Session 857



"Water Imagery"
"Concept of Exchange After the Shift"

Thursday, June 28, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland)
(No date/time stamp on video; arrival time is 29 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DEANE: Ha ha! The Big E - your Huntsville mouse returns! (Laughs with Elias) Ah, my friend. Good to talk to you, sir!

ELIAS: And how is your adventure presently?

DEANE: I am living it to the hilt, my friend, and I have some questions in that regard! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

DEANE: A few quick ones, though, that do not require a long answer. There's been a lot of discussion lately on the list regarding Adolph Hitler. Could you please give us his essence name, his family and alignment?

ELIAS: (24-second pause) Essence name, Bohn, B-O-H-N (BONN); essence family, Vold; alignment, Ilda.

DEANE: Like many others on the list, I have a particular fascination with World War II. Could you please tell me if I have a focus in the German High Command, or that was significantly connected with Hitler?

ELIAS: You do engage a focus as an officer in this participation - that which may be identified as an SS officer - and you may be investigating and listening to your impressions to be identifying this individual.

DEANE: My brother Rolf was completely absorbed in the Germany of that era. Because of a number of things, it was my guess that he was Rommel, the Desert Fox. Could you verify that, or indicate if he had a focus significantly connected to Hitler?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this individual is not a focus of your sibling's essence, although he has participated with that individual in his command.

DEANE: I see. Another quick question: I believe I am religiously focused. Can you confirm that?

ELIAS: (Pause) No, emotional.

DEANE: (Laughing) Well, I can see that too! (Elias laughs)

My wife Sandy, some weeks ago, told me of seeing someone near the microwave, and then seeing this guy dressed in blue going into our bathroom! I really cracked up when she told me that. She was shocked when I told her that was you, and since she is aware of my many experiences with you, I'm sure she believes me. Would you care to confirm your presence and indicate why she allowed herself that experience?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall validate the experience to you, and express that this has been an allowance for my introduction.

DEANE: I thought so, especially after talking to Mary here just a little bit ago.

Recently I have been experiencing tingling in my hands again like I did before, when you were assisting me when I was re-writing my novel. Is this you again?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEANE: Almost at the end of these quick questions. There was an event that took place here at the house that involved a television anchor. I was in an altered state, and I would like to know if she consciously participated in this, like I suspect?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes, although I may also express to you that all that you participate within is conscious, in a manner of speaking. This is not to say that there is necessarily a clear objective awareness.

DEANE: I understand.

Another quick question - during my graduation from Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia, I met a couple of girls. They took me to the house where they were staying, and I met their grandparents. When I tried to return to that house - I think it was the following day - one like it was there, but it wasn't THAT particular house. I even spoke with the elderly residents, who invited me inside, claiming that they had not had anyone staying there. There was even a fireplace in the living room that was similar to what I had seen before, but that still wasn't it. I checked every house on that street, but to no avail. Since that incident, I have always thought that I had shifted to another reality, though perhaps maybe I only got lost. Would you comment on that episode, please?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I may express to you, perhaps you have created being lost within a probable reality!

DEANE: (Laughing) Well, that's clear as mud!

ELIAS: (Laughs) You have allowed yourself an experience in which you have stepped sideways, so to speak, and have moved temporarily into a probable reality which resembles this reality quite closely, but not exact.

DEANE: I thought that it was something like that. I didn't know much about that at the time, but even then as a young teenager I thought that it might be something like that. (Elias chuckles)

DEANE: A confirmation - I have received impressions of a focus of an Egyptian. I guess you would call this person a supervisor of artistry for drawings inside one of the pyramids. The name I get is Khufuru or Khusuru, or something like that. Can you confirm that please, sir?

ELIAS: You are correct, and your initial impression of naming is correct also.

DEANE: Khufuru?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEANE: Ah ha! That is SO cool!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I may be offering my congratulations to you, my friend, that you have allowed yourself this type of movement in investigating other focuses. Ha ha!

DEANE: (Laughing) I am so honored, my dear sir! (Elias chuckles) Also, it's my understanding that the huge blocks of stone that made up the pyramids, or a number of them, were lifted into place with a pistol-like sound device. These devices originally came from Atlantis. I have seen a drawing of one of these devices. Now, is that drawing reasonably correct, and number two, are the visual impressions that I have of a priest in white robes doing this correct?

