Session 1221

Attention and Perception Moving Experiences


“Attention and Perception Moving Experiences”

Sunday, December 22, 2002 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and KC (Nanaiis)

Elias arrives at 11:43 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KC: Good morning, Elias! (Laughing) How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

KC: I am as always, with a few extra twists today! (Both laugh) I guess I am pretty discombobulated. I had four non-sessions last week. I had four sessions scheduled, and they were all canceled and made for today — then I thought today might be canceled, too. Here’s some impressions about that.

First of all, my first session was going to be questions for a group. I really wanted to do that but it didn’t work out, so I switched it to just having a private session. Then I felt like people were tuning in to my session and I didn’t like that, so I arranged for it to be canceled or moved to a different time. Is that correct?


KC: And then I got nervous. I think that’s why a lot of the other ones were simply moved to today — not that I’m not nervous today! I’m a wreck! (Both laugh)

But also, I didn’t see any blue! I usually see blue all the time anyway, but before all those four sessions I did not see any blue and I was looking for it. I thought my receiver wasn’t working and I’m just not picking it up but it’s there — because I know you’re always there. But I didn’t see any blue, and I thought that’s my clue also that I’m not gonna have a session. I know that’s correct, too. (Elias laughs)

So last night I was looking for blue and I didn’t see any blue! I thought, well, this is strange, I guess this session’s gonna be canceled also. Then this morning I woke up and those vibrations that I feel that are the combination of your energy and my energy were really strong, and I thought maybe that is my signal that I’m going to have a session. I enjoyed that and played with that energy for a while. Then I called Mary and she wasn’t there! I thought this is cool, I wonder what those vibrations were all about? Then I called her back and here we are! (Elias laughs)

While we’re talking about the vibrations, I have a question about those vibrations. That’s a combination of your energy and my energy, is that correct?


KC: I’ve been trying to pay attention to those vibrations and see if I can distinguish my energy from your energy, and I cannot do that. I just figured that’s because it is a combination and it’s the combination that I’m looking at. I just cannot distinguish your energy from my energy within those vibrations.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But it matters not, for you are recognizing the uniqueness of that particular vibrational expression, and therefore you do identify that this is an intertwining of these two energies.

KC: Now, my questions — do I hold a Dreamwalker aspect?


KC: Oh, that’s interesting. I have a question about that question. Since there are no absolutes, that question pertains to this now and that answer pertains to this now?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: So that answer could actually change, depending on when I ask the question?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Is that an Ilda Dreamwalker, or is there only one?

ELIAS: No, there are many and associated with all of the essence families. Yes, you are correct.

KC: Can the name of that essence be translated into my language?

ELIAS: Schrielan, S-C-H-R-I-E-L-A-N (SHREE lahn).

KC: Ooo, I love the sound of that!

I read an email from Gillian/Ari and she was talking about working with the blueprints of the Dreamwalkers around Lake Titicaca. I understand that the Dreamwalkers designed various blueprints for this dimension, and she was working on architecture with information from and connecting with her Dreamwalker. I just wondered if all the Dreamwalkers work on everything, or if Dreamwalkers specialize with their family intent in their design of this dimension.

ELIAS: With the family intent and qualities in a type of specialization, yes, in association with the blueprints of this physical dimension.

KC: I’m going to try to feel into mine. I made my questions out last week and some of them, I will admit, already got answered and/or are not of interest to me in this now; but I wanted to know which essences I am fragmented of. (Pause)

ELIAS: Fragmentation in relation to Kaan, K-A-A-N (KAHN), Leestel, L-E-E-S-T-E-L (lee STELL), David, Anneliese.

KC: I love the name David — “beloved.”

My Polynesian probability, what is... I guess I call that probability my Kahana probability, after the name of my friend in my focus. I wanted to ask you to validate an impression that in that probability I made a ship and I was sailing on an adventure to find a new island or new land. I went to Bali and was in a storm there, and I turned around and came back to my own island. Is that correct?


KC: Oh my gosh! I connected with that probability! I’m so excited! (Elias laughs) I didn’t think I would be able to anymore than dancing and maybe just seeing him building a ship!

My Polynesian focus, the one that overlaps this one, I have a friend in that focus named Kahana and I think I know what Kahana’s essence name is. Would you like to ask me what Kahana’s essence name is?

ELIAS: Do tell!

