Session 525
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Qualities of Color


“Qualities of Color”
“The Aging Process”

Wednesday, December 22, 1999-1 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).
Elias arrives at 9:55 AM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Yarr!

JIM:  Good morning, my friend! (Elias chuckles)  Joyous day!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  I have some questions that I’m sure you’re quite aware of, as we’ve been discussing these since our last meeting together, and some clarifications, if we could chat for a while?

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

JIM:  Thank you.

In our last session we discussed color a little bit — when you were out here in California and I asked about intent — and I got clearer after we spoke about the qualities of color and vibrational action.  Jenaro/Archer and I have been thinking about this, and we wrote down some things, and I would like to get your insight as to the qualities of color.  I guess the qualities would tell us why we chose them for this dimension.  I’ve got a real strong feeling and curiosity about this.

ELIAS:  And what are your impressions?

JIM:  Red, a very bold color; hot, accelerating.  Yellow, an energetic type of quality, but a soothing type of color.  You had spoken of pink in that last session as kind of fluffy, soft; we tend to relate it to female.  Blue — cool, soothing.  Green we see a lot in nature.  There again, I get a soothing, relaxing, almost nurturing type of quality perhaps.  White, a quality of openness, of light, of softness again.  Black, outside of traditional belief systems and so forth.  I kind of feel almost a warmth in some areas, but then a clarity within its quality as well.  Orange, a warm glowing.  Indigo, a rich, deep, contemplating type of quality.  Magenta — I don’t get anything with magenta.  For some reason, I don’t really understand or feel a quality of that particular color. (Elias chuckles)

That’s kind of the way we’ve seen it, and we want to see what you have to say! (Elias chuckles again)

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that some of your identifications — or many of your identifications — of the qualities of these particular colors are accurate in relation to your physical dimension, in a relative translation into your assessment or your identification with the association of each of these particular colors.

You attribute many different types of associations with color in this physical dimension.  You incorporate color to be descriptive of certain emotions, to be invoking of certain types of thoughts.  You attribute color as a quality of what you define as moods.  You incorporate hues of colors within your descriptions to be offering depth to your identification of different elements within your reality.

As to the qualities of color themselves as an energy manifestation, so to speak, in themselves, their qualities are not necessarily associated with the types of descriptions that you associate them with within physical focus.  In actuality, their qualities are expressed in their vibrational rate, so to speak, for this creates differences in movement within different dimensions.

The vibrational rate, so to speak, or quality of each color remains consistent, and therefore, in that expression and that manifestation of energy in different dimensions, its actual expression vibrationally remains the same, regardless of the physical or nonphysical expression within physical dimensions or nonphysical areas of consciousness.

This be the reason that color has been identified as a truth, for it is consistent and may be applied to any area of consciousness, physical or nonphysical, regardless of the translation of it within different physical realities.

In this, the different vibrational qualities of each color facilitate movement of energy in different manners.  This is not to say that one vibrational quality is better or more efficient than any other vibrational quality of any other color, for there is expressed within your beliefs that certain colors are facilitating of energy flow more efficiently than others, for their vibrational rate is what you would term to be faster than other colors.

Therefore, there is an association within your physical dimension that those colors represented in which you would term to be the higher end of the spectrum — those within your blues and your violets, and also white — shall be facilitating more of an ease in energy flow, which is incorrect, in actuality.  The expression is different, but it is not better or more efficient.  It merely facilitates different actions.

The colors of red and orange, within your physical identification or translation of them in your dimension, hold what may be termed as a slower vibrational quality.

All of the speeds, so to speak, of these different vibrational qualities facilitate different types of energy movement and may be incorporated with different purposes, so to speak.

Therefore, in terms other than physical applications, so to speak, you may apply an interaction with the energy associated with the color of red, holding a slower vibrational quality, with activities such as meditations, which shall allow you a slowing of energy, which also offers you the opportunity to view clearly what you choose to be viewing within your meditational activity.  It allows you, within the physical dimension that you occupy and your linear time framework, more of a slowness in energy, which many times may be quite beneficial, for it offers you a time framework in which to assess, evaluate, and explore.

