Session 199

The Keyword Is Acceptance


"The Keyword Is Acceptance"

Thursday, July 24, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), David (Mylo), and Dennis (Gaylord).
Elias arrives at 6:19 PM. (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening.

DENNIS: Good evening!

ELIAS: You are requesting audience? (Smiling)

DENNIS: Yes. My first question is of a spiritual nature. When I started out in life ... my father is a minister in a Protestant religion and he started me on a spiritual path, but sometimes I feel as if I've gone off the path and that I've got a wall, or a fog has gone around my head and it's hard to break free from it. And I want to know if right now I'm on the right path, and how to bring back that spiritual nature that was in my life earlier. (Pause)

ELIAS: In many situations, this may be a common experience with individuals. Presently, within the beginning throes of your shift in consciousness, more and more individuals shall be moving into this type of area of experience. This is a moving away from the established religious belief systems and a recognition that these are belief systems. In this, many different experiences may occur, one being a temporary feeling of a veil covering you.


ELIAS: This is an action that many individuals within their consciousness objectively and subjectively choose, to be allowing information subjectively to be assimilating in alignment with this shift. As the alignment continues and the incorporation of information is allowed, there is a beginning in a feeling of this veil being lifted. Therefore, you may anticipate that this be coming in your next step within your movement, so to speak. In this, this is a common choice for the beginning movements into this new awareness, eliminating stressful conflict and confusion and trauma initially. It is unnecessary to be experiencing much rebellion, in a recognition that religious belief systems are not wrong or incorrect. They need only be recognized as belief systems and accepted. Therefore, individuals holding religious belief systems and what you term to be backgrounds may be easing into this shift in many cases with slightly less conflict than other individuals holding different belief systems, and not acknowledging that they also hold religious belief systems. As you recognize that you do hold religious belief systems and do not buck against this and do not cause friction within yourself, you allow yourself more of an ease in moving into an acceptance of these, recognizing that these be belief systems and that none are right or wrong. They merely are. They are how you have created your existence and your reality for centuries; and as you are moving into a new season of consciousness within this shift, you do not eliminate the belief systems that have been held. You merely accept and acknowledge these belief systems, in a knowing that they hold no power over you and that you are much more than merely these belief systems. Therefore, this method, so to speak, of disengagement temporarily from your religious element offers you the opportunity to gather information, and to open to the realization of this shift in consciousness and what you are becoming, and allows you the opportunity to widen your awareness without conflict.

Many individuals appear within this forum and express to this essence, "I hold no belief systems within religious elements." Quite incorrect! (Laughter) No individual who has presented themselves to this essence presently holds no belief systems within religious elements! You all hold religious belief systems. This is how you have created your reality! This is quite acceptable. It has been created purposefully and quite efficiently. Therefore, those individuals that resist an acknowledgment of religious elements within their consciousness and their belief systems struggle and create much more conflict in attempting to widen their awareness, for their acceptance holds great resistance.

In this, you may present a fine example to individuals within this forum, of opposition to their belief systems; that you shall be creating much conflict with those individuals that hold religious belief systems, for this is not the issue that you think it is. There is a recognition of spirituality. There is a recognition of elements beyond your physical focus. There is a recognition of greaterness than what you see. In this, it may be easier for many individuals such as yourself to be accepting slightly altered perceptions of what you already believe; these being merely alterations in identification of words and ideas, such as identifications that you hold within religious belief systems of God as greater than yourself or separate from yourself, this being translated newly into God as yourself and no thing being greater than consciousness, which is all of you.

These time periods that you feel this veil, if you are so choosing, which in part you are or you would not be within audience of this essence presently, shall be short-lived, so to speak; for you already incorporate the desire and the recognition for movement, and are allowing the information to now be incorporated objectively and not merely subjectively.

DENNIS: Okay. On the same line of questioning, I have two children. Both children have been raised in the Jewish religion. I feel that once they got through the process of learning Hebrew and learning the prayers, that now I don't see my son falling back on it. I don't see any more spiritual growth in him from doing that process. The same thing with my daughter. My wife is Jewish. We're raising the children, I kind of think in honor of her father who passed away, to keep going with this. But I don't know that my daughter is doing it for the right reasons, as far as learning a spiritual path. She's twelve years old. I mean, I know some people are quite advanced at twelve, but I don't know about my daughter.

