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Noticing Automatic Responses


“Noticing Automatic Responses”
“Creating a New Direction”

Thursday, November 4, 1999-2 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).
Elias arrives at 4:23 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

DARYL:  Hello, Elias. (Elias chuckles)

I’m not sure exactly where to start this.  I have been noticing that I’m slipping in and out of the box of fear.  When I last talked to you in a session, you had told me that I was doing that, but I wasn’t really aware of it.  But now I think I’ve detected it.

I also have a feeling that when I’m out there, I’m somehow ... I don’t know.  Maybe this is just my process talking, but I feel like I’m building some type of new internal reference system, and kind of a new point of perception that’s from a different angle.  Could you comment on that?

ELIAS:  You are correct, and this is an element of the process that you have developed or engaged in this action of movement outside of this box and into the freedom of your expression of self discovery, so to speak.

In this, what you are creating is what may be viewed as a new method, and in this new method, you are exchanging your direction of your attention that you have held for much of your focus for a new direction, and in that, you are creating a method of viewing a different angle within your perception.

Now; let me also express to you that I have expressed to many individuals from the onset of this forum that movement into widening of awareness and movement into new awakenings, so to speak, is merely an action of turning your attention to the side, not necessarily viewing in the directions that are familiar to you, which are expressed in forward or backward.

But as you allow yourselves to view new angles, you step sideways, in a manner of speaking, and this action provides you with a difference in your perception.

And be remembering, your perception is that element which creates your reality, but it is also that element within your reality that defines your reality to you objectively.

Therefore, as you turn slightly sideways, you also engage a different avenue, which allows you to be creating movement in a different manner.

In this situation that you are engaging and are creating within yourself, the method that you have engaged throughout your focus no longer serves your purposes, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, you have chosen to be creating a new line of probabilities and a new direction of attention for your perception, and as you are creating this action, you are allowing yourself an awareness of the movement of energy in this action.  Therefore, certain elements of your reality appear different.

Now; they may also appear confused at times.

I express to you, be not concerned with that development, so to speak, for this is temporary.  Your objective awareness is merely adjusting its attention to the new avenue that you are engaging, and this shall become clearer as you continue in widening your awareness and your movement into self and out of this box, so to speak.

Therefore, I express to you that you are continuing in your movement, and you continue not to be creating the situation of becoming stuck.  Although you may perceive yourself at times to be engaging that situation, in actuality, you are not.

You are merely creating movement in a different manner, which is unfamiliar to you, and in this movement, you also are drawing upon qualities that have been latent within you that are expressed within other aspects of yourself.

Therefore, momentarily, different aspects of yourself move into primary position, and subsequently move out of primary position once again.

Merely momentarily, within particular time frameworks, is this action more obvious objectively to you, for it also is creating of objective sensations within you that you are noticing of.  But be they confusing, they are temporary actions, and you are providing yourself with the movement in becoming more familiar with this new avenue that you are engaging.

Were you to be continuing in the manner that you had created prior to this new movement, you would be experiencing many more time frameworks in which you would be creating the action of being stuck, so to speak, for the direction that you engaged prior is very familiar to you.  Therefore, you also hold very many automatic responses to yourself in that movement.

In engaging a new movement and a different angle to be focusing your attention in and creating a difference within your perception, you also do not allow yourself as many creations of obstacles, for you are not creating as many automatic responses that you are not noticing.  You allow yourself more clarity in this direction, in that you shall be noticing all of the movement that you engage.

Are you understanding?

DARYL:  Yes, and I do kind of have the sensation that part of my perception is where it used to be, and part of it is in a new place.  It’s kinda like seeing from two angles at the same time.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This is your presentment to yourself of this new avenue.

Now; be noticing in this, were you not to be creating this new avenue, which turns your attention and allows you to be creating a difference within your perception, you would not be objectively noticing what you term to be the old or previous actions, or the areas in which you feel or were feeling stuck.  This would not be presented quite so obviously to you, and you would not be noticing of that objectively in the manner that you are noticing of it now.

This process that you have created is very similar to any new direction that you may choose to be engaging within your objective movement.

Let us express that an example of this type of action would be similar to your engagement of a specific course of study within a school, and as you continue for many years within that direction, continuing to be studying the same subject matter, your attention begins to drift, and in that, you create automatic responses to your study patterns, for you are familiar and comfortable with the subject matter.

But as you turn your attention and engage an entirely unfamiliar course of study and a new subject matter, you shall be paying attention closely, for the subject IS unfamiliar, and you do not hold an automatic expectation of the direction in which the subject shall proceed.  Therefore, you hold your attention quite attentively, and you notice all that is being engaged and created in that subject.