ELIAS: I may express to you, what you are engaging is a translation of information that you are offering to yourself in relation to your impressions. Therefore, I may express to you that in part your impressions are accurate, but they are also in part inaccurate as a translation.

Your impression concerning this action in relation to what you identify or term to be Atlantis is correct. Be remembering that this expression of "Atlantis" is NOT inserted into your physical dimension but occupies another physical dimension. What you have translated is the identification of these impressions and have associated them with aspects of YOUR physical dimension.

This is the element that is inaccurate, for the expressions and the actions that are created or produced within the other physical dimension do not actually fit into your physical dimension without a translation. Are you understanding?

DEANE: Yes, I do, and that leads to another question. As you are aware, back in the '50s and '60s we engaged a lady named Phyllis who ... Phyllis and Frances. Frances said that she was making direct, actual contact with a person named Caro that supposedly was living at that time in Atlantis. Now was that an actual contact, or is that also a translation too?

ELIAS: Both.

DEANE: Both - okay. I think I'm going to move on from that. Here comes a biggie!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Shall I brace myself, my friend?

DEANE: Listen, I've been bracing myself with this for over a year now, maybe even two, and this is just incredible. I've tried to get understandings from within myself without going elsewhere to help clarify, and believe me, I just keep coming up with a blank wall. So here we go!

Over the last year or so there's been a tremendous amount of water imagery in my life. For the record here, there have been serious leaks in my wife's car destroying its computer, her heater core went out, there were rain leaks around her rear window, under the dash, trunk leaks in my car, leaks around the drip rail of my truck flooding the inside of my truck, and a water pipe broke under the bathroom sink and literally destroyed the cabinetry floor. Then the tub stopped up and the toilet base began to leak, then faucet and leak problems in the guest bathroom developed. Not long ago the dishwasher drain broke under the kitchen sink and flooded that whole area, and then a few weeks ago the freezer drain in my refrigerator stopped up and leaked all over the kitchen floor. (Laughs) Then while I'm cleaning the kitchen sink after that ordeal, I pushed down too hard and broke the sink out of its frame. Now, there's more, including problems with my well. I just had to replace the pump there, and recent spraying of land adjacent to mine with a pesticide got into the water table and thus into my pond some 30 feet away.

I think this is enough to give readers of this transcript an idea of the tremendous amount of imagery here. It's really overwhelming to me, and it is NOT fun. I would appreciate your comments to help me work through this.

ELIAS: And shall you offer to me, first of all, your impression concerning this imagery that you present to yourself?

DEANE: Well, something about life force and life force leaking out. I had some imagery of my hands being held together, sort of trying to hold on to stuff and not being able to do it because it is just leaking out. But translating that into something that's viable in my mind and creating a great deal of understanding, it still leaves me dense here.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may express to you, you have been quite creative in offering yourself extensive imagery. I may also express to you that your impression is not far off the mark, so to speak.

Now; let me offer to you a clarification and further explanation. In this, you create this imagery in relation to the element of water, for this is, without a container, difficult to hold. What you are presenting to yourself is continued imagery concerning your continued attempt to be holding to the reality that you have created thus far, which is familiar.

This presents a challenge my friend, for you, in like manner to every other essence participating in this physical dimension, have agreed and chosen to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your actual physical reality. And it is already being inserted, and therefore there are aspects of your reality that are already altered and already altering objectively, physically. In this, the familiar does not quite fit in the present expression of this shift in consciousness, for you are redefining your objective physical reality, and this continues to accelerate.

Now; in relation to the continuing wave in consciousness addressing to sexuality, which involves and includes all of the physical aspects and manifestations of your dimension, you present to yourself imagery concerning your physical reality incorporating affectingness of physical objects, but consistently manifesting the symbol of water in relation to the physical reality. The objects of your physical reality that are being affected are your symbols to yourself of the familiar solidness of your reality.

DEANE: Oh, that helps a lot right there.

ELIAS: The water is symbolic in its leaking from these solid objects in the expression of altering the solidity of the familiar reality, and its seeping out, so to speak, into a form which may not be held by you in the manner in which you have allowed yourself to hold physical reality previously.

DEANE: Well, I thank you for those comments, my friend. I will review that tape, but I pretty well have the idea, as you probably know. (Laughs)

ELIAS: I may express to you also, my friend, that this has been quite efficient in gaining your attention.

