Session 601

with Mass Beliefs


“Aligning (or not) with Mass Beliefs”
“Eye Contact — A Gauge of Acceptance”

Tuesday, April 11, 2000
© 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Dale (Jene).
Elias arrives at 11:31 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

DALE:  Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles)  We have a bunny, (giggling) and we like it!  I have actually two questions for Karla first.  She wants to know how long she’s been in transition. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Transition period within physical time framework, five and one-half years.

DALE:  Okay, and she also would like to know her musical note.

ELIAS:  You may express to her that she may be investigating, and I shall validate her impression.

DALE:  Okay.  I know you don’t miss anything, or we don’t miss anything when we choose not to manifest physically, but in this manner, if you did miss something, what is it? (10-second pause)

ELIAS:  And you are moving in the direction in this questioning of missing some “thing” in an objective manner?

DALE:  Correct.

ELIAS:  As in overlooking?

DALE:  Hmm.  Well, I guess I mean in the sense of, like you liking the pipe. (13-second pause)

ELIAS:  (Carefully)  This may be related to physical focus and this physical dimension, as it may be associated with an emotion that you may attach to a preference.

In the manner in which you are speaking of missing some element within your reality, this type of expression is directly related to your associations physically.  There is an influence of some belief systems in this type of response, although in certain situations, the association may be not entirely influenced by a belief. (Pause)

I am approaching this subject matter with caution, for it is easily misinterpreted.

DALE:  Yes, I can see that.

ELIAS:  In this, let me express to you, as to the identification of the pipe, I do not miss the pipe.  I do hold a preference in memory.  This is not to be associated with remembrance, but in association with memory in conjunction with your physical dimension and manifestations, this essence holds a preference to the action of engaging the pipe and the tobacco.

As to my association with that action presently, I may indulge myself in the preference as identified by the memory of the physical action, but I may also not indulge that action, and there is no association of emotion which is attached to the lack of the incorporation of that action.

Therefore, I do not miss a particular action or any particular element or manifestation within any given physical dimension, or particularly, your physical dimension.  These are, as I have stated, emotional associations that you attach to certain identifications within your physical reality, and the identification is that of some type of loss.  Are you understanding thus far?

DALE:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Therefore, as you identify some type of loss within your physical reality in which you also associate a preference, you may create an emotional response that you identify as missing that thing, so to speak.

Now; the identification of loss is an influence, in part, of a belief system, although I may also express to you, within certain societies in your physical dimension, there may be expressed an emotional quality associated with the identification of loss which is not entirely influenced by beliefs, but rather a recognition of a choice to be participating in a creation of separation, and allowing an emotional responsiveness to that separation.

This is the area that may be creating confusion objectively, or misunderstanding, and this associates with the concept of acceptance.

I have stated previously that you may be accepting of a belief, and you may continue to hold an opinion concerning that belief regardless that you have accepted that belief.  You may also continue to exhibit emotional expressions in relation to beliefs once you have accepted a belief.

Neutralizing a belief system is eliminating the judgment concerning or associated with the belief system, but you are not eliminating the belief system.

And in this, as you have created a base element of your physical reality in the expression of emotions, you may continue to create and exhibit emotions in relation to beliefs regardless that you have accepted those beliefs, but you shall not place a judgment upon the belief or the emotional expression that you are creating.  Are you understanding?

DALE:  Yes.  That was a quick question, and an answer for everyone! (Elias chuckles)  Okay, what is my intent within this focus?

ELIAS:  OKAY, (grinning) and I shall express to you a question to a question!  What is your impression of your intent within this focus?

DALE:  I don’t think I’m noticing.  I think it’s something that’s so subtle, that it feels so much a part of me, that I’m not viewing it.

ELIAS:  And I shall present to you, in response to that response, the challenge that you first be allowing yourself to be noticing! (Dale groans, and then laughs)  Ha ha ha!

DALE:  You tell other people!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

DALE:  Okay, I will ... okay, I will!  I feel that as long as I’m choosing in the moment what I desire and expressing my creativity, the details of providing for my so-called physical needs will be met.  I feel like I am moving more and more into this trust of me, and so what info am I willing to let you offer me regarding this?

ELIAS:  And what information are you requesting regarding this?

DALE:  I think I’m requesting objective validation.

ELIAS:  Ah, this is not information — this is merely confirmation! (Chuckling)

DALE:  Confirmation, yes.

ELIAS:  And I shall express to you, you are correct in this assessment.

