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Belief of Acquisition


“Belief of Acquisition”
“How Do I Actually Direct My Concentration?”

Saturday, August 28, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous

(Elias’ arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

ANON: I’m good. I’ve been manifesting and transitioning a lot, so I thought I’d start out with a few specifics as usual, just to break it in. (Elias chuckles)

(Portion omitted by request.)

ANON: I was also reading recently about colors and tone, and I’m interested in that too. So there’s a color for focus and a color for essence, is that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: For me, I get purple, red, and black. I don’t know what they are. Are any of those close?

ELIAS: I may express to you, the focus color would be a wine red, which would be your impression concerning the black, and the essence color would be lavender.

ANON: And my tone?

ELIAS: As in musical note?

ANON: Yes.


ANON: Do I have a lot of counterparts in this timeframe, the same timeframe as me?


ANON: How many?

ELIAS: That would be somewhat challenging to attach a number, for that is an action that is continuously fluctuating. You all incorporate many, many, many, many counterpart actions in one focus.

ANON: I don’t really understand a lot about counterparts, so I’ll just leave that part. And my numbering of focuses, am I 121? Is that how many numbers of other focuses I have in this physical dimension?

ELIAS: That would be the number of focuses that you incorporate that are more easily accessible.

ANON: I’m not sure and I know we as essence have names, but is there a name or tonal name for abundance? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but you may create one.

ANON: Okay. (Elias laughs) I was just wondering if there was.

Some things have been going on with my mom lately, and I just kind of wanted to clarify that with you. She’s been ill lately, and my impression is that she’s choosing to disengage. I’m just not clear on that. I get that feeling very strongly sometimes, and then just almost like nothing, no energy at other times.

ELIAS: I may express to you that it is a potential, but the choice has not been engaged. This is what you are recognizing in energy, the potential and the direction, but the choice is not being engaged yet.

ANON: So when the choice is engaged, does it happen like right away, like the choice happens and it gets physically manifest that way?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual. An individual may be choosing to disengage and be choosing a method to disengage, and therefore engaging a process that shall accomplish that outcome. The individual in certain situations, in those types of processes, knows that this is what they are doing. But many times individuals engage the choice of death in the moment but are aware in the moment that that is the choice that they are engaging, regardless of what the situation is or what the method is.

ANON: When she was ill last month, was that potential a lot closer? It was just really kind of shocking again. She keeps doing this, like getting really sick, having strokes or heart attacks, and then getting well again. I’m just not sure what’s going on with that, or if it is even any of my business. That’s kind of her stuff, right?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but also what you are experiencing in this scenario is a fluctuation, indecision. At times, that appears to be a more appealing direction, and at times it is not. At times it is more preferred, and in other time frameworks, there is an expression of fear that the individual is engaging and therefore chooses to move in a different direction.

ANON: Am I doing the same thing?

ELIAS: Somewhat, yes. This is also the reason that you are reflecting this to yourself. There are no accidents! (Laughs)

ANON: I’ve had a dream where I felt like I could create anything, and I knew that I was doing it. Actually, I was just kind of flying through stars. It was just a very interesting dream, and that felt like transitioning and my freedom. But then there was off in this one place, it’s like I could just choose to play with death and that it doesn’t really mean anything, and I felt myself sinking and sinking. It was like a sinking feeling, but not a scary sinking feeling. It was just kind of like a movement of energy. But then at the last moment, I thought you know what, if I do this all the way I just might die, and I ended up waking up, like I ended up just going okay, I’m not going to do that. Was I engaging that choice at that time or was that just...? If I had continued on, would I have died?

ELIAS: It is a possibility, but that is not the direction that you are engaging. You are not engaging a direction of death or to be disengaging. What you are doing is experimenting with the concept and allowing yourself experiences to generate a clearer understanding of what occurs, and that is purposeful in preparation for your response to other individual’s choices to be disengaging.

ANON: I see, so that I’m not freaked out when mom or someone else chooses...?

ELIAS: Correct, and that you incorporate a clearer understanding of the action and therefore incorporate less fear and less trauma.

