Session 282
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What Is Spirituality?


"What is Spirituality?"

Thursday, May 28, 1998   © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Leslie (Margaret).  Leslie is a new participant.

Elias arrives at 11:09 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!  (Smiling)

LESLIE:  Hello?  (Elias chuckles)  Oh, this is harder than I thought!

ELIAS:  What be your inquiries this day?  You need not feel uncomfortable, for I shall not be biting you!  (They both laugh)

LESLIE:  Well, I'm sure you know what I'm feeling, so....  (Elias chuckles)  I don't remember feeling quite like this!  I tried to figure out my husband's family name and who he was aligned with.  I'm not sure how to pronounce it ... Lida?  And aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS:  Ilda.  (Correcting pronounciation)

LESLIE:  Was I right?

ELIAS:  Ilda, belonging to.

LESLIE:  That's his family?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  And is he aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS:  Alignment, Sumari; also correct.


ELIAS:  Very good!

LESLIE:  I know!  It surprised me!  (They both laugh)  What's his essence name, please?

ELIAS:  Aston; A-S-T-O-N.

LESLIE:  And Bill?  Is his family Milumet, and aligned with Tumold?

ELIAS:  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.

LESLIE:  Oh, okay.  And his essence name, please?

ELIAS:  Ristaan; R-I-S-T-A-A-N.

LESLIE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LESLIE:  I asked you a question before -- I had one of the other people ask -- and you said I was in my final focus?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Am I understanding this correctly, that in your final focus ... how do I word this?  That there are many focuses, okay?  That they all, for lack of wording, they collapse except for one, and there's one remaining at the very end?

ELIAS:  No.  Let me explain.  All of your focuses are occurring simultaneously.  In this, certain focuses are designated, so to speak, as a beginning focus and a final focus.  Other focuses do not hold this distinction.  Therefore, within physical focus, the individual, as they are experiencing their physical focus, shall hold an awareness within them.  In your belief systems of remanifestation or reincarnation, they shall hold this awareness within them that they have not been reincarnated previous or that they shall be reincarnated again or that they shall discontinue their cycle of reincarnation.

Now; be understanding I am using this word of reincarnation only for explanation, for there is no reincarnation and all of your focuses are simultaneously occurring.

Now; the designation of the beginning focus is merely a designation that one particular focus has initiated all of the focuses to be manifest simultaneously within your dimension.  Therefore, the individual feels within them during their focus that they are the "new" or the beginning, and that -- within their belief systems -- they have not been reincarnated before.

As a final focus, one focus of all of the focuses of essence that are manifest within the dimension is designated as the final focus.  Therefore, as that particular focus chooses to disengage from this particular manifestation within this particular dimension, all other focuses at that time period of the disengagement of the final focus shall also disengage, or shall fragment at that time period and continue as a new essence.

LESLIE:  Oh, okay.  That answers that question.  It seems like there was a major change around thirteen years ago, and then again five or six years ago, within me, and it's almost very difficult to remember.  It's like I'm a whole different person than I was in my twenties.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LESLIE:  And I don't know what happened at those two intervals, 'cause it seems to me that it's a very drastic change.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This may be explained in this manner:

Many other individuals within physical focus also experience similar actions and therefore create belief systems in this area that suggest to them ideas that they have invented, such as "walk-ins" and the like.  This in actuality is not the situation.

At times within an individual focus, the individual exchanges positions with an alternate self of themselves.  You exchange and interchange with alternate selves continuously throughout your focuses, but for the most part one aspect of the self, of the focus, designates itself as the main.  In this, at times that particular aspect may fulfill its element of the value fulfillment of the focus.  In this action it shall exchange positions with an alternate, which is another aspect of the self, the all of the focus.  In this action, there appears to you as the individual to be dramatic alterations or changes in your focus.

Some individuals actually at times experience elements of what you would term to be objective memory loss.  Other individuals merely recognize that a profound change has occurred within them, but they hold no explanation, for they hold no objective realization of this action, for you have chosen to be selective in your attention and singular in your attention within each particular focus.  This allows you clarity and allows for the purity of your experiences, but you also are aware when these types of exchanges are occurring or have occurred, for another aspect of yourself moves into the primary objective position, and in this is fulfilling of a different aspect of the value fulfillment within the whole of the individual focus.

In this, you will also notice that your interests or your talents or your thought processes or your emotional interaction may be quite altered, for a different aspect is now the objective "fulfiller."  In this, the focus -- as is the situation with yourself -- chooses to be experiencing more elements within the one particular focus, that they may be more fully interactive with their own experiences within their own value fulfillment, offering themselves a similar type of action to counterpart action, but expressed objectively within one focus, one self.  Is this helpful?

