Session 1400

Observing Essence and Directing Essence


“A Distinction between Observing Essence and Directing Essence”
“As You Accept Your Creations Now, You Shall Create Easily”

Sunday, July 20, 2003 (Private/In-Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Ranatad)

Elias arrives at (actual time not available.) (Arrival time is 28 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JENS: Hi, Dad. (Elias chuckles) Should I call you Juan Alfredo or Juan Alfonse?

ELIAS: Whatever you please!

JENS: It’s the name of one of your focuses, I think.

ELIAS: You are correct.

JENS: I have three parts in the session today. I have a few questions from other members of Elias Family.

ELIAS: Very well.

JENS: This is from Jeanne/Lucille. She wants to know if she is observing essence or counterpart of Joan of Arc. To my impression, she is perhaps counterpart.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: Thank you. How many shared focuses does she have with me? Twenty-one is my impression.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: Next, from Margot/Giselle: “Tell Elias that I followed his suggestion to be researching Thais, and in doing so I became quite obsessed with her. I wonder, am I her directing essence or observing?”

ELIAS: Observing essence.

JENS: And then, “If he confirms either one of those as the answer, please ask, was she Alexander the Great’s courtesan who set fire to Xerxes palace?”


JENS: Is this the same Thais who ultimately became a penitent and was later made a saint by the Catholic church?


JENS: Deane/Leland: “You say that a major event is actualizing along the A-N-D pyramid. Has the nature of that event been chosen yet?”

ELIAS: A direction, but not an event.

JENS: Do you want to say to him something about the direction or should he use his impressions?

ELIAS: They should be investigating.

JENS: Gillian/Ari has a dream in relation to the turning point. It’s quite long. She wants to know is there any meaning to this impression. It’s about India, a sport event and eight- to ten-year-old twin girls.

ELIAS: In relation to this turning point that we have discussed of yesterday?

JENS: Yes.

ELIAS: There is some imagery associated with that, and if Ari is so choosing may be allowing her impressions, and also maybe discussing this with myself futurely.

JENS: I’ve collected lots of impressions since our last session.

ELIAS: Very well!

JENS: I have here eight pages. (Laughs) Are you able to access it at once and only discuss the impressions that are misinterpreted by me, that are not correct?

ELIAS: You may present your list and I shall attempt to express yes or no as quickly as possible.

JENS: But it’s not possible to do it in one access because it would take a lot of session. This is my problem.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you, choose those now which you are somewhat unsure and present those, for the rest (pauses for 10 seconds and closes his eyes to access) are correct.

JENS: (Laughs) So, you are Jan Kubis, one of the Czech assassins of Reinhardt Heydrich, as directing focus?


JENS: What about the imagery in relation to winning the lottery? I had this impression or this imagery a few years ago. I woke up during the night and I had some numbers in my mind, and this happened last week again. I even have an idea about the winning sum. I have an idea about when it will happen, the second week or second half of August. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may express to you, follow your impression.

JENS: My problem is I’m afraid that this could be only a symbol and not an actual occurrence.

ELIAS: It is both, but not in the capacity of which you think — not in the capacity of generating volumes of money, but some.

JENS: So the seven million is incorrect?

ELIAS: There is a potential that that may be what you term to be your jackpot, but not necessarily what you may incorporate individually.

JENS: And the numbers I got by impression are correct?


JENS: How unusual. I surprise myself!

What about “The Leuchter Report”? Is this true? If the Leuchter Report would be true, there would be many parts of history books of World War II that are incorrect.

ELIAS: To some extent, yes. Not entirely.

JENS: I’ve read a book about Freemason symbols in the past. It’s a German book. I guess perhaps not everything but some of the contents are correct?

ELIAS: In association with your beliefs, yes.

JENS: What’s my connection with Nelly/Archor? I think I fragmented from the essence of Archor, but there’s more.

ELIAS: Correct, and your impression?

JENS: There is a connection to the Alterversity, about 2150 or 2160, so it would be a future focus. I don’t think I was her brother in this time. I can hear Nelly in my head. She seems to be very familiar to me.

