Session 340

Sumari/Sumafi & Vold/Tumold


“Sumari/Sumafi & Vold/Tumold”
“You Always Hurt The One You Love”

Sunday, November 15, 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and ANONYMOUS.
Vic’s note: ANONYMOUS hails from The Netherlands.
Elias arrives at 12:07 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

ANONYMOUS: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: And do you have inquiries this day?


ELIAS: You may proceed, if you are so choosing.

ANONYMOUS: I would like to know what my family name is and my alignment.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Sonjah; S-O-N-J-A-H. (pronounced son’ya) Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus....

ANONYMOUS: Excuse me. What was the last word you said?

ELIAS: Alignment in this focus, Vold.

ANONYMOUS: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ANONYMOUS: Okay, I will go on with my next question. Recently I have been having these automatic writing experiences. Is this a communication with essence, and will this be developing so that it will become clearer to me?

ELIAS: Interesting situation that you have been presenting yourself with! Let me express to you that what you are tapping into are two different elements, depending upon the time framework and the openness and the framework, so to speak, that you are placing yourself within. Now; let me offer an explanation in this area.

At times you are tapping into a communication of essence, which would be the communication that you are allowing to be objectively surfacing through, so to speak, between yourself — the focus — and your own essence.

Now; at other time frameworks, your state of awareness or direction of attention, in a manner of speaking, slightly alters and turns. What this is creating is your own allowance to be tapping into a different type of experience and expression.

Therefore, you may notice at times a slight difference in the tone of information that you receive within this action of automatic writing. The information may present itself slightly different in one situation, as in difference to another situation.

The reason for this is that at times you are not necessarily accessing your own essence and a communication from your own essence, but are tapping into a world view of another focus of another essence and allowing that information to present itself also.

Therefore, you may be noticing, if you are paying attention, that you may be offering yourself in this experience of automatic writing a certain line, so to speak, of information, and at times there may be a deviation in this information and it may present itself slightly differently. This may be your indication that you have “switched channels,” so to speak, (chuckling) and in this altering of channels, in a manner of speaking, you have turned your attention to be tapping into information of the world view instead of the communication of essence. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes. So, sometimes I’m tapping into the world view of another focus of another essence. Can you tell me what essence and what focus that would be? Is that one particular focus, or are there different focuses?

ELIAS: This would be of one particular essence, but at times would be slightly different focuses of world views of that essence.

Let me explain to you that each focus of an essence holds its own individual world view, but within these world views, these are energy deposits within consciousness that offer a philosophy, so to speak, and in this they offer different elements of information.

What you are allowing yourself to be tapping into is information that moves in a similar direction of information that you offer to yourself through your own essence, and this adds depth to the information that you receive through your own essence. It also offers you a wider view of the information that you receive.

Now; the essence that you tap into ... I shall offer you an identification of tone with this essence, although this essence objectively may be unfamiliar to you, but in this identification of tone, you may also hold an element of ringing in this direction. The translation of the tone of that particular essence is Nicolai.

There are different focuses of that particular essence that you tap into and this is not of tremendous importance, but the identification of the essence itself may become important to you futurely, in certain aspects. This is not to say that this identification holds great importance, but may be helpful to you in your validation to yourself of the reality of this communication that you hold with this particular essence.

As to your questioning of, “Shall this be developing further and be continuing?” within the probabilities that you are moving into presently, you ARE establishing a type of communication with that particular essence in conjunction with your own essence.

In this action, if you are so choosing and if you are allowing yourself to be opening your awareness more, you may be developing in this area and expanding your own abilities, not merely limiting your abilities of communication with that essence or your own essence to the action of automatic writing, but may be moving into more direct interaction in a much more objective expression and awareness.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. The question that comes up after you telling me my family name is, I’ve always felt very attracted to the families of Sumafi and Sumari, and the families that you just mentioned, Tumold and Vold, are not at all what I would have thought they would be. (Elias grins) Can you tell me something about that?

ELIAS: I may. Let me express to you that this is an interesting combination of family and alignment. It is not unusual, but it is an interesting dynamic that is created within physical focus of these two families, and within the action of this shift, they complement each other in many respects.

The element of your identification of Sumafi and Sumari is also not unusual within this particular time framework. The families of Sumafi and Sumari have presented themselves, within a recent time framework of your linear time element, as being quite interactive with physical focus. Therefore, there is also more of an objective recognition and identification with many individuals in regard to these two particular families. Although these two particular families are not orchestrating, so to speak, this shift in consciousness, all of the essence families hold an involvement in different manners with this shift in consciousness.

