Session 298
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Rose/The Shift/Simultaneous Time


”Rose/The Shift/Simultaneous Time”

Thursday, July 16, 1998    © 1998 (Group/Vermont)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Margo (Banth), Jennifer (Margarite), and five new participants: Judy (Joan), Angela (Hugh), Jim (Marlet), John (Rijaal), and Tamara (Aldenn).
Elias arrives at 8:29 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening!  (Smiling)  This evening we shall be discussing your shift and Rose, and the relationship of Rose in this shift in consciousness.  We shall also be discussing simultaneous time, for this also relates to the essence of Rose.

Now; let me offer initially a brief review, that you may hold a clear understanding of this discussion.  As you look to your game, you shall notice that one of the designated essences within your game is that of Rose, representing the Borledim family.  This essence of Rose has been and continues to be quite influential in the action of this shift presently, and shall continue to be futurely.

Now; let me also express to you that the information that I shall be delivering this evening leaves much openness for distortion and personal interpretation within mass and individual belief systems which have already been established throughout your cultures.  Therefore, it is important that I express to you that you allow yourselves to be connecting with your awareness and to be not clouded by the mass belief systems which are officially held.

I shall be attempting to be offering this information within a clarity that you shall understand and also in directing you away from the mass belief systems which are held, for this may be causing of confusion within you.  You may automatically move into identification of certain elements of this information which does correlate with your mass belief systems, but these belief systems are distorted and this information is not to be aligning with those particular belief systems.

This shift in consciousness is being orchestrated as a source event, or as an expression of a source event, by the essence families of the Borledim and the Vold.  The Vold family is designated as one of the initiating families in this shift in consciousness, as it holds great ability in movement, in stirring individuals and energy within consciousness to be revolutionizing your societies.  This shift in consciousness is an action that shall be and is already altering the entirety of your reality, and in this the energy projected by the Vold family in its revolutionary style, so to speak, facilitates the action of the accomplishment of this shift.

The Borledim family are those essences which provide the earth stock.  They are the family that directs the introduction of new energy into your dimension and into physical focus.  They are those nurturers and ’guiders,’ so to speak, of all of the manifestations physically within this particular dimension.  These are the family-oriented essences.  They do not move in the direction of YOUR belief systems of family, in the structure that you have assigned to family, but they move in the direction of nurturing and encouraging the fullness of expression of essence within each manifestation within physical focus.  Therefore, they move in conjunction with the Vold family.

As the Vold initiates the revolutionary action of this shift in consciousness, the Borledim family moves in harmony with this by providing new energy into your dimension, of a new type of earth stock in a new awareness.

I have expressed previously that the Dream Walkers, which are those essences that have occupied your time framework of ’before the beginning’ or before what you view to be the beginning of your history, these Dream Walkers have chosen not to be physically manifest within this dimension.

We have spoken many times of these Dream Walkers previously.  Each family of essences that are in conjunction with this particular dimension holds their own manifestations and expressions of Dream Walkers, which you may also be accessing information of, for I have delivered this information previously also.  In this, the Dream Walkers have chosen to be partially manifest before your beginning, and have also allowed themselves partial manifestation throughout your history.

As I have expressed previously, these be your apparitions that you view or your encounters with what you may term to be strange beings: angels, leprechauns, fairies ... aliens, in some situations.  In some situations, your extraterrestrials are you!  But in other situations, they may be appearing to you in this form, as it may be accepted by you, and these are expressions of the Dream Walkers.  They do not choose to be entirely physically manifest within this dimension, but they serve as partial directors or ’guiders.’

Now; we immediately move into the area of the possibility of distortion with this word of ’guides.’  I shall be reminding you that there are no guides within consciousness.  This is a belief system which you have developed within your new religion of your metaphysics.  (Intently)  There are no essences that occupy any area of consciousness that is ABOVE you.  There are essences that may choose to move in the direction of helpfulness WITH you within physical focus, but the only difference between those essences and yourself as a focus of essence is that they remember and you do not.