ELIAS: There is a tremendous familiarity of energy which is associated not merely with the fragmentation but also with the interconnectedness of these two essences.

JENS: Which two essences? The two essences but not two focuses? Two special focuses?

ELIAS: No, there is an interconnectedness in similarity of preferences of these two essences, that essence and yourself, in a sharing of many focuses together in other dimensional focuses, tremendous volume of other dimensional focuses.

JENS: I’ve fragmented from Archor and Nepton. Are there any other essences from which I’ve fragmented? I don’t think so.

ELIAS: One, Drak, D-R-A-K.

JENS: And it’s true that KC/Nanaiis fragmented from Archor?

ELIAS: One of, yes.

JENS: So, she fragmented from totally five essences?


JENS: (Laughs) I know more than KC! (Elias laughs)

What about the Dream Walker aspect? You say to me in Session #715 that I don’t have a Dream Walker aspect. I think the situation hasn’t changed.

ELIAS: Correct. But be recognizing that individuals that incorporate an aspect of Dream Walker and those that do not, one is not more special than the other. One is not more significant than the other. They are merely different choices incorporating different roles, so to speak.

JENS: But I have connection to a Dream Walker, which is Cielo. I can even hear it in my mind. From which essence is he? It’s not from Debi/Oona’s Cioelo; it’s a little bit different. (Pause)

ELIAS: Marlay, M-A-R-L-A-Y.

JENS: Do I know the individual? Is it a shared focus at present with this essence?

ELIAS: No, this is a Dream Walker essence, which does not...

JENS: Completely Dream Walker essence?

ELIAS: Yes, which does not incorporate within physical focus in this dimension.

JENS: That makes sense to me. The number of my counterparts, 6.5 million, is the detailed impression that I had a specific time. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Approximately. This fluctuates.

JENS: I know. That’s why I had impressions at very detailed times.


JENS: Ryan O’Neal, the actor and father of Tatum O’Neal, is a counterpart of me or observing essence?

ELIAS: Counterpart.

JENS: And Joan of Arc was born on August 1, 1411.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: What about January 6? That was another impression related to this individual.

ELIAS: Intimate relationship with another individual incorporating that emergence day.

JENS: The number of dimensions that I’m manifested in is 652?

ELIAS: That you have connected to.

JENS: There are more?

ELIAS: Yes, for there are countless physical dimensions. Therefore, it may be somewhat impossible to attach a specific number, for there are countless physical dimensions. This is the reason that I do not offer numberings for all of your focuses within all physical dimensions, for the physical dimensions also are different. Therefore, there are also fluctuations dependent upon the type of manifestation.

JENS: You have told somebody about 8500 dimensions where he is manifested.

ELIAS: That are connected to.

JENS: And connection means? Subjectively, I’m always connected. Objectively?

ELIAS: Objectively recognizing.

JENS: But I’m not aware?

ELIAS: Somewhat. You offer yourself impressions.

JENS: Nefrudata is the correct name, not Neferu, of Egypt female focus, born 2123 before Christ?


JENS: And she was the sister of a pharaoh during the 11th dynasty, Mentuhotep the second?

ELIAS: And you may investigate this.

JENS: (Laughs) But she took part in sexual-oriented rituals. We have discussed it previously. She took not only drugs but she was bound during the sessions. I have a feeling that she loved the feeling of being tied up and gagged.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: Now, more focuses in this direction. There’s almost a fascination for bondage in this focus. It has something to do with my Zuli alignment, because of interaction. It’s bleeding through from other focuses.

ELIAS: Partially.

JENS: What’s the meaning, the reason for this?

ELIAS: An exploration of no absolutes, and in this exploration of no absolutes, it is a type of experimentation of experiences and shifting perception that you may be deeming one type of action or experience to be undesirable or negative. But this is associated with perception and beliefs that influence that perception, and in playing with that perception and with shifting attention to influences of different beliefs, it alters the perception, and therefore allows for an experimentation of shifting perception to be incorporating quite different experiences with the same subject matter.

JENS: I was talking with my future focus, Julia Gardner, about that, and she said she would love to try it. I felt acceptance of this sexual preference from her, so I think this is the point in my focus. She is Sumafi aligned, common and thought-focused.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: And she did time travel. That’s correct, yes? She’s somehow connected to The City.