KC: Tiva!

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of you! Very well! You have listened to your impressions quite clearly.

KC: Yes, I got that impression when you told me what my cousin Bobbi’s essence name was and you said Tiva. I was feeling Kahana right then and there; it was really beautiful. Also, here is a problem and a puzzle: what is MY name in that focus? I can’t figure out what my name in that focus is.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Continue your investigation!

KC: Okay, doggone it! (Both laugh) You are such a stinker! Bobbi/Tiva’s essence color, is that dark pink?


KC: And Bobbi’s focus color, primrose yellow?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: She is soft and political, and I wanted to ask you if she is a continuing focus.


KC: My father, his name was John Weber. He’s disengaged now. I wanted to know if his essence name is Jerrica.

ELIAS: Jerrico.

KC: Was he Zuli/Gramada?

ELIAS: Reverse.

KC: Was he oriented soft? (Pause)

ELIAS: Intermediate.

KC: And emotionally focused?


KC: Was he a continuing focus?


KC: My friend Charles — Charles’ essence name is Jerrica — there was a fragmentation occurring and I think that he has decided to remain a focus of Jerrica. Is that correct?


KC: And is Charles a final focus?


KC: His essence color, is Jerrica’s color purple?

ELIAS: Plum.

KC: Is Charles’ focus color melon, like a peachy-melon color?


KC: The energy of my father and the energy of Charles are so, so similar that I thought they were focuses of the same essence. What is that? Is that a fragmentation?

ELIAS: No. I may express to you that this is not unusual to be recognizing very similar energies between different individuals. This may be expressed in similar preferences of those essences.

KC: I understand that. They’re so similar I was kind of puzzled — why would an essence have two focuses that were so similar? Oh well, I guess we do that. (Elias chuckles)

How many Native American focuses do I hold?

ELIAS: And your impression?

KC: Oh my goodness, I hadn’t even thought about that! I’m aware of two of them, so my impression... Wait, one moment, please. (Elias chuckles) Don’t you laugh! Thirteen.

ELIAS: Close — 14!

KC: Is one of them a Lakota Sioux and a ghost dancer at the Wounded Knee massacre?


KC: Do I have a Cherokee focus?


KC: Anais Nin is a French-born American writer. Actually this is not my impression, but several people think that she might be a focus of my essence. I think it’s possible, and so I’m just asking if that is true, if Anais Nin is a focus of Nanaiis.


KC: I expected that to be a no! That’s cool, because I’m looking for photographs of my focuses. My next question was just tell me who my famous focuses are, please! (Elias laughs) I can find some photographs and now I don’t need to ask that one!

Seven of us in the forum did a little projection to Egypt. I got the impression that I was a chubby little girl there, there were kids playing around me, I was west of some kind of a large body of water, and I had a duck. I don’t know the time frame, but the pyramids seemed already old. Was that a valid impression?


KC: That’s amazing. I’m beginning to learn what my impressions are. Am I the mother of one of your wizard focuses?


KC: I thought so, because I keep seeing myself patting you on the head! (Elias laughs) I was really proud of you in that focus, wasn’t I?


KC: Oh well, I’m proud of you now, too! (Elias laughs)

There is a house in Florida called the Bonnet House — it’s named after a flower — and there was a woman who lived in that house named Evelyn Fortune Bartlett and she kept parrots and other animals. I wanted to know if she is a focus of my essence or if I am related to that house in some way.

ELIAS: Observing essence.

KC: I have a bird and I’ve known this bird before. I was thinking that maybe this bird has the same energy of one of her birds.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: My number of current focuses — now, I have religious belief systems around numbers, like more numbers are better and then, oh no, that’s not humble, so fewer numbers are better. So it does me no good to hold these beliefs! (Elias laughs) I asked myself the number of current focuses and I came up with 12. I decided that was arrogant, so I made it nine. So I don’t know, but I would like to ask you how many current focuses I hold.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Six. I may express to you, generally speaking essences choose to be focusing between four and seven attentions in any one time framework.

KC: I’ve noticed that! I noticed that everybody had four or five or six, and that’s why I wanted twelve! (Laughs)

ELIAS: It may be viewed as quite unusual that any essence would be focusing more than that range of numbering of focuses of attention in any one time framework, for you also engage in many other actions, as you are aware, in relation to counterpart actions and observing essences. Therefore, it is unnecessary to physically manifest more than this range of numbering of focuses in any one particular time framework.

