Session 361
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“A Battle within Consciousness”
“The Guise of Justification”

Friday, February 12, 1999  © 1999 (Group/Connecticut)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Betsy (Mary), Carole (Aileen), Joanne (Hariett), and Tom (Thomas).
Vic’s note:  This aspect of Elias learns to need how talk....
Elias arrives at 9:29 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening!  This evening we shall begin addressing to the belief system of sexuality and coupling this with your belief system of duplicity, as these are two waves in consciousness which are occurring presently.

I have expressed at our last session that I would be addressing to this subject matter, for it is presenting itself in many different areas with many individuals, and as this particular wave in consciousness gains momentum, many more individuals shall be affected also.  This particular wave shall surface itself not merely within individual experiences, but also in mass experiences and examining mass belief systems.

I have stated that this, as your final time framework, your final year of this century and of this millennium ... you have lent much energy to occurrences within this particular year.  Therefore also, many more waves in consciousness shall be occurring within this particular time framework of this final year, as you prepare your entrance into your new millennium.

There are many prophecies that have been projected in association with this time framework.  Therefore, much energy has been lent to this time framework, and in this, as this shift in consciousness gains momentum, it also draws upon the energy which has been lent to this particular time period.

In this present now, the wave in consciousness addresses, as I have stated, the belief system of sexuality in this particular dimension.

Now; what I am addressing to is an explanation and a definition to you of what you have created in this particular dimension, that you may understand how you have converted your actual creation into belief systems which you now accept as your reality, but they ARE belief systems, and they are quite different from what you have originally created as elements of your reality in this dimension.

Now; let me initially restate to you what I have offered within the onset of these sessions.  In this, I have stated the information that this shift in consciousness is as a circle.

You are completing a circle in consciousness by initiating this shift and accomplishing this shift, returning yourselves to the remembrance of essence, the remembrance of no separation, and the identification of the belief systems that you have developed throughout your ages in conjunction with your physical reality.

In this, I offer this information as significant — coupled with addressing to the belief systems of sexuality in this particular dimension — for you deviate far from your original creation in this dimension.

Now; let me express to you that you have created five outer senses.  You are all familiar with each of these five outer senses, and you are quite efficient in your usage of them.

In viewing these five outer senses, one may not be exchanged for another.  They hold completely different functions.  They function in harmony to each other, but they are not interchangeable with each other.  You may not see with your hearing.  You may not smell with your touch.  You may not hear with your taste.

Now; as I have stated, these outer senses work in conjunction with each other, in harmony to each other, and are complementary of each other, but they hold very different functions.

In very like manner, you have created five elements of what you may term to be sexuality in this dimension.  You have created two genders and three orientations, none of which are interchangeable.  They are five separate elements of your reality, in like manner to your five outer senses.

You create two genders of male and female.  These are physical forms.  They are physical reproductive systems.  They are not orientations; they are merely functions.  They are physical bodily functions, and they do not hold orientation within themselves.

Orientations are a very different element of your reality.  Your orientations are your perceptions.  They are how you create your reality in specific directions.

Now; I have stated previously that all that you create mirrors yourselves, and within the area of sexuality, you create all of your reality to be mirroring in this area also.  Now let us view elements of your reality that you have created in like manner to these five different elements of your sexuality.

Look to your creatures.  You create the genders of male and female within all of your creatures, but you create three different types of orientation within your creatures.  You have created your vertebrates, you have created your mammals, and you have created your marsupials.  All three express themselves very differently, and one may not be interchanged with another.

Now; as you may view within your creatures and within yourselves, these orientations are not the same as gender function.  All female creatures produce eggs.  Not all female creatures produce offspring in the same manner, for their orientation is different.  Your physical function as female is the same.  Therefore, this is one element, female.  All male function in physical form is the same.  The orientation is NOT the same.  You have created very strong belief systems in these areas, to be interchanging your identification of gender with orientation, and they are NOT THE SAME.

Within this discussion, we shall not be expressing male/female/other as to referencing orientation.  We shall confine male/female to gender creation.  You have created your male and female genders, and all of your reality is reflective of this.  Even your vegetation reflects in male/female.

