Session 1524
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A Dislike for Expressions of Others Is Not Wrong


“Incorporating a Dislike for Expressions of Others Is Not Wrong”
“Healing Methods and Dis-ease”

Thursday, March 11, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr)

(Elias’ arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JIM: Ah! Good morning, Elias! We speak at last! (Both laugh) I’ve been feeling you a lot and seeing you a lot here lately.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I have been offering my energy in supportiveness to you.

JIM: Yes, and greatly noted and greatly appreciated, my friend. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: My questions and sessions and explorations have changed so much. First of all, if I could ask for a friend of mine her essence name. I believe I understand her family alignment. The woman, Carol, that I’ve been working with here is very anxious to... I spoke to her of Yarr and she said that Yarr very much resonated with her. It really kind of shook her up, so I know that we have a great deal of past together. I feel her essence name is something like Naomi or Neomai or something like that. Is that something close?

ELIAS: Ah! You have been paying attention to your impressions. I may express to you, essence name, Neomai (NEE oh my).



JIM: Belonging to Borledim and aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Cool, thanks! (Both laugh) And aligning with the color of pink, her tone?


JIM: Great! I wasn’t too far off, then! (Elias laughs) Carol’s going to enjoy that. Thank you very much. She’s really going to appreciate that.

My sessions, like I said, have kind of changed from where it was all about other people, and now it’s all about me! (Both laugh) What we’re going through with the other individuals that have come to me with cancer viruses and so forth, and now this manifesting within my own dog Cheyenne within the lymphatic system and my working with her and the directions that it’s taken me in bio-energy and my own self, could you perhaps offer some insights as to the creation of this and my approach to it right now, as to how I’m approaching this with her? I feel I’m on the right track, but I would like to just explore a little bit more in depth as to what might be going on.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you have presented to yourself a clear reflection of your own movement and offered yourself an avenue in which you may be exploring your own creations through the example with your creature and in cooperation with your creature.

Now; recognize also that although you participate in cooperation with each other, you are not creating the manifestation of the creature. That is the creature’s choice and it is being manifest in cooperation with yourself, but do not confuse yourself in assuming responsibility for what the creature is reflecting. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: In this, many times it is efficient and generates an easy direction if you incorporate some manifestation that you can view. You are aware that it is much easier for you to identify manifestations, creations and the reasons for those creations with other individuals than it is to view your own creations or to evaluate your own creations.

Therefore, what you have generated in cooperation with this creature is an avenue in which you may be evaluating your own creations and incorporating an outside reflection. That generates a similar presentment as viewing a manifestation in another individual. It allows you to generate a similar action but in association with yourself, rather than the evaluation of another individual. Are you understanding thus far?

JIM: I believe I follow you, yes.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, the manifestation of the creature is a type of example and guideline, but not necessarily precisely the same manifestation as yourself. It is a presentment of a type of gauge, in a manner of speaking, a gauge that you may physically visually view. In the fluctuations of the creature and what it is manifesting, that is a type of gauge concerning what YOU are manifesting — but the manifestation is not the same.

JIM: I’ve gone through discomfort within myself, within my lower abdomen, and I’ve just come upon the realization that this is also connected to the lymph system of the body...


JIM: ...not prostate, not intestine, but lymph system...


JIM: ...and looking at the lymph system and its association with the body as the garbage system. So I’m kind of looking at this as moving out the old or moving out the clutter or the garbage.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, figuratively. But this is what is significant, that you are generating a physical manifestation which is reflective of other expressions — associations, automatic responses, judgments, expectations — not necessarily concerning other individuals, but all of those expressions concerning yourself. The judgments that you express concerning yourself and your associations, your behaviors, expectations that you express with yourself...

JIM: My age-old conflict of self-worth?

ELIAS: Yes, but not as much as that has been expressed previously. But let me also express to you remember, thought does not create reality. Thought is merely an interpretation. It is a translation.

