Session 1668
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Thinning Veils


“Thinning Veils”
“Energy Center Realignment Exercise”

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Lajos)

(Elias’ arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GINA: Good morning! Long time no talk! (Elias chuckles) Candace says hi, good morning.

ELIAS: Good morning also!

GINA: I’m going to ask her question first, since she’s still here. She’s getting ready to go to work. Her impression of JC, family and alignment, is it Tumold/Ilda?


GINA: How many focuses shared between the two of them?

ELIAS: Seventeen.

GINA: Essence name for JC?

ELIAS: Essence name Syril, S-Y-R-I-L (SEAR ill).

GINA: My aura photo that I had taken, the orb that she saw on it, what does that signify? Is that my essence since fragmentation?

ELIAS: That is an aspect of your energy field.

GINA: What does that signify, though? I mean, she said that she’d never seen anything like that before. That’s why it struck my curiosity.

ELIAS: Your energy field is a projection of your energy, which is being expressed in conjunction with the combination of all of your energy centers. Dependent upon how you are projecting energy in association with each of the energy centers, that creates different configurations within your energy field, which can be monitored with certain equipment and can also be viewed visually by yourself.

GINA: Yes, I’ve noticed that before; I think I’ve mentioned that. Am I still emotionally focused, or am I political?

ELIAS: Emotional.

GINA: I knew it! Is that why I feel those pangs all the time within that energy center, my solar plexus?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

GINA: What is the other part? Can you explain that?

ELIAS: That would also be associated with signals that you are expressing to yourself in association with that particular energy center being out of alignment at times.

GINA: Is my orientation still common?


GINA: Am I still F note? You said it was going F flat or something?


GINA: It is still F. As Bahlah was from Lezbae, which essence is Lajos from?

ELIAS: Shasyn, S-H-A-S-Y-N (SAH shin).

GINA: Does the name fluctuate?

ELIAS: Yes, for all essence names fluctuate.

GINA: Is my family alignment still the same, Sumari/Zuli?


GINA: How many focuses in this now?

ELIAS: Five.

GINA: How many in totality? I guess that’s the right question.

ELIAS: Nine hundred twenty-nine.

GINA: You said that there’s a fragmentation process, that there was only three other essences. So how can there be five? I don’t understand that.

ELIAS: Your question was how many FOCUSES do you incorporate in this now.

GINA: I’m understanding now. The other three focuses that were involved in the fragmentation process, you said there is one that was manifest, is that correct?


GINA: Right. Have I met this person?


GINA: Where is this person located? In the USA or in another country?

ELIAS: In another country.

GINA: Is it Africa?

ELIAS: India.

GINA: The hot flashes that I get, they’re not quite like energy surges but they’re kind of similar. What does that signify?

ELIAS: And your impression?

GINA: The last time I had asked you, and... I feel it a lot more during that time of the month. My impression is, I guess, what you told me, sexuality.


GINA: Is there something more to it?

ELIAS: And energy surges.

GINA: Is it something that I’m not wanting to acknowledge?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is merely a release of energy that your physical body consciousness is expressing in time frameworks in which there is a holding of energy. This is a manner that allows you to naturally release that energy.

GINA: Which brings me to the point of an experience that I had when I was out in Chicago. What was that all about? Was that an opening of an energy center or something?

ELIAS: Explain.

GINA: It was almost like a channeling thing that was going on with me, where I experienced another essence that has passed on. I don’t know what it was, Elias, to be honest with you. I just kind of let the energy flow, and whew, I don’t know what it was. That’s why I’m asking you.

ELIAS: Let may express to you in explanation, especially in this time framework, for there is a tremendous acceleration in movement in association with this shift in consciousness. In that acceleration, there is also being expressed a tremendous thinning of the veils of separation, which is one of the actions associated with this shift in consciousness. In this, individuals are experiencing different elements of that thinning of the veils of separation. One of the actions that is occurring more frequently and more easily is an allowance of individuals within physical focus to be connecting with energy projections of individuals that have disengaged.

Now; let me also express to you, this is being experienced in both directions, for those individuals which have disengaged are also becoming much more aware of how to be projecting energy through consciousness to be connecting, so to speak, with individuals that are continuing within physical focus. Therefore, both are participating, rather than what has been expressed previously, for the most part, in which individuals within physical focus have connected with energy deposits of individuals that disengaged. Now there is a direct interaction which is occurring, which is what you have allowed momentarily.

GINA: I notice that I’m allowing more of an easement. I’m trying to, at least. It’s got to be me projecting to other people, or maybe it’s other people projecting to me. What could I do that makes it more of an easement? I’ve noticed that since I’ve been trying to go with the ebb and flow and stuff, it’s been kind of difficult but yet an ease.

ELIAS: Be more specific. Offer an example.

GINA: I don’t know, maybe it’s my energy that people pick up. I don’t know if it’s my energy.