KC: My future focuses — is the year 2019 the birth year of a focus of mine?

ELIAS: A potential.

KC: I have a question about that question. I came up with the impression last week and I just now asked the question. When I was asking the question, I was feeling into the movement of probabilities. The feeling was that answer would be a probable answer. In other words, it’s a probability.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: In this now, I felt like that was an impression of you looking into the answer for that. Is that correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

KC: Do I have a focus named Lilly who is the youngest daughter of Ronja Robin, who is Myranda?


KC: Is my focus Lilly a physical sibling of Nelly/Archore?


KC: Is Carter/Cynthia also a physical sibling in that family?


KC: Aha! And I’m a friend of Andre Demre, who is also Myranda?


KC: Do I live in my younger years in that focus in an area in Canada called the 1000 Islands, and I am specifically drawn to a city by the name of Gananoque?


KC: And is Lilly at the Alterversity with Myr and Andre, exploring color?


KC: Wow! These were joint impressions between myself and Myranda, and that was very interesting. She mentioned Nelly and I loved Nelly instantly, as soon as I saw that name. Now, that is how you get your impressions, correct?

ELIAS: In listening to yourself, yes.

KC: In the City, I imagined an apartment in the City. It’s three stories high, it has a studio on the third floor, it’s very open with beautiful views, it has a courtyard, and it has bougainvillea vines, a lemon tree, a fountain and hummingbirds in the courtyard. Is that my apartment?


KC: But that’s not Lilly’s apartment?


KC: In that focus where I live in this apartment, I look Italian. I have dark skin and I have lots of dark hair piled on top of my head. Is that correct also?


KC: What is the time span between my focuses linearly, my first focus and my last focus? (27-second pause)

ELIAS: Sixty thousand.

KC: Between my focuses?


KC: All of these questions, these answers to these questions are not absolutes?

ELIAS: You are correct.

KC: I’m trying to understand simultaneous time. My understanding of simultaneous time, as it evolves, is that with each blink everything is new and comes with its automatic past, future and sideways times.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: And you said this to me in my last session — you don’t accept something and it lingers; each blink is new, with all of the times connected to it.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: I have some questions about, I guess, the fairy dimension. In the last session, I told you about my little kitty demon. It was guilt, guilt and the opposite of guilt, acceptance, and then my little green dragon, who is worry and trust, and then my little fear dog, who is fear and safety. Actually, I have two dogs now — there’s a big fat fear dog with a little tiny safety dog! (Both laugh) I carry them both! But these creatures, the shiny green dragon and the little kitty demon, are these creatures in the fairy dimension?

ELIAS: This is a translation of them, yes.

KC: Do I have a focus that I would translate as a water baby that swims in rivers and breathes underwater?

ELIAS: This is also translation, but yes.

KC: And am I a mini-tree that lights up in that same dimension, or is that a translation? I don’t understand that.


KC: I created an island awhile back, at the same time I was creating my Polynesian probability. I call my island Momona Moku, and that means it’s a fertile island for all types of artistic pursuits. I have a house on that island, a U-shaped house. I wanted the island to be near Myranda’s island, and I believe that it is. Is that correct?


KC: There are many, many, many islands there, right?


KC: During the session pause when Mary wasn’t speaking, I noticed an increase in the vibrations that I feel that indicate the combination of your energy and my energy, and I got a very brief impression that lasted just a little blink that all twelve essences were involved in that brief experience.


KC: Then a couple weeks later I experienced that again and I was actually manipulating those energies, those vibrations, as you would paint on a painting. Is that correct?


KC: Well, you know, I told you once this was too easy! (Both laugh)

Now here’s a question and I will try to give you my answer. The question is am I a dispersed essence, and my answer is no. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

KC: I asked the question because during a period of ten years, between 1986 and 1996, I operated a network, and this network dealt with consumers, the public, and I spoke with many, many, many consumers. During that time period I feel that I was dispersed. Was I dispersed or was I simply using the empathic sense? Or is that my soft orientation?

ELIAS: A combination of orientation and empathic sense.

KC: I didn’t think I was dispersed, because when I read the Digest on “dispersed,” I don’t think I chose that because, I don’t know, I want to have my bubble!