ELIAS: You shall recognize that small ones within this present now hold a different direction, for they recognize this shift in consciousness already. They have been born into it, so to speak. They have chosen, as you all choose when and how you shall manifest. They have chosen to manifest within this time period knowing that they shall be within the throes of this shift in consciousness, and that it shall be actualized within their focus. Therefore, essences may choose to be manifesting into a focus presently as children of individuals holding strongly to religious belief systems and customs, and this, for their experience and understanding of their parents' and other individuals' belief systems, they shall be complying with, but also recognizing that these are belief systems and they are unnecessary. This is not to say that they shall be entirely rebellious, but may seem disinterested or distracted; this being that they are not wishing to be causing conflict within the knowing of other individuals' belief systems, but also recognizing that these are unnecessary. They are merely belief systems. They hold the ability to be widening in awareness already and they may be accomplishing even more quickly than those individuals which are focused as adults presently, for they enter the focus with the knowing of this shift. Therefore, there is already a partial acceptance of belief systems.

Do not concern yourself with ideas that small ones exhibit no spirituality or interest, for they merely recognize that spirituality in your terms is far more vastly reaching than your belief systems allow for. It is far more multidimensional and magnificent than may be allowed within the confines of your belief systems. Therefore, encourage creativity and be accepting of these small ones, for they are already aware that they create their reality. Individuals which attach to more age, so to speak, have much more difficulty in the acceptance of the concept, not mentioning the reality of, "You create your reality within every moment of your existence." This is accepted at times, but if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, many times you are also not attributing this to you creating your reality! Small ones are aware already that they are creating of their reality. They shall move with much more ease in this shift in consciousness, and lend energy to the parents in this movement. (To David) Be listening, Mylo, for you have assessed this situation backwards; that you shall be addressing to small ones, when in actuality the small ones shall be instructing of you within their allowance and acceptance.

DENNIS: Recently, my wife lost her father. He passed away. I don't think that she's dealt with it completely. David, Mylo, has known my wife as long as he's known me and he knows she's a very spiritual person, but for some reason this loss of her father ... I think now she's more skeptical of things. She wants to see, she has to see it in front of her before she will believe it's actually in front of her. Is there something I can do that can help her through this period? Which again, I don't think she's fully accepted the fact that her father has passed on.

ELIAS: The individual expresses lack of acceptance, in resistance within an angriness. This is not a lack of recognition that as an individual chooses to be disengaging from physical focus that they are not merely moving into another area of consciousness, which they are, which is accepted. But within an angriness of not accepting of the choice, the individual expresses no wishing for involvement with concepts; for each individual chooses the moment and the method of their disengagement from physical focus. Many individuals are not accepting of this choice. Therefore, this is creating angriness. This not only occurs within choices of disengagement from physical focus. It is merely another example. This is objective imagery.

Presently within this shift, a massive wave en masse of consciousness is occurring, the theme of which, within issue-addressment, is acceptance of other individuals and how they are creating of their reality and the choices that they are engaging. Therefore, this also is affecting; for all of you, in what you term to be subconscious -- although there is no subconscious -- experience affectingness in connection with mass consciousness, and as you create mass movements in consciousness to be accepting, individuals interpret this within their own individual manners that shall speak to them, that shall attain their own attention to be addressing to this issue. Therefore, many ... most individuals choose actions that appear extreme. They create physical maladies in extreme. They create conflict in extreme. They create confusion in extreme, or they offer themselves situations that shall invoke an extreme emotion. This, if recognized, may be quite helpful if there is a recognition that this is merely an action being offered to allow the opportunity to view the non-acceptance of another individual's choice. This may be helpful in a recognition that each individual holds choice within every moment and creates their own choices within probabilities, and that you may be influencing, but you do not create their choices.

DENNIS: Okay, I understand that.

ELIAS: This also shall be helpful, if accepting the element of other individuals' creations and choices, with small ones and their future choices, in not creating conflict as resulting from lack of acceptance of other choices. You may offer this information, if you are so choosing, to be helpful; and also within this, be remembering: The issue is acceptance. Therefore, be you also accepting of another individual's choice for attaining their own attention. This speaks to this individual. Therefore, accept that choice. In being the little sapling, you are most affecting.

