Session 259
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Dealing with Iss


"Dealing with Issues & Challenges in the Now"

Saturday, January 17, 1998    © 1998 (Public/Angel's Corner)

Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Drew (Matthew), Linda (Mareau), Stella (Cindel), Adrianna (Bruce), Letty (Castille), Jeri (Fromasch), and a new participant, Glenda.

Elias arrives at 3:18 PM.

ELIAS:  Good afternoon! (Smiling)

This day we shall center our discussion around issues and challenges, and you may individually look to your own issues and challenges that you may be dealing with within this present now.
Many individuals look to issues that they face or challenges that they are attempting to be dealing with and they suggest to themselves that they may be looking to their past or their future to be dealing with these issues.  In this action, you also distract yourselves from dealing with these personal issues, for the issue is within the now; and as you are dealing within the now and creating within the now and connecting to yourselves within the present now, you offer yourself more information as to how to be more efficiently dealing with these issues and challenges than you will offer yourself if you are looking to your past or future.  You merely distract your attention in looking to these outside elements.  Outside of the present now is not what is creating the challenge or the issue.  Within the now, you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view certain issues that you have chosen to objectify or certain challenges within yourself that you choose to objectify.  In this, your information shall be offered to yourself within the now; looking to yourself and your behaviors, your feelings and your thoughts within this present now.  In looking to your past, you reinforce the issue or the challenge that you have chosen to objectify, for many times the issue has been long-standing.

Therefore, at times you have objectified this challenge previously but may not have chosen to be moving through these issues, therefore replacing the challenge or the issue into your area of your shrines and not paying much attention to these issues and challenges.  But as you are widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information and you are also engaged within this forum and offering yourselves more information, you may look to these challenges and issues that you may hold as an opportunity NOW to be addressing to these challenges; but if you are merely looking to them anticipating futurely what you may be accomplishing in the future to change these issues and challenges, you shall be denying yourselves the opportunity to deal with these issues presently within the now.

You express to yourselves within different challenges as you are moving through them or as you have moved through them: "If I had only seen previously what I see now. If I may only be accomplishing within the knowledge that I hold in hindsight, I shall be accomplishing more efficiently within the present."  You ARE accomplishing within your movement, but you are not NOTICING your accomplishments.  You also express to yourselves that if you may predict your future events, you may more efficiently be accomplishing within the present now.  Therefore, you may view in both of these aspects how you are distracting yourselves and also reinforcing your duplicity in not acknowledging yourself within the present now by viewing futurely or within past elements in dealing with any specific challenge.  Both areas do reinforce your own issues of duplicity, which complicates any challenge that you may be presenting yourselves with.

You view the present challenge that you may be dealing with as very difficult, and you are not offering yourselves answers or solutions or information to be dealing with any particular challenge.  The reason you are not offering yourself your answers is that you are not listening.  You are not noticing, for you are concentrating upon reinforcing the challenge or the issue with elements connected to it pastly, or anticipating futurely.  Therefore, I pose to you:  Where are you?  Are you futurely?  Are you pastly?  Are you now?  Where do you perceive yourselves to be?

LINDA:  Now.  I'm in the now, for the most part; partly futurely.
ELIAS:  And how do you express to yourself when you are faced with your own challenges?

LINDA:  I may be interpreting this wrong, but I am interpreting challenge as a change or an opportunity for change, correct?

ELIAS: It is, but many of these challenges and issues bring conflict.

LINDA:  Which is also an opportunity for change.

ELIAS:  Correct.

Many individuals may express to themselves within their thought process that this is an opportunity for change and that this may be beneficial to you, but simultaneously you are experiencing discomfort and you are wishing for this to be dissipating or to be removing itself from you and hoping that futurely this will occur, and expressing that you shall not hold to past events connected with this issue but not entirely noticing and addressing to the issue within the now, for you are anticipating futurely and you are distracting yourself, attempting to push away those elements of the past that they may not interrupt you ... but they are appearing!
Therefore, you are occupying your now with pushing away and anticipating futurely and not noticing what you are accomplishing within the now and not allowing yourself completely -- at times, yes, but not completely -- to be viewing what you are DOING within the now, for what you are doing within the now is pushing and anticipating!  Therefore, you also block some of your information to yourselves in these challenges and issues.  You also concentrate upon the discomfort of these challenges and issues, which also reinforces their power.  You view that you must be concentrating tremendously, attempting in your terms to be "figuring out" what is the problem and what is the solution to the problem, and in this action you are concentrating UPON the problem tremendously and reinforcing its power.

An issue, a challenge, is no different from a little bird.  If you are holding the little bird, it may not fly.  It is constricted.  It is being held.  If you are loosening your grasp upon the little bird, it holds the freedom to fly away.  Within a challenge or an issue that you hold, you hold very strongly to it.  You hold to yourself.  You hold to your own energy and you hold yourselves very tightly, and you reinforce your hold upon yourself by not looking and noticing within the present now.  Therefore, your clench upon yourself continues, and you do not allow the energy and the issue or the challenge to fly away.

LINDA:  So you're saying it would be more easily resolved if we don't concentrate so much on completing whatever the challenge is?  That we just let it resolve itself?

ELIAS:  Loosen your hold upon yourself.  Relax your focus upon the issue and be concerning yourself with noticing and assimilating your own information to yourself within this action.

You have had situations previously within your experiences that you feel that you are knocking your heads upon a wall.  You are trying and trying and trying to accomplish a certain action and you are not accomplishing the action, and you try all different methods and you are continuing to not accomplish, and as you in your terms give up, you accomplish!  Then you look to yourselves and you express, "If I had known within hindsight how simple this may have been, I would not have knocked my head so hard."

LINDA:  That's not to say that we're not supposed to try, but there's a limit.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LINDA:  It's a very gray dividing line, isn't it?  As to when we stop trying and just say, "Okay, let it go."

