it does not matter. The individual areas manifest differently, for the individuals occupying these areas choose different expressions for different reasons. Some choose to occupy areas where they may manifest, collectively, horrendous natural occurrences that may be threatening, but also offer warning previous to the event. This allows the individuals involved the opportunity to choose to participate and involve themselves within that consciousness wave or not. Others, which incorporate more volatile situations within natural occurrences, as you view them, choose this for their excitement! (Smiling)

You have expressed to me, "Why do individuals manifest illness?" I have given you reasons. You also manifest, collectively, events such as disasters for many of the same reasons. They are quite beneficial to you collectively. Groups of individuals experience time periods of separation, removal from each other physically, emotionally; and also, to a certain extent, within consciousness, they isolate themselves. This is unnatural. Therefore they create, within collective agreement, a situation to alter conditions, therefore creating the situation of "pulling together" collectively; allowing barriers and separation to dissipate, allowing expression with the individuals that may otherwise be unexpressed. Individuals incorporating healing abilities, non-expressed, may incorporate these abilities within the situation of a disaster. They will not question their ability. They will allow their consciousness to automatically respond. They will connect. Others, feeling that they are needing of compassion or nurturing, will be placing themselves within the roles of the victims, therefore allowing an exchange.

Your economy also benefits. Depressed areas benefit. New revenue is generated. Small individual business owners, within a depressed economy, will be regenerated within an influx of new capital afforded to them as a result of disastrous situations. All individuals benefit. Some individuals choosing to be entering this type of wave of consciousness may choose to exit this physical focus, needing no explanation, and also needing not to incorporate illness or lengthy departure. There are many reasons that you collectively create situations, but you always benefit from your collective encounters. You may not choose to view that you benefit. You may perceive negatively; but you will, in actuality, be benefiting. Even your wars are beneficial; although I have expressed previously, hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable, it is beneficial, sometimes, and profitable. (Pause) Are you wishing questions?

JIM: Yes, I have a question. You knew that! Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: It's been on my mind for the last week in working with myself and with healing of a pony. I've gone through a lot with it, and up until today, it seemed that things were greatly improving, and today, this evening, it seems that things were not effective. (Sighing) I'd just like to know about my affectingness with this, and my process with it, that has, to me, has ... I've trusted in it, and the process that I've gone through, and I'd like to know where I am with this.

ELIAS: Where you are with this is in a state of non-acceptance.

JIM: Still? I feel acceptance of my ability.

ELIAS: Do you?

JIM: Do I? I don't follow.

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will say to you that you are not incorporating an acceptance of your ability. You are not accepting of your own trust within self. Your intellect may express to you that you are. Your intuition expresses differently.

JIM: But I felt my intuition so strong at points, where ...

ELIAS: There are points incorporated, within your time period, that you may experience a brief moment of acceptingness. Then you allow your intellect to be consuming of this, expressing to you that overall, you are within a state of acceptance and trust. In actuality, you must learn to be trusting more of yourself. Do you speak to this individual?

JIM: Yes.

ELIAS: And what does this individual speak to you?

JIM: It speaks to me of showing. I have the feeling that this creature is putting his trust in me. It's showing itself to me as an example, I feel, and giving itself to me, to allow me to trust.

ELIAS: Partially correct; and your example is expressing of the manifestation. At momentary periods, it appears to move into what you view to be a positive state, but then lapses, once again, into what you view to be not positive, for you vacillate also.

JIM: Yes, I do. So by purifying my intent, my desire ...

ELIAS: Experience your empathic sense.

JIM: With the creature?

ELIAS: With all things.

JIM: With all things ...

ELIAS: Accept the experience of your empathic sense. Allow yourself to experience. Allow yourself acceptance. Trust within yourself and your experiences. Also examine your understanding. You are choosing to be involving yourself with your creatures, but you are not incorporating knowledge of these creatures. Their consciousness differs from yours, but you do not control their consciousness. They do not incorporate essence as do you, but they do incorporate consciousness and understanding. They do experience. They do think. They incorporate thought process also. It is only different from your own. Therefore, within your interaction, you may view your communication with your animal world, so to speak, as alien to you, for you have forgotten your connections.

