Session 971
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Moving Your Attention Away from a Dis-Ease


"Uncreating - or Moving Your Attention Away from - a Dis-Ease"
"Communicating with the Disengaged"

Sunday, December 2, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Tim (Coulum)
Elias arrives at 11:56 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

TIM: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome!

TIM: Thank you. Actually, I wanted to start off by thanking you for all of this information you're providing to us here. It's been very useful, very fascinating, as I kind of read the sessions and try to assimilate the information. I appreciate it very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TIM: Actually, you know, another thing - a couple of weeks ago I had an experience. I read in the sessions where you're playful with certain individuals in energy. I entered an elevator and as I entered the elevator, the elevator was already lit up to my floor, and I was thinking at that moment that perhaps this was Elias being playful.

ELIAS: Correct!

TIM: Oh, really!

ELIAS: And introductory.

TIM: Interesting! Do you recall the floor number that was pressed?

ELIAS: Ha ha! It matters not, for it has been generated by YOUR energy in association with the recognition of my energy.

TIM: Ah, interesting; okay. Well, great.

A couple things: I've been reading a lot about and trying to assimilate the concepts that we create our own reality, all of our own reality. I understand at a consciousness level that that makes perfect sense, obviously, that we're all one and so of course we would create all of our reality at that level. And even at an essence level it seems to make sense that the essence is able to create the focus of attentions and basically kind of set up movements that the essence wants to explore.

The challenge that I'm having is, at the focus of attention level just trying to understand ... and I know there's no real separation, but from the perception of it, a focus of attention, there seems to be less power to create our reality based on desires and things that the focus of attention is, I guess, focusing on objectively. I wanted to talk a little about that.

ELIAS: Very well.

TIM: Actually, maybe a good way to start is, I've been thinking about it as I try to assimilate it, and get a concept here that if I think about the entire physical body as an essence, a focus of attention could be the fingers, if you will, where each focus is moving independently of the other focuses, or each finger is moving independently, but they're all connected, obviously.

ELIAS: Correct.

TIM: And one finger doesn't necessarily know what the other finger is doing or can really control the other finger, but also the fingers are really directed by the overall physical consciousness, if you will. The finger can't go off and move by itself, or go off in any direction without being directed. Is that the way a focus of attention operates from an essence standpoint?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

TIM: Interesting. The other thought that I wanted to explore is, as I try to understand how much power an individual focus has to create their reality, I thought a good analogy is like a football stadium, a football game occurring, and there's obviously 80,000 people in the stands, or different focuses of attention. There's a number of focuses of attention on the field that are actually playing in the game; there's many other focuses of attention at home on their sofa watching the game unfold on television.

As we create our own reality - I'm trying to understand at the focus of attention level - specifically the quarterback, for example, he wants to score touchdowns and win the game but he doesn't always get that reality because there's a bunch of other focuses of attention on the field who want another reality. They want to stop the quarterback or not have him win the game; they want to win the game. So, at this point when everyone's trying to create their own reality with different objectives in mind, it's confusing who has the power to really create their reality. Can you help me out with that?

ELIAS: Very well, we shall incorporate your analogy of this game.

Now; you assume that the individual that you identify as the quarterback wants to win the game.

TIM: Correct.

ELIAS: And perhaps, generally speaking, prior to the engagement of this game in actuality he may want to win the game. But in the actual playing of the game, his attention may not necessarily be within every moment directed to winning the game. The attention may be focused upon strategies or movements or may be directed to other players, and therefore the want in the moment may not be winning the game.

You create your reality moment by moment. In this, you create outcomes in each moment dependent upon where you are directing your attention, not dependent upon what other individuals are choosing or creating but dependent upon where YOU are directing YOUR attention, for your reality in actuality is created through the mechanism of your perception.

Now; I may express to you, I am quite understanding of the challenge and difficulty that is generated by individuals concerning this concept that you do in actuality create EVERY aspect of your reality, for you incorporate tremendous strength in your beliefs and your automatic responses to them. This is the reason that I continue to reiterate to individuals to be paying attention to their automatic responses, to be noticing their automatic responses, for the concept of attention in itself in the reality of it is unfamiliar.

There are many expressions within your reality that have been distorted, and you have created misdefinitions, in a manner of speaking, for many aspects of your reality. In the definitions that you hold, you limit yourselves and your abilities and your power, so to speak.

