Session 127
Translations: DE ES NE



"Counterparts/Alternate Selves"

Sunday, October 6, 1996 ©1996

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Christy (Maka), Cecelia (Sari), and Jene (Rudim/Rudy).

Elias arrives at 6:38 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good Evening. I shall address initially to an interpretation of one word, as I was interacting, but clarity was not being engaged. (Referring to interaction with Vicki during the transcribing process) The word is turning, which was intentionally placed in the sentence. We shall discuss this later, if you are wishing.

We were discussing an introduction to counterparts within our subject matter of probabilities, and I expressed to you an analogy of particles. In this, I expressed to you of ghost tracks or traces, which you are also, in a manner of speaking. Now I wish to direct your attention to the action of these particles. Within the traces that you may physically view of particles, your scientists may view an action of what you may term to be splitting. This appears within the traces of the particles as sprays of many particles being produced by one. This may occur within the action of a collision or an intersection, but it is not necessary for a collision or intersection to occur for this action to occur. Many particle traces may be viewed from one, as it enters your field of your dimension within this time element. In like manner, you may also choose this action. As you enter into a focus, you may choose to manifest within more than one physical form.

There are many types of counterparts. Some are creations of your own essence. Some are creations of other essences connected with you, and interacting within agreement with you. Some are created by you within your individual focus. In the same manner that you hold alternate selves within other dimensions, you also hold counterparts within the same dimension and the same time element, if you choose. In this, many essences choose to be entering physical focus non-singularly. Therefore, within the action of creating one focus, your essence may divide the focus into many aspects. Therefore, you may have several other "you's" occupying the same time/space within the same dimension.

Be realizing that each of these individuals holds their own vitality and individuality. They are you, but they are not you, for they are also themselves; as you are them, but you are not them, for you are yourself; but you are intimately interrelated. The actions that you create within your focus intimately are affecting of those other counterparts which you have chosen to be creating within one focus. Counterparts serve to be experiencing many different aspects of experiences simultaneously, as has been stated previously; this being a much more highly efficient manner of movement through physical focus. You may also, within certain areas of non-physical focus, hold counterparts, although these would be defined differently.

I shall offer you this evening a small story, in like manner to our small sapling story. This story this evening shall be an example of the interaction of counterparts.

Think to yourselves of a cloud, a small puffy white cloud, drifting carefree through your sky alone; one single, small, white cloud. As it drifts gently and peacefully through your sky, it feels quite carefree and peaceful. It notices through its gentle movement a small, almost invisible strand, extending from itself outward. It views this strand, and is wondering what the meaning of this may be. Therefore, it chooses to be investigating; and as it strains and views beyond itself, it begins to focus in upon another shape resembling itself. This strand, which is nearly invisible, connects directly to this other second form. This small little white cloud chooses to project its consciousness to be investigating of this new form that it has encountered. As it draws closer, it views a reddish-orange cloud, larger than itself and seeming quite different from itself. It comes into contact with the second cloud and inquires, "What are you?" The second cloud expresses to it, "I am also a cloud. I am a smoke cloud." The small little white cloud inquires of its existence. The smoke cloud then quite happily explains to the first cloud of its being, the elements that it contains; its form being similar to the small white cloud, but its action being different. Within its form, it holds embers. It holds heat, and bursts of flame. It holds great excitement. The small white cloud is fascinated by this burning smoke cloud, as it billows higher and expands.