Orientation is an entirely different creation.  Within orientation, you have chosen within this dimension to be creating three very different types of orientation, and it matters not which gender you create within body type; it may not necessarily be in conjunction with your orientation.  Your orientation is how you perceive your reality; how you interact with other individuals, how you view yourself, how you view other individuals, how you view your reality overall.  This also is not necessarily coupled automatically with sexual preference.  Preference is a choice, an objective choice.

Now; let me interject momentarily.  Each of these elements is a choice, but the choices of gender and orientation are different types of choices than the choice of preference.  Preference is a choice that you allow yourselves objectively within your physical focus.  Your gender and your orientation are choices that you create before manifesting within physical focus.  As you enter physical focus, you have already chosen the gender type that you shall manifest within, and the orientation that you shall follow throughout that focus.

In this, as I have stated that there are no rules and there are no absolutes, there exists, in a manner of speaking, the possibility of altering your orientation within one focus, just as there exists the possibility of altering your gender within one particular focus.  The likelihood of you accomplishing this action within one particular focus is very small, for your belief systems do not allow you movement in these areas.

What I am expressing to you is that you may be moving outside of your belief systems and you may alter your physical gender without your medical sciences, but generally speaking, you do not.  You remain one gender throughout an entirety of one focus.  In like manner, you may alter your orientation within one focus, but generally speaking once again, you do not accomplish this action any more than you accomplish altering your physical gender.  These are very strong choices that you create in manifesting into this physical dimension.

Within other dimensions physically focused, there are some dimensions that hold many more than three orientations and more than two genders.  There are also physical dimensions that hold one orientation and several genders.  There are physical dimensions that hold one gender and several orientations.  Therefore, you may view yourselves as not so very unusual, that you have chosen these five elements of your reality, in choosing two genders and three orientations.  There are particular physical dimensions that need not hold two genders to be procreating.  They may reproduce within one gender, but they hold more than three types of orientations.

Now; let me express to you, I shall designate what YOU identify as man as “B”.  I shall designate woman as “G”.  I shall designate “other” as “R”.  These are very different types of perceptions.

Now; you may introduce B into an entire culture of G.  All of the reality within this culture is produced by G.  B is introduced into this culture and may assimilate all of the ideas, all of the events, all of the actions, and may imitate all of the creations of the society of G, but it shall continue to be B.  Regardless of the influence, regardless of the input, B shall remain B.  It shall function as B, it shall hold a thought process as B, it shall hold an emotional quality of B, and it shall not become G.  You may introduce R into an entire society of B, and R may know objectively no other reality, and it shall continue to be R, and it shall not convert itself into B.

Let us use shapes: your square, your circle, your triangle.  Try as you might, each of these shapes shall continue to be the shape that it is, and you may not convert one into another.  You hold your own sayings within your physical language, that you may not be forcing a round peg into a square hole.  It shall not fit.

In this, your three creations of orientations are different, and they shall not fit into each other.

This be where you have created your belief systems, for you associate with gender.  Therefore, you attempt to fit these three orientations into the molds of two genders, and they do not fit, for they are not synonymous.  One is not necessarily in relation to the other.

I have spoken of the third orientation as “other,” for you do not hold a word that you identify with this third orientation.  You have attempted to label this third orientation, but you have quite inefficiently created terminology for this third orientation.

You identify two orientations in male and female, man and woman, and within your thought processes, you understand the identifications of these words, but DO you understand the identification of these words?  Do you understand the identification of the orientation of “other”?  I express to you that you may not understand these differences in orientations if you do not identify what they are and what your orientation is.

This orientation of “other” presents a fine example to you of the orientation that does not fit the sexual gender, for within the orientation of “other,” it matters not which physical gender is chosen, for neither is identified with completely.  This orientation of “other” may be likened to your marsupials, the unconventional creatures, those creatures that choose to be reproducing in a very different manner and not following the officially accepted guidelines of all of your other creatures.  They do not fit the picture, but they also do not hold belief systems.  Therefore, they hold no conflict in their choice of orientation, and other creatures hold no conflict in the acceptance of the marsupials’ choice of their orientation.  They merely reside together, and no judgment is placed upon their choice of their orientation.