ELIAS: Which generates what type of interaction?

GINA: Oh! Is it still irritating?

ELIAS: I am inquiring of you, what is...

GINA: I don’t want it to be irritating. That’s why I’m trying to be more at ease with my energy, so to speak.

ELIAS: Offer example of your experience.

GINA: When I went to go visit my uncle, that’s a nice example right there. It’s like we irritated each other, but yet I would try to say this isn’t mine, it’s his. It is mine and it is his, because we’re both with each other. That’s one example right there.

ELIAS: Very well. Now be more specific in your example with this individual. What did you do and what was his response? Or what was he expressing that was irritating to you?

GINA: Putting a cup on the table and leaving a ring mark on it. It’s a very, very minute thing, and I had just forgotten. That’s what started the fight. It wasn’t really a fight; it was just an irritation. I kind of blew it off and said I apologize and cleaned it up. I kind of felt like a kid, you know?

ELIAS: Very well. I am understanding.

Now; in examples such as this, what is significant to pay attention to is what is actually occurring. At times what may be occurring is not as much what you ARE doing but what you are NOT doing. In interactions with other individuals, the response that is occurring, remember, is a reflection to you and is offering you information.

Now; in this scenario, the information that you have presented to yourself is a lack of attention to certain details. In this, it matters not what the objective imagery or expression of that imagery is. What is significant is what you are presenting to yourself. You generate an action, and the other individual responds with irritation. The irritation is concerning the imagery, but that is merely the surface.

Underlying that surface is you projecting an energy of a lack of attention, and in that lack of attention, it is more specific in association with your attention to details in certain situations — not necessarily a detail of a cup, but the details of paying attention to yourself AND paying attention to the other individual simultaneously.

GINA: So what is the deal with that?

ELIAS: Being aware of the other individual and the differences of the other individual, allowing yourself to recognize the differences of yourself and the other individual but also allowing yourself an acknowledgment of yourself AND an acceptance of the other individual, paying attention to the details of you and of your guidelines — therefore avoiding the threat of the differences and therefore avoiding incorporating judgments — and allowing yourself to express the acceptance of the other individual and the acknowledgment of yourself also.

GINA: I’m totally, totally understanding this. But when I do this, when I let go, all at ease, and let it go ahead and do that, that’s when I start getting those pangs in my stomach and I start heating up. Do you see what I’m saying?


GINA: I know you do. So how do I get through all that? It’s hard for me. This is not at ease. Why do I see other people at ease and I can’t do that?

ELIAS: For you are attempting to force yourself to be expressing in certain manners. You cannot genuinely express and experience an ease if you are forcing yourself to be expressing ease. (Laughs) This is contradictory. It must be expressed in a natural manner, in which you are not TRYING and you are not pushing yourself, but rather expressing an allowance.

Let me express to you, my friend, trying is an action of forcing... (The telephone connection is lost. After several minutes, the session resumes.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

GINA: (Laughs) I understand that. So will the easement, being that it’s only... I don’t expect that being that I fragmented that... Do you ease into it, or is it something that you just like snap your fingers and it happens? I’ll tell you, I’ve been learning and experiencing a lot of different things different about myself since the fragmentation.

ELIAS: What is your question?

GINA: My question is what can I do to make the energy flow ease, besides my... I take my meds; I have to do that. It seems to help a little bit. But is there anything else that will help it?

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to relax and paying attention to you, which we have discussed many times.

GINA: Let’s go on to something different then. You said that one of my energy centers was out of alignment. Which one would it be, my yellow?


GINA: What about my throat chakra? How is that one?

ELIAS: Somewhat out of alignment, not as dramatically as the yellow.

GINA: You talk about aligning them. How do you align them?

ELIAS: You may incorporate a visualization, which I have offered previously, visualizing each one of your energy centers, beginning with the red and moving upward. In the visualization, visualize each energy center spinning, and in that spin, visualize them to be moving harmoniously with each other in the same rotation as each other. Visualize each energy center as a small ball, and allow yourself in your visualization to incorporate a white string or mist that moves through each energy center and connects each one to the next. As you continue to spin each energy center and move this white mist upward through each of them, as you complete that action to the top of your head, allow this mist to penetrate through outwardly, and allow yourself to experience that mist penetrating, moving upward, and thusly falling outwardly over the entirety of your body as a light mist.

GINA: Is it spinning too quickly, the yellow?


GINA: That’s what I thought. And yellow is whoo, W-H-O-O?

ELIAS: This information is available, yes.

GINA: The focuses shared with my kids, have they changed? They had to have, right?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, as you fragment, you continue to incorporate all of the qualities and experiences that you did prior to your fragmentation. You incorporate more and other experiences in the fragmentation. For if you are choosing to incorporate any physical reality, you, in a manner of speaking, add new focuses, for you are generating new focuses as a new essence. But in those new focuses, you may also continue to participate in other focuses with the same individuals that you have as the other essence.