Within this action, the smoke cloud looks to its side and views also an almost invisible strand extending from itself. It wonders of this strand. Therefore, it expresses to the small white cloud, "Let us together investigate to where this strand leads." As they move their consciousness together, they explore and find a small puffy gray cloud, moving quite slowly and quite heavily through the sky, bumbling along, paying no attention to any elements but itself and its action. They inquire of this small cloud, "What is your action?" This small cloud expresses, "I am a rain cloud. I gather water to myself. I hold it tightly until I am laden with moisture, and then I gently rain all of my moisture to the earth, encouraging small things to be growing." The smoke cloud is intrigued and expresses to the gray rain cloud, "Let us exchange positions. I shall experience your raining, and you shall experience my fire and heat, and come join with us, small little white cloud." The rain cloud agrees with the smoke cloud, and thus they exchange temporarily. The little white cloud expresses no desire to be entering into this exchange, and chooses to return its consciousness to its original state. As it is absorbing itself within its quiet solitude, it views another strand extending from itself. In curiosity, it follows this strand also. As it approaches the manifestation at the end of the strand, it is quite confused and slightly startled. It views two very large, very black storm clouds. These two storm clouds are very gayfully playing, throwing much electricity to each other, bumping into each other, and with thunderous laughter, creating quite a ruckus. Much whirling winds fly around these storm clouds, and all of the visual is black. There appears to be nothing but chaos. The small white cloud views these two storm clouds and expresses to them, "I would not be choosing to be a black storm cloud, with all of its chaotic motion. This must be quite irritating, for you experience chaos continuously. I quite prefer my serenity." The two black storm clouds thunderously laugh at the small white cloud and express, "Let us experiment, and we shall become you and you shall become us, for we are you and you are us, but you choose a different motion." The small white cloud agrees. Within its consciousness and its dislike of this chaotic situation, it chooses to be altering the motion of the storm clouds. It is thinking to itself, "These storm clouds shall be much happier if I am altering this chaos, and interjecting some organization and calmness to their existence." Simultaneously, the storm clouds, interacting within the focus of the little white cloud, are expressing, "This is quite boring. This little cloud needs to be shaken up a bit."

The small white cloud brings to the storm clouds a direction for its wind. It also pulls all of its crackling, sparking electricity into streams, therefore creating lightening which now appears in bolts, as in contrast to wild confusion of uncontained electricity. Within the little white cloud's focus, the storm clouds create spontaneity. They interject the desire to be free-flowing within form and movement. Simultaneously also, within the action of the small gray rain cloud and the smoke cloud, they also exchange. The little rain cloud adds the knowledge to the smoke cloud's focus that within his being as a cloud, he also holds moisture, which may be separating of these ember particles, which may rain down upon the surface of the planet as his water rains down from his being. The smoke cloud introduces excitement into the small rain cloud, which has plodded along its existence, gathering and raining, gathering and raining. It now experiences differences, choosing at times to withhold its rain, or choosing to rain heavily at times spontaneously. It incorporates a new unpredictability, which creates an excitement within the small gray rain cloud.

Each interacts and contributes to the other. They are all the same form. They are all composed of the same elements. They are all influencing of each other, yet they all choose individual actions. Their focus is different. In like manner, you each are counterparts and hold counterparts, to which you interact and contribute to their focus, as they interact and contribute to yours. As I have expressed, there are many types of counterparts. Therefore, you may encounter many counterparts throughout your focus. You may, in actuality at times, encounter more counterparts than not. They are not all the same type of counterpart. Therefore, you shall not experience the same feeling within your engagement of these counterparts. Some you shall feel more strongly, and you shall offer yourselves an identification: "This individual must be a counterpart." Others may not appear quite so obvious; although most of your interactions, at many times within your focus, are interactions with counterparts.

You hold counterparts in other areas also, but you hold many within your immediate area physically. You do this intentionally, for you are focused with your attention physically. Therefore, this is affecting of you within your attention. All of your counterparts are affecting of you, and you of them, always; but within your directed attention, you may view that those counterparts that you physically interact with are more affecting. In actuality, they are not more affecting within consciousness, but within physical, objective awareness, they are more affecting, for they allow you the opportunity to be viewing elements of yourself that are connected with other individuals expressing elements of you. (Pause, smiling)

There are many areas of consciousness, and there are many areas of designated direction of counterpart elements. You interact with all of these simultaneously. It is not important for you to be engaging all of them objectively, for within your objective consciousness, this would only serve to be confusing to you. It is enough that you realize that you are affecting and affected by all of your counterparts in all dimensions. They are not bound to this one dimension or time element.