You within your belief systems have created a tremendous expression in energy in this area.  You identify by form.  If you are holding female form, you are female.  Therefore, your orientation is female, woman, and this is how you shall perceive your universe.  How does woman perceive her universe?  What is the difference in your perception from man’s perception?  There IS a difference, and may you identify what this difference is? (Pause, grinning)

How is it that you know that you are female?  Merely by your physical form?  How is it that you know that you are male?  Simply by your physical gender?  No.  It is your perception.  It is your view of yourself; how your objective and subjective consciousness interacts with yourself and with your environment — with all of your reality — and how you interact with your physical form.

Within the orientation of G — or that which you identify as female — if you are identifying yourselves as this choice, you shall also exhibit certain qualities in how you create your reality.  You shall similarly create your reality.  You shall hold similar thought processes, you shall hold similar emotional qualities, and the officially accepted reality shall be very similar between you all.  You shall magnate to certain types of expressions.

This is not to say that there are not very many variations of expressions within each one orientation, but there are underlying qualities that are accepted as this one orientation, just as within B, or male, there are underlying qualities that are influencing of how you are perceiving your reality, which is not necessarily in conjunction with a physical form.

In the orientation of “other,” their perception of their reality is equally as different as what you identify as male to female.  Therefore, as the triangular shape, it shall not fit in either the square or the round hole, and the round and the square shall not fit within the triangle.  But you each hold the belief systems that you are creating only two genders.  Therefore, you are also only accepting two orientations.

This wave shall be creating of much trauma.  Many essences have already moved in expression of bringing to the forefront of your attention [and] addressing to this element of your creations of orientation.

In this, essences have created this dis-ease as a statement to you all, to be noticing that this is unacceptable to be placing these judgments in conjunction with your belief systems.  Many individuals have inquired of myself as to this dis-ease which sweeps your planet, that you term to be AIDS.  I have addressed to this several times previously, and I have expressed that this is a mass statement.

Previously within your history, essences have collectively created other dis-eases to be gaining the collective attention, addressing to certain situations.  Once again, within this time framework, essences collectively choose to participate in creating this expression to be gaining your attention in this area.  Now, within this time framework, you move into this wave of consciousness which addresses to the belief system of gender and orientation, your sexuality.

You are sexual creatures within this dimension.  You look to all of your creations in this manner.  You identify in this manner, but you also are merely identifying in two directions, which is quite limiting and is eliminating of the third direction, which is also equal in its reality, in its expression within this dimension, and may not be discounted in its reality any more than you may be discounting your marsupials as existing.  They are not egg-layers, but they are not mammals either.  Their choice of orientation holds equality in reality, and in like manner, all three of your orientations in this dimension hold equality in their reality.

An individual that has chosen the orientation of “other” may not be entirely identifying with body form or gender as may an individual that identifies themself as male or female, B or G.

In this, this choice of “other” is the choice to be exploring this physical dimension holding the sexual orientation and interaction, but choosing less separation.

Now; understand that individuals choosing “other” also move in the direction of creating tremendous judgments within their belief systems also, and are creating objective separations.  Therefore, no individual is expressing less in their lack of acceptance in this area, for individuals within the orientation of “other” express much lack of acceptance also.

In this, I offer this information to you, that you may begin to examine what you each have chosen as your particular orientation.  Allow yourself to examine this orientation, and understand what your reality is within your particular orientation.  As you allow yourself this exploration and this understanding, you shall also allow yourself more of an understanding of the other two orientations, and this shall allow you more of a movement into acceptance in these belief systems.

Be remembering that these ARE belief systems.  You have created a male form or a female form, and this is not in conjunction with your orientation.  They are as separated, in a manner of speaking, or as different from each other, as your taste to your sight.  But as you allow yourself to be understanding these differences, you may also allow yourself more of an acceptance.