Now; in objective terms, so to speak, the Sumafi and the Sumari families have moved into a position, for a time framework, of the presentment in objective terms of being more obvious within physical expressions, so to speak, offering information to individuals in more of objective terms. Therefore, there is a magnating to these two particular families.

Also, let me be reminding you that each individual within physical focus, although belonging to a certain essence family and aligning with a certain essence family, holds all of the qualities and expressions in some manners to all of the essence families. Therefore, also at times, objectively you may be identifying and recognizing more easily qualities of certain essence families than other essence families.

Now; let me also clarify in this area. The family of Sumafi and the family of Sumari, in objective terms, hold much more obvious and defined qualities that are much easier to identify than other essence families.

Therefore, in any given focus, an individual may look to their expressions within their particular focus and they may identify quite easily certain elements of their expressions that may move in the direction of teaching or of holding to information in a more undistorted manner or expressing themselves in what you objectively identify as a perfectionist type of expression, all of which would be qualities or interpretations of qualities that you may assign to the Sumafi family.

The Sumari family is another essence family that is easily identified in objective terms. They hold artistic qualities. They do not identify themselves in alignment with established groups or what you may term as establishment areas. They move in directions of explorations of elements of physical focus that may seem unconventional or not necessarily in alignment with the officially accepted expressions of reality. They also, as I have expressed many times, are quite efficient at pot-stirring and rocking the boat, so to speak.

Now; these are obvious qualities that may be easily identified, and in this it is quite easy for individuals to identify those particular expressions in their individual focus. Other essence families may be more difficult to identify in the qualities that they demonstrate and the intents that they project. In their expressions, they may not be quite so obvious in the identification within yourself throughout your focus, but as I offer to you examples and more information which is in alignment with these particular families, you may begin to recognize qualities in yourself that are in alignment with these two families.

In the explanations that I have offered of essence families, I hold a tremendous awareness that many individuals misinterpret the intents and the qualities of those essence families, but as we continue within our engagement of these sessions and offering of information, this becomes more and more clarified, with [regard to] the misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Now; within your particular situation and your focus, your alignment with the Vold family offers you a tremendous ability in accessing inner senses. It offers you more of an easement in the area of allowing your own expressions, in trustfulness of your own abilities, to move into the areas of exercising your inner senses with more of an ease. This facilitates your action of your automatic writing, for you allow yourself the openness of your own inner senses. This is an ability that you find an ease with, and this is directly influenced by your alignment with this particular essence family, for this particular essence family accesses inner senses quite easily, and the expression of individuals within physical focus automatically moves into much of an exercising of the intuitional aspects of self.

In your belonging to the Tumold family, there is an automatic expression within you that lends itself to an area of acceptance. This is not to say that you may not experience difficulties at times in the area of acceptance of self or of other individuals, for all individuals within physical focus are experiencing of this, but many times you may allow yourself an easement into certain areas of acceptance of other individuals and their expressions and an acceptance of self and your expressions, which is directly linked, so to speak, to the influence of the Tumold family of which you belong.

The misinterpretation of many individuals within physical focus concerning these essence families is that there is an automatic movement, within individuals’ thought processes and evaluations, of certain negative elements concerning the Vold family and certain misunderstandings and narrowness in the thought process concerning the Tumold family.

As to the Tumold family, individuals within physical focus identify very narrowly with this family in the aspect or expression of healing, and their idea of healing is quite limited. Therefore, they hold many misunderstandings and interpretations of the expression and intent of that particular family.

They also look to the Vold family and recognize that individuals that hold an alignment with the Vold family tend or lean in the direction of being quite expressive emotionally, and in many respects, individuals place a negative upon that aspect. Not all individuals aligned with the Vold family move in the direction of expressing their focus in extremes of emotional qualities, although many individuals aligning with this family of Vold DO express very emotionally. This is an expression of deep passion that these individuals create within their experience. This is their expression of that intent that allows them to be experiencing a tremendous fullness of the creation of this particular dimension, which one of the base aspects of this particular dimension IS the expression of emotion.

In this, they also allow themselves to more easily be connecting with their own abilities of their own inner senses, accessing through their emotional expression and connecting with the emotional expression of other individuals, and allowing themselves more of an empathic interpretation of other individuals and the creation of other individuals’ reality through an understanding of their emotional qualities and experiences.

You hold these abilities in natural element, which offers you an easement in these areas and also offers you more of an ability to access certain elements that are directly related to the trusting of self and the acceptance of self, [and] that moves you in the area of the expression of your automatic writing and other abilities.