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is also one of the influencing factors in your interruption or delay, so to speak, in engaging conversation with myself, to be creating a time framework in which you felt, figuratively speaking, your bubble.

KC: I’m having some cat imagery and I honestly cannot figure out what it is. Many, many, many cats do this and so it’s hard to see how I am actually creating it. I have one cat who urinates in the house on the furniture and the very same cat also throws up a lot and has a lot of skin itching, and this is so common. I think the skin itching is just general irritability or maybe impatience.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: But the throwing up and the urination, I wish you would help me with that one.

ELIAS: Look to yourself and also to your partner.

Now; attempt to listen to an impression which may be associated with this creature. It is not singularly associated with you; it is associated with you AND your partner.

KC: That’s fascinating. Oh, that actually makes me feel really good even that you call him my partner, because I have chosen him to be my partner and I do choose him in every blink to be my partner. In fact, speaking of wicked husbands, I have another wicked husband story! (Both laugh)

David, my husband, went outside to grill dinner for us one night. That was at seven o’clock. At ten o’clock, I came into the kitchen and I noticed that it was freezing cold in the kitchen and there was a stiff breeze. It’s the middle of winter, so I knew right away, of course, that the wicked husband had left the door open! (Both laugh) I closed the door and my very first automatic response, which I’ve been paying attention to now, was the blame-and-sulk response and to tell David that he’s left the door open because he’s paying for the gas and electric and blah-blah-blah. Then I stopped and I recognized that was my automatic response, and I said, “Wait! I found the door open. I left the door open for myself. Dave might have helped me out in my creation, but I opened that door.”

So I have some open door imagery. I have fresh air and even though it was cold it felt good, and that’s all the farther I went with it. But I thought, open door imagery, that’s pleasant — that’s an opportunity. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes! And I am acknowledging of you that you allowed yourself to be noticing your automatic response and offering yourself choices.

KC: And I did not even have to tell him that he left the door open. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct!

KC: It has nothing to do with him unless he discovers it or unless he wants to address to something.


KC: And that’s me not trying to create his reality.


KC: Okay! I’m beginning to get this!

ELIAS: And also incorporating responsibility for YOUR focus and YOUR perception.

KC: That was involved with my partner, David, but that is significant also, is it not?


KC: With my business partner, Charles, I had some open door imagery. The door ajar light on his truck would not go off and his interior truck lights would not go off. I thought, the lights are on and the doors are not ajar but the truck thinks they are. Anyway, I haven’t completely looked through that, but this was open door imagery with my other partner. That means to me that this involves my relationship with Charles and with Dave.


KC: And that also ties in with the cat imagery involving me and David?


Now; in this imagery that you have presented to yourself, imaging it as “open door,” what do you view as what you are expressing to yourself in information?

KC: With my partner, David, the door was actually open and the fresh air was coming into the house. But with my business partner, Charles, the doors were closed and you could say that the door ajar light was an electrical malfunction and that something was not quite right.

ELIAS: No. For, your impression that these two experiences are interrelated to each other is correct. The imagery that you are presenting to yourself is also reinforced with your noticing of automatic response and your allowance of yourself to alter your perception and generate a different choice.

Now; what have you done in this? What is your communication? It is an acknowledgment, a validation through imagery to yourself that you are generating more of an openness with these individuals in paying more attention to you.

KC: Yes, and I have been actually looking gently and remotely at my beliefs which relate to my relationships with David and with Charles, my association with those beliefs, my judgment of those beliefs, my alignment with those beliefs and my attempt to move my perception with regard to those beliefs. Yes, I am working on that.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

KC: That’s going to be a project!

ELIAS: But you have offered yourself evidence of this concept which moves it more into an expression of reality, for you have allowed yourself to notice and experience paying attention to yourself and actually generating what I have expressed to you, that as you pay attention to yourself more fully, you generate a natural by-product of expressing more of an openness to other individuals.

KC: Yes, and I have noticed evidence that I am beginning to turn my attention to myself and hold it there for longer periods, and just like you promised, the people around me are showing me evidence of accepting me and accepting my choices. That means that I’m accepting my choices.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Good, because I was getting kind of bored thinking nothing was happening! (Both laugh)

I would like validation for my sister, Mary Jo. She had an attention-moving experience, where she had a headache and she immediately identified it with her expectations of herself to perform certain so-called obligations. As soon as she did that, her headache went away. That’s correct, she moved her attention, didn’t she?