In conjunction with that particular subject matter, I may express to you that in incorporating the vibrational quality of the color red or orange, for some individuals — as they are attempting to be engaging the activity of meditation to be accessing other focuses — it may be quite beneficial to be incorporating this vibrational quality of energy, for many individuals move into a participation of meditation in the attempt to be viewing other focuses, and they view a stream of focuses before them which appear to them to be moving quite quickly.

And in this, they objectively experience difficulty in isolating any one focus and allowing themselves to be viewing any one particular focus, for it appears to them objectively to be a type of whirlwind of fast-moving scenarios or pictures, in a manner of speaking, and they experience difficulty in slowing this movement, that they may allow themselves to be focusing their attention upon any one particular focus.  The incorporation of the vibrational quality of red or orange, in its slow flow of energy, is quite beneficial in facilitating a slow movement, which allows an individual to be viewing one particular focus.

In other scenarios, it may be beneficial to be incorporating the vibrational qualities of those colors identified as indigo or violet, purple, for they incorporate a very high vibrational quality, and in this, they may facilitate movement in different directions as you explore elements of consciousness.  This incorporation of these colors may allow you more easily to be accessing information in conjunction with viewing physical elements of your reality through an empathic activity.  They may also be facilitating of movement that you may choose to engage in viewing or tapping into world views within consciousness.

Yellow and the color of green and also blue, holding an intermediate type of vibrational quality, may be instrumental in your action of projection within consciousness.  These colors — not holding quite the slowness in vibrational quality of the red and the orange but not quite as rapid in vibrational quality as the indigo and the purple — are facilitating of movement within your dream state, within your activities of projections, within an accessing of engaging certain inner senses, allowing you to be tapping into different layers of consciousness within your objective waking state; the incorporation of what YOU identify as psychic abilities.

Therefore, the actual qualities of color lie within their vibrational expression, and how that is a movement of energy, and how that may be incorporated or applied within any area of consciousness, physical or nonphysical.

This is not to say, Yarr, that your assessment of the qualities of color are incorrect, for within your physical dimension and relative to your physical dimension, your offering of assessments of the qualities of color are accurate in your definitions.

JIM:  Okay.  Well, I can see where you went with it and I can really identify with a lot of that, with imagery that I’ve presented and colors and so forth that come before my mind’s eye within my vision.  I can definitely see the correlations there, and that really makes a lot of sense.

Now in exploring these, if we also explore the color along with the sound that we had discussed, would that tend to activate the color? It would seem to activate the action of the color, incorporating the sound with the color as well.

ELIAS:  Think to yourself of what you identify in your physical reality as a tuning fork.  In this, you may strike a tuning fork and it shall create a vibrational quality.  That vibrational quality shall radiate from the actual object, creating a tone that in waves shall be affecting of actual physical matter, correct?

JIM:  Um-hmm.

ELIAS:  Now; in a similar manner, you may incorporate tone and color, and they shall be in vibrational qualities affecting of each other and shall resonate a richness in vibration which may be incorporated in many different manners, for they ARE affecting of each other and may be manipulated in conjunction with each other and shall resonate together, in a similar fashion to your tuning fork and how it may actually create a movement of energy that shall move physical objects.

JIM:  Oh cool!  Okay, it sounds like I have some investigating to do! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  What about black, the color black?

ELIAS:  Black — this is an interesting color manifestation that you have created within your physical dimension; your identification of it and your viewing of the vibrational quality, your expression of the color black and your identification with its meaning or its ability to invoke associations en masse within your physical dimension.

In actuality, this particular vibrational quality would not be identified in the slowness of the reds and the oranges.  Black would be associated in vibrational quality comparable to the vibrational quality of white.

JIM:  Okay....

ELIAS:  Black holds a slightly higher vibrational quality to white, but your mass belief is to identify white as purity and light, which is associated with enlightenment, and the mass belief in conjunction with black is a thickness and a negative quality, a blocking of energy, a trapping and holding of energy.

In actuality, this particular vibrational quality may be facilitating of movement within consciousness that allows for a free flow in interconnectedness and a flow into the accessing or tapping of collective consciousness subjectively.

Black may also be incorporated within the dream state or meditative state in facilitating movement in a manner to a portal into other areas of consciousness, physical or nonphysical.  This vibrational quality may be incorporated as a portal into other physical dimensions.