ANON: I want to ask about my son. He’s going through a lot of different changes right now, and he’s making big moves and so on. He’s not making choices of disengaging... I don’t know why I’m on this disengaging thing lately, but it seems to be really strong in me, and a lot of fear is coming up, too. So, he’s all right?

ELIAS: Yes. You are presenting these experiences to yourself to allow yourself to engage and examine your truths concerning death.

ANON: This is an interesting part for me, because I feel like I’ve made huge changes, huge shifts in my energy since the last time we spoke and how I’m engaging. I’m much more comfortable with the subjective part of myself.

I know that I’m creating a separation here, and this question is about me, being soft, I love being involved. I love mucking about in stuff and doing, I love it. I want to actively manifest and direct energy, and just kind of manifest what I want to and...

ELIAS: Which is what?

ANON: Well, it’s many different things. It’s almost like I feel like I have this clay, and I can make whatever I want. When I’m subjectively there, like I find in my alignment, my essence alignment, I can do this. I feel the energies...

I want to work with money, for example, let’s work with that. I’ve been sitting with the energy of money, just sitting with it, and I love it. It’s so playful and joyous and free and all of that stuff. I feel like in that place I’m not separate from it, but I know that I’m not manifesting it, or what I’m doing objectively is very different. So, I’m just not clear what I’m doing, like if I’m directing the energy or if I’m mucking about in it. What am I doing?

ELIAS: What ARE you doing?

ANON: Well, I’m not manifesting. I’m creating some type of separation, and I’m just not clear at what point I’m doing this or...

ELIAS: And what is your belief associated with money?

ANON: I have a number of them. First of all, I tie it up with having to work hard to do it, to have that manifest. I know that that’s there. Freedom is also another belief that’s around it.

I’ll give you an example. I’ve been playing with the lottery. I know everyone talks about the lottery, but I’ve been playing with it, that I would manifest it. It’s funny, because sometimes I do like four numbers or something, nothing huge. I woke up one morning, and I thought you know what, it doesn’t matter what those numbers were. I can actually go and change whether or not I manifest that winning of that lottery, even though I’ve already looked at the numbers. That freaked me out, because I thought that doesn’t make any sense at all, but it did subjectively. (Elias grins) It did make sense to me on one level, but it scared me, too, having that...

ELIAS: Power.

ANON: Well, yeah! (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And you do. Although, I may express to you some clarification. First of all, the belief that you are expressing is the belief that money is acquired.

Now; that belief may be expressing many different types of influences. One is that you may manipulate certain energies and therefore manipulate how you acquire the money. It also is involving another belief concerning value. It is not that you are engaging different beliefs concerning money itself. You are engaging and expressing one belief concerning money, and you are viewing different aspects of that same belief. But you are also expressing another belief concerning value: what you value, what you do not value, what you want to value, and what you actually value.

In this, that moves in conjunction with your belief concerning acquisition: money is a commodity, it is acquired, you do not create it, you do not generate it, you acquire it. And in association with value, if there is more effort involved in the acquiring of the money, it is valued more, for the more that you work for what you acquire, the more you value that.

Now; once you evaluate what your beliefs are and what your automatic responses are, you may begin to re-evaluate and view different influences of these beliefs.

As to value, there are many expressions within your reality that are also valued and do not require tremendous effort or work. You may be engaging interactions with other individuals or with myself and that interaction and exchange may be quite easy, and it is also quite valued. And in that, you are creating it.

For many, many, many individuals, the belief that money or that physical manifestations are acquired is very strong and very influencing, and moves in opposition to your allowance of yourself to recognize that you are not acquiring, you are actually generating. It is merely a matter of what method you are choosing to be generating the manifestation.

But a key element in this belief of acquisition is that there must be some thing to generate the creation of another thing. Which, being one of your truths, is expressed quite strongly, but it is not actually an absolute and it is not true. Things may be created from no thing. It, in actuality, is occurring in every moment of your reality, for you are not a thing but you have created manifestations from no thing. You are consciousness; you are essence — that is an action. It is not an entity. It is not a thing. But from that non-thing, you generate physical manifestations, which are things from no thing.

