First of all, I would like to thank Gerhard for taking the initiative to create this website.

First of all, I would like to thank Gerhard for taking the initiative to create this website. It's an excellent source of the Elias material for those who wish to access it via complete transcripts.

My name is Vicki. I have been transcribing these sessions since they began in April, 1995. At the time, I hadn't typed since high school, I had never used a word processor or a computer, and I had never transcribed anything. I had much to learn about punctuation, and also about Elias' speech patterns. So, the transcripts are not perfect. However, they are an accurate presentation of Elias' words, for the most part.

This information is delivered through a woman named Mary. When these sessions began, she wasn't aware of the phenomenon of "channeling," or what Elias calls an "energy exchange of essence." In spite of this, Mary jumped in with both feet. She has done close to 900 recorded sessions in 6 years, most of which are 1 to 2 hours in length. As a result, much information has been delivered regarding the nature of physical and non-physical reality; some of which is controversial, all of which we would like to share with those of you who are interested.

As to Elias, he calls himself an energy personality essence, but we affectionately call him a dead guy. I'm not exactly sure who or what Elias is, but he's become a very good friend. He's patient to a fault, very personable, has a great sense of humor!

This material has affected me tremendously. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary for continuing with this endeavor in spite of the difficulties, and even more to the point, in spite of not having a clue as to what the heck she's doing. It hasn't always been easy, but it's never been boring! Thanks, Mare.

Elias has defined his intent in this interaction to be that of delivering information to be helpful in avoiding trauma within the global shift in consciousness which is occurring presently. Most of this material has been delivered in a group situation, with ample opportunity for the participants to ask questions, which Elias has always encouraged. There are also private sessions, most of which are available here also. The sessions are currently continuing, and the transcripts will be made available here as they are completed. For those who would like to gain an overview, I recommend session #185, session #270, session #284, session #345 and session #488

For those who would like to be on the current transcript mailing list, please sign up here.

You will notice that the first eight months of transcripts are not available here. This is because there are more inaccuracies and distortions in these scripts than in later ones. When these have all been checked word-for-word and the distortions explained, they will be made available. In any case, most of the information offered in these early sessions has been re-addressed.

Elias has instructed that certain words be underlined, and these instructions are always included in the text. All underlined words not so instructed have been my choice of emphasis, mostly based on verbal intonations. To reduce confusion in this area, I rarely underline words these days. Now, I use CAPS to indicate Elias' emphasis.

Elias uses specific terminology for specific reasons. We are presently working on a glossary, which will be presented when it is completed. For now, note that when Elias uses the word "focus," he is speaking of what we usually call a "lifetime." Also, "objective" refers to our waking consciousness, and "subjective" refers to what we call our subconscious. These three terms are used frequently.

I would like to encourage everybody to share their personal experiences. I feel that we have much to learn from each other.

Any and all suggestions from all of you are most welcome. Also, if you find obvious errors while browsing the site, please relay these to the website team.

There is a wealth of material to be accessed here. I personally feel this information will stand on its own for a very long time, and will provide much helpfulness to us all.

Happy reading!

Love, Vic

P.S.: Vicki died 6th, December 2001.

Maybe it's an attachment to Vicki still, but we kind of like that her words are here. Still, any and all suggestions from all of you are most welcome. Please contact us.