This be the only difference between yourselves and myself as the essence of Elias.  I remember and you do not, for your attention is focused singularly within a physical manifestation.  This is a purposeful act.  It allows you a singularity in attention, and allows you the purity of your experiences within this dimension.

Therefore, we clarify the first area that may enter the direction of misinterpretation.  There are no guides, but there are essences that move in the direction of guiding.  These be the Dream Walkers.  One of the Dream Walkers is that essence of Rose.

Now I shall deviate briefly and express to you, these names that are offered, as you are already aware, are translations of tones.  The names that you give to yourselves within physical focus -- John, Jack, Mary, Elizabeth, Susan -- these are words that you have designated for yourselves throughout your history as identifying words that you term names.  These names are set apart from other words such as tree or rock or home.  They designate an individual; they set apart.  These names, as many other elements within your physical dimension, are direct reflections -- mirror reflections -- of known elements within consciousness, within essence.  They are translated into your physical focus as certain designations.  It is not accidental that you choose to be differentiating within your language those words that you term to be names, for this is a reflection of the knowing that you hold of essence tones and their identification of the individuality and the uniqueness of each personality essence.

This one essence, which has been a Dream Walker and that we speak of now, is designated with the translation of tone as Rose.  This is not an identification of gender, for within essence there is no gender.  It is merely an identification, within language, of a tone.  This essence of Rose has chosen within this time framework to become physically manifest.  This in itself may be termed to be a revolutionary action, for as I have stated, the Dream Walkers have chosen not to be physically manifest entirely.  Within this present now, this essence of Rose is physically manifest within nine physical manifestations upon your planet.  Each of these manifestations, as I have expressed previously, holds the gender of male.  This also is a purposeful action.

You move into this shift in consciousness and you are altering your reality in a new direction.  You have identified your reality within this dimension, to this point in your time framework, as male.  You identify everything within your physical dimension in the area of gender, for this is an element of this particular dimension.  You have created this dimension for the experience of gender and emotion.  Therefore, you separate all of your elements within this particular physical dimension into areas of emotion and gender.

You even separate time frameworks into gender orientation.  You separate thought processes into gender orientation.  You divide your physical bodies into gender orientations.  You identify left/male, right/female.  You identify certain elements of thought as being male-oriented and certain elements of thought as being female-oriented.  You identify thought as male and emotion as female.  Your time framework has moved in the direction, to this point in your identification, as male.  The orientation is male and the emphasis has been male, thought-focused and rational, which are also identifications of male.  You move now into the action of this shift in consciousness, which you shall identify as female: the emotion, the intuition.  Your eastern philosophies shall also mirror this, as they designate that you now move into a time framework of the female.

This is not to say that you are separating and that your female genders shall be ruling your planet!  It is merely an identification of the gender in time framework, and as I have stated, you identify all of your elements within this dimension in the area of gender.

The essence of Rose has manifest purposefully as all males.  This action is to be helpful within the action of this shift, and also to be providing an example, as we have stated within our analogy of the little saplings.  The essence of Rose manifests as males, and as these males continue through their focuses they shall be displaying qualities that shall more be aligned with those qualities that you identify as female, but shall hold the orientation sexually as male.  They shall continue through their focuses being identified and recognized the same as yourselves as male, but shall hold the ability of accessing intuition and emotion in the manner that you assign naturally to females.  This shall offer examples of the lack of separation within all expressions within physical focus.  It is unnecessary for you to be separating any longer so intensely.  You move into the area of more of an awareness, an expanded awareness, and more of a knowing and a remembrance of essence.  Therefore, you also drop many of the veils that you hold within physical focus that provide you not only with your singularity, but with your divisions and your separations.  In dropping the veils of your separations, you offer yourselves more freedom and more of an ability to access your own creativity.

These manifestations of Rose are now quite small little individuals.  They are -- all nine -- little ones, all in what you may term to be three years or less.  Already they begin to display abilities and awarenesses that are uncommon to your physical focus. Their intuitive senses are very highly developed and they already are expressive of this intuitive sense, which is already being recognized, not only by those individuals that are designated as their parents, but also by all individuals that physically encounter them presently.  They are already beginning to be affecting within consciousness.

