Session 566
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The Workings of Perception


“The Workings of Perception”
“Beliefs: Cause and Effect”

Sunday, February 20, 2000-1
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Frank (Ulra).
Elias arrives at 11:28 AM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

FRANK:  Good morning!  How are you today?

ELIAS:  As always!

FRANK:  (Laughing)  Good, good!  (Elias chuckles)  Well, I have a number of things I’m looking forward to discussing with you today.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may proceed.

FRANK:  Okay.  I would like to start by talking about a couple of physical problems.  First of all, about three weeks ago today, in fact, I sprained my ankle very badly, and I’m just curious to know why I created that and what that was about. (Pause)

ELIAS:  This action has been created that you may allow yourself the opportunity to slow your movement — not stop, but slow your movement — and also to offer you the recognition, in this slowing of your movement, of how you create actual physical actions within your reality.

Now; in this, you are moving quite in conjunction with the flow, so to speak, of energy which is occurring within this present time framework, and within this time framework, individuals en masse are allowing themselves a slowing, so to speak, of their movement in a manner that allows each of you to view more fully and quite objectively how you are creating your reality.  You are allowing yourselves the opportunity to view your methods.

And in this also, many individuals, yourself included, are choosing to be presenting themselves with physical aspects of affectingness, for these provide you easy actions to view objectively.  You offer yourself the opportunity to view an actual physical creation of imagery, and how you may manipulate energy in conjunction with that physical creation.  They are also quite individual.  They may be actions or creations that are affecting, in a manner of speaking, of other individuals indirectly, objectively, for they are affecting of your individual choices and your performance, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in this, you allow yourself not merely the viewing of what you have created, but also the turning of attention physically and more intensely objectively, to be viewing the now and what you are creating in each moment in conjunction with the specific physical creation that you allow to be affecting of you.  In this situation, you have created a physical affectingness of your ankle, which physically slows your motion, which also is affecting of your choices in how you shall be creating movement within each day.

[This] allows you to view how you alter certain elements of your motion in physical manners throughout each of your waking days, and you offer yourself the opportunity to be manipulating energy through the turning of your perception.  As you hold your perception in the identification of limits — or pain — with respect to what you have created physically, your movement occurs within a certain avenue of choices.  But you also hold the ability to turn your attention and alter your perception, and in this, you may be engaging a different avenue, even within the incorporation of the physical affectingness.

Now; this allows you to view your abilities.  It allows you to hold your attention within the now.  It also allows you to recognize that you hold many, many choices.  You may manipulate energy in many different manners regardless of the physical creation that you have chosen, for the objective physical expression matters not, for the perception of what you are creating alters the actual creation.

Each manner in which you perceive any creation shall in actuality alter the creation itself.  Therefore, the point of importance is the perception that you hold and that you project, and in this, you may experiment and explore your individual abilities to be playing with energy, to be manipulating your consciousness, and therefore altering your perception and altering your reality.

This challenges your belief in cause and effect.

Cause and effect are in actuality a belief that is influencing of your perception, which also limits your choices, for you create a perception of absolutes — if this, then that — and therefore, you eliminate a tremendous spectrum of choices that you naturally hold, for you narrow your view and you allow the strength of the influence of this belief system to be creating a perception of absolutes.

In this, as you have created a physical example, so to speak, within your physical body, manipulating your energy in the manner to be physically altering your natural expression temporarily, you also allow yourself to view, as you allow yourself to address to this influence of cause and effect, that these are not in actuality absolutes, and that you hold the ability to be creating other choices regardless of the physical projection that you have already chosen.

Many times, these types of physical creations are quite instructional objectively to you, and this be the reason that you choose these types of creations, for it offers you a type of leeway, so to speak, objectively, in which you may play with your exploration.

You create a choice of a particular probability.  You actualize that probability.  You continue the creation of that probability, and in your continuation of that probability, you allow yourself to be viewing what you have chosen and what you have created from different angles, and therefore also create the opportunity to view how you may be perceiving this creation in different manners, and EACH time you are perceiving the creation differently, you are also creating it differently.

FRANK:  Can you give me an example of that, of different ways that I perceive this creation?

ELIAS:  Presently, you view this creation to be an obstacle, and there is an element of identification with this creation as negative.

And in this, as you also view through the influence of cause and effect, you identify and define that you have created a specific type of affectingness within your physical form, which carries with it certain inevitable limitations and certain inevitable responses.