As you do hold your attention within the now and you do allow yourself the acknowledgment of self and you continue to allow yourself an expression of trust, you shall create in this manner, which is the identification of what I have expressed previously as effortless — the movement into accomplishment without the incorporation of tremendous objective concentration within thought and the continuous pushing of energy.

In this, you may allow yourself the visualization — in validation of what you are creating and how you are allowing yourself to be creating within the now — of a stone that you may choose either to allow, merely upon your direction, to be moving up a hill, so to speak, or you may place yourself behind the stone and you may physically push and push and push.

In either choice, the stone shall eventually reach the top of the hill, for this is your objective.  But in one manner it shall reach the top of the hill with tremendous effort, and most probably incorporating some conflict within the process.  In the other choice, you may merely direct the stone to move, and it shall.

DALE:  My choice of experience.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

DALE:  Okay.  I created a thrifty method for myself.  It’s, “I halt my attempts to create an acceptable me, and accept me as I am.”  I feel like this is a key to especially my own self-acceptance.

ELIAS:  Very good.  Yes, I shall be validating of this statement, for what you are expressing in this is not that you seek to be or attempt to be better futurely, but that you acknowledge now and accept what you are creating now as already the better or the best.

DALE:  Yes.  How may I more efficiently move through my fear of not aligning with mass beliefs?  I get the impression that this is also tied into me being Vold.  I seem to have the most challenge with thinking that ... not with not aligning with a belief, but thinking that it’s very bad that I’m not aligning with the mass belief that you’re supposed to align with a belief.

ELIAS:  First of all, I shall express to you that in part, you are correct.  An element of your difficulty in this area may be associated with the expression of this particular family of Vold, for these individuals are creating an almost continuous churning, so to speak, within their focuses individually, and at times en masse.

This offers them the objective expression of what we identify as the revolutionaries.  There is a natural inclination to be changing the direction which is officially accepted.  This also simultaneously creates an element of conflict, for within any expression that any individuals or groups are moving or attempting to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality and mass belief systems, there is resistance.

Now; there are two factors in this situation.  One is orientation.  The other is the expression of influence of family.

In the orientation [of common], there is an automatic alignment with the mass, for in this orientation, you are a part of the mass that creates the officially accepted reality.

DALE:  That explains a lot.

ELIAS:  But you also hold the influence of the family, which moves in what YOU identify as opposition, for the family influence or qualities leans in the direction of creating outside of the mass belief systems or changing the mass belief systems, changing your individual belief systems, alteration.  The common moves naturally in compliance.

DALE:  So, I could apply my thrifty method to this in the moment.

ELIAS:  Yes ...

DALE:  Oh, okay.

ELIAS:  ... recognizing that both expressions are not in opposition to each other, and that both expressions may move in harmony and may be beneficial.

Let me express to you, in this, there are identifications within your physical assessments — in relation to this information — in which you create separations, for this is familiar.

And in these separations, you identify belief systems, and within your thought processes and your analyzation of these belief systems — and the action of acceptance or the action of moving outside of the expression of the mass belief system, which you identify as the alignment of the mass belief system — you assess that you need be moving entirely differently in your expression from the mass belief system, and this shall be your evidence, so to speak, that you are no longer associating yourself or aligning with a particular mass belief system.

This holds significance, especially for an individual such as yourself with these two qualities incorporated into your focus — the Vold and the common orientation — which as I have stated, surfacely appear to be in opposition.  In actuality, they are not.  You are merely not objectively allowing yourself to view all of your choices and express all of your creativity.

In this, as you move into the familiar expressions, and you identify that your validation and your evidence to yourself objectively that you are not in alignment with a mass belief system shall be expressed as you move in an entirely different type of creation, you confuse yourself, and you also narrow your choices tremendously.

In this, you may be expressing revolutionary movement and concepts and initiating changes within the very expressions of the mass belief systems, recognizing that individuals may objectively create a camouflage that appears partially to be a manifestation outside of a mass belief system, and in actuality, they have merely created a different color of the expression, but they are continuing to express the alignment with the mass belief.

There are other individuals that assess within their behaviors and their choices that they ARE aligning with the mass belief systems, and in actuality, their behaviors are NOT aligning with the mass belief systems.

These are areas in which many, many, many of you become confused.

In this, you may choose any mass belief that you identify, and you may also allow yourself to be moving into a genuine expression of acceptance of that belief system, allow yourself to continue a type of participation with that expression of belief system, but alter your perception and your direction of creation within that belief system.  Therefore, you are not incorporating the judgment, but you are also not fighting against yourself and against this “invisible force” of the belief system.

Example — which you may allow yourself an understanding of quite easily.

