Session 189
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Another Package Tied with a Pretty Little Bow


"Another Package Tied With A Pretty Little Bow"

Thursday, July 3, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and David (Mylo).
Elias arrives at 12:14 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling) You are requesting audience this day? (Pause) What shall you inquire?

DAVID: What shall I inquire? First of all, hi! (Laughing) Pleased to meet you! Well, there’s a lot of things I feel like I want to know. But first of all, this last year, almost two years, I’ve gone through the most weirdest transition in my life, more so internally, and I’m still going through it. And I’m not quite sure where it’s taking me or how I’m going to come out and go, "Oh yeah! Now I know why so much pain and so much emotional turmoil!" And it all sparked off from an emotional incident with one person and I’m still lost. I’m confused. I don’t know. Am I in the right place? Am I chasing rainbows? Do I believe this person loves me and they don’t? I mean, there’s my questions, some of them.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Confusion and conflict! Our favorite subjects! Do not feel isolated in this confusion and conflict, for very many individuals are experiencing these same elements presently. I shall suggest to you that you shall continue within this confusion, although the conflict shall lessen. The confusion continues as you continue to allow yourself to open to more of your own self. As you continue to widen your own awareness and allow subjective bleed-throughs into your objective waking awareness, you shall experience confusion. Do not look to an ending of this state for some time period; for as this shift in consciousness comes into its season more fully, you not only individually shall be experiencing more elements of self bleeding through to your objective awareness which are unfamiliar to you, but this is also reinforced through collective consciousness and the movement that occurs within mass. This lends energy to the action of this shift, which you are a part of.

Individuals presently, yourself also, interpret much of this confusion to many belief systems that they hold to presently. You attribute much of your confusion and conflict with objective elements--aspects of your present focus that you are familiar with and that are within the realm of your established belief systems. At this present time period you are all experiencing a new recognition of belief systems and their reality, and your reality within them. In this process you confuse yourself, for you do not attach to belief systems and understand their influencing upon all of your action and interaction and all of the experiences that you draw to yourself. No thing occurs within your reality that you do not draw to yourself. You are not being inflicted upon. Another does not confuse you. You confuse you, but this falls within the realm of belief systems and those that allow power and control to be attributed to other individuals. Therefore, you feel subject to other individuals’ choices, which you are not. You create what you choose to create.

In this, your questioning holds two aspects. In one regard you are experiencing more subjective bleed-through, which is an element of widening your awareness and confronting yourself with the reality and acknowledgment of belief systems; but within the second aspect, you do not understand completely what you present yourself with. Therefore, you attach your experiences to elements that are familiar to you within the confines of your belief systems.

You speak of relationship, which we may use this as an example. You experience confusion and conflict, and attribute this to another individual. This is a reinforcement of an underlying belief system which you do not objectively recognize, in that other individuals are manipulating of you or hold control over your responses. Other individuals do not hold control over your responses!

In this, you are presenting yourself objectively with your own belief systems and misinterpreting them, but continuing yourself in allowance to be viewing these belief systems through experiences; and as you become frustrated with no solution to your conflict, you begin to allow yourself to view where this conflict in actuality stems from. You have camouflaged the conflict by attributing this to a relationship or activity in daily life, or not accomplishing as quickly as you are choosing to be, or many other excuses that you choose to present yourself with. In actuality, you are offering yourself the opportunity to view these belief systems that motivate the experiences and the responses that you hold within all of these actions.

Recognition of belief systems and the recognition of the concept ... for it is presently still a concept to you all ... that you create your reality is very difficult for you all to be acclimating to and accepting, for this is unfamiliar to you. You may believe that you accept this and that you have actualized this within your lifetime, but this is a belief system also; for you are inundated with information and influences and belief systems within mass that are influencing with all belief systems, that you may not hold recognition with.

As I speak to you of lifetime, this refers to the whole of your focuses, not merely this one. They are all influencing of each other. Therefore, you also hold influences, in reinforcement of the belief systems that you hold now, from all of your other focuses. (This is Elias’ definition of "lifetime," in difference to "focus")

This also, be recognizing, is an action which is being confronted within your present shift; this shift being much more affecting and important for recognition than many individuals understand presently, for you have agreed to be accomplishing this action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, it moves. It accelerates and gains energy in this movement, which actualizes more confusion within each individual--more conflict and less direction--for each individual experiencing does not understand presently what they are experiencing. It matters not that they hold an understanding. They shall experience regardless, for this is the choice that you have created.