I shall express to you in response to your questioning of how much power does the actual focus of attention incorporate, you incorporate as much power as a focus of attention as you do as essence. For although I express to you that your analogy concerning the finger as compared to a focus of attention, being connected and not separated from the whole of the body, is correct in a manner of speaking, I am also understanding that within your expression of this analogy you are also expressing an association that there is a greater consciousness that is directing of that finger...

TIM: Correct.

ELIAS: ...that the finger is not creating through its own choice, that another aspect of consciousness is directing of it.

This is a snare, my friend. This is associated with a mass belief, in viewing that there is some aspect of yourself that is greater than yourself and is also directing of you and is hidden from you.

Now; this is the reason that I offer information concerning you each as individuals and your functions, and offer re-defining of terms of your functions as a focus of attention and as essence, that you may allow yourselves to become familiar with what you actually generate and what your attention is and where you move your attention. As I have stated previously, your attention is the wheel that steers your ship. Your perception is the ship; it moves where your attention directs it.

TIM: Makes sense.

ELIAS: In this...

TIM: On a more personal note along those same lines, I've been struggling, I guess that's the correct word ... a few months ago I was diagnosed with a disease called Crohn's disease. As I've been learning more about that I create my own reality, I've been trying to cure myself, if you will, from a disease that currently medical science here has no cure or answer for. As I read what you've told us, it seems like all I need to do is hear the signal that this disease is giving me, some sort of a signal, the phone ringing for example, and try to pick up on that signal. Then as you mentioned about acceptance, the hard stage of acceptance, once we identify and define and understand the signal, is addressing the signal.

So I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to address the Crohn's disease as a signal and basically get the message, then eliminate the disease and move on because I've gotten the message. I was wondering if diet is the way to address this particular disease, or if it is unnecessary for diet or medicine, and I can just do that via my awareness or my thought process? I was wondering if you can help me with that a bit.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you first of all, I am acknowledging of your assimilation and understanding that you are offering yourself a message; and in this, creating the method to be altering this choice may be generated in steps. For within your reality, it may appear initially that you merely shall receive the message and thusly allow yourself to discontinue generating this dis-ease, and I may express to you, simply put, you are correct.

But as you do align with mass beliefs and you also as an individual appreciate complication (laughs), in like manner to many other individuals, you may not necessarily actually generate that type of action instantaneously, for you are also moving in a direction of becoming familiar with yourself. You have generated this dis-ease to facilitate that movement.

TIM: That's kind of what I thought.

ELIAS: For this creates a focal point for you to turn your attention to you and be exploring these concepts of moving your attention, of listening to not merely signals but communications that you offer to yourself, and familiarizing yourself with you and HOW you create all of your reality, and in a manner of speaking experimenting with these concepts to validate them to yourself as reality, that in actuality this is correct and this IS what you generate.

Now; within the creation of dis-ease there are many actions that are occurring. You may be offering to yourself many different expressions to be examining simultaneously, and this may be overwhelming if you are moving into attempting to be addressing to all of these expressions and beliefs simultaneously. Therefore, you may begin in recognizing that you have chosen to be creating this dis-ease. You have not merely created it, but it is also a choice.

TIM: Correct.

ELIAS: And once acknowledging to yourself that you have chosen it, rather than questioning yourself concerning WHY you have chosen it, allow yourself to move your attention to examine how you interact with this choice, first of all allowing yourself to pay attention to your expressions of non-acceptance of your choice and generating struggle with the actual dis-ease.

The mere expression of "I wish to be uncreating of this dis-ease or curing myself of this dis-ease" is to be noticed in itself, for this is an outward expression of your struggle with it and your lack of acceptance of it.

TIM: Interesting, because from an objective standpoint it seems like I want to obviously create a new choice of not having this disease, acknowledging the benefit of my initial choice of having the disease because it did help me learn, explore and experiment, and try to find ways of curing, in essence. So at some point, though, I'm hoping objectively that I can create a new choice that eliminates the disease, and I can go off and explore other things. That's the objective reality, or my objective self seems to want to create that reality (Elias smiles), and this goes back to the analogy of the fingers. My objective self (unintelligible) reality, but perhaps my essence self continues to want to present the challenge.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, once again, there is no difference.

TIM: I understand that intellectually.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; you have also in this statement offered yourself a key. You have expressed to myself, "I wish to be generating a new choice. I am appreciating of what I have chosen and my exploration with this dis-ease, and now I wish to be generating a new choice and therefore discontinue choosing this dis-ease, and that shall allow me to move in a new direction and generate a new exploration."