One of the reasons that this particular belief system holds much difficulty in acceptance is that you do not identify your own choices of your own orientations.  You do not understand your own choices and what you have created.  You may not identify to me presently what it is that you are!  I inquire of you, “What is man?” and you hold no response.  I inquire of you, “What is woman?” and you hold no response.  What is “other?”  You hold no definition.  As you do not define yourselves and understand what you have created within your own reality ... how may you be accepting of any other reality if you are not accepting of your own reality?  And you may not be accepting of your own reality if you do not understand or know what your own reality is!

There are many wondrous elements in this particular dimension to be explored, and this is the offering of this shift in consciousness, but there are also many very strong belief systems which may be creating of great trauma if you are not looking to these belief systems and addressing to them.  Already within the beginning throes of this particular time framework of this final year, individuals are beginning to be experiencing trauma.  I am not expressing conflict or confusion or distress.  I am expressing that individuals are beginning to experience trauma.

In this, I offer you this information that you may be allowing yourselves to not be experiencing trauma, for as these waves in consciousness increase and gain momentum, their strength increases, and they shall be slapping upon the shores of your realities, and this shall be creating of trauma if you are not paying attention.

You shall be viewing many individuals surrounding you that are experiencing tremendous elements within their focuses — much fearfulness, much trauma, much conflict — and in addressing to yourselves and in knowing yourselves and allowing yourselves the acceptance and trust of self, you shall be not merely providing yourselves with the elimination of this trauma, but providing lending of energy to other individuals within consciousness to lessen the element of trauma with them.

We shall break, and you may be offering your questions if you are so choosing.

BREAK   10:24 PM
RESUME  11:39 PM (Arrival time is 10 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing, and you may offer your questions if you are choosing.

BETSY:  Elias, I have a question about the trauma.  What do you really mean by trauma?  Can you give us a definition or an example?

ELIAS:  Trauma incorporates tremendous conflict, but also holds an element of shock.  You experience shock when you are confronting yourselves with extreme situations and unfamiliarity.  This may be in emotional areas, or mental, or physical.  Any area that you present yourself with tremendous unfamiliarity, which may also be triggering of fearfulness, you experience exaggerated conflict in an extreme manner, and this would be designated as trauma.

BETSY:  Thank you.  I have one other question.  In reference to trauma and individuals experiencing trauma collectively, I have a question about females experiencing breast cancer, and if that’s collective trauma, and we’re noticing the perception of what it is to be female and feminine.  What is the belief system that’s being challenged in that?

ELIAS:  This is not an expression of collective trauma.  This is an expression that is quite in alignment with your creation of your dis-ease of AIDS.  This is another collective expression which the gender of female collectively chooses to be expressing to draw attention to these belief systems concerning the association of gender and orientation. (15-second pause)  And you all continue to hold confusion in this area! (Grinning)

Let me express once again:

The five elements of your reality, concerning sexuality in this dimension, are two genders and three orientations.  This is five.

Gender is a physical body type, male or female, which holds a specific function for the design of reproduction.

Orientation is your perception of yourself, your world, your universe, and how you are interactive with it.

CAROLE:  Does that fit in with John Grey’s book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?”  Or that like our interpretation of it now as it filters through into this reality, that the world views are so different, the two different perceptions?

ELIAS:  Within TWO orientations.

CAROLE:  Within two.  That would exclude the “other” orientation?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Within two orientations, this may be an example of the differences of qualities of thought and emotion — which is influencing of perception — of two of the orientations.

CAROLE:  Now, the “other” orientation, the world view on that one, how would that correlate or interact with the other two perceptions?  Is it a combination, or totally different, or some of each?

ELIAS:  There are certain elements of this third orientation that are unique to itself.  There are also elements of this third orientation that incorporate both of the other two orientations.  Therefore, this third orientation holds less separation in its perception than either of the two that you identify with.

Male/female; these are the orientations that you identify with; man/woman, girl/boy.  These are the two orientations that you identify with as a perception.

The “other” incorporates some aspects of each of those, but also holds qualities that are unique to itself.  In this, there is an openness to both of the other orientations.  Therefore, there is an aspect of understanding of both of the accepted orientations, but not an entire understanding; a partial understanding, in objective terms.