JENS: Okay, I will be investigating. It’s more fun. (Elias chuckles)

Information about my San Francisco Bay area focus and that of my daughter, Laura/Ophile as Cecilia Alvarez, I think are correct. There’s only one thing missing, her mother’s name. Could you give me a clue to her mother’s name?

ELIAS: Marjarite.



JENS: That’s a first name. In this case, even a family name.


JENS: Thank you. That’s why I’m confused.

Then 11:11 dimension, the name of one of my focuses there — Muriel is correct, even the spelling?


JENS: And that I’m observing essence of Buddha?

ELIAS: The individual? Yes.

JENS: He is Borledim/Milumet, soft and emotional focused?

ELIAS: Reverse families.

JENS: But he represents somehow Sumafi?


JENS: I had an impression about the number 416 in relation to Buddha, Prince Siddhartha. At first I thought it is a year, but I don’t think so anymore. Can you give me a hint?

ELIAS: This is a combination of shared focuses, counterpart actions and observing essence roles in association with that essence.

JENS: What’s the essence name of Buddha?

ELIAS: And shall you investigate?

JENS: (Laughs) I tried it, but at this point I was not successful. He became 73 years old, the focus?


JENS: The Hindu god, Vishnu, is this an other-dimension focus of myself? Yes?


JENS: The rest should be correct. I’m quite related to Buddha. I’m not only observing essence, but we create obviously similar experiences. For example, sitting or walking in heavy rain without becoming wet — that’s the King Cobra story in Buddha. I’ve experienced the same in 1999.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: This individual actually dropped the veils of separation, accepted the belief of duplicity, but he didn’t accept the belief systems in the capacity of the Shift.

When I came here on the autobahn, I experienced a time for about 20 minutes or something like that where I felt like the veils of separation would be dropped. In the past I have only the feeling that I am another individual, for example, my daughter. I was only connected to this one individual. On the autobahn yesterday, I had this experience all-encompassing. It was related to the trees, to the street, to other cars, but it was somehow fluid, not clear enough. But this was actually dropping the veils of separation?

ELIAS: Yes. A beginning! (Chuckles) Congratulations, my friend. Ha ha ha!

JENS: It sounds like a good idea! Is there any time framework when I will accomplish that on a permanent basis?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon you and what you allow.

JENS: I would allow it right now! (Elias laughs) It was quite impressive. When I passed the radio tower, I could feel very strongly the radio waves.

ELIAS: Yes. It is energy, my friend. It is quite real.

JENS: I didn’t like the feeling. It was really scattered energy.

ELIAS: And perhaps you shall begin to be aware of your own energy field, objectively.

JENS: I have noticed a pattern that on a regular basis I’m observing a famous individual and create a directing focus which is shared focus to this famous individual.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: I have done this with Prince Siddhartha. Is there is another female focus of myself which is somehow related to him, perhaps a sister of him?

ELIAS: Within another focus, yes.

JENS: Peter Schuler, too is a counterpart, just like (inaudible)?


JENS: Nostradamus is an observed focus?

ELIAS: Observing of you now.

JENS: He’s observing me?

ELIAS: Yes. (Chuckles) A little twist!

JENS: But I didn’t observe this focus of Nostradamus?

ELIAS: No, the reverse. (Laughs)

JENS: And I’m observed at present by three essences?

ELIAS: Yes, presently.

JENS: Grace Kelly, she was in her whole life observed by 37 essences — one directing, 37 observing.


JENS: Klaus von Klitzing, it’s an observed essence?

ELIAS: You are observing.

JENS: I’m observing him and a counterpart?


JENS: Troius and (inaudible) are both other-dimensional observed focuses of myself. I’m observing.


JENS: And Elsa Einstein, the wife of Albert Einstein, is a directed focus?

ELIAS: No — counterpart action in this focus throughout the entirety of the focus; within several other focuses of yourself, counterpart action and one parallel counterpart action, the others are partial counterpart action throughout this individual’s focus.

JENS: And Maria Winteler, Einstein’s sister, is an observed focus of me?