LESLIE:  It is, very much so!  Let's see.  You talked about faces when you go to sleep at night.  You know how you see the faces?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  I've read about this, but it doesn't happen anymore!  Why?  Very rarely, and I miss them!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This also would be in alignment with your experiences within your value fulfillment.  Within certain time frameworks you allow yourself this action within your experience, but as you also exchange with alternate selves, other aspects of yourself, you also alter your direction and therefore do not require certain interactions any longer, for you have altered your direction slightly.  Therefore, your experiences also alter.  But you may hold the remembrance of this action, and if so choosing you may be connecting with this action once again, but recognize within yourself that this is unnecessary.

You are drawing to yourself, many times in this action, your remembrances of self, and this serves as a reassurance within physical focus of the actuality of the lack of disconnection or separation of self and of essence, but as this is presented, it provides purposefully that which it is summoned for.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for this to be continuing, and as you gather to yourself more information, as you are, it becomes even more unnecessary.  You look to this as a pleasurable experience, and this shall serve you within your emotional aspect of your focus as comforting and as the remembrance that there is no separation of essence.

LESLIE:  Okay, then that applies also to -- I don't know how much to detail because they're going to be typing this -- the smells that I was getting.  They would last a week and then they'd go away.  And then another one: I was watching an advertisement on television about Wells Fargo, and all of a sudden, in the house, I could smell the horses.  I mean, like they were right here!  Actually, I thought it was kind of cool!  And then after that, the smells would last like one week, different smells -- urine smell like from a barn, there was an electrical smell -- and these went on, lasting one week, and then now those have also stopped.  And there were pots falling off....

ELIAS:  This is the same action.  You may engage all of your physical senses in this action.  It is an allowance of yourself to be validating objectively within your focus that you are not singular as you appear to be within your attention.  You have allowed yourself the participation in more clarity, which also is conjunctive to your alignment.

LESLIE:  That's good to know!  I'm still headed in the right direction anyway!

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  (They both laugh)

LESLIE:  Okay.  Very quickly, I had a dream.  It was a strange dream, but I was riding in ... it's almost embarrassing to mention it.  I was riding in the back seat of a car down a road, and there were fields, I believe, on either side.  There were two men in the front seat, and I was tied up in the back seat.  They hit the brakes and the car spun around at the end of the road, which turned into the ocean.  They disappeared, and as I was bobbing around on the ocean, I kept waiting for the car to take on water and sink, but it didn't.  And I kept bobbing along, and pretty soon I'm thinking to myself, negatively of course, but anyway, when the car finally turned around, there was probably ... since I didn't take on water, there was going to be a ship there waiting for me, to hit me, not to get on board!  (Elias chuckles)  And then there was like a canal, and I was headed for the canal, and in the little alcove there were houses.  I drifted over toward the houses.  Everyone was sitting on their porches, and they were just watching me, and nobody helped.  That was the end of the dream, that I recall.  What did it mean?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, in explanation of your imagery to yourself:  In this, you have begun by offering yourself imagery that you are bound within a container, a vehicle that other individuals are manipulating or steering or driving.  This imagery is that of your objective expression within this focus.  In conjunction with other individuals, you create imagery in this dream that you are contained within this vehicle, which is yourself; representative of your focus.  The other individuals are individuals -- or the representatives of individuals -- within your focus that are, in your viewing, quite affecting of you and holding to you, and in this at times manipulating of you.  The imagery of being bound is that imagery related to the belief system that you are held within the vessel of your physical form.

Now you move to the area that this vehicle is plunged within your sea but does not sink, and you are safely contained within this vehicle; the vessel.  The individuals have disappeared, for you have moved into the creation of imagery that the water is the whole of essence.  Now you are not focusing upon your objective interaction with other individuals, but moving into the area of focusing upon self and allowing yourself a realization of the safety within self.  Although you anticipate fearfulness and you anticipate harmfulness, you also offer yourself within this imagery none of that like, but you continue to be safely contained within the vessel, moving through the whole and vastness of essence.

Then you move into an allowance of your canal, which is the stream-way of the focusing of essence.  Therefore, it is continued to be imaged as water being connected and the same element as the whole of essence, but moving into a streamline; which you view many individuals watching you, but not interacting with you.

These individuals are representative of all of your focuses within the streamline of essence to be focused within this dimension.  This be the reason that they do not interact with you, for they are their own focuses of your essence and do not concern themselves with your movement, but you remain safe within your vessel.

LESLIE:  Oh, that's wonderful!

ELIAS:  Therefore, you are continued to be contained and separated, so to speak, in imagery from the other focuses, but recognizing that you are also with them, for you may view them as you are traveling through the streamline of essence which is projected into physical focus.  Quite interesting imagery that you have offered to yourself!  This would be indicative of the movement that you presently are engaging, recognizing the value of self but the vastness of essence and the interconnectedness of essence and the safety within yourself.