I may also express to you, allow yourself an awareness, as I have been expressing recently, that in the creation of imagery or interaction that disturbs you or is undesirable, you do allow yourself more of a heightened awareness of yourself and of your reality. Therefore, you also offer yourself evidence of your own movement in widening your awareness and in paying attention to self.

DEANE: Thank you for that, my friend.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DEANE: Now to my book, The Becoming. As you probably know, it is in the publisher's editing system. Now, I see a couple of problem areas. They have set the price at $29.95, which I think will kill the book. After all, I'm not a Hemingway or a Dean Koontz, and I don't think anyone would pay that for one of their books, either. I have asked for a reduction in that price.

Number two, the clarity of the drawing on the proposed front cover: I had to really study that drawing to finally recognize the image. I know that there are no absolutes and that nothing is impossible, but these seem to be major obstacles to the selling of this book.

And by the way, are the essences that I initially got together with where we blocked the original publication of this book, will they be helping promote this revised version?

ELIAS: This is in agreement.

DEANE: How about the price and the clarity of the drawing on the cover? Are these things that, as you so wonderfully put, matter not?

ELIAS: I may express to you, first of all, concerning what you term to be the price of the book - which may be equated with the value of the book - I may inquire of you what your concern is in relation to this price or this value?

DEANE: My concern is that when you have a book ... there's no books out like this on the shelf published by even well known authors that command that kind of price. If you go into a bookstore and you look at major-selling authors, their books are like half that price, and in my estimation, somebody seeing this particular book on the shelf ... 30 bucks is a hell of a price to pay for a book! (Laughing) It's not a reference book, like dictionaries, maybe the Chicago Manual of Style, or something else like that. It just seems like the price for a book ... nobody knows what's in that book.

ELIAS: It matters not, my friend. Individuals shall draw themselves to this material in relation to their individual movement.

Now; I may also express to you, in actuality what you are expressing is first of all a comparison of yourself to other authors, and devaluing your expression in that comparison. I may also express to you, this is quite simply an expression of your individual perception, and that in actuality other individuals may perceive this price of this book quite differently.

DEANE: It's quite high, so therefore it must be of great, great value. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite. Within your society and your mass beliefs, the expression quite often influences the perceptions of individuals in relation to value of expressions of creativity that are offered to the public, so to speak, for sale.

DEANE: That's an excellent tidbit of information there, my friend. I appreciate that other viewpoint. I had not even thought about that. But before we close the subject on this book, would you venture a crystal ball prediction here as to its success?

ELIAS: Ha ha! I shall express to you that its success is what YOU shall create it to be. Therefore, it is entirely within your expression as to the successfulness, in your terms, of this book. I shall express to you that there is a tremendous expression of energy in support of your movement and your successfulness, in your terms.

DEANE: Well, that's comforting. I shall drink to everyone who is involved in that support! (Elias laughs) And two for you!

ELIAS: I may also offer to you comment concerning your cover. In this, in actuality it matters not, but you do offer to yourself some concern within your perception in relation to this art work; but also be remembering that your perception is reflecting your creations in offering yourself difficulty in clarity of viewing at times.

DEANE: I did think that perhaps what I perceived to be the relative un-clarity of this drawing may even be an asset or beneficial, simply because if other people looked at this and even wondered what that was, focusing their attention on "what in the world is this," it focuses their attention on the book, and maybe they'll pick it up and read the back, and so on and so forth.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is, in actuality, a reflection of yourself. (Chuckles)

DEANE: How about another book here? My mind control book, it's almost finished. Now, when we were in Huntsville, Mary made some comments about it in conversation that I took came from either you or myself that made me put this project on hold. I would appreciate your comments here.

ELIAS: I may express to you that your interaction with Michael has been between you both, and has not been an expression of my energy interjected.

DEANE: Okay. There's some information in there, and the thing that I am struggling with is making available certain knowledge about how we're structured as human beings. Certain rhythm patterns can cause an EEG wave of alpha to be generated, making us more suggestible. We're not consciously aware of that, even though I'm sure that at other levels we're cognizant of everything that is going on, and we're placing ourselves in positions to be influenced by this.