We move into the area of discussing simultaneous time also, for this is quite relative to Rose.  It is relative and relevant to all things within your physical focus, but within this discussion of Rose, it holds significance, for certain elements have been created within what you view to be your past and are created presently.

You view manifestations and creations linearly.  You view that you create one thing within your present now, which becomes your past, and it is static; it is fixed.  You do not view that you create elements within your future and that they are creating of your past.  You do not view that you are creating now and it is creating of your past.  You speculate that you are creating now and it shall be affecting of your future, but it is not creating your future.  But they are all the same, and they are all creating each other NOW.

Within your past, a creation has been enacted of a mergence of essences, which you view to be a prophecy of your ’second coming.’  Now we enter into another area of belief systems and another window for distortion.  I am not discussing your belief systems of the second coming, for there is no second coming.  There was no first coming!  But your prophecies are not entirely off the mark, for they are interpretations of known remembrances.  They are remembrances of what you view to be future events, which are not future!

Let us move into the area of future, present, past.  All is simultaneous.  All is NOW.  Therefore, what you view to be past is past/present, present/past, past/future, future/past.  You may view your present as present/present, present/past, present/future.  You may view your future as future/past, future/present, future/future.  They all hold each other simultaneously.

I have expressed this particular discussion once only previous and that discussion holds no record, for our transcribers have ’lost’ this particular discussion, so to speak.  But it is not lost, for it repeats itself now and the information is offered once again, for all is simultaneous.

Vic’s note:  This ’lost’ session was a pop-in that didn’t get taped.

Within what you view to be past was created, as I have stated, a mergence of essences.  You have designated the manifestation of one of these essences as those biblical characters that you identify as John your Baptist, Saul of Tarsus, which is Paul, and that manifestation which you term to be Jesus the carpenter.  All three of these manifestations are manifestations of one essence.  The reason that you move into the area of creating prophecies of a second coming is that you have been offered visions, or interpretations of visualizations, which suggest a mergence of essences and a returning into physical focus [of] one of those three manifestations.

Now; your interpretation of this return is that the one manifestation that you designate as the Jesus shall be returning as the new Christ.  In actuality, the manifestation which has been designated as the merging focus, to be creating of a fragmentation which is creating of manifestations of Rose, is that of the focus of Paul.

That particular focus of that essence does not return into physical focus, for no focus returns.  As I have stated, you are not used parts.  You are each new creations and hold your own integrity.

Therefore, the focus of Paul continues within its exploration of consciousness non-physically, but within essence has merged in conjunction with other essences with the essence of Rose.  This provides what you may term to be a stimulus which creates a focus into this physical manifestation.

Therefore, one of these nine manifestations of Rose is also that designated second-coming focus, so to speak, although it is not in alignment with your belief systems, which align with the translations of past, which are your prophecies.

Now, within the area of simultaneous time this creation happens now, but it has also happened within your past.  Therefore, the designation of this manifestation is a present/past manifestation.  Another of these manifestations of Rose is a physically created manifestation presently now, one of the nine, which is a mergence of a focus future.  This focus within another essence also has merged in conjunction with other focuses with the essence of Rose, and creates another manifestation physically within this present now.  That designation is present/future.  There are other manifestations of Rose presently that have merged with essence focuses to be creating of these manifestations which are merged presently.  These would be designated as present/present.

Rose has chosen to be incorporating these actions, also purposefully, to be introducing to you the reality of simultaneous time, not merely the concept.  Each of you may grasp what you THINK of as the concept of simultaneous time, but these manifestations, these nine small ones, shall be offering helpfulness within consciousness to be creating the understanding of simultaneous time IN REALITY with you.

This holds significance, for as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall be manipulating within time.  Therefore, it is important that you hold an understanding of what you are manipulating within, and you shall not entirely be manipulating within your linear time framework.  As you move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall also allow yourselves the ability to be creating within your objective waking awareness very similar actions to your dream interactions.

