Transcript Search

Transcript Search

All transcripts on the website are searched for the words and phrases you provide in the search query. A phrase is a group of words in double quotes that must occur together in a transcript. If you enter more than one word or phrase the search will match transcripts that contain any one of the words or phrases. The key word AND, entered in capitals, can be used to require both of the words or phrases appearing on either side of AND (See examples below).

To search transcript titles use the key word Title: followed by a word or phrase to search for in the transcript titles. You can combine title searches with ordinary text searches.

Search results are presented for each transcript that matched your search query, in order of the number of matches found in the transcript. You can choose the maximum number of transcript matches by setting the number in the "Maximum Results" box.

Search Examples

  • Search for Sumari in any transcript:
  • Search for either Sumari or Zuli:
    Sumari Zuli
  • Search for both Sumari and Zuli in the same transcript:
    Sumari AND Zuli
  • Search for the phrase "science wave":
    "science wave"
  • Search for "science wave" and earth:
    "science wave" AND earth
  • Search for the word quartz in the title:
  • Search for the word shift in the title or climate in the text:
    Title:shift climate

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