Session 64
Translations: ES NE

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Wednesday, January 3, 1996 (Private) ©1996
Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and Cathy.
Note: This private session was requested by Cathy, just prior to her departure for Vienna.
Elias arrives at 9:21 PM

ELIAS: Good evening! Your "dead" individual speaking here! (Smugly humorous, and finally responding to Mary's comment that she "talks for a dead guy") And what would you be wishing to be asking in my presence this evening? (Mimicking a "lofty, spiritual psychic", and we all crack up)

CATHY: Three guesses, and the first two don't count! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! A guessing game! (More laughter, and a pause)

CATHY: Oh, gosh! I would like to know if Vicki was accurate on my dream interpretation, the one with Ron lying next to me, that part of it! (Laughing) I mean, I realize it's an intimacy issue, but is that as far as that went?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Interesting symbolization within your dream focus! This is partially correct in interpretation. I will extend this interpretation for you, to include also another issue which sparks your curiosity; as dealing with your dispersement. In this, you share with Ron an element of "holding back" from the experience of this phenomenon. You move not too closely to Ron and wish him not to be touching you, for this creates a connection; and within his choice to incorporate the phenomenon, you share the experience. To both of you, your desire for this experience may be a reality, but your issue of control and fear is also a reality, preventing you from moving too closely at this moment. (Pause)

CATHY: Isn't that interesting? Who would've "thunk" it? (Laughing) What about the snake with the hand/head on it that came out of the wall, that I was holding and wrapped itself around me and then it got a rattler, and then the hand part turned into a head and put its mouth on me but didn't bite?

ELIAS: As I have expressed also for Ron, this being a spiritual symbol, this serpent; this also being a connection with Ron, in identifying the same creature as he did within his dream element; this being a serpent which is not harmful to you, but you also feel pursued by this creature, as it will engage in connection with you, although not being hurtful to you; but your fear is provoked by this creature and its pursuit. Your initial response to this is to be frightened and to move away, just as Michael's initial response to his dog was to be moving away, and rendering it to be non-hurtful. It was not being hurtful, as your serpent was not being hurtful; but you perceive this to be threatening, for these creatures are manifestations of an issue that you view to be threatening to your own identity.

CATHY: Oh! I didn't think I had the big fat fear thing! Wrong!

ELIAS: Within physical focus, you do not incorporate fear only when you do not have knowledge of what you may be incorporating within non-physical focus. If you are in agreement within non-physical focus, and prepared with no conscious foreknowledge, you will not incorporate fear initially. You, as also Ron, have foreknowledge of the phenomenon, and of non-physical focus as an existence. You do not understand this, and you also battle belief systems of this. Therefore, you have a little information, which also incorporates fear; for your issue is to be focused within your present identity, and to be controlling of this. The idea of another essence, which is within non-physical focus, appears to you to be more powerful. Therefore, it presents a threat. (Pause)

CATHY: So even though I try to equate us all, including yourself, as personality essences, I haven't really done that. I still place ... Is Tomkin the essence that I desire to channel?

ELIAS: Within your waking consciousness.

CATHY: Oh, so in my other consciousness, it's someone else?

ELIAS: If you are choosing to follow a probability of agreement, you may not incorporate the agreement with Tomkin.

CATHY: But within our connecting game, I mean, Michael, Elias; Ron, Paul; but all those probabilities could change, right?

ELIAS: This is correct; but you are not only connected to Tomkin!

CATHY: I'm connected to everybody, to all of them!

ELIAS: This is correct also; but if you are focused within our game, you are connected to essence other than Tomkin also. (Pause)

CATHY: Am I supposed to know who that is? Here we go! Help!

ELIAS: (Grinning) We have discussed awarenesses, and we have also discussed wider awarenesses of individual awarenesses, which are all connected. Tomkin's energy and focus is not aligned with yours. Therefore, it would be pointless for Tomkin to be focused within agreement with you

CATHY: But what do I do to find out which one is?