JIM:  Hmm.  Cool!  Okay.  Alright, I shall investigate some more!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  Okay, we talked about white.  So white and black carry a lot of the same qualities.  Black would also hold all the other colors like white does?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

JIM:  Alright, and then magenta?  I guess that’s my least understood.

ELIAS:  This color or vibrational quality is least understood, for this vibrational quality would be identified in physical terms as the farthest removed from you.  This particular vibrational quality is instrumental and facilitating in actions that you may choose to incorporate within physical reality in conjunction with nonphysical areas of consciousness.

This particular vibrational quality, if you are incorporating it as a tool, so to speak, may be used in the manipulation of energy to be accessing experiences and information within the action of transition nonphysically.

It may be incorporated in your conceptualization sense in the direction of movement through consciousness, in the accessing of what you in this dimension identify as a collective consciousness.

Now; let me express to you that this collective consciousness may not necessarily be confined to this one particular physical dimension.  Therefore, this vibrational quality allows you a movement into the collective consciousness of essence, which incorporates all physical dimensions.

This particular vibrational quality of this color is more removed from you, figuratively speaking, objectively, and you may incorporate much more practice in allowing yourself to be interactive with that particular vibrational quality.

In this, I am suggesting to you that you allow yourselves, in conjunction with this particular vibrational quality, a time framework of familiarity and of practice, AND an allowance, within your physical identification, to be incorporating a strong identification with your identity within this particular manifestation and physical dimension.

This particular vibrational quality may be incorporated to facilitate actions such as Michael has engaged previously in conjunction with this energy exchange, of which I am NOT encouraging without a familiarity of self and identity within this particular physical manifestation.

Therefore, I am encouraging first of the individual to be allowing themselves an acceptance of self — in the genuine expression — and also a recognition of their individuality and identity in this physical focus, for this may be confused in the allowance for the incorporation of that particular vibrational quality of this magenta.

JIM:  Wow.  I’m going to have to leave that there.  It sounds pretty powerful.

ELIAS:  Quite.  ALL of these vibrational qualities are very powerful, and I have expressed this to Rudy previously.

Therefore, I am expressing to you all that you be recognizing of this as you choose to move into your investigations incorporating the movement of energy and the vibrational qualities and the exercising intentionally of these colors and their vibrational qualities, for each of them holds a tremendous expression of what you may identify as power in energy.  No one is any less than any other one.  They merely perform different functions, so to speak.

But I may express to you that you may be manipulating the slower vibrational colors such as red or orange, and you may encounter surprising developments that you objectively are not anticipating equally as readily as you may incorporate unexpected developments in the incorporation of magenta.

JIM:  Hmm.  Okay.  Well, that sounds like fun.  I’ve been working with them a lot.  Would pink pretty much fall in the category of yellow, green, and blue as well?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JIM:  Okay, so pink also holds those qualities somewhat.  Alright.  Well, that’s neat, Elias.  Thanks.  I’ve got a lot to look at there, a lot that I’ve felt and things that have come to me, but not maybe understanding why those particular colors came up and so forth, and so I’m gonna enjoy that.  It’s gonna be fun!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  In our last session we discussed the birds, my bird imagery that had been brought before me, and your answer made me look!  I went through quite a bit of emotions with that and so forth, and finally, a few days later, I was kind of working through things....

ELIAS:  Ah, but you are creating movement, and I am expressing acknowledgment of your movement, for you may be looking to self and also examining your automatic responses and the relaxation of those automatic responses.

JIM:  That is precisely what I saw occur!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  Very good, Yarr!

JIM:  And then when my imagery began to change, I began to see hawks and very large ravens that just seemed to appear, and then just a second later, seemed to kind of vanish.  I thought those were pretty interesting too.

ELIAS:  And now you allow yourself the beginnings of the incorporation of new freedom!

JIM:  Ah, okay.  Well, that’s fun!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  I have a question for our friend Jenaro/Archer.  He wants to know how many focuses you and he have shared together. (Slight pause, and Elias chuckles, and Jim laughs)

ELIAS:  Now ...

JIM:  I’m sorry.  What?