LESLIE:  Thank you very much for that!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LESLIE:  It seemed like a bad dream, and it wasn't at all!  (They both laugh)  How we misinterpret, don't we?

ELIAS:  Many times, that which you perceive objectively to be unfamiliar is creating within you an element of fearfulness.  Therefore, you may be misinterpreting of your own imagery in that there is no harmfulness within your imagery to yourself -- this is your language to yourself -- but in the exploration of your language of imagery to yourself, you may find objectively the unfamiliarity, and this be the element that is creating of the feeling of uncomfortableness or of fearfulness, therefore in your terms to be a "bad" dream ... although there are no "bad" dreams!  (Chuckling)

LESLIE:  I should choose my words more carefully!  (Elias chuckles)  Is there any way to interpret our own dreams so that we understand them?  I mean, does it get easier?  Can we interpret them eventually?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing, you may be following and engaging in what Michael terms to be your dream mission, and this shall provide you the avenue to be understanding objectively more clearly your language to yourself within your dream imagery. You may be connecting with Michael or Lawrence in this area, and they shall be providing you with information of this dream mission and may be helpful to you in your engagement in this also, if you are so choosing.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Whew!  Lots of information!  I had to -- or chose to, whatever -- put my little dog to sleep a week ago.  Are my physical symptoms that I've been having related to her?
ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Okay.  It sounds cold, but I don't feel bad about it.  I think I should, but I feel like I did what I needed to do.

ELIAS:  And why shall you feel distress in this action?  This is a response to a belief system, but it is unnecessary, for this has been an agreement.  Therefore, there is no harmfulness that has occurred.  You have created an agreement with this creature and you have followed through in the action of this agreement, sharing physical ailments to be moving through certain issues.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Well, that explains that too.  Now, I have another little dog.  There's two things he's doing, and I need to know -- or I'd like to know anyway -- what I'm doing to create these, okay?  First of all, he doesn't bark unless I'm here.  When I'm here, he seems to bark a lot!  And then, he's wetting on the bed at various times.  I'd like to know what I'm doing to create or make him do this or whatever.

ELIAS:  This would be an action that the creature is creating for your attention, and your agreements and creations have been interactive and projective with the OTHER creature.  Now; this creature holds an awareness of the agreement held between yourself and your other creature.  In this, you hold to your energy, not wishing to engage the same action with this creature.  The creature then in response to you engages the action of barking, for this is the expression of communication, of language, and in this the creature is objectively attempting to be receiving your attention, that you may recognize that this creature also has drawn itself to you as you have drawn to it, and holds the willingness to be interactive with you in not holding to your energy so tightly, which is creating a fearfulness that you may be projecting this same situation with this new creature.  As the communication appears to be insufficient in attaining your attention, another action is incorporated that you SHALL offer your attention to!  (Leslie laughs)  But in this, the creature has chosen two actions that shall create an irritation, which the creature is expressing to you the recognition of the irritation held within the energy that you hold.

LESLIE:  I don't know that I completely understand how to ... what he wants from me.  I give him attention.  He's not the same as Dolly ... he isn't!  He's his own little self.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LESLIE:  But I don't understand what I'm not giving to him.  Do you mean I'm still hanging on to Dolly even though she's gone, or the feeling I had for her?

ELIAS:  No.  Let me express once again, that you may hold more clarity.

You have made an agreement previously with the first creature, and in this allowed an exchange of energy, a sharing of energy in experience of certain elements that you create within yourself, physical effects within yourself, and in sharing this, your creature has agreed to create those elements that you choose not to create and to be affected in a manner that you choose not to affect yourself presently, and in this disengage within agreement to you.

Now you move to the new creature, but within your interaction of the new creature, it is not that objectively you do not offer enough attention to the creature itself.  The situation is that as the first creature has disengaged, now you hold to your energy singularly, for you do not share the action any longer with that creature.  In holding to your energy singularly within your own issues, which create physical manifestation ... are you following?


ELIAS:  Very well.  In holding to this energy, the new creature holds the recognition that you are holding to this energy.  The new creature is expressing this recognition, and in its expression is attempting to communicate to you that the energy that you are holding within you within your own issues, which creates physical effects ... that energy is irritating within you.  It is uncomfortable.  It is creating of uncomfortable physical effects.  The creature is recognizing of this and also attempting an expression that it is within agreement to be sharing this energy with you, but you are not in agreement to this action, for you have been in agreement with the other creature and you wish not to be creating of the same action.  Therefore, in this the creature continues to display behavior, that it may be communicating with you its recognition of your held energy and the effect of your held energy.  In this, it very creatively chooses expressions that mirror the energy that you hold within yourself.  The energy held within yourself is irritating to your physical form.  The expression which is put forth by the creature is an action within behavior which is irritating outside of you.  They mirror....