So I'm saying to myself, if this is the case, why should anybody really write anything if we're always involved in stuff that we always know about regardless of what's happening to us? I'm really fighting with this issue as to whether it should be done or whether it shouldn't be done, and I would appreciate some comment here, too, to help clarify this issue for me.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I shall express to you that you engage writing or any other activity as a creative expression, which is an outward expression of your energy and of yourself. This is expressed objectively in response to your individual desire to be exerting your individual creativity in relation to your individual value fulfillment.

Now; you also express this creativity outwardly, objectively, to be sharing experiences with other individuals. As I have stated previously, you are all sojourners. You are all participating in this physical dimension in an adventure of exploration, and in that exploration you objectively share experiences with each other. You also share communications with each other, not merely in language but in many different expressions.

In this, as you share your own individual expressions of energy, you create more of an openness in your own exploration, allowing yourself more of a familiarity with yourself in your own relationship with yourself. You also create more of an open avenue, in a manner of speaking, of energy which is expressed in community, which is the physical expression of interaction in interconnectedness with all other essences participating in this physical dimension.

Now; this continues presently in similar fashion to what you have created previously. Although, as in many other areas of your expressions presently, there are alterations that are occurring in these types of expressions also, in relation to this shift in consciousness. But previously in your expressions in interaction with each other throughout your history, as you have incorporated these veils of separation within yourselves and in relation to each other, you have incorporated this action of sharing your individual creativity outwardly with other individuals, which creates an objective form of thinning the veil of separation.

Now; you have collectively already begun movement in altering the manner in which you share experiences with each other as you are dropping these veils of separation, but you do continue to express outwardly your manifestations of creativity, and you do express this creativity in relation to other individuals.

In this, I merely suggest to you that you allow yourself to examine your motivation. For in the expression of motivation which moves in the creation of sharing experiences which shall influence widening awareness and therefore provide more of an objective opportunity for expanded exploration, your expression of creativity in the writing of this book shall flow much more easily.

DEANE: I see.

ELIAS: If your motivation in this creative endeavor is to be attempting to alter other individuals' reality, you shall create a thickness.

DEANE: My primary motivation here was money, because I know that people as a whole are wondering how they are influenced, regardless of whether you call it influence or mind control or what have you.

ELIAS: This is quite acceptable...

DEANE: People can be easily influenced without their conscious knowledge, so here is this compendium of ways that it occurs. I thought, "Well, jeez, here's a way to buy some extra bourbon for you and I (laughing), and provide people with this information and knowledge." Now that's the primary motivation right there. It was not to really change peoples' lives. But for example, when an odor in a casino will increase the take on slot machines by 25 percent, I think one needs to be consciously cognizant and aware of the fact that when they go there that could happen to them, even though at another level they are fully agreeing with that. Am I making myself clear?

ELIAS: I am understanding, although I may express to you it matters not. This is a choice. The individual chooses to participate in that environment and creates that environment individually. Therefore it matters not, although I may express to you that your motivation in choosing to engage your creativity to be generating finances is quite acceptable. Why shall you not?

DEANE: Well, like I said, I had some doubts about it as to even the necessity of it, because if we engage these things on our own and only with our own permission, then why the hell write anything? I've been struggling with that. I need to listen again to your words on this tape because it's quite in-depth for me.

ELIAS: Very well. Trust yourself, my friend, that you shall assimilate and understand what I have expressed to you.

DEANE: When you were speaking of creating an experience for ourselves and we create that for us, and the other things that you have said in the past regarding the spilled liquid, that there's really four creations going on, if you recall that session. I'm wondering, how far out do we create? Because if I'm creating all of the people in this room as well as myself, and I'm creating the room and I'm creating the outside, I mean logically you could translate that into creating the particular planet we're on and the solar system we're in, the galaxy we're in, all the way to the far edges of the universe!

ELIAS: You are correct, my friend. The universe is not outside of you, it IS you, for you have created all of it and all of its movement, all of its action, all of its expressions in every moment through the projection of your perception. This is the power that you hold in this mechanism that we term to be perception.

DEANE: That is an absolute staggering concept, to think that all of these galaxies at the far reaches of space are being created by me, as well as by everyone else who reads these transcripts.

ELIAS: Correct. You ARE the center of the universe quite literally, and so also is every other individual participating in this reality.