If you are creating what you term to be a sprain or a break or a fracture of a supporting element of your physical body — your ankle or your foot or your leg — this is limiting and hindering to you physically, for it is physically affecting of your movement.  This is one association of the influence of cause and effect.

It also is automatically — within your perception — slowing of your movement, of which you place a judgment in negativity, and you create a feeling at times of annoyance.

You also associate, within the influence of cause and effect, that there is an automatic creation or association with this type of physical effect — of painfulness, of pressure, of discomfort.  This also is viewed as an obstacle, and hindering, and negatively.

Now; in this, you are associating with this physical creation in relation to your most familiar automatic responses — in relation to the influence of the belief of cause and effect.

But as I have stated, you also present yourself with the opportunity to be recognizing now that this IS the influence of a belief, and that in actuality, regardless of what you choose to be configuring in physical manifestations, they are immediately reconfigured and altered through your perception.

Therefore, the perception is the element which creates your reality and is all-affecting.

As you continue to allow the influence of the belief of cause and effect, and you continue to perpetuate that energy and hold your attention in that direction, you hold your perception in the continuation of a particular creation.

But within any moment, you may entirely alter that creation through the turning of your perception.  Within ONE MOMENT, you may return your physical creation to its natural state effortlessly, merely by turning your attention and altering your perception.

If your perception is turned in a manner to be viewing this physical creation differently — or not as affecting in the expressions of negativity — it shall immediately reconfigure within energy and become a different creation.

Even within what you have created, this is not a situation that you have created one probability, and that it hangs in suspension or in continuation for an extended time framework.

What I am expressing is, this is the workings of perception and how you create your reality.

You create a choice of a probability to be actualized within your physical reality to be spraining your ankle.  That is created within the moment.  It is not a situation in which that which is created within that one moment continues, but that within each subsequent moment, you continue to re-create that same probability.  You create the choice to continue creating that probability repeatedly in successive moments, and this is how, within ANY moment, that succession or that process may be interrupted.

You look to certain physical creations, or what you term to be UN-creations of certain physical affectingnesses, as miraculous.  An individual may break a bone, in your terminology, and moments later, so to speak, it may be in your physical terms entirely healed, and there shall be no evidence that this particular bone has ever been traumatized within a break, and you view this type of action as a miraculous expression.  In actuality, there is no miraculous action which is occurring.

You each, in physical affectingnesses and in ALL of what you create within your reality, are creating probabilities and the choices of actualizing probabilities in every moment, and therefore, as any one particular creation is manifest and APPEARS to be ongoing — such as a sprained ankle — you have in actuality created many, many, many, many, MANY choices to be re-creating that probability.

FRANK:  Okay, but why does it get better over time?  Is that just part of the cause and effect that I believe in, that over time it gets better?

ELIAS:  Partially.

FRANK:  ‘Cause it’s slightly better, but it’s still not healed.

ELIAS:  Partially also, you become bored with your creation, (Frank laughs) and your attention begins to drift.

Therefore, you do not create a physical affectingness of this type — a sprain or a break or even a fracture — that you allow to continue to be affecting of you in physical limitation for ongoing, permanent expressions, for in this, within a time framework, your attention begins to drift from your physical creation, and you become bored with your continuous lending of energy and your continuous attention in this one particular choice of probabilities and your repeated re-creation of it moment by moment.

Therefore, within a time framework, you begin to divert your attention, and as you divert your attention and your attention moves into other areas, other avenues, you discontinue your creation of that successive line of probabilities.

But this also offers you the opportunity to view how you create processes within your physical reality.  You create a choice and actualize a probability.  You continue and perpetuate that choice by re-creating that choice successively within your linear time framework, and you view that the energy which is lent to that creation dissipates within time.

As you view this action, you may also allow yourself the recognition of the reality that you need not continue with that process, and that you may interrupt that process or interrupt your attention in your creation of ANY of these probabilities within any moment.

FRANK;  Okay.  Well, let’s talk about altering perception then.  Specifically ... let’s use this as an example.  Let’s say I said, “Gee, I’m tired of this physical creation, so I’m going to alter my perception.”  Do I just think of it differently?  How do I do that?

ELIAS:  First of all, you recognize your identification.  This is key, for you have identified, “I am tired of this physical creation.”  What have you expressed?  You have expressed what you may identify in your physical terms as a negative judgment upon your creation.  Therefore, the creation itself holds your attention and matters to you.  Were it not mattering to you, you would not be creating this judgment, and therefore you would hold no attention in its creation.