DENNIS: Okay. As far as my career, my life, so to speak, I'm a musician. I write music. I've always followed a voice, even from a young age. I had to follow a certain so-called dream, which was to write music, to be successful at writing music, to be creative, to create art, so to speak. Where I'm at now, even though I'm within the context of the music business, I feel as if I'm in a stuck mode. I feel very stuck. Even though I still create -- I'm creating over here and creating over there -- what I spend most of my time doing is sitting in front of a computer screen, stuck! And I want to know if there's something I need to do to get out of this "stuck," to make my life fully music, writing music. David and I wrote music fourteen years ago. Now we're doing it again, and it's been a long road. It's been a hard road. I've had small things that have been somewhat successful, not majorly successful, but I know that I have the talent to be very successful and to be doing what I want to do with my life, which is music. My question is, am I on the right path for that?

ELIAS: (Leaning forward and whispering in a confidential manner) I shall offer you a secret.

DENNIS: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: You hold no path. (Grinning)

DENNIS: Okay.... (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are presently moving within a direction to be actualizing, although you restrict yourself within belief systems.

DENNIS: Okay....

ELIAS: You both restrict yourselves within belief systems, for some reasons the same and some reasons different. You restrict yourself (indicating Dennis) in your belief systems of responsibility and your necessity for commitments to home and family, which creates a restriction in your freedom; for you believe not that you may be creative and expressive and successful and devoting your time framework to this, for you shall be neglectful of other elements. You may accomplish both. (Smiling)

Belief systems are these elements that restrict you in all areas of your focus, this being why it is so very important to be recognizing of these belief systems; not eliminating, but recognizing and accepting and realizing that you are not bound by these belief systems, that you hold tremendous creativity and you restrict yourselves only within obligation and elements that you believe within your societies that you must be responsible. And I say to you, "If it is not fun, do not engage it!" And individuals express to this essence, "But we must be providing! But individuals must hold education! But I must be responsible! But, but, but!" (We all crack up) There are other individuals which shall be experiencing fun in the elements that you do not. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be engaging those elements! As you choose to focus upon self and be accepting of self and creating fully within your expression, you offer more to individuals around you. Therefore, you do not lessen what you offer to home and family. You create more! But you hold belief systems that beat against this.

You also share a belief system with Mylo that creativity and successfulness are not always hand-in-hand. Ruthless individuals create success. Gentle individuals create expression and artfulness. This is a belief system and quite restricting! Successfulness is not synonymous with negativity or ruthfulness. You may be what you have chosen to be and also be successful if you are allowing yourself to be! This you also share with Michael, who holds a recognition of ability and the ability for successfulness and engages not this action, for he is fearful of the successfulness. In like manner, the successfulness, within your interpretation and your belief systems, brings with it elements which may be undesirable; a distraction from those individuals which hold great importance to you, a coloring of other individuals' perception of you, an inability within fearfulness to be in your terms "keeping up" with your successfulness. You may create beyond what you may handle. You shall not! These are merely belief systems that prevent you from accomplishing initially. Therefore, address to your belief systems and recognize these, and offer yourself an allowance to be partially accepting of these belief systems and daring to allow your own creativity and greatness.

DENNIS: I would like to know how Mylo and I are connected, not just in this life but the life past, the ones that most affect us now.

ELIAS: (Accessing) You hold connections within physical focuses. You have experienced relationships as siblings, as brothers. You have also experienced the relationship of father and son. You hold connections within consciousness and within essence, not of the same fragmentation directly, but indirectly, within what you may term to be a removed fragmentation connection. I shall offer to you the fragmenting essence name, and therefore you may engage these individuals for information; the fragmenting essence being that holding the tone of Otha. DENNIS: Otha.

ELIAS: Yes. (To Vic) You shall be offering information for clarification. (To Dennis) Are you wishing of essence name?


ELIAS: Gaylord.

DENNIS: Gaylord. Okay. What is the connection with my wife, Wendy?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This individual you hold many focuses within physical focus with. You also hold focuses within other dimensions with this individual. You have manifest together within close relationships, not always familial, but some within friendships, and also within relationships that you deem within physical focus to be romantic within this dimension. These essences have chosen within tone to be entering into this physical dimension simultaneously within a parallel cycle. Therefore, many of the focuses are focused together. Within other dimensions, you choose a similar action. Therefore, there is great familiarity between you. These two essences hold closely within tone; this essence being fragmented of Ordin, therefore holding a very strong connection within non-physical elements of consciousness. Information pertaining to that which I speak may be offered to you for your clarification.

DENNIS: Okay. Which past life, so to speak, is the one most affecting my life now, if at all?

