Session 104
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Allowance of Distortion


"Allowance Of Distortion"

Sunday July 14, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Ron (Olivia), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), and a new participant, Kevin (Gya).
Elias "arrives" at 7:52 PM. (Arrival time was 35 seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence present! (Smiling) We shall begin this evening in addressing to interaction and connections within consciousness, within other areas of consciousness. I allow, within your movement, your expressions of distortion, temporarily; for this allows you the opportunity to view your own expressions and ideas, thoughts, and connect with more information through your subjective self, offering you an understanding of how and where you incorporate distortions of information which has been offered. Presently, you engage this issue.

You have effectively distorted information offered as to the essence of Rose, information offered of our pyramid, and also information offered with regard to the twins. This information has been offered to you to allow you to be connecting within your objective understanding. It has allowed you the opportunity to view elements of your expressions differently. You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be noticing of connections within consciousness, which you may have incorporated much more of your time element to connect with if you had no focal point to be observing. Therefore, you have been offered information to allow you to connect within objective expressions. In this, as anticipated, you have distorted this information. This is acceptable, for you are learning and widening you awareness, to be understanding that your initial understanding of these concepts is not quite what you move into in understanding now.

It has been quite helpful for your understanding to be viewing expressions of twins, for you view and notice what you think of as opposites or similarities; parallels. I do not wish to be offering much information beyond what you presently hold within these areas; for you are evaluating, and you are intelligent beings, and I accredit you with the ability to be understanding more clearly, within awareness, yourselves.

I shall offer a small amount of information concerning Rose, for this particular essence may be incorporating much confusion to you, and to others to which you interact with. As this essence is intricately focused with the accomplishment of your shift, it is helpful that you understand these manifestations. They are not "set apart" from you. They are your expressions. Within consciousness, within other Regional Areas, within an understanding of the action of your shift, collectively you have agreed upon the manifestations of Rose. Within consciousness, this action is the same as that of the pyramid or the twins. Collectively, not only you, but entirely within the focus of this particular planet, which encompasses all of its dimensions, all of its time frames, and all of its focuses, an agreement has been made. In this, the expression, through agreement, has manifest through the essence of Rose. This is a cooperative, collective action. Just as I have expressed to you that The Creating Universal One And Whole is an action, so also is this. Within the movement of consciousness, it has collected together with expressed intent to manifest within what you have agreed to be the most efficient manifestation; therefore dividing into nine individual focuses, within the same time period and dimension, to be affecting of your shift.

You are all, within physical focus, individuals. As I have expressed previously, you are each individual and different. No two are the same. No two express the same; but within other areas of consciousness, "outside", as you would view this, of physical focus, you are one; holding still your individual vibrational quality and personality, but incorporated all as one. Within essence, figuratively speaking now, you may view a focus individually being orbited by other aspects of each individual focus. These aspects are what you would view to be latent elements or qualities of the individual focus; you. As you travel through your sojourn of your focus, you draw from these orbiting elements, which are what you might perceive as alternate selves. These interact with you continuously, within consciousness. Within physical objective expression, they, at times, exchange places with you. They hold your vibrational tone quality. Therefore, there is an inter-exchange that may be accomplished. In this same manner, figuratively speaking, all consciousness orbits a source as elements of the source. In this, accomplishments within mass expression are not only agreed upon, but acted upon through consciousness, within the all of consciousness, which may manifest singularly, to your perception.

There is no "one entity" of Rose. There is no one entity of William, or Olivia, or Shynla, or Lanyah, or Yarr, or Lawrence, or any individual focus. There are essences, which are defined by personality and vibrational tone quality. These are not separate orange sections! They are elements, not "parts", of the whole; to which, in the same manner that your physical body expresses any action, all elements of this body move within a cooperation of action. All cells are affected. Each blink of your eye is a cooperation of every cell within your physical expression, and each cell, each molecule, is aware and incorporated within the action. In this, in the same manner, each expression within your physical focus is a cooperative action of all, or the one, expressed into your physical perception. I shall allow Michael more of his "playtime" interaction, with his fascination of time and his "clouds", before offering an explanation of this encounter; for I am confident that he shall connect more, and as a result of this connection, I shall offer a clarification for this information within our future time.