Yourself, as do other individuals also, look for your purpose, your end point, your direction. You ask for answers within your personal experiences, that you may offer yourself some sort of direction for your attention; but within the movement presently within consciousness, there are many directions which are being approached.

I offer to you: Within your confusion of individuals, recognize yourself. Recognize the greatness of yourself; and that this essence that you possess, which is all of you, is not subject without agreement to any element or any action. You hold the ability to be creating whatever you are choosing to be creating. Another individual may influence you, but you hold the choice. You draw to you experiences to be speaking to you and offering you information that you are wishing to be addressing to within each present moment. Therefore, look to your experiences and evaluate within yourself the reasoning for your drawing of these experiences. If you are uncomfortable or confused with an experience that you have drawn to yourself, be reminding yourself that you may be choosing to alter this situation within every moment. It is your choice. You are never without choices. You do create your reality!

Also, be noticing. Mark this word! Be continuously noticing what you draw to yourself and what is drawn to you, and be noticing what you have drawn yourself to within this day. (Staring at David)

DAVID: This person that I feel like I’ve known, connected with, I’ve never experienced this connection with anybody in my whole life. Therefore, I feel that we have a spiritual connection and we have a purpose together in this life, yet this person has distanced themselves from me for nearly two years. And yet I still hold on to that inner belief that no, it’s not finished. We are going to get back together again. There is a reason. And I’m confused! I’m thinking I’m living in an illusion. Is this so? Does this person mean anything to me, or am I living in illusion about this person?

ELIAS: You are not living in illusion, for there is no illusion! This is reality, although many times your interpretation of reality may be slightly off the mark. (Pause, accessing) You hold connection with this individual within consciousness. This is not necessarily suggesting that within the creation of probabilities within this focus, that both of you presently are choosing to actualize probabilities which shall physically connect you. This may change. It is your choice. It also is the choice of this other individual. You may be altering of probabilities at every moment. Presently, within the present probabilities, the choices which are being actualized are not moving in the direction of physical interaction in the manner in which you think. This does not discount the feeling that you experience! It does not mean that as another individual does not respond to your recognition of connections, that you are not connected. It merely suggests to you that you each, within each focus, choose to actualize individual probabilities, and they may not move in the direction of physical manifestation as you expect them to be, for this is also within your belief systems.

If you are experiencing a tremendous draw to an individual and recognizing of connections, you hold expectation that this must be acknowledged and therefore actualized physically within this present now. What you are in actuality allowing yourself a recognition of is tremendous connections within physical and non-physical focuses, of interaction and intercourse with this individual. I do not suggest to you that in your terms "all hope is lost," for this is merely a question of choices within probabilities. I do acknowledge to you that you have connected with the recognition objectively, which is also a subjective bleed-through in knowing, of the connection that you hold; but be remembering that merely the recognition that you hold much connection to another individual does not necessarily suggest that you each may be choosing to actualize probabilities to be physically interacted within this focus.

DAVID: Will we be together again in this lifetime?

ELIAS: This would be your choice.

DAVID: Well, my choice is yes! I want to!

ELIAS: This would also be the choice of the individual involved in actualizing that probability. What I am explaining to you is that you recognize this. This does not diminish your connection.

DAVID: Shall I let go now and just get on and forget, and stop thinking about that person?

ELIAS: This would be your choice also.

DAVID: My choice! (Laughing) Well, choice can be hard if you have a hard habit! And my hard habit is, I can’t let go of things that I love dearly!

ELIAS: This being a belief system also! Therefore, now you may be listening and attempting to be understanding that information which I present you with presently.

Examine these actions that you actualize, and also examine the belief systems that attach to these which influence your responses. In this, you may allow yourself more freedom within your movement and your creating in allowing yourself to not be held so tightly bound to the actions within these belief systems--acceptance of other individuals creating their choices and probabilities--in recognition that this may not be your choice but it is their choice, and that this does not diminish or deny your connections.

