Session 218




Monday, September 15, 1997 © 1997 Session #218 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Marcos (Marta), and Stella (Cindel).
Elias arrives at 2:22 PM. (Time was twelve seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. We meet once again!

STELLA: Yes! (Pause)

MARCOS: Alright, I'll go first. I have a bunch of questions that I want to ask. I think I'm going to start with the most difficult one for me. Can you tell me what my connection is with my wife? I've been separated for two years and I'm having an extremely, extremely difficult time. I have this sense of guilt that has permeated my life for the last two years, and I've found out a lot of really wonderful things about relationships and about myself. In a way, my life has been moving in some very positive directions, like being here and meeting the people here, and growing in that sense. But in a very different sense, I'm at a standstill, and I really don't know which way to turn. I have this wonderful relationship with Paul, but I have this sense of loss within me that has been with me all this time, and I think even before. I have these dreams continuously, where I wake up with a very strong sensation of loss; just this void, this vacuum, this nothingness. I have been working with therapy for the last year-and-a-half. Can you shed some light on this, Elias? (Paul is Norma's essence name) (1)

ELIAS: It is amusing at times that individuals move in directions in the area of going to great lengths to be understanding their own behavior and feelings and incorporating more belief systems within the area of psychology, when they might merely look to the existing belief systems and examine these and offer themselves their answers and their movement through certain belief systems which cause issues, and in this neutralize the affectingness of many of these belief systems; but you choose within your societies within this present now to be adding more belief systems to your existing belief systems within the area of engaging psychology.

These feelings, this dream imagery, this sense of guilt all stem from belief systems that you hold in areas of what you view to be responsible and right. In accepting other individuals' belief systems in these areas that concern relationships, you also adopt more belief systems to yourself and therefore create feelings of guilt and loss and lacking and void. These stem from belief systems in the area of how people should be responsibly interacting with each other within commitment and within relationships. These are belief systems. You have all created very intricate belief systems concerning relationships. You guide yourselves through these belief systems and you plan your behavior in accordance with these belief systems. You create so very many belief systems in the area of relationships that you complicate your relationships extensively and you also create an allowance for much non-acceptance within the action of relationships. You do not accept the other individual's expression. They do not accept your expression. You do not accept the other individual's thought process. They do not accept your thought process. This all stems from your own individual belief systems and those that you exchange with each other. You bounce belief systems to each other.

One is expressed within your responsibility to this individual: You "should" be acting within this manner. You accept this, but this is the other individual's belief system. You take this in and adopt this as your own belief system also, and then you chastise yourself if you are falling short of the accomplishment of the belief system. Therefore, you perpetuate this circle of these belief systems over and over and become hurtful to each other within the exchange of non-acceptance, non-allowance, and merely operating within the framework of volleying belief systems to each other. Many individuals grow tired of this action and disengage their relationships, but in this they continue to hold the acquired belief systems, and also are influenced by underlying religious belief systems which express to you that you must be behaving within certain manners, and you reinforce your own element of duplicity in this. This creates the feeling of "guiltiness."

This one emotion, I have expressed previously, other than fear, is the most devastating action that you may engage within yourselves personally. This is the most harmful emotion and action that you may enforce upon yourself. It is also, in a manner of speaking, a waste of energy, in a manner of speaking; for no energy is wasted, but in certain terms, it is destructive and it is very unnecessary and it is extremely hurtful to self. I have expressed many times that no other individual upon your planet may be nearly as hurtful to you as you may be to yourself.

Many individuals experience this same emotion. You have been taught throughout your life and within the belief systems of your religious elements that you must be denying of yourself. Your element of duplicity is reinforced continuously, and within the denial of self and your chastisement of self continuously, individuals such as yourself are continually striving to be "better," for they are not accepting of self and the perfectness of self within the now. You are always looking for how you may objectify yourself "better," that you may be a better person, that you may be more of this or more of that. You are perfect within your expression within the now. YOU do not feel this, for you present yourselves with belief systems that you are choosing to engage, to be moving through and accepting. In this, as you present yourself with these belief systems, you objectify many different behaviors and much unofficial information to be offering you the opportunity to view the belief systems and to be attempting to be accepting of them and accepting of self. There is no need for guilt. You have experimented within an experience of a relationship, and you have chosen to disengage this experimentation and move to a new experimentation with a new relationship. You may alter your behavior within the different relationships and offer yourself new experiences that you may find more comfortable, which is also an indication of moving into a more accepting area with yourself and with other individuals.