ELIAS:  These are your two areas, your black and white, that you look to.  You either try or you let go, but there is a balance: that you may be motivated within a challenge or an issue, but you are also not concentrating so tremendously upon this issue and you are occupying yourself with your now and noticing what you are offering yourself within the now.  Many times you may be concentrating upon an issue or a challenge and you are paying little attention to what you are accomplishing or what information is being presented to you, by you, within the now; for you are very busy concentrating upon how to be accomplishing as opposed to noticing what you ARE accomplishing.

STELLA: Elias, right now, for instance, I don't necessarily like my now right now.  I want to distract myself, and I've been trying to do that because I'm not doing well today.  (Starting to cry)

ELIAS:  This would be an example.  You look to yourself and you feel discomfort.  You hold belief systems about discomfort.  You do not like it.  It is not "a good thing," correct?  (Stella acknowledges)  Therefore, you wish it to go away.

STELLA: And it's not going away!  So now, I'm going to address it.  A year ago when I saw you the second time, I asked you about ... I was getting the message that my husband was going to disengage.  I didn't get anything from you with regard to that, and I have a feeling that that's what he's doing now.  I seem to go back and forth and I'm getting lots of information, which I have been paying attention to all the information I've been getting, and a lot of the topics and a lot of the things that I hear is like, you know, funeral, people talking about people dying ... I'm getting it from everywhere.  It's like it's written on the wall.  I was doing okay with it, and I'm not doing well today, and I feel like it's getting very close.  (Crying)

ELIAS:  I was not addressing to you previously in your inquiry in this area, for within that time framework you would not have been listening.

STELLA: Yeah, I know.

ELIAS:  Therefore, this would have served no purpose to offer you information in this direction, but as you are widening your awareness and allowing yourself to be connecting with more information, you are receiving the information that has not been offered; and as you are paying attention within the now, you shall notice elements that you shall draw to yourself to be offering you this information.

These are CHOICES.  These are choices that every individual focus creates.  It is merely a movement from one area to another area, an emergence; in a sense, another birth.  As I have stated previously, there is no death, but there are many births.

In this, your partner also offers you information as to the choice that is being considered.  To this present now, I state to you that the choice is not completed, but there is a leaning within the most probable of probabilities presently.  Be remembering that these are all choices and any individual may choose to change their choice within any given time framework or moment, but this individual is choosing that the value fulfillment is nearly completed.  Therefore, it is a consideration of the choice to be moving into a new area.

STELLA: I'm well aware of that.

ELIAS:  Within the challenge that you face presently of your own issues and feelings, attempt to be relaxing your hold upon yourself, realizing that these are choices and also realizing that your feelings and thought processes are also your reality.  Your belief systems are your reality.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to be pushing this reality away as you are uncomfortable, but in accepting that this IS your reality and it is not wrong -- it is acceptable for you to hold these thoughts and feelings -- in this you relax the hold, and in relaxing the hold you also allow the dissipation of the intensity of the experience.

STELLA: Okay.  Thank you, Elias.  (Very softly and emotionally)

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

(To the group)  In concentrating upon a challenge so very intensely, you also intensify your emotion.  You are emotional beings.  This is an emotional focus within this particular dimension of reality.  Therefore, as you concentrate so intensely upon a challenge, you also intensify the emotional quality that is connected with this challenge.  As you continue to intensify the emotional quality, you distract yourself and you confuse yourself, for you are concentrating more upon the emotional quality of the challenge than the challenge itself.  This be quite natural to you within this dimension, for this is how you have created this dimension.

I have expressed many times to you that you have created this particular physical dimension for the experience of the sexual and emotional qualities that you have created within it.  Both are highly intensive elements and quite connected.  The sexual element of this dimension also is very closely related with the emotional qualities of this dimension.  Therefore, they are very intertwined.  You also hold very, very many belief systems in these areas, which are also affecting of your own issues and challenges.  In this, think of this little bird and think of yourself as this little bird; and the challenge may not fly away if you are holding and constricting it.

LINDA:  So are you saying we should be somewhat detached instead of getting emotional about it?
ELIAS:  I am not expressing detachment. I am expressing that you look to what you are creating, that you look to the balance.  You look to the intellect AND the intuition, the experience and what you are creating within the experience.  Offer yourself the information of how you are creating your reality within the now.  How are YOU creating this experience?  If you wish a lessening of intensity, of uncomfortableness, then look to how you are creating your reality within the present now and how you are perpetuating it.

LINDA:  Are some of these challenges what we would call in our focus karmic?


LINDA:  So is that something different?

ELIAS:  I have expressed previously that within your thought processes you have been presented with belief systems in the area of karma, but these are belief systems.  Within the reality of essence and consciousness and manifestations into physical focus, there is no karma.  There is no repaying of debt.  There is no repeating of situations or actions or events to alter events. You do not move from one focus to another focus.  All of your focuses are simultaneous.  Therefore, how may you repay an action that you have not engaged?  For it is not you.  It is another focus.

LINDA:  But isn't the other focus of us essentially us too?

ELIAS:  It is of your essence, but it also holds its own slightly different tone and its own personality and its own choices.

You do not live and die and return and live and die.  All of your focuses are simultaneous.  They are all now.  Therefore, in reality there is no thing other than the now in every moment of it, for it is all now.  Therefore, you may question yourselves and recognize your own belief systems as to why you view futurely or pastly.  They are all now.

LINDA:  Then what is coded in our DNA?  A lot of people say there's memories coded in our DNA, as well as....

ELIAS:  You DO hold memory.  You DO hold encoding of other focuses, of essence, of consciousness, and this IS encoded within you, but this is not "karmic."  It is merely information that is available to you, which also may suggest the gloriousness of you and how efficient[ly] you have created this reality to be offering yourself a window into the whole of you beyond one focus.

LINDA:  So if people say that they can see your past lives, they're basically just seeing different focuses at the same time?
ELIAS:  Correct.  You look to these as past or future, for you move within a reality that suggests linear time.  Therefore, you look to your other focuses as having already occurred or about to occur.  In actuality, they are all simultaneous NOW.