LESLIE:  So it's trying to get my attention so that I understand that I'm doing this?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LESLIE:  Okay, now what do I need to do to release this energy?  I realize that I'm creating my own ailments.  I just don't know what I'm not doing or doing that ... do you know what I'm trying to say?

ELIAS:  Correct.  These would be issues with belief systems and emotional aspects of your experience and of your focus, a drivingness that you place upon yourself which also creates at times an emotional affectingness.  These are based in influence by belief systems that this be necessary for you to be quite focused within cultural time and driving of yourself in certain areas, therefore not allowing yourself a natural flow and an easement within your focus.  In addressing to these belief systems and the actions that are created as influenced by these belief systems, this shall also be affecting of the behavior of the creature.

LESLIE:  So basically what you're saying to me is, I'm pushing too hard and it's not necessary.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  Okay.  I have two jobs.  One of them is managing a park, and the other is retail sales.  I'm allowing people to push my buttons, for lack of a better word.  Is it because I'm not accepting them for who they are?  Is that what's creating this?  'Cause this has been an issue ongoing for a very long time.

ELIAS:  This also is conjunctive to what we have been discussing presently. This be the issue that is related to the belief system which is creating of the situation objectively of your pushing within yourself, your driving within yourself, and therefore also creating of physical affectingness within yourself. This is all interconnected with the action of your creature, with the action of your creation of your physical aspects and discomfort, and [in] this you would be correct in your difficulties in the acceptance of other individuals.  But this also is conjunctive to the lack of acceptance within yourself, for within the acceptance of yourself, you also shall recognize more of an acceptance of other individuals.

In the action of allowing another individual to be in your terms "pushing your buttons," what you are expressing is your lack of acceptance within yourself, and therefore you create a defense outwardly, and in creating this it is objectively expressed at times as other individuals creating irritation for you.  But other individuals are merely expressing, and you are drawing these expressions to you in creating the same mirror action, reflecting the outward irritation which is reflective of the inward irritation.

LESLIE:  So what you're basically saying is, I need to address my belief systems, 'cause I really would like to move through this lesson!

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  And addressing my belief systems will accomplish that?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LESLIE:  Okay.  Let's see, without a parlor trick....  (They both chuckle)  I'm having some difficulty.  I want to just do this all the time.  I just want to concentrate on the essence and being able to move forward and stuff.  I don't seem to be able to direct my energy to work as much as I used to, because it doesn't seem quite as important.  However, I need to work!  But can you lend me any suggestions about how to ... I just don't know what direction to go in.  I know what direction to go into as far as all THIS goes, but as far as the rest of the physical focus, with work and that, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing in that direction.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that many, many times individuals move into the direction of separation of what they view to be their objective physical life, so to speak, and their spirituality.  In this separation you also create many blocks, for you do not incorporate the all or the whole of your unitedness in your focus.  This also, once again, relates to all of this of which we have been speaking within this session.

There is no separation of these elements of self, for all of yourself is within the realm of what you term to be your spirituality.  There is no element of yourself or your actions or your interactions that is NOT an expression of your term of spirituality, for in actuality there is no spirituality, for all is spirituality!  It is merely a term that you have placed upon your philosophies of elements that you view to be "higher" or "more connected" or "better" than your physical "earth plane learning school" self.  (Chuckling)

LESLIE:  So in other words, it's not either/or.  It's all.

ELIAS:  Correct, and in this you offer yourself the opportunity within every moment to be exercising the whole and the acceptance of self and the acceptance of other individuals and the expression of that which you term to be your spirituality, but in this be remembering of what I have expressed to you also, to be tempering of your drivingness of yourself within your cultural time.

LESLIE:  Okay, I will.  Gee, we could go on forever, but I'd probably better not!  (Elias chuckles)  I've got more information than ... I'll have to digest all of what I've gotten.

ELIAS:  Very good.

LESLIE:  I want to thank you ever so much!

ELIAS:  You are very, very welcome.

LESLIE:  I very much appreciate this.

ELIAS:  I offer you affection and encouragement in your endeavors and your creations, and an acknowledgment in your movement in this area.  Be reminding of yourself of your dream and its interpretation, and this shall be encouraging to you that you are moving and that you are offering yourself information to be accomplishing in all of these areas that you are choosing to be accomplishing in.  Therefore, accept my acknowledgment of you also.

LESLIE:  Thank you so much.  That means a lot!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I shall offer to you my affection, and I shall be expressing to you this day quite lovingly, au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:05 PM.

Vic's note:  It seems that Elias' propensity to use run-on sentences is accelerating.  I hope this script is readable!

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