At times within your belief systems, you believe that "too much water has passed beneath your bridge" to be accepting of one individual, and therefore you must be disengaging; and you chastise yourself and you feel guilty, for you feel you have failed. You have not failed! You have merely chosen to disengage one experience and move to another experience. In this, you may offer yourself some comfort in knowing that regardless of the acceptance of the other individual, you yourself may be accepting of yourself and of this other individual regardless, and this shall be alleviating of much of your conflict. If you are acknowledging of yourself and expressing that there is no necessity for you to be feeling guilt -- it has merely been an experience; there is no guilt -- and if you are accepting of yourself, that you are not underlyingly a failure or "bad" and recognizing that these are merely expressions of your own belief systems, then you may also be accepting of the other individual regardless of expression, and know that these expressions are also filtered through their belief systems and stemming from their belief systems. This is not a reflection upon you. It is merely an expression through another individual's belief systems. You need not need be holding these. (Pause)

MARCOS: Thank you.

ELIAS: As to your connection with this individual, you have held previous, so to speak -- for there is no previous -- relationships in other focuses with this individual also. In some, you have created similar actions of conflict; not necessarily within the same form of relationship, but in the form of siblings which held much conflict with each other. This also bleeds through into this focus, for all of your focuses are affecting of all other focuses. Therefore, elements bleed through. You are not repeating actions, you are continuing actions; but this also offers you more choices, for in the continuance of these actions in bleed-throughs, you offer yourselves more information and create new choices, therefore moving away from your conflict and into new areas of experience. Is this helpful?

MARCOS: Very much. Thank you. (Pause)

STELLA: (To Marcos) So it's my turn? You're gonna give me a turn?

MARCOS: I'll give you a turn.

STELLA: One turn, he said! (Marcos laughs) When I was little in this focus ... I have a brother who is three years younger than me. His name is Manuel, but I used to call him Marta. I used to play with him and tell him to put my dresses on, and I only played with him if he was Marta, the poor kid! But anyway, I didn't know anybody by the name of Marta at the time, and I'm just wondering if that....

ELIAS: But you do now! (Grinning)

STELLA: Yes, this guy here! So then, do you think ... is it him?

ELIAS: This is not a question of "Is this person this other person?" (Laughter) This would be a knowing in consciousness which you objectify as a small one in different type of imagery, but a knowing of the probabilities of your meeting of this individual presently.

STELLA: That's interesting. Okay, now we keep going! I just have one more. Two years ago, I had ... I was sort of waking up, and then somebody said in my ear, "Vincent Urea." Anyway, at the time, this was two-and-a-half years ago, I was getting ready to go to Cuba, and I thought maybe it had something to do with Cuba. I thought maybe it had something to do with being a guide of mine ... god knows, I thought about a lot of things! I asked questions and stuff of psychics and everything, and somebody told me it was my guide. But somehow, it didn't sit right, and I don't know who this Vincent Urea is. What do you see in your ball?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Ah! The crystal ball! (Pause) This is not a guide.

STELLA: It's not a guide? I knew he wasn't a guide! Okay, great! So who is he? And don't tell me to find out! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is a physically-focused individual.

STELLA: He's in this focus?


STELLA: I was looking for him! And so, where is he? I can find him!

ELIAS: This would be a choice within probabilities with this other individual and also with yourself, if you shall be objectively meeting. It is not merely your choice.

STELLA: It's not my choice?

ELIAS: It is partially your choice, but also in cooperation with this other individual; this being why you have not objectively encountered this individual yet, for the other individual is not choosing that probability yet.

STELLA: Even though he called me? He told me his name in my ear. So it's like he's calling me. So....

ELIAS: You may be connecting within consciousness if you are so choosing, or projecting within consciousness, to be initiating contact, and this may be influencing of the probabilities of this individual choosing to be objectively engaging you.

STELLA: But who is he? What is his purpose in my life?

ELIAS: If engaging the probabilities, this individual may be supportive to you futurely.

STELLA: Okay. Is he nearby?

ELIAS: This is a relative term! (Grinning)

STELLA: Well, is he like here in the United States?