JIM: I've tried so hard to know of those connections, to ...

ELIAS: Allow the flow.

JIM: I'll try. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Exercise your empathic sense, and allow the flow.

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Also, do not be searching and anticipating for your outcome. You look to results as validation.

JIM: Very much.

ELIAS: The result is not important. The expression is important.

JIM: Good point. Thank you.

ELIAS: The result is not your choice. Whether this incorporates a creature or vegetation or human, the expression holds importance. The result is another's choice. Within essence and within consciousness, all expressions are incorporated. You may not view the result that you wish to view presently, but within consciousness, within another manifestation, your affectingness may materialize. Therefore, do not look to your results immediate. (Pause, smiling)

JIM: That explains a lot ... and then not! (Cracking up, and Elias is grinning) Oh my goodness! (More laughter, and a long pause)

VICKI: Well, I have two questions, one for me, one for Michael. For Michael, what about the mass manifestations of illness, say, within the animal world?

ELIAS: Creatures incorporate their own consciousness, as do all things. I have expressed to you that you do not incorporate an understanding of animal consciousness. Although they do not incorporate essence as do you, they do incorporate a highly efficient consciousness. They also incorporate a collective consciousness. I have expressed, there is thought. There is great feeling. Many creatures do not incorporate the thought process as you view this to be, but their emotional expression is great. I will also express to you that within their collective consciousness, they may choose for their own reasons collectively, not individually, to incorporate an action as to attain your noticing.

VICKI: Their choice.

ELIAS: Their choice.

VICKI: Their creation.

ELIAS: Some creatures will choose to mass create situations to be expressing of an issue. This issue to which Michael holds confusion is related to a very simple expression. Man, in his ever-growing attempts to be incorporating "better" ways of accomplishing, chooses to be feeding animals elements that are unnatural to them. I am not expressing of your drugs! (He's reading my mind again!) I am expressing that certain animals eat vegetation. Their expression within physical form is designed, molecularly and cellularly, to assimilate this type of energy, which is less dense than other energy. We have spoken of this previously. In this, you choose to be incorporating fleshy products to animals that do not consume this type of energy. Therefore, within a collective expression, they choose to manifest illness.

VICKI: Do you mean they were feeding those cows meat??? (Incredulously) (In reference to the "mad cow disease" in England)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Oh! (She's blown away)

ELIAS: It is making for "beefier beef"! (Grinning)

VICKI: Wow! That's interesting! (And stupid!) And so then they respond with this mass response.

ELIAS: You may express, within your understanding, that this may be classified as a "protest"! (Grinning)

VICKI: Oh, that's interesting!

JIM: They all got real mad!

ELIAS: They do not incorporate anger. (Smiling)

JIM: Yes. Thank you.

VICKI: Well, what good is the mass protest if nobody knows that it's a mass protest?

ELIAS: Ah, but they do respond. They may not understand the consciousness, but the event is noticed, and also acted upon.

VICKI: So the connection between the feeding and the expression is noticed by the people that are feeding the animals?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Wow! That's interesting! (Pause) My own question is: Quite honestly, I really don't understand what a Source Event is yet.

ELIAS: It is the original, so to speak, event within consciousness that creates an interpretation within physical focus. You may create, within regional two, a myth of a great and powerful civilization. Within regional one, your Greek society springs. Within regional area one, these individuals create their own interpretations of the original Source Event, according to their understanding within consciousness. They create physical myths that mirror back to the original myth.

A myth is not what you view it to be. It is an event; an imaginative creative expression within collective consciousness; all of which is reality. You, within physical focus, express a myth to be fantasy. Without your myths, you would not create what you view before you now. Without your expressions within regional two; your source events, your myths, your fantasies, your stories; you would not create your technology for exploration beyond this planet. You would not create your technology to explore beneath your seas. You would not fly. These are the expression and the interpretation of the myth and creativity, which is the source within regional area two. (Pause)

We shall incorporate a brief break; and you may continue, if you are wishing, with your questions.