The expression of the twins I wish to not discourage; for in this, we are aware that irregardless of distortions in perception, you, and others also, shall come to a more undistorted perception of this reality.

I also shall comment to you, do not be "misled" into viewing this physical focus as non-reality. Although you each have chosen to occupy your objective consciousness with information concerning a greater connection to subjective consciousness and elements beyond, as you term this physical focus, this does not lessen the reality of physical focus. The experiences that you encounter are reality. The experiences are not distorted. They are pure experiences. In one sense, your perception of your experiences is not distorted either, for it creates your reality; and this physical focus that you occupy is reality. There are many elements of reality. Only in offering subjective information to be incorporated within objective expression is there the element of distortion. Therefore, if you were individuals choosing not to be incorporating this information, your perceptions would not be distorted.

(Firmly) Hear what I have said, for others do not seek this information presently. Therefore, their expression, their perception, their information is not distorted for their reality. Their reality, as yours, is reality; this being why my friend has communicated to you the necessity for your understanding; for there are many who shall experience trauma within engaging new information which is not an element of their present reality. Care must be taken in this; respectfulness of each individual's reality. How you shall accomplish this is by respecting your own reality first; incorporating an understanding, and a trustfulness, and a respectfulness, and a tolerance of self first. In this, you may express also the same to others.

Many individuals may view your expressions objectively in terms that they may express to be "psychic". Your definition of psychic shall be that objective expression which has been allowed from a subjective expression. As you balance and as you allow the integration of self, the natural expression will be, and already is, to an extent, a subjective expression being expressed objectively; an allowance of the intuitive to be expressed in conjunction with, and through, the intellect. (Long pause)

I shall discontinue, as you may digest this information; and you may engage questions, if you are so disposed. (Another pause)

JIM: So, within what I've been feeling lately, as if I myself have been holding back something, or trying to reason things out and see things a little differently, that goes along with what you just spoke of, in seeing things, perceiving things with less distortion than my rational mind has cooked up?

ELIAS: I wish you to be understanding that although we divert your attention many times from your rational thinking, this is an important element of your intellect; here being an example of distortion that you, as these individuals present, may view.

It is expressed to you that your rational thinking distorts information. In one respect, this is accurate and correct. If you are allowing no balance, and you are discounting the interaction of your intuitive self to be harmonizing with the intellect, your rational thinking shall be distorting of information; but your rational thinking is an element that you have created, in conjunction with your intellect, to offer explanation of your perceptions to you. Therefore, if these elements are working within harmony of each other, they may be accepted without distortion. If they are not being allowed to work together, or if you are discounting of one element, you shall not incorporate a harmony, and you shall incorporate distortion. Any one element being distrusted will create conflict. Therefore, as I express to you that you begin by trusting of self, I do not express to you that you begin trusting "pieces" of self! I express to you that you trust the entirety of your expression, realizing the creativity of your entire expression within this focus. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question. Paul made a comment that even the interaction within this group should be "carefully administered".

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I don't really understand.

ELIAS: In this expression, a caution has been administered to be realizing the reality of each individual, and to not be discounting of this. You move in widening of awareness, but you each are aware that your awareness is not very, very wide as of this moment, within this now! (Grinning) Therefore, you may be wishing to be expressing of helpfulness, and you may express contrary to your intention; for you are discounting or ignoring each individual's expression of reality. (Pause)

At every given moment, you are creating your own reality. Therefore, your expression is real. Many times you express to each other, in an effort to be helpful, your opinion of the other individual's reality; which is incorporated into your reality, but not necessarily into their reality. Care must be taken in understanding and, once again, respectfulness of each individual's differences and their individual creation of their own reality; this being the area to which you, within yourselves, create evaluations within your own perceptions of other individuals, and in this, express what you believe within your own reality; which is not necessarily, in actuality, the reality! Confusion may ensue, within both. (Pause)