ELIAS: Not very nearby.

STELLA: Not very nearby? No? He's got a weird name, Urea. Okay. Well, I was kind of clear on the fact that he wasn't really a guide, although I kind of took it ... but it didn't feel quite right. It's very interesting. Another thing.... (To Marcos) Go ahead!

MARCOS: No, no. Go!

STELLA: So I keep going?

MARCOS: I'll tell you when to stop! (Elias chuckles)

STELLA: Okay, this other question is because I've been finding out stuff about myself lately. I thought I was a stupid person, okay? I thought I was stupid because I'm not very intellectual, and I thought intellectual meant being intelligent, which I don't think it is.

ELIAS: Tremendous connection with Shynla! (This is in reference to Cathy's alignment with the Milumet family, and how folks aligned with this family quite often think they're stupid. Cathy thinks she's stupid too, but she is one of the most intelligent people I know!)

STELLA: Oh, really? I shall talk to Shynla.

ELIAS: Continue.

STELLA: Okay. So therefore, I have found ... see, I'm just not very intellectual, okay? So I don't pick up things like other people do, okay? Like I'm terrible in math, and I thought that was kind of like horrendous. But you know, one wonderful thing I have done in my life, this focus, is that I have a way of processing my life through my emotions; with sound, with feeling, with emotion, with intensity, with deep stuff! Now, I tell you, I want to do something with all this stuff. Because see, I can somehow connect to people that other people cannot, who are so smart, like my brother. My brother is very smart and I love him dearly. He's very, very smart, but there's some things that they cannot do that I can do.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Therefore, we express, "Nyah, nyah, nyah! I may accomplish!" (Laughter)

STELLA: This was a wonderful awareness about me! Because I have been my worst critic, I have been my worst enemy, I have been my worst everything! And Elias, if you can see all of myself like you can see everything, you KNOW all about me! It's wonderful where I've come to now, so I want to know! I want to be able to do something with this stuff that I have learned, that I have worked at, that I have accomplished, because I feel very accomplished.

Vic's note: The following exchange was really very funny!

ELIAS: (Humorously) Cindel, Cindel, Cindel! Each meeting that we engage together ...


ELIAS: ... you engage this same direction.


ELIAS: Yes. Each meeting, you are inquiring of this essence, "Where shall I go?"


ELIAS: "What shall I do?"

STELLA: You're so perceptive!

ELIAS: (Starting to crack up) Each meeting, this essence responds to you and expresses what?

STELLA: Oh, god. Go find out yourself!! (We all start cracking up) He won't tell me! Oh, but please, I just ... you know ... (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am quite understanding that you are not wishing this answer, and that you are wishing in this repeated attempt to be receiving a different answer, and the answer remains the same; that you may be listening to that intuitive voice within you and you may be offering yourself your direction! And you may engage this essence five hundred more times and you may express this same direction five hundred more times and this essence shall express to you five hundred more times the same answer! You may not believe that your thought process is working very efficiently, but it is! And as much as you are acknowledging of yourself, which is very good, attempt to be acknowledging self in THIS area, that you may accomplish! (Elias starts cracking up again) Although this essence does enjoy this game of volleying back and forth!

STELLA: Gosh, I thought I was being so creative! I thought I was going to find the answer! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may be wording this in many different ways, and I shall respond the same! (Still cracking up)

STELLA: Okay. Well, okay. Alright, I can take it. I'm sending messages to the universe.

ELIAS: Send messages to yourself!! (Laughter)

STELLA: So I'll quit sending them to the universe! I'll send them to myself! Alright. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: And be listening to the answers, not merely sending! You may be sending so very much that you are clouding your line and creating interference, that you are not hearing the answer!

STELLA: Okay. I shall do. But I have been listening. I've listened with my mother. Remember I was talking to you about my mother the other time, and minding my own business? Finally it dawned on me that yes, my mom has created her reality. She's still creating whatever reality she's creating, and I realize that the reason I was doing it was partly selfish, because I wanted her to be happy. But gosh, maybe she's happy with what she's doing, you know? It's like, how do I know? You know what I'm saying? And you know, it came in a dream. We were in a house, and somehow she's telling me, "I'm going to go up to the room and I don't want anybody to bother me." I think there was more to the dream, but I got the message: "Leave me alone." So little by little, I think I understood, I got the message, and it's like okay. She was the hard one because that's the one that I was pushing to do something. And do you know why? Because I don't want to take care of her; my fear of having to think that in the future, I would have to take care of her. I wanted her to take care of herself, learn how to be responsible, and god, you know, "Do it. I'm not going to be your mother anymore! I've had enough!"