Within your dream state, you move more closely into the reality of simultaneous time.  Although you continue to hold a time framework within your dream state or an identification of time within your dream state, you do not hold so tightly to its linear aspect.  You allow yourself the manipulation of forward or backward within your dream state.  You may experience present, you may experience past or future within this state, or you may be experiencing all three simultaneously.  You may also be experiencing these elements within your objective waking state, and as you become more accomplished, so to speak, at your movement in your widening of your awareness, you shall be moving in this direction more frequently and with much more ease.  Already individuals engage the action of out-of-body experiences more and more frequently, and allow themselves the trust within themselves to be accomplishing this action.  Within this type of movement, you also move more fully into the experience of simultaneous time; not entirely, but you do allow yourselves a partial accessing of understanding in the area of simultaneous time.

This also is quite helpful and purposeful for those individuals within final focuses within this dimension that are engaging the action of transition while continuing to be physically manifest.  As I have stated previously, not much of your time framework shall continue before you are accessing what you term to be your cure for senility, or that dis-ease that you term to be Alzheimer’s.  This is not a dis-ease.  It is a choice to be engaging transition within physical focus, and the choice is created in the manner that is acceptable to your officially accepted reality; your officially accepted guidelines within your societies.  It is acceptable to be appearing senile.  Therefore, individuals create this action to be engaging in transition within physical focus, but as you widen your awareness and you move more fully into your own opening to consciousness, you also offer yourselves information that this action is no longer necessary.  It is unnecessary to be appearing to be displaying lunacy merely to be excusing yourselves within your action of transition within physical focus.  Therefore, you shall offer yourselves your so-called cure for this dis-ease, and you shall allow yourselves the ability to engage this action of transition without its camouflage.

(Intently)  Within the action of transition, you view your focuses simultaneously.  They are in actuality all occurring at once within all dimensions.  Therefore, you begin by examining the simultaneousness of this one particular focus, and then you allow yourselves to move into the area of viewing all of your focuses simultaneously.  Now; individuals already engage this action within physical focus, but they also camouflage this action.  You shall allow yourselves the ability to NOT camouflage, but it is important that you hold an understanding of the reality of simultaneous time, that you do not confuse yourselves as you enter into viewing it.

I have expressed an analogy previously of one hundred televisions.  One hundred televisions occupy a room.  You are the room.  All of the televisions are your focuses, and they are all playing at once.  They all display different programs -- not one is the same -- and you view them all simultaneously.  And how confusing may this be to you, to be connecting with each of them and all of them and understanding all of them all at once, if you are not holding an understanding of simultaneous time?  Each of these focuses are you, although they each hold their own integrity and are not you.  There are many aspects of you that you do not view yet, but you shall.

In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to draw yourselves to this type of information, that you may prepare yourselves for what you are entering into.  For you shall, regardless of your objective ’wanting’ or not!  The agreements have been made and the motion has been set already.  You have chosen already.  You ARE creating of this shift in consciousness, and it shall be and already IS accomplished.  It is merely your choice of accessing it as to when you shall completely manifest all of it.  It IS accomplished.

It is future/present, and you are present/future.  You are present/now, but you view this shift to be future.  You anticipate its coming as a great event.  It is already!  It merely needs be accessed, and as you allow yourselves to be future/present, you shall access this shift and create it within your now.

Be remembering: in reality, although we speak of future and past and present, all is now.  There is no future and no past, for it is all occurring at once.  It is merely a perception that you create, a succession of moments.

We shall briefly break, and you may offer your questions.

BREAK   9:21 PM
RESUME  9:31 PM  (Arrival time was/is/will be 5 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  (12-second pause)  And you wish no inquiries?

JUDY:  I have a question.  This has to do with birds, and I guess the way I would phrase the question would be, I’ve had lots of birds that like to bang on my windows at various times in my life, and usually it’s been a robin, and the robin just keeps ... it hasn’t happened in a while, but it happened at one point about two years ago, and then it went away for a while, and when it came back, a robin began ... in a new home, a completely different place, a robin just every morning would bang on my window.  And I found it really strange that this happened only to my window in the one house that I had lived in previously, and then a year later it happened again in a new home, and it continued every single morning to bang on my window.