But as you look to your physical creation and you express to yourself, you offer yourself the objective key to viewing your actual beliefs that you align with that are the most influencing of you within that moment, which as you express “I am tiring of this action,” you may assure yourself that you are holding your attention in this area of this creation and that it continues to fascinate you, for you continue to concentrate upon what you are creating by valuating and assessing how you view it in judgment, and it matters not that you judge this in good or bad.  Either judgment shall continue to hold your attention and shall continue to perpetuate the energy in which you manipulate to be continuing in the creation.

Now; many times I shall express to you that individuals shall be creating of any expression within their focus and shall be perpetuating of that expression and shall become tiring of it, which is a motivational factor which you also create within your method, which begins to move you in the direction of not lending an intensity of energy to that creation any longer.

But there is also a type of breakpoint that occurs in that type of method, for the mere tiring of the perpetuation of an action is not motivating enough for your discontinuation of it.  For within your process that you choose in your creations, the tiring is merely a step which moves you in the direction of expressing to yourselves that you wish to be discontinuing.  Subsequently, you also may be creating of your breakpoint at times, in which you express to yourself that you are giving up, and within your method, many times at that point you shall merely instantaneously turn your attention and stop re-creating the probability that you have become weary of.

But this is not always the situation, for many individuals express for extended time frameworks that they tire of a particular expression that they are creating, and they continue to be creating of that, for they continue to hold their attention in alignment with their beliefs, and not turning their attention to the viewing of their beliefs and their motivation, and not viewing their payoff of what they are in actuality receiving through their perpetuation of their creation.

There are many, many elements of movement in each probability that you create within your focus, and in this, they are complicated, in a manner of speaking, by your belief that you need be creating a process within your physical dimension, that “this is the manner in which energy moves in this particular physical dimension.  It always moves within a process.  There is a process to every creation.”

This is a perception which is influenced by your beliefs.  It is reality, for it is created through your perception, but it is not an absolute.  It is an influence of your beliefs. (Pause)

FRANK:  Okay.  I need to think about that one! (Elias chuckles)

I’d like to shift to another subject now, and ask you about a dream I had a couple of days ago.

ELIAS:  Very well.

FRANK:  I dreamed that I was in a boat fishing, and I caught a big, ugly fish, a bullhead, and I had the fish up on the end of my line, and I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me, and he’s very passive.  But I knew this fish as being very dangerous, a fish that could bite me or hurt me in some way if I allowed it to, and I wanted to try to find a way to get rid of it, but couldn’t.  What was that all about?

ELIAS:  This also is a presentment in imagery and symbology, in a manner of speaking, of this same subject matter of which we are speaking this day.  The fish is your presentment to yourself of an identification of a belief.

Now; in this, you view the fish to be large.  You also view yourself to be encountering and creating a contact, so to speak, with this fish.  You also identify this fish.  But you view the fish to be, in action, displaying itself as non-threatening.  But you hold the identification within you that there is a threatening element concerning this fish, although it is not creating a movement that is threatening to you.

Therefore, you are merely identifying the quality of expression in potential that the fish holds, in like manner to belief systems.

Within themselves, they are neutral.  Beliefs within themselves may be very large and they may hold many expressions, and they do hold the potential for many types of expressions that you assess or define to be hurtful or limiting or negative or threatening.  But without your implementation of them — or provoking of them, in another manner of speaking — they in themselves are neutral, just as the fish is docile within itself, unprovoked.

Now; in this, you look to this fish and you express to yourself that you wish to be eliminating of this fish.  It is not attractive to you, and you view the potential of hurtfulness or threateningness within this fish, and therefore you wish to discard it.

But you also are experiencing within your imagery the lack of ability in eliminating this fish, and this is the information in imagery that you are presenting yourself with in conjunction with the subject matter of beliefs — that the action of discarding them or eliminating them is not the action which you shall create in this physical reality.

You may not be eliminating of belief systems in this physical reality, for this is how you have configured this particular physical reality.  If you choose not to be participating within a particular focus in this physical dimension in conjunction with belief systems, you shall disengage and you shall not participate.  But if you choose to be entering and manifesting within this particular physical dimension, you also create the choice to be interactive with belief systems and incorporating belief systems into your reality.

But you also, within this shift in consciousness, allow yourselves the beginning recognition that the belief systems in themselves may be accepted and therefore neutralized.  They may continue to be in existence, so to speak, in like manner to the fish, but the potential for limitation or hurtfulness or threateningness or negativity is dismantled, or in a manner of speaking, eliminated.  For you are not lending energy to the perpetuation of the judgments of these belief systems, recognizing that within themselves they are not threatening and they are neutral, as merely expressions of identifications of different elements within your reality.