As we speak of simultaneous time, there is no time that has gone before. Therefore, the time that you view as your "entry" into physical focus exists also now, and you may choose to manifest counterparts within the same year, so to speak, of your entry or birth into physical focus, within a continuing now. What is meant by this is that you view you may enter into physical focus within a year. Choose a year. (Pause; where was everybody?) I shall choose a year! I shall choose nineteen hundred and fifty. You choose to enter, or be born, in your terms, in this year of nineteen hundred and fifty. You move through your focus, and you view that nineteen hundred and fifty has passed. You view yourself singularly. Within this present now, nineteen hundred and fifty exists within another time dimension, and you may be manifesting another you, a counterpart you, within that nineteen hundred and fifty. This is not quite the same action as an alternate self, for its desire and its direction are different. It is you, although it is itself. You have experienced your new game, and within this new game, you view other focuses that seem to be overlapping within your time element. Some of these, as has been expressed, are alternate selves. Some are you within another dimension, in a counterpart situation. In this, within your new game, you may feel "more you" within certain engagements of certain focuses simultaneous to this focus. These would be your counterparts, those that you feel more yourself; for you shall experience viewing other focuses of alternate selves that may feel "less you", although you identify these as you. These would be alternate selves. Their direction is different. Within your limited terms, their connections are different. They are the same in intensity, but they are different within their direction.

Counterparts always add to your experience. Counterparts always complement your experience, for this is the direction. Alternate selves add to your experience within intersection. They may be inspiring and quite affecting, but their direction is different. Counterparts are intimately focused with you, although simultaneously being independent, so to speak, of you, for they hold their own individuality. As I have expressed, some may be focuses of your essence. Therefore, in your terms, they may hold your essence name, and they may be another individual that you may meet, that may hold qualities unexpressed within you. They may be aspects of your focus, not created by the entirety of essence as independent focuses, but intimately connected with you as your individual focus creations of yourself.

As I expressed previously, you are not "used material". You are new. Every focus, every manifestation, is new and becoming. It is not previously used. Therefore, you may hold what you term to be past or future lives, which are also counterparts of you, but you are not them and they are not you, for you have not lived, in your terms, before; for the organization of consciousness that is manifest within you is new and individual only to you, and will never be repeated and has been never repeated, although has existed always. (Pause)

We shall break, and we shall return with our game and your questions.

BREAK 7:18 PM RESUME 7:41 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. You may engage questions, if you are choosing.

JULIE: I have a question. Who was in my room last night?

ELIAS: Not I! (Grinning)

JULIE: Somebody! (Laughing) I woke up out of a dead sleep.

ELIAS: You may be investigating this for yourself, for you shall arrive at your answer. Be noticing of different energies. Be realizing also that individuals project continuously. Appearances of energy are not necessarily non-physically focused energies. Clue!

CATHY: Okay, I have a question. Is Leanne's essence name Shynla?


CATHY: And is Greg's essence name Olivia?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause) This is not to say that this is a rule. Do not misunderstand, that although individuals may be a splintered counterpart, they may not be an element of your essence. They may be fragmented.

CATHY: Well, I thought that was if they chose to be.

ELIAS: This is correct. Therefore, as is the case with all individuals, this may occur at any moment.

CATHY: But not all splintered counterparts necessarily have the same essence name of who they're splintered from.

ELIAS: If they are fragmented, no; although ... (laughter) they may choose the same vibrational tone.

CATHY: Ah! As some people do have the same essence name, but aren't splintered counterparts or anything like that. They just like that tone, huh?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: That wouldn't mean they were the same essence necessarily.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

CHRIS: What is the definition of a splintered counterpart?

ELIAS: There are many different splintered counterparts also, as there are many different types of counterparts; although you may view basically, not as a rule, but basically, a counterpart which is a splinter parallels you. Therefore, your experiences will be quite similar. They shall be complementary to each other within consciousness. Physically, objectively, you may also hold splintered counterparts which do not mirror your experiences, for within consciousness, they have paralleled you, or you they, for what you view to be a time period. Then, an action may occur, to which one may choose to be "splintering away", in your terms ... This is very difficult ...