Now; you generate money by creating through the manipulation of your perception. How you manipulate your perception and how you alter your perception is recognizing different influences of your beliefs and allowing yourself to choose the influence that you more prefer.

Now; in association with the lottery, it is not that you would alter the numbers of the lottery once they have been created. It is the point of allowing yourself to genuinely recognize that YOU are creating the numbers. Whether they be in your assessment the right numbers or the wrong numbers, you are creating them — not that you are changing them, but that you create them.

ANON: And everyone else is creating their own numbers.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: If I’m so choosing and I created them and then I went back, I could create a different set of numbers?

ELIAS: Yes, that is possible. Although, I would express to you that it is most probably more challenging and difficult to re-create numbers that have already been created, or to un-create and re-create different numbers than it would be than to create the numbers initially. For in attempting to alter the numbers that have already been created, you involve many other expressed beliefs concerning time, concerning probabilities, concerning responsibility. You begin to engage many other types of beliefs that are influencing in automatic responses that generate more of a challenge to move through.

ANON: That’s why I was a little freaked out by that, and thought well, forget that.

ELIAS: You can, but it would be more challenging, given the expressed beliefs. But in actuality, you can manipulate any manifestation within your reality if you are aware of which beliefs are influencing in which manners in any particular moment, and if you are aware enough to allow yourself choice, which is the point of this shift.

ANON: Just to deal with me, then, let’s just continue on with this, because I can maybe use this to try and help me with the other things that I want to manifest, or I think I want to manifest, anyway. I’m a little bit involved in the mechanics, in terms of... Okay, so I have a belief in acquisition. I knew that part was there, but when I’m subjectively focused on money, I don’t believe in it, like I don’t feel a separation from it, so...

ELIAS: It is not a matter of feeling separated from it. You may not necessarily feel separated from it, but that is not to say that you are expressing a belief that you are actually creating it.

ANON: How do I create it, then? Can we do a step-by-step for me? I’ve been fiddling with it for a while, and this creation, this manifesting, I’m creating a lot of complexity around it, I know I am. I’m just not clear on how I’m doing that, and I want to engage, I want to be directing of the energy. I keep directing the energy, but then I don’t let it manifest. I keep taking control all the time, placing my order over and over again, I guess. That’s my perception, anyway, of what I’m doing.

ELIAS: Which is similar to wishing, and that is merely an expression of thought. This is the reason that for the most part I do not encourage individuals to be engaging affirmations or mantras, for that is merely repetition of thought, which does not create. What it does incorporate is holding your concentration in association with the belief that is blocking your manifestation.

Now; that is a key in which you may begin, to recognize what you are concentrating upon. What you are concentrating upon is the belief concerning acquiring and that you cannot actually materialize and create this manifestation. Therefore, you hold your concentration upon the acquisition, and in that, your concentration is creating the expression of the belief.

As I have expressed many, many times previously, you actually create what you concentrate upon. If your concentration is intensely expressed in association with a particular belief — which that is what your concentration does, it focuses upon specific beliefs and specific influences of those beliefs, and your concentration is not necessarily your attention, but your attention in some manners does reflect what you are concentrating upon — you shall translate that many times into thought.

Now; the thought process may not be entirely accurate and may require some evaluation in what it is actually translating. For example in this situation, your thought process continues to express “I want to create money; I want to create abundance with money,” which is correct, but it is also an indicator of your concentration. As you continue to express repeatedly this type of thought process, you are offering yourself an indication concerning your concentration, for in some manner your attention is reflecting that and is being translated in thought.

As you begin to recognize that you are expressing an intensity in concentration, you may intentionally begin to relax that concentration and therefore not be consumed with this one subject, and in that, allowing yourself to relax, you may begin to allow yourself to trust rather than to attempt to control.

ANON: Are there times when I am doing that, when I am trusting?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

ANON: There’s the new term, “attention.” Is attention related to thought? I don’t understand the difference between attention, thought and concentration. Thought, to me, is very objective.