And then other things with birds occurred.  For example, a bird coming inside my apartment and banging on the inside out, and then coming home one day and my neighbor telling me that he had heard this big bang, and he walked outside to see what it was, and it was a falcon that had just went right into my window, and fell and died.  That was the last episode with a bird, but I just couldn’t understand why birds kept coming into my life like that, and kept insistently banging on my windows.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this be interesting imagery that you present this evening, for the imagery that is presented by the essence of Rose is that of birds. (Pause, grinning)  Rose has offered the imagery of birds to many individuals.  You may view this within yourself to be that which may be likened to your own wake-up call!

Let me also express to you that this is quite inventive imagery with yourself, in alignment with the essence family that you align with.  And what is the color held by this bird?

JUDY:  What is the color held by the bird?  It’s a robin, so it’s orange.

ELIAS:  Red, and you may be connecting yourself with this essence family, for this be the essence family that you align with within this particular focus, that of the Milumet, which has been offered to you as imagery that you may be connecting to.

Essences choose different manners in which they may be objectively connecting with individuals and attaining their attention.  Rose offers the imagery of birds, and attains individuals’ attention with this type of imagery.  This has been offered previously and continues to be offered by this particular essence in connection with different individuals, presenting many types of imagery of birds.

Now look to your imagery with birds, in banging outside and banging inside, to be offering you the imagery of noticing what is created in what you view to be outside of yourself, but to be noticing what shall be viewed inside of yourself.

The imagery of birds engaging death, or that which I may term to be disengagement, is merely imagery suggestive of movement from one area in consciousness to another.

JUDY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

You may designate, for Lawrence, essence name of Joan; J-O-A-N.  Essence family of Sumafi, alignment with Milumet.  (Pause)

JEN:  There’s a couple of game entries.

ELIAS:  Ah!  We shall on to our game this evening!

JEN:  Well, I’m sure there will be more questions too!  Margo, do you have one too, or no?

MARGO:  For the game?

JEN:  Yeah.

MARGO:  Yes.  Philosophers, Sumari, Plotinus.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

JEN:  This is from Mary.  Musicals, pink, so this would be Rose, Fiddler on the Roof.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

JEN:  This is from Vicki.  Discoveries, nuclear power, Borledim ... how do you pronounce it?

ELIAS:  Borledim, which is your pink, which is your Rose.  One point.

JEN:  Okay.  Ilda, planets, Chiron.

ELIAS:  This has been offered.

JEN:  Oh, okay.  I guess I can’t use that one!  Do I get another one?  (Elias nods)  Milumet, food, green peas.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.  (Chuckling)  And where be our young Sumafis that may be participating in our game, as I have expressed my anticipation of their interactiveness?  You may be chastising them for myself, (grinning) in my expression of my GREAT disappointment in their non-participation in our most excellent game!  (Laughter)

JEN:  I’ll pass that along!  I have one question.  When you and I last spoke, we were talking about disengagement a little bit, and I wondered about the ability of essences to recognize one another in other dimensions, non-physical dimensions.

ELIAS:  Absolutely, although let me express to you that within the area of transition this would be different, for you continue to hold an objective awareness for what you may view to be a time framework, and within that action of transition, of shedding the belief systems and the objective awareness, you do not allow yourself to engage in a recognition of other essences, generally speaking.

JEN:  Hmm.  Thanks.

ELIAS:  This is not to say that you do not recognize focuses.  You shall recognize focuses of other essences, but not the essence.

JEN:  I can recognize focuses of other essences, but not the essence?

ELIAS:  Correct, for you hold objective awareness within the action of transition.  Therefore, you may recognize the focuses, in like manner to your recognition of focuses presently.  You may look to another individual and recognize this other individual.  This is another focus of another essence.  You do not view the essence, but you do recognize the focus, for you are holding your attention within your objective awareness.  As you move out of the action of transition, so to speak, you shall allow yourself to be recognizing of essence.