CATHY: Really! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... for this encourages much confusion! In your terms only, you may view that one may splinter away elements of their individual experience that they choose not to engage; therefore allowing the experience to be engaged by the other. This is not to be placing a negative connotation to the experience. Therefore, it is an agreement within consciousness that one shall experience within a certain direction. This is an action which is incorporated by all counterparts; some experiencing what you view to be opposite to yourself, some paralleling almost identical, others experiencing all variations in between. Therefore, within consciousness, you, as do they, encompass the totality of each experience. You simultaneously experience each action from all directions or sides, as you view it, for you incorporate the experience of all of your counterparts, as do they also. (Pause)

JENE: Question. A counterpart by the name of Dennis, is possibly Sumari, and is splintering. We are choosing, in agreement, to have a rippling effect in consciousness at this time; moving away. Is this what's going on? (Laughing) Is this what I'm perceiving is taking place? Because that's what I'm experiencing. We simultaneously experience tremendous similarities, parallel consciousness, and at this point are experiencing an agreement to move, one from the other.

ELIAS: I shall express to you; first of all, you are correct. This individual is also Sumari and is a counterpart, as you are a counterpart of this individual. Counterparts do not necessarily act within only one specific direction. As you each move and choose different probabilities, you are affecting of each other. In this, each holds the opportunity to be choosing also of probabilities.

You also, within the action of counterparts, may choose to change your alignments as counterparts. You may be a counterpart of one individual for what you view to be a time period. You may also choose, within your probabilities, to discontinue this action and align with another individual; although this explanation is quite singularly focused, for you do not align with only one individual; but within the scenario of singularly focusing upon one individual, you may not choose to be continuing the action of a counterpart throughout an entirety of a focus, or you may choose to change or alter your direction in the action of a counterpart, which is what you experience presently. You continue to be engaged within the action of being counterparts, but you choose a new direction.

As has been stated, you may choose to be one type of counterpart and experience similarly or parallel to others. You may also choose to experience conversely to others. You automatically engage these actions simultaneously, dependent upon which individual you are aligning with as a counterpart. You engage one action. You engage one pool of probabilities, to which you follow, for the most part. In this, the action of being a counterpart encompasses an enhancement in all areas of consciousness to very many other individuals and consciousness; in actuality, countless. Within those counterparts that you objectively interact [with], you may view certain actions that you may be identifying as choices of different probabilities. We have spoken of the probabilities that you choose as a pool of probabilities, as you enter a particular focus. In this, none of these probabilities are predetermined. They are always open to change. Therefore, you may choose a pool of probabilities for a particular focus, and you may continue for what you view to be a great deal of time element within that pool of probabilities. As you move through your probabilities and you choose to widen your awareness, or as another chooses to widen their awareness, or to conversely allow their awareness to be more selective, you choose probabilities outside of your individual pool, so to speak. As you draw in these probabilities, you alter the interaction and relationship, objectively, with others.

JENE: Is the alignment or essence name closely related with mine?

ELIAS: Within what you view objectively, you would not recognize this. Within tones, which are not "sound tones", yes. Therefore, what may be expressed to you, translated into a word, would appear to have no similarity. These are translations. Therefore, they are not necessarily, to your hearing, sound-aligned; although within consciousness, this is irrelevant, for it is only a translation into language. Maroh; M-A-R-O-H. (Accent on second syllable) (Pause)

JULIE: What kind of a counterpart is Dave, if at all?

ELIAS: We shall be expressing more of explanations with regard to this subject. This individual would be a type of counterpart, not of your essence, which has chosen to be interacting what you would view to be closely with you through physical manifestations, therefore adding to your own experiences. Some counterparts manifest with you, in your terms, throughout many of your physical manifestations. Be understanding, this shall appear to be a contradiction to you, for this manifestation is new, for there has never been another "you"; although within consciousness, there are elements that are shared with other focuses. Therefore, this individual likewise shares elements of consciousness with other focuses also, which you view to be past or future lives. In this, you share physical objective experiences, enhancing those experiences which you choose within your probabilities. This is a common type of counterpart situation that all of you experience. Not all of you encounter within an individual focus objectively, or recognize objectively, these counterparts, but you all engage this type of action.

JULIE: Just for the experience, or why?