In like manner, you are creating a new avenue to be diverting your attention away from the automatic responses that you have engaged for much time framework within your focus.  Therefore, you do not allow yourself the expression as often of the automatic responses that require no noticing and no thought process.

In this new avenue that you are engaging presently, you allow yourself to view what you have created previously, what you are creating within the now, and the differences, and you hold your attention with yourself, for there is unfamiliarity in how you may be proceeding.

Therefore, you are not engaging your automatic responses quite as often, and in this also, you provide yourself with the opportunity to move less and less in the expression of automatic responses, for you also allow yourself to be noticing what your automatic responses are.

This is important, for within physical focus, your automatic responses are VERY automatic, and in that, they are not noticed.  Individuals do not even allow themselves to view or to notice the behaviors and the expressions that they are engaging, for they are so very automatic.  They align no thought process with them.  Therefore, they also do not allow themselves to move outside of these automatic responses.

How shall you address to an element that you are creating if you are not noticing what you are creating?  If you do not hold an identification for what you are creating, you shall not place your attention in that direction and you shall not even notice.

This be the reason that I express such an emphasis upon this term of noticing, for this is the window that allows you to widen your awareness, to open your perception to your periphery, and allows you the freedom of choice.  You do not offer yourself choices in automatic responses.

DARYL:  Yeah, that’s true.  One thing I’ve also felt is that my automatic responses, my shrines, et cetera, have really blocked any movement of aspects or alternate selves.  Is that like a typical thing, where you kind of lock yourself into one set of circumstances or aspects?

ELIAS:  You are correct in your assessment in this area.  As you create certain expressions of certain shrines, you do block the exchange or the expression of more of the aspects of yourself, for you do not allow for the exchange of positions as frequently, for you are holding to your element of control, so to speak.  Even as you look to expressions of what you identify as a lack of control, you are also expressing an element of control simultaneously.

In this, what you are in actuality creating is a holding to your energy and shielding yourself, so to speak, allowing the expressions of the familiar and not allowing for the expressions of latent qualities that you hold which may be expressed through other aspects of yourself, or what you may also express as alternates of yourself.

In this, you continue to move the energy within a very small circle, so to speak, and do not allow for an expansion in these particular areas, holding to the energy very tightly and creating more of a reinforcement of fear.  But in this movement that you are creating presently, in the development, so to speak, of movement into a new avenue, you allow yourself more freedom and more of an allowance of the expressions of self and all of the aspects of yourself.

DARYL:  Okay.  If I continue in my movement and keep noticing and allowing this process, then I assume that the energy entity and the physical and emotional effects that I feel are just going to kind of disintegrate and go away, the box of fear included?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.  I am greatly encouraging of you in this movement, for as you are aware — for you have offered yourself that momentary experience — you do hold the ability to be dissipating this energy and moving outside of this box, so to speak, and in that movement, you shall be creating a tremendous expression of freedom within yourself, and in that freedom, you also may be expressing great encouragement to other individuals objectively and subjectively, as there are many individuals that experience very similar creations to what you have created.

DARYL:  Yeah, one thing I’ve realized lately also is that I spent twenty years working with the Seth material, and I realized that I created my own reality, but then that just became another avenue for duplicity, because I wasn’t doing it well enough.  That’s something I’m kind of working my way out of, holding the idea of how I should be creating my reality, and then dumping on myself for not doing it.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  I express to you once again, there is no better.  You are already creating in the best.  Therefore, do not be discounting of yourself.

Now; be understanding that I hold an understanding and an awareness of how very easily you may slip into these types of expressions of discounting yourself, for you look to the expression or the creation of fear as bad, as inefficient, as blocking, and in your terms, blocking is bad, and in this, you also attach uncomfortable, painful, and sadness.  All of these terms you attach a negative element to.

And in this, although I express to you that you are already creating best, and that there is no better, and that you are not creating a mistake or any element that is wrong or bad, the very terminology and words within your language that I employ to be speaking to you in encouragement suggests another element of duplicity, for this is a very, very strong element of your reality.  Even your language is reflective of this particular belief system and all of its energy continuously.

My expressions to you of encouragement or of freedom are expressions of good or better — although they are not in what I am communicating to you — and this be the reason that I am very interactive with you subjectively also, for this action bypasses your language, which your language is quite reinforcing of the element and the energy of duplicity.

But I express to you, I do hold an awareness of how you do express to yourself — regardless of the information that I offer to you — that you continue to not be accomplishing well enough, or that you may be accomplishing better, or that you should be assimilating better, or that you may be creating more efficiently.