This is a key; listen to what you are expressing. You are expressing the belief that you must discontinue this choice prior to generating another choice. You must uncreate this dis-ease as a prerequisite to movement in another direction.

Now; I may express to you, it is merely a matter of moving your attention. In this now, you may move your attention and in moving your attention and not holding your attention upon creating the dis-ease, you shall create a different expression and a different direction. But this is not expressed in the future; it is expressed in the now.

As I have stated, you create in each moment. You choose in each moment. Therefore, in certain moments you are not generating this dis-ease; in other moments, you are. It appears to you objectively that you are creating this dis-ease continuously, for you are choosing to be generating this expression consistently - not necessarily CONTINUOUSLY but consistently.

TIM: I understand that.

ELIAS: And you create it as you continue to hold your attention in this expression.

TIM: So the key, I guess, to addressing this is to move my attention away from creating the dis-ease? Am I understanding correctly?

ELIAS: Yes! In moving your attention, you no longer focus your concentration upon generating this choice, and you allow yourself to choose another expression or another exploration.

Your attention is not thought. It may be directed to thought, but it is not thought.

TIM: If it's not thought, my understanding of what attention might be is just the attention of my consciousness, but objectively I don't know if I understand the method of moving my attention.

ELIAS: I am QUITE aware, for this is one of the elements of yourselves within physical focus which has been misdefined in a manner of speaking, for your automatic association with attention is thought. Your automatic association with concentration is thought. It is unfamiliar to be allowing yourselves to recognize what you are concentrating upon not in association with thought, and that your attention is actually not thought.

You may actually experiment with this concept, if you are so choosing. For as I have stated NUMEROUS times, noticing is your greatest tool, and in noticing you may allow yourself to recognize that your attention may be directed in an area that is not incorporating thought.

Let me express to you, my friend, as an example, an individual may be incorporating moments in which they may be directing their attention quite intensely outwardly in engaging sound, such as music. The attention is focused upon an outer sense and generating a stimulation of that particular sense and allowing energy to move in resonance with tones that you generate inwardly. This is a technical description of what you generate in this type of action.

Now; the individual in the moment of this action is not incorporating thought, or it appears that they are not incorporating thought. In actuality, you ARE incorporating thought, but you are not paying attention to the thought expression. You are paying attention and concentrating upon a different action.

Pain may be generated by an individual, and the individual may move their attention quite intensely to this expression of pain and not be aware in a particular moment of any thought. This is not to say that the thoughts are not being generated. You are merely not paying attention to the thoughts.

Many times individuals shall move their attention momentarily to the communication or the signal of the communication of emotions, and momentarily shall not be directing their attention to thought. These are examples of moving your attention and that it is not an expression of thought.

TIM: I see.

ELIAS: You naturally move your attention continuously, but you also have become very familiar with your expressions of thought and you pay attention to thought more than you pay attention to other actions. You also have created a belief that thought precedes creating and that it generates creations, and it does not.

TIM: Although physically, as we try to address and create, quite often thought is a part of creating. But it just not necessarily has to be, is that what you're saying?

ELIAS: It is quite, in your terms, a part of creating, for it is a mechanism that you have created in this physical dimension to be translating objectively what you are generating. Therefore it is, in a manner of speaking, part of what you are creating for it is translating what you are creating.

This is the mechanism that you have created to offer yourselves an objective translation. But this is its function, merely to be translating, identifying in an objective expression, not to be actually creating. What actually creates your reality objectively is your perception, and your perception is exceptionally powerful.

TIM: So in addressing this disease, I turn my attention away from the disease and I guess alter my perception away from the disease as well?


TIM: Well, I will explore that further and certainly could use your help from an energy standpoint, helping me understand that as well, anything you can do.

ELIAS: And you shall have it.

TIM: Thank you, sir.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

TIM: I wanted to talk about ... actually, you mentioned earlier that a lot of our beliefs limit our power to create our reality here. Just to play with that idea, human beings, we have a belief that here on planet Earth we cannot fly because of gravitational force fields, and the lack of wings and our weight and all of that stuff. Are you saying that if we eliminate that belief that we cannot fly that we in fact could fly or levitate in this physical dimension, in effect change the rules of the blueprint of this physical dimension?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you, the point is not to be eliminating beliefs or even to be changing them, but rather to be recognizing and acknowledging the existence of your beliefs in this physical dimension, for they are an aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension and you are not eliminating them even in this shift in consciousness. You are moving into accepting these beliefs and therefore not incorporating the judgments concerning them, and in that action allowing yourself choice.

