Session 304

Ilda Alignment/Weight


“Ilda Alignment/Weight, Similarities within Differences”

Saturday, August 1, 1998  © 1998 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Ellen (Allissa).
Elias arrives at 11:48 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good morning!  (Smiling)

ELLEN:  Good morning, Elias.  It’s nice to meet you.  I have some questions.

ELIAS:  You may present your inquiries.

ELLEN:  First, I want to know what my essence name and family is.

ELIAS:  (Pause)  Essence name, Allissa; A-L-L-I-S-S-A.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment in this focus, Ilda.

ELLEN:  I thought that might be it.  I thought Sumari, and then I thought, “No, I spend a lot of time traveling around meeting people; Ilda.”

One of the things that’s plagued me my entire life is that I’m overweight.  What are the factors involved in that?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Another individual with the presentment of this situation!

Let me express to you that there are mass belief systems in this area, but although individuals create many of their expressions in conjunction with mass belief systems, they also create their individual expressions that are unique to themselves.  Therefore, in this there may be an overlying mass affectingness, and there is also simultaneously an individual creation in alignment with the mass.

In this situation that you have created, your expression differs slightly from many other individuals that are creating of similar physical expression.  This would also partially be in alignment with your essence family alignment in this focus.  Let me explain.

Many times individuals are experiencing this type of situation if they are aligning with the family of Milumet.  Some individuals experience this same type of creation aligned with the family of Zuli.  But in this particular situation with your family alignment of Ilda, there is a recognition in consciousness of not holding to any specific alignment of social belief systems.

In this situation, as you are aligned with this family of Ilda, these individuals are exchangers.  They hold the ability to be adaptable to many different cultures, many different experiences, and to be interactive with many different types of persons, societies, and beliefs.  This allows them their ability to be the exchangers, the communicators, and in this they also hold the ability to not be aligning with any one particular creation of officially accepted reality within particular societies.  Therefore, many individuals that are aligning with this family of Ilda find themselves outside of many of the officially accepted belief systems which are created en masse in any particular society.  This particular society that you place yourself within in this particular country focuses very intently within belief systems concerning physical form.

Now; let me also offer you a small amount of information in this area also.  This particular society holds an underlying alignment with the Zuli family.  This is not to say that all of the individuals that have created manifestation in alignment with this particular society are of the Zuli family or are aligned with the Zuli family, but that each essence family centralizes an amount, so to speak, of that collective energy in certain locations upon your planet.  This creates an undercurrent of an expression of that particular family.

The Zuli family focuses upon aesthetic beauty.  Their focus in regard to the physical manifestation of all creations is to be creating in a manner of beauty and what you term to be physically appealing.  In this, there is an undercurrent of energy within this particular society that expresses that particular intent.

Now; you, being aligned with the Ilda family, do not adhere to all of the mass-held belief systems and expressions of any particular society.  Therefore, you also do not necessarily align with the creations of this particular society.  And in your own expression, moving outside of the mass creation of the officially accepted reality, your choice within consciousness is to be expressing of your own physical form in the manner that you are choosing, not being confined to the creation of the officially accepted realities.

Many times individuals create certain expressions of physical form in alignment with issues that they hold or in alignment with blocked energy or in an expression of elements that they need be addressing to within their own belief systems and their own holding to their own energy, which is limiting to them.  Therefore, they are creating of outward expressions, so to speak, that shall mirror to them their inner expressions and offer them information as to what they are creating within, and offering them the opportunity to address to these certain belief systems or issues that they hold in these areas.  This would not be the situation that you have created.

Subjectively, which is also almost bleeding through to your individual objective awareness, there is held a subjective awareness realistically, a knowing that this physical form that you have created within this focus is not a vessel.  It is a physical expression, a projection of essence.  It holds consciousness which is in alignment with your subjective consciousness.  And in this knowing that this is not a vessel, that this is an inseparable element, an expression of your very being that is presented in the camouflage of physical focus to be your physical presentment to the world, so to speak, of self, you have chosen quite creatively to be manifesting and creating a form which does not align with societal belief systems and is a free expression of yourself.

Therefore, it is not an issue being expressed, nor is it an alignment with mass belief systems being expressed.  It is a recognition that this is your own creative expression projected within the physical manifestation of camouflage outwardly, to be a statement to all other individuals that you encounter within physical focus that this is you in all of your glory, and that this is the you that does not align with the officially accepted belief systems and their creations within any particular given society.

ELLEN:  Huh!  I am such a rebel in many ways!  (Me too, Ellen!)

ELIAS:  Quite!