You look singularly to one focus and you allow yourself an intensity of experience, which you have chosen; an intensity of emotion for the experience of that intensity. This is not to say that this is negative or bad. You choose certain actions which will offer you the intensity of experience. You do not choose to be running around your streets as an experience which holds tremendous intensity of emotion for you! You choose to be involving your emotion with another individual, for this offers you within your belief systems that experience. As you offer yourself information of why you create these experiences, you may also allow yourself a lessening of intensity, if you are so choosing. Some individuals are pleased with their creation of intensity! Although you may view this as negative, you may be choosing to be experiencing this element.

If you are choosing to be altering of this experience, it may be helpful to you to recognize that it is merely an experience. It is merely an experience within one focus of essence. This is not to deny the magnificence of each focus, for I do not take away from the acknowledgment of any focus. Each focus holds all of essence, but simultaneously it is one focus--one lens through one camera in one direction of attention--and your essence focuses in countless directions through countless lenses. Your attention presently is merely focused upon this lens.

DAVID: I feel I’m very creative. I write songs and I’m doing lots of things, but I never seem to be able to manifest them into reality, to where they give and I see things grow and I can make a living from this. I’m here in California, not knowing whether I should be here, should I go back to England.... Again, what is my purpose?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Your purpose merely is to be experiencing, but I am understanding of your question! (David chuckles) I shall express to you that your terminology may alter to, "What is my direction of attention?" For your purpose merely is to be experiencing within this focus.

You are choosing to be partially manifesting within the elements of your intent within this focus. You choose presently to be allowing many of your accomplishments to be experienced within counterparts and other aspects of essence presently, for within your belief systems there is underlying conflict with the actualization of the creativity. There is tremendous desire to be actualizing in the area of creativity, but you also hold underlying belief systems which are influencing of this.

You believe yourself, in your brain so to speak, to be tremendously creative. You offer yourself examples of this creativity, and actualize many elements of this. Within belief systems underlying, which you do not allow yourself to view, you hold duplicity in not quite believing that you are adequate enough. Therefore, you block the actualization of this creativity. You believe privately that you are not quite accomplished enough or good enough to be competing with other individuals that you view to be more creative, and that you may not completely hold within the competition. Therefore, your desire moves you tremendously and you attempt initially to be setting forth these elements of creativity that you hold, but you do not allow the completion of the directions that you move into, for you have not allowed yourself yet to be trusting your own creation.

DAVID: So that results from fear, base fear of something. That’s subconscious. Therefore, I’m not aware of how to make this work! Will I spend the rest of my life going down the same road, never actualizing any of these things?

ELIAS: Within the most probable present probabilities, no. I express in this manner in acknowledgment that each moment, you hold the choice to actualize any probability. Therefore, I do not project information in absolutes of what you may be creating futurely, for you may change any probability within any moment. It is ludicrous for any individual or essence to suggest to you in absolutes of future events, for there are no absolutes. I may suggest to you that your most probable action presently is to be allowing yourself to be dealing with these belief systems and therefore accepting self and your abilities, and in this allowing yourself the opportunity to be actualizing completely your creativity.

(Very intently) Be conscious, as I have expressed previously, in the reasoning that you have drawn yourself this day to this experience; for you are beginning to be allowing yourself the opportunity, if so choosing, to be actualizing your creativity. And if you are looking for your purpose, so to speak, it appears before you presently within this essence. (Whew!)

Vic’s note: I’ve observed Elias interact with many individuals, but not quite so intently and directly as in the above paragraph. This was an unusual session, in my perception.

DAVID: So, I’m involved with songs and children’s stuff. Is this going to materialize as it has been predicted by other people, that my purpose will soon come to realization and help the children of the world and such? Is that my instrument?

ELIAS: You shall be quite helpful, and indirectly it shall be quite helpful to small ones; although as you already hold an awareness of, you are directing your attention singularly within one area, and the actualization of your creativity may be seeming quite unfamiliar to you presently.

You are looking in this direction. (Indicating left) You are holding an expectation for actualization in this direction. Your direction which you are moving yourself into is here. (Indicating right) Therefore, you do not recognize yet the role to which you shall be presenting yourself with.

I have expressed within time framework, to physically focused individuals within the forum of these exchanges of sessions, to be anticipating a meeting; and it occurs presently. Your presence has been anticipated for much time period already. Therefore, this is not an accident or a coincidence that you physically appear within this forum now. The individuals which received this information do not presently connect all of their objective expressions either. They actualize, within their motions, activities that seem to them to be endless and to be impossible to be accomplishing, but all of the pieces of the puzzle have not come together yet, of which you may view yourself as one. (

DAVID: So am I in the right place right now? Should I stay in California?