I express to you that these communications also, within the process that you are engaging, shall eventually discontinue, for although you shall continue to move within the confines of your officially accepted language, your definitions shall widen and shall assume different meanings, and this shall be quite liberating to you also.

DARYL:  I would think so, because I’ve really been noticing how present it is.  It would be nice to experience life without that.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I continue to express to you that you shall.

DARYL:  I wanted to check with you about some other things.  One is the area around the mole on my thigh that we discussed earlier, because it had been fading, and then last night it was getting kind of dark and different again, and now today it’s kind of back.  I’m not exactly understanding what’s going on with that, what that is expressing.

ELIAS:  And once again, this is imagery that you are presenting to yourself in regard to concentration, as we have discussed previously.  You are allowing yourself to be noticing new expressions of imagery, and in this, you allow yourself to view how certain elements within your creations are perpetuated through your concentration.  As you are paying attention to your creations, you perpetuate them.

DARYL:  So if I’m doing more of the automatic responses and stuff, then it’s going to appear darker or whatever?

ELIAS:  (Intently)  As you allow yourself to be concentrating upon elements of your dislike, you shall perpetuate the energy which is expressed to be manifesting those expressions.

DARYL:  Okay.  Another thing is, I’ve talked to you before about sneezing.  What I’m doing now is waking up from sleeping in the middle of the night and sneezing, and I wonder why I’m rousing myself to an objective state, and then effectively leaving it by sneezing.

ELIAS:  This is an interruption.  You are allowing yourself movement subjectively which is quite influencing objectively.

Now; we have spoken of the awareness that occurs simultaneously objectively and subjectively, and that this awareness, in part, is held in an objective translation.

Therefore, as you allow more movement in this new avenue, you are engaging new movement into unfamiliar areas subjectively also, not merely objectively.  Be remembering, the subjective and objective awarenesses move in harmony.

But we are expressing an issue of fear in this situation.  Fear is not merely expressed objectively.  You have created what we have discussed and identified as almost an entity within itself, in the expression of energy of this element of fearfulness within your focus.  This is expressed objectively AND subjectively.

Therefore, the movement that you are creating into a new avenue is objective and subjective, and in this new movement, there are triggers of the element of fearfulness, for “new” and “different” and “unfamiliar” all are triggers within you for fear.

Therefore, you engage this action quite efficiently to your benefit in this action, to be interruptive in the moment of an expression of fearfulness subjectively.

As you move into an unfamiliar area subjectively and you engage that action subjectively within your dream state, you also are noticing in the subjective movement, and in that noticing, you are creating an action to be diverting your attention away from the element of fear, and therefore not reinforcing the fear.

As we have spoken previously of your movement into objective distraction away from the expression of concentration and expressions of fear, you also are employing this action subjectively.

And as you move into closeness, so to speak, of an expression of reinforcement of the energy of fear in subjective imagery, you create an action to be distracting or disrupting of that movement and moving your attention to the objective, which is a distraction and is, in a manner of speaking, a preventative element.

Therefore, you are creating in actuality a beneficial action to yourself.

DARYL:  Okay, I was wondering if it was something like that.  When I wake up, I really have no idea what I was doing before I woke up, so it’s been hard to tell.

ELIAS:  This matters not also, in objective terms, so to speak, for this is beneficial also, in THIS situation.  You do not allow yourself an objective awareness, that you also shall not be reinforcing any element which may be incorporated as fearfulness in movement into unfamiliar areas.

DARYL:  Okay.  Another thing that I wanted to ask you about is, I know that we’ve been in contact for a little over two years, since I started reading the sessions, but I wondered how long we’ve been in contact before that, ‘cause I gather we were in contact at some point before I actually read the sessions and asked for interaction.

ELIAS:  Quite.  You are correct, and this is another element in the motivation in your drawing yourself to this information.  I have been interactive with you subjectively for much time framework in preparation for this objective movement.

Now; let me express to you, within an identification of linear time framework, it may be identified differently in the expression of time with different individuals, dependent upon the direction of energy of the individual themselves.

In this situation with yourself and your creation and manifestation of fearfulness, I have held an awareness that more interaction subjectively would be employed to be helpful, in compliance with your desire and your direction within your focus, in moving yourself into an objective interaction with myself.  Therefore, I express to you that within an identification of linear time framework, I have been interactive with you for what you may designate as many years.

DARYL:  Okay, could that be as long as like thirty years, or is it shorter than that?

ELIAS:  The designation is in actuality twenty-six years.