LINDA:  I was told recently that I was holding on to a memory of a girl in 1892 named Carolyn Jensen, that there was anger or something that I was holding onto and couldn't release.  Can you give me any information on that?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that there are many individuals within your present now that may express probabilities or other aspects of realities that may be elements of your essence, but within their belief systems and within connecting to one layer of consciousness, they espouse this information to you within the context that you are holding to this energy of another lifetime.  All of your focuses, yourself included, are all affecting of each other simultaneously.  In this, another focus may be affecting of you, but the energy that is projected between focuses of essence is restructured, so to speak, reconfigured to be beneficial to the focus that it is affecting of.

You are continuously projecting energy within all of the focuses of each essence, but the energy that is experienced within one focus -- example: this one focus experiencing anger and discontentment -- is THEIR experience.  The energy that is projected as it moves through essence reconfigures itself to be assimilated by you in whatever manner is beneficial to you.  Therefore, you may not be holding on to another focus's experience.

Another individual may connect within a layer of consciousness to another focus of yours and may view the action or experience of another focus, and this is interpreted objectively by the individual as they have "seen," so to speak, this particular focus of yours.  There is an assumption, and within their belief systems there is an evaluation that is made that this focus is a lifetime of yours that you are holding to.  In actuality, it is merely that they have viewed another aspect of you, another focus that is occurring simultaneously to this focus, and their interpretation is that you are holding to this.  It IS affecting of you in some areas, but to your benefit, for the energy is reconfigured.

Therefore, in one focus an individual may be holding experiences and projecting energy in what you would term to be very negative elements, for you hold belief systems that certain experiences and actions are very negative.  In this, the energy projected outwardly, so to speak, within essence may appear to be quite negative, but once it is projected it is an automatic action of energy and essence that this energy reconfigure itself, rearrange itself, and as it moves to you it may be experienced in a quite different manner.

LINDA:  So if this other essence is projecting anger ... when it's reconfigured, does it come to us as another emotion?

ELIAS:  It may or it may not.  It may approach you as an inspiration.  It may approach you as a new event within a new probability that YOU choose.  It is merely a lending of energy.  It matters not how it is projected.

LINDA:  So at that point it's just pure energy, and it can be reconfigured in any manner?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This be the area that many individuals misinterpret energy and focuses, and also allow their belief systems to be quite influencing in this area.

LINDA:  So how it is determined how this energy that starts as anger reaches us as pleasure, let's say?

ELIAS:  It may!

LINDA:  But what happens in the middle that causes it to change?

ELIAS:  Essence shall automatically alter the intent of the energy to be the most beneficial to wherever it shall serve.

LINDA:  Whether it's a challenge or....

ELIAS:  Correct.  This be the reason that you may project energy to another individual, and as it is received or lent outwardly within the individual, it may reconfigure itself into another element that may be perceived to be pleasant.  An individual may project energy to you that in your belief systems may be quite hateful, but it is your choice as to how you may reconfigure this energy.

LINDA:  So once I receive the energy, I make a conscious choice how to react to it, basically.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LINDA:  But when we're receiving energy from another one of our focuses, we don't make a conscious decision!

ELIAS:  No.  This is automatic.  I am merely giving you another example within physical focus that you may understand.  Within essence, the action is automatic.  Essence is not intrusive.  Therefore, it shall always seek to your benefit.

LINDA:  But we may not see it that way when we're in the focus.

ELIAS:  Correct, for you hold belief systems; but essence shall always seek to your benefit.

LINDA:  The challenges are to our benefit because they are lessons or things we need to learn how to work through?  How are challenges to our benefit?

ELIAS:  They offer you the opportunity to widen your awareness and expand your periphery and understand more of your reality.

LINDA:  I was just going to ask you if it was necessary, but....

ELIAS:  You are within a continuous state of becoming; continuously exploring, continuously creating.  Therefore, this would be a necessary action.

LINDA:  So if we were to choose to concentrate on our thoughts and what we would consider positive, would we alter the challenges that would come to us?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon your choice.  You shall always present yourself with a certain element of challenges.  This is not to say that these challenges may be perceived as negative!

LINDA:  So a challenge isn't always difficult, then.

ELIAS:  No, not necessarily; although for the most part you do create in this manner, for this attains your attention.  You shall pay attention if you are uncomfortable.  You shall motivate yourself to be altering of your reality if you are displeased with your reality.

LINDA:  So then my recent job change was a challenge when I was still at the old job because ... it became unpleasant in order to shift me out into the new one?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LINDA:  And the same with my family situation?  The challenge is that it pushed me into a new situation, basically?

ELIAS:  You push yourself, for it offers yourself information and it offers you your attention.  This speaks to you more than when you are experiencing no challenge or when you are experiencing comfort, although you also at times respond to your elements of comfort in motivating yourselves to continue in your creation of this; but you all do pay much attention to actions and events and feelings of discomfort.

LINDA:  So when we find we're feeling discomfort, is that a signal to us there is a challenge and it's time to move to something else?

ELIAS:  It is an opportunity to pay attention and notice the NOW.

LINDA:  So that we will change the now or allow the now to happen in a different manner?

ELIAS:  Allow the now to happen naturally.  Change shall always be.  You shall never be static.  Therefore, if you are not holding to the challenge and you are noticing the information that you present yourself within the now in the challenge, you shall also allow yourself the opportunity to widen your awareness, and the challenge shall change itself.

LINDA:  So if we don't pay attention to the challenge at first, then the challenge gets stronger until we do pay attention?

ELIAS:  If you are choosing to be addressing to that particular issue or belief system.  This is your choice.  You offer yourselves these challenges for your attention.  You draw to yourselves these challenges, that you SHALL pay attention to yourselves.  It is an offering of yourself to notice, but you allow yourselves to distract yourselves within your belief systems and within your time frameworks.  You allow your thought processes to magnate to past or future and not be focusing upon the now.

LINDA:  It's difficult sometimes!