These expressions would not be offered to you were you not in agreement to be engaging this action. You have chosen to be moving in this direction, and in this, you have asked for helpfulness; guideposts; which we respond to. (Pause)

This is not to say that each individual shall silence themselves and offer no information; for as I have stated previously to you all, interaction is important, for you share perceptions. In this, you offer alternate perceptions to each other, allowing yourselves and each other the opportunity to change perceptions, and also to widen your awareness. We express only that you exercise care, in understanding, within your own individual expressions, where they are motivated from. (Pause) As with our little tree, it is unnecessary for you to evaluate another. It is necessary for you to evaluate you! (Smiling, and another pause)

RON: Michael and I would like to know why Paul's information seems to be so much more difficult to incorporate and hold objectively than your material is. (Note that this difficulty seems to be singular, for the most part, to Mary and Ron. Others have had a definite noticing of unfamiliar energy, but this doesn't seem to affect their ability to connect with Paul's material)

ELIAS: This being, in actuality, quite simple. You have incorporated an acclimation to the energy of Elias. Therefore in this, you also "attune" to this vibrational quality. Paul's vibrational quality is slightly different. You have not quite acclimated yourselves to this vibrational quality of energy. Therefore, you perceive this to be more difficult; for within your objective expression, you reject what is unfamiliar, just as your physical body echoes this type of expression in introducing a foreign object into its area. Your physical body will automatically, without your physical thought process, reject this element as foreign and unfamiliar. In this same manner, your objective self automatically places a barrier within encounters of unfamiliar vibrational tone qualities. This shall relax. It shall become much more of ease to you to assimilate this information.

You will be noticing also that within areas of combined vibrational tones of Elias and Paul, you shall experience the same; for although one is familiar and recognized, the other is not. Therefore, the whole shall be blocked. Also, another element contributing to this situation is, or shall we say has been, a "scatteredness" within energy transmission. In this, the element of unfamiliarity is enhanced; for although you previously may have familiarized yourselves with this energy tone within its scatteredness previously, it becomes unfamiliar to you, or so you perceive. As this energy exchange becomes more directed, as was the case with Elias also, you shall experience more ease.

VICKI: Was that part of the unfamiliar feeling today?

ELIAS: As I have stated, the scatteredness, to a very large degree, was previous to this present now. Therefore, an adjustment within focus has been accomplished, allowing a more directed flow and also a more concentrated expression of energy; a more focused expression of energy. This you hold the ability to be more identifying of. You notice a difference. You may not offer to yourselves an explanation, but you notice. In this, you become "slightly sideways"! (Grinning) This shall become familiar to you quite quickly. I shall express, it shall take you "less time" to acclimate yourselves to this expression of energy, and its introduction to you, than it took you to acclimate Elias' energy exchange; for you are familiar with the process presently. Subjectively, you are accepting. Therefore, you will acclimate more quickly.

We shall break. You may continue with questions as we continue, and we shall engage our game!

BREAK 8:46 PM RESUME 9:21 PM (Arrival time was eight seconds)

ELIAS: We continue. (To Cathy) In essence, you do trust! (Laughter)

CATHY: Thank you! (The rest of Cathy's words are inaudible)

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. The same experience was enjoyed by Lawrence recently also, to which he was incorporating the same quite rude response! (To Vicki) Good evening! (Vicki cracks up) I was unable to continue within the desired expression, although we shall attempt again!

VICKI: Okay!

ELIAS: Are you wishing questions?

JIM: Is Twylah, in physical focus, a member of the Seneca tribe?

ELIAS: These essences, incorporated within your game, are no longer within physical focus.

JIM: I understand. When she was, at one point, was she?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Seminole.

JIM: Thank you.