JENS: Karl Poppor is an observed focus of myself, the entire life?


JENS: Now, in your focus of Ludwig Van Beethoven, who is the “Immortal Beloved”? Is it Josephine von Brunsvik?

ELIAS: Of yourself?

JENS: No. You had a focus as Ludwig Van Beethoven and you wrote a poem about your immortal beloved.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: It was addressed to...?

ELIAS: No, it was not concerning that individual. It was concerning Elizabeth. It is thought to be for Josephine.

JENS: But Josephine is a directing focus of myself?


JENS: Observed?

ELIAS: Observing, yes.

JENS: And Countess Anna Marie von Erdody, a counterpart or observing or...?

ELIAS: Observing.

JENS: So I have many observing essences around your focus.


JENS: Claire Curie, the mother-in-law of Marie Curie, is my initiating focus?


JENS: I had an impression about my final focus. It’s a future focus, male, time 2134, but I can’t remember the name. I know I wrote it down, but it’s missing.

ELIAS: Ah, but you shall discover it. You have merely created it to disappear temporarily. (Laughs)

JENS: But why? I had an impression. I wrote it down, and then...?

ELIAS: To be paying more attention. (Chuckles)

JENS: But it’s the final focus?


JENS: Jean-Baptiste Mondino is a directed focus of Ranatad, myself?

ELIAS: Observing essence and counterpart.

JENS: And he’s Zuli aligned?


JENS: And Ken Marcus, the photographer, is an observed focus?


JENS: And Cory Thompson is a counterpart of me?


JENS: And there’s a directed focus of myself living in Hawaii, female, practicing Voodoo.


JENS: I have lots of directing focus. For example, one in Italy with the name Gina, one living in the Alps, time framework 1851, and one in Paris, Clochard. The Paris one is not call girl.

ELIAS: You are correct.

JENS: William Shakespeare as directed focus is correct?

ELIAS: No, but you incorporate a directing focus in that time framework which is friend to that individual and incorporates great affection for that individual.

JENS: But he’s Sumari aligned? He is common, thought-focused.

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, many times individuals may interpret, based upon their draw to a certain focus, that they are the directing essence of that focus, and many times, in actuality, the reason that they incorporate such a tremendous draw is that they are interactive with that individual in some type of intimate capacity. That particular focus that they incorporate incorporates not merely an affection but a tremendous admiration for the individual, and that bleeds through in familiarity to you, many times much stronger than if you are the actual focus yourself of the individual.

JENS: Is there any way, any method I could practice right now to differentiate between observed essences and directed focuses?

ELIAS: Unless you are the observing essence throughout the entirety of the focus of an individual, you may be generating a distinction between observing essence and directing essence for you shall notice what you term to be gaps in the experiences of the individual, regardless of whether this individual is known and you offer yourself information through your books.

As you listen to your impressions, being an observing essence not throughout the entirety of the focus, some of what you offer to yourself in information shall appear flat, for there are gaps in the experiences. That is one method to differentiate between an observing essence and a directing essence, although at times that may be somewhat challenging also, for it is dependent upon the directing essence and whether they alter primary aspects, for that shall present a gap in the objective memory of the directing essence at times also.

In counterpart action, many times you sense very similarly to an observing essence action, especially if you are engaging a parallel counterpart, for your experiences shall be very similar. The circumstances may be different, the objective imagery may be different, but your experiences shall be very similar.

Now; in a directing essence and yourself as familiar with the directing essence, but not being the directing essence and being another focus, a clue is that many, many, many times if your impressions of the individual are EXTREMELY strong, there is more of a likelihood that you are intimately associated with the individual rather than the individual themself.

JENS: Just like Shakespeare, I was quite sure about that.

ELIAS: Yes. In those types of impressions, what you are offering to yourself, in a manner of speaking, figuratively, is an experience temporarily of seeing through the eyes of your other focus and experiencing their experience of their connection to that individual, just as in this focus. In any focus, most individuals feel a much stronger affection or admiration or respect for another individual that is known to them that they are generating an involvement with than they do to themselves, and this is you. Therefore, the same applies.

