Session 2817
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“Becoming an Energy Artist”
“Automatic Writing”

Friday, July 10, 2009 (Phone/Private)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jean-Baptiste (Araili) and Eric (Yuki)

(Elias’ arrival time is approximately 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

BOTH: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And what shall we discuss?

JEAN-BAPTISTE: First, how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

JEAN-BAPTISTE: As always, my friend.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

JEAN-BAPTISTE: It seems that the session was quite in time. I just had the idea of having a session a few days ago, and Mary told us that it was on Friday. At first I thought I didn’t have any questions, but I ended up with quite a bit. So... (Laughs with Elias)

We’ll do some kind of energy session. I have a lot of questions about that, because last weekend I had training in reiki. I’m really interested, because we already began to discuss that with you when we were in Vermont.

ELIAS: Very well.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: When I give reiki, I have the impression that my objective self is going silent or that my attention is moving away from my thought process or something like that. Which one is more accurate?

ELIAS: I would express the second. It is not that your objective awareness is becoming silent, in a manner of speaking, for it continues to be present, but that you are, in a manner of speaking, moving to the side. You are focusing your attention in a different manner, which allows you to be more focused in the experience of energy, rather than thinking of it or even paying attention to it as a thing. It is more a matter of moving into a position in which you are allowing yourself to be the energy and to experience it, which allows you to direct that differently.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Yes, that’s quite a good description of what I’m feeling, actually. The image I had about that was that I was kind of a server of energy, and I received requests from the people I was working on. From the requests, there was some aspect of myself that was sending back energy to them.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, as you are directed differently, that allows the energy, in a manner of speaking, to be streamlined. You will notice that when energy is concentrated and streamlined, in a manner of speaking, or focused very directly, regardless of what the instrument of that energy is, it generates heat, which you can notice with different elements within your reality — not merely crystals but any type of element within your reality.

If there is a concentrated focused beam, so to speak, of energy that is interacting with it, it generates heat. In engaging the practice of reiki, the physical body becomes the instrument of that focused energy. Therefore, the body, in whatever manner you are manipulating the energy — be it your hands or some other aspect of your body — will also generate heat, which is very noticeable to the recipient of the interaction.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Yes, a lot of heat from my hands and even from different parts of my body. It’s quite interesting to feel it, to see and to experience it.

ELIAS: That is your indicator that you are actually engaging in what you would term to be a correct manner, that you are focusing the energy and you are streamlining it; you are pinpointing it. In that, you are being very precise in how you are directing the energy. The more heat that is generated, that is the gauge of how effective you are being in focusing that energy in a very specific manner.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: I have a question about what they say in reiki. During the different initiations, they say that they open a channel through you to the reiki energy and that it will never close after that. I was wondering if what really happened during the sessions, the initiations, was more that they are subjectively showing you how to ride a bicycle, and after that you always remember how to ride a bicycle.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, you are correct, for what you are doing is opening yourself to a specific quality of yourself. You all possess this, but not every individual allows themselves to engage it.

In this, what you are doing is opening that pathway of energy and allowing yourself to focus upon directing it and doing that intentionally. You are correct in your analogy — once you have allowed that opening, it matters not if you stop engaging it. There may be considerable time framework in which you do not engage it, and you will automatically know how to engage it, and effectively, whenever you choose to engage it again. It is not a quality or an action that you lose. You will always incorporate that knowing of how to engage it, and it will be easy to reengage it in any time framework.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: About the easiness, I have a question. Before the different initiations, I had the impression that I was more pushing my energy or trying to control it when I was doing these same kind of energy projections or sessions. Since I had the initiations, it seems easier for me to do it.

ELIAS: I would agree. In this, you offer yourself the example or the evidence of how unnecessary it is to be pushing or to be attempting to control, that what is being engaged is actually very simple and easy, and it is generated much more powerfully the more that you allow it rather than push it.

