Session 164
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Wednesday, April 16, 1997 (Private) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Tom (James).
Note: This session was requested by Tom, who does not presently attend sessions regularly but used to. He does read all of the transcripts quite thoroughly, and has been since the beginning of these sessions. I would also like to note that Elias spoke quite a bit faster than usual, especially during the first half.
Elias arrives at 11:48 AM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

TOM: Good afternoon, Elias. Thank you for this private forum here. Thank Mary, thank Vicki.

ELIAS: Quite acceptable.

TOM: I got a few problems. Maybe you can answer them, maybe you can't answer them. One, the biggest one, is self-worth, self-worth in this physical focus. Let it be crusades or something I can champion for, there's really not much out there for me in this focus. I've tried to make contact with you before on this, and I don't know if I have or I haven't. I need some insight to it. I don't need any investigating done on it 'cause I've done a lot of investigating. I just need some help with that question. I also have another question, but that's my main concern.

ELIAS: Very well. Within this present now, many individuals are experiencing this same feeling. There is much confusion within the movement which is occurring subjectively. Many individuals are presenting themselves with much subjective information, as are you also. This, not coincidentally, shall also be addressed within the near future within the forum of our sessions, in addressing to individuals experiencing the same confusion.

You have allowed yourselves in your widening to open to more subjective information. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view unofficial information, other focuses, altered states, different perceptions within your periphery, and many subjective bleed-throughs. In this activity, what you face presently is an inability to understand and put together the information that you draw to yourself and your present now situation. You find that you have done your homework, you have done your investigation, you have opened your objective consciousness to other information, but become confused within an inability to correlate this and use this information presently within this focus. You, among other individuals, view the information that you attract to yourself as disconnected, disjointed, and holding little relevance to this present focus. You draw this information to yourself to be adding to this present focus and allowing you a more efficient ability to move within your intent in this particular focus. I express to you that this information that you have drawn to yourself is valuable. Look to your information. View the unofficial information that you have gathered as you view yourself within other focuses to be crusading for causes. This is not different from this focus. You have only lost your direction within this focus.

I have been speaking to you all for much time of this shift. This is the objective. If you wish to be placing the terminology upon this as your purpose, this is it. Individuals that have been drawn to this forum have drawn themselves here for this purpose, to be allowing yourselves the opportunity to gain subjective information in that you may not experience as much confusion as individuals who may not be offering themselves this same type of subjective information. I have expressed to you that there shall be many individuals that will be experiencing much confusion within this shift. You offer yourself the opportunity to view aspects of yourself that other individuals do not necessarily objectively choose to view. Therefore, they experience much confusion, for they shall also experience these subjective bleed-throughs but be unable to interpret what they draw to themselves. Therefore, they experience much confusion and conflict.

As to this present moment, all of you have been centered individually upon yourselves, drawing information to yourselves that you may understand yourselves and subjective activity. In this, as you learn to understand and accept these aspects of self, you shall better be equipped to be helpful to other individuals who do not understand this subjective activity. You, within your individual experience presently, offer yourself the opportunity to practice this interaction and helpfulness and understanding with ... Fromasch. (Big sigh from Tom) Ah!

TOM: You knew I was going to go with that! That's one of the questions!

ELIAS: (Intently) You must be focusing upon self. Your focus moves within your thought process to the other individual. You are too concerned with the interpretation and understanding of another individual. In this, you disregard the information that you draw to yourself and push it away and allow yourself to go in the direction that is familiar to you. This is the point. You express, you have called upon my interaction many times. I have responded to this, and within this interaction you hold this essence at bay for you wish not to listen to the information offered, for your direction in focus is still outside. It matters not that another individual holds the same understanding as you. Your understanding of information and experiences is your understanding and perception for your own widening and your own movement. Each individual interprets information within their own manner. This may not seem acceptable, and you may believe that another individual does not understand or is distorting or is taking in information incorrectly, but this is a value judgment. This is not your purpose. Your purpose is to be helpful. In this, your purpose is to be accepting. As I have stated, it matters not the interpretation of another individual. What is important is that their periphery is engaged.

TOM: So they have the opportunity to widen.

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: And we're speaking basically of Fromasch right now?

ELIAS: This is your immediate example, that which you have presented yourself for practice.

TOM: You're right. You're one hundred percent right, 'cause I have turned her off many, many times lately in the past pertaining to information, that she's either read it wrong, interpreted it wrong, or come to her own conclusion on it. You're right.