ANONYMOUS: Okay, thank you. My next question is about the shift. I have always felt like I was some sort of teacher. That is why I felt much recognition towards the Sumafi and the Sumari families. My question is, am I some kind of teacher, and what would be my role in this shift?

ELIAS: The reason that you identify in this area is that you hold this ability to access your inner senses and to be exercising them, and the element of teaching in this area is not the same as the element of teaching with the Sumafi family, but the sharing of that information of your own abilities with other individuals and lending energy to their easement in their expressions within the action of this shift.

This is also the element of the Tumold influence, which you may be interpreting as the healing element. You offer the ability to be not only providing an example to other individuals, which shall be helpful, but you may also be instructive to other individuals in offering them different manners in which they may be accomplishing movement with respect to this shift in consciousness, in similar manner to yourself. As you allow yourself more of an objective understanding of areas of consciousness that you allow yourself to tap into and experiences that you allow yourself to move into, you also allow yourself the ability to provide this information to other individuals in a manner of guidance. Are you understanding? (Pause)

ANONYMOUS’s note: Here, I wasn’t able to hear anything through the phone.

ANONYMOUS: I’m not hearing anything right now. I don’t know what’s wrong, but....

ELIAS: Let me express to you that your ability ... are you connecting? (Grinning slyly — something was up here!)


ELIAS: (Chuckling mischievously) Your ability to be accomplishing in the areas that you allow yourself to be opening to in your experiences offers you also the ability to offer guidance to other individuals within their experiences, and in this you are quite in alignment with your underlying intent of the Tumold family. Your expression of teaching is not necessarily teaching. It is offering a guidance to other individuals and a helpfulness in their expressions, as facilitated by your understanding of their expressions and your awareness. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes, I am. Yes, the guidance; not to teach, but more to guide. I can relate to that. My next question is also in this area. I’ve been thinking of taking training in regression therapy, past life or other life regression. Would that be a beneficial choice?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this may be quite beneficial to you, and you may also recognize the influence of your Tumold and Vold intents in that particular expression, for in that expression, your offering to other individuals is a facilitation of their accessing of their own information. You shall not be moving in the area of teaching them, but guiding them and offering them helpfulness in accessing their own information.

Do you recognize now the expression of your own belonging to and alignment with these particular families, and how very influencing they are and have been within your focus? Although they may not be quite as obvious in certain terms as the Sumari and the Sumafi, they are quite obvious within your direction in this particular focus and the expression of your individual intent in helpfulness to other individuals, to be recognizing the action of this shift and to be recognizing their own abilities in the area of acceptance of self, and this is very much your intent within this particular focus.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. My next question is about my friend Edwin. I would like to know of which family he is and which alignment, and can you elaborate on our relationship together? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Sonti; S-O-N-T-I. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet. You have participated with this essence in other physical focuses, within this dimension and within other dimensions.

Now; let me express to you that although I do not concern myself in this particular expression with the tenses of words that I express to you — by expressing that you “have participated” in other focuses with this individual — these focuses are all simultaneous and therefore they are affecting of each other, and these focuses are affecting of this present focus in which you hold your attention, for they are occurring at the same time. They are merely sideways from this particular focus.

I may be encouraging you in the area that you may be investigating your other focuses in relation to this individual.

In this also, this individual within this particular focus lends energy to you in the intent and the belonging to the Sumari family, in offering you information in certain areas to allow you the opportunity to become more accepting in the direction of other individuals. (Right before saying the word “intent,” Elias seemed almost exasperated with himself, in trying to translate into words)

One of the qualities of individuals belonging to the Sumari family — expressed within physical focus — is that which you may interpret in physical focus as not holding as much of an attractive element to it, and at times the presentment of what you identify as negative, which is quite amusing! But this would be that many individuals that are belonging to the Sumari family create many expressions within their particular focus of beginnings and not necessarily endings. They are not necessarily finishers, so to speak, which may be frustrating to other individuals that draw themselves to them and participate in creations with them.

Now; this offers you the opportunity to be accepting of differences in different individuals, for you shall be, within the line of probabilities that you are creating presently, moving in the direction of allowing yourself to be interactive with more and more individuals futurely, and in that you are offering yourself, and have been offering yourself for a time framework, practicing with your friend in being accepting of your friend.

You also offer to him the element of healing, so to speak, in the area of allowing an expression of acceptance with him, which offers an influence that he uses, in a manner of speaking, to allow himself to be more accepting of himself.