LETTY:  Is that why a few months ago my asthma was pretty much cleared up and I was fine, and something happened to kind of like make me notice something else about myself and I got it back or I still feel it a little bit?

ELIAS:  Correct. You may offer yourselves accomplishments temporarily to be acknowledging of yourselves and this also is to be noticed, but this is not to say that you have accomplished completely within a given challenge.  Therefore, you present yourself with the challenge once again.  In this, do not be discounting of the accomplishment that you have created, for this also is an offering to yourself to be acknowledging of yourself.  You reward yourselves at times, and therefore offer yourself more of a motivation.  Many times within this reward, if this same challenge reappears you lean into the direction of discounting self and expressing to yourself, "I suppose I have not accomplished, for this challenge has reappeared."  This be one of your traps!  But if you are acknowledging of yourself within your accomplishment, you may also find that you move into more of an ease in further accomplishing.

LINDA:  So is that to say that she accomplished part-way during the first part of the challenge, and then the rest of the way during the second part of the challenge?

ELIAS:  This is a manner that many individuals choose to move into in dealing with core issues and belief systems and very strong challenges.  You may, if so choosing, be addressing to a challenge spontaneously and immediately, but within very strongly-held belief systems you do not allow yourselves to accomplish this, for the most part.  Therefore, you are more comfortable with accomplishing partially; allowing yourselves to view a partial accomplishment and then re-addressing to this same issue.

LINDA:  Is this how we came up with the term karma?  It's seemingly the same thing coming back again?

ELIAS:  Partially.  This would be the belief system, but within the belief system you attribute these elements to another focus or to someone else or to actions that you have accomplished at another time.  In actuality, they are issues of your own that you choose to be moving into within several actions to address to your own belief systems, but it may be misinterpreted as to a karmic action.

VICKI:  I have some questions about Stella's challenge because I think it's something that we all have dealt with or will deal with in physical focus, this challenge of a loved one disengaging.  Even if one holds belief systems that there is no death, you still MISS that person, and this of course brings up a lot of emotion.  Part of my question is, how do these sort of challenges fit in with the concept of "you create your reality?"  It is the other person's choice to disengage, and if I understand this information correctly, they will be disengaging when they have completed their value fulfillment.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  This is not YOUR choice, per se.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Within that concept, just exactly what is Stella's challenge here?

ELIAS:  Her own feelings and thoughts within her own belief systems in relation to the choice.  The choice of disengagement is not hers, but the choice of response and the choice to be addressing to belief systems which are held about the choice are her own challenge.

Many individuals objectively express to themselves that this is acceptable.  "It is the other individual's choice. I understand this. I am accepting of this."  But underlyingly, they hold belief systems and fearfulness of this action of disengagement.  Therefore, their own issues and challenges may be objectively surfacing.  This would be what would be addressed to.

Many times within your thought process, as I have stated previously, you THINK you believe in one direction.  You shall argue to the death, so to speak, (grinning) with another individual that this be absolute truth.  This is what you believe!  Underlyingly, you may discover that when FACED with this belief, in truth you hold another belief system that is conflicting with this.  What you hold objectively IS a belief system, but you may also hold an underlying belief system that is conflicting with this objective belief system.

VICKI:  Yeah, I understand that.  Hmm.  I'm going to think about it before I pursue it.

ADRIANNA: Elias, I have a question for you. Sometimes I feel terrible anxiety, and sometimes I know that it's because I'm having some problems and maybe I'm very nervous and that's the way to express it.  Sometimes I feel that my now is fine, is perfect, I don't have any problem at all, and for some reason I feel this terrible anxiety.  Sometimes it just goes. Sometimes after I feel it something happens, something bad.  So I don't know if this is something that I'm creating myself, like an energy that I'm creating myself, or maybe sometimes it's energy that I'm receiving from the outside.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  This be an interesting question.  You ARE creating the situation, the energy, the affectingness, yourself.  It is not that another individual is creating this for you.  But also, this you have created for your own imagery to yourself as what you may express to be warnings.  Individuals create different actions that speak to them.  Some individuals hold little tiny voices within themselves.  Some individuals create more dramatically.  Each individual shall create within their intuition what shall speak to them.  Therefore, the action that you are creating is your own warning system, so to speak.  It may be engaged as you allow yourself an interaction with your intuition concerning another individual and their energy, but it is your own creation.  It may also be an action that you engage to be offering yourself information in warning to yourself at times, allowing you the opportunity to reflect and notice what is occurring within your present now -- within your situation, within your events, and within yourself -- that you are creating this response to.  Once again we return to the opportunity within the now to be noticing what you ARE creating as opposed to anticipating futurely what may be approaching.

ADRIANNA: Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

STELLA: This week I've had a lot of emotions happening wherein I'm also getting pretty anxious, and somehow it feels like something terrible already happened, and then I just go into my drama within myself.  I think it's my own fear of what futurely might happen.
ELIAS:  Correct.

STELLA: So basically, I'm creating this.

ELIAS:  You are projecting futurely.  You are anticipating and you are distracting yourself from noticing and viewing NOW.

VICKI:  If Stella was living in the now, in these terms, then this wouldn't be an issue for her at all.  Is this correct?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily, but she would also hold the understanding of WHY this anxiety arises, for this stems from a belief system.  But you are not looking to the belief system, for you are not paying attention to the now. You are paying attention to projecting futurely in anticipation.  Therefore this is distracting to you.  You do not view the belief system within the now that you may address to, for you are too busy looking to the anticipation of the future event and how shall you deal with the future event, but you deal with the future event by dealing with the now.

VICKI:  Would you call missing somebody when they die a belief system or an emotion?

ELIAS:  An emotion.  You are responding to what you have created in separation.  Therefore, you create an emotion of sadness, for you hold a belief system that this separation is so very strong that you may not penetrate this.  It is influenced by a belief system of the lack of penetration of the veils within consciousness and a very large element of separation, but the emotion is quite the reality.