ELIAS: Let us engage a very simple example. You may choose to manifest within a focus, and you may choose, within your pool of probabilities of that focus, to experience an intensity of an emotion of what you term love. Be realizing that our term of this word is quite different, within definition, than your term; but within your terms, this is a choice that you wish to experience. Therefore, you choose, from your pool of probabilities, directions to be experiencing this emotion. Within those probabilities, you choose the probability of engaging this experience with another individual singularly; not with your children, not with your parents, not with other relationships, but singularly, in what you view to be a romantic relationship. Therefore, you must engage the action of another, in cooperation with you, to experience this emotion. If you are choosing the probability of experiencing the emotion of romantic love, you will not experience this alone! (Grinning, and laughter) Therefore, you choose to experience this in cooperation with another individual. In this, the individual will be a counterpart.

Now; the action of this particular counterpart obviously will not be opposite to your experience, for they have entered into the same probabilities within agreement. In this action, they enhance your experience, as you enhance their experience, within cooperation. This is only one example, as an illustration, of this type of counterpart. These types of counterparts may be aspects of the same essence as you, or they be aspects of another essence. They will hold their own individuality and their own focus. They will hold their own independence, regardless. Therefore, if they are another aspect of the same essence as you, they are not you! They are quite independent of you. Now; if you share fragmentation or essence, you may experience an even greater, heightened intensity of the emotion or the action within the probability that you have chosen, for you are much aligned within tone, as is the case with Lawrence and Olivia. These counterparts may choose to be manifesting within many physical focuses. Therefore, there is a recognition within consciousness of each other. Objectively, you may not identify what the recognition is, but you shall experience a recognition. Within you, within your consciousness, and within your subjective awareness, you know. You recognize the connection within energy. You only do not remember objectively. This is not to say that it is not possible to be remembering, if you hold this desire; for you may engage your memory subjectively, and you may translate this objectively and hold a recognition of what you feel. This is not to say that each time that you engage an intensity of a romantic relationship, that you have experienced this same action with this individual throughout many lifetimes, in your terms. You may have engaged the relationship much differently within other focuses; but within the action of a common, agreed upon, cooperative relationship and intensity thereof, you may be continuing in this direction. (To Julie) This would be the direction with this particular individual; although your probabilities, as all probabilities are, remain open, as your choice. Many times within physical focus, when an individual engages an objective recognition of these draws very strongly to another individual, they allow themselves to respond. There are other individuals who choose not to respond, and allow those probabilities, in your terms, to pass by. (Smiling)

These are all your choices, for your individual experiences. Within your pool of probabilities, you choose a direction; and as certain elements enter into intersection with you throughout your focus, you choose whether you wish to engage these intersections, as they may or may not align with the probabilities within the pool that you have chosen. Some individuals choose to remain within their individual pools of probabilities throughout one focus. Some choose to venture beyond those particular probabilities within the pool that they have chosen for this one focus. These are all choices. (Pause) As I have stated, we shall be incorporating more information of this type of counterpart, as we shall incorporate more information of many types of counterparts, for you all engage action with counterparts continuously, within every walk of life.

RON: So could I be a counterpart of Rudy, but conversely, Rudy not be a counterpart of mine?


RON: And how does that work?

ELIAS: You do not always engage the action of counterparts back and forth automatically. You may choose to align your consciousness, for your own reasons and experiences, with an aspect of counterpart action with another individual. They may not choose, within their probabilities and their focus, to engage this action with you, for it does not complement their experience. It is not a cause and effect! It is not a rule that if one engages another, that other must engage the one! It is dependent upon your direction within your probabilities and your choices, and also within your intents. Your intents may cross over each other, as they may complement or add to your experiences; although some may not, for they are, in your terms, unrelated to your experience. In actuality, all energy is related to all energy; but within your directed attention and desires and intents within physical focus, you may not choose to cross over some directions. Somewhere within consciousness, you do cross over all, in your terms, for there is no "place" within consciousness to be intersecting; but within what you may understand, at some point within consciousness, all things intersect; but within your individual selectivity of an individual focus within physical focus, and within particular dimensions and time elements, you may not choose to be incorporating the experience of certain actions. There are many, countless, subject matters that you may choose to engage for experience within physical focus. Some of these experiences you may view to be unrelated to others, as you may objectively engage the action and direction, within your probabilities, of becoming a politician engaged in physical civil service publicly. You will not incorporate, within this one focus, counterparts engaging clergy, for these experiences may not be what you choose to enhance the experiences that you have chosen for this focus within your probabilities. You may also be choosing a counterpart with religious elements, but as you may see, this is not necessarily a "must", for you occupy many focuses simultaneously. Therefore, it is not necessary to be "shoving into" one focus every experience available within consciousness!