Now; you may be incorporating thoughts, and in some situations what you express in association with some thoughts triggers judgments of yourself and expectations of yourself. In this, remember what was discussed in the recent group interaction and also the participation that was incorporated by Michael subsequent to our group interaction, for it all was addressing to the same subject matter. This is significant, for this is somewhat of what you are generating now in expressing expectations of yourself and judgments of yourself in a harshness and not expressing that gentleness with yourself.

In this, as it has been expressed previously, you continue to incorporate your own preferences and your own opinions, and this is not wrong and it is not bad. Duplicity is not being eliminated any more than any other belief system. It serves a purpose, for it allows you to generate your own individual guidelines concerning your behavior and your preferences. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be judgmental of yourself merely that you do not prefer some of the expressions of other individuals.

It is not a requirement of acceptance to like or enjoy every expression of every other individual. That denies you your choices and your preferences, and discounts you within your value in attempting to force yourself to be expressing continuously in a manner in which you are attempting to like the expressions of other individuals in expressions that are contrary to your individual preferences. Are you understanding?

JIM: Partially. Would this be Acceptance 101?

ELIAS: Let me offer an example. Let us express hypothetically that you are engaging an interaction with another individual. The manner in which the other individual is expressing themselves is disturbing to you, and you incorporate a thought that you are irritated with this other individual and you incorporate what you would term to be hurtful thinking concerning the other individual. Perhaps you even incorporate a thought process of wishing harmfulness to the other individual, for you are incorporating such irritation with their behavior.

Subsequent to that thought process, you express guilt, for you incorporate a judgment of yourself that that type of thought process is wrong and unkind. Therefore, you attempt to force yourself, in your expectation of yourself to always be kind, to change your thinking. In that forcing of your energy, what you are doing is discounting yourself, judging yourself and attempting to express some type of repentance, in a manner of speaking, within yourself, expecting that to change the energy that you are expressing outwardly. For your assessment of what you are expressing in energy outwardly is that it is bad or wrong energy — for it must be, for you are incorporating wrong thought process or hurtful thought process.

THOUGHT DOES NOT CREATE REALITY. It merely interprets and translates communications. Thought itself is not a communication; it is a translating mechanism. Therefore, whatever you think does not generate a ball of energy or a missile of energy that is directed to a target and blasting at another individual. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes, very much so.

ELIAS: Therefore, it is unnecessary to force yourself to retract thoughts as though they were missiles that are intended to explode at another individual. They are merely reflections of communications.

As I have expressed, at times your thought processes are interpreting and translating communications accurately and at times they are not. But in this type of example, they are translating your communications accurately. They are identifying your preferences and what your preferences are not. That is not wrong; that is natural. This is strongly associated with the physical manifestations. They are being generated in association with the judgments and the expectations that you express with yourself.

That you incorporate a preference of any type is not wrong, and that you may incorporate a dislike for some of the expressions and behaviors of other individuals is not wrong either. That does not necessarily reflect whether you are accepting of the other individual’s choices or not.

JIM: That helps out a lot in many areas. Thank you. I can see where I go with that.

In reflection of the way I work with individuals when they come to me, when I work with them with biofeedback or homeopathics or herbs or the energy of flower essences and so forth, basically what I get is that they’re coming to me to identify and to read what may be going on. I find that so much of this, even more so in identifying with myself, is tied up within emotion. So much of the physical things that we deal with are tied up within emotions. Even though thoughts are our interpretation, is it more of our emotions that create our actions and our reality and manifestations of discomfort and disease within ourselves? I know a lot of it is tied up in perception of how we view things.

ELIAS: Let me explain to you, emotion does not create the physical manifestations.

Let me express to you, emotions are communications; therefore, they are closely associated with physical manifestations but emotions do not create the physical manifestations. They are associated with them and this is what you are viewing, that there are many emotional expressions associated with the physical manifestations, but that is generated for the emotions are the communications which are associated with the manifestation. They are communications concerning the manifestation, identifying the manifestation, offering information concerning what beliefs are influencing the perception to create the manifestation. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes, yes. There seems to be a lot of different aspects within the actual physical creation of the manifestation, that it’s multi-faceted.