VICKI:  But I get that in this situation with Stella, this isn't the biggest challenge in the present now.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  The emotion is not the biggest challenge.  The belief systems that it's bringing to the surface are.

ELIAS:  Correct.  We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK   4:19 PM
RESUME  4:48 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  (Pause)

CATHY:  This would be for Linda.  She wants to know if she's correct in being of the Sumari family, aligned with Sumafi.

ELIAS:  Correct.
CATHY:  Is she correct with Leo being of Sumafi, aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  She'd also like to know: when Leo changed his essence name, did he also change his alignment?


CATHY:  No.  Care to comment on that a little, or just "No?"

ELIAS:  No.  (Grinning)

CATHY:  Okay then!  Thank you very much!  (Laughter)

LETTY:  Last week my watch stopped for two-and-a-half hours in the morning.  Did you have something to do with it?

ELIAS:  No comment!  (Grinning)

LETTY:  Okay, that answers my question!  (Elias chuckles)

LINDA:  Speaking of clocks, we keep getting the 444's and the 12-12's and all that stuff on electric clocks.  Not coincidental, huh?

ELIAS:  Not!  (Chuckling)  Suggesting sameness.

LINDA:  Okay.  Is it suggesting that we're moving forward, or just suggesting sameness with others that are seeing the same thing?

ELIAS:  Interconnectedness; an opportunity for you to open your periphery and be noticing of the interconnectedness of all.

LINDA:  Of all of us seeing the same thing, or just all?

ELIAS:  Of all, and that some individuals are allowing themselves to be noticing.

LINDA:  Is it an indication that things are accelerating, or is it just noticing?

ELIAS:  Noticing.

DREW:  Regarding challenges and conflict, the difference between understanding when a conflict that you're experiencing as a result of a challenge is a result of not accepting belief systems or not being in alignment with intent?

ELIAS:  It may be either.

DREW:   That would just be a knowingness, or how would you determine which it is?

ELIAS:  The belief systems are always influencing.  As you allow yourself to acquire your own information within the present now in noticing what you are presenting to yourself and what you are creating, you may also evaluate whether you are presenting this to yourself in a lack of alignment to your intent.

DREW:   Is one more likely than the other, generally?

ELIAS:  As I have stated, the belief systems are always influencing.

DREW:   Well, not being in alignment with intent could involve re-evaluation of everything you're doing in your life and a redirection of your energy, whereas if it's just conflict with belief systems ... not JUST conflict, but if it is conflict with belief systems, that's a different sort of remedy, if you will, in terms of acceptance, I would think.  And so knowing the difference between the two could be important in terms of what you do about it.

ELIAS:  It is not necessarily a different action.  You make an assumption that if you are not moving in the direction of complete alignment with your intent or blocking your intent that you must rearrange all of your focus and you must change large elements, so to speak.  In actuality, if you are noticing your action and your creations within the now, you may be offering yourself an example to merely be altering one element to become in complete alignment with your intent.

DREW:   You had said at one time that using the method of meditation or visualization can help the actualization of a probability, and yet today you said that we would be better served or it would be more efficient only to concentrate on the now.  Is there a discrepancy between those two?  How do we reconcile using that as a method to actualize a probability versus being more involved with the now?

ELIAS:  You shall also be involved with the now if you are engaging in meditation, if you are noticing the now in the meditation.

DREW:   If we go into meditation with the purpose of visualization as a method for actualization and that's kind of the energy direction behind the meditation going into it, wouldn't you say that we'd be better off not doing that and just focusing on the now of the meditation?  Is it a useful method or is it a distraction?

ELIAS:  To an extent it IS a distraction, although this does not discount its usefulness to any specific individual, within their belief systems and within their need to be creating methods.

It is more efficient for you all to be concentrating within the now and noticing all of the elements of which you create within the now, but it is not to be devalued if the individual is choosing to be engaging altered states, in your terms, or meditative states for their own methods. As I have stated, methods are unnecessary, but YOU believe that methods are necessary.  Therefore, they may be efficient to an individual within the designs of their own belief systems.

LINDA:  There are those that are saying that this upcoming solar eclipse is in fact an eclipse of the actual violet flame.  Can you comment on that?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  It is not.

LINDA:  What influence will it have on us?  Is it just a regular, natural phenomenon without any effect of the rest of us?  Is it safe to watch?

ELIAS:  Be understanding that these occurrences are not occurrences that are affecting of you except for within the confines of your belief systems.  In actuality, these occurrences are occurring as projections OF you.  Within belief systems, you have reversed your idea of the actions.  It shall be affecting of you if you choose to believe that it shall be affecting of you.  YOU are affecting of IT.

LINDA:  So we're causing the eclipse instead of the eclipse causing action to us?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LINDA:  Why are we causing the eclipse?

ELIAS:  You create many different occurrences within your universe that you may be noticing.  At times you create events for your own amusement and experience.  At times you create an event that you may be connecting to en masse.  It shall attain the mass attention.  At times you create events for your attention, that you may be allowing yourself an objective display of how you create and how you are much more creative than you allow yourself to believe.

LINDA:  So it's an example of manifestation?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  I've been having lots of dreams.  I can usually figure out the imaging, what it's telling me, but I had a strange one where I was asleep.  I was in bed with Marta and my parents were across the room in another bed, and they were really asleep and they didn't see what I was feeling, and there was a man pulling me from my feet.  I wasn't scared, but I just can't figure that one out.

ELIAS:  Ah, interesting imagery that you offer to yourself.  You create imagery within surroundings of safety and comfort.  You image individuals that you hold trustfulness and this feeling of safety with. Then you create this imagery of another individual pulling you.  This would be your own imagery of yourself, that you are attempting to be accomplishing the movement of out-of-body experiences and wishing to be creating of these experiences in a controlled manner, but also providing yourself with imagery that you will be safe within this action.

LETTY:  Thank you.