You incorporate a role as a mother within this particular focus.  You engage relationship with another individual that plays the role, in choice, of your son.  You may move in the role of the mother, which is in alignment, so to speak, with the mass belief system, but you may also incorporate behavior which is not in alignment with the mass belief system concerning this role.

Your expression and your behavior may be quite different than the expression which is officially accepted within the mass belief, but it also does not objectively, blatantly “rail against” to the point which other individuals are carrying you off and jailing you for not being in compliance with the expression of the officially accepted reality.

This example you already hold an understanding of objectively, for you already participate in this type of an expression with your son.

You do create the role of the parent.  You do identify yourself, within yourself and to other individuals, that you are the parent, that you are the mother, but you also choose to be incorporating a relationship partially within the guidelines of the officially accepted reality, but also not.

In this type of expression, what you are creating is a change in your expression in comparison, so to speak, to the officially accepted reality, which is a free flow and satisfying of the energy which is projected through your family, but you are also allowing yourself to move within the mass belief system in certain respects, and this satisfies the free flow of the energy that you individually create in this particular focus with this orientation.  Are you understanding?

DALE:  Yes.  Actually, that’s a wonderful analogy ... that’s a wonderful analogy!

This is a totally different topic.  What am I experiencing when I get those electric shocks in my head and I seem super-sensitive to sound, and I even feel it?

ELIAS:  This is directly associated with widening awareness objectively.

Now; I have expressed previously to individuals that this particular type of physical manifestation is associated with the opening of what I have explained as neurological pathways.  This is an actual physical action which you are incorporating into your reality, and in this action, there are actual physical occurrences....

DALE:  That is just so cool.  I notice that after I experience a time of that action, that I seem to grasp a concept; I get the information objectively after that.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.  In this, part of the reason that you are noticing of that action is that you are expanding in actuality the amount of your physical brain that you incorporate as interactive with your functioning physically within this focus.

DALE:  (Laughing)  Now I’ll get to play with my beliefs about getting a big head!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

DALE:  Okay, I definitely have to ask you, who had whose head cut off?  Did you cut my head off?  Did I cut your head off?  Of what is the connection to John the Baptist and Salome and beheading imagery? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is not an association directly with myself.  This is an association with you.

DALE:  Okay. (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Did I do the cutting off, or did I get it cut off? (Pause)

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you incorporate the action of (chuckling) losing your head!  HA HA!

DALE:  (Cracking up)  Well....

ELIAS:  Which you also incorporate in this focus at times, do you not?  Ha ha ha!

DALE:  Yes, which brings me back to my growing back a big head! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

DALE:  Okay.  Also, when I was little, I used to love to put dirt in my hair, and then scratch it out.  I get the feeling that this is a connection to some kind of ... well, my logical mind says some kind of tribal focus or something. (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is an association with a bleed-through of energy, you are correct, and it is the incorporation of an action which is exhibited in aborigines....

DALE:  Oh, I kinda made that connection.  Hmm.

Okay, the woman who travels and speaks that I see in that room — she looks like me, but is she a probable probability of this focus or a future present focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This focus present.

DALE:  Oh, yea!  Did I recently change a probability within the belief of my disengagement?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DALE:  Okay.  Is Dalek a future present focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.  Very good.

DALE:  Well, while we’re doing the connecting....

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

DALE:  I might as well get the connecting done!  Joan of Arc — I get that she is a similar resonance of my intent, but that I wasn’t her. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Ah, and you present yourself with a valuable clue.  Yes, you are correct — of similar resonance of your intent.

DALE:  Okay.  Do I have a woman alcoholic focus in this same time frame? (Pause)  Or, I think that it could have been a probable me.

ELIAS:  I may express to you, within this present time framework you do incorporate another focus which is manifest as female, and YOU might identify in these terms, that she may be labeled as this particular identification, although I may also express to you that as you continue to investigate that energy which you are allowing yourself to be assessing, move with caution in these types of judgments.

DALE:  Hmm.  Oh, I think actually she’s ... well, I think I feel a lot of compassion for her, and I’m glad she’s doing it, not me!

ELIAS:  HA HA!  And this is precisely....

DALE:  That is the judgment, isn’t it? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  This is precisely of what I am speaking.  There is no need for you to be creating sorrowful feelings for this individual.  This is the judgment that the individual is creating their reality ineffectively and inadequately.

DALE:  Agree. (Elias chuckles)  Okay, Mary Todd Lincoln — what’s my connection to her? (Pause)

ELIAS:  First express to me your impression.

DALE:  My impression is that I can identify with her very much, and I think my impression is that I was her or AM her, speaking unlinearly.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  You are correct.