ELLEN:  (Laughing)  Yes, yes!  Okay, the second question is, what is involved with my marriage?  What is my husband’s family alignment, and what’s going on there?  Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him.  Sometimes I think I should be single, sometimes I think I should be married.  I’d like to get a little bit of input on that.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Essence family of this individual: belonging to Sumari, aligning with Vold.  Now; this shall also offer you information as to your responsiveness to this individual.  You have quite creatively engaged in a relationship that shall be challenging to you, and therefore you shall not be engaging boredom ...

ELLEN:  (Laughing)  True, true!

ELIAS:  ... which is an element that plagues the Sumari and the Ilda families and is quite distasteful to both of these families and their physical manifestations.  Therefore, you create much stirring within this relationship.  This individual, belonging to the family of Sumari, holds the underlying intent of Sumari.  In that intent, these are individuals that are pot-stirrers; agitators.  They also do not align with officially accepted groups, societies, and belief systems, and move quite objectively in areas that shall be expressive of their LACK of alignment with these elements.
Another aspect of this family is that they are very consistent in being inconsistent!  They are also very consistent in being non-finishers.  They are tremendous in the area of creating beginnings and initiating certain actions, but they are also quite consistent in not finishing these projects or involvements, for the expression of the Sumari is the middle.  They are the bridge.  This affords them the ability to not be aligning with any given presentment of group beliefs or societies, for their intent is merely to be stirring the energy, but not necessarily to be creating of any particular expression, merely to be a catalyst for other individuals’ awarenesses.

This individual also holds an alignment within this particular focus of Vold, which is an interesting creation, for the underlying expression is that of the Sumari.  But the overt expression - the objective physical focus most affecting expression - is that of the Vold family.  These individuals hold much emotionalness, excitableness.  They are quite changeable!

ELLEN:  He has a hard time making up his mind! (Elias grins and nods)

ELIAS:  Individuals that align with the Vold family, as with many expressions of alignments, their expression in alignment differs slightly from the expression of the intent of the belonging to the Vold family.  The Vold family are those revolutionaries!  They are quite passionate, but in similar manner to the Sumari they are lacking in stick-to-it-iveness, for they are engaged in a continual process, so to speak, of revolutionizing themselves and all about them!  Changers!  They are GREAT lovers of change and shall move EVERYTHING in their reality into many different expressions of change.  They shall set one probability into motion and they shall alter this probability, and given the leeway with other individuals, they shall be quite willing to be jumping into co-creation with you in changing YOUR probabilities!  For change is their excitement.  This is their intent and therefore this motivates all of their expressions, even to the point of experimentation in the smallest mundane activities merely for the experience of changing this mundane experience.

An individual aligning with this Vold family may awake within their morning and may be dressing themselves within their garments and attend to their shoes, and as they have continuously for a period throughout their focus been placing their left shoe upon their left foot first, one morning they may choose merely for the experience to be noticing and placing the right shoe upon the right foot, merely for a difference in experience and a change.  And they may continue subsequently to return to their initial expression, although they may inventively attempt to be creating NEW methods of placing shoes upon feet simply for the reason of changing an experience!

This be a very small, mundane example, but it is quite typical of the behavior of individuals aligning with this family.  They are great lovers of change.  This also may be quite confusing to other individuals!

Now; within your alignment, you do not necessarily seek to change other individuals or their reality or even your own reality, for you move into the direction in alignment with your intent to be accepting of other realities and of your own reality, and allowing yourself a comfortableness in all that you express and create.  In this, you may move into areas of change, but that these areas of change shall be orchestrated by yourself and shall be directed by yourself, not by another individual or a society or any mass group of individuals.

The Vold individuals move in the direction of changing not only their own reality, but ALL realities.  They wish to be expressing changing YOUR reality, for their objective expression is a figurative knowing - not an actual knowing but a figurative knowing - within their belief systems that their method is better!  Therefore, they shall be offering this to you for your accomplishment.  You create friction in this, for you hold the knowing - figuratively, objectively - that your own method is better!  Therefore, you place yourself in the situation that your method is better, and your partner is expressing, “My method is better!” And then you create (rubs his hands together).

In this, you now draw yourself to this information to allow yourself the opportunity to move into the direction of acceptance and the recognition that no method is better.  They are merely different.  Each expression is its own highest expression and each creation is merely a different expression than another expression, but no one is better or worse than any other, and in this you offer yourself the opportunity to view these differences and to view the similarities in these differences also.  And once again, as I have stated at our recent sessions, you are participating in this wave presently in consciousness, addressing to the belief system of relationship.