JIM: And it can be expressions throughout one’s life?


JIM: As a Reader, what I do is I help the person try to unravel and help them see for themselves...


JIM: ...where they’re holding this energy and why they’re holding this particular energy?


JIM: I’ve gotten very interested in the work of Caroline Myss, “The Science of Medical Intuition,” and utilizing that inner sense. The best thing I feel I can help with people is to help them create an awareness that this is not just something that is outside of them and has come to get them.

ELIAS: Correct. It is not an outside thing that is attacking the individual physically. It is a physical manifestation that the individual is generating in association with expressed beliefs.

All physical manifestations of dis-ease are generated in association with some belief or several beliefs. The emotional aspect of any of these physical manifestations is the communication, which is expressing the identification of which beliefs and which influences are being expressed in association with the perception and therefore generating the physical manifestation.

JIM: I’ll have to review there. (Both laugh) At least I know I’ve been on the same page!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! It is the manner in which the individual associates with certain beliefs that they express and how they incorporate the judgments of those expressed beliefs that generate a physical reflection in creating some type of dis-ease.

JIM: That answers a whole myriad of other areas that I look at. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Moving on, we’ve talked a little bit in the past about crystals and that they have piezoelectric qualities. They can hold energies of the individual. They in themselves don’t have any healing properties but they can hold (garbled).

ELIAS: Yes, and may be incorporated as a conductor.

JIM: So when I work with individuals with my device and I work with them in subspace, which I’ve found to be very effective, it validates for me the non-separation of consciousness. I’ll write their name on a piece of paper and place my crystal on my computer or on my device. Is that my connection with that individual, that focus, or is that a belief? Am I kidding myself?

ELIAS: No. It is a method which allows you to incorporate a focal point, and in that allows you to focus your concentration, and in a manner of speaking, allows you to streamline your energy. You are merely incorporating this action as a method in which you may be generating a focal point, which allows you to focus and concentrate your energy in connection with the other individual.

JIM: (Garbled)

ELIAS: One moment. Your transmission is being interrupted and there is somewhat of an interference in association with the equipment. Shall I incorporate Michael momentarily?

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

(Mary returns, fixes the telephone connection, and Elias returns)

ELIAS: Continuing!

JIM: Yes! You were all over that, huh? Okay, Elias, we covered the crystal thing.

The lymph system, does it have a particular connection with our energy centers, and with which energy center? I think it would be perhaps green and red.

ELIAS: You may incorporate both of those energy centers in association with the lymph system, yes.

JIM: Are endocrine glands, such as the thymus and pituitary, incorporated within the area of the body where those energy centers are prevalent, like the thyroid would be involved with the blue and perhaps the thymus would be involved with the yellow?

ELIAS: Both blue.

JIM: And the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal — indigo?

ELIAS: No, also blue.

JIM: They’re all blue! Oh, interesting. Communication, because those are the communicators of the body. Would that be the connection?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JIM: That’s good, thank you.

There’s two theories that are out now that may reflect back to what we just spoke of a little bit earlier: the theory of bacteria, which comes in to get you, and the theory of pleomorphism, in which properties within the body will manifest a particular physical condition. It seems to me that the theory of pleomorphism might be a little bit closer to the way that we create dis-ease within the body.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. (Chuckles) Contrary to popular belief, there are no attacking germs that infect you from outside! You generate that from within. Even in association with your medical sciences and your researchers, the element that is missing is that each individual creates all of their reality. Therefore, even if an individual is creating a dis-ease such as malaria, which is believed to be contracted through an insect, the individual has created the insect and the insect is merely an extension of the individual. Therefore, it is all being created from within, even though it may appear to be created from outside.

JIM: That explains a lot as to why with the prevalent disease now associated with malaria in horses and so forth, this West Nile virus, some people and some animals have symptoms, and some don’t.