ELIAS: I will offer a continuation briefly to Yarr, within your concerns. Within physical focus, you view this to be the only reality. You exist within a time element, therefore you view events in relation to time. You only incorporate your immediate time element, therefore you look to beginnings and endings. You look for results of actions. I express to you that within consciousness, time is irrelevant. Your affectingness may be incorporated with your present now, and its manifestation may appear within a different now. You may not always view what you have affected within your present now. This is not to say that you are not affecting.

I also express to you that you are correct in your assessment of allowing yourself a physical example, but you look only to what you view to be an accomplishment within this example. Many times, what you view to be a failure, which is not a failure, is equally instructive to you in allowing you the opportunity to view where you block, and where you do not accept. You have allowed yourself the opportunity to view your "cut-off points", so to speak. Therefore, view the experience in its entirety as a positive expression. (Pause)

These individuals present incorporate a new game. (Smiling) They experiment with viewing other developmental focuses, this being another positive action for your noticing and for your assimilation of information of self, and also of no time and affectingness; for within the incorporation of this game, you may view affectingness through noticing of other developmental focuses. Within one, you may be affecting of another. Therefore, action incorporated within one now is continuing to be affecting of what you view to be your individual present now. What you view to be your present now may be affecting of your future now or your past now. They all intersect. They all overlap. Therefore, you may incorporate action, even involving your creatures, and you may be affecting of another focus. Your perception is very limited. You only view an accomplishment that you may see immediately. This is not always reality!

JIM: So I should change my perception to ... just an offering of energy, not directed towards, or not specifically directed towards this creature?

ELIAS: I have offered, previously, examples in response to your questions, as to appropriateness of expression to other individuals in giving of helpfulness. I have expressed to you that if you are expressing helpfulness or giving with no expectation of return or result, your expression will be accepted and incorporated. This applies not only to you as people. You may incorporate this same concept with your entire reality. If you are planting of a seed of a tree with expectation of this tree to be bearing fruit, and it grows and does not bear fruit, do you uproot this tree and burn it for it has not expressed what you anticipated? (Pause) This is part of your acceptance. (Another pause)

JIM: Okay. I have one more question. The name Daleah?

ELIAS: You have found this!

JIM: Yes, I have.

ELIAS: Very good!

JIM: I'm not quite sure what I have found. I believe I know what I've found.

ELIAS: You do!

JIM: Future focus of Searcher?

ELIAS: Here we incorporate a very good example of my expression to you that you do not accept, and you do not trust, and you vacillate; for within yourself, you do know. You do not acknowledge; you question.

JIM: So I guess I should acknowledge.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: With full trusting. Okay. And that's the energies that I feel as well?

ELIAS: Partially.

JIM: Partially. (Sighing) Thank you. I'm gonna work on that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: That's cool! (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have another question. Regarding these experiments, I am curious, well, I have fifty questions, (Elias chuckles) but I am curious about the reaction and behavior of the dog.

ELIAS: To which you may incorporate your experiments further, and you may answer your own question! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Do not limit your perceptions. Allow a wider perception. I have expressed this evening that your creatures hold consciousness and connection. I have also expressed to you that they do not incorporate essence, but you view this, once again, to be a negative, viewing that if you are not incorporating essence, you are "less than". Incorrect! I have also expressed, within our discussion of consciousness, all consciousness possesses all elements of (emphatically) The Creating Universal One And Whole. (Grinning at Vicki in reference to the need for capitalization) Therefore, they may incorporate a different vibrational quality, but they also create and incorporate equal consciousness; for all consciousness is energy, and all energy is energy. It may manifest differently, but the units of consciousness are all the same. All That Is ... capitalize! ... is incorporated within everything. Therefore, they are no less than essence. They only do not possess their own individual personality essence energy. (Long pause)

VICKI: I still want to know why the dog acted so weird! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ask yourself! Incorporate interaction with Rudy. I am quite understanding that you are not in actuality wishing for information continuously from me, for therefore you incorporate no challenge! I would not be so intrusive as to be unmotivating! (Grinning sarcastically as Vicki sighs, and there is another long pause) Shhh!

JEFF: Okay. I have a question.