In this, it provides you with an example of energy in general, that in any capacity that you focus energy, the more complicated you engage it or the more you push or the more you attempt to control, the more unwieldy it is and the more difficult it is. But when you are generating that ease and allow a flow rather than attempting to control, it is actually quite simple and quite easy to engage. You can flow with it, which generates a balance and a gentleness and a feeling of free flow rather than difficulty and forcing.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: At the moment, I have what I feel is a period of acclimation or adaptation to the process. My attention is fluctuating a lot, and I oscillate between letting go and allowing the free flow and just my usual state of mind trying to control or to analyze what is happening.

ELIAS: Which I would express is natural, for you as humans are very accustomed to this idea of control, this illusion of control. Beyond control, you are also very accustomed to thinking and perceiving in a particular manner in which you incorporate a natural desire, in a manner of speaking, to want to know how any action is accomplished. Therefore if you know how it is being accomplished, it offers you the sense that you can manipulate it more effectively or more powerfully, when in actuality, that is a complication of whatever you are doing, and in that, it creates or can create obstacles or barriers. But I would express that it is very a familiar action to vacillate and to be allowing that free flow but also being distracted somewhat and wanting to analyze what is occurring, or to manipulate what is occurring or to generate an addition to what is occurring.

A very similar action occurs with individuals that are initially attempting other forms of channeling. For they may be engaging another essence or even their own essence, and they may be presenting information through that channeled energy and they may allow that at times. They also may interrupt it by including additional additives to the information or attempting to rearrange the information in a manner that is more cohesive to themselves, in which thusly occurs a distortion in that type of channeling of energy.

It does not necessarily distort your energy in association with reiki, but it does create obstacles or it creates a thicker energy in which the flow is not as easy or as free. But as I expressed, it is a familiar action. The more you engage that allowance of the free flow, the more comfortable you will become with it and the easier it will be to not interrupt it and to not attempt to manipulate it in other manners in which you begin to generate the addition of your own control with it.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Thank you, my friend, about that. I considered myself quite curious and was considering finding how it works to be quite important to me!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I am not discouraging you in this. I am merely expressing to you that it is not always necessary to know the mechanics of an action to know that it actually is successful and to know...

JEAN-BAPTISTE: What I’m realizing with what I’m doing since this communication is like okay, it works. You don’t need to know what’s inside or where it begins or anything. It works, so just experience it!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes, and acknowledge that you have allowed yourself to awaken that ability, that it is natural.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: I have the impression that the more I will become familiar with it, the more I will understand how it works. It won’t be the same, wanting to know how it works before I use it.

ELIAS: Yes, you are very correct. I will express that the more you engage it, the more you will understand the manipulation of energy in general in any direction that you choose to engage. As I have expressed many times, the driving force behind any action or manifestation is the energy. That is what actually creates whatever you generate, whether it be in an action or a physical manifestation. That is the energy that is creating that. The more you become familiar in engaging any directedness of energy, such as reiki, it allows you to become more aware with how to manipulate energy in any capacity, in any form, not merely in association with healing or relaxation or reconfiguration but also in manifestations that you want to generate.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: I want to become some kind of energy artist or what you call that. You spoke about it with Vicki, I’m not sure, but you said something about an energy artist, and I’d like to practice or become something like that.

ELIAS: I would be greatly encouraging of you, my friend. There is much to discover in that direction and much that can be accomplished, much more than individuals realize, and very much in association with directions that fascinate you and that you are curious about. This would be the avenue of magic.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: I like that!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I knew you would!

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Would that require a lot of training, or just practicing would make it easier each time?

ELIAS: It does not necessarily require training. Practice is a significant factor, for the more you practice and the more you experiment, the more proficient you become.

Now; as for training, that would be a choice, for it is dependent upon the individual. Some individuals do find it valuable to apprentice, so to speak, with other individuals that have become more accomplished with this manipulation of energy, merely to access more ideas in relation to how they themselves may choose to experiment with it, but it is an individual choice. You can engage your own imagination, and in...

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Like what I call my jibbering sessions?


JEAN-BAPTISTE: I began to do that kind of channeling but I call it “jibbering” because my friends call me Jib. It’s kind of a pun with “gibberish” and stuff like that. I think I’m channeling my own essence or different aspects of myself. I began that jibbering as a means to have more information about energy.