There is a greater understanding of its own quality, which is different from the other two orientations, in like manner to those two orientations themselves.  They are quite different in their qualities.  Their perceptions are quite different.  This third orientation is also unique and different in its own qualities.

CAROLE:  Are there qualities of it that are asexual, similar to essence?  Is that why there’s more of a lack of separation?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes, but this also does not fit into the gender separation.  Therefore, it is not accepted within your officially accepted reality.

CAROLE:  Can you explain a little bit more about the creatures?  The marsupials and the mammals and ... what is it?

TOM:  Vertebrates.

ELIAS:  I use this term intentionally.  These are your egg-layers.  This may be what you term to be fish or birds or reptiles, any creature that is egg-laying, in which the offspring shall be produced outside of the physical form.  This is a distinction and a choice.

There are other creatures that are creating offspring in like manner to yourselves, these being your mammals, or what you term to be your warm-blooded animals.

There exists your third creation of your marsupials.  These creatures choose, in their orientation, to be gestating of their offspring differently from the other two orientations.

Now; these are, in a manner of speaking, generalizations, for I am aware that YOU are aware that you create many other types of expressions of what you term to be life upon this planet, within this dimension, and there are many variations of the expressions.  But generally speaking, you have created a reality in which the majority of your expressions move in these directions.  They choose these types of orientations.

You look differently to your creatures that you designate as animals, from plants or insects or any other type of life form, so to speak, in your terminology.  In this, I have offered the example of these creatures, for you hold an awareness clearly of their differences.  They choose three different types of gestation.  This is an obvious difference that you may assimilate.  In like manner, you within your species create three very different orientations.  These are three different types of choices of perception, and they are not to be confused with gender, for gender is merely a choice of body form and function, which is different.

Your perception, your awareness, and the direction of your awareness within each focus is that which identifies you as you; not you as the entirety of essence, but you as this individual focus, this focused attention that you are aware of, that you know — or that you think you know (grinning) — that you identify as yourselves.

You hold a perception.  You hold an identification.  You hold an orientation, and that orientation is not necessarily dictated by your physical gender form.  It is a different aspect of your reality, but your belief systems dictate to you that they are synonymous, and I am expressing to you that they are not.

CAROLE:  So these things are present as we manifest in this physical focus?  They’re not just produced by mass belief systems and the inculcation of the new focus?  They’re actually there, present at birth, these perceptions and these orientations and this world view?

ELIAS:  Yes.  You have chosen, prior to your manifestation within physical form, a specific gender and a specific orientation.  Therefore, as you enter into physical manifestation within this dimension, you choose two elements of your reality that you shall experience within a particular focus in conjunction with your sexuality.  Those two elements are chosen from five, and those two elements are gender and orientation.

CAROLE:  This element of orientation, it seems to me, is one of the things that causes a lot of the conflict, brings about a lot of feelings of duplicity, and also brings into play the emotional aspect of this reality.  It seems to be all very closely intertwined.

ELIAS:  Correct.  You have created, as I have stated, very strong belief systems in these areas.  You have, in your separation, forgotten the beginning of the circle.  You have forgotten the creation of these three expressions, these three orientations or perceptions, and you have equated perception with gender.  Therefore, any expression outside of the equation of gender is unacceptable.

CAROLE:  It seems, though, that the world has a lot of things that it finds, in mass belief systems, unacceptable.

ELIAS:  Quite!

CAROLE:  This is just one of a myriad.  I watched a program this morning on Tourette’s Syndrome, which is a quote/unquote “disease,” and the children on there were playing out their tics, and the ... what do you call the guy who talks on the show?  The host asked the audience if they thought that the kids were making believe and acting out, but really didn’t have the disease, and he asked them to be honest, and a lot of them thought that they were faking.

I can’t help but think that there’s a part of us that always knows that we create our own reality, and so since we know that, part of us knows that those kids are really doing it because they recognize that they are creating their own reality, that there isn’t some outside force that’s zapping them with this disease.