KC: I think that I did the same thing. I wanted to feel what it felt like to actually move this non-thing that is your attention or your perception. This ties in with my intent of exploring interaction and aloneness and the similarities. Say that I get five emails a day. Some days I will get five emails and I will say, “Oh, nobody’s writing to me, nobody likes me, boo-hoo, I’m only getting five emails!” The next day I will get five emails and I will think, “Oh, I’m so popular! Five emails!” (Both laugh)

So I noticed that one day, that my feelings had nothing to do with the number of emails that I get, and I sat there for about all of two minutes and moved my perception back and forth between those feelings, feeling popular and like I got a lot of emails, and feeling like nobody liked me and I only got five emails. I did that in a minute, and I thought that’s moving your perception.


KC: Yes! I can feel that movement, then! Oh, that was good practice. I’m gonna do that some more! (Elias laughs)

Is there a lull in the energy surges right now? Of course, I wrote this question two weeks ago.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but I am understanding the motivation for your question. For you may not necessarily be tapping into these energy surges, but this is not to say that they are not occurring and that other individuals are not experiencing them.

This, once again, is associated with attention and how you direct your attention and which direction you move within in relation to what may be significant or important to you in a particular time framework.

KC: Okay, I’ll think about that some more. (Elias chuckles)

I had an out-of-body experience around the year 1978. I had started to read Seth; I can’t remember exactly which book I was reading. I pretty much believed everything Seth said, and I thought, oh I can have an out-of-body experience. I was taking a nap and I had the sheet over my head... I won’t go into the whole thing, but I had the feeling of the vibrations and I saw like a blue gas flame that filled my entire visual area, I would say three or four feet wide and tall. Then I rolled into the mattress and that scared me, so I popped back into my body, leapt out of bed and came downstairs and had a cigarette! (Both laugh) I was telling somebody about that, I think it might have been Fran, and she said that that blue flame could have been you. I wondered if that was your energy.


KC: I have never had another one. I’ve been suggesting to myself, when I think of it which isn’t too frequently, that I do that spontaneously again during a nap or before I fall asleep. Is that enough of a suggestion? My problem is just general fears of the unknown — I haven’t done this before, will I be able to get back, where will I go. Do you have a suggestion to offer me to relax myself enough to do that again?

ELIAS: Very well. Recognize that you are already generating that action of projection and this may dissipate the fear. What do you view to be the action that you are incorporating through impressions to be offering that information to yourself?"(2)":#1

KC: So this projection to Egypt was an actual projection?


KC: When I projected to Egypt, I was walking around the house but I felt myself as a chubby little girl on the hot sand with a duck and a bunch of kids and a body of water. That was a projection?

ELIAS: Correct. You are merely associating with the action of projection in one particular manner. Therefore, you create an expectation that if you are actually projecting you must be creating that action in a particular expression.

But I express to you, you incorporate this action QUITE often. It is merely that you are not moving your objective attention to the experience in the same manner. You are offering yourself information objectively through your impressions rather than the what you would term to be completeness of the physical experience, but it is no less a projection.

KC: So, it’s actually holding my attention in more than one place at one time, in my definition.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: That brings up another impression that I had. I have called Anji/Myranda a catalyst because what she does is she comes up with lots of impressions and she tells everybody what they are. She will come up with an impression, say, about the water dimension, and I’ll wonder if that’s what my breathing underwater dreams are about, that I hold a focus there. Or she’ll say something like the crystal dimension, and all of a sudden I will notice my pink quartz crystal sitting there, and I’ll wonder if I have a... You know, I’m just wondering. It just feels good. We’re all special, but as a catalyst she has really helped me to pay more attention to myself. That’s correct, isn’t it?


KC: The color wheel of choices and my tree: when I told you about the color wheel of choices that opened up when the tree mattered not, there were some choices on that color wheel that I would identify as colors and then there were lots of pie-shaped pieces in that color wheel that were gray. I kept waiting for those gray choices to turn colors so that I could recognize them. Then I read a session wherein you said that the idea is to move into the gray area, and I thought, oh, I wonder if that’s what he’s talking about, the gray area of my color wheel of choices. And that’s correct, is it not?


KC: Some of the choices in that gray area, would I define them at this time frame as parlor tricks?

ELIAS: Some.