ELIAS: And once again, my friend, I will express that this is an expression, an action, a quality that you all possess more than you think. In like manner to what we have been discussing in the other subject, it is an action that flows much more easily when you are not necessarily attempting to direct it. Let me pose to you a scenario.

Now; I would express that in some capacity almost every individual has incorporated this experience, whether it be when they are engaging a conversation with another individual or listening to a lecture or perhaps listening to some type of recording. It generally occurs when the individual is concentrating their attention upon what they are listening to but they are also in a type of state in which they are allowing an openness to be assimilating what they are listening to, simultaneously to listening.

Now; this does not occur constantly with individuals. Generally speaking, when you are engaging a conversation or when you are listening to a recording or to another individual, you are focused upon what the input information is that you are listening to. But you are also generating some type of action in responsiveness with yourself. Regardless of whether you are thinking or not, there is an actual interaction that is generally occurring, even with a recording of some type.

At times, an individual may be in this type of state in which they are open enough, and they are not actually being interactive with what they are listening to. Therefore, what they are doing is they are listening and they are also assimilating simultaneously. In that state, they are listening in a very different manner. They are channeling the energy that they are receiving in listening and assimilating it simultaneously, and what they do is they engage their hand and write. Many individuals define this, in your terms, as doodling. They generate pictures or shapes or lines, but they are not actually paying attention to what their hand is doing. They are not paying attention to whatever shapes or forms or even letters that they may be actually engaging upon their paper, for they are concentrated in what they are listening to.

In this, the individual is not generally objectively aware, other than a physical action, of what they are doing. What they are actually doing is that they are channeling that energy that they are receiving from what they are listening to through their body consciousness, and they are allowing that energy to be expressed in writing. You do this very naturally.

Individuals begin doing this when they are very small children, and many individuals continue to engage this action throughout their focus and pay little if any attention to it and dismiss it, but that very action is the same action as automatic writing. It is the same action that is engaged when an individual allows themselves that openness to channel through information from different aspects of themself or their essence or even other essences or other focuses or other-dimensional focuses — it matters not. That is a state in which an individual is naturally very open to other information in which they allow the body consciousness to naturally flow that energy through and express through an extremity — which, generally speaking, is your hands — which may be expressed in pictures or words or letters or designs or shapes. If you actually were paying attention to those shapes or lines or designs, they may actually mean something more than merely a doodle. (Chuckles)

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Yes, that’s interesting. I have a question about a dream I had a few months ago, in which I was facing Mary, who was channeling or having an energy exchange with you. You/Mary, you held my hands, and it was as if you were merging with me and giving me the occasion to enhance my perception to give me, as you said, “A slight glimpse to what could be possible after the Shift.” When I was having these impressions, all these stimuli or these inputs, it was really messy for me. At that moment, it was like I was seeing different layers of physical and nonphysical at the same time. It was like seeing in different directions and times. It was a blending of energy and color, form and movement and maybe more, but I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t make sense of anything. I asked you to stop at that moment because it was too much. It was really interesting, because it was like feeling a burning passion with energy or... I wonder how it was in comparison with the Shift?

ELIAS: I would express that what you were presenting to yourself was relatively accurate. The reason that it was so confusing and somewhat overwhelming is that there are some aspects of this shift that, in this time framework now, are almost incomprehensible to you. They are so different from what you know as reality and what you have known as reality that it is difficult for, in your terms, your mind to accept those kinds of differences.

I would express to you, my friend, it would be very similar to presenting yourself with an individual that would actually perform genuine magic, in your terms. You incorporate a definite curiosity in relation to this subject and a fondness and a wanting to believe, so to speak, and a wanting to engage. But were you to actually present yourself with an individual physically standing before you that would express to you that they incorporated an actual physical age of several thousand years and appear physically to you to be approximately twenty of your years in age, and if that same individual were to begin to actually engage actions that you would consider to be magic, it would be initially very difficult for you to accept what the individual was doing or to accept and believe what they were expressing to you in association with their physical manifestation. For, it is so foreign to what you know now in your reality that you would automatically attempt to reconfigure what was being expressed and generate some type of reasonable, rational or logical explanation. The factor of the age you would not even accept. You would automatically dismiss that and not even attempt to generate some reasonable or rational explanation. You would merely dismiss it and express to yourself that it is impossible, and therefore, it is untrue.

