Session 126
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Your Purpose Is Experienc


"Your Purpose Is Experience"

Sunday, September 29, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Christy (Maka), Jim (Yarr).
Note: We talked Mary into keeping her eyes open again. It is quite interesting to observe the instantaneous "change", which is more noticeable when you're looking at her eyes. Also, it seems that Elias focuses within seconds, as opposed to the usual thirty seconds.
Elias arrives at 6:32 PM. (Time was two seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (The group responds)

The notes not played in the symphony of consciousness:

I have expressed to you previously that you are the unexpressed notes within consciousness. In this concept, I express to you, that which you perceive to be "not" is equally as important to that which you perceive "is"; for as I have expressed to you, without all of the notes not played, you would have no symphony. In this, there are what you would view to be many more notes unplayed than there are to be notes played. This serves as an analogy to probabilities and you; all of your channels, all of your alternate selves, all of your counterparts, your pools of consciousness, all of these elements that are not visible to you.

You, you may think of as very similar to your particles. Your scientists do not view particles. They view trace motions of particles. This is not to say that these trace motions are not reality, for they are. They are not merely symbols, although they are symbols, but they also hold their own integrity. You also are trace motions, of the movement of the focus of the self. Each of the focuses of essence are trace motions. Each holds its own identity, its own reality, its own integrity; but it is, in actuality, the same essentially as the trace motion of a particle. Essence is not viewed as a particle is unviewed, but you are aware of the existence of the particle, for you view its trace motion. You are aware of your focuses, for you view the trace motion of essence.

(Firmly) I wish to express to you this evening, make no mistake; you are reality. You create reality. The reality that you create is your focus. This is the reality that holds your attention. Therefore, within this individual focus, it is of supreme importance; for it is what you identify as you. Understand this clearly; for within our discussions of probabilities, probable selves, alternate focuses, and counterparts, you shall lean automatically to discounting the supreme importance of yourself. You each hold a belief system, aligned with mass belief systems, of the duplicity of self, and also of the lack of importance of an individual focus. You may view, within your thoughts, that you are an important individual. You may express to each other that you believe you are worthy and important. In actuality, you prove out daily that you do not believe what you express. You wish to believe, but you hold belief systems, aligned with mass belief systems, which discount the individual. Therefore, it is quite easy for you, and also quite automatic for you, to be discounting of the importance of yourself when faced with what you view to be your "greater" self. The word greater does not necessarily denote "better". It is more expansive, for you are more expansive than you realize.

You have been offered an exercise to be focusing upon this attention, to be focusing upon your clarity within this focus, in allowing yourselves the ability to hold greater clarity within your awareness of other focuses. I have expressed to you, many times, that you are affecting of all of your focuses, and also, they are affecting of you; for you are them, although they are themselves, but they are also you.

Consciousness is much greater in the terms of expansiveness than you presently, not ever, but presently, possibly understand. There are infinite aspects of consciousness. There are infinite connections; but as you focus singularly, you do not recognize the expansiveness of consciousness, or your own being. I express to you this evening to be allowing yourselves to widen the belief system that you are "less", for you are not.

In this, we have spoken of children, and their awareness and their lack of separation. You, within your thought process and belief systems, view this to be "better". You view yourselves to move through physical focus "narrowing" and becoming less; more separated and less efficient. You have designed physical focus the way it is. You have purposefully and artfully created a magnificent system of development physically. You have chosen a system within physical focus to hone in, more and more precisely, into physical experiences; this being the point!

It is not to be viewed as negative, that you create selectively. We have spoken of the purity of experience. You do not hold the purity of experience within physical focus if you remember what you know!