ELIAS:  ... I shall express to you, and you may express to Archer.  In relation to his movement and the direction that he incorporates and the swiftness of movement that he incorporates, you may offer the inquiry from myself to Archer:  Of what significance shall this offer to him, within this time framework presently, that he hold the objective information offered by myself of a number of focuses within this physical dimension that he occupies with myself, and how shall this question be of consequence in relation to his movement and his direction or his intent within this particular focus?

You may follow this inquiry with the statement from myself that he, within his allowance of himself to be accessing information of other focuses that he holds, may quite easily be responding to this question himself and offering himself the answer. (Grinning)

JIM:  Okay. (Elias chuckles)  Yes, I can see that.  Okay.

ELIAS:  Archer holds great ability in this expression.  He may be accessing of other focuses with ease.  This is not an area in which he incorporates difficulty.  Therefore, this is inconsequential, for myself to be engaging this type of inquiry from this individual.

JIM:  Understood.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

JIM:  Good answer!  Okay! (Laughing)

I’m listening to all this, and in understanding our own vibrational quality of essence and so forth, we also would hold a sound — Yarr being the sound — but we also hold somewhat of a musical note within our expression of essence?

ELIAS:  Yes.

Now; let me express to you Yarr, this may be easily identified.  You may incorporate this activity as an exercise and offer yourself this information with ease.  You may be audibly expressing in whichever manner is most comfortable to you.

Now; be understanding that my expression of comfortable is not a statement of any type of expression, for the expression may be offered in excitement, in forcefulness, in quietness, in any type of audible tone that you are so choosing and that is pleasurable to you, and as you incorporate that action, you may also experiment with a musical instrument, and in this, as you allow yourself to be expressing your tone of your essence name, you may also explore different musical notes, and you shall easily find the one note that resonates with your essence name.

JIM:  Okay.  I think with my flutes, the native American flutes that I play, I very much enjoy my F sharp.  That seems to be my flute of choice, and that’s what I associate with my vibration.

ELIAS:  You are very correct, and you may incorporate this musical note within other musical instruments, and you may view that you resonate with this note.

JIM:  Okay, cool.

ELIAS:  Very good, my friend! (Chuckling)

JIM:  Hmm?

ELIAS:  Very good, my friend!

JIM:  Well, thank you.  It’s fun!  I had some other inquiries, but I think I’m going to work with these colors and do some work within self and see what I come up with, do that trust in self thing!

ELIAS:  Ah, and I am quite encouraging of this activity!

JIM:  You’ve given me some wonderful information, Elias, as always, and I greatly appreciate all of your interactions, physically and nonphysically, and I ... oh, one last clarification.

I believe I’m understanding a lot here lately from our last session.  I’ve been reading some Seth material on animals and healing and their nature of healing and how accepting they are of their own nature, not holding the beliefs, and what we had talked about last time in their incredible ability to be healing of themselves, particularly when we had a respiratory virus go through our pony herd.  I trusted in them to take care of it themselves and didn’t feel I had to intrude, and sure enough, everybody kind of got a little cold, and it went away.

I’m beginning to see things differently, but I’ve got some animals that are moving into old age, in my view.  Do they hold the beliefs that I hold of old age, that things begin to deteriorate, or is that a process of their own nature within consciousness, that things do evolve, that things do change?  In particular, there’s one pony named Rose, a very old pony, and she’s sick right now, and I wonder about her, but there doesn’t seem to be ... I’ve tried to work with her empathically, and I don’t seem to pick up very much.  I feel that there’s something going on, but I don’t feel there’s anything wrong, or there’s nothing I can really do.  I’m a little bit foggy in this area, if you could maybe give me a little bit of clarification.  I know there’s nothing that I have to do, in the responsibility issue and so forth, but I feel that she’s kind of asking me for something, and perhaps I’m not quite seeing it clearly.

ELIAS:  To be noticing.

JIM:  To be noticing?

ELIAS:  To be noticing of the ease of acceptance in incorporating a natural flow, and NOT incorporating the expressions of the beliefs which move you in the direction of wishing to be altering of choices or of certain movements of energy.