DALE:  Okay.  The dream that I had, it was also an out-of-body where I woke James up in it and he had created like an out-of-body machine type thing, is that a future shared focus or a present future?

ELIAS:  This is a translation of an association of future focus.  It is not an actual viewing of future focus, but a translation of that viewing.

DALE:  Okay.  That was a very neat one though, (they both laugh) especially since I woke up, and ... well, I thought I’d woken up! (Laughing)  I mean, I went back to bed because I went out-of-body to wake up James, and then we were not living in the same place.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I express to you, you have incorporated imagery that shall be easily understood objectively by yourself, and this is the reason that you have created a translation in the experience.

DALE:  Okay.  Was I a Roman Catholic priest in support of Michelangelo’s works? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You are correct, in quite minor position!

DALE:  Yes, I was!


DALE:  The bumpy-faced guy that I saw in the mirror is an other-dimensional focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Ah.  Yes, you are correct.

DALE:  Okay, and how about Horace in Germany in the late 1400s whose wife died? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

DALE:  And the deaf woman in another out-of-body, was she a recent past focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No.  This is associated with Me Ling.

DALE:  Oh!  Oh, I’ll have to investigate that.

Well, I do have two questions for Chui too.  He wants to know, if you haven’t offered this information in the material, why you called them sexual orientations.

ELIAS:  There is an identification with the sexual element of your reality as the physical.

In this, the orientation which you incorporate in each manifestation is associated with your perception in how you create your reality, how you assess your reality, how you view your reality — your interpretation — and this is associated with the physical.

The two base elements of your physical reality, as you are aware, are the emotional and the physical.  Therefore, the identification of the sexual for the physical is the sexual element of your physical dimension.  This is a base element of your physical dimension.

Your orientation is not your emotional expression or creation.  It is the manner in which you create your interpretation of all of your reality.  Therefore, it is the representation of the physical aspect, which is the sexual, and in this, there is an identification in accuracy that your orientation be identified as sexual orientation, rather than identifying in the terms of emotional orientation.

DALE:  Okay ... okay.  He also wants to know if he’s had any famous focuses, because he says you’ve had two, and he doesn’t want you to be greedy!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  And I shall be encouraging of him to be investigating and offering to me his impression of his discovery of....

DALE:  You won’t offer him a clue?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Very well.  I may express that he holds one focus incorporating an element of notoriety, so to speak, in architecture.

DALE:  Huh!  Well, you know how he loves a good mystery!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

DALE:  Okay, I’m sure you know the hamstering I’ve done on this, but I’d like confirmation that my most recent insight into my waning near-sightedness is imagery to myself that I don’t need to have control of the details, and to remember a wider view.

ELIAS:  Very good.  I shall be encouraging of you in your continuation in this movement, and acknowledge you in validation of your understanding of your impression.

DALE:  Thank you.  It’s quite interesting to not be able to read a number, and rely on trusting myself to know it.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I may express to you, this provides you also with a valuable example that you may be offering yourself information in many different manners, and your reliance and dependency upon merely the familiar aspects of your reality and the association of your physical outer senses may be quite limiting.

And in the action of this shift, you ALL shall be incorporating much more of an expression of inner senses as incorporated outwardly within your objective reality.

DALE:  Hmm.  Painting my house is imagery of me creating a new ... not a new, but new and more desirable probabilities, and my like of the number 43 is imagery that I would offer myself certain choices in my 43rd year?

ELIAS:  This is the imagery that you are creating individually within yourself as your own choice of validation to yourself.

DALE:  Okay.  What is my color? (Laughing)  Or, is my color blue?

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Express to me more specific identification.

DALE:  Well, I think sometimes it’s kind of a cobalt blue, but with light shining through it, it gets kind of periwinkley.  The color of a blue in a rainbow blue, that kind of blue.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that your identification of cobalt is close, and I shall express the clarification of marine.

DALE:  Oh, okay.  Well, you’re the artist that knows all the names! (They both laugh)  Well, what does that color mean?

ELIAS:  This is a vibrational quality which translates into your physical dimension in the configuration of a physical color.

In this, this particular focus that you are manifesting resonates with that particular vibrational quality, and in that resonance, you create what you identify as a signature color.  This is the vibrational quality of energy that you create and surround yourself physically with in the base quality or expression of your energy field.

As I have stated previously, in allowing yourself to view your individual energy field, if you are allowing yourself to be looking through the colors of the energy field, which are the projections of your energy centers, which you may identify as the surface layer of your identifiable energy field, you may also allow yourself to view the underlying color physically, which shall be exhibited in that particular color hue.

DALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

DALE:  The most recent info that I’ve offered to myself regarding my empathic and telepathic connections ... like I already do it.  It’s not something I need to attempt to do, but to notice that I DO do it, and that as I notice how subtly I DO do it, I will become even more aware of it?  And the same with noticing the veil between subjective and objective?

ELIAS:  Correct.  It is unnecessary to be pushing.

DALE:  Okay.  Why do I like the number 4 so much? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, within this physical dimension, you create different expressions quite specifically, quite purposefully, and quite immaculately.

What I am expressing to you is that many different expressions move together in harmony.  They are not random.

Musical notes, colors, certain letters, certain numbers — there are different expressions within your reality that move in a tone or vibrational quality similarly, and you underlyingly recognize these harmonious expressions and those that you resonate with.

In this, as I have stated previously, no thing is hidden from you.  You need merely be paying attention to your own expressions and your own draws.  There are what you may express to be reasons why you draw yourself to certain physical locations, certain expressions, certain experiences, certain individuals, colors, numbers, tones in sounds, and these are all identifiable to you if you are allowing yourself to be familiarizing yourself with self.

Now; in this, the number also holds a particular quality which is harmonious to the translation of color, the translation of audible tone or note, so to speak, within your physical dimension that you resonate with.

In this, at times individuals create preferences that they associate with those particular elements of your reality; not always, for some individuals may draw themselves to certain elements within their reality, but not necessarily create a preference in relation to that particular expression in their reality.

You have chosen to be incorporating a preference for some of the expressions and manifestations that are harmonious in the vibrational and tonal qualities that you resonate with in this particular manifestation.  This be the reason that you draw yourself and hold a preference to this particular number.

DALE:  Thanks.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

DALE:  What is the significance of eye contact?  I get that it’s our imagery that we’ve created of our interconnectedness, I guess.

ELIAS:  Partially.

I shall also express to you, this is an objective, significant display of action which offers you information individually as an indicator to yourselves and which other individuals may objectively view also, for this is an element that you physically identify as a subconscious action, although it is not subconscious at all.  You merely do not hold your attention in the identification of this particular action.

This is your own mirror display outwardly of your attention with self, your trust of self, and your acceptance of self.

As you engage another individual, you may allow yourself to be noticing.  In the moments that you are genuinely expressing a trust and an acceptance of self, you shall also automatically, without thought, create a tremendous ease in holding your physical gaze quite directedly in what you identify as eye contact, and you shall not experience a pull or any automatic action of diverting your gaze.

In those moments in which you are questioning your trust and your acceptance of self, you shall also be diverting of your physical visual direction.

DALE:  Hmm.  That’s some things to think about!

ELIAS:  Quite!

DALE:  Exactly what beliefs am I attempting to accept in regard to my relationship with James in this now, so that I can move more towards accepting them?

ELIAS:  What you are presenting yourself with presently is not necessarily the action of identifying beliefs, that you may be moving into acceptance.

What you ARE presenting yourself with is the opportunity to view self, to view your responses and your behaviors, what you create and how you create within your individual reality.  You are also offering yourself the opportunity to view your perception and the difference of another individual’s perception, and in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to become more accepting of self.

DALE:  Hmm.

ELIAS:  You are identifying in thought process associated with belief systems, and in actuality, what you are creating in your movement presently, in concern to your interaction and your participation in relationship, is that you allow yourself to become more familiar with self, and moving into your previous expression, as you have offered this day, in being accepting of yourself within the now, not attempting to be better, and also simultaneously recognizing that all that you are creating is a creation of your perception and not an absolute, for other individuals’ perceptions are different.

DALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I shall be incorporating one more question, and we shall be disengaging this day.

DALE:  I was trusting that you’d know when. (Elias laughs)  A simple one: how many focuses do I have, how many do I have similar resonance to, and how many are physically manifest in this present time frame? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Total numbering, 612.

DALE:  That’s so cool!  I almost said ... I think it was 621.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  Those that you are resonating with, 104.

DALE:  Oh my goodness!  There’s transition for ya.

ELIAS:  Within this particular time framework, the manifestations that are presented, 6.

DALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

DALE:  Thank you for all the information today, (Elias chuckles) and au revoir.

ELIAS:  And I express to you a continued encouragement in your movement and your investigations.  You are accomplishing quite well.

In this, I shall also offer an expression of energy in the challenges that you incorporate in your adventure in relationships!  Ha!

DALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  You are quite welcome!  To you this day, Jene, I express in great affection, au revoir.

DALE:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:44 PM.

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