JENS: So now I have to check almost everything! (Both laugh) The impression of Achilles is a directed focus of me?


JENS: Rebecca Shawn, the British porn star, is a directed focus.


JENS: William Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway, is a directed focus of you?


JENS: My daughter Lisa has a focus as William Shakespeare’s daughter, Susanna?

ELIAS: Observing essence throughout the entirety.

JENS: And my wife’s brother-in-law Peter is a sister of William Shakespeare?

ELIAS: Not quite, but associated as such.

JENS: He is a female relative.


JENS: We have a shared focus, we both. I’m a son, Francoise, you are my father, Juan Alfredo. We are living at the French-Spanish border on the Spanish side, the time 1794. (Pause)


JENS: I have a call girl focus in Paris, France, living in Montmartre. My daughter Lisa is a painter at this time. At first we have a relationship as clients, later as lovers. She is male in this focus and not famous. I haven’t identified her.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: And you are shared focus of both of us.

ELIAS: In observing essence, yes.

JENS: And Reinhardt Heydrich, perhaps it’s the same just like William Shakespeare. Am I observing essence of this individual?

ELIAS: No, you are correct — similar association.

JENS: So, I know him very well. I’m close to him.


JENS: But Magda Goebbels is a directed focus of me?

ELIAS: No. That is an observing essence.

JENS: Reinhardt Heydrich, but the reason for his killing and the circumstances I describe are correct?


JENS: Even that he died much earlier than the history books describe and he was shot actually by (inaudible)? How can I nail this if it’s not a focus of me? (Laughing)

ELIAS: It matters not. You incorporate the ability to tap into any information that you are so choosing. (Chuckles)

JENS: If I incorporate this winning the lottery, is there a possibility to have much more sessions with you on a regular basis?

ELIAS: If you are creating that, yes.

JENS: I would like that. From my last session in Germany I had so many impressions, I can’t check them in one session.

Let’s go to my property adventure. I’ve identified some preferences and I want to know if these preferences are genuine or are most of the time influenced by beliefs, if my genuine wants are contrary to what I think are my preferences. It’s a large property, somewhat isolated, so there’s no direct contact to neighbors. There are lots of big and old trees on or around and a wood close to it. It’s a large house with much space, which is not normal for German circumstances. It’s architecturally sophisticated. I’m thinking about passive house technology. It’s not only to be independent, which would be an expression of protection, but there’s more.

ELIAS: And pay attention to the aspect of protection.

JENS: First of all, I thought it very far away from other houses, and that’s why it would be a problem to create all these connections to the house, in relation to energy, water. This is a reason?

ELIAS: Correct, although that may be generated if you are so choosing. But the element of protection is significant.

JENS: Protection. Any clue?

ELIAS: Pay attention to what you are communicating to yourself and what energy you are projecting outwardly.

JENS: The orientation is to the south of the property and also of the house. It’s not only because of the passive house technology; I think this is a significant preference.


JENS: And there’s a spring or a little creek on the property.


JENS: Does it exist or will I create?

ELIAS: You have already partially created it.

JENS: It’s south of the town. It’s not far away, but it’s outside of the border of the city.


JENS: How will I find it? How will I realize it? Wait a second, wait a second! I have so many...

ELIAS: Very well.

JENS: For example, in February shortly after our last session, I had a strong impression or imagination — I’m not sure, it doesn’t matter — there was an old woman who lives in an old house, and she had dream about me and about a baby carriage of flashy colors, and she identified me by this baby carriage inside the property in accordance with her dream. It was a large property and it was architecturally nice house. She sold it for an affordable price. Now I think it was a symbol, not really predictive. But I don’t use that baby carriage anymore. It was a symbol?

ELIAS: In actuality, both, yes. For this individual was within your physical dimension and reality, and did incorporate what you term to be a vision.

JENS: She has seen me?

ELIAS: Yes. You do not know this individual objectively and she does not know you objectively, but has had a vision previously of you as a small one, in association with an openness and a desire to be trusting of the individual who might be incorporating physical proximity. This individual does not dwell in that house that you have described previously, but near to physical proximity, and incorporates, or has incorporated, a tremendous desire to be sharing physical proximity, so to speak, with an individual of like spirit. Within your language it is difficult to explain.