This allows you to continue to be creating interaction emotionally and physically, thoughtfully, philosophically.  You may continue to incorporate your forming of opinions.  But you are not allowing the judgment associated with the beliefs, and therefore are altering the perception and the reality within your dimension, that these beliefs shall not be limiting you.  Are you understanding?

FRANK:  Yes.  Well, I think the last part was key, to remove judgment of the beliefs.

ELIAS:  Correct.

FRANK:  Okay.  That’s awfully difficult to do!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

FRANK:  (Laughing)  So give me some guidance here! (Elias chuckles)

I mean, to me, you know, it’s like saying, “Don’t think of a pink elephant,” and immediately, that’s what I’m gonna think of!  Having that focus on these things, how do I change my judgment?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  By recognizing that there are no absolutes, and by recognizing that there is more within your reality than you allow yourselves to view.  By recognizing that your perception is that which creates your reality and is real, but it is highly unique and individual.  It is YOUR expression.  It is your creation of reality, and every other expression of perception is also reality.  It is no less reality than your perception of reality.

FRANK:  Do you mean other people or other perceptions that I might have?

ELIAS:  Both.

FRANK:  Oh, okay.  So what you’re saying is, I’m sitting here and my ankle hurts, and I just decide that this is fine.

ELIAS:  It matters not.

FRANK:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  It matters not.

FRANK:  It doesn’t matter.

ELIAS:  Quite.

You also may recognize that your ankle hurts as you concentrate upon it hurting.  This is the element that I have been speaking to you of in drawing your attention to the now.

Physical creations within your physical body, especially the creation of pain or discomfort, allows you the opportunity to BE holding your attention in the now, for it shall draw your attention to what you are creating NOW.

If you are creating a physical pain within your ankle, your attention moves to that pain.  You are allowing yourself an interaction of thought with that pain.  You are continuously creating an assessment and a judgment of that pain: “It is uncomfortable.  I am disliking of this action.”  And as you continue in those identifications, you also continue to be perpetuating of the physical painfulness.

Now; at times, as I have stated to other individuals, it may be beneficial initially — as you are practicing with your creations of your perceptions and viewing how your perception is affecting of your reality in how you create it — it may be beneficial to be distracting your attention.

For you shall allow yourself to notice that as you divert your attention in a different direction and are not concentrating upon the pain, the pain shall disappear momentarily.  It may reappear quickly, as you also quickly divert your attention back to that physical area and continue to re-create the action.  But you do hold the ability to distract your attention in other areas, and within those moments, you shall not be experiencing physical pain.

FRANK:  That’s true.  Yes, I’ve noticed that.

ELIAS:  This allows you to view the power of your perception; that although your ankle is sprained, although you view the element of cause and effect — it shall automatically be hurtful, for it is physically affected, and this is a consequence and an automatic expression of the sprain, in a manner of speaking — you may also allow yourself moments to view that that pain is eliminated entirely.

FRANK:  Um-hmm.

ELIAS:  This is an alteration of perception.

FRANK:  Okay.  Okay, there’s two other quick things that I’d like to ask you about.  I’ve been working a lot lately on self-acceptance, largely because of one of the transcripts I recently read of one of your other sessions with another individual.  Can you talk about this a little bit, particularly how it relates to me in terms of what I’m doing and where I need to go with this?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, within this now, your most efficient direction of procedure, so to speak, in the expression of acceptance of self shall be to hold your attention with self — to exercise your thoughts, your energy, your attention in the direction of self — and to be allowing yourself to notice, within your day, each time you are projecting your attention outside of self.

For as you continue to hold your attention to self, you also lend energy in an expression of acceptance with self.  Each time you are projecting energy and your attention outside of yourself, you are projecting an expression which mirrors an aspect of lack of acceptance of self.

Now; in this, in your expression of acceptance of self, I shall be acknowledging of you and validating of you that you are turning your attention more and more in the movement of acceptance of self, and you are also presenting yourself with creations that offer you the opportunity to practice in your acceptance of self, even within your creation of your physical ankle.  These are choices that you have created to turn your attention to self rather than outside of self.

And in this, do not place a judgment upon any of the actions that you are participating within in your days, so to speak, but merely allow yourself the participation in a small exercise that allows you to notice — to notice each time, and how very many times within each day, that you are projecting your attention outside of self in any manner.

And in relation to that exercise, you may also allow yourself to be recognizing how many times — and each time — you are concentrating your attention upon self, REGARDLESS OF THE EXPRESSION.