ELIAS: Quite.

STELLA: Yeah. So now I'm giving her back her responsibility to take care of herself, do whatever she has to do, and I will....

ELIAS: Accept!

STELLA: Yeah. So yes, I'm listening so far, but this other part of me is like ... I have this restlessness, is what I have. I do have a lot of restlessness.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of this; and if you are listening to that small voice within you, you shall offer yourself your direction ... if you are quieting yourself as opposed to chattering to yourself continuously! (Grinning) Be not so busy, as I have stated, with your sending messages. Concern yourself with listening to your answers!

STELLA: Okay, I shall do that. Thank you, Elias. (Elias chuckles)

MARCOS: Elias, are some of the conflicts that we engage in within relationships, are these sometimes agreed to in essence? Or is that something that happens within this dimension in different focuses?

ELIAS: At times within probabilities, you may be choosing within essence to be engaging certain conflicts in experiences. For the most part, within relationships of individuals, these are choices in probabilities of the individual focuses for their experiences. This is also retained by essence, but the individual focuses hold their own independence, so to speak, in that each focus holds ultimate freedom of choosing its own probabilities.

MARCOS: Which is relative, in a sense, because as each focus bears upon the other focuses, then is it possible to create harmony in one focus which will also bleed through to the other focuses where conflict is being created in a different manner?

ELIAS: Yes. Absolutely. You may be, in recognition of this, choosing to be connecting with other focuses that you may be helpful to, although be remembering that this may be translated differently than your objective expression or expectation; for the energy is lent, but it may be received and manifest in very different manners than you are expecting.

Essence creates physical focuses for experience. Therefore, within this action, for the most part, essences shall create many focuses and experience as many elements of emotion and action as is possible, in a manner of speaking. This last element of this last sentence is figurative, for all things are possible; but the point of essence focusing within any physical focus is to be experiencing. Therefore, if you are choosing within essence to be focusing within this dimension and this physical element, why would you not choose to be experiencing all aspects of emotional and sexual experience within this dimension? This is how you have created this particular dimension, to be sexually and emotionally oriented. Therefore, you shall be choosing to be experiencing the fullness of this. In this, one focus may be creating harmony and joyfulness and bliss and may be choosing to lend energy to other focuses, and the energy lent may be reconstructed within another focus and used to be accelerating conflict for the intensity of that experience. The energy does not always manifest in the manner that you expect, but it shall manifest in the most efficient and beneficial manner.

MARCOS: I understand that. That's very clear. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. In this also, as at our meeting yestereve ... you were presented with an experience of Matthew attempting to be connecting with a future focus, so to speak, and I was expressing to you all that you shall be viewing more of this action futurely and it shall be accelerating; for future focuses that have entered into the full action of the shift, the accomplishment of the shift, shall be bleeding-through for this very reason, to be helpful to you in offering information and lending energy to your accomplishments. The experience within these future focuses is different, and they may hold expectation for the manifestation of energy to be in what they experience and offering this same experience to you, but you within this focus shall rearrange this energy and fit this energy into your intent in moving into the action of this shift. Therefore, you manifest this energy differently than that of the future focus, but it is efficient and it is a lending of energy and it is beneficial.

MARCOS: Great. Thanks. I have a question from Paul. Yesterday, someone sitting next to Paul asked about a friend that has a problem with their fourteen-year-old son, and Paul didn't understand your answer very well. Paul has a daughter who has a very different type of problem, but her reaction to that problem was very similar to the one that was expressed by the essence that was here ... I forget her name. Could you talk a little more about that?

The problem that she has with her daughter is that her daughter was abused by a relative, and she's very angry. She doesn't know how to communicate to her daughter. Her daughter is very closed. She won't accept any kind of communication, any kind of opening. She's completely closed. She's blocked off completely that experience, and Paul expresses much frustration in not getting through. Paul doesn't know how to come across and respects the fact that her daughter doesn't want to talk about it, yet somehow she wants to communicate and help and offer help in some of the things she's learning, for example.