This is the design of your selectivity. You choose a focus for a direction of experiences. In this, you choose probabilities and alignments with counterparts that add to that direction of experiences, for you are aware that you hold many other focuses engaging many other counterparts which are all affecting of each other, and also of this focus. Therefore, within this particular focus, you may not choose to engage certain types of counterparts, for you are choosing those types within other focuses.

RON: Okay, I have one more question. Back to the name-tone thing, you said that you could have two names that are very different physically, like Bob and Joe, but they could be very closely connected in consciousness, in tone. Conversely again, could you have two names, like Thomas and Thomas in physical, that could be very different in tone in consciousness?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Yes. Your physical translated language may appear quite deceiving, for it is not necessarily the case that words that sound alike hold a similar vibrational tone, although they may, but this is not a rule. There are times, just as you may use a word with a particular inflection and mean this word in one way, you may also use this same word with another inflection and it shall hold a completely different meaning, and it shall invoke a completely different response from another. In this same manner, an inflection may be, in your terms, placed upon a tone which will change its quality. Therefore, to you it may sound audibly the same, but within consciousness, it may be quite different. Also, as you have stated, a word may sound nothing similar to another word, but within consciousness, may align very closely within tone.

RON: So as a rule, there are no rules!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Absolutely! (Laughter) All are open systems. There are no closed systems.

JEAN: Question. There's a piece of material out right now, a book by, I believe his last name is Walsch, Neale Walsch, "Conversations With God". What about this?

ELIAS: We have expressed previously that you will be encountering more information and material that shall be aligned very closely with information which is being delivered, for you are moving into your shift. Therefore, consciousness is aligning and is expressing itself within a harmony. This may not always appear this way objectively, but the action of the shift is pulling together your consciousness collectively, and creating a harmony in alignment with action and desire and direction. Therefore, you shall encounter, within your time element as you move futurely, in your terms, more and more interactions and information. This is being already quite reflected within your society. This is not to say that the actual information may always align together, but the actions are becoming noticed, and also more accepted.

You are moving away from a religious focus, and you are moving into a wider awareness. Your society reflects this in all areas. Even within your radio and televisions, which we are so fond of using as examples, you may view your programming to be quite different than was expressed within the time period of your nineteen hundred and fifty. I have expressed to you, do not be discounting of much information that you may encounter, for much information that you encounter does hold relevance and shall be helpful, if you are allowing yourselves to be open. If you are not allowing yourselves to be open, you continue to hold to your belief systems and your judgments, which is not the action of your shift. (Pause)

We shall on to our game!

JULIE: I have one. In cliché's, "variety is the spice of life", with Sumari.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are quite amusing, Lanyah, (laughter) for you quite insistent upon flip-flopping your alignments, and therefore flip-flopping your impressions. (Still chuckling) View your other color!

JULIE: Green?

ELIAS: One point! (Laughter)

CHRIS: I have one. Artists, Jim Morrison, red.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: I have one also. Movies, "Somewhere in Time", with red.

ELIAS: Less probable within color. (To Christy) Realize that as you offer your impression, you may have misinterpreted its alignment. Therefore, no answer is "wrong". It may be only misdirected.

RON: Sculptures, with Ordin, Michelangelo's "David".

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Minerals, Sumari, cobalt.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Hobbies, Sumari, reading.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Authors, Sumari, Jane Roberts.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CELIA: I will try.

ELIAS: Ah! Sari shall enter! (Laughter)

CELIA: I will try to connect the artist Jim Morrison with purple.

ELIAS: Less probable, but you may continue to attempt.