ELIAS: Ah! (Smiling)

JEFF: I missed some of the discussions about dreams, and I'm confused right now about consciousness when we sleep. Are we leaving our bodies? I mean, yet we are somewhat unconscious. I think that we are, but I'm unclear to this idea of how we're just gone, and we get these dreams, mostly that don't make sense. But I mean, we are leaving our bodies?

ELIAS: I will express to you that you never experience a lack of consciousness. Therefore, you are not unconscious. Within your dream state, you experience another aspect of consciousness that you have incorporated into this physical focus. You have very purposefully and creatively incorporated this balancing state of consciousness, to be connecting within essence.

Many of your dreams are very symbolic; and in one respect, all of your dreams are symbolic, within one layer or another. You may interpret these dreams for yourself by allowing yourself to be connecting with them, and conscious of what you view. Within your awareness of your dream state, you may recognize different symbols which hold significance to you. Each of you incorporates symbolism that is quite repetitive within your dream state. You do this intentionally, for your own interpretation of your own language. Your essence speaks to you in its own language. You need only to translate this language into your waking state.

You will notice, as we have spoken of previously, that these two states of consciousness overlap continually. You will view events of your waking state within your dream state. You will experience events from your dream state within your waking state. There is a continual exchange of these two states of consciousness. They are as if moving from one room to another, and back. You are continually you within these states. Your perception within your dreaming state shifts, and allows you to connect more easily with essence. Therefore, you may be manipulating of this state more effortlessly to be accomplishing certain elements that you choose to focus upon, (turning to Vicki) if you are not blocking! (Laughter)

I use your dreaming state often as an easier vehicle for you, for you are not trained, in this location of your planet, to be communicating with essence through extensive, deep meditation. You do not learn this action from childhood. Therefore, you are not versed efficiently in this action. Dreaming is a natural event to you. Therefore, if you are concentrating upon this natural element of your focus, you may be using this "time" to be experiencing out-of-body experiences, interpretations and communications with essence, developmental focuses, other-dimensional focuses. You may use this time to be problem-solving. You may express creatively within this conscious state, for it is not unconscious! (Smiling) You may view many elements that you do not allow yourself, within your waking state, to view. You may connect with alternate focuses, alternate selves, within this state much easier.

When you are accomplishing within this state of consciousness, it is reinforcing to you. Therefore, you may be more willing to be allowing yourself to be connecting with your waking state; but I express to you also, your first accomplishment is to be viewing your dream state as reality; for if you are viewing your dream state as imagination, within your definition of imagination, or fantasy, or only symbolic language of "nothing", then you are not accepting of its reality, and you are not trusting, and you also block portions of your waking state, for you block interaction between the two elements of physical focus. (Smiling at Jeff)

We have many discussions within our material concerning your dream states. I emphasize this state of consciousness as being quite important; underline; for this allows you connections and realizations that you do not connect with and allow yourself to acknowledge within your waking state. It is not an element to be discounted! You do not walk through your waking state and discount as unreal or unimportant your hours of your day between one o'clock and five o'clock. You do not express to yourself, "These hours do not exist!" You do not "turn off" during this time! You also do not turn off, ever, within your sleep state, and this state is equally important to your waking state. (Pause for emphasis) I have expressed many times, your number of hours that you spend within your sleep state are not important. Your physical manifestation of your body is not requiring of the amount of sleep that you are indoctrinated to believe that it requires. The purpose of this "time" is to be connecting with essence. Your body may regenerate through restfulness without sleep. You incorporate a very efficient expression within your physical body. It is quite capable, within its consciousness, of maintaining itself, and regeneration, continuously. Your purpose for your sleep state is to be allowing your consciousness to open, and to be in communication with your wider awareness.

I have offered many examples and expressions and suggestions, in helpfulness, to be remembering, and connecting, and interacting, and moving, and "playing" within your dream state. I have offered information of dream steps and dream levels. I have offered interpretations. There are many expressions that you may incorporate. Are you understanding of this?

JEFF: A lot more. Not everything, but a bigger picture of understanding.

ELIAS: You will.