ELIAS: Yes. (Deliberately)

DAVID: Okay, because I am very ... I feel lonely so much. I feel like a mate would just make the world of difference.

ELIAS: (Firmly) You are within the right location, in your terms; and you have drawn yourself, once again I express, to the right company, in your terms, presently.

DAVID: Are you involved in that?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

DAVID: I was told by two ladies that you were waiting for someone called Dave, or David, that was coming. (

ELIAS: And this is not your name?

DAVID: Yes, but are you the one that I’m working with on the books or something?

ELIAS: This essence, and Michael also. And as within your idea of your connection and your relationship with this other individual, think carefully of all the information which I have offered you this day; for this also is an actualization of a diverting of attention in the other direction.

Your attention holds here. (Indicating left) Your purpose, in your terms, for actualizing all of these elements that you strive to be actualizing is here. (Indicating right) And this altered area is here, (banging on the floor directly center) within this present space, within the company of these individuals and this essence. This shall provide you with your opportunity to actualize and complete, and all of those elements that you seek are before you this very present moment. (Another whew!)

Have you not been instructed previously that you shall futurely, within probabilities, be meeting of this male? (

DAVID: Yes. Who is this?

ELIAS: This essence.

DAVID: Hmm! And the name is?

ELIAS: Elias.

DAVID: So you will, Elias, help make this happen? Because I don’t know how it’s going to happen!

ELIAS: You need not know how this shall occur. It shall flow. It is already flowing, for you have opened the door, so to speak, for the allowance of the flow, and you shall surprise yourself in what you may actualize if you are so choosing to be lending energy in this direction.

DAVID: Yeah, I want to work with the spirits more than the earth people! (Laughing) I feel more and more drawn to this spiritual side for some reason. It’s been so strong that I don’t even desire to go out to the world, because their energy does not sustain me any more. I feel more compassion, more loving, and I feel I want to be involved in that loving energy, the truth energy.

ELIAS: And you may find your physical objectification also, within that which you seek in relationship, within diverting your attention to new company; which you shall be presenting yourself within this forum, if you are looking.

DAVID: I’ll try....

ELIAS: Within the company of the individuals which participate with this essence in this forum, you may find what you seek.

DAVID: And our purpose is to reach children through the books, the writing?

ELIAS: This shall be a byproduct.

DAVID: Will it go to movies? I’ve been told it will be presented on the movie screen and television.

ELIAS: This would be the choice of those individuals physically involved; this also being a probability within this present now, and it is your choice.

DAVID: How many people are going to be involved in this circle?

ELIAS: Presently, the individuals within this forum approach the completion, so to speak, of all of their puzzle pieces of individuals which are needing to be added to this company to be actualizing all of this action; you being, in your terms, one of the last to be incorporated into this forum. There are what they express to be a core group of individuals. Within this core group of individuals is where you shall find, if you are allowing yourself, the actualization of your relationship, your creativity, your expansion in spirituality, your expansion in understanding, and your fulfillment of self. Therefore, you present yourself presently in this company with your entire package tied with a pretty little bow! (Grinning)

DAVID: (Chuckling) I feel, maybe because of the way people think in the outside world, that we might meet resistance to what we might want to accomplish.

ELIAS: Yes, but you shall be in constant communication subjectively with this essence. Therefore, you shall also hold an ability to stand within resistance. You shall hold an increased ability in understanding, and also in what you term to be strength; and within your creativity and the actualization of this, you shall hold tremendous ability to be moving through any opposition.

DAVID: Now obviously, in the material world, it takes money.

ELIAS: This shall be generated as a natural byproduct of the information and the action in which this core group moves. It will automatically materialize. You all within physical focus worry much too much of these types of elements, as does Matthew also; for as you are not so intensely concentrated upon these mundane elements of materialization, they shall appear for you effortlessly.

DAVID: As long as the purpose behind this is from pure love ... essence. (Elias nods)

ELIAS: I shall be requesting a break for Michael, and you may continue with your questions.

DAVID: Thank you.

BREAK 1:04 PM RESUME 1:37 PM (Time was two seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue with your questioning.