JENS: She’s an older woman.

ELIAS: Yes, or was.

JENS: She was? She disengaged?


JENS: So I’m too late. (Laughs)

ELIAS: No. For the energy was accessed and was of a comfort. The individual derived great solace in that physical area, great solace and comfort, and incorporated somewhat of a concern that that be interrupted by an individual that may possibly enter that environment and...

JENS: In not the same spirit.


JENS: I would have the same spirit. The problem is I have created many actions to find this property, going to estate agents, spending years... To my opinion, I think this doesn’t really help. It’s more an expression of responsibility. I have to do something to reach this goal, reach this aim and express responsibility for my family. The problem is I push myself very much.

ELIAS: What is patience?

JENS: (Laughs) Something that I don’t incorporate! Take a look at my flat. It’s too little. Everything is broken in my flat, it’s... (Sighs)

ELIAS: What is patience?

JENS: Allowance.

ELIAS: Correct. Incorporate that, allowance. Incorporate the allowance and your intuition and your communications, and trust your ability to manifest and that you do actually create. Trust and allowance, not force.

JENS: I’ll do my best, but it’s not easy.

ELIAS: I am aware. It is a challenge. It is quite unfamiliar, and you want now, now, now. (Jens laughs) But in now, now, now, you also force.

JENS: It’s the same with my car. I found a problem last week or two weeks ago at the steering wheel. It’s the same imagery. The car is old. I need a new one, a bigger one. I push myself but then I say, “How can I do that?” I don’t have enough money. I have no idea how to realize it.

ELIAS: In the time framework that you accept yourself and your creations now as being acceptable and you discontinue striving to be better or to acquire, you shall create, easily. And you shall surprise yourself, for you shall view it to be as magic, and all that you desire appears, for you shall create it.

As you continue to strive and you continue to view that you are not good enough yet, that you have not provided enough yet, you shall continue to manifest what you are manifesting. Appreciate what you have created rather than discounting what you have created.

Notice what you have and allow yourself the appreciation of that, which changes your energy expression. In the appreciation of what you have already manifest, rather than discounting what you have already manifest, you shall relax your energy, which creates the allowance. Your vehicle may be old, but it also transports you.

JENS: I use the same imagery in my flat now for years. I know in theory how to accomplish that, but to do it actually it’s completely different.

ELIAS: I am understanding. For what is your communication to yourself as you occupy your dwelling and you look about?

JENS: It doesn’t fit anymore to me.

ELIAS: What is your emotional communication?

JENS: Anger.


JENS: Disappointment.

ELIAS: Yes! As you look about, you express the signal of disappointment.

Now; what is that? What is the message that you are offering to yourself?

JENS: That I’m not satisfied with my choices.

ELIAS: That you are discounting yourself that you have not created your choices good enough, that they are insufficient.

JENS: They are! (Laughs) That’s my perception.

ELIAS: And therefore, so they are, for that is what you create, the reflection of what you are expressing inwardly.

Now; I am understanding that you incorporate a genuine desire to be creating other manifestations. Remember our discussion of yesterday. You create outwardly a reflection of what you are generating inwardly. Therefore, if you are fixing your attention upon your disappointment of your manifestations now, you may think and think and think. Thought does not create your reality. Therefore, you may think of this villa repeatedly, and it shall not manifest merely through thought. It is your energy that shall create it — your allowance, your acceptance and your trust.

This is the reason that I express to you the key point: as you return to your home and you stand within your dwelling and you look about, examine within yourself what you may appreciate of what you have created rather than discounting yourself in what you have created. This shall be a tremendous alteration in energy.

In appreciation of your creations, your energy automatically relaxes. Tension dissipates; judgment slips away. And in that energy, you express a freedom to actually create what you want, not necessarily through the action of winning your lottery.

You may be surprised at how you may create many different types of manifestations without the amount of money that you expect you should be incorporating. Amazing occurrences happen within your reality if you allow them. You are creative beings, and you may create from nothing. For this is what you do automatically and naturally — you create things from nothing.