In this, as to the subject matter of aging, this in part incorporates a belief system, but I shall also express to you that there is an element of this process of aging within your physical dimension that is not a belief system.

Now; this would also be included, in a manner of speaking, as an aspect of this present belief system which is being addressed now.  This, as the belief system of sexuality, be remembering, is also not a belief system.

The creation of sexuality in one respect is a base element of your physical dimension, but you have also created a very large belief system in conjunction with this base element of your reality.  Therefore, there are some elements of this expression of sexuality that are incorporated as beliefs, and are also outside of your belief systems as an expression of what you have chosen to be creating.

Now; be understanding that in these expressions, this is not to say that you may not alter or choose differently these manifestations of these particular expressions which are not necessarily a belief.  The aging process, so to speak, is an element that you have incorporated into your physical reality which in itself is not a belief or not an aspect of a belief, but merely a design of form of a linear time framework in which you allow yourselves to participate within the physical experience of this physical dimension.

Figuratively speaking, it may be likened to an appointment.  You offer yourself a time framework to be engaging an appointment, and in a similar manner, figuratively speaking, within consciousness you create an appointment with this particular physical dimension, and you create a time limitation upon that appointment.

Now; in this, you also create a type of movement in that linear time framework.

Now; you also create a belief in conjunction with that appointment, that you shall be deteriorating, in your terms, gradually, to the point of a lack of function, and in that moment, you shall choose disengagement.  This is not in actuality the design of the form.  It is the belief which has been created around the design of the form, and which is projected within consciousness to all elements of your reality.

This is the suggestion of temporariness, but that you need be creating a reason objectively to be disengaging, not merely that you are choosing to be disengaging.  Therefore, you offer yourselves this aging process, and you create beliefs around this aging process.

Creatures, be remembering, do not hold the beliefs.  They do participate in the choice that has been inserted into this physical reality of this aging process, but they do not attach to the belief system which surrounds this movement in energy in this aging process.  Therefore, there is merely an acceptance that this is what you have chosen to be creating in this physical dimension as a particular movement of energy.  This is acceptable.

JIM:  Okay.  That’s understood.

ELIAS:  This be the reason that you may be viewing some of your creatures to be quite active and appearing to be displaying behavior that may be likened to a very young creature at very old ages.

JIM:  That’s precisely how it is with this one pony, Rose, which I think is interesting because of her name too. (Elias chuckles)  So she’s moving into that area then, of acceptance and an appointment?

ELIAS:  YOU are in the expression of the appointment within the physical manifestation.  The creature is merely displaying an acceptance of the natural movement of energy as it has been chosen to be manifest in this physical dimension.

JIM:  Okay.  I’m gonna work with that too, and investigate that.

Well, Elias, I think that’s about all for the time being, at least on the phone! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  I’m sure we’ll be together many times.  I look forward to these interactions.  It was nice viewing you, and nice energy when you were here in Castaic.  It was kind of funny.  After you had spoken to me, a couple people came up to me and asked me, “Are you okay?”  I said, “Yeah, sure, I’m okay.  Just looking at self, that’s all.” (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  I had quite a few different reactions.  It was quite amusing.  What I received ... I guess that really jerked my chain and made me look, of which I was looking at before, but you seem to have the insight to make us look a little bit harder, and that’s good.  I appreciate that.

ELIAS:  Only as you are holding a willingness and a readiness to be receiving that information.

JIM:  Absolutely.  That’s quite understood.  Well, I guess I’ll see you in the next millennium!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

JIM:  It should be quite a joyful year!  I’m looking forward to it.  I think there’s been quite a few things that have been set up that I feel are beginning to ripen, and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’ll be quite a year, quite a shift!

ELIAS:  Quite! (Chuckling)  I express to you, Yarr, much affection, and I shall be expressing to you also, in your very physical terms, in acknowledgment of your feasting and celebrating time framework presently, an acknowledgment of your holidays.  To you....

JIM:  Yes, there’ll be much of that! (Laughing)  Thank you so much, and it’s been wonderful chatting with you today, as always.  In the years past, you’ve truly been a great friend.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, my friend.  I offer to you and to Borloh much affection, and express to you lovingly, adieu.

JIM:  Adieu.

Elias departs at 10:59 AM.

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