DAVID: Okay, straight away, how do you get in there so quick? (Elias chuckles) I mean quick! Poor Mary hasn’t got a chance!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I do not "get in" anywhere! I am. Therefore, it is merely an exchange of positioning; and in this it is also a belief system that this must require long periods of time, for the exchange is instantaneous. I am merely choosing to be materializing this for individuals, and the allowance within Michael is in cooperation of this action.

DAVID: Why do you call her Michael and not Mary?

ELIAS: This being the tone of the entirety of essence which encompasses all focuses. This is merely a word, which is a translation into your language of a tone, which is an identity of personality of essence in its entirety. Mary is one focus. Michael is the tone which encompasses all focuses and all aspects of essence.

DAVID: Hmm. We discovered, possibly ... maybe you can repeat it, now that someone else is awake! Am I the David that is supposed to be connected with this group? (Vic’s note: This is the first time I have ever fallen asleep during a session!)


DAVID: And when shall we start?

ELIAS: It has already begun and it furthers presently, as you have allowed yourself to actualize the probability of connection within this forum.

DAVID: Will we travel the world and this will reach many, many people?

ELIAS: This being your choice, although this may be a more probable probability.

DAVID: Because obviously, with my involvement, I’d like this to go as far as we can take it--through communication, through film, movies, chat shows--the whole world needs to know about wonderful things that’s going to help them!

ELIAS: Quite!

DAVID: So it will happen! (Chuckling)

ELIAS: Although this may be much to Michael’s distress, and Lawrence also! (Grinning at Vic) But in your "shoulding" upon yourselves, you "should" have been expecting this action, as I have been expressing this from the onset.

DAVID: Have we been connected before, you and I? I had an experience not so long ago, an out-of-the-body experience. I almost got out of the body, and I noticed somebody next to me. Was that you?


DAVID: Then you were smiling, or this person was smiling. I was holding on to something, an energy, and it was like I was needing to let go of this in this experience, and I found myself trying to grab it, and I felt that this person next to me’s purpose was to help me let go of that energy that I grasping hold of for dear life!

ELIAS: Quite.

DAVID: And I saw it let go, and it went out like a ball of light. It went out and you thought like, "Thank goodness! Okay, next!"

ELIAS: This being the symbolism of that which you have just inquired of. Shall this expand? Shall you actualize? Shall you be creating? Shall you be expressing within your globe? Shall you be actualizing your creativity? Shall you be actualizing your relationships? Within the most probable probability at this present moment, yes! Is this clear enough?

DAVID: Yes, I hope! It will become clear. So therefore, all the things that you said I’m doing now ... like my song-writing I’m involving myself with. But other things are over here, as you put it. Yet am I wasting my time there?


DAVID: So I must continue?


DAVID: Okay.

ELIAS: You are never "wasting your time!" You are distracting yourself. You are diverting your attention, but you are not wasting your time. Many elements of your creativity that you incorporate presently shall more come to fruition as a byproduct of your altering of your attention. Therefore, I do not express to you that you must be letting go of activities that you engage presently, or that you view you have been engaged within throughout your past. The creative element that you present, if allowing the probabilities, shall come to fruition, only not in the manner of your expectation. It shall be a byproduct, a natural ease in relation to the action that you choose to move into, as you direct your attention and the focus of your desire within this forum.

DAVID: So why, if you’re channeling through Michael, why not do the book and the work continuously through her? What is my purpose in this?

ELIAS: Each essence which is in agreement and choosing to be engaging within this type of energy exchange also chooses within agreement to be actualizing within the creativity of the physically focused individual. Therefore, you may view many different expressions within many different energy exchanges. Some individuals are, within an individual focus, aligning themselves with certain creative elements. Some may be creative in area of writing. In this, if an energy exchange is accomplished within agreement and if the intent of the exchange is to be offering information en masse, it shall be actualized within the creativity that the individual views themselves to be excelling within. This information, within the intent of the exchange, is to be expanded and presented to many individuals throughout your globe.

Michael, within his belief systems, does not believe that he holds the ability for writing as a creative expression. Essences are not intrusive. Therefore, within the confines of Michael’s belief systems, the action must be accomplished within cooperation of other individuals that may be lending to the action of writing. He views himself to be a painter. Therefore, he does not write. In this, he refuses this action or this ability and allows it to lie dormant within his own abilities. In this, the action continues regardless, for it merely requires cooperation and interaction of other individuals. It shall still be actualized. It is unnecessary for Michael to engage the action of writing.