VICKI: Regarding my question, right before our break, about some unfamiliarity today, there seemed to be quite an incorporation of yellow attached to Shynla within that too. Is that something completely different, or is that a distortion on my part?

ELIAS: This is a recognition of other essence; and you express surprise! We incorporate many essences within these sessions which, as I have expressed previously, you shall be becoming familiar with, as each introduces itself to you. You need only notice.

VICKI: I have another question, for Bruce. He is wishing to know his essence name.

ELIAS: Ah! To which he shall be disappointed, for it does not incorporate the tone of the Greek God! (Laughter) Uriel.

VICKI: And I would be spelling that ...


VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: Also, Michael wanted me to express his thanks to you, for the information offered regarding the baby the other day.

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

VICKI: Also, what happened with those darned cats? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Those darned cats, in differentiation to that darned dog within the element of your new game, which you have continued to not quite find; (chuckling) although this being a different expression. Interesting, to be observing the interaction that has been incorporated, and the intensity of investigation within physical elements, for explanation to your very logical thinking process! (We're all cracking up)

VICKI: Absolutely!

ELIAS: All things are not always as they appear, just as your spoon was not what it appeared to be! (Grinning) In this, I will express that no harmfulness was intended; and although mild irritation ensued, this also was not the intention. This is not what you would term to be a prank of Paul, although this situation is based within a non-physical element.

Recently, as you have obviously been informed, Michael has allowed an opening into areas of consciousness previously not engaged. In this, he has also allowed interaction with other areas of consciousness to "bleed through". This is not threatening or harmful. There is no need to be enacting what you term to be "protection". Therefore, do not be misunderstanding of the situation.

Previously, within experiences, Michael, together with others, engaged another essence; this essence being within an area of consciousness of transition, to which this essence presently continues with focuses in this area. In this, this familiar focus of this essence was allowed access, and has been, within your past time element, quite effective within energy exchange of physical focus, being within an area of transition; that which you would view to be very closely related with your area of physical focus within this Regional Area. It is less difficult, in a manner of speaking, for these focuses to interact with physical focus, as I have expressed briefly to you previously. In this, these focuses express curiosity and also mischievousness, not wishing harmfulness; but if you, within physical focus, are allowing an opening of consciousness, you may encounter these mischievous elements. This is not to say that you must incorporate fearfulness; only a recognition and understanding; and as you understand, you also allow yourself definition, within your exercising of other areas of consciousness and your openness to these.

Michael has expressed, he shall not be a radio station! (Laughter) Therefore, essences shall not energy-exchange with respect to this position; but this is not to say that other focuses have been barred from interaction, for this was not expressed. Therefore, you may express to Michael, elements with felines may not continue, but if he is wishing for no other elements of disruption, he may be choosing to address to Alex!

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: And also more clearly expressing, in definition, a non-interactiveness with mischief within areas of non-physical, for they may access these openings quite easily. Your individual, to which you engaged discussion earlier within this year, was expressing of this situation to Lawrence and Michael, and you were not quite listening! As we have expressed previously, do not be discounting of other individual's experiences as non-reality, for their experiences are reality. You may choose to not incorporate the same action in your reality, but this does not discount their reality. (Pause) Do you wish more questions before we engage our game? (Pause, and then to Kevin) Shall you inquire? (Laughter)

KEVIN: Do I have an essence name?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) All individuals within physical focus possess an essence name!

KEVIN: Okay, what is my essence name? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Gya. G-Y-A. You may engage the new game to be connecting with information of other focuses, if you are so choosing. These individuals shall be quite obliging to you, in helpfulness in discovering previous, or how you view to be previous, focuses.

We shall on to our game! I shall initially offer one point to Sophia, which you may enter within your excessive, or as you term, "extra points" to your game. There are no opposites, in actuality; but if you are attaching to opposites, Sophia has offered the correct answer.

VICKI: I expressed that to her today. Okay, shall I start? In our new category of name and location of babies, under yellow, I would like to enter the name Carter. The place, Edinburgh, Scotland.