ANON: I can feel it. It’s just present, and I understand its mechanism. Concentration, you can tell me that I’m concentrating on something and I wouldn’t know how to...

ELIAS: The manner in which you recognize what your concentration is is by what you are actually manifesting.

ANON: Okay, but how do I actually direct my concentration?

ELIAS: By paying attention to what you are actually doing, paying attention to what you are actually creating, expressing and manifesting, whether you express to yourself that you are choosing that or not, allowing yourself to express to yourself that you ARE choosing that and therefore evaluate what is influencing that choice that you do not necessarily want or that you do not necessarily prefer.

Once recognizing what is influencing those choices that are not preferred, you begin to recognize where your concentration is. For your concentration is centered in whatever you are actually doing, what you are actually creating, what you are actually manifesting. Concentration is that element of yourself that focuses on and expresses your beliefs, and whichever belief your concentration is focused with, you shall manifest some expression or some manifestation within your reality that reflects that belief in some manner. That is how you identify your concentration.

Thought is not attention. Attention may move to thought, but it is not thought.

ANON: Is it noticing?

ELIAS: Attention is associated with noticing, yes. For your attention moves in many different directions, and it is not always associated with thought. You may be paying attention to some element of your reality or of what you are doing or what you are communicating to yourself, and you may not necessarily be incorporating thought at all. Or you may be incorporating thought, but you are not noticing any thought process, for your attention is not moved to the mechanism of thought.

As an example, if you are engaging a conversation with another individual, and you are speaking and you are listening, in some moments that you are listening to the other individual, your attention may move to thought, and you may be generating thought in association with what the other individual is expressing, correct?

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: Now; in that same conversation, as you are speaking, many times you are not engaging your attention upon thought. You are speaking, and what you are speaking, you are speaking spontaneously. You are not thinking prior to your speaking. You are not moving your attention to thought and thinking, “I am now engaging this sentence: I shall say, ‘I want to engage incorporating a meal with you this evening.’” No, you spontaneously speak. At times you may engage moving your attention to thought prior to speaking in a conversation with another individual if you are attempting to evaluate how you want to present what you are speaking, but many times you merely speak.

ANON: Then that attention is...

ELIAS: Upon the action of verbally communicating with another individual, which does not require pre-thought.

ANON: I’m still not clear on concentration. I feel really frustrated with this point, because I’ve been reading all the transcripts, and still, to me, I guess I can look at my world and I can manifest. But for example with the money, I’m not manifesting. So I have some beliefs here — beliefs about acquiring, beliefs about value.

ELIAS: And that is your indicator as to what you are concentrating upon.

ANON: I have those beliefs and now I’m aware of it, and I want to actively engage changing it...

ELIAS: And how you generate that action is to evaluate what influences of that belief are being expressed.

ANON: Can you help me out with some of these examples of the influences that I’m creating in terms of this belief?

ELIAS: The influence that you are expressing is that you cannot physically create, yourself, the manifestation of physical money. You must acquire it from some source.

ANON: So there’s the influence. I can look at that and that resonates. But yeah, that certainly could be a limiting constraint here.

ELIAS: Now; in that, recognizing that this is your belief and it is being expressed that you must acquire the physical manifestation of money from some source and that you cannot physically create that yourself, you evaluate further: what are the sources? What is the expressed influence of this belief concerning the sources of acquisition — that it must be acquired from some source that you recognize. That is another influence of this belief, that it may be acquired from employment, for that is a source. That is the holder, so to speak, of the money that has already been created, in similarity to a bank. It is the holder of the money. Therefore, if you engage an exchange with the holder of the money, you acquire the money from the holder, for this is the manner in which you acquire money. It is an exchange. You do some action, and whomever you are exchanging with also engages an action of giving you the money. This is the manner in which you acquire it. Therefore, another influence of this belief concerns exchange.

Now; this particular influence of this belief is a limiting point for many individuals, especially in association with engaging the lottery, for there is no exchange. Therefore, how do you acquire?