ELIAS: Once again, your keyword is acceptance. I am understanding that within this emotional focus, individuals experience intensity of emotions, and within their belief systems they are wishing to be greatly helpful to another individual, but they are operating within their own belief systems and need be aware of this. In not being accepting of the small one's expression, you are not being helpful. In accepting the expression, this IS helpful; for in not accepting, you hold an expectation. You hold an expectation for an outcome. You hold an expectation for a difference in behavior, in expression, in feeling, in thought, in belief. Holding this expectation is not helpful. You believe that this is helpful, for you believe that certain experiences or expressions are not acceptable and certain experiences or expressions are bad and other experiences and expressions and behaviors are good or better. Therefore, you attempt to be making another individual feel better.

Listen to this sentence: You may not make another individual feel anything! You may be influencing, you may be helpful, you may be hurtful, dependent upon your acceptance or your lack of acceptance.

I am understanding that Paul believes himself to be being accepting, but in wishing a different expression, this is not accepting. In the allowance of the expression with no judgment and accepting of this, you lend support, and also you lend the feeling to the other individual of safety. If the other individual senses, which they do, that their expression is wrong or needs be changed, this creates an underlying feeling of duplicity and wrong. In this, there is a feeling of non-safeness. Therefore, it perpetuates the action, for the individual does not feel safe to be expressing. Therefore, the individual is also blocking their own impulses, which this creates more conflict. Now you begin to see the cycle that is created within belief systems of being accepting, and the actuality of the act of being accepting. Your belief systems express to you that you must be "doing something." In actuality, accepting is doing something much more productive. In this, this action will be helpful in the allowance of the small one to feel, underlyingly, safety, and also allowing the individual to give themselves permission to be expressing impulses and not blocking impulses, and the behavior may be altered. (Firmly) But not by Paul!

MARCOS: Right. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. We shall break, and you may continue with your questions if you are so choosing.

BREAK 3:14 PM RESUME 3:31 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

MARCOS: Here's another question from Paul, although I thought of it as well. Last night, David asked about ... we were talking about dreams, and he asked about drinking a couple of toddies before going to bed, and I thought, and Paul thought as well, that you were going to answer, "It's a belief system."

ELIAS: In actuality, it is; but there is also another element with certain substances that alter your perception that creates a thickness within consciousness. It creates a thickness within your objective awareness. Therefore, it may be affecting of your ability to be connecting more enhancedly with your dream state, although this action occurs as a result of your belief systems, but you all hold these belief systems that you are tremendously affected by certain substances. Therefore, they are affecting. You may be moving through this in recognizing that it IS a belief system, and you may also not hold an affectingness or you may alter your affectingness. You may allow yourself to be affected within your belief systems at one time, and you may manipulate and not allow yourself to be affected at all within another time.

I have expressed previously that anything that you consume is acceptable. You merely create belief systems around what you consume. Many individuals create vast belief systems around the idea of consumption of all elements. I have expressed to individuals previously, you may be consuming rocks and survive quite well! You merely hold belief systems that you must be consuming certain things or that certain other things shall be affecting of you. You have developed many belief systems in the area of consumption. You also hold belief systems that certain elements that may be consumed shall be affecting of your physical body and creating illness. This also is a belief system. It is a tool that you use when it is appropriate for your experience within the moment. Individuals express that they have been poisoned by food. They have eaten food that is "bad." Incorrect. They have chosen to be manifesting a response, and within their belief system they express that the food is not good.

MARCOS: That's great. Thanks.

STELLA: They just want time off from work! (Laughter)

STELLA: Okay. I asked last night about the splitting of my ... the reason I have the question is Lisa. Lisa is very, very pronounced in me. It's like a ... I don't know how to say it. I don't know what's going on with Lisa, but I feel her energy. She's got quite a lot of energy! If I put more energy into my being, I'm going to be walking around dancing! So she moves a lot. But you know, this is really good because I've been very stiff in my time and very, very composed, and I'm sort of getting this energy where I'm moving. As you can see, my hands move a lot, my feet are moving, everything's moving! Her energy is quite nice, Lisa's energy. But the one thing I don't understand is what happened at ten. What happened at ten or eleven? What's going on with that? I know you mentioned something about a bleed-through. I don't understand that part, and I still keep insisting that ... it's when she becomes mute. Is she from this focus?