Now; in this, in relation to your question concerning your ability to fly or not fly, I may express to you there are individuals that do allow themselves what you term to be actual physical levitation within your physical dimension.

You are not recreating the blueprint of your physical dimension in this shift in consciousness. What you ARE creating is a redefining of your reality and allowing yourselves to discontinue these limitations that you have created in automatic responses. This is what generates limitation.

TIM: Interesting. So these individuals that allow themselves to do this, in essence they're not doing anything more complicated other than allowing themselves to not play by the rules that everyone else has, in essence beliefs that everyone else has that they can't fly. These individuals would simply say, "I don't adhere to that particular belief and I believe I can," and so they do. Is it as simple as that?

ELIAS: In actuality, in these types of expressions the individuals recognize that these are merely beliefs. It is not necessarily a question of expressing that they believe they can, rather it is a recognition that the belief exists that you cannot create this action and this is acknowledged, and [it is] recognized that the reason individuals do not allow themselves this action is not that they incorporate the belief that they cannot generate this, but that they are creating this judgment. THAT is the expression of the "cannot."

In not generating the judgment, the expression and the perception move to "it matters not." Yes, the belief of gravity and weight and design of physical form expresses that you, as your species, are not designed to float within your air, so to speak, but it matters not and I as an individual may choose to be creating this action, regardless of the belief, for it is merely a matter of choice.

TIM: Interesting, interesting.

The other thing I wanted to touch upon actually, disengaging and when a focus disengages, I was curious as to ... I guess nothing really changes. Because time is simultaneous, the focus doesn't go away, they simply are no longer engaging in the physical body consciousness that they once did.

There's a television program with a gentleman named John Edward, and he, I guess, is able to tune into certain energy of focuses that have disengaged, primarily it seems for the purpose of validating to the focuses that are still in the physical dimension here that they are okay and they still exist. I'm curious, exactly what is happening when they are coming through and speaking through John Edward to these folks? I guess the first question is, is it a valid experience that John Edward is having with these focuses?

ELIAS: It is a valid experience in association with energy.

TIM: That's what I thought.

ELIAS: It is not an actual energy exchange of the essences, so to speak, and it is not actually the type of communication that you associate with in your understanding of communication, for the individual is allowing an openness to energy expressions, not actual interaction with an individual focus that has disengaged.

TIM: Interesting. It's a good point that you bring that up, because it seems a less efficient way of communication than for example what you and Mary engage in.

ELIAS: It is quite a different expression. In this type of action that that individual engages, there is an exchange of energy between himself and individuals that interact with him within physical focus. He is allowing himself a valid exchange of energy in one layer of consciousness in relation to the physically focused individuals that he is interacting with, and allowing himself an openness to be tapping into an energy expression - in a manner of speaking, an energy deposit, so to speak - of the individual that has disengaged. But it is not a direct exchange, so to speak, in the manner in which he directly exchanges with individuals that continue within physical focus.

TIM: Right. One of the things that are curious is some of the energy deposits that he's picking up on oftentimes will be communicating to the loved one that is still here that "I saw you at the wedding or the big family event; I was there for that, I was watching. I saw what you were wearing and what you did," and in physical terms that would be impossible because the focus had disengaged prior to that particular event in our time framework.

But if it's an energy deposit, it seems like there is some future knowledge, at least. Or I guess a better question is, is the focus that disengaged still intact as an energy essence, and are they able to visit a wedding, if you will, and see what is going on here in the physical world?

ELIAS: Yes and no. In these types of examples there is an expression of distortion which is occurring, for there is, figuratively speaking, a triangular action of energy which is being expressed.

The individual is tapping into an energy expression of the individual that has disengaged, but it is not SPECIFIC in association with your physical expressions, first of all. It is more of a generalized expression of energy. The specifics in relation to events are being expressed by the individuals within physical focus; this is an offering of energy that the central individual is tapping into in relation to the physically focused individuals. In these two actions, the central individual combines the energy expressions and creates a translation through the combination of the energies, and may express specific information concerning events or actions or manifestations; but this is not necessarily a direct communication or expression singularly offered by the focus that has disengaged.