ELIAS: Think to yourself of your color spectrum. (Pause) Find your draw, which you are already aware of. There lies your answer.

CATHY: Well, then it's Paul! (Another "Oh, brother" look) I just irritated him! If he could be irritated, I would've just irritated him! So I'll just think.

ELIAS: Color spectrum!

CATHY: I know how they go! (Pause, and we're starting to laugh)

ELIAS: I shall offer Shynla a clue!

CATHY: Oh boy! Okay!

ELIAS: Being: What is the color, within our spectrum, to which you incorporate a draw?

CATHY: Oh, that color! This purple color! (Holding up her pen)

ELIAS: Ring a bell! (Hitting the table several times, and laughter)

CATHY: Oh, that's nice! Well I was just trying to stay at my end, you know. Orange was next. I just didn't get it! (Laughing)

RON: Well, purple is just before you.

CATHY: What? Does it go around in a circle or something?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Oh. See, I didn't know that. I was not aware of that.

VICKI: I'd like to pop in with a quick question about that.

CATHY: Oh! Go ahead!

ELIAS: For Lawrence only incorporates "quick questions"!

VICKI: So ... Let me formulate my question.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Turning to Cathy) Within your categorizing of our transcripts, you may also include a notation of how many times Lawrence incorporates "quick questions"! (Laughter)

CATHY: I'll write that down. I don't want to forget it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Which do not always incorporate "quick answers"! Continue.

VICKI: I understand the connection with Shynla and Ordin, but I'm just curious; being that as it is, what is her connection with Tomkin?

ELIAS: Tomkin has been instrumental in directing, as was also John; a vehicle ... no vessel! (Vicki laughs)

VICKI: Tomkin and John being of the same tribe, so to speak?

ELIAS: No; incorporating the same action; not of the same essence group. His part was in delivering a message, which you received.

CATHY: Guess so! Guess I did receive that message! (Pause, laughing) Well, I would like to ask about my dream with Ed in it. Topla. We were in the cabin and it was kind of like divided in half, and I was in a bed on one side. There was two kids next to me, and he was in a bed like around the corner, kind of. And I went into the other part of the living room and it was very warm, and I went back in and he said he would show me how to build a fire in there, to make it warm in that room too. And then there was like a chicken with a bunch of little chicks in there. And then I went outside. Somebody told me to turn off the bus that was out there, and it happens to be a bus that I used to ride in across country, years ago. And I got in to shut it off and I shut it off, and the but started rolling and I tried to put the brakes on and it wouldn't stop, and it crashed through a fence and went quite a ways and went down a really steep hill, and I was still driving it and it was fine, but by the time it got to the end, it just stopped and it was okay, and then I woke up. (Whew!)

ELIAS: This dream incorporates physical action. Partially, your focus within this dream was viewing a physically focused action. You have inserted yourself into this dream as being part of it, but the action of this vehicle has been incorporated into physical manifestation of actuality. (Pause) You are not understanding! I will express to you that a bus has, within physical reality, incorporated this action without injury to individuals; but what you would express as not in control, and not possessing one directing this vehicle. Small children were present within its vicinity, but escaped harmfulness. This was a viewing of an actual manifestation.

This you have presented yourself as a validation of your ability. You have been preparing for incorporating connecting within consciousness. You have also been illustrating to yourself your abilities for connecting. You are showing yourself your accomplishments, this allowing you to be "feeling better" about your choices; for you have also chosen, within this choice, to be connecting as well as you view possible. Therefore, you allow yourself examples of your accomplishment. You may view, upon your viewing box, an account of this vehicle. Other individuals have witnessed this.

CATHY: Wow! What about the Ed part? Why do you suppose I had the Ed part in there?

ELIAS: This, partially, is a connection with Joseph. There is an element within your consciousness that is wishing to be continuing connection with Joseph. Joseph incorporates greater connecting with this other individual presently. Therefore, if you are connecting through this individual, you may also be connecting with Joseph.