This is what I am stating to you in taking care not to be creating a judgment, for even in your noticing of pain, you are turning your attention to self.  You are not concentrating your attention outside of self.  Therefore, notice this as an expression of holding your attention to self and within self.

Allow yourself to gauge how many times you are expressing outward in your attention and you are expressing inward in attention.  This may be quite useful to you as an exercise, for this allows you to objectively view the imbalance.

Do not place a judgment upon this imbalance.  View this as an opportunity and an adventure, that you hold the ability to alter those choices and to alter that action of your attention, and therefore, continue to validate self in your acceptance of self, rather than expressing to yourself ...

FRANK:  I’m doing a lousy job!

ELIAS:  ... “Oh my!  I am turning my attention outside of myself fifty-three times within my day, and I am holding my attention to self four times within my day.  I am hopelessly failing!”

No, no, no!  Acknowledge that you hold the ability to BE noticing, for this in itself is an accomplishment.

FRANK:  Okay.  Now again, just to be clear, when you talk about attention inward versus outward, what you’re saying is that if I’m thinking about interaction with other people or other things — is that what you’re saying? — versus my own feelings and that sort of thing....

ELIAS:  Yes.

FRANK:  Am I understanding?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Experiment!  Experiment in an interaction with another individual.

Engage a conversation with any other individual for merely few of your minutes, and allow yourself to view where you hold your attention.  I shall express to you that we may create a wager that your attention shall be focused upon the other individual.

FRANK:  A wager?

ELIAS:  Correct!

FRANK:  Okay, what’s the wager?

ELIAS:  HA HA HA! (Frank cracks up)

I shall express to you that your automatic action shall be that your attention shall be focused upon the other individual and listening to what the other individual is expressing, and assessing within you your interaction or your thoughts concerning what the other individual is expressing, and your thought shall not automatically move to you in that interaction.

Your attention shall be focused upon the other individual — upon how they are presenting themselves physically, their tone of voice, their movement, their expression, their words, their thoughts ... all that they are creating, you shall be noticing, and your attention shall be absorbed in their expression, and you shall not be paying attention to what is occurring within self.

And in this, you may challenge yourself in dispute of what I have expressed to you, (chuckling) and if you are accomplishing this action of NOT focusing your attention upon the other individual and you ARE holding your attention with self, I shall offer to you an energy burst immediately!

FRANK:  (Laughing)  Okay!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK:  And what if I fail to hold attention with self?  What’s my end of it?  What do I owe you?

ELIAS:  You do not owe to me any element, for you shall accomplish the objective regardless, for you shall offer yourself the recognition of what I am expressing to you, and this shall be helpful to you. (Laughing)

FRANK:  Well, that’s a great wager!  That’s a one-sided wager, so I like that one!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

FRANK:  I will try that!

ELIAS:  Very well!

FRANK:  One more quick question for you — I’d just like to talk to you briefly about my son, and ask his essence name and family and alignment, and his intent in this focus. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Sterling; S-T-E-R-L-I-N-G.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment in this focus, Tumold; orientation, common.

Intent in this focus, to be offering a natural expression of a type of recognition of healing in a very different manner to what is identified in what you express to be traditional terms, or even within metaphysic or new age terms; but to be offering the example to the healers, so to speak, of the lack of method.

FRANK:  Hmm.  I’m not sure I know what that means. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  The individual expresses an ability objectively in drawing attention surfacely with other individuals in areas of their focus that they choose to be addressing to and which shall be helpful to themselves, and also offers this expression within his own focus.

In this pulling of energy, so to speak, surfacely in many types of situations and expressions, there is created an opportunity to be moving into a type of healing expression which manifests in a different type of expression or method than is conventionally viewed.

This individual’s projection of energy, which moves energy surfacely within self and within the interaction of other individuals, is in itself the offering of healing, in a manner of speaking, but this is presented quite naturally and not necessarily within an objective thought process.  There is no intention many times to be creating of this action.  It is merely a projection of energy that this individual automatically allows.

FRANK:  Hmm.  Okay. (Pause)  Okay, thank you!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome!

FRANK:  It’s been fun!

ELIAS:  I shall anticipate our next meeting, and I shall stand ready in our wager, to be offering my expression of energy should you be accomplishing — ha ha ha! — in your automatic expression! (Laughing)

FRANK:  Okay, you’ve got a deal!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I offer to you encouragement, my friend, and we shall continue to be playful!

FRANK:  Yes!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  To you this day in tremendous affection, au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:37 PM.

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