DARYL:  Okay.  ‘Cause I had been consciously asking the universe or whatever for interaction, and I know I have interacted with somebody — I don’t know how to term it — but I’ve been getting a response for quite a long time.

ELIAS:  Quite.  And this subjective interaction is in response to your individual request in the recognition of the probabilities that you had already chosen and set into motion in the direction of interaction with this information.

DARYL:  Okay.  I also wanted to check an impression about a focus that I got, for a Japanese male from the 12th century. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

DARYL:  Okay, and I got a name that was Kyato, K-Y-A-T-O. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.  I am acknowledging of your movement!

DARYL:  I like to be able to get the names.  I don’t know why, but that’s encouraging.

I also had another impression, and it seemed slightly different than when I’ve gotten information about focuses, so I’m not sure if that’s what it is.

But I saw a young boy, and he was with a crowd of people, including members of his family, and they were in like a public area with a lot of people, and the little boy said, “I want to go home now,” and he was upset.  In the center of the crowd, there was a dead man who was hanging upside down, and I got the feeling that that might be the little boy’s father or someone else he knew, and that it also might have to do with the dead man being a heretic. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

DARYL:  With all of that?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DARYL:  Okay.  Is this a different focus than the ones I’ve explored before?

ELIAS:  Yes, and the element that you recognize in difference of quality of the exploration of this focus is that this focus also holds a strong expression of fear.  Therefore, you have created a layer of thickness surrounding your viewing of this focus.

The thickness is in energy that creates a slightly different quality in how you shall view this focus or any other focus holding an expression of fearfulness in any type of extreme.  This offers you a type of buffer, so to speak, that you shall not allow that expression to be penetrating into the expression of this now focus of attention, and that you shall be immediately reconfiguring the energy to be beneficial within this focus presently.

DARYL:  So I am reconfiguring it?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DARYL:  ‘Cause one of the other senses I had was that it could be reinforcing my shrine of how other people view me, ‘cause it’s a very similar theme of, “we don’t like you, we’re going to kill you.”

ELIAS:  And this is not reinforcing.  You are merely allowing yourself once again to be noticing.  But as I have stated, you have also created this thickness as you allow yourself to be viewing that focus or any focus that holds similar qualities of expression, and in those moments, you are reconfiguring the energy, that it shall not be reinforcing of the issues and the shrines that you hold within this present focus.

DARYL:  Is this medieval?  I was wondering what the time frame was.

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

DARYL:  Okay, and could you give me a country or area?

ELIAS:  This physical location would be in the area of Scotland.

DARYL:  Okay, because I thought I had a Scottish focus, but I’ve been having trouble getting any more information on it.  Is this the same focus that I picked up on before?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DARYL:  Okay.  One of the things that I’ve noticed is that as I allow myself to discover different focuses, almost all of them are turning out to be male, and I wondered if most of my focuses are male, or I’m just presenting myself with those first.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that the ratio weighs slightly heavier in the gender of male, but not extremely more in number, so to speak, than in the manifestations of female.  Therefore, you are merely drawing yourself to certain focuses that allow you a benefit of information that you seek presently, and that action is presently engaging those focuses that manifest in male gender, but you do not hold necessarily a tremendous expression of many more focuses in the gender of male than you do in the gender of female.

DARYL:  Okay, and one last thing.  Is there a name for the Scottish focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  William.

DARYL:  William.  Okay.  That name has been popping into my head recently, but also, in physical reality, I just met someone named William, and I was unsure as to whether or not that was why it kept popping in.

ELIAS:  This is your validation to yourself once again in imagery, that you may be reinforcing your trust of yourself and your impressions.

DARYL:  Well, that’s interesting, ‘cause it all pretty much happened at the same time, so it’s neat.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I am acknowledging of you, once again.

DARYL:  Well, I’ve really enjoyed talking to you, and I don’t know if you noticed, but I did a very short musical tribute to you the other night.

ELIAS:  I hold an awareness, and I express to you my affection in acknowledgment of your expression.

DARYL:  Okay.  Well, I guess it’s time for us to bid adieu, once again, and I know I’ll be talking to you around here subjectively.

ELIAS:  As always!  Ha ha!

DARYL:  It’s quite nice.  I don’t know ... I really don’t feel alone in some ways like I used to feel.  I don’t know.  That’s really made a difference to me too.  It’s not just my awareness of your presence, but also, I think, my opening up and getting out of the box of fear and into self, and feeling like I’m not cut off from myself.

ELIAS:  Quite.

DARYL:  It’s much more pleasant this way.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  And be continuing! (Chuckling)

I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I bid to you in affection this day, adieu.

DARYL:  Adieu.

Elias departs at 5:17 PM.

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