I think that that’s why people get angry at people when they have a disease, even if it’s something horrible like cancer, because I think that people, at deeper levels or at the essence level, understand that that person is creating it.

ELIAS:  Quite, but it is not fitting into the officially accepted reality, and if it is not an expression that is fitting into this narrow pathway, it shall be unacceptable.

As I have expressed to you previously, you may look to your science of psychology as you progress within this shift in consciousness, and it expresses itself in much fight for its ground in narrowing the acceptability of behavior within your officially accepted reality more and more.  There are less and less expressions that shall be acceptable within this narrow path, as elements that hold strong energy within belief systems fight for their stronghold.

I have expressed to you previously, figuratively, in a manner of speaking, you are waging a battle within this shift in consciousness.  Much energy has been lent in one direction, in your religious and science belief systems and your prophecies, and much energy is being lent within this shift in consciousness.

In this, in a manner of speaking, you ARE waging a battle within consciousness, and the winner of the battle shall materialize your probabilities into this reality and shall insert the events into this reality.

This be the reason that I express to you that although within the element of simultaneous time, this shift is accomplished — it is agreed upon and it is accomplished — but within your linear time framework and within this present now, in THIS aspect of time, it is not fully accomplished.  In this, there are choices for probabilities to be inserted or not inserted into your reality.

Your time element of your reality slows your creations.  Therefore, it also offers you the opportunity to view the probabilities that you are creating and inserting into your reality.  You offer yourselves the opportunity to view all of your choices.

In this, you may choose to be moving in compliance with the energy waves that have been lent through your religious and scientific belief systems and all of your prophecies throughout your ages, or you may choose the probabilities of widening your awareness and addressing to these belief systems, accepting them for what they are — belief systems — without judgment, and neutralizing these belief systems, allowing you to move with much more freedom and allowing you much more of an expansiveness in your own creations, and eliminating your traumas in this action.

CAROLE:  Is there a way to fine-tune the process — and this is probably going to sound like asking for methods — but a way to fine-tune the process of observing ourselves and our behavior to recognize the belief systems?  Maybe the secret sessions that you had were good as far as helping us to fine-tune that understanding of the way our belief systems present themselves.

ELIAS:  And you may be presenting this type of action to yourself regardless of our engagement of a secret session.  Or, as you allow yourselves to be widening your awareness and becoming more noticing of yourselves, you may be noticing of each of your twinges.

You offer yourselves in EVERY moment opportunities to be fine-tuning to your awareness.  Within EVERY interaction that you engage, you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view yourselves more clearly.  This be the reason that I am emphasizing to you so very strongly to be within the now continuously, always; to be focusing your attention within the very present now; not within three seconds from now, not within three seconds past, but THIS VERY MOMENT.

CAROLE:  We can’t do that though, Elias, because we’re blinking in and out, ‘cause I try to focus and stay exactly in the now, and you can’t do it for very long!

ELIAS:  Ah, but you can....

CAROLE:  You’re blinking in and out all the time!

ELIAS:  But you are in continuous motion!  Therefore, each now is changing.  You are in continuous, perpetual motion and movement and becoming, and this is the point.  It is not to be holding to any given moment, but to be noticing each moment as it is created within its now.

CAROLE:  So, it’s the flow.  I’ve had experiences where for brief moments I can experience like incredible ... incredible what feels like movement, but yet there’s no movement.  It’s almost like energy, just like raw energy, and it feels like movement, but yet there’s not movement the way I know it here, like moving through space.  It’s really powerful when that happens, and I guess that’s a poignant example of being able to be lucid in that present now.

ELIAS:  These types of experiences offer you validation, and also offer you a type of excitement, to be motivating you in the area of being present within the now and noticing within each moment.  But you also delude yourselves many times, in looking to these types of experiences as your “spirituality” and as your validation of your “growth.”  I express to you that within each moment of each now, there is much information that you may be assimilating.