Therefore, it is quite a cooperative relationship, so to speak, for you offer to each other complementary actions. Within your alignments, he may be offering certain clarifications to you at certain time periods that offer you more of an understanding of your own creations, and reciprocating to him within your alignment, you allow an expression through yourself of accessing your own inner senses information to him, to allow him more of an understanding of how to be accessing his inner senses more efficiently. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes I am, yes. My next question will be about W. and his wife. Can you tell me more about my relationship with him? I’ve been through some conflicts with him, after which I moved away from him (emotionally). I’m not in contact with him right now, because I think I should be more trusting of myself instead of trusting him.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of this expression. Let me express to you that within certain choices of certain relationships, you may be offering yourself certain experiences to offer yourself certain information with regard to some relationships. In this, once you have offered yourself that information and those experiences, you may also offer yourself the knowledge within you that it is unnecessary to continue the same expression of that particular relationship.

Now; in this you offer yourself the opportunity to be accepting of this individual’s expression and creation of their reality without judgment, but the opportunity to recognize that although you are accepting of this individual’s expression and choices and creation of their reality, this is not to say that you need be participating in creating your reality in conjunction with that individual, or to be allowing the expression of that particular individual to be penetrating your energy field.

This allows you another opportunity also to be moving into more of an expression of trust and acceptance of self, recognizing that the trusting of self and the acceptance of self is not the rejection of another individual, but does not necessarily denote that you must be allowing the penetration within your energy field, within your physical focus, of another individual. Is this clear?

ANONYMOUS: Yes it is. Is it his intention to be penetrating my energy field? Because that is exactly what I feel is happening. I’m not necessarily saying it is his intention to do that, but is it?

ELIAS: At times, yes, but not entirely. Let me clarify for you in this area.

Infrequently, there are time periods that this individual moves in the direction of choosing intentionally to be attempting to penetrate your energy field, and this is a direct expression of his own lack of acceptance of self, and this mirrors outward and is projected as an energy projection to you with the intention of penetration, but this is not a consistent and continuous expression.

Many times the expression is projected for the same reason, but not with the intention — or the AWARENESS of the intention — of the penetration to you.

Be understanding that as individuals project their energy in this manner, as any individual projects energy in this manner, what they are projecting is the mirror expression of their own issues in their own lack of acceptance of self, and as they are not allowing themselves the acceptance of self, they automatically express a mirror action, and this is projected outwardly to other individuals.

At times — many times — this expression may be projected outwardly to individuals that you objectively view to be closer to you, in respect to relationships. This be the reason that you have created your sayings of, “You are hurtful to those that you love.” Many of your metaphors hold much truthfulness. You merely do not understand what you are expressing or what you are saying in these metaphors.

In this, there is an element that you perceive — which is also an aspect of belief systems — of safety in projecting energy to an individual that you view that you hold a closeness to, for they shall likely be allowing the expression, and also allow the penetration.

These are all very intertwined and complicated expressions of aspects of belief systems, which I shall not extensively move into within this present now, but I shall express to you that within these expressions, many times individuals are not intentionally, within their thought process, creating the idea of being hurtful, but this is the expression that they project, for they are not accepting of self, and therefore they are projecting outwardly in that expression.

Now; let us move one step further in this discussion, and let me also express to you that as each individual allows the penetration and experiences the feeling of hurtfulness ... now we have moved from the other individual or the focus being placed upon the other individual to the focus being placed upon self — YOU. And in this, as the individual allows the penetration and subsequently is experiencing the feeling of hurt, this also is an expression of an element of lack of acceptance of self. Therefore, you are both participating in a very similar action.

This offers you, in what you are moving into presently, the opportunity to view this and to be moving more into the acceptance of self, for as you move more into the acceptance of self, initially you offer yourself the awareness that you need not be allowing the penetration.

This would be your first step, so to speak, which reinforces you and your acceptance and trust of self, and as you move more and more into that expression, you also move into your next step of recognizing that each time you are experiencing the feeling of hurt, you may be examining that area within yourself that YOU are discounting YOURSELF in and not accepting of yourself and viewing yourself as being unworthy.

And THIS, in actuality, is what is creating of the expression of hurtfulness; not that another individual is hurting you, but that YOU are creating of the hurtful expression to yourself, for you are allowing yourself the duplicity and the feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness within yourself.

In this, you have created the beginning movement to be moving out of those expressions and recognizing, and this moves quite efficiently and much in alignment with the line of probabilities that you have begun creating in alignment with your essence family intents, for you shall address to you and your expressions and behaviors first, and therefore offer yourself more of an ability to be helpful to other individuals in like manner and in like expression.