JEFF: I need to practice this, write down things in the morning, if I can remember.

ELIAS: Very good. This is often helpful within your waking state, for you choose to be not remembering, for you discount this element of your consciousness. Therefore, you do not remember; just as within your waking state, if you view an element to be unimportant and not worthy of your attention, you do not remember. This element of your consciousness, that you spend so much time in intimate communication with, is very important, and quite worthy of your attention, and very instructive, and quite fun too! (Laughter) Communication and exchange with other individuals who have been incorporated within this group will be helpful in instruction in this area, if they too are not discounting! (Grinning at Vicki, and then turning to Jene) And you are wishing of a question?

JENE: I am. Clarification on example of Source Event. Would there be a connection with the harmonic conversion in eighty-six, and the one that's coming up in June of this year?

ELIAS: Each of these are expressions of a Source Event; correct. I will express that each element of mass events are expressions mirroring a facet of a Source Event. You may not view the entirety of your creation of a Source Event immediately, for many of these events occur over much of your time element. You do not build cities with one week! You do not shift an entire planetary consciousness within one year! You do not create wars, generally, (grinning at Ron) within small amounts of time, except for our very chosen people; (laughing, and to Vicki) you do not have to capitalize this; who choose to create very short wars, for they have chosen, within their past history, to create very long wars! (Grinning at Ron) Now they incorporate "very fast" warring factions!

Every element of creation that incorporates mass events also incorporates a Source Event within regional area two, which is an agreement between many essences within collective consciousness. Your shift is a manifestation of a Source Event. The Source Event in itself is too great and expansive to manifest within any physical dimension or focus; therefore a facet, a fragment, an image of this Source Event will be translated into physical focus. The myth is much bigger than the expression.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. We will address to your individual questions when you are ready. (Smiling)

JENE: Thank you. (Pause) Okay, I think I'm a little ready. My curiosity is in being drawn to this group. Does this have to do with a session I just had, as far as information, with Bridgett Howell?

ELIAS: Partially. There are many reasons that you have drawn to this company. You incorporate many reasons within a transitional period; many elements that are needing of your attentiveness. Are you wishing of information within this forum?

JENE: Yes.

ELIAS: You incorporate a lack of trustfulness within yourself. You are quite adept at camouflage of this situation. You also, I will express, are offering yourself your own opportunity to be "knocking your stool out". You have provided yourself with the opportunity for zeal, which you are in need of; for in order to be accomplishing your intent, you must also incorporate more motivation. In this, you must regain your excitement. You have offered yourself the opportunity to be infected! (Smiling) These individuals beginning are quite infectious, and offer, as do new babes, which are also approaching, a fresh influx of this renewal.

You have chosen a difficult path, so to speak, within this manifestation; much battling. You will understand in allowing yourself to be connecting with information of essence families, and you will be allowing your vacillation to dissipate. You incorporate many aspects of many essence families.

I will express to you, and to these individuals present, you do not align with essence families as they may perceive, for your incorporation is not within Sumafi. Therefore, you are drawn for you align with Sumafi. You incorporate, within essence, to another essence family. You draw to the Sumafi for information and helpfulness within direction. This may be offered lovingly.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I will express that your confusion lies in that you are incorporated within the Sumari family, but hold strong connections also to Tumold. You do not quite understand your ability as of yet. You are still searching and incorporating your own validation for your talents. As you learn to be accepting of your expressions and your abilities, which are great, you will move forward within consciousness. Regain your zeal! Move forward within your expression, physically, of Tumold; and learn with the Sumafi.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express greetings from one very close. This essence I learn from also, and has widened in awareness to great capacity, and is acknowledging of Rudy. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening? (Pause) Are you wishing clarification ... of Seth?

VICKI: Yeah! Fragmentation?


JENE: The name of our mutual teacher?

ELIAS: Very correct. You have been incorporated with this essence family, and hold connections with this essence. You also hold connections with another, which Seth holds a wider awareness to; this being your fragmentation.

VICKI: That's so interesting!

ELIAS: We will speak more soon. As for our present, I will not be departing! (Grinning) We shall on to our game! Tricky, tricky, tricky!