STELLA: No ... but Lisa becomes mute.

ELIAS: At times. A bleed-through is an experience that you have in intersection with another focus or another dimension or an alternate self; but in this case, with another focus. You may experience what the other individual experiences. This is a bleed-through. You may also temporarily merge with another focus and in a manner of speaking become the other focus, for as I have expressed, the variation in tone is so very slight and it is within the same essence. Therefore, it is you, but it is not you. It is you in respect to essence. It is not you in respect to your individual identity.

STELLA: Okay. So in this focus with this person ... I keep insisting that I'm not the same person, and that something happened to that other person when she was little ... the little one.

ELIAS: The reason that you identify in this manner is that you have exchanged with an alternate self. You intersect with alternate selves continuously, but at certain points, you exchange. I have offered information previously about this subject matter.

(Elias used hand gestures throughout the following explanation)

View two parallel lines. One is you; one is an alternate self. You hold countless, but we shall use an example of merely two. These parallel selves move in complete harmony and are intersecting continuously within the focus. At one point, within agreement, these parallel selves choose within probabilities to be not merely intersecting, but exchanging. Therefore, this parallel alternate self which is not physically expressed moves into the position of the physically expressed, and the physically expressed moves into the position of the parallel aspect. It is still you, but an exchange has been accomplished, and in this you feel different, for you sense the action which has occurred, but you hold no explanation. You offer yourself only the information that you feel different. This is quite purposefully accomplished within this physical focus as to not threaten your individuality and identity. In this, you continue within your focus knowing you as you, but merely recognizing a difference. Therefore, your identity continues and is not threatened.

STELLA: Hmm. So it's for safety, like a sense of safety or safeness?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is merely for your clarity in your focus and that you do not create confusion for yourself, for you do not understand the countless numbers of alternate selves that you possess within one focus, and they are all you. They are all aspects of this individual focus's consciousness. I have expressed previously that each time you experience an element of inspiration, you may view this as an intersection of an alternate self.

STELLA: Okay. Thank you so much.

MARCOS: On dreaming, last night I had a fantastic experience. It was much more than a dream, I know that! Yesterday you mentioned dimensions within this dimension, which was the first time I had heard of that, and in this very deep, deep profound sleep, I understood what you were saying. I don't understand it now. But I was as asleep as I could be, yet I understood exactly what you said, and I don't understand now! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is quite common, for subjectively you incorporate the information and you assimilate this information subsequently, but objectively, your understanding lags. Many individuals experience this same action. Michael experiences this same action within interaction of this essence in dream state, and upon awakening, objectively remembers no contents of the exchange, only a memory of the meeting.

The subject of dimensions within this dimension is difficult to be presenting objectively within your understanding. I may offer a very simplified example to you. You exist here within physical focus, within what you recognize objectively. This is your dimension. You manifest within this dimension of physical focus, but within this dimension of physical focus there are many other dimensions of time fragments, for all of the time frameworks are simultaneous in actuality, but you separate them into different dimensions of time. Therefore, in engaging another focus within your new game or within a meditation or within a waking state, in actuality what you are accomplishing is stepping through a dimension of time framework and allowing yourself to move into a different dimension of time framework. There are many different time framework dimensions within this dimension. The whole of this dimension is the type of physical focus that you have chosen to be creating. The focuses of this dimension occupy countless dimensions, or even within one focus there are countless dimensions to be accessed, for each moment creates its own dimension and continues. Therefore, you may access and meet you, occupying the dimension of age ten. You may intersect with you and interact with you at age eighteen, for these continue simultaneously, but not within your objective awareness, for they move into another dimension within this dimension. MARCOS: It's complicated, but ... I'll pick it up subjectively!

ELIAS: Quite!

MARCOS: Thank you. One question in follow-up to that. I'm reading a book called "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda. Is that a useful tool, would you say? Is there useful information in that?

ELIAS: There are many different avenues within your time framework presently that are useful and helpful in your engagement of different activities subjectively that shall also be helpful in your widening of awareness within this shift. I do not express to individuals to not be accessing information. This essence is not your only avenue! There are many avenues to be gaining information within. Therefore, glean from that information that which will be helpful to you in accomplishing ... but not creating new belief systems! (Laughter)

MARCOS: Alright! Well said, well said!