ELIAS: Express to me why you have chosen this option of name, as opposed to your other option.

VICKI: It was a toss-up, and I picked one. (Not entirely true!)

ELIAS: Your other impression is correct.

VICKI: Carver.

ELIAS: Your location is correct also.

VICKI: And the color alignment?

ELIAS: Ah! I must now offer points for alignment within color? (We all crack up) This is the exercise of your game! (Note to Elias: That's not what I meant, and you know it! I was not trusting my impression of color alignment, and you know that too!)

VICKI: In movies, to connect the Ilda family with Field Of Dreams.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: In fabrics, to connect the Borledim family with cashmere.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Well, I guess that would be it for me. For Michael, in the name and location category, to enter the name Mi Wu Li with Zuli.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: In books, to connect Sumafi with The Iliad And The Odyssey.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Borledim, musical instruments, the oboe.

ELIAS: Another confusion of impressions! You shall express, he shall offer his other impression.

VICKI: Okay. Also in musical instruments, with Sumafi, bassoon.

ELIAS: This being the other impression!

VICKI: Then Michael will enter bassoon with the Borledim family!

ELIAS: One point!

VICKI: And fruits, with Sumafi, Kiwi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: That's it for us!

RON: Okay, I'll go. Wars, Ordin, The Civil War.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Herbs, with Sumafi, capsicum.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Seeds, with Sumafi, carob.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

RON: Places, with Sumafi, inside.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Quite creative! One point!

RON: Thank you!

ELIAS: To be synonymous with ... ?

RON: I'm not sure.

ELIAS: What, within your perception, do you view to be the greatest expression outside? (Staring at Ron)

RON: Somebody help me here! (We all crack up)

ELIAS: Shall this be your universe?

RON: I get it. The very big, and the very small. (Long pause)

ELIAS: Such hesitation within our game!

RON: I'm done!

CATHY: Oh! Okay. How about green, Ryan, California.

RON: Can't you be more specific? (Quite sarcastically!)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Cathy) One point.

CATHY: Oh, goody!

RON: If you do the other one, I'll kick you! (Much laughter)

CATHY: The other one? Do you want me to say what it is? It's right down here! (With her own special brand of sarcasm!) How about Ordin, composers, Richard Wagner.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Borledim, philosophers, Aristotle.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

CATHY: Borledim, oceans and seas, The Red Sea.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Sumafi, metals, bronze.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Explorers, Lewis and Clark with Rose.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Political leaders, Martin Luther King with Rose.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Religions, Catholic or Mormon with Rose.

ELIAS: Choose!

GAIL: Catholic.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Aspect personalities, Mother Theresa, Rose.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Berries, strawberry, Rose.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GAIL: Poets, Robert Frost with Rose.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Connect with your colors!

GAIL: Okay. I'm not sure, this might be a stretch, but in the babies; color is red, name Robert Lee, in Maryland.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GAIL: Is any of that right? (Laughing) I need to ask about the name. Is Robert Lee a name of one of the babies?

ELIAS: You shall connect within your impressions, and enter into a connection with an essence.

GAIL: (Sighing) Alright. I need to connect.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Expressing much in likeness to Shynla!

JULIE: For Rose, I'd like to connect the artist Jerry Garcia.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JULIE: Under habits, knuckle-cracking with Otha.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Acceptable.

JULIE: Under sports, Gramada with baseball.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Less probable, for you may investigate another essence family also!

JIM: In the family of Tumold, under artists, Michael Escher.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (To Kevin) Are you wishing to attempt?

KEVIN: (Pausing) Do you have any information on a friend of mine named Chad?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Express motivation in this request.

KEVIN: Just to see how he's doing, or if I'll see him again.