CATHY: Interesting! (Pause) Shall we give Elias his gift now?

VICKI: Sure! Sure we should! (Elias sits up straight, grinning, and Vicki hands him a wrapped gift) Merry Christmas! It's a physically focused belief system!

ELIAS: I am quite aware of Christmas! I was not born yesterday!

VICKI: Well, after all, you're dead! (Cracking herself up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is quite true, but I have incorporated many developmental focuses within the time period of Christian belief systems, and held these belief systems myself! (Thank you, Elias!) You may do these honors in unraveling your present.

VICKI: I certainly wanted to watch you do it!

CATHY: Yeah!

ELIAS: Shall we make a spectacle of this?

CATHY: Definitely!

ELIAS: (To Ron) Incorporate my chair! (Ron gets the rocking chair) I shall move! (Standing up) Very good! (He looks down at Vicki, who is sitting on the floor) You are appearing much smaller now! (He sits down in the chair) Yes! I will sit here! (Slapping his hands on the hand-rests) Now, you may offer me the gift. (Vicki hands it to him, and he holds his hands over the top of it, grinning) Red and blue! Even your trimmings express vibrational tones of color energy. This shall prove interesting! (He goes about the task of "unraveling" his present) I will accomplish this, with no helpfulness! (He spends a good deal of time examining the package, turning it over, then over again, until he finally finds the taped tab on the end of the box) Ah! (He rips a piece of the wrapping paper off and tosses it aside) Belief systems! (Much laughter; and we all watch Elias deal with the problem of the tape on the box)

RON: (Getting up and walking over to Elias) Let me cut the tape for you. Lawrence wanted to make it as hard on you as possible!

ELIAS: Naturally! (We all crack up) Small hands do not move quite as efficiently. This is more difficult than I anticipated! (He finally inserts a fingernail under the flap of the box, and voila!) Ah! (Taking the pipe out of the box) Quite nice! And, as per Michael's request, no ... (holding the empty pipe out towards Vicki)

VICKI: Actually, there is tobacco, as per Olivia's action! (Elias starts laughing) The tobacco is in the black bag, in the bottom.

ELIAS: (Still laughing) And Michael is viewing pop-ins as annoying! (With a twinkle in his eye) This is quite nice! Very nice! (He puts the pipe in his mouth, drawing on it) Very good suction! Unfortunately, even with the incorporation of the tobacco, I would not be enjoying of its aroma; but this is excellent! (Holding up the pipe, and handing the pipe-stand to Vicki) Thank you. I shall keep this! (Indicating the pipe, and sticking it in his mouth) We shall incorporate this within our sessions! (Pointing it at Vicki)

VICKI: It's a good pointer!

ELIAS: I will discuss this with Michael. He may be enjoying this type of tobacco. I've always enjoyed the aromatic qualities! Excellent choice! (He tosses the empty box on the floor) We will dispose of this packaging. (Looking at Cathy) Continue.

CATHY: Okay. (Still cracking up) So, Lawrence was correct in her interpretation of my dream, where I had the sheet wrapped around me and Jo came to pick me up, and I ended up sitting in the car across from the police officer who opened the package that was next to me, and it had your pipe in it and Jo's pot?

ELIAS: I do not incorporate hallucinogenics or substances! (Very humorously, with the pipe sticking out of the corner of his mouth)

CATHY: Well, I know that, but was Lawrence's interpretation of that dream correct?

ELIAS: Yes. (Rocking, and sucking on his pipe)

CATHY: That's what I thought. Okay.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Although I have had my experiences with these elements, within physical manifestation! Therefore, they are not foreign to my experience. (Still rocking, and sucking on his pipe)

CATHY: Well, gosh, I don't know which one to ask. There's so many! I remember when I asked if I could incorporate Sue in our game, and you said not at that present time. Well, is it time to connect her? Are we ready for that yet? Or no.

ELIAS: Ah! Such impatience! Near future is not always what you perceive to be near future!