VICKI: (To Ron) Are you going to change the tape, or no?

RON: Okay. Pardon me. (Pause for tape change, during which Jene asks a question regarding a career choice that she is considering. The tape only captured the last sentence of her question, which follows. We shall not allow Jene to do this again!)

JENE: Is this a focus that would take me out of my career at this time? (Elias is smiling) Very selfish! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Interesting question, as you may answer this question for yourself! (Laughter) It is quite obvious that you may move yourself out of your present situation, and be incorporated within this situation. What you choose to manifest within this is your choice, although it may not be your most efficient choice, but you may choose to manifest whatever you desire. (Pause) Insufficient answer, Elias!

JENE: That's right! This I knew already, Elias! (Laughter)

ELIAS: As do you all!

JENE: I know, I can go to a psychic to find out the other information, right?

ELIAS: I will express to you that within these expressions, your probabilities are always open systems. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be investigating of these situations; for you may be instructed, "Oh, yes! Incorporate this action! You shall become affluent, and secure, and quite happy!" And within your own manifestation of your probabilities, you may thwart your creation because your probabilities are always changing. Individuals may express to you what they view, within a telepathic expression and connection with your consciousness, of what your regional area one "most close" probability may be. Be remembering, as I will express to Yarr also, that there are many forces working within regional area two. Therefore, just as I expressed to Yarr, your reality does not always lie directly in front of you. I express the same to you, in that your reality may be created more effortlessly and more effectively, in following your intent and exhibiting patience.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Our game!

VICKI: Could I ask one more tiny question first?

ELIAS: Oh Asker Of Questions! (Laughter)

VICKI: I can't stand it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Continue.

VICKI: Regarding our experiment last night, regarding the sad expression, was that a reaction of some sort that had to do with the shift, or what was it?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Lawrence, Lawrence! You truly are not wishing my response to this question!

VICKI: Sure I am! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Are you truly believing that I will exchange this information when you possess the ability, within your few hours, to be investigating this for yourself?

VICKI: Can't hurt to try!

ELIAS: (Laughing) And also, "Show me, Elias, this alien!" No! He thinks he is tricky, tricky, tricky! I win again! (Laughter)

RON: I do have a question concerning our experiments that you may choose to answer. It seems as though the dates that came up, in my experience in particular, seem to overlap with other dates of focuses that have been discussed previously, and I was a little confused about that.

ELIAS: And we are confused! Very good question! (Here, Ron makes an obnoxious, childish noise at Vicki) Children, children! (Laughter)

This seemingly may appear as a contradiction, although as I have expressed recently, many elements of consciousness may surfacely seem to be contradicting, but in actuality, they do not hold contradiction.

I have expressed to you that you manifest, within essence, within many focuses. You interpret this to be meaning that within certain time elements, you manifest one you, one focus; for you are very singularly focused. You do this for the purpose of identity. You choose to separate your consciousness within same time periods so that you do not confuse yourself. I have expressed to you several times previously that it would not be possible, if you were to manifest within one physical body, for you to incorporate all of the experiences within physical focus that you require yourself to experience. Therefore, you may experience your game of your interaction with your developmental focuses, and if you are choosing, you may find other you's, not sheep, (grinning) within the same time periods, overlapping. Some you will identify with as you; these being facets. As I have explained previously to your recent question of essence and manifestation, some may be other focuses.

Within this game of yours, of what you term to be regressing, although in actuality you are only stepping sideways, you will connect with those focuses, those facets, that hold the vibrational tone that you identify as you, which spans many dimensions.

You may incorporate a recognition and viewing of other focuses if you are allowing yourself to open your perception. You may also incorporate all of these focuses if you are choosing; but you also, in this, must be incorporating opening of neurological pathways to be allowing these focuses without creating a threatening situation, within your perception, to your present identity. Therefore, there is no conflict. You may, if you are choosing to be connecting, view focuses with connection to other individuals. You are continuing to be isolating. Quite interesting that our communicator, who very efficiently uses the camouflage of the family of Ilda within this developmental focus, isolates so efficiently. And the isolator, Michael, in actuality does not isolate; but therein lies the complimenting of the focus, and of these twins. Investigate further, Lawrence! (Grinning)

VICKI: You bet I will!