As you enter physical focus, you are what you would term to be still slightly defocused. You are moving from an area of non-physical consciousness into an area of physical manifestation. This action, within itself, incorporates transition; for each time that you move into another area of consciousness, you must engage a transitional action. All of these elements are familiar to you within non-physical, as you approach entry into physical manifestation. As a very small one, you are very aware of non-physical elements. You are continuing within a transitional state, acclimating yourself into a new awareness of consciousness. In this, you acclimate yourselves to your environment, and to the motion of consciousness. This includes a time element. It also includes manipulation of energy differently, for you manipulate energy to be creating physically; just as when you view yourselves to engage the action of death, in your terms, you also move into an area of transition, for you are acclimating yourself to a new environment. Therefore, as you enter, you are aware of non-physical elements. Your reality is expressed more closely in terms of what you now view to be your dream state, for this is what is familiar to you. As you disengage physical focus, you bring with you what is familiar to you. You do not die and automatically move into a cloud-like area with no body, floating through nothingness, knowing all things! (Humorously)

CATHY: Why??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You move with the awareness of the elements of consciousness that are familiar to you. Therefore, you move with the consciousness of physical body, and with the objective focus of consciousness.

As you enter physical focus, the action of creating is unfamiliar to you. Even though you have experienced physical focus within other manifestations, you divorce yourselves from these remembrances in allowing yourselves to focus singularly, from what you would term to be the beginning, upon the creation of this individual focus.

Also realize that the aspect of consciousness that enters any given focus is not "used". It is not remanifesting as a used product. It is a new creation. It is you; and although you view that you hold past and future focuses, and I express to you that you hold simultaneous focuses, as I have stated, they are you, but they are not you; for you are uniquely you, new and becoming, not already produced, not already used within another focus, not another version of you; for within your uniqueness, there is only one version of you.

Therefore, as you enter newly into your chosen manifestation, you enter bringing with you an awareness of memory. The memory that you hold is, in your terms, immediate. The immediate memory is non-physical; a realization of the extent of your creative abilities. As adults, you view within children this aspect as imagination. In actuality, this is a knowing of reality. Children experiment with consciousness and creativity, for they are learning how to manipulate energy within physical terms. They are learning the boundaries that they will be setting for themselves within physical focus. As they grow, they learn more efficiently how to set these boundaries. These are not negative terms. They are highly specialized movements of consciousness. View within your exercise the difficulty incorporated of separating your senses, and manipulating individually these senses while holding your focus. This is a highly specialized motion within manipulation of physical energy. In this same respect, you learn to specialize within physical focus. Therefore, you direct your attention more and more increasingly. (To Jim, who just arrived) Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Within your desire to be understanding the motion of transition away from physical focus, as you would term this, you reinforce your belief systems of discounting yourself, for you view your specialization as "bad". You wish to yourselves, and oft times to each other, that you would hold the awareness of a child. This wishing is discounting of your accomplishment in specialization of your focus.

Individuals within this company have chosen to be widening awareness within physical focus, in anticipation of transition. In this, information shall be offered and has been offered, for helpfulness; but just as the unplayed notes are essential to the melody of the symphony, so are all of the aspects of creation that you create essential to you.

These are important concepts for you to contemplate, for the introduction of counterparts will challenge the importance of your individual selves. There are many aspects to this subject of counterparts. They are not limited to your own essence. Counterparts intertwine throughout consciousness. There are no boundaries or barriers within the creation of counterparts. Therefore, there are many aspects and different actions of these elements of consciousness; this being the reason that I choose presently to preface our movement into this subject matter with information of the importance and validity of yourself. I do not express to you lightly that you are the center of the universe, for you are! Therefore, remember this as we move into areas that may create defocusing, within your awareness of you.

We shall break briefly.

BREAK 7:06 PM. RESUME 7:26 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Upset and "upendedness" shall be the order of the day, with the incorporation of the information that shall be being delivered to you; for even within your new creation of your new religion of "metaphysics", you are taught or led to believe that this focus, or your lifetime, is a striving for a "better reality". There is an ultimate discounting of this reality that you create, and of your focus and your creativity. You are told that you narrow yourselves; that you do not see all that you may see. I express these concepts to you also, but simultaneously I express to you that what you create is not insufficient, and it is no less reality than any other area of consciousness. You are told that this focus that you experience is an illusion. "This is your dream state, and your dreaming state is reality." This is another discounting of your creation of your self.