CATHY: Well, I just asked!

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Grinning and rocking, and sucking on the pipe) Excuse. (He puts the pipe in his left hand) Michael being right-handed. Continue.

CATHY: When Mary and Ron and Vicki and I did our little exercise the other day, where I was sitting on the couch and they were all looking at me, and Ron saw you for a brief second, and then he saw my skeleton; could you explain those?

ELIAS: This being a viewing, at one momentary point, of a connection in energy between Shynla and Elias; this skeletal viewing being a connection within another momentary viewing of a veil being dropped, allowing Ron to be perceiving Shynla with no persona; for what you exhibit within physical manifestation is a persona, for a focus. (Pause)

CATHY: Would you give us more information on dispersed essences?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have been waiting! It is difficult to explain this concept, only for the reason that you may incorporate misunderstanding very easily; for within this interpretation, I am quite limited in expressing to you the difference of these essences. I will ask you to be attempting to conceptualize the idea of essence.

Essence incorporates energy. It incorporates, usually, an energy field; energy fields being different than only energy, for energy fields are directed energy. You, within physical focus, view energy fields as containment; therefore you would equate an essence as being contained by an energy field. Although it is not contained, it does possess energy fields.

Dispersed essences are energy, but do not incorporate energy fields. Therefore, the difference would be likened to a bubble; and the air within the bubble as being one essence, and air with no bubble as being a dispersed essence; both containing the same air, both incorporating the same energy; one incorporating energy fields, one not.

Within the manifestation of essences which are dispersed, they incorporate aspects differently within other focuses. They allow themselves the ability to be connecting with aspects outside, so to speak, of their own essence; as in the same manner that essences incorporate their facets. Therefore, they may be directly involved with aspects, as other essences are indirectly involved with aspects; (pause) Rose being dispersed. (Another pause)

CATHY: Well, I'll have to read that over a few times to digest that!

VICKI: Is a dispersed essence an experience that is normally chosen, at one point or another, by most essences?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is not viewed as what you would term better or worse, or more advantageous or not. It is only different. Just as you incorporate a thought focus, and another chooses an emotional focus, or another chooses a political focus, some choose to be dispersed. Others do not. It is only a choice for experience. This is not to say that you do not experience equally, for you do. You only experience differently. (Pause)

CATHY: Okay. How about some more information on regional area three?

ELIAS: (Grinning at Cathy) In which direction would you be wishing to move into regional area three?

CATHY: I didn't know I had an option of directions. All I know is that it's a transition place. I can't remember much more than that, at this particular second.

ELIAS: And you are wishing information of transition? (Grinning)

CATHY: Sure!

ELIAS: (Grinning at Vicki) We may write a book on this subject! Transition may be a manifestation, within non-physical focus, of anything that you believe. (Pause) That was quite good! Very concise and to the point! (To Vicki) Write this down! (Pause)

CATHY: I'm sure you have a question, Vic. Come on, go!

VICKI: Well, my question about regional area three; I was curious. It came up the other night when we put our little pieces of paper into the bowl, and I was so intent on everybody focusing, and Shynla's little piece of paper just happened to have that on there, and I know that you've mentioned this has to do with our collective consciousness, so to speak?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And I just think that maybe these four individuals, with this pyramid "thingy", (laughter) are probably doing some kind of connecting in regional area three, and I'm a little curious in that direction. (Great formulation of a question, Vic! Not!)

ELIAS: This is also correct, incorporated with other essences. I will express to you that regional area three, with its incorporation of a collective consciousness, is much greater than our small group. The collective consciousness is the whole of the physically focused consciousness. This incorporates your entire globe. Therefore, tapping information of this regional area would be advantageous, if you incorporate a political focus ... or not! (Grinning) All of you are ultimately connected. We have spoken of this previously. All of you are involved with all other individuals upon your planet, and all of their experiences. This is the area to which you connect with all of these individuals.