ELIAS: (Accessing) There are areas to which we express reluctance in offering some information, for it is apparent that it is not necessarily helpful. (Pause, with eyes closed) We wish not to be influencing of concern upon your individual expression. (Another pause)

This individual, as do you all, creates their own reality and chooses their own choices for actualization. In this, all choices actualized within your reality are beneficial, although you may not objectively view them in this manner. Therefore, I may not adequately deliver an answer to you in, "Is this individual okay?" For within one respect, yes. Within another perception, physically focused, you may view this to be a no answer; although in actuality, this individual is not experiencing imminent danger ... if you are comprehending my explanation.

I wish not to influence you in the area of thinking that you need be concerned, for this is unnecessary. Individuals present themselves with challenges within physical focus, but these challenges serve to be instrumental in allowing for a widening process; a greater understanding, in what you term to be future. Therefore, individuals may experience uncomfortableness within a moment, as we express a moment; you may express a moment to be considerably longer; but this shall be moved through, and this individual shall hold a greater understanding resulting from the experience.

KEVIN: Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions this evening? (Pause) Very well. I shall engage you quite soon, and I shall affectionately be awaiting our next encounter, so to speak. For this evening, au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:02 PM, and "pops back in" at 11:37 PM.

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and Cathy. Everyone else had left.

As usual, the transcription of pop-ins begins when the tape recorder begins; in this case, mid-sentence.

ELIAS: ... for these concepts are also reality, although you are correct. Your interpretations of these concepts are limited. These expressions are reality. There exists nine manifestations of Rose. The twins are what has been expressed. You do not understand the full implication of this, but they are what has been expressed.

The pyramid exists within the expression of these individuals. As I stated, with one focus and orbiting elements of the one focus, you may view the pyramid very similarly; that within consciousness, you possess one intent. Therefore, you may symbolize this as one focus, each individual being manifest as the orbiting elements of the central focus. This does not detract from your individuality or your personal vibrational quality as individual personalities and focuses, also as individual essences, in a manner of speaking; but within the "wider picture", the pyramid, the combined consciousness, is the focus. Each of you have drawn together as orbiting elements of this focus to accomplish the intent which you, within combined cooperation of consciousness, have established.

You do not truly understand the meaning of agreements. You think to yourselves of agreements as one individual establishing an idea, and others aligning with this and agreeing with this idea. When we speak of agreements, this concept is much greater than your physical expression of agreements, for this incorporates action far beyond what you physically express; this being what I have expressed to you within this evening; for the elements of the actions expressed within consciousness far exceed your present understanding.

You think of yourselves singularly. You have been allowed to focus within your limitations and distorted understandings for the express purpose of your connections. This has allowed you the opportunity to widen your perception, even given that you have incorporated distortion. We are aware of your misunderstanding. It has not been addressed previously, quite intentionally. As being motivated by my comrade, he is viewing that you presently may be ready to be receiving information beyond what has been presented previously, allowing you a wider perception of what you engage.

We have expressed to you many times, consciousness is energy. There is no separation within energy. It only chooses different forms. Therefore, you are energy choosing different forms, but you are all connected, much more greatly than you view within your limitations of physical focus; viewing yourselves to be connected within expressions or experiences, feelings or thoughts. You are connected much more greatly within energy. There is no separation! Within this energy expression, you hold intent; for all expressions of energy hold intent. Combined, you each are as satellites of the intent.

You have easily connected to the information of the twins. You have allowed yourselves to view the similarities and the differences. You have allowed yourselves to view the connections; the power, within consciousness, where it is focused. You have viewed many expressions of these twins. Therefore, you have also allowed yourselves the opportunity to widen this idea, for to you, it is merely an idea, into greater expressions, moving out from the two to the pyramid; which Olivia has connected already, in a beginnings of an understanding of the parallel of the energy exchange and cooperation of the pyramid, as compared to the twins. In this, you begin to offer yourselves more information, and a greater understanding of how you are connected within energy; therefore also allowing yourselves information of your affectingness within your connection, and in actualizing your intent.