This essence, in not being intrusive to Michael’s belief systems, for the most part, (grinning at Vic) ... although I may be intrusive to some belief systems ... chooses not to be engaging the same action as other teachers, so to speak, which individuals have known previously; this being one reasoning. Another is that this essence chooses to be delivering information and actualizing that information differently. It is unnecessary to be using another essence’s "methods."

DAVID: Elijah, where’s your accent from? (David, where’s "Elijah" from???)

ELIAS: This would be a combination of many different physically focused accents, in the translation into your language. The strongest elements, of which may be identified by physically focused individuals, would be that of French and English.

DAVID: My songs ... I have some beautiful songs that are coming out of me right now, and we’re looking to record them with a Spanish gentleman who’s on soap television. He’s quite known. I don’t know if this is going to manifest through him or not, but he’s coming out to LA from New York very soon, and I’m thinking maybe through him, these wonderful songs that I’ve written will also reach many.

ELIAS: Quite. Presently, there is quite a blossoming in creativity within the area of artistic individuals, in your terms; this also being an actualization of subjective bleed-through, which is a response of this shifting consciousness.

DAVID: If I give you names, do they help focus more on the actual pinpoint of the person, or does it matter? His name is (deleted).

ELIAS: It matters not.

DAVID: It matters not?

ELIAS: Avail yourself of your opportunities. I do not express to you to be diverting your attention and also blocking of the opportunities that you are drawing to yourself. I express to you only that your desire is moving you more into the actualization of your individual intent, which is aligned with this forum and the actualization of the accomplishment of this information being presented to the masses.

DAVID: This void of unhappiness that I feel continuously, will it go soon? Will I feel happy soon?

ELIAS: Yes, within the probabilities that you are choosing presently, as you have begun by choosing the probability to engage interaction with this essence this day; therefore also drawing yourself to the company of the individuals within this forum, which is what I was expressing to you earlier. And if you are noticing and watching and choosing the probability to be involving yourself, all of these elements of which you seek shall actualize. You were not listening!

DAVID: (Laughing) As you said that, I thought, he said this before! (Elias chuckles) In your world, where you’re coming from to us now, are you solely by yourself or are you working with other entities, with regards to what you’re coming through with to date?

ELIAS: In your terms, I am never alone! Within the context of your questioning, this energy exchange is accomplished within harmony of several other essences. They do not physically speak through an energy exchange with Michael, but they are present and interactive and intermingled continuously.

DAVID: Will I be able to see or experience the other side where you’re from while I’m alive?


DAVID: Will I see you again as Elias, and not as I hear you through Mary?

ELIAS: If you are choosing and if you are allowing yourself to be, for many individuals may connect and be actually viewing this essence. It is merely a question of your own allowance.

DAVID: Have we connected before in past lives, you and I, Elias?


DAVID: We have. So we’re old souls together.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Grinning)

DAVID: (Laughing) So there is love from your heart, as there is from mine?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking! (Grinning)

DAVID: Oh! A manner of speaking? What is your manner of speaking, in identification of love?

ELIAS: This would be quite removed from your identification of love, for you filter this concept of love through your understanding and interpretation and belief systems, and also through your emotional focus within this physical dimension. This is not an element within the area of consciousness that I occupy. It is an element of reality, but not one which I focus my attention within.

DAVID: So intention, the word intention is mentioned a lot lately. That’s very much a focus ... shouldn’t it be? Intention.

ELIAS: Intent.

DAVID: Intent.


DAVID: That’s very powerful. So your love is on a much higher....

ELIAS: There is no higher level! There are no levels!

DAVID: There are no levels? Then what are the levels that spirits speak of, the dimensional differences from vibration levels?

ELIAS: There are areas of consciousness. These hold different actions and different focuses of attention. They are different. They are not higher; they are not lower. They are merely different. There is no element of consciousness which is higher than yourself, for you also occupy all areas of consciousness. Your attention is merely focused presently within this one focus.

DAVID: The last year or so I have been very strongly pulled, more so than I ever have been, towards learning about the energies of the planets, as in astrology. Am I wasting my time or what?