Now; within the focus of your pyramid, and these individuals within this company, you connect also with other essences within regional area three, who interject a portion of their consciousness into this regional area, to be connecting with you. In this, they allow direction for your shift, and your helpfulness within this shift; also within the incorporation of your city. Each of you, as you connect together, with yourselves and with each other in forming your pyramid, which you have begun, also is affecting of all others, in preparation for your shift.

You are the Seers; this being where many individuals, within their belief systems, become confused. Within our sessions, it has been inquired of Elias, "How shall we incorporate spreading this word? Shall we present this message?" You, within this company, who are forming this pyramid, will be affecting; and you will come to know that you have no need to be filtering out through your world, physically, to be quite affecting of the consciousness collectively. This may help to be answering Michael's incessant questions, of what part he plays with individuals incorporating conflict within war or starvation.

Your focus is your shift. Your intent is directed to this shift. In this, you have come together and connected as four corners, as four winds, to form one connection; which will be influencing through consciousness. (Pause) Ah yes! Be reflecting back to me of this responsibility, and be realizing you need not incorporate responsibility, personally or otherwise, for any other but yourselves, for this is great enough. (Wow!)

VICKI: And when we do this affectingness, will we have a clue???

ELIAS: You are already being affecting!

VICKI: You say that, but we are so clueless!!!

ELIAS: Or so you believe! I do not dampen your desire?!


ELIAS: As you continue with curiosity, your desire motivates you, quite strongly. You need a strong desire! (Long pause) Continue.

CATHY: Does Paul have a group like you have a group, and do you compare notes for enjoyment? (Elias starts chuckling)

ELIAS: Presently, correct. (Still chuckling) The probabilities hold that this may change.

CATHY: That his group will change?

ELIAS: Correct; as did the probabilities change with my focus also.

CATHY: I don't get that!

ELIAS: (Grinning) The connection has been made. The preparation has been initiated. The agreement has been incorporated. It remains static presently; but if choices are made to be changing this situation, (looking at Ron) others incorporated will drop away.

VICKI: Why? (The eternal "Why?")

ELIAS: For they are not necessary. The awareness which is capable of incorporating Paul is here! (Grinning at Ron) This does not discount the involvement, within this group, of our friend Paul; for this being where his focus is!

CATHY: His focus is here, but he has a group, somewhat like ours, simultaneously, somewhere else???

ELIAS: My focus was here also, and I incorporated other groups also!

CATHY: But you no longer incorporate other groups.

ELIAS: Correct; and he will neither.

CATHY: Well, I don't get how it can be! With all these people, there isn't another group that has the desire and the intent to learn this stuff???

ELIAS: Ah! There is! (Grinning) You are not the only individuals upon your planet who incorporate the desire! You are the individuals who have made agreements. We are also not the only essences within the universe! (We all laugh, including Elias)

I am quite amused at your thinking process, as we incorporated this when I was expressing to you that I would not focus with other groups; and your response, within your consciousness, was, "Oh my! I have been selected from the entire cosmos!" As if to be saying that Elias may be the only essence who speaks within physical focus! Not true! There are many! Elias and Paul are connected to you; and you have asked; and we are answering. Many essences are connected to many individuals, and they do not ask.

CATHY: So basically, the asking started when Vicki started going to those meetings that Mary was at, and the connections were made, and it just kind of went from there?

ELIAS: Incorrect!

CATHY: Okay, then what???

ELIAS: The asking began before you manifested!

CATHY: Because this was an agreement. Whoops! Forgot! An agreement that nobody remembered until she went to the meetings and did that?

ELIAS: And you are believing that Lawrence remembers presently??? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I do not think so! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Much laughter)

VICKI: If you were incorporated with other groups of people; I think this is where the question lies; if you were incorporated with other groups of people, that must have been per agreement also.

ELIAS: Correct; and we have discussed this issue also, if you are incorporating your previous material! I have expressed to you that my decision, as also Paul's decision, as also many other essences, has its basis in the most suitable consciousness, the agreement, and the ability of the individual in not blocking, through belief systems, the information which may be offered, most efficiently.