As I present information to individuals within groups, I am quite intent in my direction, expressing to you all, this is a reality!  This wave in consciousness IS occurring presently.  These are the reasons, these are the actions, and these are the expressions of this wave.  This is the presentment to you all of information, that you may be identifying what you are participating in, for you have chosen to be participating in these expressions and in this wave of energy and creating your own individual expressions of this wave, but you ARE all participating in this.  This be the reason that I have chosen to be addressing to this particular movement and subject matter, for en masse it IS being created, and you are all riding this wave and you are all creating affectingness within this wave, within your own individual expressions of it.
I offered previously the analogy of your seasons and other waves in consciousness that you create seasonally.  Each year, within your expressions, you collectively create your illness season, your cold and flu season, which is another season that you may be adding to your calendar, for I hold the awareness that you merely are identifying winter, fall, spring and summer, and you have eliminated or neglected to add to these seasons your cold and flu season also!  In this expression of that wave, which you collectively create each year, individuals choose to be participating in that wave in consciousness.

Now; their individual expression is their choice.  They may be choosing to be completely aligning with the creation of that wave in consciousness and they may be creating physical illness.  They may not choose to be creating physical illness, but they may be choosing to draw themselves to other individuals that ARE creating physical illness or they may be choosing to create an expression in alignment with the production of certain physical aspects, such as your pharmaceuticals or other physical things that also lend energy to that particular wave.

I have been presented previously with an individual - Lawrence, who also aligns with the Ilda family - expressing to myself, “I do not align with this wave in consciousness for this season.  Therefore, why shall I be creating of an expression physically of illness?  And I am NOT supportive of this action in physical terms.  I do not participate in pharmaceuticals.”  And I have expressed, “Ah, but you DO participate, in acquiring boxes and boxes of truths!”

(As an aside)  My expression; your physical expression would be tissues.  You may be inquiring of Michael of this.  It is merely a humorous expression of my own which I hold great fondness for!

Therefore, in the acquiring of these tissues, there is an actual physical participation in the perpetuation of that particular wave in consciousness.  This is an example that you all may physically, objectively, outwardly, so to speak, view that you participate in.  I offer you information of other waves in consciousness that you also participate in that do not appear so obviously objective, for it is much easier for you to not recognize these waves in consciousness and assign them singularly to your own experience, not recognizing that many, many, many other individuals are participating in the same action that you are participating in.  It is merely not quite so objectively recognized.  But it also offers you information as to your addressing to this wave in consciousness and allows you more of an objective ability to be moving through the wave that is occurring with less conflict and less trauma if you are identifying that you are participating in it and if you are allowing yourself to be identifying certain elements of it.

Therefore, within the movement of this wave, you also become more acutely aware of what you view to be, objectively, differences between yourself and your partner and your expressions.  NOW offer yourself the opportunity to view the similarities in your expressions that are merely created in a different manner, but underlyingly they are quite similar.

ELLEN:  Hmm.  Okay, another question.  I have a friend named Steve.  What is our relationship?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  You hold many focuses with this individual ...

ELLEN:  I thought so.

ELIAS:  ... within this particular dimension and several other dimensions in physical focuses.  Therefore, there is a bleed-through of a knowing of recognition with each other, not merely for yourself, but also for this individual.  You may be investigating of other focuses that you hold and you may be in this action offering yourself more information, not only of yourself but of your interactiveness with this individual, for you have offered yourselves the opportunity to be exploring many different types of experiences in conjunction with each other, some more pleasant and some not so very pleasant, in your terms.

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be engaging investigation of other focuses that they hold and delving, so to speak, into these areas to an extent, for as you offer yourself the information and the participation in the experience, it shall also be much more affecting to you, for it shall hold more of a reality.

I have moved in the direction previously of offering some information to individuals about other focuses that they hold, but this holds much less weight, so to speak, with each individual than engaging the action themselves, for in the engagement of participating in viewing or experiencing other focuses of your own, you also offer yourself the reality of these other focuses, which in turn offers you more of a reality in viewing the vastness of essence.  Another individual, and myself also, may offer you much information about you, but you offering yourself information about you and experiencing that information shall be much more real to you.

ELLEN:  What would be a good way to do that?

ELIAS:  You may be engaging in what I have termed to be our new game, which you may be inquiring of Michael in this area also.  This is quite efficient in facilitating the allowance for any individual’s participation or viewing of other focuses, and I am quite encouraging in this area.  (The “new game” is basically a past-life regression)
You may also move into other types of experiences if you are so choosing.  You may be choosing to engage meditations or visualizations with this as a focus, and that shall offer you the opportunity to move in this direction also.

I am also quite encouraging of individuals to be creating of GROUP visualizations, for the combined energy of a group of individuals facilitates this action of connecting to other focuses more effortlessly and is quite helpful many times to each individual participating.  It also offers an immediate objective validation to each of the individuals.  As you share your experiences, you allow yourselves the opportunity to view that you are in actuality accomplishing, for you each view similar aspects of a particular focus.  In this, I am suggesting that if you are moving into the direction of participating within a group visualization or meditation, that you agree upon a common focus.  This also is facilitating much more efficiently than if you are each moving in your own individual directions, which is creating of confusion.