JENS: It would be nice if I could believe this!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Remember what I have expressed yesterday. It matters not whether you believe or not.

JENS: The problem is I confuse myself. I allow myself so many impressions, lots are correct...

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: I have so many impressions experienced from yesterday.

ELIAS: Correct. But in the incorporation of what you view to be practical, now living, it is an entirely different matter, is it not?

JENS: (Laughs) Correct!

ELIAS: For you may trust yourself in association with yourself and your essence and all other focuses and other dimensions and other areas of consciousness, but the difficulty and the challenge is manipulating within your actual physical reality now.

JENS: That’s the point, exactly.

ELIAS: This is the point of our discussion yesterday and what I am expressing to you now. Appreciation is a powerful expression. Powerful. What is your most powerful expression within your assessment?

JENS: Love.

ELIAS: Correct! This is what all of you express as a recognition of your most powerful expression within this physical reality, but your understanding and your definition of love is distorted.

JENS: Appreciation and knowing.

ELIAS: Correct. That may be coupled with affection and the two may express an extremely powerful movement. But in the expression itself, without the coupling of affection, it is in itself tremendously powerful, a tremendously powerful energy, for it alters your perception, and in that allows you to generate tremendous freedom and create whatever you want. Appreciation is powerful. Experiment, and perhaps you shall present yourself with evidence.

JENS: I don’t feel myself in a situation where I can experiment.

ELIAS: Ah, but you can.

JENS: For example, the money problem...

ELIAS: Do you exist?

JENS: At the beginning of this year, I lost half of my salary. Now I have more time, but it’s not a satisfying situation.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but this is associated with your perception and the lack of appreciation, the lack of recognition of what you are creating, the lack of acknowledgment of what you are creating and the discounting continuously of what you do not have and what you are not creating. This is where your attention moves and this is the energy that you are expressing outwardly continuously. Therefore, this is what you create. Your attention is fixed upon the lack, and therefore, this is what you create.

JENS: But there are exceptions. For example, at work I did a presentation, and when I was finished with it my presentation was described as excellent. It changed for a few days quite a lot in my life. Then I went back to old habits.

ELIAS: Your exercise is to return to your home and to genuinely discover your appreciation. Genuinely notice what you have created and what you are creating now. There is much within your family, even within your home, that you may be appreciative of. And are you not present here now, and was this not what you wanted? You have accomplished. You are accomplishing more than you offer yourself credit for.

JENS: That’s how I became aware of the observing essence of Buddha. We have many similar experiences, for example, my (inaudible) experiment and his six years without food and water. I did it shorter, but I did it.

ELIAS: But that individual did incorporate a genuine appreciation of his experiences and therefore allowed himself to generate interesting experiences, that which other individuals may view as an amazement — but not an amazement to that individual, merely interesting in appreciation.

JENS: What have I accomplished in relation to the belief of responsibility? I’ve identified one part we discussed last session, responsibility in relation to my family, small ones, other people. It stems mostly from my mother and my grandmother. I overtook their beliefs.

ELIAS: No, you have not overtaken their beliefs. You have engaged agreement with alignment and expression of those beliefs.

JENS: I express the same beliefs as my grandma and my mother?


JENS: The other part, a responsibility for me and how should I be expressing myself in our society, this is more related to my father. I have tried in the last six months to address to very many aspects, but how successfully?

ELIAS: What is your assessment?

JENS: I’m not sure, because my situation hasn’t really changed. That’s the problem. I think I have...

ELIAS: It is not a question of your situation changing. It is a matter of do you view yourself as changing. You are continuing to attempt to alter the outside, the physical, without altering the inside.

JENS: No, I see it different. If I accomplish inwardly, there must be, in my assessment, an effect outwardly.

ELIAS: Ah, cause and effect!

JENS: But I can’t see any.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are generating alterations inwardly. But you also are generating expectations, which incorporate tremendous potential for disappointment.

In this, if you choose to incorporate what I have expressed to you this day in our conversation and genuinely express that without an expectation — for what shall be the expectation if you are merely moving into a appreciation of what you are creating now and what you have created previously? There is no projection to future; therefore, there is no expectation of future and there is no expectation of alteration of now if your focus is directed to the appreciation of now — in that, you shall change your experience and you shall recognize, for you shall sense it and you shall feel it within yourself.