Now; you may begin, if you are so choosing, with your more obvious areas objectively in your fine-tuning, so to speak, and this would move you in the direction of ANY type of conflict or twinge, for you are quite efficient at your dead mouse game!  Therefore, conflict gains your attention quite efficiently, but you need not move even into the area of conflict, but merely into your own twinges, which are much less than an expression of conflict, for you may catch yourself before you are creating your expression of conflict.

You may be in interaction with another individual, and the other individual may express any element to you, but may express it to you in the manner of what you would term to be a certain tone of voice, and regardless of the words that the individual is expressing, the tone which accompanies the words shall create a twinge within you, and you shall notice your own automatic response.

Now; within that present now moment, you offer yourself an excellent opportunity to STOP and examine, for no other individual is creating your reality!  Therefore, no other individual is doing something TO you.  YOU are creating your reality.  Therefore, YOU are “doing to you.”  I have expressed this to you each previously, but you are not quite understanding yet.

I have offered to you within this forum your terminology of justification; your “rights.”  An individual may be expressing harshly to you, and you are within your rights to be expressing in retaliation.  An individual may “hurt your feelings.”  This is a classic expression!  I am quite amused with this expression, for this is a tremendous excuse for you each to be offering judgment upon another individual and turning your attention away from yourselves and not looking to your own creation of your own reality.

No other individual is hurting your feelings.  YOU are hurting your feelings, for another individual may be expressing outwardly a statement, but YOU are allowing the penetration, and you are in agreement with this statement, and THIS is producing of your hurt feelings.  [I may express to you], “You may be inconsiderate at times.”  And you may express to me, “This is unacceptable.  This is hurting my feelings.”  I am not hurting your feelings.  You are in agreement with my statement, and you are expressing within yourself, “You are correct.  I am unworthy, for I am expressing inconsiderately at times.  Therefore, I am bad and unacceptable.”

And where you are not accepting of yourself, you are responding to other individuals, but you are not accepting the responsibility of your own reality and that you are not accepting of yourself, and are expressing your own duplicity.  Therefore, you project outwardly to another individual and express that THEY are creating of your reality and THEY are hurting your feelings.

These are the opportunities that you allow yourselves within the moment to be catching yourselves in your automatic movements, your automatic responses.  You automatically respond to another individual’s tone.  You automatically respond to another individual in harshness.  You automatically respond if YOU are feeling defensive, if YOU are feeling hurt, if YOU are feeling unhappy.  You shall be automatically projecting to another individual, expressing that they have created this situation.  This is your opportunity to view what YOU are creating by stopping within the moment and fine-tuning and questioning yourself, “Why am I responding in this manner?  What is my payoff?  Where am I not accepting of myself, that I am responding to this situation and this expression?”

Practice with your daughter, one time.  Practice with your partner, one time.  Practice with your children, one time.  Practice with your partner, one time ... one time merely. (Looking once at each person)

Offer yourselves the opportunity to STOP, to stop your own outward expression in response, in reaction to another individual.

Not merely, though, your outward expression, for it is quite easy for you all, once, to seal your lips and to not be responding outwardly, but notice inwardly the chatter that you shall create, for this is the point!  One time in this situation, as you are expressing, “I shall not speak,” but your thought process runs rampant within you, and you are screaming within your telepathy at this other individual ... for be remembering, it matters not that you do not speak.  Energy is projected and individuals receive, and they are aware of what you are projecting regardless of your verbal expression.

Therefore, in this one experiment of one time, notice.  Inquire of yourself, “Why?  Why am I responding in this manner?  What is it within me that is suggesting to me that I be defensive, that I am hurting within my feelings?  What element of myself am I not worthy within?”  For this is your key.  Your own lack of acceptance of self is what is producing of these responses, and subsequently [they] are projected outwardly in the manner that what you are expressing is, “I am powerless to be altering of myself in the areas that I am not accepting of myself.  Therefore, I shall project outwardly, and I shall alter YOU and I shall alter YOUR behavior, and I shall THEN perceive myself to be adequate and worthy.”