ELLEN:  For a while, I’ve had a problem focusing on anything.  I feel diffused.  I feel like I don’t have a center in my life anymore.  Is that part of the wave of consciousness, or is that just something I’m creating?  I procrastinate.  I don’t accomplish what I think I should be accomplishing.  Sometimes I just feel like I’m drifting.

ELIAS:  This also is an element in the action of the movement of this shift in consciousness.  As you are allowing yourselves to move in the direction of acceptance of belief systems, addressing to belief systems, and noticing belief systems, you also are automatically moving yourselves into different modalities of consciousness objectively.  Therefore, belief systems that you have held throughout your focus in the direction of cultural time, that you must be productive continuously and you must be filling your hours of your days with this productivity and accomplishing continuously objectively, this is a belief system.

You also, in moving into the action of this shift in consciousness, automatically are also creating of natural byproducts in certain areas, one of which is less of a movement into cultural time and more of a movement into natural time.  Natural time is your own natural inclination to be moving into areas of pleasure and not obligation.  Your essence naturally magnates and moves in the direction of pleasure.  This is the least amount of thickness in energy within physical focus and affords the most efficient movement.  Therefore, what you are creating and what other individuals are creating also in alignment with this shift in consciousness is to be moving more and more away from cultural time and more and more into the expression of natural time, for this also shall be more of the officially expressed reality in the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.

I have stated many times that your reality shall be entirely altered in the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.  That which you recognize presently as your officially accepted reality shall change and shall be dramatically altered, for you shall hold the recognition in accepting these belief systems that it is entirely unnecessary to be so very structured and to be holding to the belief system of control so very tightly, for you shall naturally move into the expressions that are necessary within physical focus without effort and without the presentment and the projection of your own objective control.  Be remembering of our interpretation of dream, and the natural action of falling into the hole.  There is no control expressed in falling into a hole, and this is the very presentment of the natural effortless action of essence.  It is unnecessary for control, for you are never out of control!  Therefore, what shall you be controlling?

ELLEN:  Hmm!  I think the time is almost up.  You’ve told me so much!  Another issue I have is judging people.  How can I overcome that?

ELIAS:  Judgment in any area is the lack of acceptance, and this is a very major movement of this shift in consciousness.  ALL individuals upon your planet are and shall be addressing to these issues of acceptance, not only of belief systems but of themselves and of each other, and this is why this shift in consciousness is expressed in such a long period of your physical time framework, for it moves slowly in the direction of acceptance.  In another respect it is moving quite rapidly, for within the presentment of nearly two hundred years - less than two hundred years - the accomplishment of this shift shall be realized, but within that time framework of less than two hundred of your years, there is great struggle for all individuals in the area of acceptance.

(Intently)  I stress very strongly that individuals concern themselves with the acceptance of self first and the recognition of their own held belief systems, for in this shall be their movement into the acceptance of other individuals, for a natural byproduct of recognition of self is to be non-judgmental of other individuals, for as you are judging of other individuals, you are judging of yourself, for if you are not judging of yourself, you also do not place judgment upon other individuals.  If you hold the recognition and acceptance of self, it is unnecessary to be placing judgment upon other individuals, for there is an automatic recognition that you shall be judging self in judging others.  Each time you move into the area of placing a judgment upon any other individual, you also are placing judgment upon yourself.  You are mirroring outwardly your expression to self.  What is unacceptable in another individual is unacceptable in yourself, and if it is unacceptable within yourself, of course it shall be unacceptable for another individual to be expressing in this action.
Therefore, I present this to you, that you and all other individuals may attend their attention to themselves and to their own issues of duplicity and their own belief systems, and afford themselves the acceptance of themselves and the trust of themselves, for all other expressions shall naturally follow, so to speak, as natural byproducts of this action of acceptance of self.

ELLEN:  Okay, one last thing.  I forgot to ask my husband’s essence name ... because he’ll ask me!  Can you tell me that?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Essence name, Elliot.

ELLEN:  Elliot.  Two L’s or one?

ELIAS:  Two.

ELLEN:  Okay.  Well, I think my time is up.  I want to thank you.  It’s been ... I don’t have any words for it!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and I shall anticipate our next meeting with great fondness.  And I shall extend to you this day, that you may carry through your mundane day for its duration, my expression of loving energy to you.  You may wear this upon your chest as a token of my energy expression to you.

ELLEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  This day, I extend to you a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 12:46 PM.

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