JEN:  So you are out of the stage of transition?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JEN:  So then you can recognize essence AND focus.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JEN:  Hmm.  Thanks.

MALE:  I have a question.  To recognize focuses in this focus, is it a matter of cellular access to DNA, a hundred trillion cells in a DNA strand, which hold all of our memory of all of our essences in all of our lives?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Let me express to you that I have offered this information previously also.  Your DNA is a choice.  You choose to be connecting with and creating of specific elements of your DNA.

Now; let me also express to you that within your physical manifestation of your DNA, you hold physical aspects.  You also hold genetic encoding which does hold memory of all of your focuses within this dimension.  It does not hold all of the information of all of your focuses within ALL physical dimensions, but those that are particular to THIS physical dimension, for the creation of your DNA strands is relative to this particular dimension.  Not all physical dimensions manifest a similar type of manifestation as do you with your DNA.

I have expressed much information previously as to the action and the encoding of your DNA and RNA, which you may be accessing if you are so choosing.

MALE:  Then through that, through feeding the DNA through RNA, will I be able to find out where Lemuria is pre-Atlantis?

ELIAS:  Ah!  We move into a different direction!  Let me express to you that these elements ARE in actuality reality and ARE manifest presently, but they are not manifest within this particular dimension.  They occupy a parallel dimension to this dimension.  Therefore, you may access this information and you may also project yourself into the actual area and physical location and you may be interactive in the actual focuses of these areas, but you shall not access this through what you term to be your cellular memory within DNA.  You may access this information and these focuses by allowing yourself to be stepping sideways within consciousness and moving yourself outside of this particular dimension into the parallel dimension.  This is not as difficult as it appears!  You THINK within your thought process that this holds impossibility, but your dimensions occupy the same space arrangement.  Therefore, the space arrangement that you view presently within your physical objective waking awareness is also occupied by other physical dimensions superimposed upon each other.  It is not quite so difficult to step yourself sideways and move directly into the experience of these other areas within parallel dimensions.  (To Jen)  I have expressed to our young Sumafis exercises to be accessing other dimensions in moving sideways, have I not?

JEN:  Yeah.

ELIAS:  You need not move forward or backward.  You need not access other time frameworks.  You need be merely stepping yourself sideways within a relaxation of self and an allowance, in like manner to your out-of-body experiences.  Be trustful within self.

(Intently)  The ONLY barrier that holds individuals is their own fearfulness to be stepping aside.  You hold very tightly to your objective awareness.  You hold very tightly to the singularity of your attention.  THIS is your attention!  This (slams his fist on the table) objective awareness, your physical manifestations, THIS holds your attention.  This occupies all of your reality.  This is but one grain of sand of all of your reality, and all of your reality is accessible to you.  You merely hold the belief systems that you may not move into these other realities.

This be the action of this shift in consciousness; not to be traveling in and around space in your crafts, traveling to other planet[s] where you shall find no thing but barrenness, but to be traveling THROUGH space, in which you shall find wonders, for all that you seek exists within these dimensions through space.  In the very space that you sit in this present now stands other focuses of your own essence within other dimensions.

MALE:  When you say ’you,’ do you mean individual or collective consciousness?

ELIAS:  Both.

MALE:  When I’m talking to you right now, do you mean this individual or the collective consciousness of this room?

ELIAS:  You individually, although this applies also to all of these individuals, but I am speaking to you.  Allow yourself to be accessing this exercise which has been offered -- and Margarite, you may be offering this to this welcomed essence -- and you may be practicing with different exercises and allowing yourself the ability to move through areas of consciousness.  It has been done, and you may continue the practice also, and I am quite encouraging of this action.  You may also access Michael for the exercise in clarity, which is quite helpful in manipulating through consciousness.

MALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

FEMALE:  I’ve been wondering, is there any significance to a dream in which one dies, or appears to, within the framework of the dream?  It’s something that happens very seldom.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that the reason you do not engage this action within your dream state and merely offer yourself this experience infrequently is that you hold belief systems that you attach to this action.  You hold belief systems in the area of death, so to speak, and your objective fearfulness of this choice, for death is not an occurrence that happens to you, but a choice that you create purposefully within the given moment that you choose.  In this, although belief systems are relaxed within your dream state, they continue to be held.  Therefore, you do not allow yourselves the viewing or action of death often within your dream state, for you attach the belief system to this action that if you are dying within your dream state, you may be engaging the act itself!

FEMALE:  Well, having done it, I know that!  I don’t really have that thought about it!  (Elias chuckles)  It was a long time ago!  It was interesting because I was perfectly aware of what was going on afterwards, and the dream just kept going, and I seemed to be, in a different form, able to view all of the happenings.  Is that reflective of reality, or was I making that up?  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ah!  Tsk, tsk, tsk!  (Laughter)

FEMALE:  Or is there any difference between those two?  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And what be imagination?  Non-reality?  Incorrect!

FEMALE:  Oh, no!  I call my work imagining the real world!

ELIAS:  There is no non-real.  I shall also express to you, in alignment with your question -- and not being quite so playful with you in teasing -- that what you have viewed is a window, an offering to yourself of certain actions that may be occurring as you choose to be disengaging physical focus and entering into the action of transition within non-physical areas of consciousness.

FEMALE:  Good!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

JEN:  It would appear not.

FEMALE:  I have a question.  Did you say you would take another question?  (Elias nods)  I was wondering if you could perhaps interpret an experience that I had.  It was within the past two years.  I was in a very peaceful place outdoors and I was looking at a very big old beautiful tree, and I was kind of losing what was happening around me and just focusing on the tree, and it felt like all of a sudden I was gone from me, and I was moving fast right towards the tree, and then into the tree and down, and there were things just rushing by and rushing by, and all of a sudden it just felt like I just shot out.  I can’t remember what else was happening to me, but I remember that it was this very powerful feeling and experience that I had.

ELIAS:  You may be connecting with this action once again, if you are so choosing.  You may be intentionally practicing this action and offering yourself very similar experiences.

This is engaging your empathic sense.  Your empathic sense is one of your inner senses which allows you the ability to merge with any other thing within your physical focus.  It may be another individual, it may be a creature, it may be a rock, it may be a tree ... any element within your physical focus, for all that is created within your physical focus is comprised of consciousness.  Therefore, it all is experiencing within consciousness, just as you experience, but each element experiences differently.  You may allow yourself the opportunity to be experiencing what any other aspect of consciousness experiences by engaging your empathic sense.

My, this is an evening for exercises!  I have also offered exercises that you may be accessing that shall be offering you practice in engaging your empathic sense.

Now; I caution you each in this area, that in engaging your empathic sense, be remembering that you also, within your excitement of these engagements, lean in the direction of excessiveness, and in this you assume the experience of another individual or any other element.  This is unnecessary and may become uncomfortable to you.  Therefore, allow yourself the practice of engaging your empathic sense and the mergence with any other particular experience, but do not assume it as your own.  Allow it to flow freely.

FEMALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I shall be offering this evening, in closing, essence names and families to you, if you are so choosing.  (Agreement from the group)  Very well.

(To Angela)  Essence name, Hugh; H-U-G-H.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda.

(To Tim)  Essence name, Marlet; M-A-R-L-E-T.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi.

(To John)  Essence name, Rijaal; R-I-J-A-A-L.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.  (Pronounced as rhyming with regal, but with a soft ’g’)

(To Tamara)  Essence name, Aldenn; A-L-D-E-N-N.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.

If you are so choosing, you may also be accessing through Michael information which is offered as to explanations of these essence families, which shall be helpful to you.  Your essence families, that which you belong to, which generally speaking is that which is held throughout your focuses, for it is the family of your essence.  (Poor sentence, Elias!)  The alignment is that family which you align with within this particular individual focus.

For this evening, I offer to you all much affection and I express to you my invitation, that you may engage in discussion futurely if you are so choosing.  I am welcoming to all and extending much lovingness to you, and in this I bid you each, for this evening, a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:08 PM.