ELIAS: In the action of this shift and those individuals who have drawn this information to themselves to be helpful within this shift, you each offer yourselves opportunities to practice before expanding outward. You may not embark upon your crusade which lies ahead of you if you may not be accomplishing within your practice.

TOM: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, be remembering of the little saplings. This small, seemingly insignificant little story holds much information. The straight little sapling is unconcerned with the other sapling's movement. It is accepting. Its interpretation of growth is different, but it is accepting of the other sapling's interpretation of growth. (

We have spoken recently to another individual within the forum of our sessions of this same issue, which you all, without exception, grapple with. Each individual, within their belief systems, believes that their movement is right and correct, this being why we spend so much of your time framework expressing over and over that there is no right and wrong. It is all experience. You automatically attach right and wrong to events, thoughts, emotions, everything. In this, you automatically hold value judgments on all other individuals ... and yourselves! Acceptance, within your language, should be the largest word that you possess, encompassing more letters than any other word within your language, for it is the largest and most difficult concept for you each to be accomplishing. You are taught to not be accepting. Therefore, you automatically are not. You also hold the duplicity of self, which reinforces non-acceptance of self. Therefore, how may you be accepting of another?

Think to your philosophies that you have studied within your religious elements. All religions express that you may not love another if you are not loving of self. This essentially is the same concept. You may not be accepting of others if you are not accepting of self, therefore once again returning to our sapling story. Concentrate on self, and therefore allow yourself to be accepting of others. There is no wrong. All individuals shall interpret information within their own manner, and they shall allow themselves their own widening. They do not all accomplish within the same time framework. They do not all accomplish within the same method; but your shift is in motion.

In this, these individuals, as yourself, who have drawn yourselves to interaction with this essence hold, as I have stated previously, a tremendous responsibility within consciousness that you have chosen. This has not been thrust upon you. You have chosen to be helpful and to take this responsibility within consciousness in furthering the action of this shift; this being your crusade, and the greatest crusade of your time framework to date. Your religious crusades within the past, as you view it, hold no comparison to the significance of this action within consciousness.

As I have stated, all individuals within the entirety of your globe, your entire planet ... this is very many individuals ... shall experience this shift. They shall be experiencing these subjective bleed-throughs. They shall also not all understand their experience. You have begun already. You already hold a partial understanding of this action. You may move through your focus objectively and experience subjective bleed-through information and recognize that this is subjective information. You may look about you and view subjective unofficial information in many different areas. You may look to science. You may look to your television. You may look to a sentence that another individual offers you, and you may view unofficial information and recognize that it is unofficial information.

In this, you hold more information than other individuals. Many individuals shall be struggling with these experiences. They do not understand. It is not your mission to be pounding information into their brain. It is your purpose to be supportive, accepting, and helpful in any manner that you may be, without judgment.

TOM: Judgment is hard. Judgment is probably one of the hardest belief systems to get rid of, and I've tried.

ELIAS: Acceptance is the key. If you are focusing upon eliminating judgment you shall fail, in your terms, for you are treating a symptom. If you are focusing upon self and acceptance, you shall automatically allow judgment to drift away. If you are concerned with self, you shall not be concerned with the interpretation of another. If you are looking without, you shall confuse and frustrate yourself, for you may not dictate to another individual their movement. You may influence, but your influence must be within an area that may be accepted. You experience confusion for you have allowed yourself subjective interaction in viewing other focuses and the objective of crusading and this confuses you, for within this crusade, so to speak, the objective is different.

TOM: There is none.

ELIAS: There is! Within your past history, your objectives have been without; an attempt to be altering other individual's perceptions and belief systems of any given subject. The crusades, in all areas within your past histories, have been outward projections; attempts to be altering and changing other individuals; this also being why they have failed. This crusade, within this shift, moves in what you term to be the opposite direction. It is not to be altering other individual's perceptions.

TOM: Just my own.

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Okay. Going with, as you use it, my past history, give me, and this is only for my validation, past focuses real quick, so I can put the image to it, and the images being the images that I've been seeing, but not liking all of the images that I've been seeing.

ELIAS: I shall offer you, in connection with this present focus that you hold attention within, your bleed-through information of attempting to sway other individuals within their belief systems, within what you commonly term religious crusades. You have held two particular focuses; one within European Christian crusades, and one also within location that you now classify as Middle Eastern, within Islamic crusades; both outwardly focused to be influencing and changing and conquering ...

TOM: With a cavalier attitude! Just going out there and doing it!