I shall not offer you information to be discounting of any of your creations. This is your reality. This is a reality. This is a manifestation of reality, and it is a perfect manifestation of reality. It is not flawed or errored. You are not flawed, and do not create errors. You do not make mistakes, for there are no mistakes. Therefore, many shall experience upendedness with this information. You have asked to challenge your established belief systems, and so you shall.

Your focus involves ultimate precision; an immaculate preciseness; an ultimate creativity. You create a selectivity intentionally. If you were not wishing to be selective, you would not choose to engage physical focus. There are, as has been expressed, essences choosing not to engage physical focus of any type, so to speak. There are essences choosing to be engaging other physical focuses quite foreign to what you view to be your physical focus, but you present have chosen. You have not been "thrust into"! You have chosen, purposefully, this physical focus, this manifestation, and you create it perfectly for your own purposes, which is your experience.

Day one, chapter one, Elias: Your purpose is experience.

I shall briefly allow questions, if you are wishing, and we shall engage our game. But first, I shall be inquiring of Yarr, how goes your probabilities?

JIM: Very probable! (Laughter) It's been an interesting period of time. I'm realizing a lot. I'm viewing a lot. It's been a good chance to digest. It's been a very good time.

ELIAS: This creation of probabilities that Yarr has initiated shall be interesting for you to study; for as I have pulled together physical probabilities, and also non-physical desires which have interacted with manifestation of probabilities, you may view, physically, examples of the motion of probabilities. In this, I shall express to you that as I have stated previously, your sayings that you incorporate do not come from nowhere! They are reflections of what you know to be true. In this, you incorporate a small saying of, "All things occur within their designated time". By this, what you are expressing is that probabilities manifest within time elements as they gather the energy required cooperatively to be physically manifesting outwardly. Therefore, within cooperation of each other, not necessarily those within this forum, but with each other, within consciousness, you align with chosen probabilities; and as you align with these probabilities, you lend energy to them, in the same manner as pushing a small snowball at the top of a hill, which may gather more mass as it descends. As the probabilities progress within motion, and as they incorporate more energy through more actions, they become actualized. You do not view these physically, for you are not looking! Therefore, you are unaware and unclear as to the action that occurs around you. Now that you incorporate a directed attention in noticing probabilities, and not discounting of the smallest elements that seem to lend themselves to each other, you shall also offer yourselves the opportunity to view how you place together, within cooperation and agreement, manifestations of probabilities, as the energy builds to be creating of what you view to be the "ending scenario"; although there is no ending! This shall serve, as I have expressed, an interesting study, for you have offered yourselves the opportunity to view these probabilities for quite some of your time.

JIM: Thank you for your support. I have a question. Within the physical aches and pains that I've been encountering, I've gone through a lot of them, and been experimenting a lot as to what it is, and their creation, and so forth, and I'm finding a directing energy in just leaving it and going on to other things. I'm finding that that seems to be a method for me to be able to deal with that, but then there seems to be some energies and aches that I'm not able to move. I thought maybe you could direct me as to where I may ... I know I've passed over things, but I'd like to direct focus more.

ELIAS: These are what you view to be difficult areas, within your physical manifestation, for most individuals. In actuality, your physical expression, your body, holds the ability to perform, if you will, efficiently, with no incorporation of distress. This manifestation that you hold physically is much more efficient than you realize, and equally as precise and perfect and tuned as I have expressed are you, but you also hold belief systems that counter this. Your physical body, within its consciousness, responds to your consciousness; to the you of you. Therefore, it also responds to what you believe. If you believe you shall incorporate painfulness, your body will faithfully produce this effect for you. It is always in compliance with you. Therefore, whatever you choose, it shall faithfully execute.

You hold many belief systems concerning your physical form, none of which are a belief system of its consciousness and independence and efficiency to be moving through your physical focus unhampered in any area ever! This includes what you view to be an aging process. These are elements of your belief systems, and faithfully reproduced by the consciousness of your form. Acquire our exercise, which has been offered. This shall be helpful within your clarity. Be remembering also to express to yourself that you hold no reason, unless you are choosing, to be creating of discomfort. In this also, be recognizing that your physical form is very cooperative. It is very compliant. Therefore, it shall manifest for you issues also that you choose to not engage, and it shall hold these issues for you within its memory. This, at times also, is creating of physical discomfort; for within its cooperation, it is also reminding you that it is holding your issue.