Now; is it possible for a focus of attention to turn its attention to the physical manifestations? Yes. Is it possible for a focus of attention that has disengaged, in a manner of speaking to tune into this physical dimension and view actions that are occurring in this physical dimension? Yes. It is a different action, though. For once the attention is moved from the singular manifestation in this physical dimension, the expression of singularity is not necessarily expressed and the association with time is not necessarily expressed.

Now; I may also qualify and express to you, this is dependent upon each individual and what they are generating within their movement as they disengage. It is dependent upon whether they choose to continue to incorporate objective awareness, in your terms for an extended time framework, or whether they are creating a tremendous movement in transition.

But regardless of what the individual's expression of attention is, in association with this physical dimension it is expressed quite differently. For once not singularly holding attention in association with one manifestation, there is expressed a recognition of many attentions as yourself without that expression of separation. Therefore, one attention may not appear as singularly intense and important as any other attention. Are you understanding?

TIM: I think so.

ELIAS: This is not a discounting of any one attention, but merely a recognition that it is continuing and is being expressed and is not necessarily more important than any other attention.

TIM: Right, I understand. Our time is running low.

A couple of last things: I was curious if you could help me understand my essence name, family, alignment, orientation, so that I could kind of explore that a little bit before our next call?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Coulum, C-O-U-L-U-M (CALL um). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common.

TIM: How about for my wife, Jacqueline, the same information? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Mierra, M-I-E-R-R-A (MERE ah). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common.

TIM: Thank you very much, and I'll explore some of that further.

One last question before you go. Obviously from a religious belief standpoint the information you've offered certainly blows a lot of the religious beliefs kind of out of the water, if you will. I was curious about just the Jesus focus, for example. Based on our records here physically, obviously that focus did exist physically. Some questions are did he or was he able to perform the miracles, if you will, of healing others that are in the Bible and other records?

ELIAS: I may express to you, these in actuality are what you may associate as stories.

TIM: The other thought was, as a focus of attention, you had mentioned in some of the earlier information that he was an example to others. Was that really the purpose of that focus of attention?

ELIAS: In part, yes.

TIM: And as you mentioned, in consciousness there is no above or below; everyone is of the same importance.

ELIAS: Correct.

TIM: A lot of information offered by this focus, though, was contradictory to that, saying he was the Son of the Father. Can you elaborate? Perhaps did we misdefine that or misinterpret that in our records here?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for these expressions are in association with the religious era, so to speak, and therefore also in alignment with a particular direction of exploration that you have individually and collectively created.

In a manner of speaking, in the design of this physical dimension you create movements of exploration in association with this physical dimension, and you create Source Events, so to speak, which you partially insert into this physical reality as a direction of exploration. Therefore, you have created a religious direction as what you may term to be an era, so to speak, in which you generated a movement of exploration in relation to these beliefs. As a different type of exploration, you are generating another era, so to speak, now in inserting this shift in consciousness into your physical reality, in which you allow yourself a different type of exploration.

That exploration was generated outwardly, therefore the direction was outward; this expression, this era, is being directed inward. The expression of the religious era also was being directed collectively. The expression of this shift in consciousness is being directed in relation to the individual.

TIM: I understand.

Finally, before we go, I appreciate once again all the information you are providing to us regarding the shift in consciousness. As I am reading materials and other things, after understanding the information you provided, I see a lot of evidence that the shift is occurring elsewhere or that other individuals are kind of aware of some of what seems to be the true essence of some of the things you are informing us of. Aside from you helping us with the shift, I would imagine there are other vehicles and other energy sources also helping with the shift. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Many, yes.

TIM: I see, that's what I thought.

Again, to be fair to Mary, I want to make sure we stick with our time. I really enjoyed the time to speak with you. I appreciate everything that you're doing, once again, to help us in our struggles to minimize confusion, if you will, and I invite you to have fun and play with me and continue to offer energy exchange to help me in this process.

ELIAS: And so I shall, my friend.

TIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

TIM: And so do I. I look forward to it.

ELIAS: I offer to you tremendous affection and much encouragement. To you in lovingness, au revoir.

TIM: Thank you.

Elias departs at 1:04 PM.

(1) Originally expressed as: "For although I express to you that your analogy concerning the finger as compared to a focus of attention but being connected and not separated from the whole of the body is correct in a manner of speaking, but I am also understanding that within your expression of this analogy you are also expressing an association that there is a greater consciousness that is directing of that finger..."

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