ELIAS: ... other individuals, to be swaying their belief systems; this particular focus within Islamic belief systems being much more violent and active.

TOM: Persia.

ELIAS: (Nodding) The beliefs held were very strong and genuine. The attempt at altering other individual's belief systems was what you would term to be righteous. You believed in this cause. You offer yourself this information of these bleed-throughs that you may compare, and that you may view presently that this method is inefficient. You offer yourself this information to allow yourself an understanding of this shift, and that the purpose within this shift is not to be focusing upon other individuals outside of self and changing their perception, in contrary to previous focuses.

Each individual objectively offers themselves subjective information that they may understand and that they may connect with to be furthering their movement within the accomplishment of this shift. Your particular choice is to be offering yourself visualizations of other focuses. This you view to be concrete information, solid information that is you. Therefore, this objectively is an efficient method for you to be connecting with information and allowing yourself a new perception. You may compare, and therefore you may understand the movement presently more completely. Other individuals choose different experiences; some choosing to be incorporating other focuses for information, some choosing to be connecting with unofficial information within this present now and not offering information of other focuses. It matters not. All of your attempts within connection of subjective information shall be helpful to be adding to your understanding of the movement which is presently occurring.

You confuse yourself only in the element that you do not see the action of your present crusade and the movement of this; but just as small ones within physical focus must learn of themselves and must understand the physical workings of their tiny bodies in order to be manipulating those tiny bodies intentionally, you also offer yourself information of self and practice elements before you may move into the action of your crusade.

A small one learns to identify with their body as themselves. They learn that they hold complete control of their objective expression. They learn within what you term to be stages to be efficiently manipulating. (Here, Elias holds up one hand and wiggles his fingers in front of his face) They look to little tiny fingers and recognize this as self. "It is not belonging to another. It is belonging to me. It is me!" And as they recognize the "me-ness" of themselves, they also learn to be manipulating that me in the directions that they consciously choose. They learn that they may move their own little feet intentionally and walk across a floor to accomplish movement in their own goal, and they practice, and they become more efficient at the movement and manipulation of their expression.

In this same manner, you are learning to accept you as you. You are viewing the "me-ness". You are allowing yourself to be acquainted with your own consciousness, and therefore you allow yourself the opportunity to learn to be manipulating this consciousness intentionally. In this, you offer yourself ... just as the small one on its little feet trodding across a floor, you toddle within your consciousness to be accomplishing aspects of movement in connection with this shift ... you offer yourself practice elements. Each of you practices with those individuals that you are, in your view, closest to objectively, for this offers you the opportunity to be stumbling upon your little feet.

TOM: I'm stumbling now!

ELIAS: (Smiling) But this is acceptable, for you move quickly into the expansion. It has begun. In this expansion, many more individuals shall be incorporated. Many shall be inquisitive. Many shall be experiencing subjective movement that they do not understand, and those individuals that have been involved with this forum hold information to be shared, including yourself.

TOM: Well, as you know, I'm not much for socializing. I'm really not. I am more so with Jeri/Fromasch. I don't know why. It's her and I together, versus me individually. I'm not much of one to socialize. I'll sit there and converse with people, and again, I'll try to push my point across, but for me to get out and socially be with a bunch of people, it's just not my forte.

ELIAS: This is not necessary. The movement is within consciousness. It is not necessary to be objectively engaging many other individuals, but your affectingness within consciousness must be directed, and in this it must be directed with acceptance.

I offer you a break, and if you are wishing more questions I shall return and continue.

TOM: Thank you.

Note: At this point, Tom indicated that he had enough information, but Mary had a strong sense that Elias wasn't finished.

BREAK 12:32 PM RESUME 12:42 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: In continuing, I express to you once again, acceptance of self is of utmost importance. Realize that although you experience presently a void, this is for the reason that you do not apply yourself to the crusade of this shift. You do not quite understand the massive importance of this action. This action is different from historical movements. There is no ...

TOM: Religious salvation at the end of the light?

ELIAS: No. There is no shouting and masses banding together objectively, drawing upon each other's energy objectively, generating excitement. Within many crusades of your past history, this has been a commonality in motivation. You may view objectively that individuals move together and reinforce each other objectively with energy within a cause. In this, the cause becomes greater than all else. This furthers movement as it generates excitement within all of the individuals. One individual may experience within the midst of a movement much apathy, but as they are exposed objectively to the wave of energy of other individuals, they are swept into this tornado of movement and their apathy dissipates. They lose themselves, so to speak, within the cause. In this, the cause becomes all-important.