STELLA: Elias, I have a question from a lady at work. Her name is Gregoria Reyes. I basically work for her and I work for Letty, Marta's sister. She was telling me that she feels very connected to the seventeenth century, the Queen Victoria time, and her impression is to have been like a composer or writer. I'm sort of surprised that she asked, that she came up with this. I did ask some questions. I said, "Well, do you believe in any of this stuff?" She said, "Well, I don't know if I believe or don't believe, but the attachment has been there since forever," ever since she can remember. It's very pronounced, and she sees a lot of the movies with this, and she says that although there's some stuff that she doesn't necessarily agree with, she's very connected to this time period. She asked me if I could ask you about what connection she has with this time frame.

ELIAS: This also being an allowance of bleed-through action of another focus, for this individual holds another focus within the area of Wales in this time period and is in actuality a writer, but not of great stature; holding no fame.

STELLA: Okay. Yeah, it was really interesting for her to ask me or to talk about this kind of stuff. She's opening up to me, and I haven't offered anything to her.

ELIAS: And now you shall!

STELLA: Yeah. And the next question is from Letty, and she's been here. She wanted to know if I could ask you what her connection is with Raoul. He's this man that she's sort of been seeing on and off, on and off. She likes him very much, but I don't think they have any kind of romantic relationship, but I think she would like it. She wants to know what the connection is with him. ELIAS: One connection. This individual within another focus is a brother, and great fondness is held between the two brothers within that focus. And you may be expressing also to Castille that he may be investigating for himself also! (Laughter)

STELLA: I shall relay that message!

ELIAS: He has encountered this essence many times to this present now, and is aware that he holds the ability to be investigating these types of areas himself ... as you also!

STELLA: Well, I'm doing pretty good, I think!

ELIAS: I acknowledge greatly.

STELLA: Thank you.

MARCOS: I have one final question. I have felt, and I still feel, a very strong energy pull to Los Angeles, and particularly to the group of individuals that have come here every so often. I'm not looking for an answer as to what to do. I can figure that out.

ELIAS: Very good! (To Stella) Take a lesson!

STELLA: (Laughing) It's in the approach!

MARCOS: I am becoming more and more ... interested does not even cover it ...

ELIAS: Quite.

MARCOS: ... in this effort by this group to offer help to other individuals, and of course in the action of the shift. There are some areas which I would like to explore within my dreams and within my meditations, and I feel a little bit of frustration because I have tried to contact you. You have replied, but I have not been listening, and I think that would be....

ELIAS: Very good observation!

MARCOS: I know I haven't been. I need to work on that. But to that effect, I think there are some things I feel that I can do in the place where I live with individuals that are there, and at the same time, I'm very, very much pulled and I'm even thinking of moving to Los Angeles at some point, but I think for the time being, I'd rather stay there. I have talked to some of the individuals here about beginning a group in Mexico, to begin to study the transcripts and begin dialogs with other individuals. I guess it's more of a statement than a question.

ELIAS: Very good! I am quite acknowledging of this statement and direction that you are moving into, and I shall be expressing also acknowledgment to you, that you may be quite helpful within this action of this agenda in expansion of this information to more individuals. Therefore, I encourage your actions.

MARCOS: Thank you. (Pause)

STELLA: Well, we were thinking of a marathon, but I guess not! (Elias starts laughing) I'm going to see you on Saturday again!

ELIAS: Very good! And you may be attempting creatively, once again!

STELLA: No, no. I'm going to ... start listening!

ELIAS: Ah! We shall see! (Chuckling)

STELLA: I will! So I will tell you all about it. I don't think I have any more questions. Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. You may express affection from this essence to physically absent essences of Castille and Paul and Isabel.

MARCOS: Thank you.

ELIAS: I express to you both great affection. For this day, I bid you au revoir!

Elias departs at 4:00 PM.


(1) There is a distinction between Paul/Norma and Paul/Patel. Paul is Norma's essence name. This is not the same essence, so to speak, as Paul/Patel. Patel is Paul's essence name. Quite often, Paul is what we call Patel, but Paul is merely a name from a physical focus held by Patel.

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.