In like manner, there are aspects of this shift that are beginning but are not accomplished yet that are so different from what you know as a reality that they are almost incomprehensible. Therefore, you may generate the ability to incorporate a feeling in relation to them that you can accept, but the imagery would be distorted and would be difficult or overwhelming to attempt to accept as real or as reality.

As you continue to expand and as you continue to widen, that changes, just as now you can accept many more possibilities than you would have accepted ten of your years prior to now. That steadily increases, and the increase moves more and more quickly. You incorporate more and more and more capacity to expand and to accept more of what is out of your reality. But in tapping into certain elements of reality that are far beyond what you experience now, that would incorporate difficulty — but accurate.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Thank you. I will come back to the energy field now. In another session, you said that we often underestimate our energy fields, that they have many more abilities or possibilities that we can use or incorporate. I wanted you to describe some of them or give me hints about what they are.

ELIAS: Your energy field is a very powerful instrument. It is an extension of you, and contained within that energy field is what you may term to be the purity of manifestations.

I can express to you that you as individuals affect all that is around you. You affect your weather; you affect your environment; you affect each other; you affect manifestations. But although you may theoretically accept that, it is concept, and it is generally theory to you. Regardless that you accept that that is possible or that you even do participate in that, generally speaking you do not offer yourselves significant evidence of it, individually; such as one avenue, you affect your environment, you affect your weather.

In this, your energy field contains that purity of energy that is unclouded by science or psychology or mathematics or any learned factor or taught factor. It is also, in a manner of speaking, energy that is expressed in a purity that is beyond what you define in your reality as laws of your reality. Therefore, your energy field is not subject to laws of time or space or gravity.

In this, contained in your energy field is the purity of all of your abilities beyond what you perceive you are physically capable of. Were you to actually allow yourself to genuinely recognize or realize the reality and the strength of your energy field and allow yourself to be aware of it enough and knowledgeable of it enough — which is not necessarily learned knowledge — you could actually direct your energy field to extend in any manner that you choose. As an example, you could project your energy field and create any type of manifestation of weather that you can imagine. As an example, you could produce lightning or you could produce a whirlwind.

Now; when I am expressing this, I would be expressing this in relation to an individual manner. Not that you cannot extend that quite far and generate a general manifestation, but let us merely view the individual in what you would term to be a smaller scale, one individual becoming genuinely aware and knowledgeable of their own energy field and intentionally projecting it outwardly to create, perhaps ten feet before them or perhaps five meters in front of them, an actual whirlwind or several bolts of lightning or a fog that would consume the street that the individual stands upon or heat that could radiate from the ground upwardly rather than the reverse direction, in which the individual could visually see waves of intensity of heat rising from the ground, or the manifestation of moisture in the air that would actually condense into droplets in the air, not necessarily falling from a cloud but merely appearing and falling from the area in front of the individual.

All of these actions are actually physically possible in manipulating the energy field, and far beyond. That is merely one example of manipulating your environment in relation to weather.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: I’m wondering, how far are we from actually realizing this kind of stuff?

ELIAS: How far are you from realizing this? Not far! You are closer than you think, for collectively you are reawakening a fascination and a curiosity with magic. Although the magic that you are generating a curiosity and a fascination with is an imagined magic, it is a stepping-stone; it is an avenue in which you are moving more closely to realizing what you can do. All those actions would be perceived as magic — they are not. They are merely actions that would occur in intentionally manipulating your energy field, but now they would be viewed as magic.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Okay! I’m going to do all that!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I shall be tremendously encouraging of you, my friend. You are off to a smashing beginning in practicing your reiki and becoming familiar with energy.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Thank you very much.