DEANE: With that kind of knowledge, these other questions that I have seem to pale into insignificance! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I may express to you, acknowledge the greatness of yourself, my friend! Ha ha ha!

DEANE: It's overwhelming, these concepts that you provide, sir! (Elias chuckles)

Well, let me ask you this. When driving home last week, I'm running this picture through my mind of ... the best way to express it is that I just seemed out of it, and a similar situation happened a few days before. These were both very unusual experiences, and it was like I had to fight my way back to where I was, which was physically driving the car. Could you comment on what that was?

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are allowing yourself to be engaging movement in relation to the movement of this shift in consciousness.

Now; be remembering, I have expressed many times that incorporating the movement of this shift in consciousness and the alterations that are being expressed in this physical reality shall be also incorporating trauma for many, many individuals.

Now; in offering yourself information, you reduce the expression of trauma and rather may create confusion, or at times you may, in your terms, "stun yourself" (Deane laughs); but you are avoiding the expression of trauma and simultaneously allowing yourself what may be termed as an expansion of your objective awareness and of your movement.

Now; what you have offered to yourself in this experience is a slight movement in projection of consciousness and also a continued objective awareness. Therefore, you offer yourself a momentary experience and evidence that you in actuality hold the ability to be creating more than one movement in one moment, that your attention may move in more than one direction in any moment, and this shall not necessarily create what you expect in how you have created the projection of your attention previously.

Previously you focused your attention in one direction in each moment, and turn[ed] your attention in different moments to be focusing upon singular aspects of yourself or your reality. You do hold the ability to incorporate several attentions, or many attentions, simultaneously.

DEANE: That was what it was like, like two attentions going on at the same time, now that you mention that, and...

ELIAS: Correct.

DEANE: ...that was really quite different. (Laughing) That's all I can say about that!

ELIAS: Quite! Although, this provides you with actual objective recognition of your abilities. I may express to you that this type of expression, allowing for more than one attention to be expressed simultaneously, is being allowed much more frequently in this time framework by many individuals, and this also is an objective evidence of your insertion of this shift in consciousness in your physical dimension.

DEANE: What can I do to further enhance our objective communication? You confirmed that in the last session that we had. Since that time, I read Session 687 and found out that this was permissible. (Laughs) Also, when I hear your voice, am I correct most of the time in my assessment that it is you, and not my imagination?

ELIAS: You are correct.

DEANE: And to further enhance this objective communication between you and I, what can I do to improve ... I guess what it is, I don't trust it, is that not true?

ELIAS: Quite. Allow yourself to be incorporating relaxation and allow yourself to express your trust, and this shall allow for a free-flow of energy.

DEANE: I thank you for what you do for me, sir.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I continue to be interactive with you, as always, and I also continue to offer playful energy. (Smiling)

DEANE: (Laughing) My fingers are tingling right now, thank you! (Elias laughs)

Well, sir, I will have this one last question - and I know it's crystal-balling it - but you have mentioned in the past, in fact it was in a session on April 12th of 2001, where you spoke of the fall of money, and in my notes here you say, "...needs and desires will no longer be provided through this medium of finance."

The question I have, as I'm sure many others do, is how will industry operate without a medium of exchange? What value will be used to cause the creation of concrete and steel to build a building, to create fuel in order that we have transportation, electricity? Will all workers work, from the company president to the guy who sweeps the floor, just for the hell of it? Suppose I want to buy a yacht for my pleasure? What will I need to have to exchange for it and maintain it once I get it, if we do not have this medium of money?

ELIAS: The expression of EXCHANGE shall be eliminated, for you shall be allowing yourselves to direct yourselves, and create and generate all of your resources or all that you desire simply as you desire it.

Individuals that express their value fulfillment in creating steel shall do so, for this is their desire. Individuals that express pleasure in creating fuel shall do so, for this is their preference.

The concept of exchange shall no longer be necessary, for as you continue in the movement of this shift in consciousness and become familiar with what you are as essence and become familiar with your abilities and what you may generate and what you HAVE generated in the creation of this physical dimension and your physical planet, you shall realize that there is not limited supply.

DEANE: I think I understand what you're saying. Everybody is going to be doing their own thing, and we'll just fit in with that.

ELIAS: Correct - in cooperation.