ELIAS: No. There are no mistakes. You may be lending also, within your intent of Sumafi if you are so choosing, to be lessening elements of distortion within this belief system of astrological elements. As I have expressed to the individuals within this forum, this presently has become in your terms a distortion in belief systems, although it springs from a knowledge of reality within essence and your means of creating. Therefore, you may be choosing to be lending energy in lessening this distortion within this belief system, for there are elements of truth within the subject, although they are far removed from what you view presently in your attachment to astrology.

DAVID: So, should I continue learning about it?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Grinning)

DAVID: (Laughing) Well then, if I’m choosing in what’s meant to be, how do I.... If I say no, no, no, no, no, that’s choosing!

ELIAS: Quite!

DAVID: But therefore I might be, by saying no, no, no, no, no, I might be avoiding a wonderful destiny!

ELIAS: You may, and you may be actualizing much conflict! And as you choose, you may recognize at times your less efficient movements, within the conflict that they present.

DAVID: Well, I don’t really have much more to ask right now. I think a lot of things are going to come from today. Like I said, my biggest concern was should I be or am I in the right place, but now you’ve answered that. It’s in California and here, and.... (sighing) Will I see more of my loved ones, as much as I miss them, soon? Because right now, I can’t afford to even see them when I want to. They’re in England, and they’re getting older! They may be in your world soon! (Laughing)

ELIAS: They already are! (Chuckling) Soon is a relative term. In your terms, if you are expressing soon with the meaning of your time framework of next week, no. If you are expressing in your terms a leeway of your time framework, relatively soon.

DAVID: So are you aware that unfortunately, our time is measured by everything we do? In your world, there is no time.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So when you relate to us an event, how do we know when that will be? Ten years? Many, many years? Tomorrow?

ELIAS: I shall not express to you actual pinpointed time periods, but I do offer relative terms to individuals in expressing elements of time periods. Therefore, if I am expressing to you "soon-ness" you may be anticipating, within the actualization of probabilities, any time framework between immediate to your framework of two to three years. At times, I may also be expressing of immediate action, which shall materialize immediately!

DAVID: Well, I don’t want to tire you, and I feel maybe we’ll obviously meet again. So if you’re through with this session ... unless you have something you need to tell me, more than what I have.

ELIAS: I do not tire! (Grinning)

DAVID: Good, ’cause we humans do! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am aware.

DAVID: But I’m glad that we met, and I hope that you are glad that I have finally met you.

ELIAS: The individuals within this company of this group shall be quite pleased that we have encountered each other physically!

Be remembering that you hold, if you are choosing, a key position within this forum. Therefore, if you are choosing to be actualizing the probabilities in this direction, which presently your desire moves to, you shall be encountering this essence often! (Smiling)

DAVID: Okay. Well, I hope so, and my love goes out to you.

ELIAS: Acknowledged; and the circle continues! (Smiling) Very well. I express to you much affection, and I shall be anticipating our next physical encounter.

DAVID: Good! (He chuckles)

ELIAS: To you this day, I express au revoir!

DAVID: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 2:06 PM.


(1) Elias has been referring to an individual named Dave off and on since the beginning of the sessions. The first time was in session #9 dated May 24, 1995, and is as follows:

CHRIS: Michael had a dream last night in which the name Dave came up. Can you tell us about that?

ELIAS: I have given him this name. This name was not a singular individual. It is a name shared by several physically focused essences. It is not coincidence that this name of one word will have several ramifications--one connected with Lawrence, one connected with Oliver, and another connected with another essence--all having to do with the same subject and material. His use of the word manuscript was correct. There is, in your definitions, a difference between transcript and manuscript. Our third Dave may be instrumental in the area of manuscript. We will, at a future time in your terms, instruct Lawrence in this area. (Pause, grinning) I am amused at Lawrence’s holding of his head! It is reminiscent of Elizabeth having a "brain-ache!" (Much laughter)

(2) David encountered these two ladies at his job. One is a person that used to attend sessions but no longer does, and the other has attended one group session and two private sessions. David has not seen or talked to either one before or since.

(3) One week before David had his first session with Elias, he attended another channeling session. When it was his turn to ask a question he said, "What would you like me to know?" The essence speaking (whose name is Mary, coincidentally) told him that he would be "meeting a male" who was going to "take something from him and make it happen." So, it was quite a surprise to David when Elias asked him this question.

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