We do not express to you the ideas of all of you being one, for this threatens your perception of individuality; therefore also causing questioning of your individual identity, which may be resulting in questioning of your very self, to which you may be prompted to ask yourselves, "If I be not me, then who am I? If I am not a focus of my own individual essence, which is me, then what am I?" These are unnecessary questions presently. Therefore, in an effort to not be prompting this type of confusion, we offer examples to you, and concepts, that you may understand and connect with. Albeit distorted, it is effective; and with the understanding that you hold great intelligence, (grinning at Cathy) you shall understand yourselves as you move within a widening awareness. You shall question within yourselves, and you shall also offer yourselves answers! You have begun this process already. Therefore, it was not necessary for us to be offering more information, for you connect with this information yourselves, which is the point! You hold the ability. In not answering all of your questioning, you motivate yourselves to investigate. You question, and you are motivated to listen to yourselves, and also to trust your own perceptions.

Our intention within interaction with you is not to "pave your way", as you would term this, but to offer acknowledgment, encouragement, and signposts; to be helpful in directing, but allowing your own accomplishments and your own movement and choices. If you are to accomplish your intent as you have established this, you must be focused upon yourselves and trusting of your own expressions, individually and combined. As we expressed, the individual can survive and function well without the group. The group may not function without the individuals! The key to successful group expression is based in the strength and trust of the individual expression. (Pause, and to Vicki) Is this helpful?

VICKI: Yeah ...

ELIAS: Quite slightly, Elias! (We crack up)

VICKI: It is helpful. I don't know if I can 'splain it any better, but it is helpful. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Be remembering, these concepts are very directly related to energy exchange; which, in our terms, is a more efficient expression than agreement. As I have stated, all things are agreements, if you are choosing to be thinking in this manner. These expressions extend far beyond your ideas of agreements. They are expressed actions; energy exchanges; a cooperation and manipulation of energy within consciousness. (Pause, looking around at everyone)

That shall be enough for this evening! (Laughter) We shall continue later.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:58 PM, and "pops back in" 12:17 PM.

Note: We were just "fooling around", and decided to try to "go away" together. (In spite of Cathy's objections!) We all closed our eyes, and Elias popped in, obviously feeling very "playful", and chuckling.

ELIAS: And what is this new game? (Still chuckling)

RON: I guess we know where Mary went!

CATHY: Did you close your eyes, Ron?

RON: Yes I did! (We're all cracking up)

ELIAS: Ah, Shynla! (Shaking his head and grinning at Cathy) Michael incorporates no trouble or difficulty projecting presently! He is quite willing to be projecting within consciousness in this present now! I shall offer, once again, my cautioning in this area; for within his desire, he may be projecting far, so to speak, once again; to which, although he believes himself to be tethered presently to this "grounding", he holds the ability to be projecting untethered! (Pause, grinning) My question was not answered!

RON: What game are we playing?

ELIAS: I shall perhaps choose to be entering your game with you!

RON: We were playing a little connecting game, to see if we could all go away together somewhere.

ELIAS: And how do you view your progress? (Grinning)

RON: Well, I think we all went away to the same place!

ELIAS: Quite right! To the middle of your table! I was perceiving a sound of three distinct "splats"! (Much laughter)

RON: But they were individual splats!

ELIAS: Absolutely! Holding individual personality! (Grinning widely) Bing! Bang! Bong! Individual tones also! (We're losing it now) Such reluctance to be playing! (Pause) Very well. I shall shuffle away, and I shall engage my playmate, and you may incorporate Michael back with you. (Very humorously and very dramatically)

RON: Everybody close your eyes! We'll ask Mary if she knows where she went! (We're all cracking up again)

VICKI: I do have a question.

ELIAS: Oh, Asker of Questions!

RON: She wants to know who killed Kennedy! (We all crack up again, as somebody did ask this question early on in our sessions)

VICKI: Shut up, Ron! Within the same direction of some of the things you've said tonight, would you redefine your relationship with Paul?