ELIAS: How are those aliens coming along? (Oh, brother!)

VICKI: They're coming along just fine, thank you.

ELIAS: Incorporating any swimming lately?

VICKI: Planning on it soon.

ELIAS: Diving lessons are nice. Black is a very connecting color!

VICKI: Very connecting color.

ELIAS: Do not think I do not listen!

VICKI: Oh, I don't think that!

ELIAS: Although I am also quite occupied within regional areas three and four. Conference, you know! Now, shall we on to our game!

JENE: Elias likes this game!

ELIAS: Very much so! Fun is good!

JENE: Yes, it is.

ELIAS: It is quite healing. You should all incorporate much more of it, and not be exhibiting so much seriousness. It is inappropriate for the face! (Much laughter)

JEFF: (To Jim) Go ahead, start.

JIM: No, you go ahead. Go ahead!

RON: No, you!

JENE: No, you! (We're all cracking up here, including Elias)

JEFF: I'm not prepared!

JENE: I don't have a clue yet on this game!

ELIAS: You will! (Grinning widely)

JIM: Okay. Actually, my mate Cindy came up with this impression, and then I realized what she came up with. In the connecting essence's category, of red and indigo, in the category of birds, the yellow-billed magpie.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable. One point.

JIM: Give that to Cindy, I think. And in the category of indigo, in wars, the Indian wars, one battle in particular.

ELIAS: (Pausing) I will ask you, do you incorporate both continents?

JIM: North American.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JIM: Both continents. Well then, it would have to incorporate the South American continent as one of them.

ELIAS: Guessing! (Grinning)

JIM: No, I've found a lot of leads to that. The North American and South American continents, with the Incas and the Northern Cheyenne.


JIM: And? (Sighing) The Cherokee and the Sioux.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JIM: Let me think on this ... but not too hard! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: In the category of indigo, the book "The Silence Of Power".

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: I enjoyed your participation in that book as well. Very good story.

ELIAS: Thank you.

JIM: Very eye-opening.

ELIAS: You draw to you information.

JIM: I am finding that, seeing that. That's all for now. Thank you. (Elias looks at Jeff)

JEFF: I'm sorry. I'm gonna pass this evening. I'm not prepared at the moment. Next time, Sunday, I will be.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: Okay. For Shynla.


VICKI: Rose, fabrics, flannel.

ELIAS: Very present-day mothering fabric. Incorrect!

VICKI: Rose, continent, Europe.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: She's gonna be happy! (Elias chuckles) Ordin, desire, to create physical beauty.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Rose, desire, to create balanced children.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Rose, bird, stork.

ELIAS: I will express to Shynla that within her frustration and irritation ... (looks at Ron)

RON: Twenty-five cents!

ELIAS: Now we are playing a game! Then we were not! ... that she is guessing, and also I will express to Shynla that guessing will be unacceptable from this essence! It is unnecessary. She is quite understanding of her impressions and her abilities, and it is unnecessary to be "playing" with guessing.

VICKI: I shall tell her.

ELIAS: She may be throwing her temper tantrums ... otherwise!

VICKI: Okay. To continue; connecting physically focused essences, vibrational tones, Shynla, Ayla, and Ma-ah.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

VICKI: Twylah, occurrences of nature, The Grand Canyon.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Incorrect; but I will also express to this answer that this was a good attempt. Express to Shynla to be connecting with other answers she has incorporated within this game, and she will be connecting within this category.

VICKI: Okay. To continue for Shynla; Elias, seas, Mediterranean.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Otha, seas, Tazmin.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Paul, seas, North. (Elias pauses and stares at Vicki) They're all incorrect, aren't they?

ELIAS: Incorrect, incorrect, incorrect!

VICKI: Got it! And that's it. She'll be happy. (Laughter) For Michael; Rose, mass events, aids.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

VICKI: Tomkin, political leaders, Ghandi.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Ayla, political leaders, Nelson Mandella.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Ordin, composers, Liszt.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay. For myself, I'd like to connect, in connecting essences and vibrational tones, the essences of Rudy and Ruburt.