This has been your past history. Presently you do not experience this sweep of excitement and emotion, for this shift is dependent upon self. You, as all other individuals globally, are unfamiliar with motivating self. You may believe that you are self-motivating, but within movement and affectingness of other individuals you are familiar with waves of energy that objectively influence you to be moving forward, in your terms.

This shift is motivated within. It is not moved outwardly. The movement continues in like manner in a massive wave of consciousness, gaining energy and support, but it is not expressed objectively in the same manner that you are familiar with historically. Therefore, you experience a void, for you are unfamiliar with this type of movement. Your feelings are different. Within an objective wave of crusade, your feelings are influenced by action of the masses. Your feelings may be swayed, and you may be creating these feelings to be aligning with the masses. In this wave, you do not know what to be feeling!

TOM: You're right!

ELIAS: Therefore you flounder, for there is no objective expression of wave moving you. You must be dependent upon self. This is unfamiliar. You must be dependent upon trusting self and allowing self to be connecting subjectively with the wave of consciousness. Then you must be trusting of self to initiate your own feeling, which shall be motivating of you. You are unfamiliar with this action. Therefore, you pull back.

TOM: I shun. I keep you away. I keep everybody away!

ELIAS: Quite, this being why I speak with you this day, to offer you information to be listening to self and these experiences. In this, also be remembering objectively of the importance of this shift and the choice that you have accepted.

TOM: But this acceptance was done (inaudible) history to future. This acceptance was done here to this point.

ELIAS: And also now. Not futurely, not past. Now! If this choice was not accepted, you would not be speaking with me. Therefore, you continue within your choice to be accepting of this shift within consciousness and you inquire of how to be efficiently engaging the action of this shift, and I express to you to be taking advantage of your own subjective activity and also to be taking advantage of the practice element that you present yourself with objectively.

TOM: All aspects of it.

ELIAS: Correct. Be remembering, with each objective encounter, that you offer yourself the opportunity to practice objectifying this shift. Each encounter that you engage, with Fromasch as an example, is an opportunity for you to be practicing objectifying this shift, practicing trusting of self, listening to self, and acceptance.

TOM: Acceptance is the hard part. Being of the history, for me, the acceptance now is hard for me to accept because of the history. That's what I'm having a problem with.

ELIAS: Acceptance is difficult for all individuals. You are privy to other focuses which influence your thought process and therefore influence you in the direction of your belief system, that this creates more difficulty for you. All individuals, in different aspects, experience great difficulty in acceptance.

This shift is unlike any other type of consciousness that you have experienced upon your planet to this present now, since the time of your Dream Walkers. Therefore your focuses, be they simultaneous, throughout your history are unfamiliar also with this action. You hold only one, as do any other individuals, that holds an understanding of this action within consciousness; that being the focus of the Seer.

TOM: Which I can't grab all the time. I can't. I don't know why.

ELIAS: Quite. There are many other focuses simultaneously occurring which hold the same experience within consciousness as do you presently, within this present now attention. They are unfamiliar with the action of this shift also. Therefore, it is very difficult and unfamiliar to be accepting.

TOM: Validation, validation on other focuses real quick.

ELIAS: I believe this is unnecessary, for I have offered you two which have not been presented within previous discussions.

TOM: No, but I visualized them. I don't need the validation. I know they're there.

ELIAS: I shall validate you in expressing to you that what you view is reality.

TOM: I'm sure of that, and like I said, it's pretty damn confusing at times. It really is, Elias!

ELIAS: A beginning focus point for you may be to look to the importance and the action of this shift.

TOM: I'm gonna look at it like that.

ELIAS: Allow yourself this as a beginning motivation, for this holds great importance.

TOM: I'm gonna champion for Mary on this, and you, and Vicki, as much as I can. I have to have something, because like I was telling Mary and Vicki on the break, there's zero. Actually, I see zero out there. If this is it, then this is what I have. Other than that, I have nothing out there. Zero. I see termination.

ELIAS: Realize that as you are allowing yourself to move into the importance and crusade of this shift, you offer yourself tremendous possibility within creativity.

TOM: Speaking of creativity, I cannot even sit down and draw anymore, and you know how I love my art. With anything else, I could sit down and draw, for whatever reason. I can't pick up a pencil and a piece of paper now and draw a bird!

ELIAS: Allow your own flow. Allow yourself permission and the privilege to be yourself, and be relaxed and accepting in that.