DEANE: Well, it has been over an hour, I believe, so I think I will take my leave, not that I want to. (Elias chuckles) It's always good to talk to you, whether it's through Mary or as you lurk about my kitchen and my bar. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I shall continue to lurk with you! Ha ha ha!

DEANE: (Laughing) Well, don't tell everything you know, okay?

ELIAS: Ah! Ha ha ha!

DEANE: Thank you, Elias, and again my very final question is, as always, any particular words you think might be of special benefit, I'd be happy to know.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, merely that you continue in your exploration and that you allow yourself to acknowledge yourself and your accomplishments, for you and your creations are worthy of your acknowledgment, as I do also.

To you, as always, I offer my expression of love in the terms of its truth, and I anticipate our continued interaction, my friend. To you this day, au revoir.

DEANE: Goodbye, my friend.

(No date/time stamp on video; session running time is 1 hour, 4 minutes, 25 seconds.)

(1) Deane provided some interesting background information on his question about Caro, which is included below.

"There was a couple named Wilson and Phyllis Pontius. They started investigating this phenomenon in 1953. If my memory serves me correctly, there are well over a thousand typed session transcripts. Their son Bill and I were teenaged friends.

"Wilson would put his wife Phyllis under hypnosis. What came forth was an entity Wilson named Frances who would tell us things like Elias does now. Frances said that she (Frances) was a 'higher' element of Phyllis. Frances labeled this higher element the 'superconscious,' to distinguish it from our conscious and subconscious.

"I asked Elias about this to confirm the accuracy of these sessions. The following came from my session with Elias, Session 342:

DEANE: Well, let me interrupt here - I'm going to call this a "test question" - because back in 1955, some forty years ago, I started communicating with an entity like yourself who we called Frances. Would you care to comment on the validity of those communications, and how they might differ from this communication with you? She was the one that told us that Carver and Gandhi were part of what she called the messianic consciousness of which Jesus and other messiahs were a part, here to provide very specific information for the advancement, if you will, of mankind on this planet.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking you are correct, although be recognizing that this communication also is offered within the confines of the existing belief systems of the time framework.

"Now there were a number of different states exhibited by Phyllis. One was Phyllis under hypnosis. Wilson often gave Phyllis post- hypnotic suggestions for her health in this state.

"Then there was the state where Frances would present herself. This was much like Elias presents himself through Mary.

"Now we would also investigate different focuses of Phyllis. In all of these, it was as if we were speaking to the focus him/herself. There was one in ancient Rome named Phillipa. When that focus of Phyllis was contacted, the words coming from Phyllis (under hypnosis) had this beautiful accent. We could talk to Phillipa as a child, or as an adult. When we asked Frances about these focus communications, Frances said that the focus (she called them entities) was not consciously aware of us. She said that the subconscious of the entity was the part communicating with us. Frances also said that the focus might have a fleeting conscious thought about what was happening, but it would be dismissed.

"Now when it came to Caro, it was different. Phyllis of course would be under hypnosis and Wilson would ask to visit Caro. Caro would come forth, speaking through Phyllis. The contact was in real time, and could not be 'bent' like we did with Phillipa in Rome. Caro did not give us 'psychic' or 'spiritual' information like Elias or Frances. He was a person like us, telling us about his society and the way they live. When we would contact Caro the following evening, it was also the following evening for Caro.

"I do not know if it was Frances, the superconscious, making this contact or if it was that part of her that we call Phyllis.

"As an aside, we asked Frances how we could have a real-time contact with Caro when his civilization of Atlantis existed some 25 thousand years in our past. Frances said that time does not move as we perceive it. She said time was like a house with a lot of rooms. We move through it changing our experience as we go from room to room, but all the rooms continue to exist whether we're in them or not. This was our first introduction to simultaneous time."

(2) Deane could be referring to Session #796, 3/13/01, or possibly #657, 7/7/00.

(3) There were two sessions on April 12, 2001, #820 and #821, but neither of them contained this Elias quote or discussed monetary exchange after the shift. Deane's comments about this are, "I really don't know what to say. Maybe I skipped over to a parallel reality as I was making my original notes!" and, "I do know that I consciously hear Elias' voice on occasion. As you probably know, he has confirmed the accuracy of this in two of my sessions. When I go back in my memory to this note-taking event, I hear him saying those words in my head. I do not have a visual picture of reading a transcript ... for whatever that's worth." money

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.