ELIAS: Correct, for regardless of whether the individuals create an insect that incorporates what they view to be the infection or dis-ease, it is the choice of the individual to manifest that or not. Therefore, regardless of what may occur outside of the individual, it is the individual’s choice of what they shall manifest and what they shall not.

Just as I have incorporated discussions with individuals and yourself also concerning substances of different types, whether they be synthetic or what you term to be natural it matters not, for they are all created by you each. Therefore, they are all natural, in a manner of speaking. But how you choose to be responsive to any substance is your creation, and therefore, it is not an innate quality of the substance itself that produces a particular affectingness. It is the belief of the individual and how they choose to be incorporating manifesting any particular affectingness in association with any substance, be it what you term to be natural or not.

It is the same type of expression in association with dis-ease. It is not the outside element that contains the dis-ease that generates infection, which is merely another term for “attack” with the individual; it is the individual’s expressed beliefs and their association with those expressed beliefs that generates the manifestation.

JIM: With a homeopathic remedy that is designed to cleanse the lymph system, being that I hold a belief that this energetic formula will help cleanse my lymph system, it helps to cleanse my lymph system.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I know in reality I don’t need that remedy to help cleanse my lymph system, but I haven’t quite gotten to that part yet. (Laughs)

ELIAS: But it matters not, for whatever method you incorporate is associated with your beliefs. What is significant is that you allow yourself the freedom to move within the expressions of your beliefs and not be struggling and forcing energy against them.

JIM: Yes, I’ve really come to terms with that here. That’s so right on! (Both laugh)

With the individuals that have come to me for assistance in their healing process, some seem to really take off and heal, and others seem to stay in limbo. I question myself, am I doing the right thing. Or does this all lead to the beginning of our discussion, and it’s not that? It’s not whether I’m doing the right thing or the wrong thing or whatever; these people have come to me — or I have brought them to me — for my own experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Whatever I tell them or offer in information to them, I’m offering them information for their own experience and for their own healing. As to whether they are going to move in the direction of greater comfort and joy or keep this discomfort, that is entirely up to them.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: That’s not my responsibility.

ELIAS: Correct. You are participating, for they are drawing themselves to you in association with their beliefs. But regardless of their beliefs concerning healing, it remains their choice of whether they shall actually generate what you term to be healing of dis-ease within their body consciousness.

Now; in this, it is not a matter of whether you are incorporating right or wrong action. You are participating in cooperation with the other individuals, for they have sought your energy in conjunction with their beliefs concerning different methods of healing, and they shall incorporate that to whatever capacity they choose. You are merely interacting in a cooperative capacity.

JIM: Yes, I get that. The book that I want to write, “The Art of Wellness,” incorporates a lot of this in that, that being my expression in writing that. Will you be there with me? Everybody will be, I feel. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite definitely, my friend! (Chuckles)

JIM: I got an offer the other day... And that’s with animals, too. I can’t leave them out. My creatures have been so kind and so wonderful, to be such great expressions and such great teachers. I have to involve them, as they’re so much involved in my life, too.

ELIAS: I am aware. (Chuckles)

JIM: I’m trying to move into my own species, but I’m not going to move away from my creatures either! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Ah! Now you are beginning to acknowledge your movement and appreciate your interactions, and not discounting your direction merely that it does not incorporate your own species as much.

JIM: Yes.

ELIAS: Congratulations!

JIM: Oh, thank you! (Both laugh)

Just curious — is the work that was done by Royal Rife and Wilhelm Reich in what they expressed to be the waves or energy patterns that exist and the human wave of the Earth, the energy vibration of the Earth, these are all very real energy patterns? The human wave is a very real energy pattern of vibration of the Earth?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, they are real. The energies and patterns of energies are real. I may express to you that they are more expansive than have been identified yet, but yes, they are quite real.