TOM: But dang! That could be part of my problem! Trying to be myself from birth to now has done nothing but cause me mass confusion! In trouble with the law ... Being myself has caused me a lot of problems in my life! Myself as Tom in this focus, doing whatever what I want to do, not as James, as Tom in this focus. But Tom in this focus has caused me a lot of problems in this life! I'm not gonna dwell on it, though I have dwelled on it! But I'm not gonna dwell on it, I'm gonna try to move forward. I have to do something, and if this is it, this is what I'm gonna do. I feel very much this is it 'cause I'm very much at peace, very much at rest when I read a transcript. I get the energy from the transcript, I get the points that are coming across from everyone in this forum, and I get your explanation and your answer and I believe it wholeheartedly. I'm sorry I shun you off when I do. I don't realize I do it. I really don't!

ELIAS: No apology is necessary.

TOM: Well, I feel I should give you an apology because I don't know when I shun you off. I don't know when I do it ... but there is times when I do know when I've done it.

ELIAS: This is understood and accepted, for as I have stated to you already, you may not be accepting of what you view to be outside if you are not accepting inside, and as you battle with your turmoil inside, you hold at bay all else. As you learn to be accepting of self and your own expression and become comfortable with this, you shall also automatically, as a byproduct, be accepting of all else.

TOM: It'll flow naturally.

ELIAS: Quite.

TOM: Okay. I will do my damndest to accept Tom.

ELIAS: Do not try so intently.

TOM: It'll come naturally?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to relax and accept. It is not an issue of effort. As you try so desperately, many times you thwart your own efforts.

TOM: Thank you Elias, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be anticipating ...

TOM: Be banging on my head, will ya?

ELIAS: ... your participation ...

TOM: And this Saturday, I'll be there.

ELIAS: Very well.

TOM: I'll try to get to more Sunday groups. It's easier for me ... not so much easier. I have time, it's quiet, it's peaceful, I can read a transcript. I get the energy from it. I get the points.

ELIAS: This is acceptable. I do not express to you that it is ultimately necessary that you participate physically, objectively within the forum of the sessions. If you are uncomfortable, this is acceptable.

TOM: No, it's not that. I just don't get as much out of the forum as I do the transcript. Sure, I get the gist of what was said and how it was said, but I digest it better when I read it. I really, really do. You don't know how many times I've picked up a transcript on a Sunday when I know you guys are here.

ELIAS: Ah, but I do!

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and you may engage this essence futurely if you are so choosing also.

TOM: Okay. I appreciate that.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall bid you all this afternoon an affectionate adieu, and extend my offer once again to Lawrence. I shall be waiting. Adieu!

Elias departs at 1:07 PM.


(1) Elias refers to the sapling story so often that I have attached it to this transcript. It's on a separate page so it can be printed out singularly and saved for future reference. Enjoy!

The Sapling Story

September 13, 1995 Session #37 (An exerpt)

I will give you a small story which you may contemplate through this week. In this, be thinking of belief systems and of connections.

My story incorporates two saplings, both exactly identical, both newly growing; one growing naturally and reaching towards the sun and basking within its rays, and drinking naturally of the rain and resting to the moon. The other is looking around and is viewing the sky and is seeing the sun and is saying to itself, "Maybe I should be growing at night. The sun is very hot. It may burn me or it may sap my energy, and the rain is very wet and it gets all over me and I am not sure I am liking of this rain and I am not sure that it is making me grow properly, and maybe I should be investigating where this rain is coming from and I should be analyzing the sunrays to be sure that I am incorporating the proper vitamins, or maybe the moon is more friendly to my growth and I would grow taller if I am growing at nighttime, while this idiot sapling next to me is being stunted by the sun."

And in the morning, the one sapling is stretching its newly formed branches and uncurling its soft leaves and growing within complete trust, and the other sapling in the morning is viewing the same sun and is looking at the beautifully formed other sapling and it is looking like this: (Here, Elias twists his body and face into a grotesque contortion)

Now; this story is about belief systems and the noticing of these belief systems. It is also about trust and connection. It also incorporates proper personal responsibility. The one trusting sapling incorporates a genuine personal responsibility in not trying to change or help the analyzing sapling, but as it grows true and strong and trusting it radiates an example. It shines in its essence as an example to the other sapling; and as the other sapling unconvolutes itself throughout the day, it notices the straight sapling and it chooses the focus of effortlessness and trust as being easier, for it has been shown an example. Therefore, be all the trusting, straight saplings, radiating your example.

© 1997 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.