(1)  This was fascinating to me personally, as I had my own imagery with birds on June 15 of this year.  Briefly, I found a large dead bird in the house, and several hours later, Ron found another one.
The most unusual thing was that both birds were apparently untouched, which is very strange in our house!  We have three cats that all consider birds to be one of their favorite toys!  Both birds were whole.  There wasn’t one feather out of place.  Later, I connected this imagery to the fragmentation of the nine babies.

(2)  Following are a few excerpts regarding the empathic sense:

From session #54, 11/12/95:

You focus on what you term telepathic as a psychic sense or inner sense, which you all to a very limited degree may define.  Empathic is your ability to FEEL and EXPERIENCE other individuals and other essences.  You may practice exercising this empathic sense, and no one will know!  It does not require speaking.  It does not require thinking.  It only requires identifying yourself and your connections with other essences, FEELING what they are experiencing.  This may seem to be not very important, but you will find that my reasoning is quite valid within your future.

It is coupled with another inner sense quite necessary to connect with this sense of empathic in order to be understanding of elements which will be presented.  The other sense that you may practice is your inner sense of conceptualization, this being somewhat as your visualization.  Within visualization, you see images.  Within conceptualization, you are offered a concept and you BECOME the concept; just as within our game I offered the exercise and challenge to you all to experience the vibrational connection to the categories within our game, this being the introduction to your conceptualization.

There are times when it is not enough to be offered a concept, for you may think of the concept until you can think no more and you will still not understand, for you are using a very small portion of your physically focused brain.  You need incorporate more.  You possess inner senses which serve you quite well, but they are also quite rusty!  It is now time to be pulling them out and dusting them off and shining them and placing them in working order!

Within conceptualization, you may choose any concept.  It does not need to be one of Elias’ concepts; it may be anything.  Focus upon the concept and EXPERIENCE the concept.  Do not THINK about the concept over and over, for this is not the point.  I will ask you:  What were you thinking during your experience with Milus?  I will answer for you:  Nothing!  You were EXPERIENCING.  You were not evaluating; you were not analyzing.  You were experiencing, therefore allowing yourselves information and understanding that you would not have come to without the experience.  Therefore, within conceptualization, experience the concept.  BECOME the concept.

From session #55, 11/15/95:

VICKI:  When one incorporates this sense, can one be helpful to another individual in doing so?

ELIAS:  If you are wishing.  I would be practicing first to be allowing yourself an identification, for you do not realize now what you are even accomplishing!  You may practice anywhere.  You may be walking on your street and you may practice.

I will give you an exercise.  You may incorporate another ’field trip’ and you may go to a place such as a park.  Find a tree and practice your empathic sense with the tree, for it also incorporates consciousness and knowing of itself and its existence.

VICKI:  In learning to use this empathic sense, would one then be able to know one’s self better?

ELIAS:  Exactly.  You will also be understanding of those individuals around you and all other elements around you.  All things contain consciousness.  If you are incorporating your empathic sense, you will also be lessening your separation, for you will be incorporating more union with all that you have created, which is all connected.  You will understand energy.

VICKI:  I have one more question regarding learning to use the empathic sense and learning to conceptualize.  Besides desire and concentration, do you have any suggestions?

ELIAS:  Practice with your tree.  Experience is your best teacher.  This will offer you information to build upon.  I may explain the concepts to you many times, as I have!  Now you may experience, and you will teach yourselves.


You may exercise your empathic abilities by viewing a picture of an animal.  Do not choose a pet.  Choose another animal.  Place a picture before you and view this animal.  Then allow yourself to drift within relaxation, and focus upon BEING this animal.  Do not view experience.  You will find yourself experiencing this creature’s existence.  It will offer you information of consciousness other than your own, for you within essence are connected to ALL elements of physical focus: a plant, a rock, an ocean, a creature, a cloud, a whirlwind, a sky, a star, your planet, other individuals.  You are ALL connected within consciousness.  Therefore, you may experience all of these things within your own consciousness.

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