JIM: Why was...? Maybe it’s not even a question of why. These energy medicines, modalities and so forth, back in the ‘20s and ‘30s when they were first discovered, there seemed to be kind of a big wave back then at the turn of the century of a lot of these what we’ve termed to be alternative therapies and the recognition of bio-energetic medicine. In the U.S. at that time it was put down, it was squelched, and then a different type of medicine came forward and became the forefront, whereas in other parts of the world this type of energetic association survived. Is that just a choice of mass belief and a choice of expression? I guess, like we’ve been saying, one is no less valid than the other.

ELIAS: Correct. It is merely choices of differences and collective expressions associated with different methods, so to speak.

JIM: The body as an energy field, it just seems closer to a truer expression of what the body is and what we’ve been talking about.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Yes, in a manner of speaking, it is more accurate. For your physical form, in like manner to any other physical manifestation of any type, is actually energy and is not as solid as it appears to be.

JIM: Yes, I’ve felt that.

ELIAS: It is in continuous movement, which in the rapidness of the movement it creates a density, which thusly creates the appearance of solidity. But were you to incorporate altering your perception and allowing yourself to actually physically view any physical manifestation in a slower movement, you would actually view what you term to be particles of any physical manifestation, and you would allow yourself to view how it is not actually as it appears in its solidity.

This is the reason that an individual actually physically can move an element of their physical body through a physical object, for the physical object is not as solid as it appears. A table or a wall or a floor appears to be solid; but in actuality it is continuously in motion for it is energy, and that energy is being influenced by time. In the rapid movement of energy and its insertion with time, it creates the appearance of solidity, but in actuality it is not.

JIM: Oh, boy, something else to work on! (Both laugh) I like that walking-through-walls thing.

I guess that’s about it. We’re kind of coming to a close here, and it’s been wonderful. Thank you so much for your insight, guidance and support.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. Remember to express the gentleness with yourself that you express with your creatures.

JIM: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I shall continue to be offering my energy to you in encouragement and in supportiveness, as always.

JIM: Thank you. Well noted and greatly appreciated, my friend, and I look forward to our ongoing relationship.

ELIAS: As do I also. To you, my dear friend, in great affection and tremendous fondness, au revoir.

JIM: Thank you. Good-bye as well.

Elias departs after 55 minutes.

(1) Refer to 1/17/04, and Mary Ennis’ Talk dated 1/18/04.

(2) “Acceptance 101” is a list of nine steps to acceptance of self from 11/8/97. Here they are, paraphrased:

  1. Acknowledge you are within physical focus. You are glorious beings!
  2. Acknowledge that you hold belief systems. They are acceptable. They are not bad. They are not unacceptable. They are your reality.
  3. (In) examining self within each moment, recognize that you hold great duplicity and you are not acknowledging of yourselves continuously throughout your day.
  4. NOTICE each time you are discounting of yourself.
  5. As you receive an impression, you shall be acknowledging of your impression. As you receive an impulse, you shall be following through with your impulse, and you shall not be concerning yourselves with other individuals ... and what they may be perceiving of you. Therefore, it shall not concern you that you appear to be experiencing lunacy. You shall follow yourselves anyway!
  6. As you are following your impulses and your impressions and accepting them within you, you also shall be noticing your language, for in your language you are expressing reinforcement of your discounting of self.
  7. Notice your responses to other individuals. ... Noticing of your language shall be quite helpful to you, for it shall offer you examples of how you are not accepting of yourself. You may walk about each day expressing what a glorious being you are and loving yourselves, for you are worthy of this.
  8. You may also be listening to the “spooks”, which are continuously in communication with you, and be acknowledging of this and their helpfulness also. And you may consider yourselves to be spooks also, for your essence, that ”dead” part of you, shall be communicating with you also.
  9. Be acknowledging of your own abilities. It is inconsistent to express that you are a glorious being that is ineffective and cannot accomplish!

(3) A “Reader” is belonging to or aligning with the Tumold family. The essence family associations are: Milumet/Watchers, Gramada/Formers, Vold/Hearers, Ilda/Tellers, Sumari/Speakers, Tumold/Readers, Zuli/Imagers, Borledim/Bearers, Sumafi/Seers.

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