CELIA: The gemstone jasper with the color orange.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CELIA: The dual deities Shiva and Shakti with the family of Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay, I'll go. For Michael; Tumold, habits, substance use.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Movies, with the Ilda family, "ET".

ELIAS: (Chuckling) How are these extra-terrestrials recently???

VICKI: (Sighing) Very active.

ELIAS: One point!

VICKI: Political leaders, Tumold, Anwar Sadat.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Architecture, with Sumari, The Statue Of Liberty.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself, to open a new category of rituals.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: And with Sumafi, I'd like to enter smoking.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Michael also had a couple new categories; titles as concepts, and political persuasions.

ELIAS: Accepted.

VICKI: In books, with the Ilda family, "Stranger in a Strange Land".

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: With Tumold, in fables, "The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sports, with the Milumet family, badminton.

CATHY: Shut up! (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Also cracking up) Acceptable. It is quite amusing that certain individuals display quite characteristically to their alignments! (Chuckling) Do they not, Shynla? (Much laughter)

CATHY: I suppose they do!

ELIAS: And as you have acquired more information, which was not offered intentionally by this essence, of this Milumet family, do not be reinforcing your own discounting of self! (Still laughing)

VICKI: I have a question for another individual, if everybody's finished playing the game. (Pause) For Uriel and Rameau, within the expression of not wishing to waste anybody's time here in this group, which has continued to be expressed ...

ELIAS: Personal invalidation!

VICKI: I know. (Laughter) (I'm such a brat, aren't I, Bruce?)

ELIAS: Continue.

VICKI: They are wanting to know if you would offer any information as to other manifestations, or more information regarding their connections with each other.

ELIAS: This would be a very similar counterpart action as we have discussed this evening, those which share many focuses for the express purpose of certain types of experiences; although this would be more aligned with my small example and scenario than other types of repetitive, in your terms, manifestations of counterparts. I will express to you that as you view within your present relationship, what may be expressed in your limited terms as romantic experiences extend far beyond the limitations that you place upon this within your thought process; for within physical manifestations, you may manifest physical interaction translated in this manner, but the action within consciousness is far greater, and the action within the counterparts is much greater. Therefore, you may view physically that your connections are deeper; although, once again, there is no deeper; but physically, you do perceive certain relationships and situations to be more deeply connected than others.

This relationship, you may express to them, parallels a similar action to Elias and Michael (pause) within physical expressions, which has been explained previously.

I shall not offer specifics of individual focuses shared, for as always, you each hold the ability to be offering yourselves this information. This answer that I offer you, that you view to be a non-answer, is your most valuable answer; for as you incorporate an understanding of information that you offer to yourselves, you incorporate this as more valuable and more real, for you attain it yourselves, and you trust ultimately yourselves. Although you may not trust yourselves objectively, you believe yourselves, which is as it should be. Therefore, I quite encourage you to seek your answers within yourselves, not within what may be offered by "all outside", in your terms; which may, in actuality, also in your terms, "lead you astray".

Trust yourselves. Look to yourselves. There are many avenues that Uriel and Rameau may investigate to be engaging this action similarly to your new game, and they may attain this information. They need not travel outside of their own company if they are choosing, for they may engage this action in what you may view to be privately, amongst themselves. It is their choice. (Long pause)

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome, Sari. Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

GAIL: I have one question, concerning the exercise and the misunderstanding about turning in. Could you explain that?

ELIAS: You, William, have viewed objectively that this is the action that you incorporate; turning in. I have expressed to you, within our meeting together, that in actuality this is not the action that you incorporate. You tune out and you look out, for you were not choosing to be trustful of within, as you did not view the self within to be singularly strong enough to incorporate the experiences that you chose. Therefore, although you view that you did not look without to other individuals, you project out and look out to yourself, or aspects of yourself. Therefore, I express the word of turning your attention in intentionally. (Pause)

GAIL: I'll soak this in.

ELIAS: I hold no doubt that you will! (Smiling)

GAIL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Very well. I shall engage you once again soon, in your time frame of future now. For this evening and present now, au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:51 PM.

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Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.