ELIAS: The "relationship", as you present this, that I hold with Paul is very much the same as the twins, but holding an understanding of this action and lack of separation; understanding the individual personality tones, holding the identity within focus with no threat, and knowing of the interconnectedness. In this, when, not if, you do accomplish this same understanding, you shall find this quite liberating, for it allows a much greater expression within energy, for it is unlimiting.

RON: Have you and Paul shared physical focuses together?

ELIAS: Yes, but not as many as you may imagine. (Pause) I shall return Michael to you, and you may continue with your game!

RON: Everybody sit back and close your eyes!

ELIAS: Adieu. (12:26 PM)

Vicki's note: We did sit back and close our eyes. I was only able to contain myself for a minute or two, and started laughing. Later, I viewed Mary's reaction on the videotape. She opened her eyes and looked at the three of us, obviously very confused. The expression on her face was priceless! Thanks for a good laugh, Mary!


(1) This is in reference to dream interaction with Elias, which was experienced recently by Cathy and Vicki. Cathy heard, "In essence, you do ..." and Vicki heard "Good evening". Both were jarred awake by the very audible expressions of these words.

(2) This question was instigated by a series of events at Mary's house, for which we could find no physical explanation; and believe me, we investigated! Monday afternoon, Vicki went to Mary's house to take her dog out. The dog is kept in the bedroom when Mary is not home. Vicki found the door to the bedroom ajar, and assuming it was an oversight on Mary's part, didn't mention it. Tuesday afternoon, Mary called Vicki and asked her if she had been to her house again, which she had not. Mary then said that someone must have been there, because she found the door to the bedroom ajar when she arrived home. She was upset because she also found all three of her cats in the bedroom, which she doesn't allow. Vicki then related her experience the previous day. Wednesday, Mary left the house in the morning, making very sure that the door was closed and the cats were not in the bedroom. A few hours later, Ron went to the house. He found everything just as Mary had left it. The door was tightly shut, the two kittens were in the living room, and the adult cat was asleep in another bedroom. A few hours later, Mary arrived home to find the bedroom door still closed, but the big cat was in the bedroom with the dog. In a desperate attempt to claw its way out, the cat had destroyed the rug in front of the door. The investigation ensued! We found no rational, reasonable explanation. We were left with uncertain possibilities that made no sense. We wondered if perhaps somebody was entering the house and orchestrating the events, but why? We actually speculated as to the possibility that the occurrences on the third day might have been sort of inter-dimensional exchange on the part of the cat! Hence, the question.

(3) Many years ago, Mary used to play with her daughter on the Ouija Board. They had "interaction" with "someone" named Alex.

(4) This is in reference to our "past-life regressions", or as we now term them, TFE's. (Transfocal encounters) Before we started playing our "new game", as Elias terms this, quite often new individuals participating in our sessions would be curious as to information regarding their "past lives", which Elias would deliver. He now encourages everyone to investigate for themselves.

(5) A question was posed in "computerland" by one of our new friends, to which Vicki incorporated one of her famous "surveys". The question was, "What is the opposite of fear?" The answer given by Guin (essence name Sophia) was "Trust". This answer was given spontaneously and immediately, in the course of a regular work day. (Guin and Vicki are co-workers)

(6) Pop-ins, as we term them, used to be quite frequent occurrences, although we haven't had one for about three months. They are an interesting element of this phenomenon, an element that seems to be related to several different actions; misinterpretations expressed during conversation, fear or lack of fear within those present, an offering up of information for clarification, a response to connecting within consciousness. The most important element, though, seems to be Mary's willingness to incorporate them. Bear in mind that we don't really understand what initiates a pop-in. We just suddenly find ourselves talking to Elias instead of to Mary, which can be a little unnerving at times! As a result, the transcribed part of the pop-in begins whenever somebody remembers to turn on the tape recorder! Many pop-ins are never transcribed, as quite often they occur in places where there is no tape recorder.

(7) About a year ago, and several other times also, Elias has expressed this same need for caution, commenting that he didn't realize how great Michael's desire was to be projecting. Are you listening, Mary?

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