Therefore, you do not acquire, and you allow yourself some limited acquisition, which is proportionate to the measure of your exchange. If you assess that you are paying more attention to yourself and listening to yourself more, you are doing more. Therefore, as you choose the numbers, you have incorporated more action, therefore more of an exchange. Therefore, perhaps, you may allow yourself to create some limited manifestation of money, but not a considerable manifestation, for there is no real exchange in association with your beliefs or the influence of these beliefs of acquiring.

Now; once recognizing these influences, you may quite realistically and genuinely recognize within yourself: “This is not actually true. I may express this quite strongly and it may have become one of my truths, but it is not actually true.” And in that, you may begin to express more flexibility, more playfulness, and allow yourself to trust yourself that there are many different avenues that you may generate money, which do not necessarily require exchange. Or if you continue to express that influence, that it requires exchange, you may allow yourself to incorporate imaginative directions and express different types of exchange. This influence of exchange very easily becomes quite black and white, that you must offer to receive. Not necessarily.

ANON: If I’m looking at this influence and I see my influence is on exchange, this is where I think conflict is coming into my being. Because part of me knows that that’s not true on a different level and...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So I’m looking at that, and go okay, that’s my belief, I see you, or that’s the influence that it’s having. Now, how do I shift my... It’s okay that it’s there, I’m manifesting it, and I’m noticing you, I see you...

ELIAS: Alter your expression of exchange, rather than continuing to force energy in opposition to the belief and expressing to yourself repeatedly “but that is not true and I do not believe that.” What are you concentrating upon? That very element of the belief. Therefore, what are you doing? You are continuing to express and manifest that influence, for you are continuing to concentrate upon that influence. If you incorporate a different action, if you alter what you are actually doing and interrupt that concentration, you express different outcomes.

ANON: How do I do that, though, without concentrating on that influence? I can look at this and go, “Oh yes, I can see this. I can see how this is influencing the outcome. I accept that that does happen, and I want to choose not to have that influencing anymore.” Can I choose that?

ELIAS: Yes. Incorporate a different action.

ANON: Give me an example of an action. Is that an objective action?

ELIAS: Yes. Incorporate DOING different.

ANON: (Makes a confused sound)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may also offer you a suggestion.

ANON: Please!

ELIAS: I may express to you the suggestion that you may engage an interaction with Michael concerning this very subject, for I am aware that Michael does incorporate an objective understanding and may “provide” (laughs) an objective example with you that maybe helpful, if you are so choosing.

ANON: I will do that, because we’re pretty much running out of time now. I only got one of my questions asked, and I still don’t get it. I still don’t get about shifting my concentration, so...

ELIAS: (Laughs) Do not concern yourself with the mechanism of shifting your concentration. Concern yourself with altering what you are doing, and that shall automatically shift your concentration. If you objectively alter what you do...

ANON: What I do objectively?

ELIAS: Yes. If you are objectively altering what you do, you shall automatically interrupt that concentration and alter that.

ANON: I just don’t know what I’m doing that perpetuates this influence of exchange. I can’t think of something that I do everyday that would do that. To me, it’s a belief, it’s almost nebulous, right, like I don’t feel... (Sighs)

ELIAS: Which is the reason that it is important to actually be genuinely paying attention and recognizing what you are actually DOING within each day. And I am understanding the challenge of that action, for it is quite unfamiliar.

ANON: My internal voice is saying to me to just pay off everything, just completely spend, not spend crazily, but just have some fun and do all of that. The other part of me is going okay, that’s fine, but I also need to manifest money, because I don’t think it’s going to be something later on, but right now it’s important in our society.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; as my parting comment to you, I suggest that you listen to what you have expressed, what you have said in that final statement to myself, and engage an interaction with Michael.

ANON: Okay, I shall do that.

ELIAS: For that, what you have expressed yourself, is your key, and that shall offer you your answer. (Chuckles)

ANON: Well, we’ll be chatting again soon. I know this one was hard to come by, but we’ll chat again soon.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, my friend. I shall be offering my energy in encouragement to you. I express to you great affection, as always, and a reminder to be playful.

ANON: Okay, I’ll try. Thanks, Elias.

ELIAS: To you as always, my friend, in great affection, au revoir.

ANON: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 3 minutes.

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