Many incorporate the agreement. Many possess the desire. Many involve belief systems which are blocking to the information which may be offered! Therefore, you are left with very many "peace, love, brotherhood", and not much else! We all incorporate peace and love and brotherhood, but you are in need of more information than these words!

VICKI: I shall incorporate Sari's words and say, "Thank you for reminding me!" (Pronounced "sorry")

ELIAS: You are welcome! Sari! (Pronounced as rhyming with "Mary")

VICKI: Sari! Excuse me! I can't even pronounce it right!

ELIAS: She is not "Sorry"! (Vicki says "No"; and a pause)

CATHY: Okay, the other little question. When I connected singing with Tomkin, you said that this also connected to another aspect.

ELIAS: This aspect being one of Shynla, and also being a facet of Tomkin. You may find this within yourself. Look to those who incorporate this singing that you have been exceptionally drawn to; not Miss Andrews! Another of the same caliber, though.

CATHY: Now isn't that interesting! I'll have to think about that. Well, I actually asked all my questions! Except you could validate my little conversation with Paul.

ELIAS: Very good!

CATHY: Thank you!

ELIAS: He is quite willing to be connecting with you.

CATHY: And I appreciate that. It's very cool!

ELIAS: I would be expressing that I would be connecting with you also, but not within your board!

CATHY: I know this.

ELIAS: You may speak with me though, and I will speak to you, as I have with Elizabeth.

CATHY: Way cool! Okay, I'm blown away now!

VICKI: Paul will not incorporate with Ron on the board though!

ELIAS: Absolutely not! And you were anticipating of a different probability?

VICKI: Only for a second!

ELIAS: This would be defeating of all of his preparation! (Pause)

CATHY: Who is Sue a fragment of? I can't stand it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Also laughing) She is bursting at her seams! She is not your fragment!

CATHY: I know that! That was already answered for me, but I want to know who she is!!!

ELIAS: But I will offer to you that this essence is connected within our essence spectrum.

RON: That narrows it down!

CATHY: Yeah, to seven. There's seven places she could be. Did you say she was in the game, or fragmented of one of those? Fragmented of one of those, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Well, I'm gonna meditate on that and see if I can figure that out; not that I haven't tried to do that before, but I'll try again!

ELIAS: And your initial impression?

CATHY: Well, my initial impression was Tomkin.

ELIAS: This, of course, being too obvious; this being a guess!

CATHY: Well, if it's not Ordin, I don't know who it is!

ELIAS: I did not say this individual was not connected with Ordin.

CATHY: I know you didn't say that! I said if she's not connected or fragmented of Ordin, then I don't know which of the other five left she would be!

ELIAS: Well, you have narrowed your field now, for I have offered that she is connected with Ordin. Therefore, you do not have seven colors to choose! (Long pause)

CATHY: Am I confusing myself again? I do this really good, don't I? (Elias laughs) Well, is she a fragment of Ordin, or not???


CATHY: Oh, great!

ELIAS: Connected! (Teasing Cathy, and egging her on)

CATHY: Connected, though.

ELIAS: As are you!

CATHY: As am I. Do you know, Vic? (Vicki shakes her head "No") Good! Because I'm gonna try to figure it out myself! (Laughing) Well, gee whiz, I sure enjoyed this private session!

ELIAS: Such sarcasm!

CATHY: Well, I did!

ELIAS: I am experiencing non-appreciation!

CATHY: No, that's how you interpreted it!

ELIAS: Very good! I will offer that this essence is very connected to the Little Rose; not the new Little Rose. We are incorporating too many Roses! I am striving for one dozen, to be presented at your Saint Valentine's day! (Another pause)

VICKI: What about this phenomenon of our three group members, all fragmented of Otha, all unincorporating themselves; of Oliver, and Peter, and Dimin?