CATHY: Swell! (Laughter)

VICKI: Those kind of things can be a lot of different things, right? Physical manifestations?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: Right now I have a sore butt, which is totally unfamiliar and new and not seemingly attached to a belief system, per say.

ELIAS: Not all of your manifestations, as has been stated, are incorporations of belief systems. You are responsive to yourself. You are also responsive to all of your alternate selves.

VICKI: So sometimes these things are what you would call energy connections within consciousness?

ELIAS: If you are choosing to term this in this way, yes. (Grinning)

JIM: My knee ached for three days, and then all of a sudden it was gone, and then Cindy's leg ached the same way, and then a day later that was gone. Is that an energy aspect that I was feeling?

ELIAS: This would be an example of an incorporation of sympathetic action. Within consciousness, and within what you term to be an energy connection, (grinning) there is a manifestation in like manner, which is also faithfully reproduced.

JIM: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Quite! You do not enter your own interpretation within a sympathetic action. You incorporate empathically the action of another, and recreate it efficiently and quite true to its expression. (Long pause) Very well. We shall on to our game!

JULIE: I want to introduce another category; clichés.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JULIE: My cliché is, "Variety is the spice of life", with Sumafi.

ELIAS: Less probable, within this family alignment.

JULIE: Okay. Movies, Twelve Monkeys, Gramada.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CHRIS: I'll go now. I'd like to connect myself with green.

ELIAS: Express now to Elias, why you choose to change your identification of alignment.

CHRIS: Well, I read them over the first time and I identified with all of them, but with red specifically, and then when I read them over and discussed it with Gail and Julie, I decided that green was more along my lines.

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you to be trusting of self, for you are correct within your alignment to Milumet.

CATHY: Okay, I'll do one. Watchers ... No! Never mind! (Laughter) Readers with red!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Very good, Shynla. Less probable! (We crack up)

CATHY: Well then it's Watchers, and if it's not Watchers, then ...

ELIAS: One point! (We're all cracking up, including Elias)

GAIL: A little backwards action there!

CATHY: Well then, Readers with indigo.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Hey! You just took one of mine!

CATHY: That's why I went before you!

ELIAS: It is a race! (Much laughter)

CATHY: Formers with orange.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: And Hearers with yellow.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay. With the babies, I would like to connect the name Wilson with Sumari, location Australia.

ELIAS: One point for location. (Long pause, while Vicki tweaks)

VICKI: Sumafi, seeds, peanut.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Aspect personalities, Milumet, William Saroyan.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Less probable. (Long pause) I detect that our impression game ... No! (Humorously) I believe I experience an impression that our impression game is losing its attraction! Continue!

JIM: I have, in our other game of building the city, Cindy's dream to offer, of the white stone houses and the area that was all water.

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

JIM. You know more about those? It was interesting.

ELIAS: Investigate! You are creating your city! Therefore, you may investigate what you create! (To Cathy) You may concentrate upon these intents of essence families, as you have incorporated alignment with the intent of each family. (Grinning)

CATHY: Okay! (Laughter)

GAIL: I have a question about the exercise. When we hold an object in our periphery and focus, when we go to our next sense, like hearing, do we continue to hold the focus of visual?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: Okay, and then hold hearing, and then hold each one?

ELIAS: Simultaneously. No disengaging!

GAIL: Okay. I'm trying!

ELIAS: Very good! (Another pause) I shall allow you your interaction this evening with each other, and I shall be plunging into our new area of probabilities and counterparts at our next meeting. Shynla may incorporate the "thinking helmet"! (Chuckling, and then to Cathy) Connect, connect, connect! (To Vicki) Engage, engage, engage!

VICKI: Oh, shut up!

ELIAS: How very disrespectful of a deceased focus! Au revoir!

Elias departs, laughing, at 8:03 PM.

© 1996 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.