As you offer yourself more of an understanding of your own creations and your own acceptance of self, you may be more beneficial and helpful and healing to other individuals in understanding their creation and their acceptance of themselves.

ANONYMOUS: Yes, okay. One last question, I think, because the time is almost up. I still have difficulties with the parents of my friend. I feel obliged to visit them more than I would like. I know they are very happy when we are there, but I do not feel comfortable with that. Although my friend wants us to go there a lot, I don’t feel like doing this. Can you tell me something about that?

ELIAS: Yes. This is also your presentment to yourself — very much in alignment with all that we have been discussing this day — in offering yourself the opportunity to be accepting and trusting of self and recognizing that your expression of self is acceptable and that you need not be allowing other individuals to be dictating your behavior, and this is NOT creating an expression of not caring or of negativity, so to speak.

This offers you the opportunity to offer the example and the expression to other individuals that you may be quite caring and hold affection for another individual and be participating in relationship with this other individual, and this is not to say that you need be moving in the same expressions as that individual.

There may be an allowance within yourself and an acceptance within yourself of the other individual’s expression and wants and desires, but this is not to say that you may hold the same wants and desires and expressions, and this is acceptable, for this is the element of acceptance. In moving in the direction of acceptance of self, this is the opportunity for you to offer to yourself that it is acceptable for you to be expressing yourself in whichever manner you choose.

You may be expressing your own behavior and there is no wrong in that behavior, and if you are not choosing to be engaging of certain situations and if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, this is your communication to yourself that you are pushing yourself in areas of non-acceptance of yourself and compliance with another individual, and this also is a dictate of an aspect of the belief system of relationship.

One of the aspects of the belief system of relationship is that you shall be compromising and compliant with your partner or your friend, and this is a selfless action and is the expression of acceptance of the other individual. It also is viewed as being good and noble, and it is viewed as a very worthy quality. This is most definitely an aspect of the belief system of relationship coupled with duplicity, for if you are moving in the direction of expression of self, you shall identify this as selfish. If you are moving in the direction of placing self first and looking to your own wants and desires, this shall be viewed as a lack of acceptance of another individual, for we are quite aware that you shall ALWAYS place another individual before yourself, (grinning) for this would be the acceptable expression within the aspects of the belief systems.

But in actuality, as I continue to express to you all, as you allow yourselves to move more fully into your own expressions and acceptance of yourselves, you automatically also project more of an acceptance of other individuals, which shall be noticed, and in this it shall lend energy to the perpetuation of acceptance itself in general. Therefore, I am quite encouraging of you to be following your own intuition, your own wants, and your own desires, and not to be moving in the direction of succumbing to the dictates of other individuals and THEIR wants and desires.

And in this, you shall be more helpful to yourself and to other individuals than to be creating of what you view to be negative elements, which shall grow in the areas of moving yourself into behaviors that you are not pleased with, and subsequently creating different feelings and behaviors in the areas of not only uncomfortable, but more of a lack of acceptance, and resentment.

ANONYMOUS: Okay, thank you very much. One last quick question: I would like to know if I participate in get-togethers with you in dreams. Do we have contact that I don’t know about objectively? (Elias grins)

ELIAS: Yes, we have been within communication and interaction, and I shall offer to you an objective confirmation that you shall allow yourself to be connecting to futurely.

Let me express to you that as I have with other individuals, I shall offer you the energy within dream interaction of presentment to you of blue energy, and in this, as you begin to recognize this energy, regardless of its form, you shall allow yourself the validation that I am in interaction and communication with you, and I may be offering to you that similar presentment within objective terms, so to speak, also. Therefore, as you notice futurely more of a presentment of this color blue or of its flashing to you, so to speak, in a playful manner, you may be assured that this is my presentment of energy to you, and this shall be your validation that you may be trusting of.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. I want to thank you very much for this session.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I extend to you great affection, and anticipate our next meeting. I offer to you much encouragement in your movement, for you are creating quite well and you are allowing yourself much of an openness within your reality to many elements of not only yourself, but also of this shift in consciousness and your own abilities to be lending energy to this. I offer to you a blanket of lovingness, and I express to you a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:20 PM.


(1) This was ANONYMOUS’s first session with Elias, which she transcribed and sent to me, and even though English is not her “first language,” she did an excellent job of transcribing! Usually it takes folks quite some time to become used to Elias’ voice and accent, but ANONYMOUS had very little difficulty in this area. Interesting!

ANONYMOUS’s comment on transcribing is: “I’m glad I did transcribe it. A lot has become much clearer now, and detailed.”

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