ELIAS: All of your focuses are affecting of all other focuses. Therefore, it is not in your terms which focus is the most affecting. It is more which focus you are allowing to bleed-through first, for they all are equally affecting. Within this present focus presently and within past-present, you allow a bleed-through influence of a focus shared also with this other individual of now your wife, in addressing to experiences that you wish to be furthering in this focus that you engaged within another in the location of what you now term to be Russia. This would be a difficult, in your terms, focus in the allowance of creativity, for the manifestation is within a time period of suppression of these elements; a suppression of religious elements which were intimately involved with creative endeavors. Within the suppression of these actions, you have chosen another focus -- this one presently -- to be experiencing a furthering of these interests, allowing more freedom within your movement and allowing yourselves, and influencing of others, an easier flow and also an expanded ... not talent ... creation of your creativity. This would be, as I have expressed previously, what you may term to be a continuation focus. Some focuses may be viewed within this manner, that they may hold elements as you think of as "the next chapter." (Firmly) This is not karma! (Much laughter) This is a choice to be continuing another experience expandedly. The experience was different, but a great affinity was held for this focus. Therefore, the choice has been made within probabilities to be continuing within a freer atmosphere. The individuals within that focus also held this Hebrew faith ... both.

DENNIS: Really!

ELIAS: Therefore, a continuation of that experience also, but expanded. The creativity which has been suppressed was that of musical expression within the religious element which was not allowed, therefore now the desire to be expressing more intensely.

DENNIS: Okay. I understand that.

ELIAS: This may not be the most influencing within your future-present, for as you allow more bleed-throughs of other focuses, you may be influenced more intensely by another focus; but within this present now and within your past-present, this has been the most influencing, in your terms. I shall be offering a break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK 7:11 PM RESUME 7:34 PM (Time was three seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue with your questioning.

DENNIS: I have a question regarding dreams. I have a recurring dream that I've had most of my life of being chased by a tornado, by a cyclone. It never catches me, but sometimes I stop and it goes over my head. I never get caught up in it. I was just wondering what you think this dream may mean to me.

ELIAS: Quite creative with your whirlwind! I am recognizing that I may be sounding redundant to you this eve, although these are all actual connections with this shift in consciousness. Throughout your focus, you create imagery in dream state of this whirlwind chasing you and approaching you, which is the action of your shift, which is quite powerful. You fear being swept up into this whirlwind, and you have not allowed yourself yet to be experiencing moving into this whirlwind and experiencing the eye. You have allowed yourself the imagery of this movement over your head that you do not understand the action, but your dream imagery may be changing within your recurring dream; that you may be stepping into your cyclone and experiencing, that although you must be moving through layers of extreme wind which may be creating elements of resistance and conflict, that as you move into the eye you shall experience the effortlessness.

DENNIS: Okay. The other day my wife said something to me that disturbed me a bit. She said that for a while now I've given her the impression that I'm unhappy, not in the marriage but just unhappy in general, depressed maybe. And I think a lot of it maybe comes from, when I come home from work I'm pretty wiped out. I don't feel as if I'm depressed. I don't feel as if I'm unhappy, but I do feel that I do get angry at things quicker than I should get angry at things, or maybe get angry at things I shouldn't be angry at. I was wondering where this anger is coming from, and how I can possibly see it and fix it?

ELIAS: Note these examples in commonalties! This also being a byproduct of this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently. Many individuals are expressing this element of behavior of short- temperedness ... many individuals. Within this wave of consciousness occurring presently within mass, the objective response in very many individuals is to be less-tempered, for there is a recognition of acceleration, which also appears objectively in feeling hurried and pressed and a feeling that your time element moves too quickly. Therefore, your response -- which is acceptable within your reality, within the guidelines of your officially-accepted reality -- is to be responding agitated. This also shall pass. This is different from what you interpret to be depression; this being a quite different creation for quite different reasonings.

DENNIS: Okay. A few years ago, I was playing the piano in a hotel. I was told by a friend of mine who would come to hear me that certain things that I would play would help him get rid of headaches. I want to know if musically ... let me back up a minute. I had a psychic tell me one time that one of my essences was in Atlantis, and that I would heal people by hitting crystal and using the tone to heal people. Is this a power that I have now?

ELIAS: Yes, this being a misinterpretation of Atlantis; although presently, individuals experience a resurgence in bleed-through identification of other focuses of healing tone which has been incorporated in what you term to be your ancient times. Therefore, in bleeding through now into this focus within the opening of consciousness and the widening of the shift, there is now a resurgence in this identification of its existence, and that individuals hold the ability to be affecting within tone in the direction of healing.