KC: Like moving the tree out of the way until the trench was dug and then moving it back?


KC: I don’t want you to tell me anything, I’m going to... I love this project! (Elias laughs)

The color dimension, your focus of attention that is exploring colors where I also have a focus — Nanaiis is there — I’m thinking that in that dimension we actually are the colors. Is that correct?

ELIAS: This is a translation. It is a type of manifestation which you translate as being the colors, but in actuality, in any physical manifestation color is a translation of the vibrational quality.

KC: Is Thelma there also in that dimension?


KC: The nothing exercise that I used to do when I was a child that I told you about in the last session, where I would pretend that nothing existed but me and that I would get bigger and I would be full of nothing that wasn’t nothing and I associated that as being proud of you, was that an exercise in the no separation, understanding or experiencing the no separation?


KC: I made another tile, which I would like to formally offer even though we don’t need to do this anymore. I was drawing a picture of you as the wizard. You were very blue and I gave you an earring. I looked at the earring and I thought that’s a tile, so I drew a picture of this tile. It is a symbol of the letter “C” in purple. At the top of the projection of this “C,” off to the right, is an upside-down green triangle, almost a pyramid because it’s 3-D. At the bottom, to the right of the “C,” is another standing-up pyramid shape in green. Between the two triangles is a yellow energy ball. I call this tile “Hearing in Reverse” and it’s an Ilda tile.

ELIAS: Accepted.

KC: I’m still exploring the title “Hearing in Reverse” and that it’s an Ilda tile. Maybe we’ll talk about that in another session.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: My brother asked you if Winnemucca, Nevada, is an energy that is harmonious with his, and you told him, yes, that it is. He bought 40 acres in Nevada and he’s real excited. I saw the pictures and it doesn’t appeal to me at all! I would like to ask you if this Nevada property is not in harmony with my energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Well, that settles that problem! Actually I feel pretty much at home almost anywhere I go, but not the desert. (Elias laughs) One of my favorite quotes, and I think it was a Seth quote, is if you don’t like the desert, don’t go there. Of course, that’s with all of your choices, but specifically for me the desert! (Both laugh)

Let’s see, we have only about seven minutes left and I wanted to ask you if Lawrence’s color is purple. (Pause)


KC: That’s the essence Lawrence. Actually, I thought Vicki’s color was purple, too. Is that possible?

ELIAS: Green.

KC: And Miliamis, her focus in what we call the “Spock” dimension, what color is Miliamis? (Pause)

ELIAS: Burnt orange.

KC: I’ve been reading the Digest about the Dreamwalker intents. When I read the one about Ilda, most of it was about the little gray squishy guys, and I don’t get it. I wondered if you could just tell me a little bit about the Ilda Dreamwalker intent.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

KC: Well, Ilda are called the Tellers.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: They communicate between dimensions, but the Gramada does that too! So what’s... Gramada translates energy, okay, and Ilda communicates.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: It could be I’m defining communication too narrowly, maybe. Because communication within the Dreamwalkers pertaining to this dimension could be anything! A tree is a communication.

ELIAS: It is associated with the action of communication, therefore expressing a contribution of design of this dimension in the expressions of communication, which are many.

KC: We’re talking about ALL communications, and are these defined as you have defined them or listed them — emotions, inner and outer senses, physical consciousness?


KC: Now I understand it a little better and I shall meditate on it or something.

ELIAS: Very well!

KC: You know, that’s it for today. It’s perfect! I finally had my session and I even asked all my questions.

ELIAS: And may be acknowledging of yourself, for you have accomplished! (Laughs)

KC: I’d like to have another session where we just talk, where I don’t really have too many questions but I have like three subject matters and then we just talk about those things.

ELIAS: Very well!

KC: All right, Elias, let’s talk to Mary again, then.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. As always, I offer to you my affection and an encouragement to you to be continuing in your noticing, for you are accomplishing.

KC: Yes, thank you! My affection to you also, Elias.

ELIAS: In fondness, my friend, au revoir.

KC: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:40 PM.

(1) The Digest that KC is referring to is on the Elias Forum website, “The purpose of the Digests is to introduce these terms, etc., in a “reader’s digest” format that provides a greater depth of the information not available in any single transcript.”

(2) Originally expressed as: “What do you view that you offer yourself information through impressions, the action that you are incorporating to be offering that information to yourself?”

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