ELIAS: One point. Very good.

VICKI: Thank you. Also to connect Otha, in composers, with Chopin.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Otha, artists, Scott Joplin.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

VICKI: And I'd like to venture into the black category, and connect, under bird, a crow.

ELIAS: Close.

VICKI: Blackbird.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JIM: (Whispering to Vicki) Raven, raven, raven! (Laughter)

VICKI: I'll let you go with that one. Also in the black, animal, dolphin.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: That's it for me. (Elias turns to Ron)

RON: Okay. I would like to connect in books, Otha, Moby Dick.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Incorrect!

RON: Okay. How about songs, Paul, Moonlight Sonata.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Incorrect!

RON: Okay. This one's gotta be right! Mythical creatures, Otha, alien.

ELIAS: Correct! One point!

RON: Composers, Paul, Mozart.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Okay, that's all I got.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Extra-terrestrials!

VICKI: And what's so extra about them anyways?

ELIAS: I have seen some very interesting flying objects recently, within a very, very black sky! (Grinning) I will prod you until you incorporate this focus, and you will! Or you will become tired of my interaction!

VICKI: Prodding is acceptable. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Quite fun also! I will also express a question to Katarina, of "Were you enjoying of your encounter?"

JEFF: An encounter? The one that we were talking about?

ELIAS: With your finger.

JEFF: Yes. I wanted to ask you if it was Paul.

ELIAS: Correct. I am asking of you if you were incorporating this reunion with affection? (Pause) No!

JEFF: Well, it startled me! I jumped!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) He is quite playful also, is he not?

JEFF: Yes. It was very brief.

ELIAS: (Looking at Ron and whispering) Ron! (Laughter, and a pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

JEFF: Yes. You've mentioned about mirrors, and seeing things in mirrors. I wondered if I had missed it, or you just hadn't done it yet.

ELIAS: I have incorporated an exercise with these individuals, to be allowing them to widen their perception of reality. I have expressed instructions of viewing within a mirror. This is a quite common practice, and has been incorporated through much time within your focus.

You may, in indirect lighting, not very bright, view within your mirror. As you are gazing at yourself and allowing your consciousness to drift, you will view shifting, within shape, of the form before you. You may view another developmental focus. You may view another dimension. You will view another aspect of your essence. This allows you to connect with another portion, so to speak, of your essence, and also allows you personal validation of things beyond your present perception. Therefore, the more that you practice exercises in altering your perception within consciousness, the more you also validate your own self; this allowing you to, little by little, widen your perception. We have incorporated other exercises which are quite instrumental also. You may exercise your empathic abilities by viewing a picture of an animal. Do not choose a pet. Choose another animal. Place a picture before you, and view this animal. Then allow yourself to drift, within relaxation, and focus upon being this animal. Do not view experience. You will find yourself experiencing this creature's existence. It will offer you information of consciousness other than your own; for you, within essence, are connected to all elements of physical focus; a plant, a rock, an ocean, a creature, a cloud, a whirlwind, a sky, a star, your planet, other individuals. You are all connected within consciousness. Therefore, you may experience all of these things within your own consciousness. You may be asking of individuals within this forum for information of examples of exercises that we have incorporated. We have used many exercises to be expanding of your perception of your reality. This is a difficult process for you as individuals, for you have spent much time within this physical focus learning to discount much of your perception. Therefore, you now strive to be assimilating information that you possess of your own experiences, and your connections, and all that surrounds you, for these are all your creation. You are the center of the universe! Very magnificent creations! If you are wishing of helpfulness, I am quite sure that these individuals will be very willing to be helpful.

JEFF: Yes, I am sure of it.

ELIAS: (To Jene) Recapture this zeal!

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall return and be speaking with you very soon. I very affectionately and lovingly will be departing from you this evening, and wishing you very good dreaming this evening. Be watchful of me, for I shall be visiting! Au revoir!

GROUP: Thank you.

Elias departs at 10:20 PM.

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.