No.  Look to self, for all that you create within these outward expressions is a hamster wheel that you both climb upon and run and run and run, and fire at each other your own lack of acceptance of selves, but you do not accomplish acknowledging self and moving in the direction of accepting self.  You perpetuate your own lack of acceptance, and you do this in the guise of justification, and justification is always done in the guise of “right” or “better.”

CAROLE:  I was walking in the woods a few days ago with my husband, and he let a branch go — he was walking in front of me — and the branch hit me in the face.  And I told him that he should be more careful, that if he’s got a branch that’s long, he should either snap it off or let me know that it’s coming, and that I was not too happy at being hit in the face.  And he said that I should walk far enough behind him so that if a branch gets let go, that I won’t get hit in the face.  And so I WAS noticing, I thought.  I was watching this whole thing and trying to figure out what was really going on here.

He was not gonna go to the place where he would say that he was sorry that I’d gotten hit in the face.  He just basically wanted to make sure that somehow he wasn’t blamed for something, that he wasn’t in trouble, and I could see that he couldn’t stand to not be thought of as good.  That bothered him, not to be thought of as good, that he had done something wrong, and I realized that.  And I realized that why I was hurt when I was hit in the face was because I couldn’t stand to not be thought of as loved, that he didn’t care enough to make sure that I didn’t get hurt, so that meant that maybe I wasn’t loved enough.

So I had to be loved and he had to be good, and all I could think of in this whole scenario was that the duplicitous nature of us came into play, with always not trusting and accepting ourselves to just simply be okay, to just simply be.  He was in his reality, and he was doing it to himself, and I could see that, and I was in my reality, and I was doing it to myself, and I could see that.

But then I think to myself, “How do you get from that to acceptance of self?”  ‘Cause as soon as you realize that, you realize that you don’t have acceptance of self totally.  Otherwise, I would know that I was loved and he would know that he is good, but there isn’t any good or bad, and it starts to get confusing!

ELIAS:  But each time that you offer yourself the awareness of these types of examples in this manner, you also may view that it is unnecessary to be judging the situation and the event.

This offers you movement, more and more, into that very acceptance of self, whereas were you not questioning and evaluating, you would move into the area of automatic responses, and in the expression of, “You should be walking farther behind,” there would also be retaliation, and this shall escalate back and forth and be creating of conflict.

But as you stop and you question and you evaluate what you are in actuality expressing, you offer yourself more of an understanding of yourself and what you are expressing and what you are creating, and in this, you are allowing more of an acceptance, and you are allowing more of these birds to fly free.

The expression becomes more automatic as you practice.  You are moving into areas that are unfamiliar to you, and you are battling automatic responses, for these areas are VERY familiar to you within your belief systems.  Therefore, as you practice in the area of the unfamiliar, it becomes more familiar and it becomes more automatic, and you are not lending energy to that which was automatic.  You shall find yourselves, as you practice, automatically questioning, automatically stopping as opposed to automatically responding, and once you have moved through the automatic questioning and automatic stopping, you shall move into the automatic accepting, and this is the point!  (Chuckling)

CAROLE:  And that will be neutralizing the belief systems.

ELIAS:  Quite. (Chuckling)  I shall be discontinuing this evening....

CAROLE:  May I ask two questions for Lawrence that she sent over the computer?

ELIAS:  You may.

CAROLE:  They’re game questions.  I guess one is for Bobbi and one is for Lawrence.  Bobbi is Jale, I guess.  Numbers, 2, yellow/Vold. (Pause)  That’s what it says here.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

CAROLE:  And this is for Lawrence: numbers, 3, green/Ilda.

ELIAS:  One point.

CAROLE:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  I have offered enough information, that you have become convoluted little saplings this evening in attempting to be understanding! (Chuckling)  Therefore, I shall disengage this evening and allow you to attempt to be un-convoluting yourselves.

Do not be so very serious! (Grinning)  You shall be assimilating this information, and although I am presenting this in seriousness, your universe shall not crash this evening, and you shall be continuing to be accomplishing, and I shall be continuing to be lending energy to you each in your accomplishing.  To you this evening, each, I offer great affection, and I express to you a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:37 AM.

Vic’s note:  And I thought I knew what a mammal was.  Silly me!

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