ELIAS: I will express that you will find, throughout your time element, that this occurrence will appear. It does not necessarily hold a tremendous significance, although you do love the investigation, the curiosity of the connection! You will find individuals come and go, and you will find similarities within personalities and within manifestations, according to essences that they are fragmented of. You will also find differences. Essences do basically, as you would term this, fragment within a personality type. Therefore, within physical manifestation, they incorporate many similarities. You view this as negative. This is only a different expression of experience. Within your focus, this may be unwanted experience; but this is not necessarily the experience of another essence, which may choose to manifest precisely for these experiences, being excitement; not boring! (Grinning at Vicki)

CATHY: Well, what are people going to do for excitement after the shift, then?

ELIAS: You will have quite enough to occupy yourselves with. Initially, you will find yourselves occupied, quite a lot, with holding to your own individual identity! (Pause, grinning)

VICKI: So how about that dream of Ron's last night?

ELIAS: Which dream??? (Point well made, and taken!)

VICKI: The one with the special haircuts!

ELIAS: Quite imaginative! If you are wishing for a deep cosmic interpretation, perhaps this was a viewing of the "cosmic boot"! (Laughter) You should be connecting and expressing this to Oliver. Kicking the butt is not working! Shaving may be more efficient! (Laughter, and a long pause) Are you feeling better, Lawrence?

VICKI: Yeah, I'm feeling better, but I still don't feel angry!

ELIAS: I do not anticipate that you will, presently!

VICKI: But yes, I feel better. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Thank Olivia!

VICKI: (To Ron) Thank you.

RON: My pleasure.

ELIAS: You would not have been discussing with me, voluntarily! (Pause, looking at his pipe) Definitely needing of tobacco!

CATHY: There's some right down there in that box!

ELIAS: I will allow Ron to be preparing this situation for our next session. (Whispering) We will not discuss this with Michael! (Laughter) No need to be encouraging of argumentativeness previously!

CATHY: Does that mean you're going to get out of that chair before you leave? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: Ah! We are incorporating secretiveness! (Chuckling) I may be obliging to this. (Pause) We will completely surprise him!

VICKI: Oh, that's always fun! (Laughing sarcastically)

CATHY: Yeah boy! He really likes that!

ELIAS: He is presently only anticipating pop-ins with no audience, which I have not incorporated. This is very good, though! (Indicating the pipe, and laughing)

VICKI: I have a little question; another little one. It's only about this big! (Holding up thumb and forefinger to illustrate)

ELIAS: (To Cathy) Add one!

VICKI: The experience that I had the other evening, with all of the wind and the electricity ...

ELIAS: And were you enjoying of this? (Grinning widely)

VICKI: Well, I was enjoying of it! It certainly wasn't boring! It was certainly something to do, where I had nothing to do! It was very interesting! I guess I don't really have a question about it.

ELIAS: The moment ... the "now"! (Smiling) You view yourselves to be needing excitement, and an action, physically, continuously, to be entertaining yourselves, or to be holding your attention. Within non-physical focus, you do not always incorporate this. What will you occupy yourself with? The "now"; the wind, the energy, color, electricity, and also watching physically focused creatures as they pass by! You have asked for your experiences. You have asked your questions. You are receiving your answers. You are beginning to incorporate the experiences. Notice the rememberings and the experiences, for this is what you have asked to receive. (Pause)

(To Cathy) Allow your conflict to move away, and you may see your second images change!

CATHY: Oh, I'd like that! (Long pause)

ELIAS: I am supposing I could be sitting with you all evening, enjoying my chair, but I suppose we shall be connecting, once again, with Michael; and air is unsatisfying within a pipe! Elias does not hold to your "rules" of no tobacco within sessions!

VICKI: Oh, goody!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall be discontinuing this evening, and I shall be interacting with you at our regularly scheduled time period!

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: Yes, thank you very much.

ELIAS: If you are wishing of more information, you may call.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: I will say au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:02 PM

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