GINA: One more question. Since I’ve been back to Chicago and saw my children and Bilford’s acceptance of it, is he in total acceptance of it and the children, or...?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

GINA: My impression of Bilford in particular is partial.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: And the children, I would have to say the same thing.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Well, that’s good enough for me! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) Let me think here, hold on. What else can you tell me in helpfulness in regards to my choices right now?

ELIAS: In what capacity? It is significant that you be clear and specific in your direction and in your questioning, to be clear and understand and assimilate whatever I express to you. Therefore, in what capacity are you inquiring?

GINA: The choices that I’ve made, I’ve been, I think, pretty efficient and clarified in my movement, that’s one thing.

ELIAS: In what direction?

GINA: In accomplishing.

ELIAS: In what?

GINA: Well, my children were one of them. That was one of my first things that I needed to accomplish, so to speak, going back and getting visitation with them. Then closing the door, so to speak, with my husband right now, that’s the next thing I need to accomplish, and getting myself back on my feet, because I’m basically starting all over again, so to speak.

ELIAS: And what is your assessment of your accomplishments?

GINA: It’s taken a while to manifest, but in my opinion, I think I’ve done it efficiently.

ELIAS: And I am in agreement. I may express to you that it may be generating more ease if you are allowing yourself and expressing more of a gentleness with yourself rather than pushing yourself and generating expectations of yourself.

GINA: Expectations in what direction?

ELIAS: You generate expectations of yourself in many directions, in association with...

GINA: One of them is my work. I’ve decided to go back to work doing the same thing I was before. I’ve accomplished that. I’ll be going back to that.

ELIAS: But in this, allow yourself to express more of a gentleness with yourself now, and allow yourself to pay attention to you, not to the exclusion of other individuals, but to genuinely pay attention to your own communications as you reengage this employment, and to what you are communicating to yourself. Allow yourself to acknowledge yourself. In moments that you experience hesitation in association with other individuals, acknowledge that and pay attention and evaluate what you are expressing to yourself, what you are denying yourself.

GINA: So that’s why I’ve been... If I get emotional, like if you wanted to cry or something... Like right now, I can just cry for no reason. (Laughs)

ELIAS: It is not for no reason, for the action of weeping, contrary to how most individuals define it, is quite simple. It is a natural action that is releasing tension.

Now; in this present now, you have been expressing tension in the entirety of our conversation.

GINA: I know, I feel it all the time! It’s not just in conversation with you, it’s...

ELIAS: I am aware, and this is what I am expressing to you in expressing a gentleness with yourself. This is the harshness that you generate with yourself continuously, and it generates this constant experience of tension, which triggers the emotional communication. You are attempting to communicate to yourself, to identify this tension that you generate in such consistency and such strength. This is the reason that oftentimes you feel that you could be moved to weep in any moment. It appears to you to be no reason to trigger that, but the reason is constant. It is merely that it is so very familiar that it appears to you to not be a reason.

GINA: It seems like I could cry all the time if that was the case, you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Perhaps if you allow yourself to release this energy, you may experience an actual moment of relaxing.

GINA: Sometimes it will just happen, like just now. It just happens.

ELIAS: I am aware.

GINA: So you mean instead of holding it back like I usually do...

ELIAS: Yes. Acknowledge...

GINA: ...I should release it. Not in an angry manner, because I don’t... It’s kind of like my anger comes out in tears. Does that sound...?

ELIAS: Partially. And frustration.

GINA: I don’t have that; I don’t have anger. So you’re saying listen to the communication. I think I understand what you’re saying — listening to the communication at the time when it’s happening. When it happens, just let it loose.

ELIAS: And allow. Express an acknowledgment of yourself, and therefore, you shall allow yourself to relax. This also may be an efficient manner to practice paying attention to yourself and what you are expressing to yourself inwardly.

GINA: One more question. You just triggered a thought that Candace and I were talking about last night. In relation to the two experiences that Candace and Belal had and Bilford and I had, it was kind of like opposites. Would that be considered like a chapter focus? I don’t know how to explain it right. I don’t know if I’m saying the right words.

ELIAS: No, that would not be associated with a chapter focus.

GINA: Not chapter, that’s not the right word. I’m not efficient in the use of the words, I guess, yet. That makes a lot more sense, because that’s what I feel like doing. I’ll just start changing it a little bit and releasing it.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: Is there anything else that maybe you would want to tell me or anything that I haven’t asked already?

ELIAS: Merely to reinforce expressing to yourself that gentleness. That would be the most important suggestion now.

GINA: I guess that will do it.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and you may offer my acknowledgment also to Candace.

GINA: Okay, I will do that.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in great affection as always and encouragement, for I shall be offering my energy to you.

GINA: I’ll be looking for it.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

GINA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 40 minutes.

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