I was wondering also with all this stuff about energy fields and energy, regularly when I take a stone I feel like a heavy or some kind of charged energy or dirty energy or something like that. I take them and I do something —I can’t describe what it is — but it’s like a vibration I send to the stone or I merge with the stone. At some moment, I feel that the stone is cleaned or recharged. Is it actually what is happening?

ELIAS: Yes, it is, and this would be a beginning of what we have been discussing in relation to your energy field. For what you are doing is you are allowing your energy field to be connecting with the object, with the physical manifestation. In that, you are infusing that object with your energy and you are reconfiguring it. You are changing it. That is another beginning point of manipulating energy. This is not merely energy that appears from nowhere. This is YOUR energy. This is the energy field that surrounds you, that is an extension of you.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: When the people that are doing reiki say that the reiki energy is not their energy and it comes from the universe or some place that we don’t know, it is just our energy but it’s allowing them to not feel depleted or not feel that they are giving all their energy to the people?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, for individuals do incorporate strong beliefs that you incorporate a limited supply of energy being a physical being. In actuality, it would not necessarily be inaccurate, in a manner of speaking, to express that the energy is being expressed from the universe, for the universe is an extension of you also. Therefore, it is your energy, but you incorporate an endless supply of energy. If you did not, you would not incorporate the ability to maintain your physical universe. It would flicker on and off in like manner to a light bulb. But you incorporate such a vast capacity for energy that the extension of you does incorporate the ability to maintain such an enormously vast universe, and you can draw upon any of that energy in any moment, at any point, for any reason.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: I just have a last question about quartz crystals. Is the amount of information that can be stored in them or the amount of energy dependent on the size of the crystal? Is it dependent on the quality? Like if there are inclusions or cracks, would that affect the storage or the conductivity of the crystal?

ELIAS: Does the size of the crystal matter? Yes. The size of the crystal would be associated with how much capacity it incorporates for storage. Therefore, yes, the larger the crystal, the more capacity it incorporates and the stronger it will be.

As to the clarity in relation to inclusions of a crystal, no. This does not necessarily matter. In actuality, at times the inclusions can be enhancements in association with a crystal, for they can divert energy in different directions, which allow some greater capacity.

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Thank you, my friend.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I will express to you that I have quite enjoyed this conversation and shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting and what new subjects you may engage or what new accomplishments you may have expressed. (Chuckles)

JEAN-BAPTISTE: Thank you very much. I quite enjoyed this myself, and I’m sure Eric enjoyed it too, even if he didn’t speak much.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I express my tremendous affection and encouragement to both of you.


ELIAS: I express to you, my dear friends, with tremendous affection.


Elias departs after approximately 1 hour, 1 minute.

(1) Jean-Baptiste’s note: It was actually Daryl/Ashrah in session #1487, 12/29/03:

DARYL: Could you give me some idea what an energy artist is?

ELIAS: An individual that manipulates energy in a fashion that allows them to manifest physical objects or demanifest physical objects at will.

DARYL: Sounds kind of like parlor tricks.

ELIAS: Not in actuality. It is what you would term to be a skill that the individuals generate similar to what you would term to be a talent. As individuals within your time framework may express a talent such as an aptitude in relation to a musical instrument or a talent of painting or singing, this is another talent and may be quite useful in manifesting specific objects in specific places rather than engaging the action of transporting objects.

(2) Jean-Baptiste’s note: A few days before the session, we watched a movie called “The Man from Earth.” Quoted from Wikipedia: “The film tells a story of John Oldman, a man claiming to be a Cro-Magnon, i.e., Magdalenian caveman, who still survives after 14,000 years. The entire film is shot in a small house and its porch, relying solely on the conversation of the characters to keep the plot moving: the film is an intellectual discourse between the alleged 14,000-year-old Cro-Magnon and his professor and teacher friends at his farewell party.” It is interesting that Elias chose this very example though we hadn’t told Mary or anyone about having watched this movie.

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Copyright 2009 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.