You shall recognize the change in your perception. Perhaps not immediately, for at times the change in perception appears to be quite subtle as it gradually moves in a different direction. But eventually — and not within an extended time framework, within a short time framework — you shall notice and express to yourself, in the moment in which a significant movement has already occurred, you shall express to yourself, “Ah, I am noticing. My perception is different. It matters not, and I am appreciating of what I am creating now,” which is an acceptance and a trust of you. You cannot appreciate if you do not accept, for acceptance is a prerequisite for appreciation.

Now; I shall also express to you to be practicing paying attention, noticing, and allowing your own expression of exposure. For what is significant in your movement presently in this allowance is your allowance to receive, and the prerequisite to receiving is exposure. For if you are not open, you cannot receive, and receiving is significant in this scenario.

JENS: That’s why I have addressed to the fear of exposure.

ELIAS: Yes. But if you genuinely wish to be or want to be creating what you have expressed to myself this day and your vision, it is necessary that you allow yourself that exposure, and therefore allow yourself an openness to receiving. It is not a question of giving; it is a question of receiving. It is not a question of acquiring; it is a question of receiving.

JENS: So I’m not a megalomaniac. Sometimes I think that I want, I expect too much. It’s not realistic. But then I’m Zuli aligned, and I have even imagery that creates trees by manipulating links of consciousness, and that house seems to be old but it’s actually new, and has no active heating, no active air conditioning, but breathing walls. So I’m overwhelmed by the concept, and I can’t believe that I can accomplish that...


JENS: ...and if I can accomplish that within a short timeframe.


JENS: Not 2050 or something like that.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; recognize that you are associating in absolutes in relation to your imagery. Some of your imagery is accurate; some of it is interpretive. Therefore, as you objectively connect with this manifestation, you may begin to understand objectively what your associations have been. They may be somewhat different from what you assessed within your impressions and your vision, but in actuality they are the same.

JENS: So if I do what you say, appreciation, my energy would change and the trouble with my wife would disappear or wouldn’t create that much conflict for myself?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: But I notice at these moments, she’s common and I’m soft, I notice that protection/discounting thing, the challenge that you described.

ELIAS: Correct, but you also concern yourself with the expressions of your partner and the behaviors, rather than listening to yourself and paying attention to yourself. In that paying attention to yourself, pay attention to your partner also and generate the appreciation.

JENS: And that’s all in the moment! (Both laugh) Okay, I’m going to do my best. I think one hour is over.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be offering my energy to you continuously.

JENS: Last question — very often I can really hear your voice in my mind, but I mix it up with my beliefs, and then...

ELIAS: It matters not. Merely acknowledge the presence, for it is an encouragement and also at time it is a reminder to pay attention to you rather than to be expressing expectations of another.

JENS: Julia Barber is one of my future focuses, a Dream Walker even of Rose?


JENS: I’ve heard her in my mind. There are many voices in my head, and if I explain that for example in Elias Family, I have a feeling that they don’t believe me. They say, oh, he’s joking, not real.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. And you are right, it is quite real.

JENS: And it matters not what others say or think.

ELIAS: Correct. But you may surprise yourself. Individuals may be more understanding than you think. For they too incorporate experiences.

JENS: But at present I’m more of a soft orientation. Many of the common orientations have big problems to get a connection to the experiences of soft individuals.

ELIAS: Therefore, what is your desire? To be judging and dismissing them? Or is your desire to be expressive of yourself and have that understood, and to bridge and connect?

JENS: My desire is myself, but at these moments, I try to get validation from others.


JENS: I know that. So, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I offer to you my genuine appreciation, and perhaps I shall continue to express that to you and it shall be encouraging to you and your quest to be discovering it within yourself. Until our next meeting, in the genuineness of love, my dear friend, Schönen Tag.

JENS: Schönen Tag.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at (actual time not available).

(1) “Elias Family” that Jens refers to is an email chat group, through Yahoo.

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