VICKI:  Okay, I'm going to attempt to address one of my issues in this session about issues.  Going on the theory that our issues quite often are imaged in our own personal conflict, I found myself tweaking out in your response to Stella's initial question.  It seems to me that you were reinforcing her fear.  I understand this is my perception, but I'm also aware that that's how I feel about it.  I've been thinking about it since then, and I can't really connect with what issue this is indicative of.

ELIAS:  This is indicative of a belief system; holding your own belief systems of interaction and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

VICKI:  So where do I go with it from there?

ELIAS:  You continue to place yourself within the now and examine the belief system that is affecting of you, recognizing that this is a belief system, and you may be attempting to interact with this belief system as opposed to holding to your own energy and the challenge that you present yourself with.  Be noticing of all that you are creating in response to the belief system -- the feelings, the thoughts that you are creating in response to the belief systems -- and you may also engage Cindel and inquire.

This also is connected to other issues underlyingly that you hold that you do hold partial objective awareness of.  You hold an issue in the area of Elias.  I shall not reserve statements in compliance with individuals' belief systems.  At times I may not challenge an individual's belief systems, but I shall express to individuals what I see regardless of your own belief systems and your own issues of what is acceptable to be expressed and what is NOT acceptable to be expressed.  But you hold issues that Elias may at times not be expressing to some individuals in the same manner that you would not be expressing to individuals.  Therefore, you place a belief system of confinement upon me, which I shall not adhere to.  This creates an element of unacceptability.

VICKI:  Okay, I think I kind of understand all of that.  Maybe you can help me to understand it within the context of Acceptance 102, because I may have some misinterpretations in this area.  Within interaction with another person, I've been trying not to be reinforcing of their belief systems, or of my own.

ELIAS:  Therefore, your response.  This be no different, once again, from our example with the animal.  You are creating an objective choice in a new method to not be reinforcing of your own belief systems or another individual's belief systems, and in this, what are you expressing?  You are not reinforcing, for the belief systems are "bad," and this moves you no closer to acceptance.  This action is no different than attempting to be ignoring the belief system, and lends the same energy to the continuation of the holding to the belief systems.  (Pause)

VICKI:  Well, I think I probably have some misinterpretations of this Acceptance 102 going on here then.  I really don't have another question about it right now.

ELIAS:  Very well.  (Smiling in a resigned sort of manner)

LINDA:  I have a question, Elias.  It seems like with my new boss, there's some sort of instant rapport that goes beyond just what's on the surface.  Have we been somehow connected in the past?

ELIAS:  You hold a counterpart action with this individual.  Therefore, you objectively experience this feeling.

LINDA:  I'm not sure what counterpart action is.

ELIAS:  There are many different types of counterparts, and you hold countless counterparts within each focus.  At times you may be objectively connecting with one counterpart, and in certain situations within certain counterpart action you may feel within you an instantaneous connection, so to speak, for you are sharing similar experience within intent and within your creation of your experience.  You are lending to each other energy within the experiences, within the individual focus.

LINDA:  Are we of the same essence?  Is that what you're saying?


LINDA:  I don't quite understand the counterpart part.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  This is a very difficult area which is requiring of MUCH explanation!  (Laughter)

STELLA: There's a lot on it.  You can get information.

ELIAS:  This is correct.  These individuals hold much information about counterpart action and counterparts themselves, for I have discussed this subject matter many times.  But basically, you hold counterpart action with other individuals, with other focuses, for the addition to your experience, and they to you.

Not all counterpart action is shared in what you would term to be back-and-forth.  You may be counterpart to one individual and they may not be counterpart to you; but within the action of counterpart action, you have developed this shared action that you may gain the experience in any area within any subject, that you within one particular focus do not need to be physically experiencing yourself.  You gain the experience regardless, through the counterpart action.

LINDA:  So is there a back-and-forth in this version?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LINDA:  So we're gaining from each other's experiences?

ELIAS:  Correct.  You may also recognize an opposite counterpart action at times that you encounter an individual and instantaneously dislike them and hold no objective reasoning for this dislike.

LINDA:  That's happened!  So are they having counterpart action to us and we're not having counterpart action back in that situation, where you have a dislike?  Or is the counterpart itself pushing away?

ELIAS:  The counterpart action responds as two magnets placed together, and they shall repel each other.

LINDA:  Okay.  So the counterpart action depends on which way the magnets are facing, whether they attract or repel?

ELIAS:  Correct.

STELLA: Elias, I've been trying to look at a focus together with Castille and Bruce, the one in Italy, and I think I've come up with everybody's name except my own.  But I think her name was Amapolla?

ELIAS:  Very good!

STELLA: And Vincent was Dominicos, Dominico, Dominic ... something.

ELIAS:  Correct.

STELLA: Which one is it, Dominicos?

ELIAS:  Dominic.

STELLA: Okay.  I was the mother of Constance, and I have a feeling that one of the two here was my daughter or my son.  Was it Amapolla?  (Elias nods)  Okay, and Castille was more like a cousin?

ELIAS:  A friend.

STELLA: A friend?  (Elias nods)  Now, why is it that I usually can come up with people's names -- I do come up with my own, and this time around I have the whole picture and I have everybody -- but I have a hard time coming up with my own name?

ELIAS:  For the reason that within this present now, you are also experiencing difficulty connecting with your own self.

STELLA: Oh.  I thought I was doing a good job of that.

ELIAS:  You ARE accomplishing in many areas; but presently, within this present now, you are also pushing away certain aspects of yourself.

STELLA: So it would be a good idea for me to try to connect with me.

ELIAS:  Quite!

STELLA: So it's not good for me to start getting busy.  I'm starting to think that I should get busy.  I don't know why, but I've started to think that I'm going to become this ... I'm going to work on my body now.


STELLA: And I already started!

ELIAS:  Another very efficient distraction!

STELLA: Yeah, so I started this morning.  I already went to the gym, so I'm going to be real bulky now!

ELIAS:  Ah, a new experience!  (Grinning)

STELLA: So what I'm doing is pushing myself away.  I seem to do very well in that area!

ELIAS:  Quite!