DENNIS: Okay. A question regarding, again, the passing of my wife's father. When he passed away he left his financial matters, which affect his wife, my wife. It affects the family to an extent financially, and other problems. What is there to be learned from this experience? This was a man who theoretically was to take care of his family. He was a wealthy man, but....

ELIAS: Within belief systems.

DENNIS: Well, I ... repeat, please?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems, he was to be taking care of his family. This may not be within his choice. This also is another example of acceptance of other individuals' choices within their creating. You hold strongly and create conflict only within your belief systems, and the placement of right and wrong and good and bad within these belief systems and what you "should" and "must" do, which limits your freedom tremendously. (Pause)

I express to you, the keyword within this session is acceptance. This shall be the most helpful element to you, if you are allowing yourself to be accomplishing this.

DENNIS: Okay. This is just a general question regarding the shift. How is this shift affecting or how will it be affected by the billions of people that live in China? And the people that live in the Arab countries, the Muslims, which have such a strong belief system in what they believe in or what they don't believe in, how are these people going to be caught up in the shift? Right now, they're both very warring societies. Well, so are we to an extent, but how is this shift ... how will it work its way through those people?

ELIAS: This is a global shift in consciousness. Therefore, no individual is exempt. As I have stated to you within this session, you may be surprising yourselves that individuals holding religious belief systems may move with more ease in some situations than individuals that deny their alignment with religious belief systems and express that they hold none, for individuals holding religious belief systems anticipate a great change. It shall not appear in the manner of their belief systems, but it shall occur. They believe a global, immense change shall be occurring upon your planet and affecting of the entirety of your globe, not only their one religious focus. Therefore, they are anticipating "something." It shall merely materialize differently.

Although I express to you also, this being the reasoning that information of this shift is offered; for within consciousness and probabilities and energy, although the probabilities lean to the creation of the shift without destruction and devastation, within the belief systems of many individuals upon your planet within many different religious belief systems, energy continues to be lent to creations of unnecessary destruction and devastation upon your planet to be giving birth to this shift. The ideas of the outcome, so to speak, of this movement matters not. The interpretation presently matters not. The information to be offered that the devastation in movement need not occur holds importance, for within consciousness en masse upon your planet, you are still vying within probabilities. Therefore, if you are offering yourselves information, which you are increasingly, you shall be influencing of probabilities and lending to the energy of moving into your shift with the least amount of trauma. Individuals shall be experiencing trauma within their own focus enough. It is unnecessary for you to also be creating of famines and wars and destruction and dis-ease and earthquakes and tidal waves! (Laughter) This all shall be occurring within you! It need not be occurring within your planet! (Groans from the audience)

Therefore, it matters not the ideas within the change or the belief systems or the concepts. The point is to be accepting of belief systems, of all belief systems; those that you hold individually, and those that others hold within mass. Within this acceptance, you lessen the trauma. You increase your understanding and your ability to hold within your focus as this enormous tsunami occurs within consciousness upon your planet. It shall be accomplished, but it is your choice how you choose to be accomplishing this, and if you are choosing to be accomplishing with conflict or devastation.

DENNIS: I have a question regarding my son. First of all, I'd like to know what our connection is before this essence, so to speak. But I also would like to know, my son was born very early. He was two-and-one-half months premature. He survived very well, but he has, as my wife put it, he's got the essence of being a healer within him. This is what she feels. I feel that he does have something special that he is to offer. I mean, right now he's a teenager, so it's hard to see it! But what is his essence now? What is his purpose? At this point, let's put it that way. And what is my connection with him for the past life?

ELIAS: Your connection to this individual is that you share the same essence and you engage counterpart action. Therefore, as you investigate your past focuses, which are not past, you may attribute these also to this individual, for they are the same.

DENNIS: Okay, I'm kind of questioned-out. Let me think for a moment if there's anything else. It's a lot of information!

ELIAS: You have asked well, and you have been offered much within one sitting.

DENNIS: Yes. I think I have no more questions today.

ELIAS: Very well. I extend an invitation to you, and also to your wife, to be returning and interacting with this essence if you are so choosing. I express great affection to you all this evening, and bid you all a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 7:56 PM.

© 1997 Mary Ennis/Vicki Pendley, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.