STELLA: Oh geez!  Okay.  There's nothing wrong with my continuing with enhancing my body?

ELIAS:  There is no thing wrong with ANY experience that you choose!

STELLA: So you wouldn't give me my name in that focus, would you?

ELIAS:  No!  (Laughter)  You hold a very strong ability in this area.  Therefore, you may be connecting with this yourself.

STELLA: Okay.  Aside from the people that I shared with you before, are there other people that are in this particular focus together somehow, or is that kind of it?

ELIAS:  Oh, no.  You are completely isolated to yourselves ...

STELLA: Oh, we are?

ELIAS:  ... on your own personal Italian island!  (Humorously)

STELLA: Oh, we were on an island?  I've got to find that island!

ELIAS:  I'm being quite facetious!  (Chuckling)

STELLA: I know.  I have another one.  Vincent comes from ... I know he's Lebanese, but I don't think he's from Beirut.  I don't think he lives in Beirut right now.  Is it Tripoli?  Is Tripoli in Lebanon?

ELIAS:  This would not be the location.

STELLA: It's not Beirut, either, huh?  (Elias shakes his head)  So I was right on that one.  So I should keep looking?

ELIAS:  This is your fascination!

STELLA: But it is Lebanon, right? (Elias nods)  Yes.  Okay, I'll keep looking.  I'll find it.  I have another thing.  This is going with acceptance.  I had a problem today, just recently -- and I'm going to say it -- when Linda called me goofy.  Now, I have a problem with that.  I'm having a problem with it!  Why is it that in order for me to accept her idea of me being goofy ... why does it concern me so much?  Because I should care less whether she thinks I'm goofy or not!  I want to understand something.  In getting to the acceptance level of her saying I'm goofy ... which to me is disrespectful.  It's a belief system.  I want her to think of me as not goofy, because this stuff that I say or do here with you guys, it's very real.  I'm very real most of the time.  That's definitely not goofy!  I think I want to come to the place where I can accept somebody else saying something like that and be accepting of it  So how can I do that?

ELIAS:  As you are becoming accepting of self, you shall also automatically be accepting of other individuals.

STELLA: So does that mean that I accept her saying that I'm goofy?
ELIAS:  If you are accepting of yourself, this shall hold no matter to you.

STELLA: Oh.  Could it be that right now I am quite sensitive?

ELIAS:  This would be an adequate excuse!

STELLA: I wasn't looking for an excuse!  I want to think of myself as being so accepting of myself!

ELIAS:  Ah, this would also be another distraction!  (Grinning)  Although I may express to you, in what we have discussed this day earlier, that in NOT noticing the now, you also, within your challenges and your issues within yourselves, lend to an intensity of emotion.  Therefore, you DO create your adequate excuse, for you do allow yourselves the heightened intensity of your emotional state.  Therefore, you are more responsive to yourselves and to other individuals within the emotional state.

STELLA: Being the kind of person of such intensity of feelings, that explains it.  Therefore, if I want to accept myself in that area, I would be saying, "Okay, this is where I am right now and it's okay."

ELIAS:  Quite, and accepting of that expression, and also NOTICING what you are creating within those moments.  You hold the ability to alter your own creations within every moment.  Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with what you are creating and you ARE within the now and you ARE noticing of what you are creating, you may objectively choose to NOT be creating this.  You may choose to continue, for you may choose to experience this, or you may choose to hold to your held belief systems.  Therefore, you also shall continue the experience, but these are all CHOICES.  You are not victims of yourself or of any other.  You are not victims of your emotion or of any event.  You ALWAYS hold the choice within every moment to alter your experience.


VICKI:  I've thought about some of the things you've said.  In my objective memory, I don't think it's necessarily true that I find myself tweaking a lot regarding your interaction with other people.

ELIAS:  I did not express this.

VICKI:  Okay, what did you express?

ELIAS:  I expressed that you are allowing certain challenges PRESENTLY to be objectified, issues that have been underlying for much time.  I have not expressed that you are "tveeking" continuously in this area!  (Laughter at Elias' pronunciation of "tweaking")

VICKI:  Well, that's what I heard you say, and that's alright if that's not what you said.  That's fine, because that's really not the way I see it.  For the most part, it seems to me that it's pretty interesting to observe your interaction with other people, and it doesn't tweak me.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.

VICKI:  I still have confusion in this area though, because my response today was out of the ordinary for me.  My response to your interaction was based on, I believe, probably a misinterpretation of the information itself, like I said, but I still am confused as to ... hmm ... just exactly what the issue is, I suppose.  I heard the part about the good belief systems and the bad belief systems and I understand that, and I understand that I do that.  When I interact with people, I'm not having too much of a problem in reinforcing their "good" belief systems.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  I understand that part.  Is that pretty much the entirety of what's going on with me here?

ELIAS:  As I have expressed, you are presenting yourself with your OWN challenges, which you also project that judgment upon other individuals -- also this essence, Elias -- in that you have expressed yourself [that] you are attempting to not be reinforcing of your own or other individuals' belief systems.  Therefore, if you view that another individual or myself shall be entering this action in your perception, you also shall not be accepting of this.

VICKI:  So have I basically just formed some new belief systems around, say, this concept of acceptance?

ELIAS:  You have not formed new belief systems, but you have misinterpreted, and therefore you have created new methods and new actions that you choose to move into.

VICKI:  Okay....  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Fear not!  You are not creating new belief systems to add to all of the other "bad" belief systems that shall be ignored or not reinforced!  (Grinning)

VICKI:  Well actually, I happen to believe that my belief systems are pretty darn good!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  And this be why you hold to them!

VICKI:  Right!

CATHY:  I have a question about some dream imagery.  I think it has to do with my issue of self-worth and trust in myself and acceptance.  There was a lot to the dream, but the only thing that really sticks in my mind is the part where it's pouring down rain and I'm walking through mud that's waist-high.  I know when I have water in my dreams I'm moving through conflict, but I've never had the mud experience before.  Is that pretty much what I'm doing, everything I said?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Your imagery of the mud is imagery to yourself of the thickness that you create within these issues.

CATHY:  How do I uncreate it?  And don't give me the one-word answer!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You review this session and you assimilate this information, that you continue to focus yourself upon the now and what you are creating within every moment of the now.  This offers you information of your duplicity.  It allows you to view HOW you are creating and how you are reinforcing the belief systems that cause you conflict.

CATHY:  I can do that.

ELIAS:  Very good!

DREW:   When you talk about the now, you ARE talking about this moment?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   And even conflict or issues or challenges that we may not be focused on at this moment will have light shed on them by focusing on this moment?

ELIAS:  Many times, yes.

DREW:   So when you refer to the present now and focusing on this moment, it's not a general now in terms of kind of our situation, but you're talking about THIS moment?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:  Because there is an opportunity for widening our awareness at every moment?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Which is information we can use always.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   I'm always puzzled that this mechanism for choice, which is ours, is so difficult to ... it seems, in my belief system, to be so difficult to access.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Not merely within YOUR belief systems, but within the mass belief system!  But this also is partially an action that is created by NOT focusing upon the now.  I have offered exercises previously to help you to focus within the now, to be noticing each moment within the now, to be practicing, and this may offer you more of an easement into the accomplishment of this.  I have also offered exercises in clarity.  Within this exercise, you MUST be focusing within the now!  But I offer the exercises for your benefit, and you do not exercise them -- which is your choice -- and then you inquire of me, "How may I be accomplishing?"  I have given you the tools.  It is your choice as to whether you are using them.

DREW:   Hey, that's not what you're supposed to say!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah!  You have been offered many methods!  I have offered you many methods, for you hunger for methods!  Therefore, in your desire for methods, I have given you many methods to be widening your awareness, opening to your periphery, learning to know yourselves, giving you the opportunity to experience in an expanded creativity.  But you hold to your belief systems and you hold to your own established methods, which you yourselves view to be inefficient but you hold to them regardless, and you inquire of me:  "Why is this not accomplishing in the manner that I WISH this to be accomplishing?"  You have the information before you!  You need merely pay attention.

CATHY:  I have a question about that.  I've read those exercises and started to do those -- especially the clarity exercise -- several times, and I just find myself going, "Well, it's not happening."  Is it because I have such a big fear of finding out about myself that I stop myself from doing these, or is it laziness, or a combination?

ELIAS:  It is a combination of familiar behavior, perception of self, an inability to be accomplishing, and fearfulness of what you may be allowing yourself to be accomplishing.

CATHY:  Oh, I did pretty good!  I got half of them right!  Okay, I guess I'll be reviewing this tape.

LINDA:  Elias, as I'm working on leaving my relationship with my husband, do I have some challenges that I still have to personally complete, that I need to finish completing?  Or am I creating new challenges, or what am I doing here?

ELIAS:  You shall ALWAYS be creating new challenges!

LINDA:  Well, I mean in regards to this relationship.

ELIAS:  This once again is an example of which we have been speaking this day; an opportunity for you to view within the now what you are creating and offer YOURSELF information and direction.

I may sit before you all for the next twenty years and expound upon the subjects of how you create your reality and offer you exercises and offer you information, and you shall NOT be accomplishing objectively until YOU are noticing and YOU are offering yourself objectively your own information; for although you believe yourselves to pay close attention to these words, you pay closer attention to your own selves. You pay closer attention to your own experiences and the information that you offer yourself, for this within yourselves is MORE REAL than my offering to you.

LINDA:  That's not to say that you can't assist a little bit, though!

ELIAS:  This is correct.

VICKI:  Isn't that the point, to be paying attention to yourself?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  This be the reason that I am so encouraging of you each to be paying attention to yourselves and to be offering yourselves your own information.  I am assisting with you, but I wish not to be discouraging you from attempting yourselves to be connecting with this information.  It is available to you.  You hold all of this information within your genetic encoding.  You need merely tap your own information and notice your own creations.

Within the cosmos, the voices echo:  "How do I create my reality?  How do I attempt to learn how I create my reality?"  You ARE creating your reality!  You merely do not notice, for you do not pay attention to the NOW.

LINDA:  Well, I know how I got into the situation.  It's just getting out of the situation!

ELIAS:  Ah!  A pastly perception, a futurely perception!

LINDA:  Yeah....

ELIAS:  And where is the NOW perception?

LINDA:  The now is working on taking care of myself as I get out of the position so I can get into the futurely!

ELIAS:  Ah, continuing to anticipate!  (Laughter)

LINDA:  Yeah!

ELIAS:  As you are looking to the PRESENT now -- the moment within EACH moment, within EACH situation -- you may lessen your distraction and you may offer yourself new information that objectively you have skipped over.

LINDA:  Okay.

VICKI:  I have a question about offering yourself information.  I had a dream last night. The imagery of the dream was that in this elusive Regional Area 2, we create experiences.  I was creating experiences for myself, and then I was presenting them to myself after they were created, so to speak, and then making a choice as to whether or not to actualize it into my present now reality, which ... I don't know.  It made me think about it when I woke up this morning 'cause I never thought about it that way before.  I'm just wondering what that dream was actually about, or if there's any reality to it.

ELIAS:  It is imagery presented to yourself within the context of your dream mission.  Within Regional Area 2, you do not create the experience, but you create the blueprint for the experiences and you create all of the probabilities that may be connected to the individual experience.  You translate this into your dream state.  Within your dream state you create an experience, and you choose within your dream state to be actualizing or NOT actualizing this objectively.

VICKI:  You choose in your dream state ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  ... whether or not to actualize it in the present now?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Really!  Hmm.

RON:    May I interrupt for a tape change?

ELIAS:  We shall be disengaging. (To Vic) Therefore, more information for your dream mission!

I shall be expressing to you all much affection this day, and anticipating our next meeting.  Therefore, to you all very lovingly, I say au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:44 PM.

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